Questions to the Sliders (Англ.)

Questions to the Sliders (Англ.)
Questions to "Sliders"
1. When were the Sliders written? The full name of the fanfic? What inspired the author? Prehistory? When was Lit.plan completed and what was he like?
2. When was the English, French, German version of the book made? With whose help? For whom do translations of A. Miro′s books in general? To whom Lesha would like to present an English-language published book and why?
3. Illustrations to the book. How many illustrations, where did they come from, how long did they prepare? History of 2-3 works?
4. What was the name of all the sliders that Lesha invited to the island? How exactly did he save Wade? Why did she become his wife? How did Lesha share Quinn and Malory, why could not Quinn speak and did not recognize anyone? How did Lesha resurrect the professor and what letter did he refer to when he wanted to explain everything?
5. What is good and how bad was the game "honest questions and answers"? Why was the bus yellow, and what unpleasant associations did he have with Wade? How was the weather managed on the island, why and who started the rain? Who became the third tenant of Lesha and Wade′s room?
6. How many rooms were there in Lesya′s house and what? Why did Maggie say "we are just friends" to Colin? Why did not Quin give Maggie to his brother? Why did Colin feel bad in the Slider house? What did Maggie want at the table, why did she get so drunk, what did she ask when she was put in pastel?
7. What award did Colin, Diana and Malory choose, and why was it so difficult with this decision? Tell about the moment when Lesha almost had two wives, why Maggie forgot Quinn, why did not Lesha want this, and why was Wade so calm? What unique ability was Colin alone? Eckhamen on travel to parallel worlds? What award did the professor choose? What award did Rammy choose?
8. Victory over the Karmagami. In what world and in what city was the headquarters of the Karmaghs? How did Lesha prepare himself and prepare his assault group? How did the Karmagi try to stop Lesha Miro and his gang? How many attempts were made and which ones? Who defended Lesha Miro? Why was the battle won? Database of karmags and "defenders of the earth"? Rest after the victory?
9. Who is Nicole? Who became the adoptive mother of Nicole and how? Why was Martha afraid of Nicole? The history of growing up Nicole and the light shadow of Lesha? Why did not Lesha want to teach her and why did he agree? Excellent Lesha school? Why did Nicole go crazy? How did Nicole stop, what did Lesha come up with and who was the most nervous? What was the name of the carmaker who stopped Nicole and what did he propose to do with her? Nicole Flanders, her position, age, family and memories?
10. Images of the future. What was the name of the Karmaghs who first thought about feelings and who they were by profession? What became Dalvi, what was the name of the teacher Hammita and what was the satirical story she taught? What was the name of the first woman, Karmaga, who gave birth and in how many years did it happen? What was the first girl′s name Karmaga, which was able to love? What was her lover′s name? Nuzi and Stephen′s nightly conversation at a sports college, why did he ask her to lose and what unpleasant discovery did he make? What happened to Stephen? What happened to Nusamitra? Their explanation in love?
11. Tell us about the double wedding? Who was invited from Wade, Maggie, Queen and Lesha? Who was invited from the Sliders? The gang of Lesha Miro? His second wife? Who was she before? Four fates - two weddings - who composed the song and for how long? Ramrant Brown′s career after slipping?
12. What was the name of the children of Lesha and Wade? What was the name of the children of Queen and Maggie? Who are their children? Why did Maggie not be able to get pregnant on the island for a long time? Who was invited as a nanny? Daughters of Alexei Miro? Why is Zhenya Sansit-Vasnetsova so depraved, rude and unrestrained? The story of Zhenya Sansit Vasnetsova and who told her? Polina Miro and why is she much calmer and nicer than her sister? A joke in the style of Zhenya St. Vasnetsova?
13. Two major perversions about which Lesha wrote in Sliders? A bookcase in the room of Lesha, Queen, Wade and Maggie: what books were there? Why did Leshin′s gang call itself "guests"? How many thousands of years have passed, and why no one has died? How did the "guests" like to spend their time and why did the sliders hate them for it? What was wrong with Lesha? How to calm the hysterics of the sliders "guests" and who exactly? On which note ends the fanfic "The Last Travel of Sliders"?

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