The kiss is the key

The kiss is the key
1.Time still will pass
And we will change our way of living.
Searching for goods that not use, because it use us.
Bright us too shine
To make up our old vision.
Beautiful dream is to make us well pleased.
Jumping upstairs
To find better conditions
Desire is a desert to live
But the kiss is the key! Kiss is the key!

2.Stumbling for a while
To our point of destination
Use us as such a fuel
But too last to conclude as it is.
Normal being is living with cruel intentions
Probably all what I didn’t mention.
What come to us
Is not vigor, but vision
What we use to do-
With the kiss as the key! Kiss as the key!

3.While I feel wild
Feel the prominent danger
While I, meanwhile,
I fasten to you my deep breathing
You need to ask to have much
What suits good your emotion
What we have for the last
Is the kiss is the key! For all human beings!

4.Love makes us all blind
But we didn’t it mention
Various fight as we train our dream
Time still will pass
But we have to drain it
Life fulfills us the joy
Of the kiss is the key! The kiss is the key!

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