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SEASONS, GIRL WITH ETHIC (fairy tale, poetic) (английский, English)

I am cool as winter, cold,
change myself from young to old.
I am wise, a weather sculptor.
Snow and ice, be culture clutter!

Winter view! I am a girl.
Luck and love! I hear your call.
I don′t want to hope for fighting.
Lifetime, be harmonic, finding!

Do you see a hopeful spring?
I am green, and white, and pink,
over prose and bring well-being.
Poets, hold your magic winning!

Pretty girls have much to feel.
Give me warmth I want and will!
Pegasus, show sky with forces!
Flowers, write eternal verses!

Who am I? And who can guess?
No mistake! I am no guest.
With no quest, I′m golden summer.
Flaming rays are swimming sunny.

Holiday, be, season, long!
Rhythms and rhymes, be nice and strong!
Heart and soul, be hot! No limit!
Fairy tale! Your world is living.

Learning year! Your turn is sent.
Harvest, fruit are happy end.
Summer top and winter bottom!
I am ripe, resulting autumn.

Seasons! Make me spirit wings!
You are true, elated kings.
Fable, bring artistic knowledge,
great success and clever college!

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