Answers to Siberia 3 (Англ.)

Answers to Siberia 3 (Англ.)
Answers to "Siberia 3"
1. "Siberia 3" was written in 2014 - 2018, 4 years. The author was inspired by the fanfic of B. Sokol′s game "Siberia" and "Siberia 2" and the fact that they did not have a logical finale. The prehistory is as follows: in 2002 I bought and began to go, but then it was stolen from me and it remained as a half-eaten sandwich. In 2014 I downloaded Siberia: The Complete Gold Edition and the passage. I went through the passages about which Kate reproached me in the book. In 2014 he began to write, wrote 1, 5 chapters and abandoned since there was no inspiration. In 2018 I decided to take up my work seriously and in a few months I graduated from fanfic. The plane was not finished, because the inspiration and desire to write it were gone. And then I decided to write a finished book at once (less fuss and life may not be enough for all plans). "And our Siberia in my opinion is better!" - and it was very important for Leshe to hear this phrase.
2. English (2016-2018), French (2018), German (2018) version of the book. Google translator. For smiles of foreigners. Alexey Sheremetiev, who works in Omsk as a tattoo artist and part-time master of the author.
3. Illustrations 6. "Cover: Faces of heroes", "Siberia 2, the end (used before the prologue)", "Nissan Miro", "Miro penthouse", "Miro penthouse - 2", "Group photo at Kate′s house, goodbye ". They appeared thanks to the author′s imagination, his experience in games and the Internet. "Cover: Faces of Heroes" - I just took beautiful young people (I carefully selected them) and created my own team from them. For example, Olya Kulibina - I have no idea who this young red-haired girl is, but I′m very grateful to her. She became the face of my character. Perhaps she is married and has children, and maybe like I come up with images of my team. I do not know, it does not matter. Another important thing is that her image warms me and stores me as an extraordinarily powerful talisman. "Penthouse Miro" - the idea came from the game Fallout New Vegas. The protagonist of the Courier receives in the city of luxury and sin "New Vegas" presidential penthouse. I ran around this luxury and splendor and thought how cool it would be to bring my team here. The photos were made with the PrSc key, then they were printed and photographed. This is probably not the best photos of the penthouse, but give an idea of how much space there is and how much there is crammed in there. "Nissan Miro" - this car is my dream. This is again a map. Outside, this is an ordinary car, and inside the limousine is broken into 5 sections. If desired, it will include 21 people.
4. The first meeting between Lesha and Kate took place at the call station of the mammoths. Kate thought that Lesha wants to rape her. They drank tea and ate biscuits, then Lesha offered sex, but it was not timely. Yuki-baby was released from the cage and taken to the village of the yukkol on the ark.
5. In the gang Miro 6 people: Lesha Miro, Olya Kulibina, Zhenya Saurova, Max Potashev, Egor Ptashka, Oksana Ignatova. Because they are Leshin family, he absolutely trusts them, with them fun and interesting. Olga Kulibina - wife, the main mistress and the first assistant among women.
6. At first Kate was very angry and went insane. Because she herself already had views on Lesha. Kate′s first sex was with Yegor Ptashka, on the way to the village of yukkolov. Lesha conquered Kate in his manners, with his patience and ability to tell. His first gift is an illustrated, "Trap for Stendery" entirely in English.
7. 17 hours and 38 minutes. 26 hours. The leader gave Lesche a farewell to the rider on the mammoth - a sign of the highest location. The leader asked Lesha not to leave Kate in America, because she will have a period of great trials and she will really need friends. Lesch said "Yes." Leshin Nissan could take the interiors: "Nissan Limousine", "Nisan Palace", "forest glade".
8. Kate first went on a visit to Olivia. She spoke to her and she forgave her. I was afraid to go to the chief′s carpet, I was afraid of impending changes-I felt very insecure and weak.
9. The boss paid Kate: 870 dollars. Lesha, Olga, Zhenya and Max; Lesha is a diplomaed Barrokstad specialist in various antiquities and curator Kate, Olga is a personal physician therapist and Leshina′s wife, Zhenya is Kate′s personal lawyer. She watched her client not be offended; Max was a remarkable lawyer; he watched the registration and preservation of documents. Lesha, the team and Kate in New York in 2003 watched "The Lord of the Rings 3: The Return of the King." Kate lost her business grip, the adventure changed her so much that she began to dream at work, to think about life, and such an employee only began to interfere with the boss. 5 works: courier, saleswoman, sales representative, designer, dispatcher of the metro line. When Kate was evicted from her apartment for drunkenness and payment delay - she was in despair, she was dying, and only Lesha brought her to life - she was naked in the bathroom and just asked for sex, they did it in the bathroom, and then slept in her pastels.
10. Penthouse: day - 1.890 dollars, night - 1. 320 dollars. Kate began writing "Siberia": 1 part "from the sale of the factory to the island of Siberia", 2. "salvation from the island to living in the penthouse", 3. "a philosophical message to mankind." Steve, Jerry and Michael. Steve simply pushed her with her arrogance and stinginess. Kate left the date very angry. Jerey was a simple rascal and gigolo - for him, Kate was glue to repair their own financial holes. She cried for two days, and Lesha hypnotized the guy. Michael was the best, but he was killed for his debts and this completely upset Kate. It turned into a plant.
11. Lesha pulled her out of the pastel and dragged him to the simulators, arranged long marches in the neighborhoods away from the hotel and all the while said hoping that Keith would break through and she would tell something about herself. "Miro-Walker", she wanted that the name of Lesha was always with her, in addition, she did so much for her - I wanted to thank him. 750,830 dollars and 33 cents. Almost a million dollars given the singing, and helped to deal with them Max. In the penthouse there was a machine for paying taxes, and Max spent almost a day paying leaves and putting them in boxes. For which he deserved sex with Kate.
12. The Phillians Spongek is the first big success of the publishing house Miro-Walker, a highly paid author and fiancé Keith. Phillias Spongek is the name of a distant ancestor of a migrant from Norway. His pseudonym is a memory of this great man and a tribute to traditions. The reason for Phil′s impulsiveness is that he, like a hot person receiving a question, could not sleep until he received an answer. "My best psychologists and advisers." In an air bubble, at the bottom of a fountain, on the last night in a penthouse. It was a "special" farewell night. Lesche and his friends got tired of waiting. Champagne "Crystal". After the film Quentin Tarantino′s "Four Rooms" episode "Man from Hollywood."
13. Kate′s bookcase - the books of Lesha Miro: "Trap for Stendery", "Alien", "Planet of monsters", "Robotron", "Robotron - 2", "Robotron - 3", "Robotron - 4", "Robotron - 5 "," Robotron - 6 "," Robotron - 7 ", Lesha presented for parting" Sliders ". 8 books: Lesche, Olga, Zhenya, Maxim, Oksana, Egor, myself and Phil. Wine "Totre", measurement. Suitcases. Max Potashev, "Totre" belonged to Stenderi, and Lesha comes out with his whistle. "Oise Lun Baden" and "The Dark Side of Almida." "And the last question," said Olya. "Was it worth it?" An adventure with the heroine of a computer game, with friends who are not with you yet, on whose machine is also not yet expected. Lesch, did you get what you wanted? "It was worth it!"

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