Don′t look in mirrors. The sixth experience

Don′t look in mirrors. The sixth experience

­- To ask or not to ask? – I thought and I decided. – The doctor, it is possible one question?

- Of course.

- The matter is that one my friend dreams strange, very beautiful person. Dreams are very realistic, he walks with her, talks then she wakes up completely exhausted. What do you think of it?

- Your girlfriend in big danger, - the doctor pricked up the ears. – Take it to me. The matter is that it is similar to share a room. There, the set of the entities, like parasites which are eager to be installed and drink energy lives in darkness.

- And what, independently to remove it how it is impossible?

- It is extremely dangerous.

- Why?

- I had in practice one case.

- Tell.

- Still long ago, in Soviet period, to me the patient came with complaints to the general weakness, nightmares. She complained of the same dream. As if she walks on the deserted village of the childhood with the beautiful young man, every day it thawed literally in the eyes. From her stories it was succeeded to find out that this essence – the night guest – showed only that it wanted to see and said only what it wanted to hear, I looked as the man of her dream, I was afraid of mirrors.

- And what with it became? – unexpectedly I drew a parallel with own dreams.

- She after the long sessions of hypnosis learned to operate partially dreams, deception enticed essence to a mirror then her mind grew dull.

- It is interesting what it she saw there?.

- Do you want to learn my opinion?

- Aha, - I nodded.

- Of course nobody knows it, but … I consider, these entities – guests – only therefore forbid to watch in mirrors that they are actually extremely awful and them can kill, expel their own reflections from a body.

- Here you, Dimeter. Probably you decided to drag me to a mirror?

- Wait, you see everything that happens to me?

- Yes.

- Went, - I took him by hand and brought to the curtained mirror near a tree.

- It isn′t necessary. You aren′t ready yet.

- Nonsense. Now I will pull off a cover about a mirror and everything at last will become clear.

- The billeting, - started back it. – There will be no me – others will come. Melancholy, despondency, cry at the nights without a break – the majority of the leading windows in you are wide open. Don′t do it. Your field already leaves in anywhere, I only drink the 100-th trifle.

- No! – I was ready to bare a mirror.

- I adore you. Don′t do it. – It stopped my hand. – Do you want, you will wake up full of strength today, Darling?

- What?.

- I adore you, Dimetrochka, - he embraced.

In its embraces there was a wish to remain eternally, in its warm caring hands force, beauty proceeding the warm, summer, deserted city was felt. The silence, the soft calming silence were interrupted only зовн, by an almost inaudible thin, almost inaudible rumble of wind in ears.

- Do you hear?

- Wind?

- Yes. It means, the DOOR opened. Undress.

- How? Naked?

- Yes. Don′t hesitate, I one thousand times saw you naked.

Having appeared before it without clothes I habitually stepped in the poured water, having felt its comfortable warmly bare feet, closed eyes and jumped.

The corpse of the young man lay in the unfamiliar apartment on a floor in an unnatural pose, and over it was groundless, gradually moving away to a ceiling a sphere, absolutely white, similar to cotton candy. Oleg very carefully caught him hands and like the same cotton candy, holding with the left hand, right carefully pinched off a piece, chewed and swallowed.

- Try, it is very tasty, - stretched the next piece it.

Together with taste, sweet, but not luscious taste, covered me with a wave: images, symbols, scraps of memoirs of someone′s childhood overflowed completely as in slow-motion shot and disappeared when I swallowed the most tasty delicacy.

- What did you see?

- His childhood.

- I congratulate, you got its tidbit, - he ate up, pinching the remains of this strange cotton candy from hands.

I woke up, as well as Oleg, in high spirits, full of strength and the ideas promised.

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