Questions to the Alien (Англ.)

Questions to the Alien (Англ.)
Questions to the "Alien":
1. When was the 1st "Alien" written? When was the final book written? When Lit was written. plan and how?
2. When was the English, French, German version of the book made? With whose help? For whom do translations of A. Miro′s books in general?
3. Illustrations to the book. How many illustrations are they from? How long did you prepare? History of 2-3 works?
4. The reason that made Elixicon go into exile? What did he save from his own planet? Who was afraid of Elixicon in a black hole? A brief history of the moon? Why was Earth chosen?
5. Why was Jack Stenderery chosen? What was the name of the two candidates that were before Jack? What was the real name of the bandit Joker? How did Jack become a national hero?
6. Why it was impossible to mix rubies of the terrestrial group and rubies from Kaltazar? Who attacked the Earth and why? How exactly did Alex solve the problem with thalasses? How did Jack prevent a fight? Phrase Alex Stendery: "Your duet .........."
7. The history of the criminal named Joe Montana? How did they eliminate the Joe Montana gang? What were the consequences? After what episode, Alex moved to the mansion of Stendery? How exactly did the bandits take revenge on Alex, Jack and El? What double name did Alex take and why?
8. Alex is a schoolgirl. Who came to take Alex from her school? The brief contents of Martha Debrush′s note and what became of her then? Why did everyone at school start to fear Alex, what nicknames were given to her there? How exactly did El solve the problem? What was Alex′s apprentice? Where did Alex go after school and why? Who was its sponsor and why did not Alex want to take it? The last distribution rank of Alex and how did she dispose of the money?
9. Where did Jack meet his parents and when? What were the real parents′ names Alex, who they were by profession in their past lives, why was it difficult to find them? What was the name of the reception in chess, which Aleaorsa beat Ala. A brief history of Alex′s parents and her birth? Why was the girl given to the orphanage, what was it called?
10. Why did Ortreks leave the fortress and rush in pursuit? Why did he see the trace of Elixicon? Why was it almost destroyed in the Black Hole and how?
11. What is the second part called and why? Who was the first victim of Ortrex on Earth? How did Ortreks study? Why did Los Angeles TV presenter become such a tasty morsel for him and what exactly did he say when she died? What was the name of his destroyers? Why did he call them combinations of his own name? Whom did he leave with his right hand and constant helper? What qualities did he value in Horta, and who she was by profession in a past life?
12. What was the name of the gang to which Ortrex came, what was her reputation, where she lived and why did Ortrex choose it? What was the name of all the gang members? Why the priest? Who was executed to "tame" the gang, who executed and how? What was the name of the new gang and how much did it take to perk up? Who volunteered to volunteer for Ortrex and how did they get information? Who prompted the correct decision and in what exactly did it consist?
13. What was the real name of a fictional actor, what was the name of the cafe, whom he demanded for negotiations, what was his last victim′s name? How did Ortreks realize that Elixicon is Al Stenderery? How exactly did he kidnap Jack and Alex? What was the name of the skyscraper, where did the final battle take place? Why did Ortrex have so many devices and magical artifacts? How exactly did the Great Salt the Guardian fool the great Salt of the Destroyer? Why did the Harridika Cube destroy Ortrex? What had Ortrexu to do to have Ella and the Cub of Harridika under his control? What was the real name of Horta and what was she afraid to death? What was the name of the US president of that time, that he told Alou, what award he was awarded? What did Al tell reporters about friends?

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