Responses to Sliders (Англ.)

Responses to Sliders (Англ.)
Answers to the Sliders:
1. The sliders were written on February 7, 2007 - May 24, 2017, 10 years 3 months and 17 days. The last journey of the Sliders. The author inspired the series and the fact that it was not finished. The heroes suffered so much and did not come to anything. I wanted to bring them to the logical end. Litplan was completed in the same 2007, it was a very compressed work of 3 pages. Nuzamitra and Stephen, parents of suitors and brides, and even more so "guests" were not in sight.
2. English (2017), French (2017), German (2015-2018). They appeared with the help of Google translator. All these foreign versions are made exclusively for foreigners. One kind word, or a smile, will already pay off all the labors. English version of Lesha would like to give Sabrina Lloyd (Wade) - this is his youthful love. And I would like to hear what she will say about the book and the idea itself.
3. Illustrations 7. (Sliders - cover, Island map, Room number 4 and house for "Guests", Battle with karmagami, Wedding, Construction of a house for "Guests", Nicole). Sliders in the cover - its author made himself. Cut out the characters from the favorite series, and put himself at the head of the detachment. He always dreamed of it. Room number 4 and house for "guests" - the author made it himself. He got up at 4:00 in the morning, took a sheet and sat down to draw. The drawing was not complicated - it′s a map. BUT room number 4 was drawn in 2014, lay for a long time in the table and was almost thrown out and now I found my place in this picture.
4. Queen Mallory, Malory, Professor Arturo, Wade Wels-Miro, Maggie Beckett, Colin Malory, Diane Davis, Rembrandt Brown. He turned off the power of the machine to which she was connected and killed her head. Wade, out of curiosity, returned to the world of the living, and then when Lesha told her his story, she fell in love. When he proposed to her, she agreed, because she felt a kindred spirit in Lesha. Lesha literally began to tear Malory, Quinn could not speak and did not recognize anyone because he forgot how to communicate, too long was imprisoned and forgot a lot. For the resurrection of Professor Leshe required knowledge of necromancy: he lifted his skeleton from the ground and set the clock back. He referred to Bulgakov′s "Masters and Margarita" - "There are among all the theories and one that says" According to your faith be it to you! ".
5. It is good that it causes the interlocutor to be frank and in a short time you can learn a lot about it. It′s bad that the interlocutor can learn all about you and all your intimate secrets and in the presence of a large number of people. No one chose the color, it was random, and Wade thought that she again became a little girl and she was taken to school. The weather on the island was controlled by thought, because everyone was the co-authors of this place, and the rain was launched by Colin. The third resident was Queen Mallory.
6. № 1 (Malory and Diana), № 2 (Professor and Rammy), № 3 (Colin and Maggie), №4 (Lesha, Wade and Quinn), dining room, gym, laundry and a small pool (cellar). Maggie has long been in love with Queen, and Colin for her was only a friend. Quinn wanted to give Maggie, but his tongue said the opposite. He himself wanted to be happy with this woman and realized what kind of idiot he would be if he let her go now. Colin was badly tortured by doctors and pills. To him everywhere were the orderlies who should lead him to the ward. He stayed in one place and needed a good shake. At the table, Maggie wanted Lesch to help Rammy free his world from the Karmag. She drank so because she had not relaxed for a long time and just wanted a holiday. When she was laid in pastel asked how Lesch treats her and would like to have such a mistress.
7. Colin, Diana and Malory became new sliding. Colin is the commander of the group, Diana is a man of science, Malory is a warrior. With this decision it was difficult because they did not like Lesha (he could not accept them), he wanted them to set off, but did not know how to present it. The decision was helped to find the spouse Wade. Two wives almost appeared when Lesha, Wade and Maggie rested in mineral baths in a cave. Maggie fell in love with Lesha and therefore nearly kicked Quinn out of her heart. Lesch did not want this, because it would be a betrayal of Quinn. He would not be able to look him in the eyes. And Wade was calm, because she knew that Lesha had enough strength for the two of them, he would not leave her, and Maggie was her friend and good friend, and it was not a sin to share it with her. In addition, Wade could get Quinn, and Queen was her first romantic love. Kolin had the ability to open a portal from any dangerous world to the island of Lesha with the power of thought. It was necessary to fly to any parallel world and from there return to the island of Lesha. In this world of travelers chased huge cockroaches and spiders. They returned all in a web, but happy. The exam was completed. The professor wanted to return to his native university and teach there quantum physics and nuclear mechanics. Rammy chose to return to his homeworld and free him from the Karmag.
8. In the very first world where Queen and company began their journey, in the city of San Francisco. He developed a set of exercises and specials. diet for themselves and for their friends. He taught them how to shoot and throw knives. He gave them the best form of special forces and equipment. He put a rope on his clothes for friends. About 9 attempts were made. Grenades; from guns, submachine guns and beam guns; the fuses of Tulax; Stormoviki with cutting tools in the air; Pancreoton; again from rifles, submachine guns and beam guns without giving the opportunity to turn on the reflection; simple waiting already without shooting. Lesia rose to defend Wade. Behind her is Maggie. Behind them are Queen and Rammy. Then people who watched everything. There were about 25 of them. The slaves rebelled. The Karmags were terribly frightened of the uprising and therefore surrendered. The Karmagov database was in the same skyscraper where their office was and it was not damaged. Defenders were chosen from people who did not even think of leaving. There were 8. After the victory, the sliders swam, drank alcohol, Maggie and Wade engaged in sex with Lesha.
9. Nicole was a vagabond, deprived of parents because of karmagov, to childbirth incapable and the person with the lowest reputation. The adoptive mother was Martha Stevenson, by stupidity, which she then greatly regretted. Martha was afraid because Nicole was not her favorite daughter, but an overseer in a skirt. All the talk with her ended badly. And there was nothing to punish her for. She was 13 when she first saw Lesha. And she caught fire with him and she realized that the guy has power over her. She really wanted to go to school, but she could not. Until 18 she was a "light shadow", embroidered a bead Leshin portrait and collected clippings about the sliders. At the age of 18, I slept with Lesha (probably the only person she loved!) And got a job at his school. Until the age of 21 she became the best student of Lesha′s school, collected a lot of pupils and pupils, freed many worlds and built a protective complex for her native land. At 21, she had a cloud of reason and she turned into a bloody crazy Nicole. Many killed and demanded a personal duel with Lesha. At the age of 23, she was stopped by two of her former pupils and a karma-hunter, whom Lyosha personally coached. After 23 years, she was cleared of memory and turned into Nicole Flanders - a modest, sweet, senior nurse, wife and mother of two babies. Lesha did not want to teach her because Nicole was uncontrollable and get off she was crazy she could kill many and stop her from really hard. Lesha bribed her frankness and sincerity. Besides, she swore. Nicole quickly learned everything, she became an excellent pupil of Lesha school, liberated the worlds, recruited and trained teams, built a protective complex of land 1, and personally recruited a team. Nicole intoxicated her power and universal veneration, she decided that she could kill everything, killed many, destroyed the protective complex of the earth, 1 began to demand a personal duel with Lesha. Very many pupils and students of Nicole tried to stop her. As a result, she was stopped by two former students - Max and Dan and a hunter - karmag, personally coached by Lesha - Kalitar. Kalitar offered to clean her memory. Nicole Flanders - a woman who is almost 30, is the senior nurse in the district hospital, married, has 2 children.
10. Dalvi and Hammit, they were gardeners. Dalvey became a professor at the University of Karmag. The Hammite teacher was Suzanne Baekshott. The story was called "Merry Masters". A woman named Karmaga was called Gommotara, it happened 100 years later. Nuzamitra. Stephen. Stephen asked to lose because he was afraid of Nuzamitra, he knew that she was better than him in everything. He saw himself with the eyes of Nozamitra and understood what pain had caused her. Stephen got into an accident, and he paralyzed most of the body. Nuzamira left him for college, got a job as a financial analyst and you can say she offered him her hand and heart. Nuzamitra brought a rose, inserted it into Stephen′s wheelchair, and told how nearly 200 years ago, her great-great grandfather Hamitta could not unify the rose, which greatly irritated him. After that, until Stephen finally came back, how stupid and empty he had been, for so many years without noticing his one and only. He burst into tears and confessed to her. He called her in marriage and asked for forgiveness that she can not get on her knees.
11. Maggie and Queen were specially planning their wedding on the same day with the wedding of Lesha and Wade. Five days before, the guys gave their brides a ring and made romantic confessions in the rays of sunset on the beach. From the side of Wade, her parents are Donald and Kathleen Wells. From Maggie′s side, her father is Richard Beckett. On the part of Queen - his mother Alice Malory. From the side of Lesha - his parents, Kralko Boris Karlovich and Kralkko Nadezhda Mikhailovna. From the sliders were invited everyone: Colin, Malory, Diane, Professor Arturo, Rembrand Brown. The gang of Lesha Miró: Zhenya Saurova, Max Potashev, Lesha Proshkin, Natasha Veselaya, Egor Ptashka, Timur Kizashvili, Olga Kulibina. The second wife was Olga Kulibina. Olga Kulibina used to be an ethereal spirit locked between the worlds. "Four Fates and Two Weddings" was written by Rembrand Brown in a couple of days. Career Rammy after the slip went up the hill. And how else - he experienced so much, so enriched with impressions. In addition, on his land he was a hero, and all his songs automatically became hits.
12. Lesha and Wade have daughters Cathy and Oksana, sons - Lesha and Max; Quinn and Maggie have Gloria′s daughter and the boys George, Matthew and Richard. Maggie could not conceive for a long time, because Queen did not want it, and for the pregnancy, the consent of both partners is necessary. As a nurse, the whole gang of Lesha Miro and two daughters - Polina Miró and Zhenya Sansit-Vasnetsova were invited. This is explained in many respects by her past: the fact that her own father seduced her and prepared to deprive her of virginity, because she lived most of her life on the street and the wildness of the land from where she came from (Rosiushka-Silushka, the city of Chikatano). She is a hereditary bandit, got into the measurement of the Suitcases and started to rob him, and then she was imprisoned in Hanavric - a special, magical prison, from where she was pulled by Lesha. This story was told by Olga Kulibina. Pauline is much more patient than Zhenya - she can wait. The joke in her spirit is that she died, and maybe just lies in her cell in a deep coma - her body connected to this channel and she got a new body on the island of Lesha.
13. Perversion # 1 - perversion of life - this is the island of Lesha. The island where 2000 years passed, and none of the sliders and "guests" grew old and died. Perversion # 2 - incest with daughters. In the bookcase stood Tolkien, Clive Lewis, Richard Bach, Joanne Rowling (all Harry Potter) Classical fairy tales - Hans Christian Anderson, the Brothers Grimm, Charles Perot. From Russian - Sergey Lukyanenko (all books about Anton Gorodetsky), Nick Perumov, five stories of Max Fry, for fans of detectives - Boris Akunin. Their writer A. Miro - "The Trap for Stendery", "The Alien" (in two volumes), "The Dream Flight", "The Storybook", "The Cellar", "Millia", "Robotron", "Classmates" (in two volumes ), "Master and student". Leshin gang called itself "guests" to emphasize its place on the island. 2000 years have passed, no one died because of the island. "Guests" loved to spend time fucking and having fun, and the sliders hated them because they turned their cute little house into some kind of porno stash. Lesha cruelly miscalculated when he conceived an ideal home for himself and the gliding ones. He overdid it. And the ideal house appealed to them for torture. Olga Kulibina - reassured Wade, Egor Ptashka - Maggie Beckett, Zhenya Sansit-Vasnetsova - Queen Mallory, Polina Miro - Lesha Miro. Olga endured the bite of Wade and sang a lullaby for her. Egor framed the body and reassured whispering affectionate words in English and Ukrainian. Zhenya simply stroked her head and plunged Quinn into a dream. Polina calmed her father for a long time, squeezed her breasts, slapped herself on the back, gave her a sniff that was between her legs, so that he realized that she was REAL, and not just FANT. The fanfic ends on a philosophical note. There will always be people who will put a shoulder on your shoulder and will soothe as much as it takes. About that you should appreciate friendship and true friends. Very optimistic.

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