Alien 3 (Англ.)

Alien 3 (Англ.)
Fantastic novel

The Alien - 3

Author: Alex Miro

320 pages
Chapter 6. The hunt for Stenderery began.
Before the mansion of Stenderery were Ortreks, Orta and 7 other bandits.
"Boss, permit me, permit me," one of the bandits called out.
He was already ready to climb through the wall of the estate, to look for and bring to his master all three Stendery behind him.
But Ortreks was in no hurry.
"Let′s think about it first," he said aloud. And he continued his reasoning. "If El is an Elixicon and he is exactly the one I′m looking for - he has well defended his home." I would have done so if I had. There must be some powerful force field.
He mused for only a few seconds.
"Let′s check," he said.
It was only 5 in the morning so no one saw or heard them.
Ortrex grabbed one of his assistants with his elongated hand and hurled it across the wall.
The assistant with a wild cry was thrown up 3 meters up and through the arc flew through the wall. And burned in a red spot.
"In principle, it′s not that important," Ortrex thought at once. - This guy came to us himself. Came somewhere about 2 weeks ago. It seems to be called Mickey nicknamed "bone". Nothing special stood out. He did not tell me anything about himself. I did not lay claim to anything. Well, let. He died not in vain. "
"Now we know that the Stendery estate is guarded by a very powerful force field," Ortreks told his assistants. "It′s called the mantle of Kulaksis, I think." It burns any unregistered matter when it crosses the protected area. So listen to everything, do not interfere with the territory. Do not touch the walls. To do nothing. Orta, now I only need you ...
He raised Horta′s hand, chained in shiny silvery armor, and said:
"Horta, my dear, hit hard against the brick wall with all your might and let′s see what happens."
- At last!!! At last!!! Cried Horta. - I′m ready!!! I have long been ready!
She did not even swing, struck a short and very powerful blow to the wall. By the very part where steel peaks peeped out of it. With this blow she expected to break the wall. In several other powerful blows, break it completely and break into the grounds of the Stendery estate.
"It did not work out," said Ortrex frustratedly and raised Horta′s hand again.
The hand was neatly cut off at the elbow. On Orta was wearing heavy-duty armor, which broke through any force field. But it was evident that Kulaxis′s mantle was beyond her power.
"Do not try any more," said Ortrex, restoring his hand and wrist.
"Thank you, Master," said Horta, and with her fingers, she was pleased with herself.
"We′re leaving, and you′re staying," said Ortrex. "The three of you must constantly watch this mansion." Divide into 2 groups and be on duty every 2 days. Tell me about everything that you learn. White is the elder: assign groups, take up posts and keep records. Come on Horta, we must work.
Ortrex and Horta went to the secret headquarters of the gang, closed in the office and worked. First of all Ortreks took out a case-computer from his suitcase-dimmer (he took from one pirate genius). It was not the model that Stendery was getting from the Case, but Ortrex wanted to improve it. Dismantled it completely, created the missing details with the help of complex magic and garbage which he found throughout the city. The whole operation took 3 days, but then when Ortreks collected it, it was exactly the same computer that Stendery had before it. Connected to the Universal Network, which has many functions and capabilities, a battery that could work without recharging for at least 300 years. Ortrex joined the satellite that flew over Los Angeles, over Beverly Hills and photographed the estate of Stendery. I gave the picture to the designer and asked him to present the territory of the house and the house itself graphically. More than a dozen complex codes had to be introduced to him to make the program work. All this time, Orta admired her master and did not dare to speak to him, so as not to distract him from his work. But then the designer earned and presented the estate graphically. The whole territory. Every tree in the woods. Every blade of grass. Every bush. Ortrex studied it very carefully. Orta did not know why, but she was confident - it′s not just that. Again, she did not distract her boss. Then there was the house itself. Ortreks studied the layout of each floor. He studied everything: from the rooms of Jack, Ella and Alex to the observation tower on the roof. Then he proceeded to his inhabitants. Information he extracted by grains and with the help of some very complex programs. They demanded 8 passwords from Ortreks and gave everything for about 45 seconds. He entered 24 valued codes and guessed them the first time. And some programs eventually opened other programs. God, how difficult it was. Orta in her past life was a saleswoman in a computer store, was interested in iron and considered herself a very advanced woman for this part. But, and then there was this ... and in a dream you will not see a terrible one. If Horta sat down at the computer - 1. She would not understand anything; 2. Her head would explode from the information flow. Ortrex is nothing. He was cheerful and patient. He clicked hard nuts one by one and did not get tired at all. Before him appeared pages of some texts (in most cases coded). Some video fragments that did not tell Orte about anything (they had to be added as a mosaic). And some texts and video fragments were shown only for a few minutes. It was necessary to be very fast. Quickly read / watch, quickly decrypt, and even faster to think about - to choose from the mountains of not valuable material in general, valuable grains of sand and add them to voluminous whole pictures.
Some of the pictures were given hints and encrypted prompts - Ortrex had to guess, guess and with the help of imagination and analytical abilities on a thin thread to unwind big tangles.
And then it came in handy Orta. When the next picture was collected he dictated to her, and she wrote on blank sheets of paper. Horta′s signature was beautiful and she wrote quickly, but she did not have time to finish it, when the next sheets on the computer were stuck and tore Ortrex and Orth out of the information. Ortrex did not dictate to her from memory at all. There was little information, but it was. This cow that Ortrex milked endlessly was called Cosmonaut (space Internet) and the fact that he made his way to the secret bins was the merit of his remarkable machine, which he collected with his own hands. Milking lasted 35 hours. "That′s all," said Ortrex, closing the lid of his computer case with satisfaction. "We have nothing to look for anymore." Orta was as pleased as the owner put down a simple ballpoint pen with which she sat at the ready.
"Horta, darling, tell me how many have you left?" Asked Ortrex.
Of course he had to even talk about what he was asking - Horta understood him perfectly.
- Jack - 15, Alex - 15, El - only 9 sheets.
She spread them on the table in three neat little piles, signed and numbered.
"And that′s an excellent result, my dear, Horta," he said, cheerfully, smiling.
He took the first packet at random. Before him was a file on Alex McGuire. Began to read. Horta′s subtlety was good, large, inclined. All very briefly and about the most important thing. Quickly acquainted Ortreks took Jack Stenderery. Then Ella. Then he thanked Horta. And thoughtful. Habits, secret fears, strength and weakness, pieces of biographies that could be used. The main fear of Jack: to die, as well as to lose everything that he owned now. Alex′s main fear: if she is torn from Stendery′s family and thrown out into the street, she will damage either the brain or anything else and she will remain weak incapable of taking care of herself - an invalid, a freak and a burden to others. Al was afraid that they would harm his beloved earthlings (Jack and Alex). And perhaps, if the Cub of Harridika chooses another master. Then he would automatically have killed Ella. To cause harm to Jack and Alex was now much more real than getting close to Cuba. A plan was emerging.
"We will not penetrate Ell′s house, there′s nothing to try," said Ortrex Orte. - There the Mantle of Kulaksis is spread out. We will do it so that he himself brings us the Harridika Cube.
"What about the boss?" Asked Orta very interested.
- The only weak point of our hero is his love for these two earthmen Jack and Alex. We will kidnap them and offer an exchange: 2 earthmen per 1 Harridika Cube. I think he will agree.
"But the boss, El Stenderi, is not a fool, and as soon as he learns that you are here, he will take all possible means to protect them." He will hide them in his mansion, chained them with chains. This task will be very difficult to solve.
"Nothing, Horta, nothing." I have a couple of tricks that are unknown to the old fox. You′re right, you have to sweat hard to get these two earthlings, but if not - well, no, so no. We will build a hundred people in front of his mansion and we will kill them in pairs. Surely on some pair he can not take it.
Orta already understood everything and was burning with impatience.
"Master, boss, will you let me go with you to Stendery tomorrow?"
"No, Horta, thank you, but you do not need it." I have to go alone. It will not be a massacre, but only a conversation. In addition, this is our acquaintance, the first date, it is better that without prying eyes.

To ensure that the first date passed without any eyes, Ortreks came to the mansion Stendery at 4:40 in the morning. The sun had not yet risen, the street was dim and really at that hour there were few people wishing to appear on the street.
He pressed the bell button and patiently waited. "Come on, let′s", - he hurried to the inhabitants of the mansion, who after 17 pressing did not deign to open the door.
At last the door opened and all three rushed out into the street. Awfully angry Alex. Sleepy and nothing understanding Jack, who just pulled for the company. Al, who was just curious.
- Stendery! Shouted Ortrex from behind the gate. "Come here!" Sleepy you bunny!
- What?! What did he say?! Alex roared. "Now he will answer for everything!" I′ll show him everything! For awakening! For the sleepy bun!
She was almost rushing to the gate. Was ready to jump out for them and grab hold of this brazen stranger. To hurt him.
And then when the gate was less than 3 meters, Ortreks suddenly said:
- I′m glad to welcome you to Alexander McGeeffer. I′m sorry to interrupt your dream. But if you want to get out, I will not bother you.
He moved forward.
Alex froze in place.
"So you want to come out to me?" Asked Ortrex with the sweetest smile he was capable of.
"How do you know me?" Alex asked in surprise.
- Who are you? Jack asked as he approached his girlfriend and yawned. "Another vagabond." At such and such a point! Maybe you dare him, but I′ll go to bed!
- No Jack Stenderi, I′m not just another vagabond! And you will not sleep today! said Ortreks cheerfully. - And do not go anywhere! And Alex, too, does not go away! I need all three of you. Al is your commander and the smartest of all. And you two are his favorites and the most vulnerable place. The fact that I′m now telling the tale will be interesting to all three: and you Al and you - Jack and Alex.
- Who are you? Al asked bluntly. - Name it.
Before him was that well-groomed man of forty, in a clean white suit with a cane - purely a godfather.
"Have not you guessed yet, Al?" He asked crookedly. "I′m Ortrex."
From this news, Al recoiled. Friends at the same time looked at him and it seemed to him that he turned pale.
- Are you serious? Al asked as gently as he had talked to the bearded Pete a few days ago.
"It can not be more serious, Al," said Ortrex, and smiled. "I′m the alien you are waiting for."
"It could be a monstrous coincidence, or ..." Al muttered under his breath.
"Or it′s true," said Ortrex and flashed his eyes.
"Wait, wait, what′s the name of our planet?" If you are Ortrex where did you want to penetrate and what to steal? Who did you fight there on the planet?
"Oh, Al, well, I′m asking you," said Ortrex, and leaned on his cane. "Why this stupid test?" Are you ...
- Answer! Cried Al ferociously. And whispered a little more quietly, imploringly. - Make a mistake, I ask you to make a mistake! It′s because you can not be ...
"All right," said the stranger in a white suit. If he had gloves on his hands, he would have taken them off. And he did it with the air of extreme irritation and fatigue. "Our mother, our house and the planet that gave birth to you and my name are Soltreks." I wanted to penetrate the white Citadel and the stronghold of all the forces and knowledge of the planet. I wanted to and still want to kidnap and own - the Cuban Harridika - the only source of power and knowledge equal to which, there is nowhere else in the universe. Did I answer your questions? Ah, no. Who opposed me there? I was confronted by a couple of a dozen defense salt advocates and one luminous guardian Elixicon, who sensed that the fried smell took the designated Cube and fled the planet. Now answer yourself to the question: how would I have received answers to these questions, how would I have learned so much, had I not been your opposite - the evil, black destroyer Ortrex?
- Guys, this is it! It is he! - Al said in a trembling voice and pressed her to Cena and Alex.
They even thought that his whole body was trembling. Al who was not a man and did not show his emotions at all, was now nervous and very nervous.
He pressed his children′s heads to him and they heard his voice, which directly penetrated their brains: "Guys, in no event, I repeat, in any case, do not talk to him. Try not to look at him. And it would be very good if you shut your ears. One of his voices is dangerous. And he is very dangerous. HIGHLY. DANGEROUS ".
"Al, do not be afraid for the kids," laughed Ortrex cheerfully. "I will not eat it." Until I eat. I came only to you. And I will also speak ONLY WITH YOU.
El seemed not to hear him.
- One more question. Quit my curiosity. Pozhaaaluysta. How did you find me?
- Oh my God! Snorted Ortrex. - To what it is not an original question. I thought you guessed it long ago. I swear, with your intelligence, El. It is obvious.
- And yet? Al asked. - Explain.
"Okay," Ortrex took five steps back and prepared for the lesson. - Look (he pointed to the sky with his cane). Somewhere far away is our homeland, our Soltrex. She spins slowly and feels everything. Now look here (he pointed the same stick at his feet). And here is the Earth. She also turns and also feels everything. I′m sure the Earth feels the Universe in which it is located. And she feels, too. Plants, animals, stones, some people¸ I am sure, can feel our planet. Now back there (he raised his cane above himself), Soltrex is the smartest planet in the universe. She feels everything. And those assholes who will attack her and who will flee from her. And I (like you) are the most intelligent forms of life on this planet. We know everything, but what we do not know can be calculated without difficulty. You knew about the universe, about its structure, about the creatures of its inhabitants, although you were not where you were yet, but just sat in that cell and guarded this filthy Cube. I knew that you would escape from me, already when I was born; I knew with what strong protection I would come across and of course I was able to calculate your long, complicated and risky path. Now look here (Ortrex outlined a circle in the air and divided it into two parts, one immediately filled with black and the other with white, only black in white and white in black, as in Yin Yan). On one side of Saltrex you were born - Al, where Black - I appeared. We are connected with you, Al. It′s silly not to notice. I feel you, just like you, I′m sure you feel me. I flew through the Universe and as if I saw your golden trail. Yes, yes, and I was wrong where you were wrong. And in the Black Hole was. Then I found myself in this galaxy. I saw this planet. And then he realized: to hide the best place you can not imagine. Then I looked for you ...
"That bandit Pete ... did you send it to me?" Al asked waryly.
- Well, of course I am. By the way, his name was Ben Slavinski and he did not know that bitch Anna until that day. He was an actor. A good actor, as far as I could see it. All his life he dreamed of playing a villain. And he played it. The last day of my life and the last role. Ha ha ha.
Ella was just shaking:
"Fi, El, what rude words ?!" How do you put it ?! To the face of this light keeper? Ortrax grimaced. - I′m certainly cynical and destructive, but that′s my essence. I just fulfilled my goal. It was very important for me to check whether you are the alien I′m looking for. Ben, Anna and all those people in the cafe - they all helped to establish the truth to me. And the truth is that you are the guardian of the Elixicon.
"All right," Al sighed. "It was inevitable that our meeting was to be. And how good it is not to hide - sooner or later it will take place.
"Are you ready to begin a real, serious conversation, and Al?" Asked Ortrex.
"Perhaps," said Al. Let′s start. Only with what?
- Yes, from what you want. Ask me questions and gradually we will go to the main topic.
"What do you know about me?" Al asked.
"That′s all," answered Ortreks shortly and flashed his eyes. "I know all about you, Jack, Alex. It was difficult, remember. I created almost the same computer as you have. I took out information about you from the Universal Data Bank. I bit by bit. But I did it all. I and my assistant Orta.
El for a while was silent. Whether embarrassed, whether something is pondering.
Ortrex took a step back. With admiration, he examined the gate that was in front of him and said:
- Mantle of Kulaksis. It′s called the Mantle of Kulaksis, right?
Al nodded shyly.
Ortrex smiled.
"I admire your protection." Extremely rare, very complex and almost impossible to circumvent. Honestly, Al, if I were you, I would have established exactly the same protection.
Al was silent.
"You probably now think how it would be good if my enemy Ortreks took a step across the border of my estate." No, I will not do it. I know that if you are not registered, then you will evaporate from this world and go to the dimension where there is no way out. I want to live, Al, so I will not do such stupid things.
Al again was silent.
"Do you want me to try to bring down the mantle of Kulaxis?" No, I will not do that either. I do not know much about the blacksmith Kulaxis and his invention, but I know that there is only one way around it. They are Kulaksis gloves. Where they do not know exactly, but there are a lot of rumors about it and if you believe them - the road to gloves is even more dangerous than this barrier. I will believe all these rumors. I will not look for these gloves and will not attempt to enter the territory of your estate.
Al again was silent.
"By the way, do you want to know Al, how did the incident on Saltrex end?" The last shield that stood on that Citadel was just the mantle of Kulaxis. But even before it I did not reach. I stopped on the penultimate shield. I realized that you are not in the castle and flew into space.
This time El smiled.
"Well, at least my brothers are all right now."
- I do not need them. Without Cuba Harridika I do not need this Citadel and everything in it.
- As I understand. We have come to the very heart of our conversation, "said Al.
"You understand it correctly," said Ortrex, and smiled. "So I will not enter your mansion and steal the Cube from you." How can I get it? - you will ask. I will answer: you will give it to me.
Al smiled. But it was not his usual smile. Confused, frightened and completely unaware of what to do.
"How did you decide that I would give you the Cube?" Al asked.
- Aha! Exclaimed Ortrex and looked at his interlocutor with a predatory look. - The climax of the conversation! Look who stands to your left and right. Jack and Alex. Your lovely earthly acquisitions. Let′s talk about them now.
El tensed and waited for the worst.
The conversation rested on the dead end. A few minutes remained a deathly silence.
"You will not get either Jack or Alex," Al said sternly. "They will not take a single step beyond the boundaries of the estate."
"I′ll get it, I′ll get Al," Ortrex mocked him impudently. "Four of my guys watch your house." Sooner or later they will come out. And then we′ll get them. And then you will give me the Harridika Cube.
El tensely silent.
"Do you want some advice, Al?" Asked Ortrex.
Al was silent.
"Kill Jack and Alex." Right now, so that I do not have ...
- THIS WILL NEVER HAPPEN!!!! - Al interrupted sharply.
Ortrex laughed gaily.
- I knew it. And this is good for me.
"Listen, Al," he said after a moment. "Even if you hide them very well." Even if you plant on a chain in your mansion, or hide it in this ... your ... Suitcase ... you understand how many of them walk there (Ortreks waved his head towards neighboring houses) ... I′ll kill them one-ten ... or whole cities ... you can not stand it. Just one thing, how you were heroic for the saleswoman Anna, says a lot.
"In short, Al," said Ortrex to the last. "We′ll meet again soon." And we′ll talk. About a lot of talk. Wait.
And sending an air kiss, the bad alien Ortrex walked away.

Chapter 7. Trap for Jack, Alex and Elixicon.
Al was very worried. And he was so alarmed that friends never saw him so worried.
He walked around the living room back and forth and seemed to be just crazy with stress. Jack and Alex sat on the couch and were also very worried. El did not look at them, never smiled and did not say anything to them for half an hour. It seemed he just went crazy with fear.
"Al, well, talk to us at last!" Jack asked.
"Al, we see that you are in a bad way!" And we are also bad! Let′s talk already! Let′s solve our problem! - Alex was connected.
Al stood in the middle of the living room. He looked at his friends and smiled for the first time.
"That′s right," he said. - It is necessary to solve our problem. I′ll hide you. I′ll hide you well. A suitcase. Yes, of course, only him. You will stay with Alekorsa until this problem disappears.
"No, Al," Jack said. "We′ve always been together." Remember thallas, or the case of the Joe Montana gang. And this time we will be together. Stendari′s trio, do you remember?
"Besides, Al, three heads are better than one," Alex added. "Together we′ll find a way out."
After a few seconds, she added:
"This type of Ortrex, as far as I understand it, will still kill people." Well, you hide us, and he will build in front of the mansion a hundred or two people and will kill in pairs. He understood you. I realized that you really fell in love and became attached to people. You will protect them and somehow go to a deal with him. We will not, there will be some Susan and Peter. Or a whole planet in exchange for this stupid Cube. If you really hide, then hide the entire population of the Earth. You can do that?
"I ... I do not know ... in principle, it is possible, it′s very difficult," Al thought seriously.
The grimace of discontent was reflected on his face.
"Time is running out," he said discontentedly. "Maybe, even now while we′re talking, he′s killing people."
Again thinking about something, he said:
- So, guys, I leave you in the mansion, but remember it well - NO STEP FOR THE LIMITS OF THE LOCATION - repeat ...
"Not a step beyond the boundaries of the estate," Jack repeated.
"Not a single step beyond the boundaries of the estate," Alex repeated.
"It′s an emergency, guys," Al repeated. "It′s Death that came to visit us!" And we must show great resilience to save Life! And God help us!
All this day they were very sad and dejected. I did not want to do anything. There was no entertainment - only fear. And he grew stronger. All wanted just one thing - that this situation with Ortreksom was a rally, or at worst a bad dream. Perhaps that′s why Alex and Jack fell asleep very early and luckily slept without seeing dreams. And Al climbed into the gym and spent the whole night meditating.
The next day Jack first went to the gate, and then ran into the house and with crazy eyes shouted: "Faster! Faster!!! All over me!!!"
All jumped after Jack and soared into the air (Alex and Jack with the help of boards, Al without any attachments)
Beverly Hills was swept away all but their house. The house stood on a huge flat field. Than it was like the attack of the Tallas.
"Nothing left," Jack said. "As if there were never any houses here."
- And who could do this ?! Who had the strength to demolish everything here ?! Yes, so that we did not hear anything ?! Yes, all for one night only ?! - Alex fell asleep unknown to anyone with questions.
But nevertheless, the answer was given to her:
- Well, of course I did it all! She heard a voice from the southeast of her.
There in the air soared Ortreks. Like Al, he did not use any devices. He hung around the edges of their estates, smiling and shining with ravenous eyes.
El stiffened. Jack and Alex tensed.
"At 2 am I excavated this field as an excavator," he boasted. - I used the most high-quality and expensive mother′s mash. Do not be afraid of people, Al. They did not even wake up when their bodies disappeared along with their houses, gardens, lawns and other things. Nito did not feel anything.
Al was shaking with indignation:
- How many did you destroy? !!!!
- Yes, somewhere 1000-1500, probably, told Ortreks easily, as if there were no reports of murders. - Plus there is some kind of living creature there. Pussies, dogs, guinea pigs. And you notice I went far beyond Beverly. We had a few factories and plants that could spoil everything.
"You must have had a lot of solvent," Alex said, trembling and admiring at the same time.
"Yes, I had a lot of it," said Ortrex. "But my goal justifies any means."
"I′m even afraid to ask," Al said with a shudder in his voice.
"My goal is to introduce you to Al, and you too - Jack and Alex, a great sight." I′ll set fire to Los Angeles today on four sides. And then I′ll see whether you can stay in place.
Al, Jack and Alex soar in the air and see smoke coming from four sides of the city. And they also see huge people in metal armor. They are so huge that even from here - they can be clearly seen from afar. One can see a huge woman with curly, red hair. A white man with a shaved head is visible. A second woman can be seen: she is black and her hair is dark and develops behind her like a comet′s tail.
"And here are my destroyers!" Exclaims and laughs Ortrex. - Horta - the east. Reto - South. Screto - West. And who is the north? No one! Nothing, Al, do not worry, my Destroyers run with great speed, so it will also fall to the north. Once every 6 minutes, something happens in the North. Oh sorry, I then 4 destroyers in his team did not take. No problem, they and the three will manage.
Before Ella, Jack and Alex come human cries and can hear the shooting.
- I gathered them today, - continues Ortreks. - And let him go to town to frolic. Said - kill, so that your victims scream louder. So as to reach here. Well heard?
"Go out and stop me if you can, Al." He throws Ortrex′s challenge directly.
Al is very tense, but does not move. About what the threefold thinks.
Ortrex, meanwhile, presses on other weaknesses:
"You′re a cop El!" You′re a policeman, but you′re sitting on the spot ?! You have to stop guys like me! Like me and my destroyers!
Al looks toward the burning city and sighs heavily. He understands that this is a provocation and it is done with one goal - that he went away and his friends became extremely vulnerable.
And Ortreks, as if reading his thoughts, teases:
"Come on, come on, Al!" Nobody except you! Only you! No miserable police and army will ever be able to stop my destroyers! No machine guns and no rocket launchers can do them harm! Neither in the legs, nor in the hands, nor in power armor, nor in the head (which is also protected by a special force field). Only you can resist them! Only you! They must be destroyed step by step and know how! I will not tell you, you′ll guess! But people are really bad now. My destroyers are now twisting their heads. They pull out their arms and legs and are stoked in blood. Al hurry! Hurry up and you can save a few little men. But if you stay in one place until the evening, we will definitely cut out the whole city!
"What the hell, how many are you ready to destroy because of this cube of Harridik ?!" Exclaimed Alex. Her beautiful face was twisted with anger, and tears welled in her eyes. - 10.000. 1. 000. 000 ...? !!!!
- Baby do not flatter yourself !!! Said Ortreks, his eyes flashing with ravenous eyes. "I′m ready to drown the whole planet in blood for this!"
The statement was more than serious.
Al understands that he must fly to save people, but before that he wants to make sure of the safety of his friends.
Al said to go down and all three fell into the grounds of the estate. Somewhere between tall cedars, a tennis field and a beautiful lawn with a pond. The gate was at least 200 meters away - Ortreks did not see or hear them.
- So, guys, remember - not a single step beyond the gate. Do not approach them, do not look, do not go up into the air, and generally go home at once. Remember, here he can not hurt you, so do not yield to any of his provocations. Remember, here he can not hurt you. Repeat.
"He can not hurt us here," Jack repeated.
"He can not hurt us here," Alex repeated.
"So it is," Al smiled wearily. "I′m leaving, and the devil knows how long my battle will last." My three battles, to be more precise. Guys so go straight to the house right now, or wander around the lawns. BUT THE WALLS DO NOT COME, IN NO EVENT !!! You can hear his voice and then lose control over yourself.
"Come on, Al," Jack encouraged him with a smile. - Alex and I were just at the cinema. In our film projector, that wonderful film that we did not watch last time is loaded. Now we will examine and revise. What do you think, the film is a good alternative to what is being done outside ?!
- I′m with both hands for! - Alex immediately supported him.
- That′s great guys! - Al beamed. - Go and watch your movie! In the evening we will meet, and I wish to receive two excellent stories about him! Tonight!
And waving good-bye to his hand, El soared into the blue summer sky, which here because of the crowns of the trees was not very visible.

For some time standing with his head bent, Jack stopped to distinguish the point in the sky, which was their friend, then lowered his head and took Alex by the hand.
"Let′s go," he said.
But they did not have time to make a step, as the pleased voice of Ortrex was heard:
"Well, at last he′s gone!" I already thought he would never fly away! Now, finally, I can talk to you personally!
The next moment, Jack′s head swirled. It seemed to him that the earth flew out from under his feet and he plopped into a black, bottomless abyss.
He squeezed his eyes shut, shook his head and only breathed for a couple of minutes and tried to make it so that everything fell into place. He opened his eyes and in the next instant realized that his head was not spinning anymore, but he stood firmly and confidently on the ground. And he stands very close to the gate. And behind the iron bars is Ortrex. And he looks at him predatoryly.
"Jack, Jackie, my friend, my boy, come here," he sang softly and smiled broadly.
And Jack saw that his mouth was full of long, dagger-like teeth. And Jack realized with gravity that if an awful monster called, he would run to his head.
But the next moment he witnessed such a picture, which forced his heart to go to his heels. Ortrex opened the gate and entered the estate freely.
"That′s it," he said. - And you thought that you are under reliable protection! Your defense has collapsed, guys! I′m here and soon all my kids will be here! Ha-ha-ha!
In the hand of Jack Alex grabbed and passionately whispered:
"Jack, he′s not here!" He is not! It′s all a hoax! Deception!
It was evident that Alex sees the same as Jack. But for a while they managed to get out of this hypnosis.
They saw that they were standing in a shady alley, neither the gate nor Ortrex was visible and everything was calm. Jack sighed with relief and found that he had a wet back. He touched Alex and found that she had wet hands. Alex smiled in embarrassment.
- Faster in the house! Jack shouted and rushed to the house first.
I remembered Ell′s instructions that the house is a safe place and there Ortreks will not get them.
Alex rushed after Jack, but Ortrex beat them. He seemed to have seen them from such a distance. Like every tree that surrounded them looked with the eyes of Ortrex.
- Come on! Stand, you sons of bitches, it will not be worse!
His voice that sounded in the minds of Jack and Alex intensified hundreds of times and turned into a real squall.
"Where do you want to hide from me, Jack, Alex?" In this house? !!! Are you sure you can hide from me there ?! Are you sure, sure? !!! Do not rub nonsense, lovely house animals Ella - freeze in place and listen! Or you want to listen to me in your lovely cozy house !!! So, or otherwise, and you will hear all that I want to tell you !!!
Jack grabbed his head with his hands, fell to the ground and yelled:
- Damn it how can you do it? !!! How, when we do not even see you? !!!
He sat down on the asphalt road and cried with despair. Then he looked at Alex. She stood on her feet, but all the yeast and also cried:
"Stupid kids!" Laughed Ortrex in their heads. - You saw me and my image settled in your minds! And now you think of me! I can control you through this image! You are in front of me like in the palm of your hand!
The sky above the heads of Jack and Alex darkens, the cold wind blows and it becomes very scary. They look around and see that ugly, old stumps stick out in place of trees. They hug each other, look into each other′s eyes and squeal. Alex hugs Ortrex expiring with mud. Jack - a blue-gray dead man with a huge spider emerging from his mouth. But here everything passes. The sky is brightening. Again summer and again Jack - Alex, and Alex - Jack. Only now the closed gates with Ortreks remained. He did not purposely remove this vision from their heads. He makes fun of them. He′s laughing. He is simply and shamelessly happy.
- Well, guys, I liked it? Liked it, eh ?! And then it will be even better!
He folded his arms over his chest and looked at them triumphantly. Suddenly everything is darkening everywhere, and his eyes begin to glow with a furious red light.
Jack and Alex fall to their knees and cry sobbingly. But they can not take their eyes off those red, sinister lamps.
A new torture begins. Alex is riding on the grass. She has spasms and vomiting. She falls to the ground and some impossible force moves her legs apart. The belly grows in leaps and bounds, and with great pain out of it comes something dirty and big. Something black. Alex understands that she just gave birth. And she gave birth to Ortrex. Then he gives birth to the second and third Ortrex. They stood over it like three huge, ugly black pillars. And laugh. And in the bottom of the stomach Alex is burning. She realizes that her vagina is torn by these horrible births. But this is not the worst. On the grounds of the estate penetrate bandits. Many bandits.
"Have fun with it !!!" - all three Ortreks thundered.
Alex was torn off her dress and pawed at her young breasts, pussy and ass. Then they begin to rape the group. So as not to scream from the remnants of a dress they built a gag and shut their mouth.
In the meantime, other bandits are cutting axes of a living Jack to pieces. Jack cries and dies.
3 Ortrex and the red-headed Orta compare the house and the garden with the ground. And from the bottom of the heart they have fun. Stendery′s estate is gradually from the rampaging greens, flowers and life becomes a dead, black and lifeless place.
As a result, Alex raped one bandit, two held hands and feet, and one held his head and beat on the cheeks as she closed her eyes. They needed Alex to keep them open. To her left lay the severed head of Jack with broken teeth and no tongue. "Look, look, bitch!" - Squeaked gleefully, which covered her. He threshed her between his legs not with a small piston and still had time to talk. Alex did not care. Just do not care at all. I wanted to wake up from this dream. "Do not sleep! Shouted the bandit. - Now wake up! And look at his friend Jack! "He pierced her cheeks a couple of times, pulled her hair, and Alex opened her tear-stained eyes. And then I saw the path on which I lay. There were no bandits, the estate was whole, there was a sky above it. And next to it was Jack.
One nightmare is over. And then a new nightmare began. Nightmare No. 3. He was worse than the previous ones. Alex and Jack were sitting on two linked chairs, and the bandits raped their parents. Jack′s mom Kate appealed at once 4 criminals. Jeff cut off a member, crammed into his mouth and punished severely, not to part with him. Jeff himself crawled all over the courtyard in the courtyard and picked up everything that had fallen with his mouth. Janice also had all the holes and beat him in the middle. Gromov was tied to one of the trees and was simply cut to pieces. McGieffer ripped open his stomach, released intestines and unwound them for the full length. Ortrex hovered over all this disgrace and smiled maliciously. "Yes, yes, yes," he whispered. - More more more". He specifically placed the children so that they could see all the torments of their parents. And the apart legs of their mothers, and their fathers-beaten and bloodied. They all moaned, mooed, screamed, and tears flowed down Jack′s cheeks and Alex′s.
- Give up! Ortrex ordered coldly. "You have not seen anything yet!" Next will be such that you just simply fly off the reels! You will never sit out! You will become idiots FOREVER !!! And even the great El can not help you!
Everything becomes as before: light, day, sun and breeze. Jack and Alex in his estate, only they stand in front of the gate behind which stands Ortreks and his gangsters and laughed malevolently. Probably Ortreks as that ran their feet, so they themselves reached the gate even without realizing it. It was terrible to think that they really were like puppets in his hands. That′s just why he wanted, that they themselves went out the gate. Perhaps he wanted to convince them of his own helplessness. And the matter was already half done.
Jack and Alex burst into tears and fell to their knees
"Stop it!" Alex asked. "Do not torture us any more!"
- We′ll come out to you! We will do everything you say! Jack added.
"Leave the house!" Ordered Ortrex.
And he and his bandits immediately moved. Alex and Jack were doomed to hang their heads. It seemed that everything - their game is lost.
Alex pulled the gate. And she and her boyfriend went into the gap. They obediently stood before the bandits. No head was raised.
Someone immediately grabbed their hands from behind. But Ortrex immediately waved his hand:
- Let go! It′s too much!
I told them both:
"I promise you two that you will be saved. But how happy and long it will be will depend only on Ella. "
"It would be better if you chose the Case, Alex," he said personally to the girl. "Although it does not change anything at all." People will die anyway, and El will give me the Harridika Cube! "
"Why are you doing all this ?!" Exclaimed Alex. - Why do you need this Harridika Cuba and why do you want to destroy us all ?! Think ... What is this goal ?! Really you anything else does not interest? !!!
She tried to find the bright sides of Ortrex, or at least make him think. Bandits cheerfully cheered when they realized Alex′s attempt - Ortrex took her seriously.
He went to Alexander, put his hand on her shoulder and looked her in the eye. He smiled sweetly.
"Alexandra, my dear girl," he said affectionately and very seriously. - Do not waste all this power - my advice to you!
He stroked her head.
"I′ll explain something to you, my sweet blonde." Of course, I have these bright sides in me, and of course murder and destruction are not all that excites me. But…
Alex rattled and tears sprang from her eyes. And he did not squeeze her throat, and made some cunning gesture with his hand. And the veins on Alex′s throat were swollen, his face was white and she decidedly missed the air.
"Remember my next words and remember well, Sashenka," said Ortreks evil. - What would I not say there, I thought, or did - I′m a KILLER, I′m a PALACH, I′m a Destroyer and always will stay !!! Just as Elixicon was born a bright keeper - I was born BLACK RIDER APPOKALIPSIS. This is my nature. And I can not be changed by ANYONE!
"Do you understand everything, Alexander?" He asked, with pleasure, for a few seconds, listening to her wheezing. - If everything is understood twice, nod your head.
Alex immediately nodded, and immediately six tears fell from her eyes to the ground.
Ortrex made a liberating gesture with his hand, and in the next instant Alex could breathe. More than five minutes, she stood before Ortreks doubled and all tried to breathe. She wheezed, coughed, almost bleated under the feet of her tormentor, and he gave her tender and last instructions:
"You′re a very clever girl, Alex McGeeffer, and you′ll understand that it′s better not to start this conversation with me again." He will not lead to anything good and you will be hurt again.
- Yes that you won Al! - Alex croaked, gave out.
"Perhaps it is possible," laughed Ortrex. But it is possible that I will overcome him. Here, as they say, the chances are equal.
"Well, did you come to your senses?" - he asked, seeing that Alex straightened and breathed straight. "Ready for the assignment?"
- Recovered. I′m ready for the commission, "she said, straightening up like a soldier in front of the general.
She looked very gloomy. With this look she seemed to say that she was ready to do anything to not stand here and not carry out any orders from Ortrex.
"Come on, Alex," he said, and handed the girl a parcel wrapped in brown paper. And to her note pinned with two words: "For Ella." "Do not get so upset about it." In the end, you have a unique opportunity to know if you and Jack really love this alien. This video is for him. Take it and put it on the porch of your house. And then come back to us. We′ll wait for you.
"Do not make us wait!" Someone shouted from the bandits.
- And do not forget to close the gates on the way back! - Someone else joked.
They were laughing, and Alex was still early. She did not hear them.

Alex entered the territory of her estate and just gave vent to feelings. Tears poured out of her like water from a waterfall and soaked the asphalt under her feet, as if it was really starting to rain. Why, why life was so unfair. Why the mantle of Kulaxis could not hide them from Ortreks. Although no, the robe, probably, was not at fault. It′s all them. They Why were they so weak, why? They could not get him out of his head - they began to think about him, and he began to manage them through his image, as a pair of puppets. Why? Alex was just shaking from the way they were weak. And they wanted to help Ella, and they just spoiled everything. Now he has two powerful trump cards against their friend.
"A-A-Alex," someone called from behind.
She looked back and heard the sequel.
"Hurry up!" We will not wait for you here forever! You must leave a message - remember? And they will return to us! Said Ortrex.
"Oh, yes," Alex remembered. "I′m just a courier"
She looked at her hands and saw in them a brown bag tied with a gray rope. Surely there was a message inside. Most likely some kind of tricky record with buttons and video recording, where pleased Ortreks told how and where El can get Jack and Alex back. Her hands shook and the first thing she wanted was to hurl this "message" against the asphalt with all her might. Break it to the devil and kick it. And most to roll into the house. And come what may. But Alex remembered immediately that they had her Jack and faded. And to myself I was surprised - what a stupid and selfish act. And it seems that he will not give anything - Ortreks perfectly proved that he knows how to own their heads from a distance.
Stumbling, he walked along the shady trees to the house, and at the very head was thinking: "Why, why did not Jack and I choose the Suitcase ?! Now nothing would have happened! Now they would be visiting Alekonsa and drinking tea! "
With great anguish, she looked at her red, multi-storey house and nearly burst into tears. "I can never come back here again!" - she thought, and it became so bad that it was impossible to convey it.
And then in her head came the harsh and demanding voice of Ortrex: "Alex, where do you walk ?! Quickly to us! Enough to say goodbye! Do not make us wait! "
- I obey my commander! - very angrily Alex shouted towards the gate and behind Ortrex. And she added very quietly and all filled with secret pleasure. - And so that El won you! I personally will pray for this !!!

However, already at the approach to the gate all the malice and hidden triumph from Alex had disappeared, and again it became frightening.
She began to introduce herself as her and Jack was cut to pieces; that they will never return to this house and the like. She even hesitated before going out. At last she came out, stood in front of Ortrex and completely surrendered to the will of fate, hung her head.
"You are a very courageous woman, Alexandra," Ortrex praised her. - It was a very difficult and courageous step. I admire you and it′s true.
"Nobody will cut you to pieces," he promised immediately. They were already leaving with Beverly Hills. - This is a very competent and cunning party. Ella will have to sweat very hard to get you out. Maybe he will lose, or maybe I will. But the chances are scanty, I′ll tell you right away.
"Above the nose, Alex," he cheered her up to last. "Perhaps you will soon meet your girlfriend from the parallel world." Or maybe not. It′s like a card lying down.
The bandits were neighing.

Chapter 8. Invitation to a date.
The battle with Horta, Reto and Skreto lasted until the twilight. And it was a very difficult battle. First, the villains did not fight in one place in the city, but dispersed on its different sides. He was already smoking, Ella′s hometown. First of all, Al appeared and prevented the fall of a huge skyscraper. Once - and all the people that were in it were in the air, and then in 150 meters from the place of the fall. Two - and Al covered the powerful force field of all people that were under this skyscraper - so that no one covered the wreckage. Three - completely evaporated skyscraper, which was now just a bunch of debris. "Saved people, saved people, yes, policeman El Stenderi! - Squealed the black woman Reto. "Now, try the right hand!"
She was fired by a detachment of policemen from rifles, shotguns and just pistols. But the bullets to her were like seeds - flew from her oblate and melted. She put forward her huge arm, and at that moment some small yellow peas flew from her wrist. Slamming into the police, into their cars, they suddenly began to sparkle like Chinese fireworks. From the hands of policemen, weapons fell and they rubbed their eyes. "What′s wrong ?!" "God!" "Lord!" "Oh horror, I see nothing!" "I′m blind!" "Me too!" "Me too!" "Me too!" - they heard their screams. This was the first phase. From the second phase they were saved by Al. He picked up the entire detachment of 24 officers and the explosions fluttered down at once. Huge pillars of fire. They threw up police cars and random onlookers. And at the nearby buildings all the windows were knocked out. Many people died at the bottom. The flame enveloped Reto from all sides, but she resisted. On its huge legs, encased in metal armor, it stood very firmly. And the fire did not do her the slightest harm.
The police El carried to 100 meters from this place and threw in some kind of park. There was no time so he just left them to their own devices. Among the walking holidaymakers, they walked like blind moles and ran into each other.
El again found himself in front of Reto, ran and jumped, pierced her on the head. Then he grabbed his hands and tried to connect them. It was not easy to do this, because the power in these hands was not small.
"You will not kill anyone else!" Cried Al.
- Are you sure?! I′m sure, yes ?! Retouched laughter Reto.
She tried to throw Ella off, but to overcome it was also very difficult. She was beating electricity, letting exploding rockets. And even tried to freeze (in her wrists was hidden not a frail arsenal), only Ella did not take it.
He created a chain of steel from the air and began to envelop the hands of the destroyer. After tying one to the other, he created the chain even thicker and tackled her legs. The black destroyer fought off him like a bothersome insect, but every minute she got stuck in chains ever more firmly. Already was about to put her on her knees. Finally, spitting on everything, she turned on the jet engines in her legs and took off with Ell.
"Get off me, finally, you leech!" She screamed.
"Not until you and your boss Ortrex find rest in the grave!" Cried El, continuing to entangle her with chains that seemed to be made of rubber.
- Do others! Retorted Reto and suddenly disappeared.
And the mountain of chains flew to the ground from a great height.
El immediately evaporated it, so that no one below crippled. Gently dropped to the ground and looked into the self-made navigator. This navigator marked huge people in power armor. And now he told him that 3 kilometers away from him a giant called Skreto was raging. Al hurried there.
Screto managed to do a huge hole in the middle of the roadway and ducked there. When El arrived, huge screams, clanking, a stream of blood and severed fragments of human bodies came from a huge hole. El dived into the hole and was at the metro station. On the one hand, the destroyer blurted out something from his wrist and brought down half of the station. So many people died. And on the other hand he grabbed the train and braked it with himself. The first two cars already crumpled into a flat cake. More people on the train were injured or injured. But the train was slower or slower. With wheezing, clanking and yelp, he stopped. It was terrible to think that a huge white man in the armor of Skreto had prepared for the fate of the survivors of the catastrophe. Al grabbed him from behind, tore him off the train and tossed it into the depths of the railway subway. As soon as he got up he punched him with a series of blows to the head, the body and although Al himself was short, he picked up Skreto as a feather and threw it over himself. Screto stood up and continued the fight. True, he relied on his technical devices more. Palil with all kinds of weapons from his wrists. Once Ellu even got some kind of special exploding needle with a paralyzing effect. But all these wonderful adaptations did not work for him, and if they replaced it for a few minute seconds. Seeing that the new opponent can not beat the simple Skreto brought down the metro ceiling.
After 15 seconds on the roadway there was an explosion and the machines, which, incidentally, still stood in traffic jam, flew in different directions. From the ground, as a cork from the bottle flew Screto, and El clung to his feet. Together they flew to a 300-story skyscraper and continued their disassembly there.
After completing his super-giant leap, the giant-destroyer threw himself on the roof (naturally breaking it), and Al who for some reason became liquid and viscous flew his feet. Therefore, the fall could be said was forced and further the giant he just swaddled. He swept his legs with his whole orange mass, and separated himself from it a couple of feet from Skreto.
"What the hell is that?" - shouted in fear Screto trying to free his feet but only all in vain.
The orange substance quickly solidified by immersing the legs of the destroyer in something like concrete, only many times stronger.
"Do not jerk, it will not help," Al said calmly. "I sacrificed part of my body to captivate you."
The orange material has already solidified by changing its color to ashy.
Screto lay on the roof stretching out his gigantic hands. As if the transformation into a beautiful butterfly was about to happen, and he got out of his cocoon. At the same time, he cursed and cursed Ella.
"Hush," he said simply.
In his hands a huge laser cleaver appeared. Not a laser sword, but much larger and more powerful. This could be a building and not hesitating to cut the floors. Al intended to slash on the metal armored back of Screto, where he climbed out of his cocoon. So that the body fell apart in half. And then chop to pieces. But something did not work out ....
Slid on his back, as if he had split into pieces, and soon completely died out.
Al was at a loss. Really it was such a powerful armor.
"It does not matter," Scraco laughed hoarsely. "It does not work, Al, to cut my poor body?" The moron! Ha-ha-ha !!! This armor was put by Ortreks !!! And that means you have no chance at all !!! Ha-ha-ha !!!
El evaporated the sword from his hands. His reflections were short-lived.
"Then I′ll score you with my legs and hands," he said sternly. "I′ll beat until you die!"
- But with this you have a bummer! He shouted angrily and quickly. "Other people, but leave me for now!"
He pressed a large white button on his stomach and suddenly disappeared. And the cocoon was left empty. An empty solid substance lying on the roof, as if a pocket from which the extraction had just fled.
Next was the giantess Orta. For her hellish amusements, she defeated one of the city parks. I dug up a huge pit in its center, threw in more than two dozen captured and connected people, and myself sat down on a huge mountain of mutilated benches, torn and tied to the knots of lampposts, mutilated and killed people. I sat and played, that is, sawed people with my saw in the wrist, tore off their hands, feet and heads. As Ella approached, she ripped off the head of a poor man and set it in front of her with a piece of spine, like an Eskimo on a stick.
"And this is the famous El Stenderery," she said in a sing-song voice, and she wore a smile on her face, which was all bloody. "He came to save us all!" Come on, come to us, Al Stenderery!
"I will come and you will die!" - evil promised Al.
"Wow, how scared we are!" "Said Orta′s sepulchral voice, and looked into the poor man′s face, whose head she held with her bloody fist.
She looked at Ella and her lips were round.
"Uh-uh-u !!!" she sang.
Why did Ellu remember the Halloween holiday. The kids ran up to the houses and did the same thing: "Uh-uh-uh." And this led him into a rage.
"You′re all amused!" Piggy! The babe is brainless! - He shouted and made a big jump was next to the pit. "Playing with innocent people!" No to find an opponent by force! Well, get up, you little wicked bitch and I′ll loaf your reds then povyryvayu!
From his words Orta very much dissolved. A few seconds had the feeling that she was about to dissolve. She threw her head at Ell′s feet and shouted offendedly:
"Come on, Al Stendery!" Freak!
Her voice turned to sobs:
- I′m a woman, by the way !!! I am a beautiful woman! I′m in Ortrex′s personal guard! And you ... .maloletka brainless ... shitty bitch ... !!! Yes, I′m his personal adviser, so you know !!!
Ella did not touch her emotions at all.
"What the fuck are you killing the theater in front of me ?!" He asked sternly. - Itself put half the street and now what you are trying to achieve ... so that I regretted you ... after all this ...
"I should have tried," said Orta with dignity.
And then a network shot from her hand. Al himself did not notice how he was in this grid. Tried to throw it off, but then I realized how difficult it was. Mesh folded it twice and pulled to the ground. Al tried to become fluid and emerge from it, but she did not let it (!). The net was very strong and seems to have taken away its power. Then El decided to act in the simplest and most reliable way. Apply force while the grid - the vampire did not suck her all out. I made a desperate jerk and the rags of the network flew all over the former park. Al was free, but lost a lot of strength.
To him, Orta jumped and began to beat her face.
"I jumped out, yes ... a strong one .... Now here′s my right try ... and the left one too," she beat and sentenced. "Now I′ll ... now ..."
Al was not ready, so at first he just stood and collected the blows, but then he began to fight back and put the blocks. Here he left the hook to the left of Horta, grabbed her by the thrown hand, twisted it and the giantess cried desperately to the ground. Then a few dexterous kicks and she jumped like a rubber ball on the ground. And she landed in a fountain, which she herself had destroyed before.
- Here′s the bastard! She shouted, hurt. I put my wrist on Ella and cried:
- Get the freak!
A small black rocket flew from his wrist. She was so small and frivolous that she could not believe that she could harm anyone. El dodged purely mechanically. The rocket landed in a tree. And that very instant a powerful explosion thundered behind him. He was covered with such a wave that he could not stand on his feet, collapsed on his stomach, and that instant he was covered with a million burning chips.
When he lifted his head, the park burned. The trees that were 30 meters in diameter were either turned up or torn up by the roots, but all of them were burning. The leaves burned, their trunks burned, and even the asphalt was on fire.
El looked at Horta angrily:
- Already for some such antics you should be killed, bloody bitch !!!
"Well, try it!" - Orta grinned maliciously.
El pounced on her and began to thresh in his hands, legs, body and head. Orta closed his arms, but after he made two good attempts to knock out her kneecaps and thereby become fat, she grabbed a torn pillar from the ground and defended it already. A couple of times, Al got this big, black piece of iron on the hat. Then he took the pillar from her and threw it at all. He jumped on his chest, then on his shoulders, grabbed her by the neck and began to pull his head like a fisherman pulling fish from the river. As luck would have it, the head on Horta′s shoulders was sitting firmly and did not want to be removed.
"What the fuck are you doing?" Cried Horta.
In her wheezing, Al heard a crackle of electric discharges and a click of a metal rod. It was very happy for him - that meant the victory was close. But then Orta began kicking and struggling to throw off the annoying rider. Al felt like a wild bull. But he held her well by one hand with his neck. And the second - a dead grip on the hair.
At last, Orte succeeded. Her skin gave off something like sweat - Ella′s fingers slipped. The push was very strong and the hair could not stand it. El rolled headlong on the ground holding his fist like a tow, a piece of red hair destroying.
Orta felt herself from behind and realized that she had lost much of her mane. This infuriated her
- EL STANDERI, AH YOU GAD, TRAILER, MISS !! !!!! She thundered all over the city. - DO WHAT IS ANYTIME, BUT HAIR ... HAIR HAIR ... AH YOU ARE TWAAAAR !!!!
Al looked at Horta and waved her a piece of her mane gaily.
- What hairs are lost ?! Do you miss them ?! Lacks?! And this is only the very beginning ... I realized, a scarecrow? !!!
From the ears of Horta, as Ella thought, the next moment, smoke fell.
- Well, you brought me all ... DOVE ... GOAT !!! She shouted, boiling.
The next moment, she lifted her hands up, as if giving herself up, and began to twinkle with white light. Short flicker, at regular intervals, as if something closed inside Horta and she was about to explode.
It will explode, fall apart, and then gather again. It will meet, but half of the city will be destroyed. Or she wants to release 100, 1000 small missiles from her wrists. El saw the consequences of only one, and then he imagined - all around in the smoke, everywhere the fire, the destroyed buildings, twisted cars, dead nature and the corpses of people.
All these horrible images flashed through Ell′s head in less than a second. And he realized that something must be done.
The next moment Orta was torn from the ground and imprisoned in an orange giant ball.
- What do you mean? !!! She thundered. You′re an idiot, let me ... !!!!
She could not say anything else, because the first explosions had thundered. Yes, El was right, she really released many, many rockets.
They exploded right in the ball and should be tearing Ort to pieces. She screamed, howled and desperately swore. The ball swung from side to side and the ferocious destroyer fought in it like a fly in a jar.
- AAAAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAAAH !!!! - she howled, and struggled in a ball, going mad with anger, pain and impotence.
Finally, the last rocket exploded over Ortha and El put his face inside his cocoon to see what was left of Horta. But inside everything was very smoky and nothing could be seen. Then El switched on the smoke exhaust. Pulled out in a couple of minutes and found a giantess lying on the floor. She completely lost her hair, the metal armor turned black from burning, but she was still alive.
"Are you still alive ?!" Al asked in surprise.
Orta laughed. From her mouth and ears smoke poured.
- Well, how did you think, asshole ?! - she croaked quite and fiercely. "To kill me you need a much greater force than in these missiles!" Let them even had 28 pieces!
She gathered, clasped her knees, then rose and lifted her bald head and looked directly at the face that hung almost above the ceiling.
Her face was black, like a miner who spent a week in a mine. She smiled and Al saw her teeth turn black. She spat angrily at Ell′s face and he was all in a black saliva, like oil.
Pulled out a fist with an exposed middle finger and mockingly sang:
- Ootsooooseeneshsh, but Orta is not at all ubieeeeshshsh !!
Among all her blackness, only her big brown eyes sparkled.
El instantly rebuilt. He became a cube. And immediately the left and right walls hurried to each other. And Orta felt her pressure from two sides. One pressed on her back, the other on her chest.
"Then I′ll just crush you," Al said, making no effort.
Orta wheezed and gasped. Pressure was applied to it neither comic.
- Oh no! She suddenly squealed. "So you will not do me either!"
She strained the muscles of both hands, clenched her teeth and the wall began to move away with a slow creak. More and more and more.
Here she put one hand between two walls without even thinking that the monstrous pressure would just break her. She needed one second. She won it. I pressed the white button on my stomach and remembered the name.
The walls of the cube met with a deaf clank.

Al caught this trio all over the city. They appeared here and there. Something destroyed, new people died, El fought with Reto, Skreto and Horta, and when they felt that the smell of fried immediately disappeared, to appear somewhere again. The huge people in the metal armor were very fast and inexhaustible on the fiction. El cursed everything and vowed to destroy these three killers. What he did not do, as he did not try to erase them from white light. But the scoundrels always slipped out of his fingers. And always Al remained among the ruins alone and was forced to hurry to a new burning fire on his instrument.
And by the six o′clock in the evening, Ortrex himself had joined the "disgusting troika" (as El had baptized her). And Al was very happy about it. This means that his plan fell through. This means that Jack and Alex are now quietly sitting at home and drinking tea with sugar. He very long forced them to leave, but they did not break. And Ortreks only in vain spent time came to recoup on him and his city. If only Al knew how far he was from the truth.

Ortrex threw Ella on the roof of a huge skyscraper. El flew over it with a head and rose from the other side.
"Oh, how well you got up, just aim ... and hit!" - shouted Ortreks crossed his arms, and then sharply threw them in the direction of his opponent.
In Ella flew a huge fireball of red color. And not just flying - she was racing at great speed, with a roar and hissing.
It was necessary to do something. And urgently. Al crossed his arms on his chest and shot toward the ball with his green ball.
They met, and the whole roof of the skyscraper lit up with a furious white light. Reto, Skreto and Horta, which hovered above this roof, for a few seconds blinded. They did not see anything at all, and when they again saw the sight of Ella and Ortrex fighting.
To their attention appeared the spectacle Ella and Ortreks descended in a fierce melee.
- Well, why did you arrange all this? What for? - Al wheezed, blocking his blows and attacking himself.
"My goal is to get your attention," Ortrex said, evading his punches and striking his. - And I achieved this goal. Has reached.
At some point they clung together like two furious, hungry dogs and rolled on the roof.
- You′re a freak! Bastard! Creature! And helpers of your creatures! How many people have you ruined ... and that ... ONLY TO ATTRACT MY ATTENTION? !!! - yelling like crazy Al sitting on Ortreks and hammering him in the face, as much as if his opponent could feel the pain.
- And how, but how? !!! - Gritted his teeth Ortreks. Now they turned over and he was on Ella. And he punched him in the face. "I have done everything to make you remember this day!" And you REMEMBER IT !!!!
"You did not come to lure my friends out of the mansion!" You screwed up there and now decided to recoup on these innocent people! I HATE !!!! - yelled at him in the face of Al.
- Come on fuck! Laughed Ortrex again, padding him. "Who needs your friends?" When there are so many of them walking along the streets! And you will fight for each of them! You′re a DEFENDER, you were born this way and it will not go anywhere!
Al made a tricky movement and slipped out of the snake′s under his enemy. Rise in meters 10 from him and croaked:
"You will die, you bastard, you will die!"
- Can we argue? Smiled Ortreks and soared into the air.
Al also took off and hovered in meters 10 from his enemy, as if reflecting on how best to strike, to be sure.
"You do not know how to destroy me," said Ortresks grinning.
"And I′ll find a way," Al said gravely.
"Guys," Ortrex snapped his fingers. - To me.
And that same hour, Reto, Skreto and Orta flew to their boss and encased him in a powerful unbreakable triangle.
- Will we give our Ella Stenderery a worthy rebuff? - he asked.
- Oh, yes, we will!
- How else will we give!
The giants clenched their fists and prepared for a new fight.
"I′ll destroy your geeks, and then you and them!" - Al promised evil.
"Guys have a different idea for me," shouted Ortrex. - We are retreating. To our secret headquarters. All. Ella needs to repair the city and return to friends. While El. Jack and Alex hello.
Ortrex disappeared. Reto, Skreto and Horta pressed the buttons on their bellies and also dissolved. Al stayed on the roof of the skyscraper alone.

Al repaired the city 2 and a half hours. Buildings, roads, parks, metro. Still open the clever trap-cages in which Reto, Skreto and Horta crammed a bunch of people intending to kill them later. There were several hundred people there. And some of them were crippled. Al also repaired them, returning a hand to someone, a foot, eyes, teeth and splicing bones. In general, the surviving people were satisfied. But those who died ... Many people died. And they did not even want to think about them.
El sank to the pavement after repairing the skyscraper. I must say, his breakdown was serious and strange as he has not yet collapsed.
The road was crowded with people, cars did not go - everyone looked at Ella. No doubt these were the people who saw his disassembly with Ortrex and the destroyers. And now they were waiting for announcements:
"Tell me, it′s an alien invasion." The second one, the same alien as you? Asked one woman in the crowd.
"Yes," Al admitted with contrition. "He′s as much an alien as I am, only bad." The Earth is completely invaded and you are all in great danger.
For five minutes there was utter silence. But Ella′s public got better than you could have expected. Nobody shouted, did not stamp his feet and did not spit in his face, shouting: "Go away and take your freak off!"
At last the 11-year-old boy took the floor:
"It′s good that you are for us," he said. - No, I myself saw how he fought with this "bad". And now everything just repaired. Thank you very much.
After a few short claps, the word was probably taken by the most experienced and experienced police officer here:
- Tell me, what do they want? What is this today′s idea for?
Al thought for a long time whether he should tell the truth. In the end, he decided that people had the right to recognize her:
"He needs a source of vast knowledge and great power from my planet." I hid it and now he tries to take it in every possible way
"This source, as I understand you, is a tremendous force. You are his Guardian. And having captured this "bad" will become many times stronger and more dangerous. And then his antics, in comparison with what was today, will be much steeper and more deadly. Under threat not only our planet, but tens and hundreds of planets, "the policeman said judiciously. "Did I say the right thing?"
Al nodded, very glad that he had met such a sensible person.
"And now my question to you is: will you give him this source of enormous Universal power?"
Al was silent for a long time. I did not know how to answer. Finally, he smiled pitifully and said:
"I will not ... not ... I′ll try ... I′ll protect her until my last breath."
"Try to win, please," the little girl asked him for 8 years.

Al landed on the porch of his house and hoping to find the support of his friends took hold of the door handle. But his gaze fell on the parcel wrapped in brown paper. Her Al did not notice right away, but now he was very alert. The parcel was carefully tied with a gray scoop and under it was a white sheet with three words: "For Ell Stenderi." Refusing to believe, Al crumpled the note and threw it, ripped the bivouac and brown paper and found a small box of mahogany. It was formalized professionally, but the contents of this premise could be the most disgusting. Al did not even want to think. His hands opened the box. Inside lay a silvery small plate with a black screen and six buttons of different colors. Al pressed the big red (on it was written "Start").
The screen lit, the plate earned.
The television transmitter gave him the smiling face of Ortrex.
"Hello, Al," he said warmly. "Since you see me, I have achieved my goal."
- ЧЕЕЕРТ !!!!! Roared Al.
His hands trembled with fury, and almost did not break the device against the wall of the house. And on small pieces.
Well, of course, his goal was not to pogrom in the city, nor fight him personally and beating people. His goal was Jack and Alex - two real trumps against him. And if he has achieved his goal, they are in captivity.
Al quickly coped with himself and continued to listen:
"What′s upset?" Not all of you have foreseen? But do not rush, do not rush to break my priborchik (he seemed to see it from the side) - I′ll tell you how to get them back.
Long pause.
- Interestingly? Listen? Well, listen. And remember. And if you want, you can scroll all over again (there are special buttons there).
Ekranchik made a complete, panoramic survey of the roof of a huge skyscraper. With swimming pools, with two television transmitters and even benches for the public.
- This roof is a skyscraper Golden Garten. Can you find it? Yes, I think you can. This is the most expensive and the largest skyscraper in the whole of Los Angeles. The second is not. Be there today (June 22, 1979). Your turnout is strictly required. The presence of the Harridik cube is strictly necessary for you. At 1 o′clock in the morning. The night will be very hot, I guarantee it. Well, that′s it, I′m done. See you.
The TV screen is off.
Al took a long time to recover. Many of the most varied feelings awakened in him: from "Jack, Alex, well, was it really so difficult to sit out before I came" to more complex and doomed: "Ortrex did lead me" and "There is no escape from him. He will still get his own. " A certain insane thought stirred in him: "But suddenly it′s all a rally. Suddenly, Jack and Alex were at home and decided to joke with me. " Obeying this thought, he even ran into the house and began to call them, but even before the second floor did not reach - sat down on the steps and sadly finally. Well, what the hell is a joke, what jokes? Why would Jack and Alex be so cruel joking? Hide somewhere in the house, frighten him, and then jump out and shout: "Got caught, got caught !!!" And then where would they be able to get such a television transmitter? It was Ortrex. Stuck in his style. He and the television transmitter could get it. Collect it yourself and record a small video for your enemy.
El climbed to the roof. As it was empty and lonely without friends. The red sun slowly sank to the horizon to give this world a night. The night that will put an end to their battle for the Harridika Cube. And perhaps that night in which he will perish and all living things will slowly die. In the universe a new Lord will appear. And what′s on his mind? Not life, but only death and destruction. And he will not have any help. He does not need helpers. He alone will stand at ALL and will not share his power with anyone.
Under the weight of these heavy thoughts, Al sank to the bench and covered his face with his hands. He felt already a loser. If only he could have cried.

Unable to cope alone with this disaster, El flew to the suitcase. To Alekers. She was still working.
"Wait another three hours." Only 3 hours. Do not go anywhere, "she said, taking a break and exiting her glass cabin. - My work day ends. And then we′ll talk about everything. Wait.
And again she went to her room upstairs. Well, of course, she was already aware of everything. Well, of course she did not care. She wanted to finish with work, and then in a calm environment to think about Ell′s problem. In this time he had no choice but to sit on the black sofa and wait for the completion of his secretary′s work.

After the day Alekorsy Skrunt ended she holding Ella′s hand out of the building and getting out from under the clothes flying board jumped on her bare feet. I flew to the house. And Al just flew.
And here they were at home. They sat in her kitchen and were silent.
"I do not know how it happened, honestly," said Al. "He just pinned me against the wall." Simple and easy. While I was fighting in the city with his henchmen, he pulled Jack and Alex from the estate. Now they are in his hands. He knows that I love people ... ruin ... their death for me is also painful ... But these two ... these two are very special to me a little man. I do not even know what to do now. Aleko. Tell me I must have obeyed him and kill my friends myself.
He looked at her with hope. She shook her head.
"No, El, this is not an option." It was not necessary to kill them, and you did the right thing, that you refused this idea. You three need to survive Ortrex. There is an exit. You the main thing do not despair.
"What a way out." Tell me. You do not see, I′m on the verge of despair.
"Alas, Al." I dont know.
"But you′re the smartest girl in the suitcase." Billions of resources belong to you. You know everything about everything. Tell me the way out.
- So I′m not that smart, El. I can not figure out how to save you Jack and Alex, save the planet, destroy Ortrex, and do not give him a cube. I see only one way out: you must meet tonight.
- Good! Exclaimed Al. "We′ll bring Jack and Alex here with an amulet!" And they will be safe ....
- Al does not work ...
Alekorsa tried to say something, but he did not listen to her. Even excited, he jumped to his feet.
"Or to our house!" Bound, beaten, but they will appear there! And after that I′ll stuff them into the Case! If you need to force the cram! And I′ll tie it even harder! I′ll put you in your apartment and make sure they do not go off until Ortreks and I finish it!
Alelors took his hand and made him look into his eyes.
"Al, it will not work!"
"It will not work with the power of a small amulet, I agree." But there are after all great executors of desires. Which in thousands of times more magical energy is eaten, recharged for years, but they are there! If necessary, I′ll link 10 or 20 such Contractors at the same time! And I′ll press 20 buttons at the same time!
"Yes, El, nothing will come of it!" Cried Alekorsa. - Listen! They have on their necks such bugs that block any magic. As soon as you turn on the Performers they will create above them such an Antimagic shield and that′s all. And the desire to disappear and friends you will not help your own. The only way is to come to this meeting and pull out friends with your own hands.
"Have you seen these bugs?"
"I′m not, but ..."
"What are you saying?" Worth a try.
"Al, you think for a minute." Ortrex is very clever. He is like you, only he is dark. And he certainly assumed that you would want to get your friends out with magic. He took precautions. He knows everything about the Suitcases, and about what′s in it.
"All right," Al said quickly. "We will replace the Harridik Cube with a very clever counterfeit." I′ll slip him a fake, and while he′s going to figure out I′ll get Jack and Alex ...
Alekorsa shook her bright head. Yes, and El in a minute and a half agreed with her.
"No," he said with a sad sigh. - Will not work. It will take several hundred years to make a clever forgery of Cuba Harridika. And then, he still will catch a dirty trick. He′s smart, after all. Just devilishly clever.
They were silent again. And everyone was waiting for the other to start.
"The only ..." Al began.
"The only thing that remains is to go to that roof and meet with them," said Alekorsa confidently.
She took her friend by the hand and said:
- Your meeting was predetermined, understand. No matter how well you hid from him, he walked on your heels and when he found you it was only a matter of time. Today and now you have a real opportunity to deal with it. Come on, Al, put a stop to this story.
- It′s easy to say! He said tearfully. "He′s very strong." And the stakes in this game are very high.
"You′re also strong in Al," she immediately retorted. "And I′m sure you will win." You′re on the side of good.
"It′s very beautiful when you talk about it." And how to defeat him, you think? Think about Jack and Alex - what could happen to them?
"Yes, I just know that you will win," said Alekorsa, and smiled charmingly. "I will not even think of anything else." And I will not take into account anything. You will win and a point! This is what my woman′s heart is talking about! And intuition! And in this I will believe and wait for you with a victory!
- Oh, thanks. Said Al. - For such a belief in my strength.
He paused for a while and said:
- I was born the Guardian and the Owner of Cuba Harridik. I spent billions with him. If he can recognize the owner in someone else, I as his former owner will automatically be destroyed.
"And do it so that it does not happen." Outsmart him, - submitted the idea of Alekors.
"Outwit, but how ?!" Thought Al.
"Show him the cube, but do not give it back." Then when he gives you his friends ... then ... well, you′ll think of something in general.
"I see," Al said sadly. - Something will think.
They were silent for a few more minutes. Then Al realized that it was time to say goodbye.
"Yes," he said, rising from the table. - In any case, sitting here I will not solve this problem. We must come to this damned appointment, and there ... and there, that will be and will be.
Here he separated from the threshold of her house and slowly swam to the exit from the suitcase.
"You will win - I believe!" I love you! "- screamed after Alekors.

Chapter 9. El, Orty, The Fate of the World and the Cub of Harridick.
The roof of the Golden Garten skyscraper was huge, like a football field. And it was very well lit, unlike the rest of the city, which worked as if in a half-strength.
On the roof there were journalists, simple onlookers, gangsters, who had 30, Reto, Skreto and Ortreks. Someone was sitting on the stool, someone was standing, someone without ceremony was sitting on the floor. Two more TV screens were installed on the roof and pictures alternated in variable order. Then Ortreks, then his bandits, then ordinary citizens, then the roof of the skyscraper, then El descended on this roof and got into the beams of searchlights.
El only once looked at this screen.
"This guy is taking pictures," said Ortreks and slapped the young, black-haired journalist who was crouched on the camera′s eye. - He will remove the sensation of the century. I promised him that he would receive this report. And he will not leave here until he removes everything that happens here. And these girls Marilyn, Ricky, Nicole and Samantha from the channels "News Plus", "Digest", "7" and "River Global". They will interview you if you survive this night. Or I have (which will mark the beginning of a new era).
"These TV screens," Ortrax said, tapping his fingers in the two transmitters. - Broadcast events live. Yes Yes. And today, many have stuck to the screens. And they broadcast to the whole world. Come on, come on, Al - if you split it right now. In the end, this night can be the last for the whole world.
El stood in the middle of a huge, well-lit field and folded his hands in a lock on his chest.
"Well, what are we waiting for?" - he asked.
Ortrex went to him. He stopped about ten meters from his enemy and held out his hand.
"Cube," he said, clearly and demandingly.
The screens showed the face of Ella, the face of Ortrex, the elongated hand. Then they showed how Al dropped his hands and one of the screens thundered:
- First my friends!
Ortrex pointed to the left and smiled.
El looked where his enemy showed him. On the round white scene stood Orta, again with long red hair and pressed her to Jack and Alex. They were alive, but very frightened. Tears rolled down their cheeks.
"Al ... forgive us ... we ... we ... could not," Jack babbled.
- Ellochka ... Al ... a lob ... ka ... save us dear, save us ... lyub ... bim ... moy !!! Alex asked wailing.
"Show the Cube," Ortrex said sternly and snapped his fingers. - Now! Otherwise, Horta will turn their necks! In one second!
On the screens it was visible, as Horta put both hands on the heads of Jack and Alex. One second and she with a crunch will break their cervical vertebrae and friends will fall to the roof dead.
"Now, now," Al hurried.
He crossed his hands, made some complicated and intricate figures with them, combined them and unzipped them again. On his right hand grew a medium-sized blue, metal cube all in the paintings.
"The Harridika Cube," he said. "But you′ll get it only when I get my friends."
"That′s already the case," said Ortreks, and the second time he snapped his fingers. - Horta retreat. And I′m waiting for you in "our" place.
Al immediately glanced at Horta and his friends. The round scene went to the floor and friends were already in her waistband, and Horta only knee-deep.
El rushed headlong toward them. But when he arrived, they had already left their foreheads, and Orta′s neck. El wanted to grab her by the head and pull it out of this elevator, but she slipped out of his fingers. And Al was again on an empty platform. Below him was only the white circle on which his friends stood.
"You did not think it was that easy to get your friends?" Asked Ortreks and laughed.
"Then you′ll see the Cube, too!" - evil said Al standing on the stage.
For greater persuasiveness, he bent one arm at the elbow and showed it to his enemy. Ortrex laughed. He laughed and did not stop.
"Of course, I′ll get it," he said, and flashed his eyes. - We will. We are in the greatest trading country in the world - America. Everything is sold and everything is bought. But this later, and now ...
Two giants Reto and Skreto separated from the crowd of people and took a few steps to Ella.
- Hey Reto and Skreto - listen to the order. Kill Ella Stenderi and extract from his body the Cub of Harridika. Funds do not regret. Your time is unlimited. Come on.
A black-skinned destroyer with a beautiful face and long black hair Reto and a white man with rough features and short army scraps of Skreto rushed to Ella. Reto released a network from her wrist, and Skreto - 5 pieces of paralyzing needles. They were confident of success and did not think at all about what El had prepared for them. They were strong, yes, but not smart. Probably Ortreks did not value them at all.
The fight was difficult and stretched for almost an hour. What did not destroyers do. How not to try to catch Ella. They came in from both sides, throwing nets (once they even caught each other) and tried the whole arsenal that was in their wrists.
Some buildings on the roof were broken, one of the pools was completely destroyed, some of the people almost hurt their heads when a pebble flew from a broken flowerbed. But they squealed there, and they continued to watch the spectacle. Who cares about these flowerbeds, buildings and pools. Here such questions were solved.
Finally Al won. But it was very difficult for him to do it. Laser swords and swords did not take them, paralyzing charges, too. In any way, slowing or damaging the giants also failed. Then El acted very harshly. Skreto wrenched both hands and broke both legs. And while Reto tried to break off the energy-tones-active bonds (apparently the only means that could keep her in place and which she had stocked up in Al′s Case), he collected still live pieces of Screto in a heap - frosted and burned with electricity.
The giant yelled as if every tooth in his jaw ached. He even cried. All the people who were present here saw the huge, with the walnut, tears running down his cheeks. Transformed into ice sheets and they were broken at once by the action of electric waves. The head of the giant on a long turned-out neck rolled on the left-right, and on the right-left. The torture lasted more than 7 minutes. Then everyone saw how his tongue dropped out of his mouth and, having freed himself from his master, made an attempt to jump as far as possible. From the mouth of the former formidable Skreto, along with the death throat, a dark green energy pool crept. Al began to trample down the pieces of his enemy with bitterness and this time they cracked under his feet like a white egg shell. A couple of minutes and a formidable giant, a former man and servant Ortreksa was trampled on the roof. The pile of garbage, which looked like brown ash, reminded me that there was something here.
The next was Reto. She still could not free herself from the fetters, when El picked it up and began to rip off the armor along with the skin. Together with the skin and pieces of meat. Reto emerged and poured hot tears. Many people on the site squinted or turned away so as not to see such a terrible execution. And many frankly vomited.
Al threw all that remained of Reto (a huge skeleton with pieces of meat hanging on it and scraps of organs) into the second pool (where there was water) and with the help of electricity began to boil water. It boiled in less than 10 seconds. Reto screeched and died in boiling hot water. For several minutes she only howled, and then croaking something inarticulate dissolved in the pool as a piece of sugar in tea. The whole pool was filled with her viscous dark red (almost black) blood. And steam came from her. One thought about such death brought the trembling of the living. But no doubt the former black destroyer Reto was dead.
"Well, Al, my dear enemy, I hope you′re happy with the warm-up?" - asked Ortreks.
"What the fuck is happy with it? !!! - Al shouted turning. He was shaking with fury. - I′m ONLY THAT THE TWO PERSON KILLED !!!! "
Orty rushed to Ella and a fierce hand-to-hand fight ensued between them. Like tonight. Again, no one could win, and again their strength was equal. And no matter how clever and tricky his Ortrex encountered, Al responded no less than a strong defense and his contests. This senseless and furious battle lasted an hour and a half. And all spectators looked at her without taking their eyes off. And the screens showed Ella, Ortrex, then them together.
And Ortrex made the hair back. Then one more thing. Then the wheel. And stopped about ten meters from his rival.
"All right," he said. - So we will not solve anything. It′s time to get my trump card.
He snapped his fingers and called out:
"Hey, Horta!" Appear! Appear!
"I′m the master here!" I′m ready! He heard in a couple of minutes.
And Al also looked back to where the voice came from.
About ten meters to the northeast, on the roof of the tower was a tower 7 meters high. There were Orta, Alex and Jack in it. They sat on a round bench and sat in such a way that Al could see them in full detail. To the left of Horta - Jack, to the right - Alex.
Al rushed to the tower, but Ortrex beat him:
- Hush, you, the hero. The entrance to the tower is sealed by the Mantle of Kulaxis. If you do not want to go to the measurement from where there is no way out - stand still.
Al froze in place.
"You know my Horta," Ortrex continued calmly. "She is capable of very terrible and cruel acts." In addition, she has a fantasy. She can do a lot of horrible things with your friends. As soon as I give her a signal, she′ll start. Therefore, if you want to keep your friends whole - do not try fate - give me the Cub of Harridika.
Al was silent. And he did nothing.
For greater confidence, Ortrex waited a minute. Then he said:
- Do not want. Good. It is necessary to press. Orta.
That same hour, a circular hand saw climbed out of Horta′s left wrist. And buzzed in coming to working condition.
And from the right wrist the gas burner has got out, and on it the blown fire broke out with a blue flower.
"Now Orta will be sawing and curing your friends." To saw and cauterize their wounds. They should be very loudly yelling, crying and begging you to give this Cube. Well, let′s look at how many minutes your stubbornness will suffice. Horta come on!
Chainsaw on Horta′s hand began to approach Alex′s leg. Apparently she decided to start with it. And Ella could clearly see how Horta brought her beautiful face closer to Alex′s good white leg. And the working saw came closer and closer to her tendon.
Not knowing what to do, Al began shouting:
- Orta wake up! After all, you were a man, until Ortreks did not turn you into a monster! You′re still a man, I know! Your soul - it was human! Do not obey this order! Raise rebellion against your master! Join me! Together we will overcome him!
Horta still intended to saw Alex′s leg, but perhaps Ella′s words slowed down a little. Her beautiful face reflected curiosity. She was looking at Alex′s leg and sometimes Ella.
"It′s all in vain," said Ortrex, and laughed. "My Horta will not hear you." She is no longer a man. She′s a machine. Death machine. No feelings, no emotions. It is capable only of killing, destroying, destroying, but not feeling, experiencing, loving. All this for her empty sounds.
Orta had not yet sawed. She listened attentively.
"Horta do not listen to him!" Do not listen! Cried Al. "You are a man!" You remain a man, no matter what armor you are wearing and whoever you are! You are a beautiful, kind and very good woman! Do not let evil get inside of you! Do not listen to him! You are a MAN, remember this!
Horta still did not lower the saw. She seemed to be thinking about something serious.
"Orta, stop!" Ordered Ortrex.
He created in his hands a black diminishing suitcase. I rummaged and rummaged there and threw something orange into the air.
A couple of seconds and above the skyscraper stretched a huge fire ring, like some kind of burning halo.
- What it is?!!! - Al turned cold. - It′s ... it′s ... !!!!
"A thread of the Shiobass," said Ortrex.
- It can not be! Exclaimed Al. - YOU CAN NOT HAVE IT !!!
- Maybe El, maybe. Very rare. Burning the planet. I very well plundered then in space, - quietly explained Ortreks. "Since you are such a philanthropist, I decided to give you another pleasure." Now this thread is stretched widely, and stretched even wider ... you really believe me. On one of my orders, she will start burning everything that will be under her. In less than an hour, she will bypass the entire planet and, having exhausted herself, will disappear by itself. Everything on this planet will turn to ashes. People, animals, plants and trees, birds and airplanes in the air. Everything will be filled with fire and everything will burn. Everything is alive. The water will evaporate without residue. Burn all who are currently underground. First America, then other countries. Europe, Asia, Russia, Antarctica will melt and disappear. Think about it - there are only two people here, and how many more are there - cheerful, kind, smiling, charming? You Al will take responsibility for the death of every living being in this world. Are you ready for this? Ready, huh? We′ll find out soon. And keep in mind the thread, I can not stop it. You will have to look for a new planet for life. We will all survive and all who are in this skyscraper. And if that′s not enough for you ... well ... well, for a dessert, we′ll cut Jack and Alex. Let us enjoy the minutes of their death after the hour of the death of the whole world. Well, Al, the choice is yours. My conditions you know: I need the Harridika Cube. Give it back and I will not burn anybody, do not cut. So, I count to ten. Time.
Al looked around, as if he was looking for anyone who could help him, support.
The bandits happily rubbed their hands, as if they did not understand that they would be killed first when Ortreks received the Cube.
Gawk and journalists excitedly whispered sensing the danger. In the eyes of many there was fear.
Meanwhile, the account fell to "three".
Jack and Alex shed tears, did not see anything around and thought only of how good it would be for them now if they were in the Case, from Alekorsa. As if without their participation, the consequences were different.
The score fell to "four".
- Give the Cube, Al! Grimacing, Orta croaked.
There was no exit. And advice too.

And when the account fell on the "seven" Al said contritely:
- Remove your thread. I′ll give you the Cube.
- Quickly broke! - Ortreks snorted. "I thought I′d stretch to nine."
He whistled fiercely and a fiery halo burst over the skyscraper. And all gathered in the fist of the main villain. And then he was placed in a black diminishing briefcase.
Al again made gestures with his hands and magic passes. And now on his hands lay the Cub of Harridika - bluish and covered in paintings. Al lowered it and the Cube as if offended sailed from him a meter to three. And hung in the air between him and Ortrex.
"Let go of Jack and Alex!" Demanded Al.
"Orta disengage the defense and release these two," Ortrex ordered.
Orta disconnected the mantle of Kulaxis and threw Jack and Alex out of her tower.
Jack and Alex burst into tears, almost fell off their feet and looked as if they had just been raped.
"Al, what will become of us now?" What will happen? Jack was shaking and babbling.
"Al, have we lost that ?!" We lost?! - Alex asked, sobbed plaintively and wiped her tears with her fist.
El hugged Jack. Then he hugged Alex. Jack gave him a reassuring pat on the shoulder, and Alex just smiled. What he could not say to them. Simply, there were no words.
- Al leave the kids alone - play enough with them yet - come to me! Cried Orty.
He stood five meters from Cuba and did not dare to approach him. The cube was stuck in short light beams, like a hedgehog - hissed and crackled, as if he had warned that not everyone could come to him.
Ortrex stood far enough, but was ready to bounce even further at any time, if one of the rays broke and flew in his direction.
"I can not even touch him," said Ortrex. "He′ll kill any uninitiated - I know." So tell me what to do next.
Ortrex did not know how to use the power of Cuba. And Al, as it turned out, in a moment, too.
"I do not know what to do." Honest, "said Al.
- Are you kidding!!! Squeaked Orty. - You spent together with him for billions of years !!! Yes, no one knows this Cube better than you!
"But I never used his full strength." I always took only what he gave me, "Al said. "I do not know how to make you Initiate!"
"And you find out," said Orty and with a nod of his head pointed to the Cube. "Or I′ll destroy your favorite little men!"
El went to Cuba. He caught it in his hand and stroked it like a domestic kitten. Then his hands stopped, the body completely relaxed, and for a few minutes he only learned new information.
The light that came from Cuba completely enveloped Ella and made his figure seem to glow from the inside. Then it all ended. And everyone saw Ella, as they used to see him. He was intact, unharmed, and seems even pleased.
He let go of the Cube and he again swam away from him. El turned to face Ortreksu.
"I′ve found out," he said. "I know what to do."
"Do you need a rite?" Asked Orty.
Al nodded.
"Can I enter the Cube?" Later? After the rite?
Again a nod.
"Can you open the Cube for me?"
- I can, but it will be very ....
- Yes, spit on the complexity! I want! Want! Begin your rite! Do what you must!
"Otherwise, I′ll kill your men!" - he immediately reminded. "I′ll kill Jack and Alex!" And your entire planet will be destroyed! Do not force me! Start now!
Al again folded his hands and again muttered something in an incomprehensible language.
The cube flew up. Began to spin. Then he stood in front of Ortrex. Now it was not a small blue Cube, but a large, transparent one and a door appeared in it.
Now it was a small thing to go inside. But Orty doubted. Was the rite correct?
- Yes, come in already! Al exclaimed in despair. "You′ll get what you want from minute to minute!" Our whole planet will perish! Maybe I′ll die with my friends, but what are you waiting for? Come in and put an end to all this!
Al was in despair. And Ortreks saw it. He carnivorously burst out laughing and flashed his eyes.
- And how ?! How ?! You all will die, and I′ll get what I want! So it will be!
And Ortrex immediately entered the Cube. The transparent door behind him immediately disappeared, his body lit up, the Cube turned in the air and shone around so brightly illuminating the entire roof that the projectors on its background seemed dim lanterns.
- What have you done?! Shouted Jack.
"He′ll kill us all!" Alex shouted. - Really there was no other way ?!
- This is another way! Said Al and smiled happily.
Seeing the bewilderment of friends, he explained:
"Guys, he′s already lost!" Do not worry! Soon we will be at home, and St. Orty will sink into oblivion!
After reading a million questions in the eyes of his friends, he put a finger to his lips and called to look at the Cube.
Meanwhile, the Cube stopped. I went down on the roof. Also began to fade. Soon he disappeared completely. The contours dissolved in the air, as if it were never there.
Ortrex stood still. His eyes were closed. So he opened them and examined the roof. For a few seconds he simply could not believe that everything had come true, and Cube had just completed his transformation.
Orty lifted his head up and yelled at the night sky:
He yelled so long and so loudly, as if he wanted the whole universe to hear about his success and triumph.
Having finished shouting he joyfully looked at all the people that were on the roof and mentally promised: "Oh, and I′ll break away now at all of you !!!" He crossed his arms on his chest, then lifted them up, stood on tiptoe and sharply hit them on the floor , as if he was driving something into the roof.
On each side of Ortreks three clots of flame separated and rushed to the defenseless people that stood on the roof. Within two meters they were transformed into a huge fire wave, which with a roar rushed forward and threatened to burn all life.
Of course, Ortrex did not intend to leave anyone alive. There would be only he and Al. And then, perhaps, he would also burn the whole planet. And then with Ellom forces would contend. He really did not need any helpers or competitors. Now he could sweep everyone out of his way. The great salt and destroyer was full of great plans. But…..
A fiery wave flew only five meters, hit something invisible and immediately went out.
In Ortreks′s eyes, there was a puzzled look.
- What?!!! He roared.
He squeezed his left hand into a fist, and then unclenched and pulled out the crowd standing near the crowd.
From his hand grew a blue branch of lightning of incredible strength. She shot up and rushed forward aiming straight at the head of a young journalist in a pink blouse and gray trousers. But she did not achieve her goal. Three meters from the girl she flashed into an invisible wall. Angrily sniffing, she released a sheaf of golden sparks and outlined the contours of an invisible wall.
- What?!!! - was surprised Ortreks. - Am I still in Cuba? !!!
Without taking off from his place, he took a huge speed and threw himself at the battering ram. I intended to break the invisible wall with one blow and get out. But nothing happened to him. The cube did not flinch. And Ortreks sprawled down the invisible wall.
- Where is the way out ?! Where is the way out ?! - he feverishly chattered and ransacked the walls of Cuba.
Alas, there was no door or gate, or any other opening. Ortreks had already passed all four walls, but there was no way out.
El took a few steps to his captive enemy and stopped to look at him:
"Do not waste your energy," he said. "There′s no way out!"
Ortrex glared at him angrily, and then pounded his fist against the invisible wall with all his strength. Perhaps he wanted to break through the wall and strangle Ella, but again nothing has been achieved.
But then, unexpectedly, Cube gave the change. Ortrex′s huge force was thrown on the other wall. As a rubber ball flung on the floor, and then on the shelves. A few seconds it shook all over Cuba, then he flopped to the floor, where he found peace.
- Hell!!!! CHEERT !!! Shouted the furious Ortrex. - Where is my superpower? !!! Where′s she?!!! Why am I still in Cuba? !!!!
He rushed to the side where there was a tower and Orta.
"Orta, my Horta, my dear, avenge me!" He shouted as insane. - FROMOMSIIIIIIII !!!!!!!!
- Orta your power is enough to kill ... To kill everyone on this damn roof! He whispered in a fever. Start with Jack and Alex !!! Oh yes, from them !!! Tear off their heads and cut them in pieces !!! Then everything else !!! Kill on this roof !!! So that everything became red with blood !!! So that Al Stenderery stood among the corpses here !!! So that he regretted stuffing me into this vile Cube !!!
Horta stood near the tower and was paralyzed. Only her eyes moved, and her hands and feet sometimes trembled. But she could not move. As if behind, there was a huge magnet that held it in place. But behind there was no magnet, but only a tower. Orta was simply paralyzed and could not regain her independence.
"Horta does not hear you," Al said confidently.
"Maybe he does," he said after a few seconds. - One thing is clear - it will not help you. When I spoke with Cuba, I asked to turn off Ortha. And he told me that Orta will not hurt anyone else. Did not you feel how you lost touch with her?
Ortrex sat on the bottom of Cuba and only listened.
And Al, very important, explained:
- You did not have any superpower. And there was no rite. The cube only temporarily lifted your strength, but did not let you out of yourself. Only I own it and nobody except me. The only way is to make me a faithful slave. But you needed a ritual. You wanted to go to the Cube. Well, I conducted the ceremony and let you into the Cube.
"What will happen to me now?" Orty asked, resigned to defeat.
"You will die," Al replied calmly. - Now it will start to decrease. You feel - he has already begun. And then you just kill the point of all his energies.
Ortreks really does feel how the Cube began its decline. He again went left to right and right to left, trying to find a way out. But everything was in vain. There was no way out.
Under the influence of Cuba, Ortreks himself began to decline. At one time he even tried to restrain the walls with his hands, but quickly spat when he realized that it was beyond his power.
Now he was in Cuba, about 7 meters from Ella and was less every minute. His death was approaching and she was neither surrendered.
"Al, I hate you," he said sincerely. "You′ve had me!" You destroyed me! The damned liar!
He was very small in Cuba, who had already reached one meter in length, width and height.
"All right, what′s there," he squeaked in a thin voice. - Congratulations! Al - you won! You all won! Alex, do not forget to write about it in your book and note that Al is the hero of the day - he did a great deal for the universe! He defeated a really big, serious opponent! Farewell to people and salt! Goodbye forever!
Ortreks spread in black ink over Cuba and did not return to the form.
The cube was untwisted, began to shine, then there was a soft clap and fell to the roof.
It was an ordinary metal Cube that did not shine, did not fly, but lay on the ground and as if some music was losing inside. Like a music box.

Chapter 10. Congratulations and awards.
Jack and Alex could not believe that everything was so good. They embraced, shouted with joy, then they hugged Ella and began to congratulate him:
"Ellochka, my love, is it really all over?" I love you so much! How can I congratulate you! Well done! I love you! Exclaimed Alex, sparkling with her white teeth.
"Al, I congratulate you!" How can I congratulate you! "Jack said, and with a burning fervor clung to Ell′s hand. - We won! You won! How can I congratulate you!
Al kissed the heads of both friends and heartily rejoiced for them.
- Thanks friends! Thank you relatives! We won together! We all won! Hurray, Hurray, Hurray !!!!
He approached Orte, who was rolling around the site and was dying. Her vomited blood, armor scattered on the body, and the body itself was falling apart.
"I did not want to work for him, I did not want to!" She cried in bloody tears. "But I was frightened!" I was very frightened!
The former ferocious murderer and destroyer was now very miserable. She was afraid. She was naturally afraid.
- What is your real name? Al asked.
"El-fox-dream," said Horta, and that instant something inside her was buzzing, then she broke off and rattled.
"Al, I′m going to Hell!" Lord, how I fear! I do not want to hell! I was just really scared of him! Every day I was afraid of him and I only dreamed about one thing: he will be RETURNED FROM MY DARK HOST! Said Alison quickly.
- You will be forgiven Alison. They′ll take you to Paradise, "Al said calmly.
- Just-chno ... you do not deceive me Sternery? !!!!
Al smiled friendlyly and said:
- Exactly. Go and do not be afraid of anything.
He stroked her hand, and then passed along the red hair, which quickly fell out of my head.
Orta, she′s Alison, smiled, dropped from her eyes not a bloody, but a good, clean tear and croaked:
- Thank you! You′re so good .... !!!!!
Her tormented chest gave a last sigh, and something began to burst in her. For a few seconds the body of the once beautiful female giant turned into a bloody chop with an admixture of iron. And then the lot of the ugly, muddy puddle spread out at all.

Al looked at the bandits who were standing on the landing and did not know what to do and ordered:
- Give up! Everything is over!
Bandits one by one began to throw pistols, machine guns, knives. Then they knelt and raised their hands. And then they slept in vain, quietly waiting for the police to appear and escort them to the station.
El took the Cube from the ground and looked at him, smiling. He looked like an ordinary musical toy. Quietly he lost some beautiful musical melody inside himself. Again and again. The song was sad, but so fascinating.
"Alex, do you want to hold him?" He suggested.
"Is not this dangerous ?!" Alex was on her guard.
"No, it′s not dangerous," Al smiled. "Now it′s completely safe."
He dropped the metal Cube in Alex′s hand, and that for the first time felt its heaviness and power. But he did not pretend to something powerful at the moment - he just sang and played.
- What is the song Al? Alex asked.
She could not refrain from this question.
"It′s the sorrow of the universe," El replied. - The whole universe is trembling and crying today. A great creature died. An immortal being. A being who was destined to do great things. Mourning will be long, and the Cube has gone into hibernation - for a year, maybe more.
The journalists, who filmed everything and witnessed everything, applauded Ella and congratulated him.
- El Stenderery, we congratulate you on this victory! Cheers, hurray, hurray! Cried one journalist.
She glowed with a smile. And the rest of the journalists were also shining. And of course they were waiting for Ell′s story to be recorded on cameras and on their notebooks. And everyone already anticipated how he (or she) will please his boss and what sensational material will appear on the next day in newspapers and on television.
El stood under the beams of the searchlight. Alex put it to his right, Jack to the left.
Gathered my thoughts and began to tell:
"My planet is called Soltrex." Now she is still young, she is only 2 years old. I and Ortreks will be born much later. We are from the future. Let me tell you how it all began ...
And Al told me another hour and a half. He told about the exile from Saltrex, told about his first year on Earth, about how he met Jack and Alex, how he connected his fate with the Stendery family and bought a mansion in Beverly Hills. He stressed many times how Jack and Alex adorned and diversified his life. He said that he found out on the Earth what friendship and love is, and what are the super sensations and the most valuable gifts that the Earth could give him. In the end, he said how difficult it was for him and that he was very happy that he had deceived Ortreks and saved the Earth.
Jack and Alex constantly smiled and felt an extraordinary pride in the fact that they have such a friend. They were constantly snapped by cameras and shot at least 3 video cameras.
- El Stenderery, thank you for the fact that you gave such a brilliant report! And thanks again! Said the same journalist in pink.
She pulled her hand to Ella and she could not wait to shake it. Al gladly fulfilled her request.
Other hands extended to him. And Al, too, pinched them.
Alex and Jack were also in a hurry to get acquainted. And they also shook hands.
- Thank you!
- Thank you very much!
"Thank you for saving us!"
- Bravo brave rescuers!
Exclamations and gratitude were heard again and again.
Someone from onlookers cried with happiness. Someone was dancing with joy.

"I love you earthlings!" Good night and we′ll meet again! Al cried and waved to the people.
In response, he heard applause. Just a flurry of applause. Very long and very joyful.
El jumped on a pre-flying board. Set in front of Jack and Alex. I embraced them with my elongated arms. He shouted: "Goodbye" and rushed off to Los Angeles night, which smoothly passed into the dawn.

Two weeks later Al and his friends were invited to Washington, to the White House. President Ford declares Ella the ambassador of the World on Earth, hands him the medal of the "Savior of Mankind" and a document confirming that from now on his stay on the Earth is completely legal. He shakes his hand and says: "How glad I am that good aliens are for us!" Next to Ellom Jack and Alex. They are festive clothes and they are very happy. Al stands at the microphone and says: "I′m very glad that it all ended like this! Honestly speaking, the Earth is now my home for me and I could not survive such a loss! I love you all and congratulate you! This holiday is more yours - have fun! "
He takes Jack under one hand, Alex under the other and leads to "SALK - 147". "El Stenderery, you′re living in Los Angeles," one journalist says. - Tell me, have you ever been to Hollywood? You are familiar with some of the actors, directors and show business stars. Come on, I′ll introduce you - you will immediately have a lot of friends! "" These are my friends, "says Al and points to Jack and Alex. - And I do not need others! Remember this! "Ella, Jack and Alex are immediately attacked by a flash of flashbulbs. After them, Al helps friends get into the car. "And that′s it," he says, taking off. "Finding me is easy." In any directory you will be told where the Stendery′s house is. BUT this is not an excuse for us to worry about trifles, so all who for the sake of idle curiosity wants to find me - not at once. And do not have to hammer your head with such fantasies - I will be, invisible to those who will distract me from trifles. Farewell".
Al, Jack and Alex fly to SALK-147 in the blue cloudless sky, to the applause of the gathered people. Will there be more adventures for this trio - of course they will! There will be a wedding of Jack and Alex, there will be flights to space - many new adventures, joys and hardships, but these are completely different stories.

the end.

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