Don′t look in mirrors. The third experience

Don′t look in mirrors. The third experience

­- I will come to you, it is possible? Or the infinite dreams directed to catching and eating of vagrant animals anew will force to wake up in cold sweat under a bed with tachycardia?

Without a doubt, He couldn′t know the answer to this question – it is checked by practical consideration. Four o′clock in the morning, mystical ringlets of smoke of the twentieth cigarette wound not aired room. Nicotine! Oh, how many in smoke it for the brain which isn′t sleeping merged.

Also there was a place of rest, damp gray walls supplementing warm poststorm air; also there was without uniform cloudlet a clear sky of natural color whose infinite distance fell thoughts of infinity.

- Be not afraid, they don′t bite. Here nobody and anything by definition can do you the harm, - made a crown a cloud of butterflies over his head.

I noticed it not at once, having decided to take a walk in the city.

- Beautiful.

- It is a gift of the rare guest. It laid out butterflies a tetragrammaton – the unpronounceable name – and left to me. Do you want ice cream?

- My loved, ice cream in a wafer cup! In life I didn′t eat more tasty, - on gram I didn′t lie.

Having taken by an arm he showed round the city calming the bezlyudnost, the city for two stretching to the line of the horizon streets, avenues and we stopped at the low fountain which became to trifles to acquaintances.

- Do you want focus?

- With jumps on pools?

- Not - and, better.

The ancient thick glass tumbler scattered into smithereens from strong blow about asphalt from scope then it is similar to rewind of a videotape returned on the former place without uniform scratch.

- You too so can, the girl. The lovely sleeping girl.

- Yes well.

- Look attentively at a glass, trace in the head its image up to exact quantity of sides, factory marking of a bottom on the back and listen to the loudest of voices in the head. It turned out? Now from all force break a glass and say it.

- On a point back, - I said having broken a glass and seeing as it gathers back.

- Good girl.

- It is possible, I will pour a glass?

- Now my turn to spill.

Its deep voice interrupted a sound, a sound, metal, skrezhetashchy on ears, of the heavy shadow reserving a black loop. I became angry on the shadow which interrupted our privacy a shadow – and it immediately rimed.

- Oleg, what is it?

- Hakh! You a look froze the Inspector.

- Inspector?

- Yes, you thought to materialize me, not to depart from me a step, otherwise they aren′t.

- Funny, you see all events at me in the head.

- Don′t long you so. Time will come and …

- As everything is difficult.

- Difficult, but it isn′t impossible. Will you be still frozen?

- And you?

- It only for you, - it spilled on asphalt a pool.

- Excuse.

- Do you the truth want to feed me? Truth?

- The truth-However, - jumped on a pool I.

This time mix of a grass and clover of a glade shaded a huge tree, shaded also the mirror curtained by white fabric.

- Why you so strange smile?

- Others had to be persuaded, to build the whole labyrinths of travel, and you voluntarily wish to feed. It also makes laugh.

- I will feed, only don′t talk in riddles.

- You don′t know about what you ask.

- Of course I don′t know, you don′t tell.

- Promise to look never in mirrors, - It gently touched my hair.

- But …

- And what is deadly. You bring an image of the place – I will show. It has to be or the place of a congestion of people in a trance and with obsession, or the apartment with domestic cats or aquarian small fishes. It is sure, you without the movement are ready to travel, you will fall asleep without problems so we will go there. After you will ask owners whether their small fishes strange behaved. It and to serve as understanding of an essence of mirrors. You would know as it is heavy to break and curtain them.

- It is heavier not to glance in them at least with half an eye.

- I spoke, you won′t like what was seen. Watch here what grass at us under legs. For you I grew up.

- Beautifully, - I embraced, having put the head on a shoulder.

So and to stand, eternally to stand having embraced in the middle of a summer glade, in the middle of our world.

- Very tasty, - he whispered on an ear. – Now I am full.

- Humour, strange at you.

- By no means. It to you.

He stretched the butterfly sitting on a palm who obediently flew to me.

Having woken up only I realized all sense of his words, sense that means to feed. Forces wasn′t even to move, a wadded body I didn′t obey, my room to four o′clock in the afternoon was aired, and on a chandelier the butterfly, a white butterfly sat.

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