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Candace Swanepoel


Candace Swanepoel
I want to wrap myself
Around a poll
And dance for you
My Dear Goddess

I am a man like others (overall),
Sometimes an idiot of most of all
I want your clothing part, indeed.
On my disturbed and troubled head
You are the missing ELEMENT
I want to breathe through it :)

I hope you have smiled,
I love your smile :)
Sunset to sorrow
Let the Sun rise!

And breeze
To follow thy
And for the Lady -
Be a Prince!
And for the Princess
As you are -
Let be a Knight!

And sparkling
Smile of thy
As my reward
And I am bowing

My Lady
As I said
I wish I could
And had I would
Just kissed the sand
Which you have touched
With foot or any part of thine
I Love your smile :)
Incredible and perfect body!

Your voice I loved
When I have seen
You traveling in Italy

You are so calm -
That was best part!
Your voice like balm
On my still aching
Lonely heart

- Topiya, Muses maybe, and certainly Andrusha Smyk, 2022


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