Alien 2 (Англ.)

Alien 2 (Англ.)
Fantastic novel

The Alien - 2

Author: Alexey Kralko

320 pages

Chapter 8. Jack and Suitcases.
"All right, Al, I′m ready, get your suitcase out!" Said Jack as they crossed the threshold of the house.
It was already a deep evening on the street. Almost that night.
"Exactly ready?" Al asked. "Look, it′s late." Maybe tomorrow.
- Come on, come on! Jack waved his hand, smiling. "How tired he is!" What, it′s late! I′ve heard so much about your suitcase that I can not wait to get to know him personally!
- You will not be frightened? Al asked. - The first meeting, maybe, quite exciting!
- Do not pull! Jack insisted. - I want to be back in the saddle of my "Elkon-2" again!
- Well, to be honest, I really want to! Al confessed. - Okay, let′s get started!
And he climbed into the pocket of his jacket. She, like Jack′s jacket was brown, only slightly darker.

The suitcase opened somehow cunningly, because Al first stroked his pen, then ran his fingers over it and only then opened the case with a strong metallic click. He spread it on the floor, opening it wide, and Jack gasped. Before him were the red gates. Constant, red flicker and, moreover, it seemed that the unimaginable heat was coming from the suitcase. The bottom was not visible and nothing was visible at all - only a red glow. The impression was that the gate of the suitcase was the road to hell. Jack hurried to say about this to Ella:
- As if behind these gates hell begins!
- Yes? Indeed? - El thoughtful. - Very much can be. Most people probably will have this kind of association, but Jack believe in this place, on the contrary, more like paradise.
- Yes? Jack thought and smiled. "Is it really that great there?"
"Better yet," Al said, and was ready to jump.
"Wait," Jack stopped his friend. - I have a question. And how do you open it?
- How do I open it? What do you mean? - El did not understand.
- All your manipulations with the pen. This is, in fact, some kind of secret password. It′s not everyone can open it, right? I, for example, can not open it as a simple suitcase with clothes, right?
- Well, in general, then you′re right! Said Al. "Only the Guardian can open it." And only after removing the seal. This is a special label that is passed from the Guardian to the Keeper. But you can use your suitcase if I make you my Heir.
- What is it like?
"A certain number of years pass, I see that you can be trusted with a suitcase, we put our hands together and I declare you my Heir."
"And that′s all?"
- All.
"What about this secret password?" You show me, or draw ... to open.
- What for? Everything is much simpler. You will remember the password unconsciously. The right information will go to your brain and safely sit there. And at the right moment you will do everything yourself, without any clues. It is more comfortable. You will not lose, you will not forget, you will not talk, but at the moment when you want, the hands will remember everything.
Al again prepared for a jump, and then distracted, as if remembering something important:
"There′s a moment, Jack." Very important.
- Which moment?
"After I make you an Heir, you too will become the Guardian."
- So what? Think, the Guardian! What′s next!
Al winced at his words and uttered thoughtfully:
- Being a Keeper, Jack - is to bear a huge responsibility on his shoulders. Perhaps you are not ready yet. Okay, then we′ll talk - jump ...
"Wait," Jack took the other by the sleeve. - One more question.
"Wait, Jack." What are you afraid of?
- Yes, I′m afraid. Is it safe for a person?
"It′s completely safe for humans." And for the salt. And for everyone else.
- Wait….
But El did not wait. He grabbed Jack in an armful and dived with him into the red gate.
Several red electric waves enveloped their bodies and instantly tightened inside the passage. The big house was empty. It′s dark and empty. In the darkness shone only the red gates. And later, the suitcase stood up and slammed shut. And this light disappeared.
The inside contents of the suitcase turned out to be much richer than one could imagine. Jack did not see the hot, fiery rivers, smoke and
smell of sulfur did not feel - on the contrary, he saw clouds, felt light
a warm breeze and mood became very joyful.
Jack fell, but for some reason he was not afraid. Maybe because of the fact that it has been falling for a very long time. And maybe because of the fact that around was unusually beautiful. Fluffy white clouds with golden glimpses of the sun, silence and harmony.
"Oh, now would be in a soft chair," Jack thought dreamily. Tired of him to fall.
And a second did not pass, as he plunged into something very soft. Jack looked around, and his surprise knew no limits - he was sitting in a soft leather chair. Red color, high armrests and even higher back. A lot of space: you can easily sit together.
Jack looked around. The chair did not fall down, but floated in the surrounding space. It is not known how, nothing held, the chair was just there and that′s it. As part of the suitcase. I came to Jack′s rescue, it was worth thinking about. Well, Jack liked this service.

He sat comfortably in a soft leather chair and looked down with pleasure. No, he was not afraid anymore. He trusted Ella and decided that his suitcase should also be trusted.
Under his feet, maybe a hundred meters, maybe a little more, the cream-white clouds floated, and everyone seemed to have sunshine. This picture Jack liked and very reassuring. He leaned on his arm, contemplating these miracles for ten minutes, then yawned with boredom. "Oh, I′d see something else besides the clouds," he thought.
"Wow! He thought, the next moment. "What did I do ?!"
The clouds, somehow dispersed - either through Jack′s behest, or the chair pulled into a "special area" - became visible to some fountains, green lawns, other objects floating in the air.
"I want a powerful pair of binoculars," thought Jack, already adjusting to the wave of the suitcase. I stretched out my hand and got what I wanted. And then, with pleasure, he examined the fountains, green lawns, and objects that floated in the air. It was very strange, but under him was a few islets of the earth. Pretty big. With green lawns, large fountains in stone bowls, flowers, trees, sand, lakes, mountains and other things. Jack admired these new species and inspected the islets for a few minutes smiling happily. And suddenly the smile disappeared. I saw something familiar. Painfully familiar, and favorite. BLIND BLOOD, BLUE GIRL. She came out of the woods and waved at him affably. NO, IT CAN NOT BE! Jack looked more closely. THIS WAS ALEX !!! HIS FAVORITE AND DEAR ALEX !!! HERE?!!! IN THE SUITCASE? !!! AS?!!!!
Jack put down his binoculars, closed his eyes and rubbed his temples. And he repeated to himself: "It can not be! Can not be!"
"It′s all, maybe," he heard a calm, even voice close by.
He flinched, looked around and saw Ella, who was sitting on one of the armrests and smiling.
- Where are you lost! Jack said angrily. - Why were you away for such a long time?!
Instead of joy, he, for some reason, experienced a terrible irritation.
Al replied very calmly:
"I gave you time." So you′re used to the suitcase. So that you are not afraid of him. So that he could show you some of his abilities. Armchair, clouds, or islets, for example.
- And ALEX! - Jack immediately flared up. - Why did he show it to me? !!!
"Jack, it′s all working for you." The suitcase is adjusted to your interests. He gives you everything you want. He shows you what you want to see.
"Is Alex an illusion?" Jack asked grimly.
"Maybe," Al nodded. "Like a phantom." Like a ghost. A few hours are visible and even, in most cases, palpable, and then burst like soap bubbles.
Jack felt that Al did not finish something, and demanded:
"Well, tell me, did not you?" What else is there?
"You see," Al said to his friend with a smile. "My suitcase is a huge cross-dimension. There are parallel worlds. There are approximately 27 worlds parallel to the Earth. Maybe this Alex is not an illusion, but the real Alex is only parallel.
- Wow! Exclaimed Jack. - Parallel Alex! Is this good or bad!?
Al opened his mouth, but then picked up the binoculars and slipped it to Jack. With a smile, he pointed a finger down and asked me to look.

They witnessed a new spectacle. Alex about whom just spoke, came out of the forest, waved her hands for a long time and smiled and even jumped, proving that she was alive. Then she pulled an arbillium flying board from behind her, pointed at her, on herself and on a chair soaring above.
"She asks if she can come to us," Al Jack explained. "Do you think we′ll let her get up, Jack?"
"Let him get up," Jack said.
Al waved the girl to her hand, and she was very happy with this gesture. She jumped to the board and quickly began to gain altitude.

The girl was very beautiful. Wavy, golden-wheat hair; face of regular shape, blue eyes, plump bright red lips, dimples on cheeks. She was wearing a white T-shirt and blue jeans. Her legs were bare, but very beautiful (it was evident that she was courting them). The wind played her hair cheerfully, and a smile played on her lips.
"Does she look like Alex?" Al asked.
- Looks like it! Snorted Jack. "She′s one in one, like Alex."
"Beautiful, you have a fiancée, Jack!" - Al praised.
Jack immediately wanted to say that no Alex was his bride, but he changed his mind and said nothing. And later I realized that I had in vain compared this girl to my Alex. Firstly, the real Alex wore boots; secondly she preferred dresses, T-shirts and jeans; thirdly, she had no tattoos, unlike this girl (on her cheek was a tattoo in the form of a large red rose).

By the time of her approach, the chair had turned into a large and very comfortable sofa. Just stretched and scattered Ella and Jack in the corners. And the girl seemed to know that the place in the middle for her - with a great desire flopped at him and then happily burst out laughing:
"Oh, what good fellows you are, boys!" How helpful! Just brilliance!
And again she burst out laughing, exposing her white and beautiful teeth.
Ella liked it very much, and he was already pulling his hand to meet:
- I…
The girl was ahead of him:
- Elixicon - El Stenderery. Hello, Al. I am pleased that I finally met you.
"Were you expecting me?" - Al asked with interest.
- Of course I waited, - the girl answered and cheerfully smiled. "I′m the Archivist of your Case."
"Archie ... who?" Al asked. He did not know this word yet.
- Keeper of the Archives. Resources. I conduct an accurate count. Calculation. Deduction. In short, it′s easier to say, your secretary. I know everything here. And at the right time I tell you how many resources are left. I′m your assistant El.
- Cool! Said Al, delighted. - The secretary. And tell me, are you ... how ... you′re Alex, are not you?
- In general, then Alekorsa Skrunt, but do not break the language, just call me Alex. In the end, Al, you′re right, I′m her double.
Ella really liked this secretary, and she meanwhile became acquainted with Jack:
"Hey, Jack Stendery," she said, and held out her hand. "I′ll be glad to meet you." Let′s be friends, okay ?!
And she winked so fervently, as soon as Alex turned out. Jack felt uneasy:
"Will you answer some of my questions?" He asked, gently taking her hand.
"Of course," she smiled and looked him gently into his eyes.
"Only, honestly," Jack warned.
"Honestly," she nodded. "Jack, I do not want to lie to you." This makes no sense. And it will not work.
"Are not you my Alex?"
The girl laughed gaily.
- Of course, of course! It′s obvious! Your Alex is there on Earth, and I′m here in the suitcase!
"You′re her double from the parallel world, right?"
"Yes, that′s right," the girl admitted with a smile. - We are very similar, but we have many differences. Even through the chur a lot, to be honest. I come from ...
"Wait, wait," Jack interrupted her. "Do you know a lot about Alex?"
"I know all about her," the girl said, and stretched her legs in front of her with pleasure.
That hour the armchair widened, and her bare feet fell upon him completely. Jack did not pay attention to it at all - he was interested in information:
"Tell me what you know about Alex," he begged, almost begging.
The girl was smiling.
"Jack, calm down," she said. "Your beloved is waiting for you, and she has no boys." And you′ll meet with her soon ... well, almost (Alex giggled). She′s your future wife. So do not worry.
"Yes," Alex said, closed her eyes and stretched dreamily. - She′s a great girl! And you′re Al right absolutely - her arrival is inevitable! Oh, I wait, I can not wait to get acquainted with her! I′ve waited such a girl for seven thousand years!
There was a long silence. Then Al asked:
- Tell us about yourself, Alex from another world.
"Thank you," she said. - Where to begin?
Smiled and looked at Ella.
But Al did not offer a theme, Jack threw it:
"What are you doing here in the Case?" Who made you the secretary of this place? How do you know so much?
"I′m a criminal," Alex said sadly. "I′m an exile." I was offered either death, or go to serve in the suitcase and I chose the second. And I know everything, because there is a huge database here. From here you can observe the Earth. From here you can track anything. Life from the very first minutes to the last day.
Al and Jack were very alert and worried. And not because of the fact that their lives could be traced. Because of the other.
"Are you a criminal?" They blurted out in one voice.
"Yes, a criminal," Alex smiled sadly again. "The murderer and the maraderess." And also a debauchery and a drug addict.
I talked all this and did not stop smiling. She sat opposite Jack and Ella and honestly looked them in the eyes. And they could not believe it.
"How can that be?" Exclaimed Jack.
"Alex, you do not look like a criminal," Al remarked. "You′re so smiling and sweet that it′s hard to believe your words."
"Yes, Al, now I′m no longer like the girl I used to be," Alex said and giggled. "I′ve changed a lot." I′m getting better. But believe me ... my crimes were and ...
Alex stood in front of them and in a few seconds threw off all the clothes.
... Judge for yourself, as much as they were.
Jack, seeing the naked female body, at once flushed and turned away, and Al examined him well.
There was a lot of tattoos on the girl′s body. One large in the form of a long stem of a rose, stretched across the entire body; a lot of huge lush red flowers, as well as some dashes, dots, triangles.
"Al, do you know these symbols?" Alex asked, reading interest in his eyes.
"Yes, in general, no," Al admitted honestly. "But since you were guilty, it could be your punishment." Which you can not hide, nothing can not be washed.
"And they are always with you," Jack suddenly came to life and connected. - And wherever, you were not going every knowledgeable person will say that you are guilty and the fault is written all over your body.
- Bravo! - Alex praised and clapped her hands. "But that′s not all." Beautiful tattoos on my body - it′s also a sentence. The verdict that is enforced and constantly reminds me of this.
- Tell us! - Al and Jack were asked in one voice.
"See this long stem?" Alex asked and ran a finger from her left leg to her neck. "This is exile." Forever. That is, if I return to my home world, this beautiful stem will simply tear my body. Do you see these beautiful roses?
Alex stretched out her arms at the seams and stood for a while at attention, then turned around so that Stenderer could count the red flowers on her legs and buttocks on her back.
"35," Jack said confidently.
"37," Al said even more confidently.
"Close, close," Alex smiled. - There are 42 of them. There are still behind the ears, on the back of the head and on the inner sides of the legs. These are my murders, guys. Large open flowers mean that they were all bloody and very cruel. On my planet, this sign was only five people. They were considered the most notorious scoundrels. Only one of them had a total of 25 roses.
- No, guys, understand, I stopped! - Alex immediately hurried to excuse herself, seeing fear in Jack′s eyes. "I just can not kill anymore." Jack, do not be scared, please.
"Tell me your story," Al said.
"Yes, yes, tell me," Jack repeated. - Very interesting.
"All right, I′ll tell you," Alex agreed. But I warned you. - This is a very sad story, although very enlightening.

"I was born on Sartaras," Alex began. - This is a world parallel to your Earth. There live people who are very similar to the inhabitants of the Earth, only we do not call our planet "Earth" and never called. Our planet is called Sartarasa and it has passed a completely different evolutionary path. People who live on it have managed to abandon wars and violence and turn all their energies to creation and creation. Practically today, Sartarasa is one of the richest and most influential planets in its Galaxy, has long mastered space and serves as a model for other civilizations. Peace and harmony, there at a premium.
Alex for a moment died down, then brushed off a tear and confessed:
- With world wars long over, but alas, civil wars are conducted every century. There are rebels, abnormal and dissenters. They are not happy with the existing order and are trying to change the world around them. There are police, prisons, prisons and even the death penalty for "special" copies. Yes, there are still executions on our planet, despite her peacefulness! What to do - she must protect herself from herself! And let these criminals scream that everything is wrong, now I understand that this is very much even right!
Alex sighed again and continued:
- I rebelled always. She was studying, it was not interesting, the surrounding people were very boring, I could not create - I could only destroy. I contacted a bad company and flew. Sex, drugs, robberies, theft, armed pogroms and vandalism in public places. I was arrested and tried to treat. I escaped from the clinics. In the last run, I killed the guard, and I took it seriously. I was placed in "B-326" (prison for malicious criminals). I was helped to escape, but just so I did not want to leave. I arranged a real carnage there. It was later called "The Bloody Massacre B-326". We were all condemned as bloody killers, destroyers and traitors to our native planet. Seven people from my group were executed right in the courtroom, before my eyes. Two were doomed to perpetual ugliness. Three were lowered to the wasteland. As a leader of a criminal group, I had a completely different fate. My fate was decided for a very long time. We were condemned to exile and also wanted to be sent to the Wasteland, where I had to suffer forever from my crimes and rot alive, but at the last moment I received a request from the Case. I was offered a job, but with a number of restrictions. I have no right to leave my suitcase; I can not return to my native planet (even if I re-educate); I can not get rid of tattoos; I can use the suitcase, but in a very limited number; I′m immortal and do not get old, but I can not forget my past, start a new life, I can not - I have to suffer for eternity because I have offended myself, my people, my planet.
Having said this, she fell silent and looked only at her feet
"Tell me, are you also forbidden to wear shoes?" Al asked.
He thought about what Alex was thinking.
"Yes," she admitted with absolute honesty. "All our criminals are barefoot." And they should walk barefoot until their term ends. So no shoes, boots, or whatever. Yes, I′m already used to it.
- And how much you so barefoot? Jack asked.
"For life," Alex said with a smile and explained. "Until I die, and I will not be able to die." So I do not shine.
"But listen, how is it?" Jack asked. "You′re far from home, are you?"
- Long away?
- Who cares who is shod, or barefoot, who will ask you?
"Ah, Jack," Alex laughed. "I have a difference."
She lay on her stomach and lifted her legs to her head. She turned the stop to Jack and showed him two black parallel lines on each of the feet.
"It′s a sign-forbidding shoes," she explained. "You′ll put on your shoes and not a single step in them." It will burn like hot coals under the skin. Believe me, Jack, the pain is hellish. And the tattoo itself is a very painful affair. Therefore, we have so few criminals.
With a smile, she looked at Jack and noticed that he was looking with pleasure not at the feet, but slightly lower. On her naked ass with two roses on each of the buttocks.
"Do you like her, Jack?" Alex asked, directly. - My priest.
Jack blushed with embarrassment and looked away. And Alex quickly climbed on all fours and went up to him.
"Tell me, please," she said. - It is very important for me to know this.
"You are very beautiful," Jack confessed, breaking his shyness.
Alex blossomed with happiness:
- What a joy! What a thrill! I′m so pleased, you would know!
She hugged Jack and kissed her gratefully on the lips. Then she sat next to him:
"If you want, we′ll have sex," she suggested immediately.
From such a proposal Jack blushed even more, and Alex immediately explained:
- I′m alone here. I do not have men. For several thousand years there has been no sex. And you′re not with Alex yet. Take the opportunity. Besides, I′m her double. It will be almost like her. Think Jack, you do not even betray your girlfriend. And you will already have experience when you are with YOUR Alex.
She sat down in front of him. He spread his legs, hands on his hips with a sweet smile on his face. Stuck out her beautiful, small chest; slightly threw back her hair and laughed loudly over her own naked beauty.
Jack looked at Ella in perplexity. Al smiled and urged not to be lost.
Jack looked at the naked girl and trembled. More from fear than excitement. HE NEVER SEEED ALEX′S HEAD. And let it not Alex, but only a double anyway - THIS WAS THE FIRST Naked WOMAN JECK saw.
He wanted to refuse, but Alex′s experienced hands had already mastered him, and her beautiful mouth fell to his mouth. And they kissed. Then they hugged each other. And Jack (with her help, and then himself) studied the naked body of his first girlfriend.
"Tell me, does Alex have it all the same?" - Jack asked in a whisper in his ear when he felt the smooth slender ass of the girl.
"Approximately," she said, laughing loudly. - Alex now everything is just developing, and I already have a ready-made one. I′m a little older than she "
Jack liked this word "ready-made" and he looked with admiration at his girlfriend. He asked neither that of curiosity, nor that of politeness.
- Are you much older than her?
"Biologically, no, I do not think so." I look like an ordinary 19-year-old, maybe a 20-year-old girl. In general, it affected me 9 thousand years.
- Wow! What an old woman! Laughed Jack. "Alex, you are the real antiquity!"
"Who is this ancient?" Who is the old woman ?! She laughed and knocked him on the couch. "Now I′ll give you this heat!"
She kissed him again on the lips, laughed again, and began to undress him. Jack did not mind. He was burning with passion. He wanted sex, and since there were no clothes on the girl, he looked at her body with pleasure. Slender, strong legs; athletic, retracted abdomen; beautiful balls-breasts; tattoos. When she turned, Jack found two large red roses on the inside of her legs. For the first time he saw a naked female organ, and it brought him very much. But he could not help noticing the tattoo on her pubis in the form of three pyramids with eyes. And he could not not ask:
- And what are these strange tattoos. In the form of eyed pyramids. What are they for.
Alex hesitated, and then ran her hand into his pants and took the penis. I played with him a little, so that Jack forgot his question, and promised:
"I′ll explain everything to you later."
She smiled happily, kissed him on the lips and pressed her lips to his cock.
For a few minutes she did it with her mouth, and it was so nice that Jack finally forgot his question about tattoos.
"And now it will be even better," Alex said cheerfully, again looking Jack in the eyes. "Now you will come into me."
She stood in front of him, bent her knees, with her hand directed the instrument of Jack to herself between her legs and just as dexterously sat on him. Encouraged Jack to help and putting the guy′s hands on his waist started moving up and down. She was on top of bliss: she closed her eyes, moaned and frowned slightly (from pleasant pain). As for Jack, he was blissful even more and received his first sexual experience. She felt hot stenochki her womb, pleasant friction and approaching her first orgasm.

Al just watched from the side. It did not mean that he was an alien pervert - it was just a very beautiful sex between people, and it was worth a look at. Then Al first time in his life saw sex. And not just sex, but sex of his friend. So he was genuinely happy for Jack and Alex. I looked at their beautiful naked bodies, listened to moans with rapture and so on.
He saw the grimace of pain on Alex′s face, but at first did not attach any importance to it. And then (when they became aggravated), of course, he guessed everything.

Seconds later, Alex felt no longer comical pain and could no longer hide it. It was getting harder to crouch, the sweat streamed down her streams, and her stomach felt like a knife cut. There was no excitement, and even more so ... but Jack - he was left with a little. Alex did not want to spoil the guy′s first sex and decided to endure.
She offered to change the pose, but it was a mistake. Jack lay down on her, and began to push his cock into the vagina, but when he looked her in the face again, he found that it was in tears.
The pace instantly fell and Jack was taken aback:
"Alex, dear, what happened?"
"Nothing, nothing, dear, I′m just very happy." I have not been so good for a long time.
Jack started again, closed his eyes in bliss and even returned his pace for a few seconds, but when he opened his eyes ... .Alex all bent under him. Her body cramped, her eyes rolled up, her teeth clenched together with incredible strength. For a moment they were released, and a heart-rending cry escaped from her chest that Jack jumped back in horror, almost a meter. He knocked his teeth and tears streamed from his eyes. He was very scared.

Alex was unconsciously rolling on the couch and bending in all directions. That′s right, she had to fall down, but luckily Al picked her up and held her tightly to her.
"There′s another thing, I′ll stay without such a great secretary," he whispered quickly. - Now, now, we′ll fix it.
Alex fought in his arms like a fish caught, but Al did not let her go. They were surrounded by a golden glow and every second it became brighter. Jack moved to the very edge of the sofa, and then closed his eyes, but at the same time he felt with his whole naked body how Ella′s energy was. How he gave himself to her. All to the last, to reduce her pain.

The result was that the sofa shook with incredible strength. Everyone jumped on him, and Alex jerked his foot - for the last time. Then she became soft and relaxed. And Al, who held her in his arms, like his father′s daughter, carefully laid him on the sofa. And at that moment Jack saw that the head and hands and even the clothes on it were white in some places. At that moment he seemed to be a real father (gray with grief):
"Ah, Al, Al, what did you do to yourself?" She smiled sadly. "You spent half your energy on me, if not more."
"It′s nothing," Al replied with a smile. "I will be restored." And you, my dear secretary, will not languish here in pain, but you will become even stronger than before.
"God," she laughed softly. - Is it really so expensive for Alekorsa Skrunt ?! The murderer and the destroyer ?! I can not believe it!
"It′s all in the past, Alekorsa," Al said, and gently passed over her golden hair. - You re-educated. You have become different. You are no longer a murderer, no bandit, no whore, and what else you were there - you are different. You are beautiful, kind and faithful Alekorsa-Alex - Archivist of my suitcase.
"Oh, how lucky I am, Al!" She said, and shed a tear. - I now have such a wonderful life, work and of course ... such a boss. I love you, Al!
El said that she loves her too. They embraced and did not part for a long time.

Jack and Alekorsa were sitting opposite each other, and Al left the sofa, saying that he had to regain strength. Jack was dressed, and Alex was still naked. Jack, in fact, did not look at her. He looked down with interest and was silent. And Alex grabbed her knees and buried her golden head in them. She was silent and could not muster the courage to speak. But I realized that it was she who should start.
"I′m sorry, Jack," she said at last. "I let you down a lot."
Jack turned his head and looked at her for a long time, and then, something wanted to say, but Alex jumped to him and at the same time covered her mouth with her palm.
"No, Jack, do not even think of comforting me, I′m to blame." It was my mistake, and I admit it. I should not, should not, should not! Oh my God, how I regret my stupidity !!!
She took her hand from Jack and struck her naked knee with a force. She put her head down and cried:
"But, what happened?" Jack asked in surprise. "I still can not understand what happened to you!" Alex, I′m just shocked by what happened! I′m even a little afraid of you now!
"You′re doing fine, Jack!" She said admiringly. - You′re a cool guy! You′re very honest! You′re sincere! Tell me my attractive body?
Jack did not understand this change of conversation, but once again he glanced at Alex′s body (already without the previous excitement) and agreed that it was beautiful.
"In my homeland, I was the greatest libertine," Alex began to tell. - I gave everything to everyone: my people in the gang, the guards in prison, prisoners in the cell and other things. Having sex, I like revenge for everyone. There were probably as many contacts as I have, probably not one woman on our planet. The court recognized me as the greatest libertine and sentenced these pubic tattoos (she spread her legs so that Jack could again see the big-eyed pyramids). They forbid sex. If I kiss a man, I will already feel pain. The pain will be weak, and it can be tolerated, but if we embrace and caress each other′s genitals, the pain will intensify several times. If a man enters me, and we have sex - the pain will increase with every second. One minute I will be able to withstand, for sure, but then this will begin ... horror!
Tears flowed from Alex′s eyes.
"Jack, I′m sorry," she said very sincerely. - Each of these pyramids is given for 3 thousand 500 years. I had five of them. I have been living and working in the Suitcase for 7,000 years. I wanted so much to feel like a WOMAN, AGAIN. Though for a few seconds. I also have 10 thousand 500 years to go with them.
Alex sobbed in all possible. Bent in half, trembled all over, and only her hair trembled before Jack.
He did not understand her grief at all.
And further:
And she sobbed again in his arms.
Then she lay down and said calmly:
"You′re a good guy, Jack, and I want you to have a good sex with Alex, but THAT WAS AT US can ruin everything." Please do not be angry with me and try not to think about it. You still have a meeting with Alex, an engagement and a wedding - a lot of different things. I′m Alekors. I′m just her double. We are different, albeit similar. I am a friend. I′m your friend and will always stay with them. And she will be your wife and you will be happy. Very happy.
Tears flowed from the blue eyes:
"Jack, if you only knew how much I want it!"

For a while Jack sat on the very edge of the sofa and watched Alcorsa report to Ell. On the hood, like a soldier. In clothes. Several times she shook her bright head, which caused the smile of the interlocutor. And Jack smiled too. This girl was very beautiful, and the movement is a real miracle. Ended by the fact that Al put his hand on her shoulder and asked about something. About something serious. And they both looked down from the couch. Jack, too, was looking. That islet with a garden from where she flew to them. El said something and held out his hand to shake. Alekorsa took it with pleasure, shook her for a long time, then embraced her, then gave her honor from an excess of feelings. Laughing, he saluted and Al.
And that′s all. The sofa and Alekorsa and that islet disappeared. Al and Jack were flying on the Elkons across the boundless spaces of the suitcase.

Only once did Jack ask:
- Was it something related to me? What were you talking about?
Al thought and shook his head.
"Basically about her." She told me where she could be found. The place where she works, lives, and rests. That islet, remember? There her favorite gardens and avenues, fountains and so on. Work - the level above. The apartment is even higher. Invited, by the way, to his house.
"I see," Jack said, immediately losing interest.
"She only told you about you being a cool guy." And then I want to protect you, "Al said after a while.
"I see," Jack said a second time, but much more fun.
He twirled the gas knob and immediately offered to chase.
The race was still the same - sorry, there were no spectators. Al and Jack raced one after the other as if it was a real sporting event. Dived into the clouds and spiraled; Falled lower and slowed down, as if playing along with each other.
It was amusing for a few minutes, but Jack was bored after a while.

He put "Elkon 2" on some yellow flat ground, put the "Air cushion" mode in the "Normal wheel" mode and shut off the engine.
- That you do not want to compete any more? Al asked, putting his car next to him.
"Compete," Jack snorted. "Can this be called a competition?" For the sake of what and to whom do we compete? Or do we give a test of our super fast motorcycles (better than not in the world), a lot of possibilities and their eternal batteries? So we, and without these competitions, know that we here are the coolest Al?
- Do you want to compete on the present? - Immediately asked counter-question Al. - On a special route, in front of thousands of spectators?
Is it possible? Jack asked, a little surprised. "Race in the suitcase?" In front of thousands of spectators?
"Is everything possible in Jack′s suitcase, even the most impossible?"
"Oh, by the way, where are the people here?" Jack turned his head to the sides and looked down. - I see objects, islands, clouds and stuff, but there are no people.
"A suitcase is a crossroads for a multitude of measurements," Al repeated the already spoken phrase. - People are all there. But, here in the Suitcase, festivals, competitions and friendly parties with their participation are held. You want to see people and make new acquaintances - flew. I′m sure we can find something, even now.
"No, thank you," Jack said. - I believe you, but I do not want new acquaintances yet. I do not want to compete either.
- What do you want? Al asked.
"Maybe a little ride on this ... platform," Jack said, started the bike and rushed off.
The speed was small, so El quickly caught up with him.
- And you know who is responsible for all this. Issues permits and helps in the organization.
"I guess so," Jack said. - And I′m surprised. How does she have enough time?
"Time in the Case, completely under control, Jack," Al said. - One second can be stretched to infinity. For this, special technologies are needed, and Alekors is allowed to use them to keep pace. She also uses - constantly in work, has a rest and still free time at it remains - does not know than to borrow.
- We go to her house, that′s her occupation! said Jack, adding gas.

El again caught up with him, and their motorcycles were leveled. And in the yellow area, meanwhile, there was no end. They drove and drove forward, and the edges were not visible. It was impossible to understand what kind of platform it was and why.
Jack again stopped the bike, but this time out of curiosity: It was just wondering what he was driving at. A few minutes peered at the yellow, shiny path, and then he guessed.
"It′s gold," he said confidently.
"It′s gold," Al said.
"We′re skating about your gold reserves, right?" he asked, with a grin. "According to your condition?"

Everything has changed again. There was no yellow track under it. "Elkons" hovered among the clouds and at the same time were still.
"Look down," Al said.
Jack looked. And he gasped.
Very far below, a huge cube floated in the air. It was made of gold bullion. Jack looked at it well, asking for binoculars.
"Personally, I prefer the term" packaging ", - said Al, again reading the thoughts of a friend.
- Good packing! said Jack, tearing himself away from the binoculars. "How much ...?"
- 200 kilometers of cubic, - immediately answered El. - Length Width Height.
- Wow! - Jack gasped. - And how much money?
"About four and a half trillion dollars."
Jack wanted to gasp again, but the new spectacle distracted him. He saw without any binoculars another, second, third "packaging." Dozens of "packages". Parried who is higher, who is lower.
"How many of them!" Jack was amazed.
- 13 thousand, and maybe a little more. But there are still a few of them. A small area. They are scattered all over the suitcase. Somewhere less, somewhere more.
"As you can see, you and I skated a very small fragment of my state.

"And what about ingots?" Jack asked. - Coins, precious stones, money in the form of paper bills? Do you have all this?
- And you can not even imagine how many of them.
- Really? And where?
Again, everything changed, and Al and Jack no longer hovered on air bikes, but stood in a solid room, such as a bank. Near some kind of machine.
Jack looked around the room, while El was typing something. More than a hundred square meters, high ceiling. The floor is made of black marble, the walls are made of white marble with patterns. And no furniture.
Jack wanted to ask Ell why there was not even a modest chair in such a huge room, but he could not. Al pressed one hand against the wall and pressed himself against her. The reasons for that were.
From the wall, where there was a machine, a huge iron table left and that time took up half of the room. Then mechanical hands moved out of the wall and began to move. From a special department they pulled out green bundles with dollars and laid them on the table. There were four of them, and they worked very quickly. They clapped one pile after another, stretched themselves out, pulled themselves in, did their job. Somewhere in about ten minutes they laid out the whole table with bundles and retreated back, having finished their work.
It was a huge green square, completely occupied by a table and a meter in height. The new hundred banknotes, stretched with special paper in tight packs, lay on top of each other, and this spectacle was impressive.
"How much money is there?" Jack asked, admiring the table along the wall.
It was the only way out. Very narrow.
"Exactly $ 10 million," Al said with a smile. - For some reason, it occurred to me that such a figure.
"Very well, Al." It′s great, "Jack said, stepping out of the narrow passage. - Impressive.
He stood on the free platform, opposite the glass exit doors and looked with respect at the mountain of cash.
"Is this robot a robot?" You gave him an assignment, and he pulled out $ 10 million for you.
El stood like a snake in Jack′s direction and explained in less than a second:
- Quite right Jack is a machine. I enter my figure into it, choose the country that produces the amount of money I need, and all four metal hands give out my order from the storage.
- It′s so simple.
- It′s so simple.
"Any money."
"Any money."
"Al is a bank."
- The best. The universal bank of my Suitcases. All you ask is that do not ask.
- Well, it′s you who bent Al, there′s not even simple chairs. I want to sit down, but nowhere.
"Over there," Al said, and turned his brother′s head to the left, toward the exit.
The exclamation from Jack′s lips broke. A minute ago there were no seats, and now two folding chairs with soft cushions emerged from the wall.

Later, Al explained to Jack that the robot not only gives out money, but also cares about every customer. Any of its whims (it is only necessary to say about it) is captured by a special sensor and performed in the shortest possible time. He explained, just like that you can exchange bills for smaller money or transfer them to another currency.
"It′s a great bank," Jack admitted.
He sat in a soft leather chair and drank Mokko′s coffee in a very beautiful mug.

- And how do you do it? Jack asked suddenly. - Modeling the place where we will be, and all?
- Yes exactly. There is nothing complicated. You ask for a suitcase.
- Okay, but if I model something - will it work out?
- Of course, it will. When we here together we create that space that fits our dreams, dreams, possible and impossible. We are co-authors and are equal in rights.
"It′s equal," Jack said with a smile. - Well I model a huge cave, which is filled to the brim with gold coins, jewelry boxes, rubies, emeralds, diamonds, topaz and many other precious stones. Let it be a real pirate cave.
Jack put his hands to his temples for something. And he closed his eyes. Apparently I thought that this would make his fantasy work better.
- Let there be skulls, bones and ancient weapons: rifles, sabers and crooked pirate knives. And let the torches stick out of the walls and illuminate the cave.
"Everything, we′re here," Al said, as if waiting for his turn. "You can open your eyes."
Jack opened his eyes and the smile on his face became even wider - he was standing in the real pirate cave. He stood on gold coins, among the slides of other gold coins. There were also chests, precious stones and articles of gold. And torches in the walls and skulls with bones. One of the skulls lay on a closed chest, smiling at Jack with his teeth that had not fallen out and looking at the holes in his eyes. This spectacle was impressive and very strong. Like a warning to frivolous fools.
Jack was just delighted with his cave. He picked up an emerald from the earth, the size of an adult′s fist, and then curved a rusty saber and said to himself: "Oh yeah! So I imagined it! "

Jack bent down and gathered a handful of coins into a fist. Immediately feeling their heaviness, he unhurriedly unclenched his hand and carefully examined. And he informed Ell:
- I, honestly, do not understand this at all. There are portraits of some individuals, inscriptions in an incomprehensible language. The only thing that I understand the year: 1467 - this one, this, this, this; this one is 1477; these two in general - 1507.
- Coins of Spanish conquistadors. They ravaged many countries in search of this gold, and they, in turn, were ravaged by pirates, "Al explained.
"I see," Jack nodded. - And how many are today. At least one.
He threw the coins back into the common heap (under his feet) and left only one in his hand. 1507 years.
- The one that you have in your hand according to the most conservative estimates will cost 10 thousand dollars in any bank of the country.
Jack gasped.
- Ten thousand! Wow!
- What did you think? This is the real value. It is more than 400 years old, gold of the highest standard and in excellent condition. Antiques, and what! Such a coin is a real bait for museums and collectors. I′m sure ten thousand is the smallest amount. Ask them, they will give twenty and twenty-five thousand.
- Wow! Jack gasped again.
The coins here were apparently invisible. They lay on the ground in a thick layer, gathered in huge piles of barkhans, and it was as if they were sand in the desert.
"Are they all so expensive?" Jack asked.
"Some are more expensive," Al said. - And then do not forget here not only coins.
He summed up the line:
- In total, this cave costs 500 billion dollars.
Jack already, whistled, barely heard such a figure.

Al and Jack stood at the exit from the cave and admired the ocean spread before them. Huge and calm. It was hard to believe that the water surface of such a scale could easily fit in the suitcase, but it was true - they did not see the end and edge of this water world, although they stood high enough in a huge rock.
- How does this work? Jack asked, turning his attention to his friend. "It′s not the Suitcase anymore."
- A suitcase. Just a special area. Probably, "Al replied, also tearing himself away from the landscape.
"Seriously, El, how?" The cave at a depth of 100 meters, underground, and now the ocean - do not swim. Your Suitcase is so huge that it can accommodate such a huge "islet" if it is an "island" in general.
- Yes, I honestly do not know. I am the first time, like you, on such an "island"
- Well, then let′s ask an expert. What do you think about that?
- Positively. I think it′s great. Let′s ask.

However, Jack was not in a hurry with the departure to Alekors, He still wanted to say something to Ella.
He reached into the inside pocket of his jacket and pulled out a small box of black marble. It easily fits in a pocket and was painted with gold patterns. Asterisks, roses, the sun and the moon. She was very beautiful.
"I took it from the cave, Al." As a present. Can I, and Al?
Al broke into a friendly smile.
"Of course you can, Jack. You can safely take everything you want from my suitcase.
- And do you think she will appreciate this gift?
- Of course, appreciate it! And what′s inside.
Jack opened the box and showed the contents. On a black marble bottom neatly laid lay pearl beads. The pearls were very beautiful: milky white, large and iridescent.
"Is this a test?" Al asked, as if by accident.
"Well, yes," Jack admitted. - The fact is that Alex just adores different beads. I just want to know the general or separate quality.
"Jack, I think any woman would be happy to receive such a gift," Al said reasonably. - Regardless of your personal preferences.
Jack hid the black casket back in his pocket and asked a friend:
"Well, are we going to visit her now?"
"All right," Al smiled. "Full speed ahead!"

The surrounding picture changed again, and Jack and Ell were in the middle of a spacious and bright corridor. The walls were covered with beautiful beige wallpaper, on the floor lay a red carpet, still there were plants, a couple of closets, three windows and a door behind them.
"Wow," Jack said. - Spacious home.
"It is," said a familiar voice from behind his back. - Here it is spacious and healthy! The best house where I lived! I did not even have that on Sartaras!
Jack turned to a voice, and before him appeared the shining face of Alekorsa.
"I was just waiting for you, boys!" She said happily.
"I′m glad," Jack said, smiling.
Smiled and El:
- And I how happy!
Aelorse hugged and kissed Jack on the cheek, and with Ellom just hugged.
"Let′s go, I baked a delicious apricot pie," she said. "Jack, taste it with me." And you can just sit by El for the company.
She took Jack under one hand, and Ella under the other. And they went along the corridor, then along a different corridor, turned to the left and found themselves in the kitchen.
The kitchen at Alekorsa was large, bright and very clean.
"Sit down, boys," she said, pointing to the beautiful, carved, dark red chairs.
Al and Jack sat down without saying too much.
"And I did not know you were cooking here," Al said, to begin the conversation.
"Cooking is one of my favorite activities for four thousand years," said Alekorsa, and with a businesslike transfer of the pie from the cooling pan to the plate, handed it to Ella and Jack.
- I guess, guys, why you came to visit me, but all the same ... ?! She asked, taking off her master apron and mittens. - I do not want to make assumptions, it′s better you tell everything yourself?
"Jack has questions for you," Al said again. And then he confessed. - Yes, and I will also be interested.
"I wanted to ask about the island where we just were," Jack said. - There was a pirate cave, at a hundred meters deep. And then we saw the ocean.
He was so boundless, and then the sky is above our heads. How is this all possible.
"The sky is an illusion," Alöörsa immediately replied. - The place where you are carried has a special energy, which builds a cap over it. In the form of the sky.
"Is the ocean and the cave an illusion?"
"No, the ocean and the cave are real."
"So what is this island if it contains so much in itself?"
- And who told you that this is an island?
- And what is this?
- The mainland. The vast ocean and islands are scattered over it.
- Mainland ?! - Al was surprised. "Is there a continent in the suitcase?"
"Of course it is," said Alororsa. - Huge such layers of the earth. They freely float in the air and are covered with caps of their own illusions.
- And how many are there? Jack asked.
"No less than 8,000," Alekorsa said.
- Wow! Exclaimed Al and Jack at the same time.
The Keeper only smiled. And then, with enthusiasm, she said:
- There are amazing places. There are islands in the ocean; underground ocean; cities built in the forests; cities flooded with water; just forests, impassable; meadows, forests and glades; deserts; the mountains; lake. There is even a real Siberian taiga.
"Is there life there, or are these places deserted?" Al asked.
"Some are deserted, and some have life." There are almost all of its forms. Benevolent and aggressive. People, animals and creatures are not at all like them.
"Do you have pirates there?" Jack asked.
"There are pirates, too," Alekorsa replied with a smile. "Only they will not come to greet you with Jack." They will never get out of their continents. Actually they do not know that there is life around their life. And then, all the continents on the lower levels, and this is very far.
"Yes, and I′d like to see live pirates," Jack said dreamily.
"You′ll see nothing else," she assured him. "In the meantime, let′s take the pie until it′s cold."

"It′s for you," Jack said, and held out a box of black marble. - Gift.
- Gift?! - A little surprised Alekorsa. "On what occasion ?!"
"It′s just that," Jack said. - You do not often give presents here, as I think. I′m right?
"Right," she said, and accepted the present. She blushed slightly.
She thanked me and blushed even more.
I opened the box and immediately guessed everything.
"This is a test, right?" Checking. Do I love beads, since Alex loves them?
Jack blushed. He stared at the bare feet of the girl and asked in embarrassment:
- How do you know that?!
"Jack, Jack, Jack." She put a hand on his shoulder and forced her to look into her eyes. "Honey, you forget that my job is to know!"
"How stupid," Jack said, and blushed even more. Again he looked away.
"Jack, Jack, my darling Jack," Alekonsa smiled. "What do you really want to know?" Will I be pleased with this gift? Will my mood rise? Will it please all the time? Or I′ll just roll my eyes up, put my palm to my forehead, smile in embarrassment, and then I′ll turn around half a day at the mirror, how does Alex do it?
Jack nodded in response. Very timid.
"Jack, on the first point, El told you the truth." Any woman will be pleased with such a gift. And I′m no exception. I really like these beads. And the second: Jack, I′ve never worn such things. So I′m new, you know?
Jack nodded again.
For some time everyone was silent.
"Help you with this new thing, Alekors?" Al asked.
She looked at him with enamored eyes, smiled and held out a casket with a necklace:
"Thank you, Al!" You′re so cool! Of course, I want to try on!
Then she turned to Jack. I touched his hand and looked into my eyes:
"Thank you, Jack - this is such a wonderful gift!" Such a wonderful intention! Nobody gave me such gifts! Thank you!
She smacked his cheek on the cheek and laughed merrily. Jack smiled too. His heart warmed and past, unpleasant thoughts evaporated.
On the neck of the Alecos there were wonderful pearl beads, and the mouth was occupied with apricot pie.
Jack also took the second piece of pie and gladly ate it.
Al stepped out of the kitchen. He wanted to inspect the flat of the Alekors and she gladly allowed it.
Jack chewed his chunk and asked:
- Listen, how about time?
- With time?! - Alekorsa was surprised and did not understand Jack. - What do you want to know?!
"Well, Al told me that you are in control of time." But I was wondering, what time in the suitcase? Is there a chronology, or is the Suitcases living one endless day? How to control time? How much time do you spend on work, how much to rest?
She fell silent for a while, then smiled.
- Well, the question is very interesting. Will explain.
She moved closer to Jack. She put her hand into her jeans pocket and put a small octagonal crystal on the table.
"It′s a crystal of time," she began to tell. - At my work he stands in a special connector, under the main clock. To arrange a break for me it is enough to pull the crystal out of the connector. Easily. To complete the break, return the crystal to its place.
- It′s amazing! Jack admired. "Such a small crystal controls time."
"Yes," Alekorsa nodded admiringly. - Fortunately, I can take as many breaks as possible for a working day - this is my right. My working day lasts 52 hours.
- Wow! Jack was amazed.
- One day in the suitcase consists of 76 hours. One hour is roughly equal to the hour of the earth - 1 hour and 5 minutes. A year consists of 756 days.
- And months, weeks, here it is?
- No. And why do we need these extra worries. A certain number of days passes, and the main clock of the Suitcases announces the beginning of the new year. They loudly beat and a fountain in the main square, begins its festive fireworks. Believe me, it′s very beautiful.
- It′s all on your job, huh ?! And the clock and the fountain ?!
- Yes. I have my main office. It is a hundred meters above the main square! There′s a clock and a fountain.
"And how do you know when to work, when to rest, and Alekors?" Constantly you look, and the window, or your friends to you and about it inform?
This time she laughed. From the heart. I stroked Jack on the head and said:
"Oh, how sweet you are, Jack!" Funny thought up! Probably, it would be great, yes!
She closed her eyes dreamily, and then told the truth:
"Nobody tells me anything." And I do not look out the window either. I′m sitting in a huge bright room, in a glassed-in booth, in the center. I have a computer near my side where I put data and a radio node every day. With its help, I communicate with aliens from distant dimensions. I register them in a computer and issue passes.
"Wow, what an important job you have!"
"What did you think?" Besides me, there′s nobody to register them.
"And you register them a lot!"
- Up to six hundred applications per day. But it happens and less.
Jack whistled in amazement.
"But do not think that I′m just registering and passing passes." My job is to fly around all their parking lots, check the availability of all equipment. If something is not enough - give everything you need. And again report to the computer.
"You must be going crazy at this job," Jack said sympathetically.
"Yes, I′m already used to it," said Alekorsa. "And then you know these breakers just save me." I can take them as much as I like for my working day and rest as much as I like. It′s just great!
After a pause for a minute, she smiled in embarrassment and looked at Jack.
"I′m sorry, I got carried away and completely forgot your question." I have a timer on my hand that counts the hours of my work. When I stop time in the main clock, my timer also stops. I leave it at work, so as not to lose it inadvertently. When my day comes to an end, he starts scribbling and flickering in red. The work time is replaced by the rest time. I always carry it with me and so I know all that is needed. This is something like a wristwatch. Very convenient thing.
"And how do you rest Alekers?" Jack asked. - What do you do after work?
She smiled again and looked down at her eaten pie.
- I′m cooking myself. Or I rest in my favorite alleyka. Or go to some festivals, holidays (already as a guest). Or I fall asleep. I know I really like to sleep. And I sleep always to the fullest.
She was sweetly stretched, as if this moment, she wanted to go to sleep.
Jack looked into the spacious kitchen window and asked:
- Listen, but it′s very light! It′s always, or sometimes it′s getting dark.
"No, Jack, it′s always light."
"And how are you sleeping?"
- Yes, it′s very simple. I pull up the curtains on the windows and dress, my eyes are covered with a black bandage.
"Are you fast asleep?"
"How tight!" Do you want to look at my bedroom?
- Can i?

Alekersa gave Jack a small tour of his house. What he did not see in her apartment: a living room, a gym, a huge bathroom with a round pool, a bedroom, a private office (sometimes she took a job at home), a library. By the way, there they met with Ell.

"You have a class library, Alekorsa," Al praised. "So many books."
"Thank you," Alekorsa smiled. - Nice to hear.
They sat in the living room on a leather sofa and talked.
"You know, I did not like to read in my past life," she confessed. - I had to read in a suitcase. To read a lot. Ten years have passed since my arrival, and I have changed a lot - mainly thanks to reading.
- What books are you reading here? Jack asked.
- Mostly technical books. About different useful programs for the computer, about accounting, self-help books and a lot of theory. But most of all I like Russian classics. It is so thin, deep, graceful.
"Alekors, do you know everything about the Suitcase?" Jack asked again.
- Have no doubt. I will answer any question! - Smiling, said Alekorsa. And added. - This is my job.
- What is the area of the Suitcases?
- Area?!
- Yes, square! He′s huge, but how huge ?!
"How can I tell you?" She shrugged her shoulders and dropped her head in thought. - How to pronounce this figure?
She took a notebook from the coffee table, flipped through several pages and handed it to Jack.
"Read it," she said. - This is the most accurate data.
Jack looked at the notebook and saw on the sheet the following - 85467930654621781207465982057835746359726709130074037210 km.
"Did you measure it yourself?" Jack asked, shocked at the number.
"Yes," Alekonsa smiled brightly. - Imagine this. I once did this experiment. Two and a half weeks I got with a meter in my hand. Then, when my interest was satisfied, I rewrote the figure that he gave me and went home. I was very worn out by this trip, honestly.
"Alekors, what was at the end of your journey?" Jack asked with great interest.
"You′d better not know, Jack."
- But, nevertheless, is there a bottom at the Case? Or walls? Or what did you see there when the device produced this number?
Jack held out a notebook to her. Alekorsa accepted it. She looked at the figure again and sighed sadly. It was clear that she had very unpleasant memories.
"I do not think the real bottom exists at the Case." There is a "fringe" dimension. Barrier for the curious. It′s a wall. Completely out of black smoke. The spectacle itself is unpleasant, but the fact that on the other side of the wall is even more unpleasant.
"Have you penetrated this barrier?" Al asked.
- Yes, and I do not advise anyone to repeat my feat. There dwell the most terrible creatures. Evil and terrible. One rushed at me with fireballs, another metal knife, the third just ripped off all my clothes and tore off his claws. I forcibly escaped from there and was all rugged, scorched, dirty and naked. These wounds then healed for a very long time, despite the fact that I am immortal. So my advice to you guys, do not dive into black smoke, even if you get to it.
"Thank you, Alekorsa, I′ll remember that," Jack thanked.
"Thank you, keeper," Al said.
Al and Jack soon said goodbye to Alekorsa. She had to go back to work, and they wanted to further explore the suitcase.

Al and Jack rushed on their arbillium boards across the golden sky, as if they were competing again.
- El where are we going ?! - Jack shouted, trying to shout over the wind, which whistled in his ears.
- It′s a surprise. You′ll like it, "Al said, and looked carefully around.
"Al, why is the sky so?" It′s always sunset. And the sun is nowhere to be seen.
- This is the sky of Soltrex. The planet produced the Suitcase, and in some ways copied itself. So to say the author′s signature.
Jack about the signature did not understand anything, but to ask again, did not happen either. Al shouted: "Down urgently!". His board dived down, like a bird of prey that saw prey.
Jack had no choice but to follow the other.

They both landed on a white cloud, next to a motionless white door. Strangenesses were, and if you thought about it was very much. First of all, Jack walked around the cloud and did not fail; the second is the door. White, beautiful with a golden handle stood like a pillar and nothing else was. There were no walls, or anything else - just a door on a white cloud.
Jack went around it several times and examined it from all sides. It was the door on all sides. It′s like she was put in for a joke.
"Alright, Al, what is this?" Jack asked, giving up completely and folding his arms over his chest.
"I told you that the Case is a crossroads for various dimensions." These are the doors that open the measurements.
"Those doors?" Jack asked in astonishment. "But I only see one door." Are there a lot of them?
"There are only 200 of them," Al said. - And to find at least one is very difficult. Although the search is worth it.
Al paused and proudly touched the wooden door.
"They open the passages to different worlds." Pleasant and unpleasant, but all to the last interesting and unexpected. A single door can have several parallel measurements. There are their doors.
- And how much, for example, can there be measurements at one door? Jack asked, interested.
"To infinity," El replied shortly.
"You will," Jack said with a grin. - To infinity! For her!
"You′re not laughing," Al said.
He paused for a bit, turned the knob clockwise and flung open the door in front of Jack.
Then his jaw dropped. A black tunnel opened before him. Long to impossible and all strewn with doors. The doors were on the left, on the right, on the floor, in the ceiling. Jack bravely stepped into the black tunnel and looked around. The doors were one above the others - it seemed, there were their floors, and their total exceeded all the permissible standards. And the doors were very different: white, black, blue, red, yellow, crimson, purple, dark green, orange, etc.
Jack left the tunnel and said:
"Yes, Al!" I admit I′m wrong!
And he asked immediately:
- What kind of place is it?
"This place is called" Favorite Characters, "said Al and pointed to the gold inscription that hung above the door. - Here all your fantasies come true. From your favorite movies, books, dreams.
- What is it like?
- Well, tell me, what′s your favorite movie?
- Yes, frankly, I do not know, I saw very few films. Once we went with Dad to Charlie Chaplin′s films. Or "Seven Samurai", or "The Wizard of Oz". Well, that′s practically all that I saw.
- Excellent! Tell me, do you want to meet a living Chaplin, or talk to someone from the samurai, or fly to Oz himself.
- Well, maybe. Probably, it would be great!
"Well," El invited me into the tunnel. "Go, there you will find everything you want."
Jack went inside the measurement, and behind him was Al.
"How many doors are there?" Jack asked, puzzled. "You do not even know which way to go."
"Wherever you want to go and go," Al said. - There are a lot of doors here. The memory of this place is infinite and it constantly shuffles them like a huge deck of cards. You do not see everything that is here.

"I suggest we split up," Al said. - So it will be more interesting.
"All right, I agree," Jack said, and took hold of the handle of the orange door, which was very near.
"Yes, Jack, and something else," Al said. - There are pleasant meetings, but there are absolutely unpleasant ones - you yourself understand. Some creatures will be there ... it′s best you do not meet with them. So, you will feel danger - run. Just get your feet out of that dimension. Believe me, this is the best.
And having said this, Al disappeared. Just dissolved into the air and even left a trace of his presence.

Jack was worried by such words, and so he did not even think - just opened the door in front of him and took a step. And that hour fell through. There was no smooth surface behind this door - only the abyss. Jack only managed to grab the handle and hang on the door, so he saved himself from a crushing fall. And the height under it was terrible.
On top is a blue cloudless sky and a bright sun. Below him a huge water surface, from which like floats sticking out some structures, like skyscrapers. Jack also had a skyscraper, and the door that he opened was hanging in the air. Before the skyscraper was not so far - five meters, but still without adequate preparation could hit very hard. Well, that triggered the instinct of self-preservation.
"Well, Al, thanks! Thought Jack, swaying on his door. - Warned! "The next thought was to the door:" It′s good that you do not break from the hinges and do not fly down with me. " The door sat in its place, as if soldered. And did not even creak. Excellent withstanding the weight of Jack, she jerked toward the black tunnel and helped the unlucky traveler get out of this "extremely unpleasant" situation.
Barely free, Jack immediately wanted to, and close the door, but curiosity disassembled. Very much fascinated this water world. Jack looked more closely and found a steel fire ladder that stretched to the door only a little to get to it. Deciding: "I was - was not," Jack hanging from his air passage and groping his feet stairs crawled down.
It was strange to observe such a world. There was a lot of water and everything seemed to be flooded. Jack walked around the perimeter of the roof and saw only a few tops of skyscrapers sticking out of the water. "It must have been the tallest skyscrapers!" Thought Jack and sat down on the edge of his roof. Suddenly he was sad. What kind of world was this? The world in which there was a great ecological catastrophe. There was nothing to think about: the ice melted on the planet and flooded it completely. But the planet Earth with its rapidly developing technological progress threatened the same thing. Is it in the sad fantasy of the end of the world, the native humanity, he got?
I looked at the blue water surface under my feet and imagined how many miles of this layer beneath him, when suddenly he was distracted. Some voices. He immediately turned his head to the sound and saw something that he had not expected to see at all - the four people bravely climbed to the very top of the metal pillar, and talked to each other. At first Jack was very happy, that other people showed up here, and wanted to scream, but then changed his mind. Strangers, like Jack, considered themselves the only people here and scolded each other for what light. It was extremely interesting to listen to them. Jack already chuckled several times, listening to their skirmishes.
The company consisted of three men and a woman. The long-haired wise scholar Kushar, the black "Crying Man" Rammy, the fat and bearded Professor Arturo and the black-haired little woman Wade. Rammy now and then attacked Kushar, Arturo remained independent - no one justified or blamed, but Wade tried to reconcile all. She was very emotional. Gesticulating with her hands, despite the fact that she was climbing the tower and her expression (Jack saw all four quite close) was the most desperate and beautiful.
Jack liked these people and he already wanted to scream, draw attention, but suddenly they became very restless. Then a blue lightning flashed above the tower and Jack simply could not believe his eyes ... a transparent window in the form of a funnel opened in space. Some mysterious whirlwinds swirled inside her. It is unclear why this funnel originated and where it led. But brave people were not at all afraid of her and how one jumped into this "tunnel". Immediately they caught a trace of himself in this world. Only the funnel remained. She hung in the air for a few seconds, and then dragged on by itself.
Jack saw this for the first time and was so impressed with it that for several minutes he stood without moving - he was still thinking about those people and about the funnel. And then I saw what frightened them and rushed to his rescue door. A huge fish swam next to his skyscraper, exposing several vertical fins. Shark. Giant and probably very evil shark. She did not see Jack, and thank God.
In several jumps, he overcame five meters of height, jumped out of the door and immediately slammed it.

Jack looked at the door and found on it a gold inscription: "Slithering", just below the "TV series", and even lower "1995-2000". Jack did not understand what lies under the word "Sliding"; I did not understand what the "TV series" was, but I understood perfectly well that "1995-2000" is the years of release.
"Eka, I was carried! Thought Jack in surprise. - Already, for 20 years ahead! We should find something modern "
I decided to remember this door, and on occasion I talked to the quartet that I liked. Checked. The door opened and behind it was a completely different world, as expected. He closed it and repeated the word "Slithering" to himself, went to the other doors, giving himself the word of honor that he would return to this, a little later.

The next door was also a TV serial and this time was called "The Lost". This time, the year of release was even farther than the "Slipping" - "2004-2010". "Lord, what am I so unlucky for?" Jack thought as he read these figures.
However, there was such a beautiful island behind the door that Jack just could not not explore it. He went out, walked along the green grass, and then with pleasure he surveyed the huge ocean that stretched around the island.
Jack was happy to remember his long childhood dream - to become a great traveler and explorer. How did he like adventures and dangers then. Smiled and thought: "It seems, thanks to Ell, this my dream begins to come true." Already experienced many adventures, but how much is yet to come!
From pleasant reflections he was torn off by a fierce roar, a woman′s cry and a crunch of something broken. Jack looked at the green valley spread beneath him and was taken aback for a moment. Something black and very unpleasant flew through the jungle, broke the trees, bored green foliage and promised many troubles. Through the jungle to the hill (where Jack stood) people rushed and they were already very close.
For a split second Jack realized that soon they and the monster would be next to him and began to retreat. Oh, and he did not want to be eaten by this monster. He rushed to the aisle, dived into it and slammed the door behind him. And I caught my breath only when I was back in the black tunnel. Yeah, a good adventure: a beautiful island, but dangerous.

Jack opened the third door without even reading the inscriptions. What was the point in reading, if the chance to get on something familiar, was negligible.
This place was not familiar to Jack and caused a chilling fear. It was a real blood pressure. Red-brown earth, the smell of sulfur, smoke, heat and a fiery river right at your side. At first Jack wanted to just abandon this adventure, but then the temptation won - not every day it seems, the opportunity to wander around the real ADU. Jack boldly stepped on the ground and went ahead. It was a mistake. A mistake that nearly cost him his life.
He had already gone far enough when the earth suddenly began to tremble. And all over Hell swept, someone′s fierce roar. Jack just sat down on the ground. And he saw what made him forget about everything from fear - directly on him from the fiery river went monster. Huge, red-skinned, muscular. The silhouette was like a man, but there were huge, curved horns on the head, a thin white beard grew, and black eyes glittered instead of eyes. The monster roared once more and opened its terrible, mouth with sharp, crooked teeth to the full extent. Here it completely came out of the stream and it was discovered that he had no legs. Instead of them, there was a long red tail, which began from the fire.
- This is ifrit - an eerie creature. The birth of fire and darkness. He is able to turn everything he wants into ashes, "said a voice in Jack′s ear.
He turned and saw Ella. And he was not at all surprised. Just asked:
- How to overcome it?
Instead of an answer, El drew himself up to become an efreet, increased his fists to the size of a cannonball and rushed to the offensive. The fiery demon crawled to Jack already very close, but what happened next did not expect. Al pounced on him like an angry bull on a red rag. A direct blow, another blow, an uppercut - an infield was thrown back to the fiery river. Al jumped on him a second time and with a few accurate blows finished the case - the demon drowned in the fire.
"He′s not that tough, is he?" - Jack asked cheerfully when Al again took his form and jumped to him.
- Bystre! - Al yelled at him, grabbed his hand and dragged him to the exit.
"He just did not expect this," he explained as he walked. - Now it will rise - it will not seem to you either ...
I did not have time to finish the conversation, as he was deafened by the incredible power of electric shock. Jack also got it. They both rolled back.
The road to the door was blocked by another monster. It was the silhouette of a man completely composed of pure energy. On his hands, his legs, torso and head ran electric waves, appeared and disappeared.
"It′s bad," Jack Al said honestly when they came to himself and saw the monster.
Flying to the huge blue boulder, he grabbed Jack and evaded the wave of electricity released from the hand of the monster. And then he felt like a very strong stream of wind with Jack blowing out from behind the stone.
"Look one more!" Jack shouted, pointing upwards.
Directly on top of them was a silhouette of a creature completely composed of vortex streams. He was directing the flow of wind to Jack and Ella and simply blowing them out from behind the stone. After about a minute he did it.

"Jack hide behind me!" Cried Al.
Jack did not have to explain. He hid behind a friend, an alien, like a shield and only occasionally peeked from behind his shoulder. I was very afraid, and there was something. For a moment, their situation has not improved, but rather worsened. In addition to the efreet, energy master and air creature, a fourth, completely out of ice, came out against them. True, for the latter it was hot here and he thawed, but kept his form. As proof of his strength, he put his hands forward and let a long ice arrow into Ella. El barely dodged her.
"Honestly," he whispered to Jack over his shoulder. "We can easily die in this fight."
But the unforeseen happened: the ice monster, hooked the efreet, and he in turn hit on the air essence. Terrible and dangerous creatures immediately forgot about Ella and Jack and began to understand each other, as if it was the most important thing in the world. Fireballs, streams of air, ice arrows and waves of electricity flew in all directions. El did not count the raven, but picked up Jack under his armpits and left the place with him. He closed the door and the nightmare was behind.
"Yeah, it′s a good adventure," he sighed as they again found themselves in a black tunnel consisting of doors of different colors.

"We′ve been in a very serious mess, and it′s just a miracle that we broke out of it," Al said again.
- By the way, what was that? Jack asked.
- What a video game. Irrelevant. The main thing is a lesson for both of us. Here you can run into very steep troubles. And die in two accounts.
"Can you kill Al?"
- Still as it is possible. Strike electricity with high voltage, then with a strong frost, then again with electricity. All! I′m not alive anymore!
"It happened if they joined forces," Jack guessed. - Yeah, lucky us. Personally, I think any of them would have killed with one click.
- More optimism Jack - you have to be more careful. Let′s agree if we see gloomy places like this, or we feel the intuition of evil - we will immediately give up the adventure.
- I agree!
Soon they led a completely different conversation.
"Listen, how did it happen?" Jack asked. - We agreed that we will have independent adventures, but it turns out that you followed me on the heels.
"Sorry, I was actually spying on you," Al shrugged. "It′s just that you were the first time in the Suitcase - I wanted to make sure that you were all right." Do not forget, I am the Keeper, and you are the most precious thing that I have on this planet.
Jack stood before him and did not know what to say. Only he smiled in embarrassment. El was right and the more Jack thought about his words, the more he understood it.
"Then, because my help was useful to you," he summed up.
- Still would! Said Jack admiringly and held out his hand. "Thank you, Al, you saved me!"
"Please, Jack," Al replied.
And immediately suggested:
"Let′s make it all fair, we′ll have a joint adventure."
- What is it like? Jack asked with interest.
"Choose the door," Al said, and went to one of the doors (green). - We open, look and if everything is in order there, we go together.
He opened the door, looked into it and said:
"Jack, here′s the forest." Very beautiful. Look at that.
Jack looked out the door and really saw the trees, covered with green foliage, beautiful grass on the ground, somewhere far off the path.
- What do you say? Al asked.
"It′s a pretty place," Jack admitted. "I like it."
"Then, go ahead!" - Al commanded.

This place was very calm. At least so it seemed. Green forest and low grass - what was dangerous here? Al and Jack went a few meters and did not see anything threatening. Only the singing of forest birds, the rustle of grass and foliage of trees, the sky, the clouds and the friendly sun.
"I really like it here," Jack said. "It′s so calm and quiet, no danger."
"That′s what′s worrying," Al said. - Where there are dangers, like, no, there it is worth waiting for sure.
He took a few careful steps, went out into a small clearing and froze in place. Jack stayed with him.
- Do you hear anything? Al asked.
"Only birds," Jack said honestly. "There must be many nests in the trees." Around us.
"That′s right," Al nodded. "But I can still hear the splash of water." Not far away. It looks like a river nearby, or a pond.
He boldly entered a thick green thicket and immediately looked out of it. He waved his hand to himself and, with the most satisfied air, said:
"Jack really likes it!" Come after me!
Jack went into a thick grove and walked less than a meter, and the trees magically parted, revealing a reservoir in front of him. Al sat on its bank and looked at something carefully. Jack looked up and just gasped in amazement - right in the middle of this pond a dinosaur swam. And what was most surprising on his back was a girl.
- Just unbelieveble! Said Jack, unable to tear himself away from such a spectacle.
- What exactly? Al asked. "That there are dinosaurs here, or that there are such girls who ride on their backs."
"You′re sure she′s skating." Maybe she′s in trouble.
Instead of answering, El did not give the friend a message as a spyglass. Jack did not ask any questions, but simply took it. And after a second I admired the girl and the dinosaur near. The dinosaur was huge, like a house and with an incredibly long neck. The neck allowed him to look at the girl from the back, or would lean toward her from a tremendous height. But not to eat, or to frighten a small passenger, but for other purposes. Jack saw it himself: the girl with a laugh stroked his small, ugly head, and he opened his big mouth with small teeth and purred with pleasure. Like a girl and a dinosaur were best friends.
The girl was a little younger than Jack. She was 12-13 years old, but she was very confident in her communication with her huge monster-friend. Appearance of her, someone strongly reminded Jack. Blonde. Hair is wavy and short-cropped. Blue eyes. Cute little face. She is dressed in a denim jumpsuit and a white T-shirt underneath him. She was slender and fragile, but at the same time very athletic. Behind her children′s body, felt a long and stubborn training.
"God, how much you can," Jack said, taking the pipe from his eyes.
"I know she looks like Alex, but she′s not Alex," he said, from somewhere behind Al. - Her name is Alice.
Jack wanted to ask: "How do you know?", But turned around and saw Ella in the hand, a device. He held it in front of him and at the moment was looking at the screen. The question fell away by itself.
Jack approached Ella closer and asked:
"What′s this thing in your hand?"
"It′s an all-knowing scanner from my planet." He can tell me everything that interests me.
Jack wanted to ask how this device was in Ell′s hands, but then changed his mind and asked about what was really interesting:
"And what does he tell you about this Alice?"
- Alice Selezneva. The Moscow schoolgirl. 12 years. The daughter of Professor Seleznev, director of CosmoZoo (a zoo for space animals), where we now are.
- Zoo for space animals? Jack asked again.
"Yes," Al nodded.
- In Moscow? Jack asked again.
"Yes," Al nodded again.
- So we are now in Russia, right?
Al nodded for the third time.
- Well, business! Said Jack. - This is where we were carried? In what other fantasy ?!
In the hands of Ella appeared another device. His Jack had already seen: he looked like a brown briefcase. Al opened it and holding it on his outstretched hand inserted the scanner into some kind of connector. For half a minute he conjured above the keyboard, and then he said:
- This is a book of a Soviet, children′s science fiction writer. It′s called "One hundred years ahead". The author is Kir Bulychev. Alisa Selezneva is his brainchild. And all the rest too. Well, of course, except us.
El was silent for another five seconds, clicked the buttons on the keyboard and said with a smile:
- This is the fifth book about the adventures of Alice, but all books are more than forty. In addition, there are several more adaptations. A lot of fans and other things. Alisa Selezneva is one of the most popular characters in children′s world literature, a fighter with space pirates and a vivid example for imitation.
"She′s a real legend," Al finished, closing his computer. And then the computer and the scanner dissolved into the air.
"The Russian legend," Jack interjected. - Al I′m not against acquaintance with Alice, but how do we understand each other. Al, I do not know Russian!
"Yes, calm down," Al said with a cheerful smile. She speaks fluent English. And many more languages. And besides, he knows the common cosmic language - cosmolingu. I′m sure you′ll find a common language.
And Al already wanted to make his first step to the shore, to Alice, but Jack pulled him away.
"Look," he said, and waved his hand toward the forest. "The other aliens."
El looked where Jack had pointed out, and only now saw two men coming to the shore from different directions. One was thin and dry, the other was on the contrary thick and bulky. "Wow! He said to himself. "And how I overlooked it."
"Look, again," Jack said for the second time. - The device on the tree. Black with a strap. He probably belongs to Alice. And they, for sure, want to kidnap him.
"Oh, yes, Jack!" - Al praised. - You are very observant and think quickly! Well done!
And then:
"Perhaps this device will stay with me for the time being."
Without losing more time, he stretched his hand a few meters ahead, with his long fingers he picked up a black instrument and immediately pulled him towards him. And all this happened literally in front of the noses of two men. They almost came close to the tree and were now frozen in place by surprise.
Less than five seconds, it took Ella and Jack to be at the tree that grew closest to the water. Near two men - the failed kidnappers.
- Who you are? - El asked quickly and just in case in Russian.
The aliens were silent and clapped their eyes at Ella and then at Jack.
"So they do not understand," Al said to himself. "Well, let′s learn this Cosmo Lingve."
Lifting his hand up, he thus tore both aliens from the ground, lifted them by one meter into the air and tied them with an invisible striker. Men writhed in the air, roared, wheezed, but still could not escape from the invisible paws.
"It′s useless," Al warned, opening his case computer.
It took him ten seconds to master the CosmoLing. And now he was addressing prisoners in a language they understood. But in response to him flew only their discontent and curses. I had to catch all the necessary information from the computer.
"One is called Rat, the other is Funny," said Al Jack. "They′re space pirates." They flew to Earth to steal the mialofon. It′s simple.
"Alice is back," Jack warned.
Brontosaurus, which swam into the middle of the pond and splashed there for a while, now turned and swam to the shore. For sure, on Alice′s command.
Al saw this, looked at the pirates and said:
"We′ll hide these for now."
He bent his arm at the elbow and straightened up sharply, as if pushed something from himself. This "something" was pirates. They rushed headlong back into the forest and disappeared from view. They, as before, were hanging in the air and could not move, as if they were in an invisible air prison.
"And what do we say to Alice?" Jack asked, seeing the girl on the brontosaurus approaching the shore.
"We′ll think of something," Al said and reminded him. "Do not forget to say hello."

12-year-old Alisa Selezneva, a student of the Moscow school of the end of the 21st century, jumped off her beloved brontosaur neck and for some time caressed his little head, not noticing Ella and Jack. They went ashore and waited patiently when Alice saw them.
For some time Alisa ignored them completely, stroked her pet and called him: "My good! My Brontia! ", But then she turned back. She turned and froze in place, with surprise. Before her were two absolutely identical boys who looked at her and smiled.
"Hello, Alisa Selezneva," said Al, in Russian.
"Hello, Alice," Jack said, in English, as he had become accustomed to.
- Hello, - said Alice and also smiled. And after a pause, she asked. "Boys, I′ve never seen you here before." Who are you?
"We are your guardian angels, Alice," Al said.
Alice heard this hard thinking. For about five minutes she analyzed a strange answer, even frowned, and then she laughed gaily, exposing her beautiful white teeth:
"I understand," she said cheerfully. - This is such a sense of humor. You′re joking so, right?
Al smiled so lightly at the child′s laughter. He translated the answer to Jack, and he also smiled (for the company).
"Actually, no," Al said gravely, when Alice finished laughing.
He turned his face to the forest, extended his hand forward and made a few fluttering fingers to himself, as if beckoning some friend of his from the forest. And in response to him a strange pair emerged and stopped right in front of him. Two men: one thin and small, the other fat and large. They swore loudly and struggled desperately in the air, but they would free themselves, they could not - they hung about a meter from the ground, as if they were suspended, adorned and glued to each other.
"Dear Alisa Selezneva," El said politely. "Do you recognize these men, or not?"
Alice could not say anything for a while - she was surprised at the unexpected meeting. But very quickly she took herself in hand and nodded:
"Yes, I know," she said confidently. "They′re space pirates." Rats and Jolly W - my old acquaintances. But I do not understand…
"That′s it, they came," Al said, and took a small device from a pocket of his jacket in a black case with a strap. "They wanted to steal your mielofon." Get it back. And do not leave without supervision.
- Oh, I′m a fool! - Alice exclaimed and slapped her hand on the forehead. - Oh, you fool! How could I ?! Completely forgot! Oh my God!
"Do not worry, you," El said gently to her. - Nothing bad happened. It′s just absentmindedness. And we were close. So everything is in order now. Is not that right?
"That′s right," said Alice softly and with great gratitude looked at Ella.
Her large blue eyes were so beautiful and attractive that Al simply stared at them. And he did not say anything else. And Alice, too, was staring at her unexpected guardian angel. And stood there for several minutes without speaking.
Woke up all Jack:
"Hey friends!" he shouted. "What are we going to do with the space pirates?" They began to miss, among other things.
And that was true. Pirates who actively resisted at first, now have died down, fell silent and threw angry glances in the direction of their invaders.
- Alice, let me throw them out of Moscow, and in general from the Earth - suddenly asked with an unprecedented excitement of Al.
- Can you? - Alice asked interested.
- And how! And how! - joyfully exclaimed the alien.
He stretched his arm forward, then outlined a semicircle around his head and put his hand to the sky. Meanwhile the pirates jerked in place and as the caught fish flew even higher. Now they hung about ten meters above the ground, just above Ell′s head.
"Say goodbye to them, Alice," Al said with a smile.
"Good-bye," Alice shouted joyfully, waved and even jumped in place with admiration.
Al bent his arm at the elbow and straightened it straight. Pirates flew to the sky with incredible speed. Became a small point. Disappeared from view.
Alice looked very long into the blue cloudy sky over Moscow′s CosmoZoo, and then asked Ella:
- Where are they now?
"Do not worry, they′re already on another planet."
- On another planet? !!!!
"Do not worry, they′re alive." Just swim in a small lake.
- In a small lake? !!!
- Yes, and I see, they are already on the beach.
- You see?!!!!
- Well, yes, that′s for sure. I did not intend to kill them, but only to teach a lesson.

Alice and El talked for the second hour and did not notice it at all. We sat on the grass and talked on different topics. We looked at the Brontosaurus Brontu - talked about it; They looked around - they talked about CosmoZoo; They looked at each other - told the stories of their lives.
- So you are a space traveler! Said Al joyfully. "You know I′m also a space traveler!" And he also flew in space and got into various alterations.
- Cool! Said Alice happily. "You are my soul mate!" And on how many planets have you been?
"Not for many," Al admitted honestly. - I was expelled from my home planet Soltreks, flew several galaxies, fleeing persecution, visited the Black Hole, made a stop on the Moon and now live on Earth.
"I was not in the Black Hole, but I was on the Moon." It′s cool there. I was on the planet Five-Four, I was on the Blues, on Mars, on the planet Coleid, on Penelope and wherever else. On my native land, I too have not had a little adventure. I was in the Age of Legends and many times my life hung by a thread.
- Traveling in time, - Al nodded understandingly. - It′s great.
"Have you traveled in time, Al?" Asked Alice.
"Yes," Al nodded again. - I have special equipment for this. One day, with the help of one of the instruments, I untwisted the Earth an hour ago.
- That′s great! - Alice admired again. Then she thought about it and asked about another topic - You′re from another Earth, right? From the parallel world?
El thought. And then he nodded joyfully.
- Yes, you′re right, Alice. I and Jack from the parallel world.
Alice paid attention to Jack, who was sitting side by side and thinking about something of his own. I called him several times, but did not wait for an answer.
"Al, how did you capture Rat and Funny U?" She asked then, with cunning.
- Yes, it′s very simple. It is called the "loop of power". I throw away some of my concentrated force, it wraps around the victim′s body and tightens like a loop. It is very difficult to break out of this trap, but I can do whatever I want with my subject.
- I see, can you show me this loop right now? - Alice asked with even more cunning in her voice.
- Why do you need it?! Exclaimed El.
"Shake one comrade," Alice said quietly and pointed to Jack.
El instantly understood everything. He pulled his loop, threw it on Jack and jerked it up. Yes, it turned out abruptly, that Jack already, flew up twenty meters. Of course, this brought him to life. And how. Al heard a lot of curses, in his address and address Alice, too. They made fun of Jack, and he cursed on their heads.
When he was put on the ground, he first attacked with fists on Ella. And since Alice was still laughing at him, she also went to her. Jack knocked the girl on the grass and began to brake her by the shoulders. Only after she asked in English: "Jack, I give up! Do not do this anymore! ", He began to come to his senses.
He gave her a hand, helped me to get up and conciliatory said:
"Alice, I′m sorry if I hurt you-I did not want to." Actually, I even like you.
"Thank you, Jack." She thanked Alice and bowed politely. - I like you too.
"And it′s very effective, yes," said Al, from behind him. - You immediately returned to us.

"I want to communicate with you two," said Alice, looking at the two identical Stenderers and sitting with her back to the pond. - So that everyone took part in our conversation.
After a pause, she asked:
"You′re Al and Jack ... Stendery, are not you?"
They nodded in return.
"Stendery - what a beautiful name," Alice said. "Jack, I know Al alien from another planet, so the question is to you: you′re an American."
"Yes, I′m an American," Jack agreed.
- And where? - Alice asked, with even more interest.
- I was born in Arizona, and now I live in the state of California, Los Angeles.
"Los Angeles," Alice repeated and smiled. - A good city.
- You were there?
- No, but I read a lot about it. More than once I was going to visit there, but all my hands did not reach.
"It does not matter, your hands will reach," Jack said.
- Alice, and in America you were? Al asked.
And Alice, and Al, and Jack - all spoke English. And between them there were no barriers.
"Only a few times and very briefly," she confessed. - I was in New York a couple of times, once in Chicago, in Miami, I was 4 times already (I love it!), I was in San Francisco and more .. more .. where ... in Detroit (almost on the road, 30 minutes ).
Alice smiled, shrugged her shoulders and said:
- We were there with the class on excursions. Then I traveled by myself and flew with friends for the company.
- You, probably, know, that from itself, America represents today? Al asked. "What is she like?" What kind of people are there? What are they doing? How do they live?
El asked with a sincere smile - and Alice smiled. And, of course, she told me everything she knew about modern America:
- America is a beautiful country. Of course, she does not compare with Russia, but she tries very hard and every year becomes more beautiful. There are a lot of trees, gardens, lots of ancestral estates and there are no harmful plants and pipes. People there are friendly, sociable. Many live outside the city, many in the cities. Some manage, others work on the ground. Both those and others are satisfied. On all the hard or uninteresting jobs are busy robots - people are in charge of them. There are no harmful industries that pollute nature. Americans have used other safe forms of energy for more than 60 years. It′s a good idea to plant trees there. They even compete among themselves, who will plant how many trees. What else to tell - everything is as they are everywhere: on the roads, electric vehicles fly on air cushions, flyers fly by the air, in the cities there are a lot of trees, bushes and gardens. Of course, there are slums, poor people and bandits, but they all live underground and there are very few of them.
When she finished her story, Alice heard applause. Both Al and Jack were so inspired by her story that they could not stand it and clapped their hands.
"You′re a great storyteller, Alice," Al said to her. - I could very well succeed in the literary field.
"Thank you, thank you," she said.
And Jack asked the following question:
"Alice, what year is it now?"
- 2184, - immediately answered Alice. - And what?
"Wow! Thought Jack. "How far gone!"
His look expressed surprise, but Alice and Al did not notice it. They already talked on another topic.
- And you, from what year have arrived? Asked Alice.
- 1975, - immediately betrayed Al.
"What an antiquity," said Alice in surprise.
"Precisely, antiquity!" Al agreed.
And they laughed gaily, over this joke.
And then switched to another topic:
"Al, how did you come to our world from your world?"
- Everything is very simple. Not far from this place there is a portal door, it leads to our world. Or rather not quite into our world. This is the crossroads of the worlds. It′s called "Favorite Characters". This intersection is located in my Suitcase - a super-giant storage of resources, technologies and other things. But the Suitcase already leads to our world.
Alice heard a lot of words from this short explanation and could ask a million more questions. But she asked only one. Foremost.
- Al, you said "Favorite characters". I leave someone′s favorite character, right?
"Yes," Al agreed. - In our world you are a very popular character in children′s world literature. The author is Kir Bulychev. He is a Soviet science fiction writer.
"Kir Bulychev," Alice repeated. "And he wrote a lot about me."
"A lot," Al smiled. - More than forty works. Stories and novels. This is his fantasy called "A hundred years ahead." He wrote it a year ago. The fifth book is about you. Now there are not many of them, but then ...
"There will be more," Alice finished for him.
"That′s right," Al nodded, happily. - There will be films, and cartoons, and even plays in the theater about you. You will have many admirers in Russia and abroad, and even now (by the way, speaking) there are a lot of them.
Alice was not very surprised to hear this, but still such news was slightly shocking. She remained silent for several minutes and came to herself. And then she asked:
"Al, and how do you know so much about me?"
"With the help of this cute little thing," Al said, and handed her his all-knowing computer in its open form.
He sat down on a small mound, next to Alice, unfolded the computer so that it was convenient for her to look, and acquainted Alice Seleznev with his database.

On the computer screen, books appeared in the order they were written. "Girl with whom nothing will happen," "Rusty Lieutenant′s Island", "Reserve of Fairy Tales", "Alice′s Birthday", "Lilac Ball", etc. Date of writing books appeared, and then from a computer column a pleasant soft voice told a summary of the book. These messages were very short (only 2 minutes), but very informative. Alice instantly grasped the main idea of the book and "read" on.
She listened to exactly 20 such messages, and then asked Ella to stop her car.
- Uh-uh-f! - Alisa sighed heavily. "We must rest!"
Her head was very loaded with information about herself, and she needed rest. She looked up at the sky and said:
"Al, honestly, I do not know how this is possible." Some of the adventures are unfamiliar to me, but there was something ... and THAT. I have had many different things, but what is happening now ... this is one of the brightest events of my life. I suddenly find out that my life was invented by some Kir Bulychev and I am a character of a children′s adventure book! But I′m a real girl! I feel, breathe, see, hear, walk - I′m not a puppet in someone′s hands!
Her last sentence sounded like a question and her eyes were directed at Ella. And he, of course, supported her:
"It′s all right, Alice," he said softly and smiled. "You′re a living girl." This is your world. And at all you are not a puppet in the hands of Kira Bulychev.
Alice was very excited, but glancing at Ella relaxed a little:
"Or maybe I just do not know this person yet," she said. "The machine of time was built a long time ago." Perhaps in the future we will get acquainted with him, and he will write, or rather already wrote, books about my adventures. Maybe these books lie under my nose, I just was not looking.
"Bravo," Al complimented. - This is a good explanation. Perhaps it is.
- Well, what kind of explanation do you give? - Alice asked with a curious smile, throwing her head back and practically laying down on the green grass.
"What explanation?" Al asked, thoughtfully.
"Well, yes, an explanation." What do you think about this. After all, probably, something you think. It is so?
El put aside his case computer and smiled at her:
"That′s right," he said, and paused.
"Well, come on, Al!" Do not pull! I want to know your point of view! Alice almost whimpered.
She was finally lying on the grass. And she only wanted one thing: that the lovely stranger spoke and spoke. Under his pleasant, light voice came relaxation. Well, then, Alice was just curious.
"All right," Al said, and smiled, looking at the lying girl. "If you want my explanation, get it." And you can add to yours. I believe that every writer is a kind of receiver. He receives signals from other worlds. He intuitively feels life. And it does not matter where it is - in the past, in the future, or in a parallel universe - the human mind knows no boundaries and conventions. By the power of his imagination, by the power of thought, he sees those events and writes them down in the form of stories, novels, novels. Here′s my point of view. And I also think that everyone can see this, but very few people use it.
"Ah, what a good explanation you have," said Alice, and stretched in bliss. "And as you say well!" I′m so cool!
"Next, shall we look?" - Al asked, looking at the computer lying on the grass.
"In five minutes," said Alice. - Now I just want to rest. A lot of information. Need to relax.
El sat closer to her and with a smile suggested:
"Can I help you?"
Alice opened her eyes and looked at him with a smile.
"What are you going to help me with?" She asked.
"I′ll help you relax," Al said. - I know some biological points on the human body. Easy massage - and in just a few seconds you′ll be even fresh than before we met.
He spoke so temptingly that Alice could not resist. In the depths of her soul, she knew that she knew nothing about these points, and Ella did not even know, but for some reason she wanted to trust her.
- Well, what do I have to do? She asked eagerly. "Lie down on your back, or it will do." Completely undress, or not?
She was ready for that. Say he - in a moment, undress. There was such wonderful magic in him, such a fascination - Alice could trust him with her most secret secrets. But he just laughed. It′s fun and sonorous.
- No, no, Alisochka, I like you very much in clothes. And biologically active points are all on your face.
"Lie still." Close your eyes, if you want. Do not ask me anything. Now everything will come.
Alice did exactly as Al said. She lay quietly, closed her eyes, and did not speak. I felt pleasant tickling touch to my face from all sides. And she noted how much easier it was for her after these touches. This was comparable to unloading stones. And these stones were taken from Alice. Easier, easier, even easier. At some point, it became so easy and good that she wanted to scream with pleasure. And then it got even better and did not even want to scream. El was right - Alice never felt this way herself - so easily and freely. As if she was born anew at this moment. No, it was born for the first time, as if all of its 12 years were just a preparation for this wonderful moment.

Alice opened her eyes and stared at Ella for a long time. And she was silent. I did not do anything. And she did not want to do it. And I thought only of one thing. How much this guy is beautiful, how much he likes it.
"A wizard," she said, and stroked his hand gently. - How did you do this?
- What did you do? Massage? Al smiled.
"It′s not a massage, it′s a real miracle," said Alice, not stopping to look Ella in the eye and smile. "I′ve never felt better myself."
"Take me, please, in your arms," she said. "I′m so soft that I can not get up."
She lied to Alice. She could get up. Could run. Could jump. I could swim this pond six times in one direction and six times in another. She just really wanted Al to take her in his arms.
Al did not blame her for this. He gently raised Alice Seleznev from the ground and laid him on his lap.
- That′s better? Al asked.
"A lot," said Alice, stroking his face tenderly.
"You know," she said after a while. - It seems that I fell in love. Sounds like nonsense, right? I′m a scientist! I do not believe in love at all! I had so many adventures! I did not want to fall in love with anyone - I have affairs on my throat! But you came and ... I do not know ... I have, fingertips tingles, my heart is anxious and my head thinks only of you!
"Ah, Alice, Alice," Al sighed bitterly. "I think I screwed up again." I should not have come here.
"No, no," said Alice anxiously. "You taught me one very important thing." I′ve always thought that love is not for me. I was arrogant and did not understand much, and you opened my eyes.
"Alice, we have no future," Al said seriously. - I′m an alien from Saltrex, and you′re a young girl from Earth (and a character). You will have so many adventures and acquaintances in your life - all doors are open to you. I am an eternal exile, wherever I come. I′m not human and my life will never end. Where is it good? Who needs it?
- Me, I need it! - she exclaimed. - I really need it! And you! You, too, it′s necessary! We should be together! Al and Alice!
El did not know what to say and was silent. Silence and Alice. So they were silent. Five minutes. Then Alice asked:
"Promise you′ll come back to me again." Early, or late - it does not matter - the main thing, you′ll arrive.
"I promise I′ll fly," Al swore immediately, not knowing why.
Alice immediately embraced his neck. And whispered:
- Now I am calm. You will never break your word. I know it.

Recovering herself, Alice immediately realized. What about decency. The daughter of the well-known scientist, Seleznev, is lying in the arms of some outsider boy. It could have been seen by CosmoZoo′s employees, classmates, or his father himself (he could have come here, to his beloved daughter). Finally, Jack. What would he think? After all, he is closest to Alice and Ella.
Alice immediately began to turn her head in all directions. But her fears were in vain. No employees were near, classmates those more, the father and at the same time, Jack sat on the grass and his arms around his knees were completely absorbed in his thoughts. Even his beloved Brontia sailed far from the shore and did not look at her at all.
Alice looked at Ella again and smiled. And he looked at her and did not part with a smile. They were silent, looked each other in the face and smiled. So another five minutes passed.
Finally, Alice gave up.
"Let′s go back to Alice Selezneva and Kira Bulychev," she suggested and immediately substantiated. Tired of inaction. And look at each other still have time.

Another thirty minutes Alice studied creativity about herself. Studied and smiled. I read several articles, watched dozens of pictures, and then moved on to films and cartoons.
I was very glad when I watched The Secret of the Third Planet:
- Wow, what a good cartoon! - she said. - Alice - just lovely! She conveys my character well. Not all of course, but she does a lot! Well done!
But she was really shocked by her films "Guest from the Future" and "Purple Ball". Episodes from these films, Alice looked through several times. And she was silent. She looked and was silent. And then she asked:
- Al who is this girl ?! Say please! Tell me, tell me! I know you all know about it!
And she pointed to the dark-haired, big-eyed Alice, who at that moment arrived at the Time Institute and bent over the killed robot Werther. On the computer screen she had a very sad expression on her face, and a thin hand touched the stillly lying blond man dressed in a silver suit. Real Alice was very important to know who played it there - in this film, and from this she even became capricious.
Al replied with an unflappable smile:
- This girl′s name is Natasha Guseva. She will star in the films of director Pavel Arsenov and screenwriter Kira Bulychev in 1985 and 1987.
"Guest from the future" and "Lilac balloon" are films where she will play you, Alice. She will have other roles, but eventually she will leave the movie. And he will never regret it.
El paused thoughtfully, and then asked with a sparkle in his eyes:
- Do you like her?
- And how! - Alice immediately blurted out. - She′s so cool! She plays so well! Such a live, so bright - I did not expect that someone will play me so cool THERE !!!!
"Honestly, Al, I could not imagine anything better," said Alice, calming down a little. - This girl ... Natasha, like my sister from another world. I immediately felt a kindred spirit in her. Her eyes, her smile - I fell in love for the second time !!! I wish I met her! Al, tell me honestly, we can meet her! With Natasha Guseva!
"Of course," Al nodded. - Why not? If you really want, you will definitely meet.
"But she′s from another world!" How can we meet?!
Alice whimpered again. And after a couple of seconds calmed down.
"Alisa Selezneva, stop doubting you," Al said gravely. "Drop all your academic degrees." Forget what they told you. Just believe. Understand, the Universe surrounds you. The Real Universe. The same real as our universe, or someone else′s. And for the universe there is no impossible. Take at least you and me.
Al made a special pause, waited for a smile on Alice′s face and finished:
"Maybe you′ll fly to the past and find Natasha there." Maybe I′ll come to you with her in an embrace. Or she will find you. The main thing - believe.
"I like it," said Alice with a blissful smile.
Her mood improved. It became easy. It was like throwing a heavy bag off your shoulders. A bag of stupid doubts and questions. Instead of them came confidence and calm. It became good.

The computer case of Ella was closed and left. Now Alice was interested in another topic. Jack. The second Stendery was forgotten and now remembered.
Jack was sitting side by side, but he paid no attention to anyone. He sat with his hands clasped around his knees and a blissful smile played on his lips. He was present in this world, but only partially. Part of his essence was, somewhere beyond the perceptible space. And Jack had gone so far into himself that he did not notice anything that surrounded him. Did not notice the inconvenience. I did not notice that he has been sitting here for several hours and does not change his position at all.
"Again, shake it," Al suggested.
"No, what are you? - Alice waved her away. "Why should anyone interfere?" Better let′s listen. Very interesting, what was he thinking about this? "
And she threw a short, cunning glance at myelophone.

Jack was thinking about Alex. Represented how he would sit down on his Elkon and go to the Jefferson school. Represented how he would meet her. As he embraces his beloved girl, and they will talk about everything in a row. And then they will go to a huge house at Beverly Hills
"Really, why not? Jack asked himself. "El′s right." Why should I hope for fun ?! I have to find Alex! I must go to her myself! Go first! "
Jack imagined this meeting. Here he approaches the school. And if more precisely to the school park. He is big. There are many tall green trees, shrubs and flower beds. And children play there. It′s full of children. They come here even during the summer holidays. Here and now, Jack, as if he heard their laughter, gay chatter, noise and din. And then I saw their faces. Happy, mischievous, cunning, carefree. And looking for a face that was the nicest of all and more expensive.
Very quickly found her. He came very quickly and began a conversation. He told, told and told. And she listened, listened and listened. She did not ask anything about where he was, as if they had only last seen each other yesterday. She looked into Jack′s eyes and smiled. And he was smiling, looking into her soft blue eyes. I held her hands in my hands and felt their lightness and warmth.
He seemed to be transferred to another world. And everything was so real that Jack forgot about everything. I forgot Ella, Suitcases, Alice Seleznev. He was there. With Alex. And nothing bothered him, no one needed it.

Alice was at a loss. She closed the appliance and looked at Ella in search of support.
"Al, there it is!" I do not even know ... it′s so ... want to listen ?!
"No, thank you," Al refused with a polite smile. "I already know what this guy thinks." About his friend Alex. He thinks of her constantly.
- Constantly?! Alice was even more surprised. - Does he have such thoughts CONSTANTLY ?!
"Well, not like that," Al objected. "But I must note his significant progress in his thoughts." Previously, she was just his dream, and now he already wants to meet her.
Alice was seething with indignation:
"Al, how can you not understand ?!" He′s going crazy now! He is no longer part of this world - he said goodbye to him! Save it! Save your friend! IMMEDIATELY!
El instantly understood everything and nodded. He looked at his friend Jack and at the same moment the boy who was sitting, clasping his knees, unclasped his arms, stretched his legs in front of him, lay down on the grass and closed his eyes. He plunged into a deep, deep sleep.
"It′s hypnosis," Alice asked.
Al nodded.
"He′s going to sleep now." And then he will wake up vigorously, and full of energy. And tell us everything.

Jack slept for about twenty minutes and began to awaken only when the first twilight began to fall on Cosmosoo. During this time, Alice went somewhere in the forest. Al did not catch up with her, she did not tell her anything and did not interfere at all. He decided that the girl needed rest and left her alone with herself.

"How are you feeling, Jack?" - Alice asked when the boy opened his eyes. - Everything is fine?
"Thank you, Alisa Selezneva," Jack thanked. - Everything is fine.
He sat down on the grass and smiled. Then he rubbed his forehead.
"Uh, I think I was so dreamy that I did not notice how I was out," Jack said, puzzled. - It happens that way.
"Forgive me, Jack, I cut you off," Alisa confessed. - That is not me. In general, you constantly thought about this girlfriend Alex and already feared for your health. No matter how crazy you are. Forgive me please.
Jack stared at her for a while, very seriously. And then he laughed gaily. And he slapped friendly on the shoulder.
"Thank you for taking care of Alice," he said. "I will not go crazy dreaming about Alex."
And very seriously told both. Both Ella and Alice.
- Guys, I′m a real person. And I understand that it′s stupid to dream and do nothing for your dreams.
He got to his feet and continued:
"If it comes to that, I′ll say something else." You were right, Al. You were very right. Better is one day of righteousness than a hundred days of lies. I do not want to sit and wait for more. I want to find my Alex. I want to be with her.
He held out his hand to Ella:
"Get up, my friend, Al." I want to look for her right now. Leave this dimension, get out of the suitcase and let′s look for my Alex on your computer. Of course, if you help me. Will you help me?
"How can I help you?" - said El is pleased.
He took Jack′s hand and also rose to his feet. They smiled and looked at each other. Then they looked at Alice and grew sad:
"I′m sorry, Alice," Jack said. "But we must say goodbye."
"We′re leaving," Al said. "How sad it is not."
"You′re not going anywhere!" Said Alice seriously. And she folded her hands on her chest with a lock. "Without my presents."

- Gifts ?! Jack asked in surprise.
"That′s it, gifts," Alice smiled. - For memory. From the Moscow schoolgirl Alisa Selezneva. From the parallel world.
She put her hand into the pocket of her overalls and took out a bracelet of yellow dandelions. This pretty herb adorned her arm. Probably Alice wove it when she went into the forest. Made it for Jack.
She went up to him and dressed, this bracelet on the boy′s left arm. And then she said:
- Jack, I really love to weave flowers of different wreaths and bracelets. I made this one for you. For good luck.
She paused.
- Jack, I really want you to realize your dream - found Alex and was happy with her. I believe that everything will be so.
Again a pause.
- Remember me sometimes, and.
Jack hugged Alice without words. And for a long time did not let go. And then he lifted the bracelet to his eyes and looked at it with pleasure.
From the bracelet a pleasant dandelion aroma emanated and as if some kind of warmth. Jack showed a gift to Ella and talked about his feelings.
"I′m sorry," he told his friend. - Soon these flowers will wither and this beauty will fall apart.
"It will not fall apart," said Al, confidently.
Did some manipulation by hand. Smiled
"I added life to your bracelet," he explained. - Now these flowers will please you with their fragrance and warmth for at least a hundred years.

"Al, come here," Alice asked. - Now it′s your turn.
Al submissively made several steps to the blond girl. And he froze in anticipation.
She pulled a small notebook out of her pocket and said:
"I love drawing, Al." I really love to draw. Probably, this is my second favorite pastime after wreaths.
She opened the notebook on the first page and handed it to the stranger.
He took pleasure in viewing the picture that was depicted there. I was pleased to note that it was carried out very professionally. Alice Selezneva, who was sitting on her lap, was drawn there. They looked at each other and smiled. And Alice had one of her hair curls on her face, so she turned out to be very funny (probably it was an accidental dash that Alice simply could not remove). Al and Alice were very similar to their originals, although they were very small and executed only with a pencil. Ella really liked this drawing.
He turned the page and found another drawing. Al, Alice and Jack are standing arm in arm and behind them Brontëa is pulling her long neck. He turned the sheet again and found a new drawing. And one more. And further. And further. Al and Alice are flying on a spaceship, through the Universe. Al and Alisa go to visit each other. On the one hand, the world of Ella, on the other hand the world of Alice, and between them the door. The door is open, and they meet each other with wide arms outstretched. The last figure depicts Alice, who gives Ella a bouquet of flowers. And it was written in beautiful letters: "I believe - all your dreams will come true, Al!" Below the signature: "Your friend Alice Seleznev." Her personal signature was smaller than all the other words, but she was very beautiful.
Alice stood a long pause, so that Al could look at all the pictures, and then told a secret:
- I got such inspiration there, that I drew and painted. And the last drawing (she hesitated) - the time for another bracelet no longer remained, so I decided to give you a bouquet of flowers in this drawing.
"Thank you, Alice," Al said. "It′s a wonderful gift."
Alice took another pause.
"Al, there′s something else about this drawing." I think I′ve guessed your main dream. I do not know how, I just felt it. I think you want to become a human being. And you want to have a daughter. Like me. I understood it from your eyes. Tell me I′m right? Well, at least a little?
"Absolute one hundred percent hit," Al admitted, with a smile on his lips.
"Well, that′s it," said Alice, smiling to the ears. - I wish you Al Stenderi, that your dream come true. I want you to become a man. And I want you to have a beautiful daughter. I want it with all my heart. And I ask you to accept my notepad with drawings. Let it be your talisman. Jack has a bracelet, you have my notebook. Let it help your dream come true. I′ll be very glad of that.
El hugged Alice, and she hugged him. And they did not separate for a long time.

Al and Jack went to the side and ordered Alice not to go anywhere, surrounded themselves with a sphere of soundproofing. It was a transparent sphere, completely invisible and not hindering anything. Its main advantage was that the sound that formed inside it did not go anywhere. Alice could not hear them. Meanwhile, they discussed a very important topic:
"We need to give something to Alice," Al said. "You can not leave without thanking her for such cool gifts."
"I support," Jack said. - Just?
- Something that will be remembered. Than you can right now please her.
Al and Jack thought at the same time. And for a long time they were silent
Then Jack said:
"I know how I can please her right now.
Al waited patiently.
- I want to say to her: "Alisa Selezneva, you are very beautiful, kind and sensitive girl! I′m glad that I met you! I will always remember you, Alisochka! "But I want to say this in Alice′s native language. In Russian. Al teach me how to say it in Russian.
Al smiled so sweetly. Slowly said these phrases in Russian. And again, when Jack asked. And again and again I repeated. Listened to Jack and corrected his pronunciation.
The persistence of Jack was simply fascinating. He tried already 40 times and still did not give up. Repeated and repeated. I refused hypnosis, but I wanted to learn all the words myself.
Working with Jack, El came up with a gift on his behalf. And when Jack announced that he was ready, he took off the soundproof dome. Said he was ready, too. And the happy guys moved to the unsuspecting Alice.

"Alice Selezneva," Jack said very confidently. - You are beautiful, kind and chutkaya girl!
He took Alice′s hands and looked into her blue eyes. The first phrases went easily, but the farther he looked at Alice, the more he strayed and made more mistakes
"I′m in charge of tamu, that post .. I got used to the taboo!" Iiiia ... ityiyai ... iaayyai ... buttututu ... iaaia ... bu ... ...
Feeling that he was completely nonsense, Jack blushed with shame. He lowered his eyes. He put his hand on his forehead. He was very uncomfortable.
A few minutes passed. Alice was still waiting. Jack, feeling that he had to finish again looked at her. I did not think about what I would say - I just wanted to say something
He threw all his fears back, opened his mouth and said without thinking:
"I will always remember you, Alisochka!"
He did not understand how it happened. It just turned out all. He said calmly, without hesitation, in pure Russian.
Alice was simply amazed. For a long time she clapped her eyes and said nothing, and then hugged, laughed and thanked.

Al said to Alice:
"Alice, I will always remember you, like Jack." I′ll keep your notebook. Often I will look through. But you gave me another idea. The idea that I′m happy to use. If I become a man, and I have a daughter, I will call her Alice, in your honor.
"It′s very nice to know," Alice could only say.
He embraced the girl, and she hugged him.
"Be happy Alice and let everything be wonderful," Al said.
"You too," said Alice. "I wish you to become a man." And I wish your daughter. And I wait for you on a visit. Al and Alice Stendery. Already wait for you I can not.

Al and Jack made their way back to the exit door. We walked through the forest and talked.
- And we′ll see Alice someday? Jack asked.
"Perhaps," Al replied shortly.
"Does she recognize us?"
"Not through this door."
"What does that mean, Al?"
- And then it means. In this world, everything will remain as it was. Alice Selezneva and her adventures. Tomorrow she will not remember our faces. Pirates will steal a mialophone - Alice will fly into the past. These are the laws of this world. We are here something like an insertion picture. But since all three of us wanted this story to continue (and I even promised), a new door with the name "Al, Jack and Alice" is now our joint fantasy. Everything is different there. Mialofon is in place, Alice does not fly into the past, pirates on another planet and it′s not known when they will fly away from her. In this world, Alice will be waiting for us. In this world I will one day return with her daughter Alice Stenderi. Whom I′ll meet there - a young schoolgirl, a mature woman, a sweet old woman - this is the only God knows.
"Cool, Al, I′ll go with you," Jack said happily.
Al stopped on the spot and looked at his friend seriously. Smiled.
"I′m afraid not, Jack," he said. "I′m going on this trip without you."
"Why else?" Jack immediately jumped up
- Firstly, I still do not know when this trip will be. And secondly, it will not be easy to find this door
"This place is more detailed," Jack said more gently.
- Imagine a huge roulette wheel. Ooohorionnoe. Miriardy holes. So much that you will never count. And now you throw the ball. You need to drop one hole you need. But your chances are insignificant.
"Is this place ..."
"No, Jack." This is the whole point. It does not work for you. This measurement is the only one in my suitcase that guides my game. It does not give out the right doors - it just shuffles them from time to time. Maybe because of the fact that there are countless of them here. This is the biggest dimension in my entire Suitcase. It′s almost as big as the Suitcase itself.
"All I want to say," El summed up. "I can search for this door for several hours, or a few years." I do not presume to judge, Jack, but I think you just will not sit out.

Chapter 9. Jack and the Cub of Harridika.
Al and Jack flew among the white clouds for as long as two hours. Al walked ahead. He did not have an arbillium board, or Elcon, he just flew white clouds, like a bird, like a comet. For this flight, he used his personal resources, so flew unusually fast. Jack only had to catch up with him. The flying board, which, in general, had a high speed, lost Ella in this flight and spun far into the tail.
Jack was already thinking about stopping the chase. He was tired. It was not possible to catch up with Ella, standing in one position was tired, admiring the clouds too. Jack shouted after him, but every time he did not receive an answer. More than fifty attempts and all to no avail.
"In short, you fly where you want to," he decided firmly for himself. - I passed. I′ll fly better to Alekers. And you do your business. " Deciding, so he gave a mental signal to the board, and she immediately stopped. But strangely enough, El stopped.
"Do not worry, we′ll look to her, but later," Al promised, approaching.
"Explain to me why this chase was needed?" For what? We quarreled, huh?
Jack was very unhappy. He waited for answers.
Al was calm and smiling, as always.
"I was looking for one door," he explained. - And he wanted to find her quickly.
"What other door," said Jack, amazed. "Why did you look for her?"
Instead of answering, Al pointed with his finger down.
Jack looked down and saw there was a white door standing on a cloud of a bowl.
"What′s special about this door?" Jack asked.
Al waved down and dived directly onto the cloud - a bowl.
Jack, without thinking twice, sent his board down.

"Well, the door is like a door," Jack did not understand. - You yourself said you have 200 pieces. That you could not find the door closer? It was necessary to fly to this through the whole suitcase.
"This door is special," Al said, happily. "Do you notice anything unusual about it?"
"What′s unusual about her, Al?" The door is white. On the cloud. There is no wall around it. What else?
"Oh," Al said sadly. "You′re not observant."
He approached her closer and pointed a finger at the doorknob.
- Door knob. What colour.
Jack looked closely.
"It′s dark red." What does it mean?
Al did not say a word, went to the door. He turned the knob and whispered something. But he did not open the door, but stepped aside.
- Now what color is the door handle? - he asked.
"Silvery," Jack said in a very surprised voice. - And what is it?!
"It′s a special door." Switch. With it, you can access any of the 200 rooms.
- To any ?! Jack was surprised.
"Yeah," Al nodded.
He opened the door and before the amazed Jack appeared a black tunnel with many colored doors.
"Favorite characters," he introduced. - You are welcome. Come on, enjoy.
He closed the door. He turned the knob. Something whispered. It was opened and Jack was surprised to see the sandy shore and the blue surface of the water.
"The best places to rest," he said. "There are five doors." Five options for recreation. Islands in the ocean, Green valleys, Space adventures, Glaciers and dungeons (for romantics) and Cloud city.
I closed it again and opened the door. Jack saw the light. He entered the door after Ell and found himself in a huge circular hall. Not just huge, but HUGE. Its diameter was one kilometer. And everywhere there were doors. Different colors and from all sides. The door from which Jack and Al came out was in the very center of the room.
"I call this place just" The Living Room, "Al said, with a smile. "This is the place from where visitors from other worlds come to the Suitcase." There are 500 doors. For every other world, or several worlds. Guests arrive on holidays, festivals, parties. Now they have a calm, for some reason. Let′s get Jack out of here - in a minute it can become so crowded that you will not get through.

- Well, I showed you how the door works - further you yourself. Do not be bored here.
Having said this, Al is ready, was to jump off the cloud, but Jack grabbed him by the shoulder:
"Al, where are you going?"
"I′m going to look for furniture for our new house." In the store, I saw a few good options - I think I′ll find everything that we need here.
- And what about me?
"Jack - this door offers great opportunities." I think you will not have time for boredom here.
"But I do not even know what to expect, from your door." Well, let three of them I saw. But what about the rest?
"Wait," Al said. Caught in the hand something silvery and flat, like a new device. I gave it to Jack. - Take it. Now you will understand. This is the catalog of the White Doors of the Case.
Jack looked at the strange gift with surprise. And when he looked up, Ella was no longer on the cloud.
Jack examined the device that Al handed him. He recalled the small-sized square piece of silver with very even edges, although Jack did not feel the gravity. There was a handle on the bottom for holding, and it was very convenient. It was possible to put the device on your hand, than Jack immediately and took advantage. And then he found a wheel on the side, turned it and the device turned on. A small screen flashed on a smooth square panel and a soft female voice said: "Thank you very much for using our electronic catalog" F21ZX0005 ". The version "F21ZX0005" has a large electronic memory, a screen for presentations and the latest voice control. For your convenience, the entire directory is fully sounded and automatically selects your native language. Your native language is English, right? "The instrument fell silent for a few seconds. Not knowing if it was a question, or a feature of the program, Jack, just in case, answered: "It′s all right, English." "You have entered the main menu of the electronic catalog-directory program" F21ZX0005 ", - immediately answered Jack′s sweet voice. - What are you interested in?"
"I′m interested in white doors amid the clouds." Tell me about these doors.
The screen flashed and gave out two hundred small cells in the form of white doors, each under a specific number. The voice said:
- Spacious doors. They connect the Case with other worlds. Total amount: 200 pieces. Name the number of the door you need, or simply poke it with your finger, after which the electronic directory-catalog "F21ZX0005" will provide all the information you need.
Jack at random jabbed the door number "6".
On the screen of the device, this door immediately opened, the screen became dark, flashed again and showed several kinds of small round room, which was lit by a dim lamp, and which contained 10 doors around the edges.
"The vanished galaxy," the voice announced. - 10 doors. Sorina, Alcala, Chappa 6, Arbillada, Ostrozubets, Kamen, Malaya EnergoNova, Big EnergoNova, Shershnevas. There are no living planets. The oxygen necessary for humans is available only on 3 planets. It is used to obtain resources and nothing more.
Jack heard the familiar word - "Arbillade" and before this word everything faded. I remembered Ell′s story about the "arbillium boards" and how he wanted to look at the planet where the metal is lighter than air. Now I wanted a hundred times stronger. And Jack would certainly have jerked into the "Disappeared Galaxy" if at the last moment he had not remembered that there was no oxygen on the Arbillad.
After saying goodbye to this idea, Jack jabbed his finger at random. And got into the room in the door number "171".
- Galaxy "The Light of Miradras". 5 doors. "Miradras", "Silkas", "Ripira", "Sartaras", "Vaduy"
Sartarasa, Jack thought immediately. - Homeland of the Alekors. And a place where she is forbidden to return on pain of death. You can and see this planet. One time. Later.
"Number 14," Jack asked. "What′s with her?"
"The Game Room," the computer answered immediately.
- One room? Jack asked in surprise.
"Absolutely," the computer answered. "One door and one room behind it."
"Is this some special room?"
- Absolutely right. Behind the door is a huge game park. Total area of 57 trillion kilometers. Access to 423 trillion of the most popular games of the universe.
"Wow," Jack said. - Play, do not beat.
Deciding to think about this room a little later, Jack immediately called a new figure:
- "73". What is there?
"Underwater room," the computer announced.
"Again the room?" Jack asked.
"Yes," answered the computer. "One door is one room."
- A room that is flooded with water.
"That′s right, but not just the room." This is a great underwater measurement. The entrance to it is one half-submerged room. Room in the underwater skyscraper. Skyscraper in an underwater city. There are dungeons and several structures above the water.
"Are there any dangers?"
- Lots of. The city is full of underwater monsters and fish-killers. In the dungeons of the mutants who used to be residents of this city. On the surface there are a lot of hunter hunters, and predatory creatures who have adapted to live in the open sky.
"All right, I′ll deal with this room later," Jack said to himself. And the computer gave out: - "101"
"The air room," said the computer.
"Oh, my God!" Jack said to himself. "How lucky I am!"
He did not listen to the computer further. He interrupted him in mid-sentence, and asked the following question:
"How many rooms?" Air, underwater, game - one dimension behind one white door - how much ?!
- Total "47", - the computer answered and left only doors - rooms on its screen. - Do you want an accurate description of each?
- No, I have no desire. It takes a very long time. So I′ll just listen to you and see nothing, "Jack said, honestly. - You can disable this directory.
The screen immediately turned off and the catalog directory again turned into a square piece of silver. And soon he disappeared altogether, since Jack did not feel any more need for him.
"Let′s move on to practice," Jack said to himself, walking to the door and taking hold of her pen.

Carefully remembering all that, did Al, when he called the rooms, Jack turned the knob and asked "Let me have a game room in front of me." He pushed the door away from himself, and a happy smile shone on his face. Directly in front of him was a huge game park. Here and there were slot machines, special tents and houses, artificially made platforms are unknown for what purposes.
Jack with interest crossed the threshold of the door and directly from a white cloud moved to the "game room" - the largest entertainment park in the entire suitcase.

He had been walking about this room for half an hour, he had seen many things, but he was not very interested. And he did not play in anything yet. And far from his door, too, did not go away, so as not to get lost.
"Is it always so quiet here?" Jack asked, holding the wrist of his left hand to his lips.
On his arm was a miniature computer-guide attached. Black, round, with a special strap. Jack requested such an information device as soon as he entered the room. Asked questions, received answers and never complained. Questions the computer received through a small microphone. His answers with extensive comments were impossible not to hear.
"The statement is wrong," the computer began with a nasty grin. - There are a lot of people here. Small and large. People and aliens from other dimensions. There are times of calm, of course, but they are extremely rare. The probability that now one of these quiet is very small. Most likely, the Guardian of Alekors again arranged a break for herself. You know, as they say in the suitcase: "If everything is quiet, if there are no guests anywhere, Alekorsa took a vacation, well, God (as they say) with her!"
The computer laughed disgustingly:
- You know this is already practically the folklore of the suitcase. There are special authorities that track its work and the number of such "breaks". She beats all conceivable records. Some people have already begun to doubt the feasibility of such a right, Alekorsy. Why should she give an opportunity for an unlimited break during work, if ...
"You know a lot about her," Jack boiled. - You talk a lot, you′re tired already! Do it now!
The computer was so boring to him that Jack already regretted that he had ordered such a guide.
He pointed it to the first pad that appeared in the form of a large cube of transparent plastic and pressed the scan button. The computer immediately released a red beam-scanner, ran through the entire cube and went out by itself.
"What′s in front of me?" He asked.
- Before you a series of games "In the footsteps of Lara Croft." 27 best games about Lara Croft. You can play through the computer, you can play in virtual reality. A special suit with sensors and you in this cube will survive all that Lara experienced. You will jump from huge heights to the sea depths, you will find hiding places and treasures, shoot hordes of enemies on your way. There is a large selection of weapons: from a tiny ladies′ pistol to a powerful energy rifle. A wide choice of transport: from a motorcycle for trips around the city, to a powerful all-terrain vehicle for swamps and deserts. There are special bonuses with which Lara can become invisible, pass through walls, soar in the air or for an hour become immune to all types of weapons.
"Stop, stop, stop," Jack interrupted his uninhibited guide. - Friend. I am very lagging behind life. Tell me, please, who is Lara Croft?
- Lara Croft, - immediately gave a computer. - A computer character created by Core Design in 1996. Lara Croft was very popular in the early years of its existence and established itself in the computer industry as a fearless adventurer, a tomb plunderer, as well as an incredibly popular computer sex symbol throughout the world. There was a lot of hype around her. Many men threw their girlfriends because of Lara Croft ...
"All right, all right," Jack stopped him. "I do not need gossip." What kind of character is Lara Croft? Who is she? Where from?
"A beautiful young Englishwoman," said the computer. - 25 years. Countess. Height is 169 cm. Parameters are 90x60x90. Athletic build. I lost my parents early. I followed in their footsteps. A hereditary archaeologist. Has a huge family estate Croft Buckinghamshire England, but it happens there is extremely rare. Has several millions on accounts in the most different banks of the world, but uses them only for the organizations of its endless expeditions. She preferred a social life, a life full of adventures and dangers.
"Very good," Jack said, feeling that the computer was about to say something else - apparently a new gossip. "You said something about her tracks." So how many games are there.
- 27 pieces. The first games about Lara Croft. The graphics on the screen are very weak, but if you take a virtual walkthrough, here is the top type. Masters of games practically rewrote this game anew (for virtual use). High cliffs, wide walls, castles and jungle here acquire beauty, realism and even smells. In addition to the first games here, 9 there are Lara Croft and the Angel of Darkness, Lara Croft: Legend, Lara Croft and the Heavenly Ark, Lara Croft: Parallel Reality, Lara Croft: Lost in Time, Lara Croft: Space Travel, Lara Croft and the Slayer Mirow, Lara Croft: Ancient Mysteries, Lara Croft: The Lost World, Lara Croft: Deadly fight (the most sad game, as in it Lara Croft dies). There are 2 more erotic games where you can undress your favorite heroine and admire her in a nude. 6 games where you can just chat with Lara, walk around her estate, visit her favorite places, play with her in various board games or work out together - try on yourself what it′s like to be Lara Croft. In one of the games there is a special bonus - answer all her questions, prove that you are the strongest and agile in training, make a full adventure with Lara - you will find yourself in Lara′s special room where she will throw off her clothes and make love to you in 38 sex poses. All these games are only available in virtual form and are the dream of many players. Well, what game are you playing, dear Jack Stenderery?
"Honestly, I do not know," Jack said, wrinkling his forehead. "You′ve said so much here."
Jack went around on all sides a transparent plastic cube. He examined it carefully. Nothing special. There were a lot of such in the game park. Transparent walls. One door. The floor is made of blue plastic. No tables with chairs, no computers inside, nothing at all, but it was worthwhile for Jack to enter: - the transparent glasses were slightly darkened, many of them immediately, like the Swiss cheese became leaky (for ventilation) and the voice from the speaker that came from above began to say: Greetings! You used the services of the game room "In the footsteps of Lara Croft!" Before you, 27 games about the famous Tomb Raider! Enjoy your time! "A short pause and a voice asked:" What kind of game do you choose? "
"I do not know," Jack said honestly. - And what do you have?
- A simple game on the computer. A game in virtual reality.
"Let′s play a simple game on the computer," Jack immediately chose.
Immediately, a small gray plastic table and a gray plastic chair emerged from the plastic floor. Jack went to him and sat on him. With pleasure he noted that it is very convenient and durable.
"Choose a game," said the voice.
On the table in front of Jack lay a system panel with a lot of buttons, next to some kind of crap like a piece of soap, all with two buttons. No wires from these devices went anywhere, and moreover they were securely attached to the table. The system panel could not be moved, and a bar of soap could be moved, but only within one small circle - clockwise, or counterclockwise. Jack immediately realized that these things specifically for the game, but alas did not understand their purpose at all. Meanwhile, one of the walls of the cube flared and turned into a huge screen. It was represented by 27 cells. Each cell has its own Lara Croft. Somewhere she is with a flashlight, somewhere with a gun, where she climbs on a cliff face, where she swims under the water, somewhere alone, somewhere with partners. "That′s what it is," Jack said to himself, carefully examining Lara. "She′s cute." A voice from above announced that Jack needed to choose a game. He again looked at his "system tricks" and asked the computer guide to give him advice. Within 5 minutes he mastered new instruments for him: a keyboard and a mouse, and then got used to it so easily that he moved the cursor from one game to another.
- Well, what do you advise me? He asked the computer.
"It all depends on what you want." What kind of adventure do you like. What weapon. Want to travel around the world and solve all kinds of secrets - Lara Croft 1-9, Lara Croft and the Angel of Darkness, Lara Croft: The Legend. Want to travel in other realities - Lara Croft and the Heavenly Ark, Lara Croft: Parallel Reality, Lara Croft: The Vanished World. Want the space - Lara Croft: Space Travel, Lara Croft and the Worlds Killer, Lara Croft: Deadly fight. Want time travel - Lara Croft: Lost in Time, Lara Croft and Worlds Killer, Lara Croft: Deadly Scramble. If you like small arms and heavy guns - Lara Croft 1-9, Lara Croft and the Angel of Darkness, Lara Croft: The Legend. If you want to shoot out energy rifles, ray guns and throw a grenade-pulsar at the enemy - Lara Croft and the Heavenly Ark, Lara Croft: Parallel Reality, Lara Croft: The Lost World, Lara Croft: Space Travel, Lara Croft and the Worlds Killer, Lara Croft: Deadly fight.
"All right, all right," Jack stopped him. "None of this I know, so shut up." I′ll choose at random.
And chose. I closed my eyes and clicked on the first game I got. She was - Lara Croft and the Angel of Darkness.

The plot of Jack little interest. The game started with an interesting screensaver. There was the murder of a friend of Lara Croft, a gray-haired professor. Lara, of course, was innocent. Find a real killer, and restore his good, honest name - this was her main task.
When the professor was killed it was raining and when the game itself began it was raining too. Lara stood in some kind of dead end, near the garbage cans and did not know what to do. A shout under the ceiling sounded computer prompts. With the help of their Jack quickly mastered the keyboard and mouse. He climbed his heroine into several balconies, stairs, drainpipes, climbed over the eaves and jumped from one house to another. I saw how Lara Croft′s hands and feet were fastened, but when she stood in front of a long cord stretching across the city and said: "I think I can do it!" The game stopped.
He saved the passed way and said to himself: "I′ll somehow continue," he left the playing room.

"Lara Croft is not very bad," he said, walking along the park to the computer. - But now you want another. For example, chess.
It passed just opposite the chess machine. The machine was like a large metal cabinet with an extended drawer and a pair of hands on the sides. In the box was a chessboard with the figures arranged, a simple chair (which was not attached to anything) was moved to it, and the mechanical arms froze at the level of the board, as if they were preparing to make a move.
- That′s for me! Said Jack with enthusiasm and sat down on a chair.
"Mr. Jack Stenderery," the computer said. - If you want to play chess then I recommend you another machine. It is just ...
"I′ll play it well," Jack interrupted.
- Yes, the new models are much more elegant. Much more modern, "the computer insisted.
- What do you dislike? You do not even see him! Jack quipped.
And after the computer was offended for a moment with an offense, he said conciliatory:
"You′d better tell me how to turn it on."
- Very simple. There is a sound-collecting microphone and there are sensitive elements on the board. Tell me what color you will play - he will unfold the board as needed. Make a move - he will receive a signal and make a retaliatory move.
"Great," Jack said, and moved the royal pawn two squares forward.
- Only if you have to wait a long time, do not blame me for the return move. I tried to help you - recommend other machines. This sometimes slows down.
There was a kind of cynicism in the words of the computer. The expectation that Jack is very disappointed in his choice.
But this did not happen. One of the mechanical arms (closest to the board) came to life and deftly moved the black pawn into two squares - at point-blank range to Jack′s pawn.
"I played chess with my dad," Jack said proudly. - Sometimes he won. I love this game.
He took hold of the horse′s figure, tore it from the board and put the pawn in defense. A mechanical game took the officer and pushed her to her pawn.
A minute later, Jack was so drawn into the game that he forgot about everything. The mechanical arm moved so quickly and dexterously, it built on the board such tricky combinations that Jack took for the purpose - to beat this machine. And did not even listen to the computer, which prompted him how to attack and defend himself - he looked only at chess and on a mechanical arm.
But alas the machine was not as simple as Jack thought. Already on the fifth move Jack realized that it would be difficult to win. A second mechanical hand came into motion. She tore off Jack′s white pawn and threw it into a special box that popped out from the side of the cupboard. At the place of the pawn of Jack stood a black chess machine officer. On the 12th move, Jack lost his queen. On the 17th move, the hand put a check on the king of Jack, took it with three thin fingers and put it on the board - the game was over. The box was immediately pulled into the closet, a couple of minutes later moved back, and the pieces on the board were set again.
And Jack was sitting still and did not even know how to react to this. Long silent, thought, then sadly looked at the computer-guide and told him:
- Yeah! We never played such games with Dad!
Jack played 5 more games and lost everything. Invented all sorts of combinations, evasions and nothing else did not help him - the computer again and again won. Finally, Jack just got bored - after another mat he got up and left the game.
"A funny place," he said, taking leave of the game park. "Perhaps I′ll take another look." But now I want to try something else.

Jack visited the "air room". At first, she did not cause him much interest. He opened the door and found clouds around him. The place accurately copied the suitcase. There were clouds on which you could walk, there was a sun that hid behind the clouds, there were even floated some objects from above and below. At first Jack wanted to leave this room, because it seemed to him a very boring place, but then he changed his mind. I decided here to train in flights on a flying board. He jumped down from his cloud-pot down and intended to pull out the board in flight. But he did not fall for long - about ten meters later he jerked up and he flew a few hundred meters. Having experienced a huge surge of adrenaline, and yelling in plenty, Jack opened his eyes. He was sitting on a platform that hung motionless in the air. Jack looked up and took a deep breath. He liked the room, and he did such things with a drop of ten times. And he found very funny things: somewhere he threw up, somewhere, on the contrary, threw it even lower, somewhere tossed left and right, where he pulled into a spinning spiral - twisted, and then threw not the message where.
In the "underwater room" Jack swam with scuba gear. I researched an underwater skyscraper. Sailed several offices and nothing but broken tables, sunken equipment and a huge amount of debris found. Jack, was quite desperate to find someone alive when he swam into the huge hall and stumbled there on four fish-killers. They were huge, impressive creatures with something similar to gray, ugly moray eels and toothy piranhas. He saw such huge and terrible teeth nowhere. They protruded from the mouth, and when the fish were yawning (just as they were very bored with Jack), then those ugly, crooked teeth were exposed in all their glory. Long, curved in several rows. I really did not want to meet them. Thank God the fish did not notice Jack. Very quickly he returned to the door of the room and decided to never return to it again.

Ideas ran out, we did not want to use the catalog, and Ella was still not visible - Jack, so he did not get bored with the door. It all started with a trifle - I wanted to order something very ridiculous.
- Room of weightlessness.
Jack turned the knob and pushed the door, but it did not open. There was no such room. And Jack immediately wanted to come up with even more ridiculous orders:
- "Independence Room!"
- "Room of obstruction!"
- "Room of insanity!"
He turned the knob and pushed the door away from him, but she did not give in. The further, the more Jack liked this kind of fun. And he even started to fight at the door and shout: "Let go, let me go! I want to be a little insane! ", And then laughed for a long time himself.
He was so carried away that he did not want to think about anything else. Now his mind was occupied with inventing the most ridiculous absurdities. It seemed to him, the more ridiculous the title would be, the less chance of success and, correspondingly, more fun. Here his face was illuminated by the joy of another (as it seemed to him) without a losing idea:
"Room of Immovability!" He cried aloud, and turned the knob.
To his surprise, the door succumbed, and Jack′s eyes met the blackness from that side of the door.
- Wow! Jack said to himself in surprise. - She exists!

But what was hidden in the "firmness room" interested Jack more than anything else. In the center of a small, dark room, a small blue cube floated right in the air. He was in some kind of paintings and signs that Jack did not understand and did not expect to ever understand. It turned very slowly clockwise, and sometimes from its edges separated small white rays. They immediately faded - opened from the cube, and then faded into space, or retracted.
- Wow! Jack said to himself admiringly. - This is the Cub of Harridika - one of the greatest mysteries of the universe! The main treasure of Ella! That is why it all started! And I see it ... I′m Jack Stenderery - mere mortal ... what a luck ... !!!
Jack did not have time to think what to do with this luck - the main treasure of Ell and the greatest mystery of the universe. Cub Harridika, who was without movement came to activity. Apparently he was awakened by the rapturous murmurings of Jack.
A thin light ray separated from its edge and very accurately hit Jack in the face. He entered his right cheek and came out just below the left temple. Everything was so fast and sudden that Jack could not figure out anything. He only felt someone grab him from behind and draw him out of the "firmness room". He thought it was Al.
Alas it was not Al. It was he himself. His ass suddenly became so heavy that he pulled down like a stopwash. And then everything else was filled with heavy weight. Hands, legs, trunk, head - they became incredibly heavy.
And since Jack never entered this room, he just leaned back and fell from the cloud of the bowl. And quickly flew down, as in a high-speed elevator. The cloud with the door was getting higher. Higher. That turned into a small point. However, Jack did not see this anymore.

The body was green right before our eyes. One leg left behind, the other slightly bent at the knee, one hand shot up to the face, the other bent at the level of the belt, the back straightened, and the head thrown back - all this was impossible to unbend. Gray hair appeared quickly in Jack′s hair. It became more and more. The skin on the arms and face became flabby and wrinkled. His eyes were clouded with a cloudy shroud. The unusually long age of Jack was coming to an end. Death followed him with leaps and bounds.
What he felt. There was darkness all around. And he fell into this darkness. Hands and feet and the whole body already covered the darkness. "No - this is not Al! Said Jack to consciousness. "You′re in big trouble this time!" You will die! "And consciousness disconnected. There is a subconscious mind. It spoke to Jack longer. "Do not worry - it′s a dream. The Cub of Harridika put you to sleep, and now you will sleep a long time. But you will wake up, and everything will be fine with you. Believe it! "Soon it came out of the game. And Jack did not feel anything.

He fell down a few hundred meters before he was picked up by Al. Al quickly understood everything. And without losing a second, flew to the fountain of healing. Fortunately this fountain was near.
El put Jack in the azure waters of the fountain and washed his body with healing water from all sides. It was possible to regain the youth of Jack, managed to straighten his body, but failed to bring him to life. Jack was asleep. He slept very hard, and it was impossible to say when he would wake up.
El perfectly knew that the energy of Cuba Harridika can not be overcome by the energy of the fountain of healing. All fountains of healing would not be enough. It was possible to stop the death from aging, but the Harridika Cube touched Jack, which means there was a coma ahead. A very long coma.
Al looked at Jack with joy and longing. He was very happy for a friend who was alive and at the same time felt very lonely. Oh, how did it happen that he could not have foreseen this. Why did he leave it at that door? It was necessary to fly for the furniture together. If they were together, now would not have to sit in front of his motionless body. Al sat next to each other and felt the deepest guilt for what had happened. Oh, if he could lift Jack to his feet, give him his energy or the power of the suitcase - alas could not - the Cub of Harridika in this regard, no one could replace. There was only one thing left: taking care of Jack and waiting for his awakening, when it did not happen.
Al understood his eyes and shouted in impotence: "Gosprodii! What did I expect? "

Chapter 10. Jack is training.
Jack opened his eyes and squinted right there. All around it was light and the light hit the eyes. Jack squeezed his eyes tight and tried to return to the darkness. But nothing happened. It was possible to return to the twilight, but it was not possible to completely wrap up the blackness. Jack began his awakening.
He felt warmth, comfort and pleasant good. He did not know how much he slept and did not want to know, but the consciousness said that Jack would soon have to open his eyes and significantly expand the range of his feelings and sensations. At first he fought for his peace, then realized that it was pointless and began to awaken.
For a long time he could not see anything. The eyes were blinking from the bright light, and everything in them blurred in big spots. But then the spots began to acquire clear contours, to appear and gradually the vision was restored.
Jack looked around. He lay in the hospital room. Light and clean. There was only one bed, and he was lying on it. There were two leather armchairs with red blankets, orange carpets on the floor, a nightstand, a table by the window and a widescreen, a flat TV hanging on the wall. The ward was large and very light, because there were two windows at once. The door was made of plastic and glass. At the moment it was closed. In the ward, apart from Jack, there was no longer a soul.
Jack threw back the soft duvet, under which he slept, and sat down on the bed. Found out that he had on his favorite pajamas. Beige, with roses. He smiled and thought: "Ah, Al, Al, you will take care of all this!" He hung his feet from the bed and stood up. It turned out to rise to his feet and even take a few steps, but Jack felt in his movements a kind of weakness and inhibition. The sensations were very strange. He seemed to have grown old in this dream. As if most of the force simply came out of his body. As if he had forgotten a little how to move and now remembered, but with difficulty.
In very slow steps, Jack reached the mirror and looked at himself from the side. I did not find any change in appearance. All the same young boyish face, short black hair and no gray hair - so why did he think he was old.
At that time, his chamber door smoothly drove to the right, and entered his exact copy - Al Stenderery, and the blond, blue-eyed girl - Alekorsa Skrunt. With a cheerful cry: "Jack has returned to us! Hurray! "They rushed to cuddle. "Alekorsa, Al, how glad I am to see you!" Said Jack and happily embraced his friends. El said he was very glad that Jack was finally awake; Alelors that he pronounces her full name and refuses to call Alex, and Jack just did not hear it. He was just glad to hug his friends again.

Jack and Alekorsa did not talk for long. She asked him about her health, kissed her cheek, and hugged her once more to run to work. But, with Jack, Jack talked much more.
They were sitting in the ward - Al in the armchair, Jack on the bed - and talking:
"Listen, what kind of place is this?" Hospital?
- Clinic for all types of diseases and injuries of the Case. The best place for those who got into trouble.
- I see, but how did I get here?
- You fell - I picked you up. After the meeting with Cub Harridik, remember? Do you remember anything?
- Little. I remember the dark room. I remember the blue cube hovering in its center. I was very surprised and happy. I thought that in front of me was the same Harridik cube I had heard so much about. But I did not have time to do anything. I did not even enter that room. I remember a white flash, and then ... then ... my leg turned and I fell from the cloud. I remember that it was very difficult. I remember how it became dark and scary, and then ... I do not remember anything.
Al listened carefully to the story of Jack and smiled and shook his head.
"Jack, Jack, Jack, why did you open the Immovable Room?" How did you even find her? However, here my fault is more - it was unnecessary to leave you at that door. I did not foresee.
"What happened to Al?" Explain to me, please, I still can not understand anything.
- I think it′s luck. Huge luck. Maybe you′re lucky. Maybe it′s all about time. But he did not destroy you in place, as any uninitiated. You got off just a deep coma.
"Coma?" What a coma, El ?!
- You have been lying unconscious for 56 years according to the calendar of the suitcase.
- Oh my God!!! So that′s why I feel old !!!
"What did you want?" Your body was very stressed, so premature aging began. When I grabbed you, you were almost at the threshold of death. It was possible to return to you youth with the help of the Fountain of Healing, but that′s why I can not bring myself to life. You can not undo what the Cub Harridika did. So it only remained to put you here and take care of you.
"And all this time you ..."
- Me and Alekorsa. She immediately understood the situation and realized what to do. This clinic is her idea. Here is the best rejuvenating center in the entire Suitcases.
- Rejuvenating center ?!
- Yes, and a lot of work has been done on you. We weighed, washed, once a year lowered into rejuvenating baths (so that you still looked like a 15 year old teenager), and of course physical therapy. Once a week you sit on the simulators, we ran your training programs, and you worked with your hands, feet, your whole body. Actually thanks to this activity you are now able to move.
"But I still feel weak when I move." So like the strength is not enough.
"Nothing will return your strength." And it will be much more than before. It′s just that your body has not yet adapted under the new conditions.
- And age. How much to me - about 15 years, or ... 71 year ... correctly I think?
- 71 year is only on the calendar of the suitcase. According to the calendar of the Earth you are much more. But do not be frightened by this figure. Remember, the main thing is that your age is how much you feel. If you want to - be a grumpy and annoying old man of 71 years old, and if you want - be an energetic, courageous and full of strength guy - the choice is yours.
Jack stood at the mirror and looked at himself for a long time. He even took off his clothes to examine his naked body. With surprise and pleasure noted that it has become more powerful, flexible and courageous.
In clothes and from afar he could still be mistaken for a teenager, but, in the vicinity, a young man of 18-20 years old.
"No, the image of the old, wrinkled old grumbler is clearly not for me," he said, examining himself from the back. - Despite the fact that I am already more than 100 years old, there on Earth.
"You′re right," Al nodded. - Grumbling and dilapidation is not your type. Be what you are born for. You are Jack Stendery - a fearless adventurer and hero.
"However, Al, have you overdone it?" Jack asked seriously. "Not that I look like a 15-year-old." Look at me.
"That′s right," Al nodded again. "But you must understand us." Time that goes. We tried to keep your biological youth, tried as best they could, but you became much stronger, more experienced and better. I see. Outwardly, you can, and look a little older than your peers, but only for 2-3 years - the difference is not that big and you can still be mistaken for a teenage boy.
"Outwardly, yes, but internally ... I′m different inside ... I′m feeling ... I′m right?"
- Absolutely right. But there is nothing to be afraid of. You have always been much more inside than outside.
"That′s right," Jack smiled happily. "It′s much easier for me already." Thank you. Thank you for saving my life.

"What exactly did you teach me, Al?" Jack asked as they strolled through the hospital building.
"Different sciences, Jack," El replied. - Chemistry, physics, mathematics, astronomy. Literature, Jack. A lot of good literature. Now, in practice, you have a higher education, so you can not go to school anymore. You know 6 foreign languages, except English. German, French, Spanish, Japanese, Chinese and Russian. I thought that it would not hurt you.
- Wow! Jack sighed admiringly.
A few seconds were silent, and then Jack asked with even more inspiration:
"What about skills, El?" What can I do?
- Not a little. You can control all types of transport: from a motorcycle to a spaceship. You own all kinds of small arms and you know perfectly well the knife fight. You have a good grasp of tactics and know 17 kinds of hand-to-hand combat.
- Wow! Exclaimed Jack. - As many as 17 kinds, you did not mix anything.
"No, I did not mix anything," Al shook his head. - You know karate, kempo, wushu, sambo, taekwondo, kung fu, ninjutsu and a few secret arts that do not pass on Earth. But that is not all. I taught you how to cook, sew, tent, sort out forest herbs and berries.
- Well, thanks, Al, now I will not be lost!
- You have gone through a complete practical course of survival in the wild. Then I was bored and I began to train your musical abilities. You have them and very promising. Your instrument is a flute. Now you know the depths of 200 flute symphonies. I hope to hear from you soon.
"In vain," Jack answered shortly and disappointedly. - It was in vain. I will never play the flute. Never. It was not necessary for me to teach this.

I left the clinic on the same day. The same day I visited Alekers. This time she′s at work. I saw with my own eyes a glass room, the main clock and a festive fountain. Alekorsa took a short break and here (not going anywhere) spent 30 minutes with friends. Mostly she listened. I listened to how Jack met Haridick′s Cub, how Jack woke up and felt weak, about what abilities he was awarded by Al, during the coma. She spoke extremely seldom and always on business.
"The main thing is to consolidate the skills," she said, nodding understandingly. "Understand, Jack, your brain is now holding a lot of information." But this information does not work for you. Only then, when you bring all your knowledge to automatism (so that you do not have to think about it, like breathing), you will master the sciences that Al has awarded you, in full.
"I agree," Jack nodded. - I will train. The only thing I do not want to learn is playing the stupid flute.
"Jack, Jack, why are you so strict to the flute." It′s a great tool - it′s not stupid at all, "Al shook his head.
"Yes, Jack, think about it," said Alekors. "Now you think that you do not need a flute." Maybe then everything will change.
"I doubt it," Jack said, and folded his arms across his chest with a "lock"
We talked a little about Ella. Alekersa did not know whether he chose furniture or not. Learning, a little upset, because she could not go to the surface and see first hand. However, she consoled herself with the fact that she could always spy.
"And keep in mind," she said, rising. "I have the best spy equipment in the whole universe." So I′ll find out about all your actions, even before you do them.
The friends said goodbye. Heat embraced and kissed. Алекорса has reminded that she always waits for them to itself on a visit, and has returned to work, and brothers Stenderi have returned on the arbillium plaques.

Al and Jack hovered on the boards among the white clouds and talked:
"Do you want to look at the future?" Al asked seriously. - Now it′s not 1975, as you can guess.
"Yes, yes." Jack nodded. "Some kind of 2056 probably."
"It′s warm," Al smiled. - Now it is the year 2090.
A couple of seconds, Jack thought, and then shook his head.
- No I do not want to. 2090, brrr - I have goose bumps on this figure. Neither, I want to go home, where everything is so familiar and familiar. There′s my whole life! There′s my Alex! Oh my God, there′s my Alex! I completely forgot about it! Al, return me in 1975 IMMEDIATELY !!!
Jack was thrilled to be a joke, and now he could not think of anything else. Fortunately, Al was nearby, who did not need to explain anything.
"All right, friend," he said with a smile. - I understand.

They flew together in a suitcase. They flew for a very long time, then braked, rose a little higher and found themselves at a huge ring of silvery color.
The ring, like a tree, grew from the cloud of the pot and did not give any sign of life. It was big, empty and completely uninteresting. Jack flew it several times on the board, examined it from all sides and then turned to Ella and asked directly:
"Tell me, how can a ring help us in our business?"
"Not just Jack′s ring," El replied with a grin. "It′s a ring of time." It will take us home.
While Jack was examining the ring from all sides, the more experienced El retrieved a rectangular control panel from a cylindrical pedestal (immediately on a cloud) of medium size and programmed something into it:
- How is this possible? Jack asked in surprise. "It does not even work."
"It′s all in due time," El replied shortly.
He put the remote back into the cylinder at the same connector, where he got it, something clicked, it caught fire, and the car started working. The ring buzzed and immediately filled with a bluish shroud. From the side it seemed that a glass was placed in it that was suitable in size, but near this "glass" waved like water.
"Done," Al said with joy. "The ring of time is working." It′s time for us to go through this shroud, we will immediately move to 1975.
"Is everything so simple?"
- So simple.
"Is there 1975?"
- 1975 year.
"Is not it dangerous?"
- Not at all.
Without further ado, El grabbed his friend′s elbow and dived into the blue with him. She stirred, gently wrapped her arms around both of them and pulled herself into herself. Immediately, the time ring of the Suitcase was extinguished in 2090. But the time ring of the Suitcase of 1975 broke out, threw both Stenderers away and also died out.

Jack thought that he took a noseful of water, then turned over his head several times, and something popped in his ears. He passed out, but only for two seconds. And woke up already in Ella′s arms. He flew up and held Jack in an armful.
- I programmed the day - exactly a week, after your contact with the Cuban Harridik. This is the day I finished all the housework and moved to the Case - to wait for your recovery, "Al explained. - August 1, 1975, if more precisely. In the world is the year to which you are accustomed. Alex, there and there she is waiting for you, you have a long coma now, and your friend Al left his house in Beverly Hills to take care of you.
"It′s strange," Jack said. "I′m here at the same time."
- Nothing strange. This is a movement in time. Let those El and Jack do their thing, and we will do ours.

Gate exit represented a large gray, wooden doors are very strong in appearance and tightly closed. It was a very strange sight - like an old and tightly-clogged well, only below, as was supposed, but in the sky. I hung on the cloud and did not fall anywhere. And even more strange - above these "doors" could not take off. Everywhere there were white clouds, and as soon as Jack tried to dive into them, he was pushed back.
"The ceiling," he said, puzzled. We found the top of the Case.
"What did you think?" Al asked mockingly. - The ceiling is easiest to find here. This is for you neither the floor nor the walls.
The exit procedure was very simple. Only El and Jack touched the wooden leaflets, they flung open, dragged them into the red portal gates and immediately slammed shut.
In an empty house, the suitcase, which stood in the hallway, opened and spit out both Stenderery from its bowels.

"This is an adventure," Jack said, rising.
He examined the entrance hall and found in it a lot of beautiful and expensive furniture. He almost did not remember how she looked on his last visit, but definitely not as it is now. It was clear that Al spent a lot of work here.
El showed Jack his room. Everything here was very beautiful. Soothing light green wallpaper on the walls, red carpets on the floor, brown leather sofa and armchairs, dark mahogany cabinet, TV, audio system, lamps with shades, coffee tables on curved legs, beautiful chandelier from crystal under the ceiling, gray curtains on windows.
"Honestly, it′s just my experiment," Al confessed. "I furnished this room based on my knowledge of your character." But if you do not like it, I can do it all.
"I like everything, Al," Jack told him. - You did fine with everything! You′re doing fine!
Al and Jack went through several more rooms and floors. And in all it was seen a great job, feeling and good style. Al told his plans about this or that innovation, and Jack listened, nodded back and expressed his approval.
Only one question was not clear to Jack:
- Where we will take so many people that they live here and admire everyone.
Al did not even know. But he was not upset. He raised his hands, smiled in embarrassment and said:
- We′ll come up with something.

The time passed by noon, and Jack and Ell walked through the vast territory of his estate. We walked along asphalt paths, admired flowers, beautifully clipped shrubs and fruit trees.
"Al, I do not understand, did you make a garden here, or was it all before us?"
- In general, there was already a garden. But not as big as now. Of course, I did my bit, but the idea was originally. Apparently Kurt came up with a garden specifically to impress the guests. And he loved to be here himself. Although he did not care much for his offspring.
"Great," Jack said, tearing off a red, delicious apple from the apple tree. "Are fruit trees your idea, too, or did you just plant it, Al?"
- Apple trees, orange trees, pears, peaches, berry bushes - these are all his ideas. He was a true fan of subsistence farming. He even tried to organize his own vegetable garden to grow potatoes, onions, carrots, cucumbers, tomatoes and so on. I only slightly improved his ideas.
"My God, what a sweet thing!" Jack said with an adamant grin. - The natural economy is great. I am also completely behind this idea.
- It is very profitable. Grown on their own land, with their own hands, fruits and vegetables have a greater energy value than products bought in the store.
"And now we do not need to buy anything, do we?" Jack asked. - We have everything we have.
- Exactly. Almost everything that is needed for food is growing on our land. If something is missing, we can always take it in the suitcase - there are also all the products of the highest quality.
- What self-sufficiency! - Praised Jack.

They went to the sports ground and tried to play basketball. Got a lot of fun from it. Then we went to the pool. Jack said he wanted a swim. This time he undressed without hindrance and dived. And with pleasure he splashed, dived and snorted. And then he lay in a beach chaise longue and dried up. The day was sunny, warm, in all respects pleasant. So Jack used it in full: he put on his dark glasses and put his body in the sun, enjoying his rays. He was so relaxed that he did not doze off for long. 30 minutes.

Al led a friend through the house, following an asphalt path, and then some extensions to the house showed up. These were the garages. There were 7 of them. And they were all pretty spacious rooms. And each had its ordinal number.
"God, why did Kurt need 7 garages?" Exclaimed Jack.
- Actually, he planned to build 9 pieces, but later quarreled with many of his friends. The garages here are quite understandable - many of Kurt′s friends came to this mansion on their cars. Where to keep them - not on the street after all! And then he himself had a black Ford.
- Well, and we than fill them?
"That′s what I want to show you," Al solemnly said.
The garage "№1" opened and Jack found "Elkon - 1".
The garage "№2" opened and Jack saw his favorite "Elkon - 2"
But the surprises were not all. And before the shock of these two discoveries Jack opened the garage door "number 3". And he saw a new car.
She looked like a car-boat from an amusement park. Did not have wheels - stood on a black rubber cushion; was painted in a dark golden color and had a streamlined "boat" shape; had a small salon with two armchairs, a sofa and did not have a roof above itself.
"This is SALK-147," El boasted. - Collected Automated Flying Boat. I started to collect it from boredom, when all the affairs in the house were finished, and you were still in a coma. I found some details in the house, which I brought from the Case and started this insane build. I did not understand why I needed it, but I did it and did it. He created based only on one intuition. Absolutely did not know what would happen. I collected and disassembled this car 146 times, and on 147 it turned out this machine. I realized that I had collected what I needed. And believe me, Jack, he′s worth it. You′ll see this car in the business.
"I′m sure," Jack nodded.
He inspected SALK-147 from all sides. I did not find anything special, but Ellu decided not to talk. Instead, he patted him on the shoulder and congratulated him:
"Bravo, Al!" You surprise me again and again! Inventor!

On this day, Al and Jack still walked a lot around the house, admiring flowers and trees. We talked a lot. When the twilight began to descend to the ground, Jack suddenly wanted to spend the night in the open air. They went into a small wooded area, and Jack stood up between the two pines and said how wonderful it would be to lie here in a hammock under the stars. No sooner said than done. Soon the hammock was hanged and Jack lay in it. And Al settled himself on the ground. They looked at the stars, sometimes they talked, but were often silent. Jack once again thanked Ell for being such a wonderful friend. He closed his eyes and enjoyed the warmth and freshness of the August night. I did not notice how I fell asleep.

Early in the morning Jack came to the gym. And there found Ella. As if a friend specially waited for him here.
"I was hoping that you would come here," he said immediately.
"I want to know my abilities," Jack says. "You put a lot of knowledge into my head." I want to see how it looks in practice.
"That′s exactly what I was hoping for," Al said, grinning in a pleasant smile. "That′s commendable, Jack. Very commendable. Where do you want to start?
"With hand-to-hand combat," Jack said immediately. "You say I know kung fu." I would like to test this.
"Alright," Al nodded.
He took out his suitcase (apparently he was holding it behind his back) and took out two white helmets, two lilac belts and a small oval instrument with many buttons. He put one helmet and belt in the middle of the hall, and gave the other to Jack. He asked me to put it on.
"What is it, Al?" Jack asked in perplexity. - Helmet and belt. I asked you for a workout, but what are you giving me?
"This is training," Al replied calmly.
He pressed something on his oval instrument and left the belt on the floor and the helmet soared upward. Immediately the contours were drawn, and a large, muscular man appeared. He was wearing a steel armor and a helmet. Al pressed another button and Jack saw the Ninja warrior wrapped in black robes. Al clicked his buttons, and Jack looked at his future rivals. For a few seconds he saw: a monk in a gray cassock; a woman in purple vestments; long-haired, muscular guy in a red waistcoat; a huge muscular minotaur; centaur; four-armed woman with a very beautiful and very furious face.
"It′s a training simulator," Al said. "As soon as you put on your clothes, you′ll be ready to start training." As soon as I press the button and choose your opponent - the battle will begin.
- Will I fight the program? Jack asked, putting on his helmet and belt.
- Yes, the program. But in this dress the fight becomes very real. As soon as you dress, helmet and belt, you will accept its rules. You will receive real blows. You will feel real pain and heaviness from them. Having lost, you, certainly, will not die, but you will feel a condition very close to death.
With great surprise, Jack suddenly realized that his clothes had changed. Instead of a jacket and trousers, a white kimono appeared. It did not act in any way (as Jack did not try), there were no fasteners, laces or lightning. All that was was a lilac button on the belt.
Al explained that it was necessary. That this is a special training clothes, and you can remove it only with the lilac button.
- There are 26 different opponents here. Everyone has his own style, technique and arsenal of techniques. In addition, each of them is well versed in the tactics and will not be easy to win. I′ll give you a better fight. Get: The White Prince.
Before Jack appeared a short, thin guy with white clothes, white bandages on his hands, and a white mask on his face.
El something clicked on his console and the Prince came to life. He bowed politely to Jack and took up the fighting stance, with the most serious kind he was capable of.
"He owns the ninjutsu technique," said Al, farewell. "You also own this technique, Jack." You can, you can cope with it. But be careful. The White Prince needs to look both ways.
Al stepped aside, and Jack took a defensive position. The prince jumped to Jack and kicked with a jump. Jack met Prince with the top block and immediately counterattacked with a blow of the hand. The battle began.

El was right: the Prince needed to look at both. He was simply elusive. Left, right, behind the back. He wriggled like a snake and walked away from the blows. However, not from all. A few blows, Jack still spent in this slim body wrapped in bandages. With pleasure he noted how several black spots appeared on this body. However, he himself collected more blows. In almost two minutes, his white kimono turned black, and became heavy. Jack barely moved. I felt that the end is near. The last blow and he fell to the floor. I felt that I could not get up. It became difficult to breathe and everything around seemed to be shrouded in darkness. Even from the corner of my eye I saw how the Prince triumphs over his victory.
A few seconds, Jack, it was like a kind of forgetfulness, and then everything returned to normal. He could move again, the kimono turned white, and El stood nearby:
"Concentrate, Jack," he said. Gather all your attention. Remember all of his moves, learn your opponent. Analyze and become in his place. Think, as he thinks, and learn to keep him a few steps ahead.
Jack nodded.
"I′ll try, Al." I will study.
Al helped his friend get up. And asked:
- You want more?

Jack fought the Prince two more times. And he lost both times. True, the last fight was somewhat more successful than everyone else - Jack could have won, but just no luck. The prince was already beaten, and it was only a good stroke to complete the deal, but Jack slipped and slipped right under his opponent′s feet. Well, he did not wait - an accurate blow to the chest and finished the match.
"I saw that you tried very hard," Al said. "And it happens, Jack, believe me." But at a crucial moment, such a mistake can cost you your life.
"I′m just tired," Jack admitted honestly.
- Are you satisfied with the training? asked Al, helping his friend to his feet.
"Oh, how else!" Next time I will definitely do it - do not hesitate! I really liked your sim, Al. I feel much more confident, and now let only someone come to me.
Jack made a serious grimace, but for a long time she could not hold it, so she burst out laughing very fast over herself.
Al also smiled, but nevertheless gave a strict advisory advice:
- Bear in mind. You own a large arsenal of deadly devices. Think a hundred times before using them. If the situation in the battle is difficult, try to turn off the opponent, but to kill is the last of the means, remember. Of course, it would be better if there were no such situations at all, but in life everything can happen.
Jack had a great idea.
"Listen to Al, and fight with somebody you," he said with a cunning in his voice, and taking off his helmet and belt, he handed them to a friend.
- To me?! Train?! - Al was very surprised. - What for?!
"Do not think, I understand perfectly." You′re here to do everyone - I′m sure of you. I just want to see how. So say the sample for which I am equal, "Jack explained with a sweet smile on his face. "Well, Al." What do you say? Will you be my model?
"Willingly," El agreed happily.
He took a helmet and a belt from his friend′s hands, put it all on himself and for a few seconds, he put on a white training kimono.
"Actually, it′s even interesting," Al said, choosing his rival. "I know a lot of melee schools, but I have not found them yet." There is theoretical knowledge, but there is no practice. I had a great chance to test myself. Become a teacher (looked respectfully at Jack) and even better - a student.
Al clicked all the fighters and stopped at the four-armed woman. Here she was standing in front of Ellom - 2, 5 meters tall, arms stretched out to the sides, the face beautiful and very violent - and look to rush into the attack. It remains only to press the button.
"This Banshee is a damned Indian goddess." The most difficult opponent on this simulator, "said Al. - And it′s not just in her hands. She is very sharp, like a snake. An excellent tactician. Sometimes he takes out daggers. Can throw, or stab, or can suffocate with bare hands.

The battle began. Al and Banshee stood up against each other. A small modest Al in a white kimono, against a huge formidable goddess with four hands. For a few seconds they just walked in front of each other - studied. Al did not get into a fight, since the most important thing was studying his opponent. Movement, stance, strengths and weaknesses, what will be the first move and how to react to it. He already knew the approximate layout and was preparing. Was the Banshee as smart as El - it was impossible to determine - but she was not in a hurry to start. She walked from side to side, hissing menacingly and sparkling with her black eyes. It can be seen that the opponent is not out of the ordinary and was already preparing a sophisticated attack.
Here she jumped forward - threw out her lower arms (for grasping), and the upper divorced (for stunning). But Al made a beautiful back flip and left the capture. The lower arms grasped themselves, and the upper ones began to move by inertia (wishing to stun a victim). El time did not lose - jumped on the lower arms as a step and grabbing the ready to close the hoop of the upper hands, powerfully hit the Banshee in the face with both feet. A new somersault and he flew to the floor almost from two meters high - Banshee did not understand anything, retreated almost five steps, almost fell. She cried and rushed at Ella with a double fury. And now a new blow was more difficult than ever. She attacked with her lower arms, defended herself with the upper ones. When I felt that the case was badly bouncing back, or doing a somersault, not worse than Al.
For about five minutes, Jack watched a very beautiful battle. I saw the height of acrobatics and sophistication of tactics of both rivals. What they did not undertake to conduct effective strikes: twists, deceptions, and even taking a blow at yourself, for the sake of profit. So the Banshee managed to hit Ella a couple of times. But the victory was still on his side. The exact blow-undercut Al knocked the giantess and when she stretched out, not letting her come round, jumped on the chest and with a few punches of fists in the face ended the fight. Banshee plaintively squealed all darkened, hardened and crumbled to pieces. These were stone fragments. But very soon they evaporated without leaving a trace. Only the belt and helmet remained. The battle was over.

Jack applauded:
"Bravo Al." It was a very good fight.
Al smiled.
- You really liked it. I fought for the first time.
"I think that′s enough for training today," he said, removing his helmet and belt in the suitcase. - Come on, let′s walk.
And Jack and Al left the gym in a good mood.

The next day, El extended a new device to his friend. It looked like a very short metal tube. A round metal tube, 5 cm in diameter and 20 cm in length, could easily be taken with one hand or with two hands, but what to do with it was completely incomprehensible. One of its ends was securely closed, and to the other was attached a small metal funnel - the nozzle. Jack for a long time was perplexed and even looked into this nozzle, and then he found out also the buttons on the device. In the form of small pebbles. There were only three of them. White diamond, black stone, which Jack did not know the name, yellow - topaz.
"Very nice little thing, Al," Jack said, looking up from the nozzle (he once again decided to look at it). "But what is it?" I do not understand?
- Never put this nozzle on yourself! Al shouted at him. "Especially on your face!" Now put this device in a vertical position and take away from you at arm′s length.
Jack obeyed. And then he asked:
- What is it all the same?
"Click on the white button," Al commanded.
Jack pressed.
A white ray of light flew from the nozzle. He stretched out for a certain length and froze. Leafed from the device and did not disappear anywhere. He was very dense and beautiful. From it emanated a radiance, as from a lighted lamp. At some point, Jack thought it was a lamp and wanted to touch it, but then he remembered Ell′s order. And then I heard a soft hissing from the device and completely changed my mind.
"It′s a laser sword," Al said in all seriousness. - White light in front of you - a laser beam. If he touches your body, then you will very much suffer. If it passes through your head, you will die in the same second. This is one of the most perfect and deadliest types of weapons in the universe.
El was distracted for a second:
"Jack, do you know anything about the unusually sharp samurai swords?"
- I watched a film by Akriy Kurasawa about samurai. They had katans there. And that this thing is like a samurai sword.
"Approximately," said Al. "You must be as careful with it as with a katana." But this sword is much more dangerous than any katana. Against him it is impossible, to close anything. He is able to destroy almost any barrier on his way. There are very few things that it can not cut, or cut with very great difficulty. And in the hands of the master - this sword is a real sign of death.
- So, anyway? Jack asked, doubtfully.
- But not any. For example, if you are exposed to a large energy shield with adamant stones, you will not be able to break it. But, say, if you go to a tank you will cut it easily.
- Tank ?! Snorted Jack. He looked at the sword. - This light thing ?!
"She′s very powerful, Jack," Al said. "But you′re right, let′s check."
He put his hands together, for a few seconds, he conjured something, then sent his hands to the middle of the hall. There, immediately, a huge metal cylinder formed, massive and impenetrable. He stood in the middle of the gym and occupied about half of the room.
- Alloy steel, lead and bronze. What do you think, Jack, this is a serious obstacle.
"I think it′s serious."
- Can you move it?
- Why are you laughing ?!
"Now look what the sword can do."
Al took a white laser sword from Jack and insisted that he catch the time.
El sent the sword to the cylinder and went to shred it in all directions. And he did it so quickly and quickly that Jack was only amazed. The white strip entered the gray metal mass and reappeared on the surface. El chopped both from above and from below, vertically, horizontally, obliquely - from all sides and in all directions. El several times ran around the cylinder counter-clockwise and shredded it from all sides like a holiday cake. But the cylinder, despite this, retained its original shape and did not move at all.
- How many ran? He asked cheerfully.
"2:15," Jack said, snapping the stopwatch. "But the cylinder is in fact Al." It seems that the sword does not work.
- Are you sure? - asked Al and gently slapped on the brilliant metal side of the cylinder.
With a deafening roar, a massive, impenetrable barrier collapsed into a multitude of metal fragments.
- Wow!!! Jack could only say.

El disconnected the sword and hurled Jack from the middle of the gym. Jack deftly jumped, stretched out his hand and caught the sword. He turned and respectfully looked at the white strip of light.
"But do not think that the rival will stand, and wait until you cut it to pieces." A green laser strip stretched from Ell′s hand. - Come on, train.
- And it is possible to me? Asked Jack and shivered. "After all, you′re a grandmaster, and I′m just a beginner."
"Do not worry," Al said, drawing his bent hand and sword aside. - Nothing will be complicated. Just move. Learn movements and get used to arms. And do not worry - I do not hurt you - I put the sword in a safe mode. If you miss a blow, you will get a small electric shock. You will live, but if you deal a lot of such blows and immediately - you will lose consciousness. Try to deprive me of such pleasure. Have begun!
Al hit Jack like a tornado. And waved his sword in all directions, so quickly and dexterously that Jack barely had time to close.
"You know, fencing is excellent!" Cried Al in amazement. "A slow turtle!" Come on, use your knowledge! Surprise me!
Jack tried to surprise Ella, but it turned out very little and ineffectively.
"Come on, come on," Al shouted, leaping to the left, to the right, squatting and avoiding the white stripes in every possible way. "Bring me one stroke!" At least something! I′m tired of waiting!
- Something, something! Cried Jack, in despair. - How can I at least DO THIS something, if you BECOME A HAND, AS NON -ORMAL!
"Haha," Al laughed. "Do you think that your enemy will stand in one place and wait until you strike him with a blade?"
That hour, Jack felt his leg twitch. Like a snake that crawled behind, bitten.
"It hurts," Jack complained, feeling a slight cramp in his leg.
"In war, the delay in death is similar, Jack," Al said, cutting the air above himself with a laser strip. "You′d better get used to it right away."
Jack tried to attack. And from above, and from the left, and from the right, and from below, but everywhere I met a sword or emptiness. El did not lie - he did not show anything complicated, but even in the lightest tricks he was irresistible. He had a great experience behind his shoulders. Jack had little experience and many doubts. Therefore, in the end, he began to receive electrical discharges in all parts of the body. Maybe Ella just got tired of this occupation, maybe he wanted Jack to lose. Jack did not know this for sure, only after another blow in his eyes, everything became clouded, the top became the bottom and Jack saw the boardwalk of the gym before the eyes closed.

Al was brought to his senses. He helped me up, smiled and patted my shoulder.
- It does not matter that you lost. This happens. First you lose, and then you win. You will learn. You will learn everything.
Jack looked around. He was still in the gym, the windows were still outside the day, and his sword lay at arm′s length:
"How long was I unconscious?"
"An hour," El replied. - It was an easy, harmless dream - the usual effect of such swords. It would be much worse if there was a combat regime. Just imagine what would happen to you.
"Stuffing," Jack said shortly.
"Quite right," Al smiled. "You need practice." A lot of practice, Jack. And not in a safe mode, but in a combat mode. You need ruthless rivals who want to cut you to shreds. You have needed many years to get used to this sword and turn it into a part of your essence. Then you will become a true master, which will be very difficult to defeat. But while you are just learning, so do not be upset especially. I believe that you will master this sword and how you will manifest yourself with it together.
"Thank you, Al, you′re an excellent teacher!" I′m very grateful to you!
"Thank you, Jack." Take this sword and master it - from this very day you should become "good friends". The training is over. Let′s go for a walk.

Jack trained several times with Ell. And El noted some progress in his technique. And then he said:
- Here′s a new simulator for you. Now you will fight with him.
He set up another instrument in the middle of the hall, put a belt of purple color on Jack and clicked on his remote control on the left, Jack then on the new device. In the middle of the hall appeared a man in black robes with a red laser strip pulling out of his hand.
"This is the Black Prince." He owns not only ninjutsu, but also a laser sword to the same. He will be your coach, now.
With pride looked at Jack′s belt.
- At the moment your body and head are well protected. You will not be cut in half and your head will not be cut off, but you can easily deprive your hands or feet. Try to save them. This is a state close to the battle, Jack. Be very careful. I will be there, but you must, first of all, rely on yourself. Protect yourself well and strike. The Prince′s black clothes will turn red from the blows of your sword. You can defeat him, and I wholeheartedly wish you this. Have begun.
Al pressed the start and the fight began.

Jack deftly repelled the blows from below and from above, striking his blows. He even hit several times and left several red spots on the prince. But with a very unfortunate scenario, the sword slid down the arm and chopped it just above the elbow. El instantly turned off the simulator and caught both the white blade and the severed arm of Jack in the air.
"Nothing, nothing, my boy," he said gently, putting Jack′s deathly pale face to the floor. - This happens. It happens. I will restore your hand.
The cut was clean and smooth, and the blood was already baked, but El very strongly pressed the stump of the arm to the wound and covered the second cut with a hand. Jack felt so strong heat coming through his hand that he even cried out. Then I felt many pleasant tingle. His hand shone with a golden glow. And after El broke away from her, Jack found everything in perfect order. He did not even find a scar. I moved with all my fingers and enjoyed myself.
"Well, how′s the operation?" Asked Al cheerfully.
Instead of answering, Jack just hugged his friend and shed a few tears:
- How lucky I was with you! Doctor!

Jack trained very long and hard. A few days in a row, a lot of hours. He studied hand-to-hand combat, studied small arms and energy weapons, metal knives, but most of the time he devoted precisely to laser swords. He, exactly, as Al said, merged with his weapon. He fought on sparring with the Black Prince or just learned the movements (sometimes even with a blindfold). He was cut off by limbs once 20 (thank God, Al was always close), but he still did not give up and refused hypnosis.
"No, I want everything to be like in real combat," he would often say to Ella. - I want to feel victory or defeat.

Al and Jack flew on the Elkons, under the clouds and said:
"Jack, you′re a great student," Al said. - Diligent and patient. You′ve already learned a lot! I′m proud of you!
"Thank you, Al," Jack said. "I have a wonderful teacher and I do not want to disappoint him."

Chapter 11. Old friends and new enemies.
On August 25, 1975, Jack absolutely did not want to train, but wanted another. Namely: he wanted to visit his old school named after Jefferson. For one very delicate matter.
It was with great pleasure that Jack examined the morning Beverly Hills before starting his Elcon 2. The sun rising above the horizon affectionately touched the tops of trees and smiled affably at Jack; birds sang, a gentle breeze blew on all sides - the air felt cool and light 10:00 am. "Today is a good day. And I′m lucky, "Jack said to himself, putting on his helmet and including the Elkona-2 motor.
He rushed through the morning Los Angeles, on the usual motorcycle wheel, and reflected with himself: "I think if I have the knowledge of all the basic subjects, I do not have to study at this school. I′ll go and see the teachers, I′ll tell them that I have a different school now! No, I do not even need to call in - I′m missing there! We must send them with the amulet full peace of mind! "But even more Jack thought about Alex. He really wanted her to be there. He really wanted to meet her. This was his delicate matter. But not the only one.

Jack drove into the school grounds. It was so closely connected with the school park that it was impossible to understand where one ends and where the other begins. There was a running track there, horizontal bars, stairs, swings, and there were trees growing all the way up and there were shops. And the children played. Lots of children. Despite the fact that until the end of school holidays was still almost a month, here came the schoolchildren and their friends. Jack got off the motorcycle, took off his helmet, sighed in full breast and felt unusually happy. He was immediately surrounded by children′s laughter, noise, din and a lot of faces - acquaintances and strangers at all. Some of them recognized Jack, greeted him and waved him in a friendly manner. Jack greeted his old friends-girlfriends. But his gaze was still looking for someone. I diligently searched. The most desirable and dear face. And here I found. Alex was in the park. She stood near the swing, under a tree, and talked with her black-haired girlfriend who was just swaying. Jack drove his motorcycle to Alex as closely as he could, folded his arms and waited until he was finally discovered. I looked at this blond, beautiful girl and could not tear myself away. Here it is in front of him. Alex. In a green simple dress with black peas and black shoes on a low heel. And on the neck beads. Black. Middle-height; beautiful, flexible and probably very strong body; long slender legs; Hands folded lock on high, neat chest, small form; a majestic white neck and head, entirely turned towards her friend. Alex was so good (even when she did not do anything) that Jack was dying inside. He looked at this beauty and simply could not understand how he lived all this time without her. He closed his eyes with his hands, then looked at her again.
Finally, a friend who saw Jack and was not surprised by his behavior, pointed out Alex in his direction.
Alex turned to Jack his beautiful face and for a few seconds just could not say anything with surprise. Then her lips broke into a smile. She laughed, exposing her beautiful white teeth, very sonorous and contagious:
- Jack! She cried, glowing with happiness. - My Jack !!! My Jack !!! Finally, you′re back !!!
Instantly, she forgot about her friend and went to Jack with a quick pace. She threw out her arms and smiled.
And Jack also went to her. He also stretched out his arms forward.
They embraced each other. And Alex just sobbed with happiness:
- At last! At last! She whispered. "You′re back!" Are you with me! We are together again! I do not even believe this!
"Me too, Alex!" Me too! Replied Jack to her. - We are together! I′m happy!
They let each other go and looked into each other′s eyes for a long time. Jack could see Alex′s blue eyes. Alex is Jack′s brown eyes. And they did not see anything else. Everything else seemed to have disappeared, fell into darkness and ceased to exist.
"I waited," Alex confessed. "I′ve been waiting for you every day!" I was hoping that sooner or later you are like this ... like today!
"I miss you so much!" Jack confessed.
And unexpectedly for Alex and for himself, he leaned toward her lips and kissed them. With all the sincerity and passion that he was only capable of.
- Wow! Exclaimed Alex admiringly and blushed instantly. "You really missed you!"
- Still as the darling! Jack said enthusiastically and hugged his friend again.
Alex examined Jack′s motorcycle and was surprised again.
"Jack, I do not understand anything ?!" This motorcycle, yours ?! Where is he from Jack ?! The last time I saw you, you did not have a motorcycle!
- A friend gave it! - Honestly admitted Jack. - He′s very good! He has done so much for me!
He laughed gaily:
- In general, Alex, you know, there have been so many changes in my life - even in my head it does not fit!
Alex immediately became strict. And everything went into the background. And friends, and motorcycles, and changes.
"Jack, will not you disappear again?" She asked sternly, and at the same time very hurt. "Then you disappeared and no one knew where!" Jack, do not do this anymore, I beg!
Jack smiled. Alex embraced and kissed her again.
- Never again! he whispered. "I will not disappear!" I have nowhere to go from you! I do not want to go anywhere! And you do not need it now! So, what to be to us now - always!
"I′m counting on it, my dear!" Alex whispered.
She was very pleased with this prospect. She was smiling.

Jack had a case, and so he went into the depths of the park. Alex pulled with his hand. Together with her I went to the old, abandoned fountain. Previously, he worked, and there was a lot of people, but now he was empty and lonely beside him. In the stone bowl lay: branches, foliage, stones, scraps of paper, glass shards and other debris. In general, the fountain produced a very depressing sight: a gray, chipped stone, dirty and abandoned, surrounded by trees and simple weeds around it.
"Jack, why are we here?" Alex asked, quite seriously. - This fountain has not worked for a long time (15 years, or more) and no one goes here.
"That′s why I set up a hiding place here," Jack said and jumped into the bowl of the fountain.
He began to disassemble a heap of rubbish. He picked up several cracked concrete slabs and opened a medium-sized hole in the fountain bowl. And he took out a metal casket
Alex saw it all and was surprised:
"Did you hide the trunk at the bottom of this fountain?"
"Not just a trunk," Jack said with a smile.
He opened his lid, and Alex froze. Before her was a large ruby of a deep red color.
- "The King" of rubies! Exclaimed Alex. "Where did you get it from, then?" You did give it to the museum!
"How do you know about this?" Jack was not less surprised than his girlfriend.
- Wow! You think I′m completely "dark" - I do not watch TV! Four days only about you and they talked and how you heroically returned this ruby to the museum.
Jack grinned, remembering this story, which happened, almost 1000 years ago. He climbed out of the fountain and calmly explained everything to Alex:
- This is not the ruby that was mentioned in the news. This is his own brother. My father found 2 rubies. One gave the city, and the second left me - on a "rainy day." But I could not sell it, even when the paints finally condensed. I was dear, as a memory of my father.
Alex saw Jack completely from a new perspective. Heard about his father and saw in his hands a ruby, which probably cost a fortune. She was puzzled by the fact that she did not know any of this before. And she could have asked Jack about the past, but she did not. She smiled cunningly:
"Jack, why in this fountain?"
- I immediately realized that there are only litter here, but they do not look for anything.
Jack was smiling, too. Then they embraced, as in the old days and left this part of the park.

Jack wanted to put the trunk in the trunk of the motorcycle, but did not hurry with it. I looked at Alex with enamored eyes and did not know what else to say. Alex stood beside her, lazily shifted from foot to foot and also did not know what to say. Between them, this "Elkon-2" somehow got awkward and spoiled everything. Now Jack was rich, and Alex is still poor. Rich and poor will never meet - that′s why there was no talk.
Jack already mentally hated this new life. I hated this motorcycle, this ruby - everything else. Everything seemed to be perfect, but this life again separated him and Alex. For some time Jack gritted his teeth with rage, and then he remembered Ell′s words, and everything suddenly fell into place. He looked at Alex, who, in anguish, lowered her eyes and called out to her:
- What?! - She immediately recovered.
- I have a wonderful friend. He taught me one important thing. I want you to listen to this lesson now. Come on, huh? You′ll like it!
- Sure, with pleasure! Alex′s eyes glistened.
- Once I was a poor boy with a bunch of complexes. I was poor and thought that nothing would ever change for me. But he showed me a completely different life. He made me see something I had not seen before. Tell you about this discovery, and Alex?
"Of course, tell me," she said almost in a whisper.
"I created my own poverty." I myself deprived myself of the house and I convinced myself that nothing good shines for me. As we are now, Alex. We convince ourselves that we are different. But this is stupid. Very stupid. Just think! What with the fact that I have this bike, and you have a simple dress ?! Alex, you are dear to me, just like before! I need you! And I do not want to lose you!
Jack did not expect such eloquence from himself, but Alex already shed tears. She looked at him and cried. I cried and cried.
"And I′m still Jack Stendery," Jack said, smiling. - And you′re Alex - my best friend. And I do not need others.
"Oh, Jack, how very nice!" - Alex said, sobbing, and hugged him.
"Come to my house." I′ll introduce you to Ellom, "he whispered.
"Of course, of course," she answered joyfully. - Anywhere! With you, anywhere!
In the heat of joy, Jack almost admitted:
- Alex, I love you ...
But someone′s crafty hand that grabbed him by the collar and yanked him from the saddle, separated the cooing pigeons.
Jack rolled head over heels. And when he got up just did not believe his eyes - another old friend came up before him. The huge, strong and utterly brainless biblical Bif Tanen is a repetitive and lazy fellow. From the very first day at school, he terribly disliked Jack, and all the time he talked about it. And now, when after half a year of separation again I saw, and was very angry. It was felt in his tone:
- Stendery! Again we met!
Beef′s assistants were standing next to him, and they laughed at Jack with venomous laughter - they always went three together, as Jack remembered these meetings.
"Stendery, why did not you exist long ago!" Biff shouted, making a fierce face. "Where did you disappear!" I watch a motorcycle motorcycle, I have got a ride - let me ride!
Biff respectfully shook his head and led him along the black leather saddle of the Elkona-2. So giggling gleefully that Alex, who was standing next to backed away. The casket, of course, he threw off. And someone from the assistants also gave him a kick, apparently deciding that this is an old waste of rubbish. The casket flew almost a meter from the scene and stood across the road with the lid open - however, no one paid any attention to it.
"Stop pawing my bike!" "Jack said sternly to his feet." I would not have allowed such a stupid idiot like you to sit on him. "
- Rough Stender! Rough! Biff shouted at Jack. "You offended me!"
And he turned away, portraying a terrible insult. And he even made a whimper. But after a couple of seconds he turned and threw forward his strong, fleshy hand. The hand reached its goal - crashed into Jack′s face. Yes, so much that Jack could not figure out anything, as he was again on the ground. And his mouth was blood.
- What Stenderi, bit the tongue! Biff shouted, yelling loudly at Jack. "You will not be rude the next time!"
And he laughed. Very loudly laughed. And his friends also laughed at Jack. And Jack. He was very painful. So many fights have already survived and caught on such a simple trick. I forgot that Biff Tanen is an unprincipled freak and always beats from under the tishka. He wanted to stand up and properly answer the offender, but something else happened that was exciting.
"Do not you dare do that again!" Do not you dare beat my Jack! Alex screamed and rushed, with fists, at Tanen.
Deftly intercepting one of Alex′s hands, Biff wrapped her around his shoulder and so pressed it there that the girl cried out:
"Get out of here, McGuffer!" - Biff angrily yelled and pushed Alex to the ground. "I also found myself, the defender!"
Oaknuv with pain, Alex sat on his ass, next to Jack, and from her eyes sprang tears.
"You look Stendery!" Biff shouted mockingly. "And the girl will be more brave than you!" Look how she threw herself into a fight, not that you′re a scoundrel!
He already sat on the "Elkon-2" touched his hands and tried on himself. Jack was just pissed. He was furious with the way he treated Alex. "Well, now you will receive!" - promised Jack Beefe, boiling with rage. He got to his feet and prepared for a fight.
"Come on, come off my motorcycle, you filthy freak!" He shouted into Biff′s face and walked steadily toward him.
"Oh, I′m a freak!" Exclaimed Biff. "Now you′ll regret it!"
He unhurriedly tears from the golden bike and took a step toward Jack, threw his arm back with a swing. I wanted to hit Jack in the jaw from the side, but he sat down. Just walked away from the blow, and then without even explaining anything, grabbed the offender by the clothes and threw him across the thigh. Biff did not expect this and none of the children (she crowded near the fighting with a tight ring) also did not expect. Someone even began to applaud - Biff also experienced a terrible disappointment being on the ground - like Jack and Alex.
- Well, Stenderi, now he′s cool, yeah! He exclaimed maliciously, rising to his feet. "Now you′ll get everything for me!"
"No, you will," said Jack very seriously. "And Alex, too."
He stood up in the fighting stance and clenched his fists. Biff jerked like an ox on a red rag, and he deftly walked aside giving the rival a slight kick.
The fight was very short. Biff fell to the ground again and again. Got new kicks and cuffs. He only waved his arms and legs, but could not get to Jack. Children who watched the fight, applauded and supported Jack with all their might. Alex, did not know what to think. She had never seen Jack like that. She never saw him in a fight. She was so surprised that she even forgot to get up off the ground.

However, Jack forgot that Beef had assistants. They came in handy. One struck his side, the other kicked in the chest. And Jack confronted three at once. Successfully opposed, but it was different. In the heat of the fight, a magical amulet flew out of Jack′s jacket pocket. Nobody paid attention to it, but he flopped directly into the open chest. And the next second everything changed in the school yard.
There was an explosion (such that all the children in the park nearly fell off their feet) - black smoke poured from the casket. With each second it was more and more. And that the strangest smoke did not go anywhere - neither by land, nor by air. Smoke converged to one point, forming a huge black ball. A ball, in turn, began to pierce the thin red rays from all sides. The spectacle was very beautiful - as if a radiant sun was born in the schoolyard - but for the time being. Here from a few rays a few sparks and hit one point. Some children screamed at the same time. And there was why. In the air, near the smoky red ball, there was a funnel with torn edges and raging streams inside it. It was small in size, but it frightened everyone around, like the bloody mouth of some predator
"It′s bad," Jack said to himself, already forgetting about the fight.
And really, it was worse than that. A man dressed in black armor jumped out of the crater. Black hands, legs, trunk, helmet with huge mesh eyes and a small triangular talking device on his head. The sight was terrible.
The creature (which was most likely a robot), looked around in all directions, then, said something in an incomprehensible language, and then launched into the funnel a thin purple ray from the outstretched left hand.
All the children froze in their seats and did not know what to do for fear, but Biff Tanen did not scare. He stretched out his hand forward and boldly poked at the newcomer:
"Who are you, your mother ?!" What do you need on our school grounds ?!
The black robot looked at him point blank and said something in an incomprehensible language. It resembled a mixture of creaking, whistling and grinding.
- Now get a goat! - Biff yelled and grabbed a stone from the ground.
He swung and threw it at the black alien. Has got in a trunk from what the essence, has almost fallen to the ground and has published a tirade of offended sounds.
Biff triumphed his little victory, but did not have time to do anything else.
The black creature, which had already recovered from the impact of the stone, stretched his arm towards Biff, and a blue ray flew out of the black wrist. The ray immediately tied the strong arms and legs of the young man and tore it from the ground, under loud cries and screams of horror. He wriggled in the ray with his whole body and furiously threw himself at will, but could not free himself from the blue light. The creature looked at him for a couple of minutes, and then switched to English. From his triangular phrase book he heard his thin, raspy voice:
"I′m your new master, goat!" And your pathetic little tools are nothing to me! But you are a miserable earthly man you will know all your might!
Giggled. I switched something on my wrist. The blue ray was replaced by red, and red snake-waves ran along Biff′s body. He screamed piercingly and very, very scared. For several seconds he burned and cried, and then turned to ashes. And there was no more formidable Biff Tanen.
"The rest of the lesson," the creature said disgustingly and turned to the funnel that was still raging over everyone′s heads.
- Another world at the feet of the Talas! Cried the black wanderer and raised his hands up.
The torn red funnel began to spit out new black creatures. Soon there were more than 20 on the school grounds. Some of them walked on foot and held in their hands some poles with blades in the form of crescents; others flew on round air plates and had pistols and guns. They instantly scattered where and started destroying everything around. Shelling trees, pillars, buildings and even living people (for intimidation). Children who were in the park, like all who were within a radius of 10 meters, with screams rushed to loose - so that the appearance of a huge rectangular machine with a pointed nose, no one noticed. The machine spit out of the funnel, and it flew so fast in the park that it destroyed most of it, along with the enclosing wall. The car door opened and 30 black creatures jumped out of it at once. They started marauding. Destroyed trees in the park, attacked the school and began to crush it, broke the road.
There were no more children in the park - there were only Jack, Alex and these strange aliens in black armor. And one of them noticed Alex. The girl was still sitting on the ground and the black creature went to her. Skipped a hand and probably grabbed by the hair, if Jack had not arrived in time. One wave of a white laser strip and a severed hand fell to her friend′s feet. And the creature froze in one place as if dead. The situation itself seemed incredible to him, but Jack did not negotiate with him - a repeated swing of the sword and a severed head flew off his shoulders. And then everything else collapsed.
Jack helped Alex to get up, and she looked with amazement at her savior:
"You ... just ... KILLED it ... Jack!"
"I′m sorry, dear," Jack said. - Otherwise it was impossible. He would have killed you, but I will not let anyone do it.
And in a few moments Jack had to prove it. Another black wanderer came to him. He quickly took a tubule from behind his belt, and a golden strip of laser light flashed in his hand. He threw it forward hoping to pierce Jack, but that was not it. Jack cleverly took the blade away from himself and from Alex and kicked the essence of a good kick over the black metal ass. The creature fell to the ground, but very soon it got up again. The battle was short, since the alien could not fight at all. Jack cut off his hand, caught the sword in the air and cut the enemy into several pieces with both blades.
- Wow! - Alex praised. - It′s great with you. With these things.
Jack bowed politely.
But he immediately pricked up his ears. And I understood everything. The battle was organized only to attract the attention of others. Now two dozen such black wanderers rushed to them. Some held swords of various colors in their hands, others pulled their hands to them, others aimed pistols and guns.
Realizing everything, in a matter of seconds, Jack cut off both swords, shoved them into the pockets of his jacket and grabbed Alex′s hand. Easily picking her by the waist, he threw it on the back seat of the "Elkon-2" himself flopped in front and whispered:
"Honey, hold on tightly to me!" Now we will drive, very quickly!
Alex performed his order, tightly clasping Jack′s waist. And she did not regret it. The motor of the motorcycle wound up in less than a second, and the wheel was replaced by a pillow at the same moment. The motorcycle broke loose, so quickly that Alex only heard the wind whistle in her ears. And she no longer saw the school and the park - she was on the highway.
Then the chase was launched. Flying saucers and a rectangular machine (she also flew)
- Jae-her-ek catching up with us! - Alex strained, trying to shout over the wind roaring around "Elkon-2".
"Let it be," Jack said with a smile.
He added speed. I put it at 300 kilometers per hour. I lifted the car 5 meters from the ground. Soon both the plates and the rectangular conveyor were left behind. And soon they were completely lost beyond the horizon. Alex and Jack drove forward very long. Jack tried to leave as far as possible and in the shower very much admired his supermachine; and Alex just could not say anything for fear. She held on to Jack with a death grip, squeezed her eyes shut and thought that she was about to vomit on the handsome guy′s jacket. And she no longer thought about chasing, or about anything else. IT WAS NEVER MOVED WITH SUCH SPEED !!! Alex was dumbfounded, by what she saw and experienced.
Jack forgot about it, but not for long. He still stopped the bike.
"I think they broke away," he said, taking Alex′s hands in his hands.
The chase ended in Texas.

Alex stood on the edge of the road and with her hands on her knees struggled desperately with vomiting spasms. Even the mouth opened several times wide - thought poured vomit, but managed to overcome itself. At that moment, she felt nothing but nausea and could not speak, so Jack′s questions: "My dear, are you all right? Alex, how are you feeling? "She simply ignored.
In the end, she survived. She recovered her breath and gave nothing to the ground. She jumped up and looked very seriously at Jack.
"So, Jack Stenderery," she said, resolutely tossed a lock of golden hair back and took a step toward him. "Tell me everything!" Where did you get this golden bike? What′s happening? Where did you spend so much time, after all?
Jack froze with such pressure:
"You know ... you understand," he babbled. Here you do not even know where to start! Such a fantastic story that you will not even believe me, I′m afraid!
"Do not be afraid," Alex said, much more calmly. "Just tell me." And do not hide anything. I have the right to know everything! I love you! Do you love me, I hope? Do you love me?!
Jack looked at her with a sincere smile, a gleam in his eyes and answered without any embarrassment or excitement:
- I love you!
"Then." Alex sat in the backseat, so she could look into Jack′s eyes. - Come on, tell your fantastic story.

For an hour and a half Jack told his story. And then he and Alex were talking:
"This wonderful motorcycle is Ella′s gift to me." As well as many other things. He has done so much for me already. He is cool. He is awesome. You′ll see it yourself - I think very soon.
"Yes, Jack," sighed Alex, and got off the motorcycle. - I did not hear a more fantastic story in my life. Aliens, flying cars, laser swords, suitcases that contain many huge worlds. My head is spinning.
And she took a few steps to the side, just wishing to walk.
- Do not trust? Jack asked in confusion
"What is it?" Alex waved her hand. "You have so much evidence on hand." Motorcycle, swords ... Then I love you very much and even if, without that, I would have believed how cute!
Alex and Jack were silent for a while. And then she went up to him, hugged her and gently kissed her cheek.
"In general, you know," she confessed. - I wanted. I really wanted to. Always. So that everything around me happens, something SUCH, like ... in a fantastic novel. Well, apparently, my dream comes true! Of course, it scares a little, but I think it′s okay and I′ll deal with it very quickly.
"You′ll figure it out," Jack said cheerfully. - It also frightened me at first, but then I got involved and now ... .you would know what a WONDERFUL LIFE!
"Are you taking me to this wonderful life?" Alex asked, looking seriously at Jack′s eyes.
"I′m taking it," he answered, just as seriously. "And now we will be together!" Always!
- YES!!! Alex shouted, as loudly as she could. - YES YES YES!!! GOD, HOW GOOD, MY DREAM REACHED !!!
She lifted her hands up and several times jumped in place with happiness. Then she jumped into the back seat, hugged Jack from behind and pressed herself against his back:
"Now we two are Jack and Alex!" She whispered in his ear. - How wonderful it is!
"The amendment," Jack said. - There are three of us. There′s still Al. And honestly, if not for him, we would not have met!
"I′m sorry, Jack," Alex said, taking offense at herself. - Something came over me! I forgot myself!
For a minute she was silent, and then she began to shake Jack:
"Well, why are you standing, Jack?" Come on! Take me - meet your friend!

Jack drove a little forward, and then stopped.
"Wait, Alex, we forgot something." We can not go now.
- And what could we forget? Alex asked in surprise.
"Those black aliens!" Exclaimed Jack. - Do you remember! They got out at least a hundred of that funnel! Do you remember how they thundered our school! Remember what they did to Beef Tanen!
"I remember," Alex agreed with a sad sigh. - And it was really scary. And I really forgot about it. But who are they, Jack, and what do we do now ?!
"I do not know," Jack shrugged. "Maybe aliens from another world, but I′ve never seen anyone like that?"
"Jack, you′re already an expert on other realities, and you have the experience of traveling - did not you meet those?"
- Honestly, Alex is not! Jack said decisively and turned to his friend. "One thing I can say is that they are very dangerous." And they appeared ... they appeared ... Oh my God - it′s because my ruby was in that casket!
Jack in desperation slapped his hand on his forehead.
Alex stroked his head.
"Jack, do not blame yourself." This business can not be helped. Better let′s look for a way out.
"There′s only one way out," Jack said after a few minutes of thought. - Al. We need Al. He will help understand this situation and deal with it.
- Great! - Alex beamed and slapped him on the shoulder. "Come on, to Ella!" Friends, as they say, get to know in trouble - that′s how we know each other!
Jack started off.

They drove another 5 kilometers along a deserted road, and then stopped.
"It′s strange, but I suddenly felt something," Jack said. - I noticed something, ahead. As if a trap waits ahead of us. And as if there is no road, but only the appearance of the road.
Alex was very surprised at this explanation, but did not argue.
Jack got off the bike and walked gingerly forward. And with every step I felt that his doubts on this road were intensifying. A wide, asphalted road, on both sides of cornfields, but something in it still was not so. Something in her was ominous. Jack took two more steps, looked closer and ... - saw a flaw. The contours of the road seemed to tremble and quite close. Jack′s head swept by with the speed of lightning: "Hologram. Veil, beyond which there can be anything. " Jack rushed back to "Elcon 2" and Alex, as scalded.
- It is impossible, it is impossible! He shouted at the top of his lungs. "There′s a danger!" Forward there is no road!
Alex, who, in the meantime, also moved away from the motorcycle., Looked back, but could not reply. Everything changed in the twinkling of an eye. From the bushes jumped out a dirty and neglected woman, in rags, with long, tangled hair, immediately grabbed Alex, squeezed her mouth, and menacingly hissed at Jack. The second bum already stood near the motorcycle and pointed a pistol to Jack. "Stop it!" He croaked maliciously. Jack froze in surprise. And that hour was on the back of the head with something heavy and very strong. From the blow, everything swam before his eyes. And Jack collapsed onto the road as if he were knocked down. And then I heard:
"There′s nothing behind you, too, Stenderery!"
He rolled over and though everything in his eyes darkened, he could see the third tramp with a piece of metal bar in his hands. He was dirty, unkempt and in his eyes there was a real madness.
Gradually, everything was drowning in the darkness. People and voices disappeared. Jack disconnected, but before that he had time to think hard that this bum was for some reason familiar to him.

Chapter 12. The world is dominated by the Talas.
Jack came to his senses, opened his eyes and looked around. He was at home in the huge living room of Stendery′s house, on a black leather sofa. Al and Alex were next to him.
"Well, it′s finally in itself," Al said with a smile. "It′s hard for you, though."
"You were unconscious for almost a day," Alex explained.
Jack, as he heard, clutched his head as if a sharp pain had pierced her. But there was no pain, there were no bruises, no bandages - there was only an awareness of the fact that he was lying like a log for almost a day.
- What happened? How did we find ourselves at home? Jack turned either to Ella or Alex.
Alex answered:
"We were trapped and you were cut out." Then Al appeared on his "SALK-147" - practically, in the next instant. He dispelled vagrants, but saved us. Then I drove here on my flying ship. And Elkon-2, too.
- And how did you find us? Jack asked, specifically Ella.
"Oh, it was easy," Al smiled. "I have a lot of search equipment, after all." As soon as I saw what kind of changes began to happen outside, I realized that I must immediately find you. And I found you. That′s just the blow prevented could not. Then he took you, Alex, a motorcycle, explained to those people that revenge was bad and flew to the house.
"Were they people?"
- And two of them are your classmates. Davey Faris and Megan Olivi.
Suddenly Jack realized why the face of that bum was so familiar to him. And he asked excitedly:
- People ?! Why, because ... they do not even look like people!
"What to do," Al objected calmly. - Now they and other survivors are doomed to be in underground catacombs, mines, cellars. God knows how to eat and dress in what they find.
- Surviving ?! - Jack is amazed at what he heard. - What happened?!
"In short, it′s a regime change," Al said. - Now it′s totalitarian. People were banished from their native planet. They: either died trying to protect their freedom; or sit deep underground; or that they are trying to change something on its surface; or serve those who are now in power.
- And who is in power.
"Talas," El says, briefly.
"Those black men who got out of that red funnel that opened in the school park, do you remember?" reminds Alex.
"These are not humans," El objected. They do not look like people at all. They are rats. Technological rats. Race of notorious marauders and thugs. Weak like wars and if their protective armor did not go anywhere at all. But they are very well versed in foreign developed technologies. They steal them and use them for their own good. In practice, these are the most harmful parasites of all possible. And for them there is no greater pleasure than to destroy one more world. Now here they are on Earth. Now they are in command here.
- What does it mean? Jack asked. He still did not understand anything.
"They′re ruthless murderers and bandits, Jack." They do not regret anyone, they do not care about other worlds. Everywhere they bear only death and destruction. And then they leave and leave behind themselves lifeless deserts. However, in words you can not tell everything - let′s go, you′ll see everything yourself.
Jack went to the lawn at home and saw terrible pictures. And the further the more. Stendery′s estate was in the same form as before - beautiful and abundant - but with the rest of the world it was all much worse. The trees did not grow, there was no grass, there were no buildings - Beverly Hills was destroyed. Around there were several huge ugly buildings, monuments, some stone heads, the sky overhead was covered with gray clouds and did not bode well.
Jack did not believe his eyes. He watched similar changes from the gate and simply could not believe that EVERYTHING was EVERYWHERE.
Then he noticed something else. The five round metal balls rushed in the air around the estate. They did not stop - they just rushed, cutting a circle in a circle; climbed to different heights and something.
"These are reconnaissance balls," Al said, catching Jack′s thoughts. "They′re waiting for one of us to take a step behind the estate to report to their masters."
"Al set up a defense around the house," Alex said. - A powerful force field. Having stepped out of the borders of our possessions any Talas, disappears without a trace. And our border lies just from the gate and walls.
"The gate and walls of our estate are under this field," Al added. - Enter into our estate can only one who is recorded on the device, that hangs in front of the door. Any unregistered matter will either be thrown away, away, or it will be tightened into a dimension, from which there is no way out.
"And you can not get us anywhere," Alex boasted. - Neither from the ground, nor through the air, no bombs from the sky, no rays from electromagnetic guns, nothing, anything, anything !!!
"Is she really that powerful, El ?!" Jack asked in surprise.
- It is the most powerful. This is the most perfect defense in the universe. Here you can penetrate one way only - smeared with the juice of Guoaro-Scripts. But the Talas do not know this. For them, these technologies are not available. And it is thanks to these technologies that our house still stands. Perhaps the only place in the world where trees, grass and free-thinking are preserved. The last bastion of mankind.
- How did it happen?! Exclaimed Jack. - These houses, this sky, how much time passed when they took over the planet? !!!
"They seized power in less than a day," Al said.
Jack looked at Alex in amazement, asking only with his eyes: "Is this really the truth ?!"
Alex nodded.
"You see, Jack," Al began to explain. - Talas very well versed in technology. Especially in those who control time. Once they got on our planet, they first irradiated it with a beam that slowed the time. For people, it began to go very slowly, but for the Talas remained the same as before. Their protective armor blocks the impact of the beam. And then what? They could only enter the residence of all world powers, destroy the existing power and proclaim themselves as new rulers. So that! America, the USSR, China, Europe, the Asian countries - only 2 hours it took to destroy them. Everything was very fast. Talas broke into these countries, killed millions of people, some were allowed to leave, some enlarged their armies. For them, many years have passed. I tried to calculate: for them 20 years and several months passed. They had a plan, they had a whole strategy, executors and ruling castes. They landed around 2000, but they organized it so cleverly that now these 20 hundred own the whole of our planet. Or rather own only 2. Their supreme leaders. They have residences in all countries of the world.
- And those that fought. Tell me about them, "Jack asked.
- There were some people on whom the ray of time did not work. There were more than 500 thousand of them on the planet. But they were divided among themselves and believed little in the success of their business. These small armies across the planet were defeated, one after another. 5 thousand of them were taken prisoner, 15 thousand were killed and put on display to others. Initially, there were more people than the Talas, but they did not believe in their strength and lost. For them, 20 nightmarish years passed, saturated with pain and despair. Now these are old sick and broken people. They are dying. There are less than five hundred left.
- Yeah! Said Jack, and sat down on the asphalt. - And in all this I am guilty! Lord!
Near the village of Alex and put a hand on his shoulder.
"Jack, calm down, please!" Al told me that he could fix everything.
She stood up and looked hopefully at Ella.
"We will succeed, but Al?"
"Of course," Al replied, with a smile. - Talas let and cunning rats, and many technologies they have on their hands, but I have, than to surprise them!

He stood in the middle of a green lawn, with a suitcase in his hands. Nearby stood Jack and Alex, and a little further was the car "SALK-147"
"So, friends," Al said, smiling. - There are two possibilities. Easy and difficult way. What do you choose?
"Come easy and quick," Jack said. "I can not look at all these buildings anymore." And the sky is gray, tightened - depressing. I want the sun to shine sooner.
"I want it, too," Alex added.
"I knew that," Al said, and pulled out of the Case a device that turned the clock back on the whole planet.
He switched it on, entered all the data and pressed the start button. But there was an unexpected ...
The device flickered, blue light, released a wave, but very quickly died out in Ella′s hands.
"Something′s stopping us," he said, puzzled.
And ignoring Jack′s request to try again, he took out a case computer from the Case.

"So I knew," Al said, after a few minutes. - Friends, an easy way for us is not available. Look at the screen.
Jack and Alex looked at the screen. The planet Earth was rotating on the screen, and in some places there were red crosses.
"These are six towers-jammers." The Talas established them so that only they could dispose of time on this planet. It′s like they found out about me from somewhere! Mexico, the Arctic, Japan, the USSR, Africa and Canada. Jack, Alex, if we want to bring everything back to normal, we must first spread these towers.

Chapter 13. Deliverance.
In order to learn all about the towers and to work out a plan, Al suggested to fly to one of them. The nearest was in Canada. As soon as SALK-147 left the house, mechanical balls-scouts immediately followed it.
"They′re catching up with us," Jack said.
"They will not catch up," Al replied confidently.
He covered the car with a transparent cap, turned on the invisibility and accelerated. The pursuit was far behind.
"While we are fully protected in this car," Al said. - In the whole universe only three creatures can penetrate our armor and harm us. Talas with their toys are not terrible for us.
- This machine is adapted to any conditions, - continued Alex, with delight. - It can swim under water, can fly in space, immerse in hot lava, or move in the most severe frosts.
"Wow," said Jack. "How much you know." Where, interesting?
"We talked," Alex said. - Al told, and I just remembered.
"Your girl is very inquisitive," Al remarked. - It′s just fine.

"SALK-147" hovered over the silencing tower. A huge, ugly building resembling a pyramid in the shape of a cone, with a small, constantly rotating, thick neck and four curved blades on it (also rotating).
"Our task is getting more complicated, guys," says Al, Jack and Alex from his seat.
He was sitting at the helm and a case computer was resting on his lap. Some schemes could be seen on the screen.
- What′s the matter? Alex asked.
She was sitting next to Ell. On the second armchair.
"Seven degrees of protection from these towers," says Al. - 1) High wall enclosing the tower and square box. It will not be possible to penetrate from the air - only through the door in the wall. 2) Watchtowers at the corners of a square field. There sentry guns, which are disconnected from the console, but in the active phase destroy any life on the field. 3) In the special wells-pits sit men who are watching the base and sent to the tower defense; 4) The tower generates its own weak force field. 5) All the towers are controlled by the main source, at the bottom of the quiet ocean - your ruby Jack. 6) All these protections are related to each other and you need to act very carefully so that the Talas will not notice anything. Or noticed, but as late as possible. 7) Here there is a huge amount of energy and no way around this barrier is impossible. Talas on this and expect that no one will go this way - it is too complicated.
- And your abilities, your technology, Al, like this? Jack asks.
"Jack, you understand, we need a plan." I can destroy this tower, but the Talas see it. And, for sure, there will be a lot of them.
"You said they were weak wars!" So you′ll kill them all!
- I absolutely do not know what they have in mind and what weapons they will use.
"What are you worried about, Al, you′re invulnerable, are not you?"
- About you and I′m worried! I am invulnerable, and you are not! Talas can easily kill you or Alex, or you together, or the planet, or ... I do not even want to think!
"But, Al."
Alex interjected:
"Jack, I love you very much and respect you, but now - shut up, please." Let′s listen, Ella. We need a smart plan, not a stupid death!
Jack was embarrassed and fell silent:
"So it is," Al said. "There are only three of us, but we are full of determination." Two people and salt. We must act as a team. Clearly and harmoniously. Do you agree?
"I agree," Alex said, immediately.
"I agree," Jack said, a little later.
- Each of us has a job and everyone should invest in it a maximum of himself. Only in this way will we return everything to our own circles and get rid of the Talas. You agree with me?
- Agree.
- I agree.
"And none of us will abandon this matter, no matter how complex and impossible it did not seem?"
"I will not give it up," Alex said firmly.
"Me too," Jack said.
"Al, my dear, do not torment yourself," Alex asked. "I know, you′ve already thought of something." Tell me your plan.
"The game will be difficult," El says honestly. "But it′s worth it." The main thing in it is coherence, invisibility and clarity. We will break it into several pieces. First we perform one piece, and then another. First we turn off the main source at the bottom of the Pacific Ocean, then we begin work with the towers, each separately. We deal with the towers, with the guards, we disable the protection. We lay a powerful explosive in the towers and simultaneously blow up all six pieces. Further we scroll back and in the past correct our mistakes.
Hearing such a plan, Jack and Alex are cheering up.
"Lead us into battle, Commander!" Said Alex, enthusiastically.
"That′s right," Jack says. - We are with you.
"Then go ahead!" said Al, and turned the car toward the Pacific Ocean.

SALK-147 was carried very quickly. The Pacific Ocean has already begun. Behind the last time the earth flashed and around was only a blue surface of water. The sky and a huge calm ocean. And "SALK-147" flew between them.
Over Jack and Alex, as a precaution, a glass, transparent hood was lowered. But neither he nor she felt him. They did not feel the lack of oxygen (the hood was completely sealed) - air was allocated by 8 special devices, which were switched on in different parts of the car, the cap barely fell.
"Al, how great!" Exclaimed Alex. "I′ve never seen the Pacific, and now it′s around me!"
- I also! - Supported from the back of the seat Jack.
"Nothing, nothing, friends!" - Al assured, with a smile on his face. - You′ll see a lot more - our adventures are just beginning! Now we are underwater journey.
And "SALK-147" having changed its movement, the arrow flew into the blue calm waters. In a few seconds he reached his goal, crashed into the blue water surface and, raising a small splash, immediately left to a deep depth. Everything was so fast and unexpected that Jack and Alex did not even have time to get scared.

The boat under the water moved slower than on the surface, but still fast. And still, Jack and Alex managed to fully enjoy the wonders of the deep-sea world. We saw corals, underwater plants, and fish of all kinds. Alex noticed three large white sharks swimming near the SALK-147; saw the sharks snap their toothy jaws, from such attention, and from the heart of admiration:
- Al, great! Just like at the attraction! Wonders of the underwater world!
"Al, at what depth are we?" Asked the more practical Jack.
"So far, only 350 meters have passed," Al replied.
- And where are we going? Jack asked again.
"Go to that crevice," Al replied and pointed to a narrow and shallow depression in the ocean floor, somewhere in the distance.

"Well, friends are our goal," Al said, planting the boat on the stone bank of the crevice. - Here the main bunker of the Talas.
Upon closer examination, the cleft appeared to be wide enough (15 meters, at least) and incredibly deep. She could not see her bottom - only darkness is the real abyss.
"What depth?" Alex asked.
"The surface is 700 meters from us," El replied.
- Just think about it! Alex said to herself more than anyone else.
"Does your car stand so much pressure ?!" Jack was surprised. - So we do not even feel this depth ?!
- My car can withstand much more pressure! And you will not feel it either! - Without bragging said Al. - This is a very reliable transport!
"Al, I understand that we are already there and you stopped to tell us your plan?" Alex asked.
"Not exactly," El replied shortly. And explained. "Actually, the entrance to the main bunker is not in this crevice, but at the bottom of this crevice." We will have to find this hatch-well. And we will find it. Friends, I stopped once again to remind you that the game will be very dangerous, and that you hold me. And you have to hold on to me always, even if you really want to act on your own. I′ll give you special equipment and paralyzing weapons. You will be well protected and prepared, but all the same .... do not care, guys, do not break our circle, do not go far and do not hero. Caution, coherence and clarity in everything - remember? I, in fact, do not know what will be waiting for us, so do not fail. You are very dear to me - both - I do not want to lose you, especially because of the Talas.
"Do not worry, Al, I will not let you down," Alex said, and took the aliens by the arm. - Everything will be good.
"Everything will be fine, friend," Jack said from the back seat. - I′m with you. And we will act as a team, as agreed.
And he slapped his hand on the arms of Ella and Alex.
"Come on, Al!" Look for the main rat hole! He exclaimed, in a voice demanding a feat.
- Forward! Exclaimed Al in a voice very cheerful and resolute. "We′ll find the rats and put them in their place!"
- Forward! - Alex exclaimed joyfully and cried, according to the American. - YAY-YAYAYA-HUUUU !!!
The dark-golden boat "SALK-147", started its silent engine, turned on the headlights of the main beam and fell off the stone platform, rushed to the bottom of the dark crevice.

The first 500 meters of the cleft was quite wide, but then it began to narrow. There remained some two meters, or even less - only a boat and could slip through. Then again began to expand, and there was plenty of room. And then it narrowed again, and the walls began to crush. It expanded and narrowed several times until the friends reached its bottom. The last meter of the boat sailed freely in clear and bright water. There was plenty of light. A lot of fireflies were sitting on the walls and a little sun came from the surface. It′s so bright that El switched off the lights.
The boat softly lay down and Al declared: "Friends have arrived! Here it is - the main bunker! "

"Change clothes, friends," Al said and gave Jack and Alex two silvery overalls, a pair of silver boots and gloves. - These are ultra-reliable and comfortable suits. Now we will look for the entrance to the bunker.
"Can I put it on top of the dress?" Alex asked, unfolding her overalls.
"You can," Al agreed. "But leave your shoes."
"There," she laughed. - And I so wanted to show off in my shoes on the ocean floor.
She dropped her shoes, dived into the jumpsuit with her feet, put out her hands and zipped. And soon she was already engaged in boots and gloves. They tightly joined the overalls, barely were dressed. Al explained that this is a special idea of the suit and pointed Alex at the buttons, with which you could detach boots and gloves. On the collar he showed her three more buttons. One for diving (when it was pressed around Alex′s head, a durable and comfortable diving suit was formed). The second included invisibility. The third is passing through barriers.
- Cool suit! Exclaimed Alex. - And it is convenient as! Thank you, Al!
"He′s yours now," Al said, smiling. - Wear it in good health.

"The teleport button on your belts," Al said. - Click it and imagine well, the place where you want to transfer. This place - the bottom of the crevice - near our boat. Come on, come on!
Jack and Alex pressed their buttons almost at the same time and stood with their feet in the light oceanic sand at the bottom of the deep-sea crevice - about a meter from the boat. To my surprise - close.
"We′re together again," Alex said, and took Jack′s hand.
She was happy.
"It′s fate," said Jack, very pleased that their thoughts coincided.
"Friends, friends," Al said, swam to them. - I understand everything, but let′s not forget why we are here. Let′s not forget how much more work is ahead.
Al did not wear the suit and did not move - he just went through the walls of the boat. And already began his search, but now he caught the romantic mood of friends.
"Al, but how is it that we hear each other?" Alex asked. - As far as I understand, the costumes are fully hermetic, and here I hear Jack and you, by the way, too - how does this happen?
- The suits are equipped with walkie-talkies. With the help of them you are talking. And I just read your thoughts and direct my thought waves into your heads, "Al explained simply. "Well, it′s good to talk, let′s look."
- Al, but can I go out into space in this suit? Alex asked again.
"You can, you can," Al nodded. - And in space, and in any heat, and in any cold - always and everywhere rely on it. He will warm your body, or vice versa - cool it when you need it. He will protect you from cold and firearms, sustain several tons of rock if a rock falls on you, or keep your body intact, if you for example go down on spikes. Well, let′s start looking.
"Al, will you take me into space?" Alex asked, not wanting to look for anything at the moment.
- And where am I without you ?! Al sighed contritely.
He looked at Jack and gave the following thought to his head: "You are a couple of Stendery, whatever one may say! Already now, as husband and wife! Even think alike! "

Alex looked up at the glow of daylight, penetrating through the darkness and narrow slits, and she simply could not believe that she was standing at the bottom of the ocean at a great depth.
"Al, but how deep are we?" - she asked, the next time, when a friend was nearby and wanted to attach it to the search for a hatch.
"More than 3,000 meters," El said shortly.
He took the girlfriend by the shoulders and looked seriously into her eyes:
"Alex, will you help us?"
Alex blushed in her space suit and hurriedly looked away. But her thoughts were immediately given out:
- I′m really lazy in truth. I do not want to work at all. Maybe because of the depth.
"Depth has nothing to do with Alex," Al replied immediately. "You′re responsible for everything." And now I need help. And yours, and Jack. Please help me.
"Al, why do you need us?" You have so much hardware. You can in the blink of an eye find this hatch on your computer! Alex spread her hands.
Al shook his head.
"Alex, Alex, what are you saying?" What for?! What computer ?! So, you′re completely lazy, soon! Think, Alex, please! You can use it to solve very complex problems, but for the most elementary - why ?! You are a man - a creature that surpasses the machine in all respects, and is already ready to turn off your brain and completely rely on it!
Alex felt that Al was very unhappy with her and her body was immediately pierced by shame. However, not for long.
Jack called Ella and Alex. He found the hatch-well - the entrance to the main bunker.
The hatch was silvery big and tightly closed. El stood on him and said this: "Turn on the permeability mode and just dive into it. Followed by me. I′ll go first, but at the same time I′ll show you how to dive. See ". Al folded his hands together, and jumping up as an athlete on the bridge dived right into the closed silver hatch. He turned out very gracefully: turned over, bent and went to the fish tank in a tightly closed bunker. Luke the well seemed to swallow it. Hands, torso and legs.
Jack and Alex included permeability on their suits and followed Ell′s lead. Also dived into the well. And he also missed them. At first it was just dark, and then they were grabbed, whose hands were dragged to the right.
A few moments later they found themselves in a half-bent state, in a square tube, in the half-light. Al sat beside him and smiled.
"Congratulations, friends," he says. - We are in the ventilation pipes, directly above the main military complex of the Talas.

The helmets were removed, Jack and Alex sat quietly and looked at Ella, who was working behind his computer:
"So," he said. - Only 112 people work, rest, eat, sleep and do other things, including 12 thalasses. The main generator - our goal is in the heart of the complex. To disarm it we need to go through the whole complex in a spiral and neutralize all its inhabitants. There are rooms, a gym, a dining room, a laboratory, food warehouses. People are completely different: soldiers, scientists, prisoners, women, who are used as sex slaves. We must go through all and cut down all. Act silently and quickly. There are a lot of computers here and there is a button on each that triggers a fast alarm. We must not allow at least one of these buttons to work. It will work and in 30 seconds there will be full of Talas.
"What about security cameras?" Jack asked. Are the Talas behind this place watching? And will they not notice that we are cutting down their guards?
El again turned to the computer and a couple of minutes later said:
"There are no cameras here." Talas very much hope for living guards, and besides, they almost do not believe in the possibility of an assault - who will penetrate their well-hidden refuge on the ocean floor?
Al, Jack and Alex both smiled.

Al put in front of Jack and Alex two elegant energy weapons, white.
"These are paralyzing guns operating on the power unit," El explained. - They throw out a bundle of energy that paralyzes all living things within a radius of 3 meters for at least 2 days. The range of combat is 500 meters. If you see that there are many enemies - several shots in different directions. Be sure to include invisibility and permeability, so that you yourself are not affected by energy. Remember: our main trump card is surprise. No one waits for us, so I think it will be easy to shoot them.
"Jack, I do not need to teach you anything - you are familiar with this rifle!" Take it, turn on invisibility and permeability - now start!
With Alex it was a completely different conversation. Al looked seriously into her eyes and asked:
"Alex, are you ready?" Only honestly! We have a big serious game ahead!
Alex immediately blushed, remembering how her laziness overcame her. She lowered her eyes, but very soon she picked them up again, nodded and said:
- I′m ready! Al, I will not let you down! Honestly! Simply, so much around the unusual - I′m very curious, you know!
- I know! Said Al and smiled affectionately. "And I promise: we will have a lot of time to talk about everything!" But now we′ll help out this world, okay? For the sake of our future!
El smiled faintly at Alex and winked at her. Alex smiled revealing her beautiful white teeth.
He touched her temples, and the girl flinched.
"Will you hypnotise me?"
"It′s light hypnosis - do not worry," Al assured her. - It does not hurt at all, but on the contrary - it′s nice. In a few seconds you will learn all about your gun and learn how to handle it, as if you had owned it for many years. Trust me, my girl. Close your eyes and relax.
Ell′s voice was so gentle and cradling that Alex forgot all fear, closed her eyes and gave herself to new sensations. Feeled how in her brain come new knowledge, how they fill it. In less than a minute she already owned her gun. She picked him up off the floor, inspected it, pulled out the block and inserted it back, took it off the fuse and declared its full readiness.
"Fine," Al smiled and put his gun forward. - Invisibility and permeability include everything! It will go down! Operation start!

Al, Jack and Alex, invisible and omnipresent, moved inside the complex and fired all their enemies from the energy arena. They were incredibly lucky. Talas, soldiers in armor and without armor, scientists in white coats, diners and sleeping people, naked women and men - disconnected even earlier than they could understand what happened. And so it is everywhere. The operation passed without incident. And not one alarm button worked.

Alex opened the next door, and the picture she saw drove her into a deep shock. A dead girl lay on the metal floor. The girl was blond, very like her, just a little younger than age. Her throat was cut, her legs and arms twisted. Alex first saw death and it was so impressed that she instantly forgot about everything. I′ve lost my rifle. She fell to the floor herself. Selt in all her might. Fortunately, Al and Jack were near, and no one at the base could hear them. Jack helped the girl to get up, embraced her and stroked her hair gently. Al closed the room, where no one else met except the dead girl, and asked thoughtfully: "Do you understand now why we should stop them?"

Three friends stood in the main hall of the bunker. A huge golden-red ball floated above them. El disconnected the power from the console. I stretched out my hand and took the ball into it. For a few seconds he conjured over him, and then Jack and Alex heard a loud clap. A powerful wave of force was rolling and they fell from the legs, and El slightly swayed. But he was unruffled, as always. Turned around and presented before the seated friends a huge ruby of Jack′s father, an amulet that crumbled into dust and a very small Rubinchik from the planet Caltazar. He held them in different hands.
"When mixed with rubies of the terrestrial group, the Kaltazar rubies release tremendous energy," he said. - There are so many energies that a portal between worlds can open without ceremony. This possibility is provided for only a few seconds, but the open portal can be kept as long as you please. This is what the Talas used. Henceforth, carry it around Jack′s neck so that he will not get lost or go somewhere else.
"I promise," Jack said.
El put both rubies in the suitcase, and Alex was curious:
"And they will not unite in the Case?"
- Never! If I do not need it myself, he will never connect them. And besides - this is one of the immutable rules inside the suitcase.
"Now," he said, cheerfully. - It will be easier. Talas became vulnerable. And the new troops will not come to Earth. We fly to the towers.

Al, Jack and Alex were back in Canada. They decided to start with it. It was the nearest and very first tower that they saw.
El pulled out of his suitcase special hacking equipment and it went. In 20 seconds the door to the territory was opened. In the hands of an alien there was another device, he quietly went inside and turned off the guns on the watchtowers. After that, Jack and Alex entered.
One of the towers climbed to SALK-147, but when they were in front of the hatch, Al suggested delaying:
"We need a plan," he said. At the bottom of the guard room. 50 meters square. There are on duty 5 men-mercenaries. All of them are well armed, they have excellent armor and they are genetically improved by talas. They are sitting in this room without a shower. There are toilets, there is food and alcohol. All this is brought to them every day. They guard the center of protection of the towers. The whole problem is that the room is very large, and there are five of them. We can disable, for example, 4x, and 5 will have time to turn on the alarm. Their main task is to signal the Talas in case of an attack. We can not blow up the room either, the signal will automatically be given.
- And this signal does not appear, when you will disconnect the protection from the computer? Jack asked.
"That computer is on special protection." The one who sits for him, should be able to work with him, - said Al. "I can handle it, but here′s how to pass unnoticed by the guards."
- And these men - what about them? Alex asked.
- Bandits, murderers, rapists, homeless people, immoral people. Talas specifically scored such that they: betrayed humanity, contented with their share, well performed their work and did not claim power. They are everywhere: guards, overseers, hunters, hangmen. Five people who are under us, all former zeks: one from Canada, one from the United States, two from Mexico, one from Ireland. All very cruel, very rude men. They speak English among themselves. Absolutely nothing do not understand in computers and do not aspire to it. They have genetically engineered muscles, increased endurance and strength. Some parts of the body are mechanized. They like to smoke expensive Cuban and Jamaican cigars; drink whiskey and tequilla; rape, in turn, or a group of women. They have a lot of cigars and alcohol, but there are no women. They are brought for 10 hours 2-3 women, every day, and then taken away. Now they are waiting for a new delivery.
- And soon this delivery will be? Alex asks.
"After 5 hours 30 minutes," El informs.
Alex stood in front of him and began to unbutton his overalls.
- Hey, hey, hey, what are you up to ?! Jack woke and cried.
"I′ve thought of something," Alex said, lowering her clothes to the floor. And then panties.
"No, no, not that!" Jack pleaded with her.
But Alex did not listen. She cheerfully pulled the dress over her head, put it under her feet. She took a step to the side, and spreading her legs wide, smiled at Ella:
"Al, appreciate me," she said cheerfully. "Am I not too young for these bandits?"
"Actually, they just adore young girls," Al said honestly. - And you are so slim and sexy. Be sure to peck.
- No, Alex, there will not climb! - Jack firmly and firmly stated and closed his naked girlfriend with his back.
And there were just tears in his eyes:
"Al, I′m asking you," he said softly. "She will not climb there!"
On the shoulder of Jack lay an elegant maiden hand and Alex turned him to him:
"Jack, this is our chance," she said. - Really. I suggest using it. I will appear before them naked - they will rush at me with a whole heap, and you will cover them with rifles. The bandits are off - our console.
"That′s a good plan," Al agreed. - I propose to improve it. You go not yourself, but your hologram. So your risk will decrease, we will have an extra barrel and you yourself will not get under fire. Then I′ll go with you. You can not shovel one woman - it′s suspicious.
"Al, but how will you go with me, you ..."
Al transformed and a few seconds from Jack Stenderery turned into a beautiful and sexy biker Samantha Longdale. He dressed in all black and leather, built and very prettier. For a while, Alex could not believe that this was her friend El.
"Is this you?" She asked cautiously.
"I," the girl answered in her pleasant, but very sad voice. - Your friend is an alien, and not this lovely girl that is before you. I have another shell - just!
- And who is it? Alex asked, coming closer.
- Samantha Jessica Longdale. 25 years. Born in the state of Pennsylvania.
"She′s your good friend, Al?"
- No, we were not familiar? But she taught me a lot, in my early days on earth. Besides, the girl is really attractive - right?
The leather suit on Ella-Samantha disappeared and Alex saw the naked body of her partner. And terribly flushed. Proud shoulders and posture; 3-th size, well-formed, rounded chest with brown large nipples; chiseled waist; shapely long legs, a small bush of black hair on the pubis.
Alex touched Ell′s chest, felt her warmth and firmness, and immediately withdrew her hand.
"I′m sorry, I could not resist," Alex said, blushing even more. "You′re such a beautiful girl, Al." And so natural.
"Thanks," the alien replied. - You are also very beautiful and natural.
Embraced her by the shoulders and stood beside him, compared height, build and said:
"Two appetizing ladies." Blonde and brunette. I′ll be a little higher than you, but it′s even good. Our bodies are beautiful, sexy and will necessarily cause a desire. What will our only man say? Jake, can our bodies cause desire?
Alas, the only man just grunted in response. He turned to the wall to hide the paint of shame and the bug on his trousers.
- We go down into the yard! Said Al, cheerfully. - We record the holograms.

El and Alex sank into the courtyard in bare form. The weather was warm, and really no one saw them here. Al handed Alex a dark brown device, similar to a small metal disk. "Put it on your head, walk with it, move your hands with your feet, you can even jump around with it together," he said. Alex fulfilled Ell′s wishes exactly: went, ran, jumped and kept track of the device remained on the head, while the beautiful brunette-El worked with his device. Then he took both CDs and programmed something in them. Put on the ground and here before Ellom, Jack and Alex appeared two beautiful and absolutely naked girls. They walked slowly alongside, seductively shaking their hips, the crying smiled, and they sent air kisses. "Very good," Al remarked.

They again stood in front of the hatch and were ready to begin the operation. They squeezed their guns, they were ready to press the buttons and jump, but El stopped them all.
- Wait, stand, so you can not go! Jack, what happened to you!
- Yes, nothing happened! Said Jack, and looked away from his friends.
He frowned at all his brows, and now he did not look at them at all.
Alex hugged Jack immediately, feeling his mood. And whispered:
"Jack, dear, do not be angry with me, please." I′m only for business. And then it′s not that I′m going there, but my hologram.
"I′m not angry," Jack said. "I just did not expect that from you!"
His voice was surprised and at the same time offended.
Alex stood up for Al:
"Your girl, by the way, is an excellent tactician!" Do not blame her, but give thanks!
Between the case he asked:
"Alex, have not you served in the army before?"
- No, what are you? She laughed.
- Why then such a good understanding of the situation and the ability to make a plan immediately?
- I myself am surprised! - Alex shrugged her shoulders.
"No, El, Alex, I′m talking about something else," Jack said quickly. - It′s just that when she was posing, she was in the street ...
"But this is nothing," interrupted El. "She is not lustful at all and will never be so." It′s her personality, her style, and not just pushing her legs apart, for the sake of satisfying the flesh. Jack, honestly - it′s insulting! Immediately, apologize to Alex!
Jack was embarrassed and was silent.
"Jack, Alex is a faithful girl and a faithful wife." This is the most faithful of your people. Ask her for forgiveness, otherwise I will marry her myself. I will become a man and marry her. And we will be such a happy family - you′ll burst with envy!
- And what ?! - Alex asked, with cunning, and hugged Ella. "I will be Ell′s wife." Let′s be together the universe, and no one will stop us. We will be rich and happy, as others have never dreamed! Always always!
- No, Alex! Shouted Jack. - Stay with me!
He calmed down only when he hugged the narrowed one. And Alex laughed:
- Yeah, I bought it right there! - and hugged her beloved boy tight.
"Alex, forgive me for the stupid jealousy," Jack apologized. - I think I still have to find out what kind of treasure I have. You are a huge success in my life and I do not even know how I will live without you.
"That′s the same," Alex said, and laughed gaily.
"Would you be Ell′s wife?" To be with him always? Seriously said it?
"Seriously," Alex answered, without hesitation. "And I will always be with him." But I will become your wife. I promised you. Do you remember the shelter? But I love him too! Understand - it can be exactly the same love as for you - I feel. He is a friend. Special. The best of my friends. We are together and very, very long - I foresee it!
"And still you are my man." You′re my number one, "Alex said easily, and kissed Jack on the lips. And she laughed.
They stood embracing and they were hugged by Al:
- Children you are my favorite! He said, affectionately, to both of them.
- Daddy! Said Jack and Alex, in chorus.

The operation began. Al, Jack and Alex went into an invisible state and stood in different parts of the corridor. The discs with the gallograms were placed on the floor. They joined automatically and to the five tall muscular men in shiny metal armor, two pretty young girls walked along. "Hi!" They greeted cheerfully. The men were numb. But very soon they came to themselves and flew to the women from all angles. They received a triple volley from paralyzing guns and lay down on the floor. The tower was captured.
In the same way, three more watch towers were captured.
Al conjured over each of the computers and the protection of the silencing tower was removed. Friends finally could approach her and look at the ugly machine. Jack even threw a stone into it, before he did not like it. El said that dynamite is much better and laid on four sides explosive packages with protruding antennas.
"It′s a single detonator," Al said to his friends as they flew to the next tower. - Look. There are six bulbs on it. While only one burns. When all 6 light up, I′ll drop this lever - the towers end. The device covers the entire planet.
He handed Jack and Alex (they were sitting on the red couch from behind) a square box with six lights and a small stick-lever. Jack and Alex carefully examined the detonator and smiled at each other.
"Put it on the seat for now," Al said. - We do not need it yet. Just let it stay close at hand.

Al, Jack and Alex arrived in Africa, captured the tower, disconnected the defense and laid the explosives. The same operation was carried out with all the towers, and everywhere success accompanied them. They acted according to the plan: El opened the gate, disconnected the sentry guns from the console, then launched naked holographic women, disconnected the defense, put the bombs and flew to the new facility. The scheme worked flawlessly.

In Japan, Alex was amazed - all the buildings on the island were swept away for the sake of a single muffling tower. Practically Japan was bare - only the tower is a jammer.

In one of the command rooms, the guard cleverly walked away from the striking ray. He immediately caught Alex and rushed at her. He yanked it out of the invisible state, struck it on the face and strangled it with a gasp: "I′ll set you up, little bitch!" And he would strangle the girl, if not Jack. He instantly came to the rescue: he hit the hardened man under the arm, under the kidney and into the head. When the fingers of the big man opened up, Jack pushed his knee from behind and threw him off with a powerful uppercut. The guard collapsed to the floor unconscious. El and Alex looked at Jack, as if the first time they saw. Then Alex said with admiration: "Well, Jack! Well, good fellow! Bravo!"
In this situation, even El was too slow to help Alex, and Jack came to her rescue and in a matter of seconds changed everything. After that Al said: "That′s why people are much more perfect than salt. That′s why you′re number one - Jack. "And Alex hugged and kissed her lover. "That′s why you′re my man!" That′s why I love you and will be your wife! "She whispered enthusiastically.
El asked Alex when he healed the bruises on her face:
- Do not you regret that you got involved in this adventure with us, and Alex? He almost killed you. And the face, look, as spoiled!
"No, I′m not sorry," Alex answered, with a smile. - This is the most amazing adventure in my life! Only then did I see who was who, experienced myself, understood how lucky I was with Jack, and you, Al! And bruises? God be with them, with bruises! What war without them ?!

On the base in the Arctic, Alex suggested rewriting the holograms:
"Al, you think it′s cold here," she said. - These guards immediately suspect something is amiss if they throw up just two naked women. Let them (at us) be at least fur coats.
"That′s right," Al nodded and praised. "You′re clever, Alex!"
On the street there was a temperature of 45 degrees and a storm was raging. In the watch tower from all the cracks the wind, walls, and the windows were covered with hoarfrost - all the same Alex was not afraid to undress up to the goal and record her hologram.
Were recorded on the tower. El said that there was no need to go down to the yard and Alex was very happy to hear these few words. Together with Ellom-Samantha, she walked around, with a disk on her head, tried to smile affably and not to knock with her teeth. Neither the fur coat, nor Al (who warmed her body from a distance) saved her-the cold was hellish. Alex just walked away from her friend for a few steps and immediately returned to him - the feeling was inexpressible - the cold immediately bound her legs (as if she fell into an ice-hole with ice water) and how Alex later began to tell: she broke free. In total it was enough for 6 and a half minutes, but El said that more and not necessary. I programmed something into my CDs, and then I went back to Alex - rubbing her body with Jack and helping her get dressed.
Worked even better than all the last time. Men flew to two beauties with all their might. Enthusiastically shouted: "Finally! At last!". And then they lay in the hill.

Well, that was the end of their hard work - the explosives were installed on all the towers. El picked up SALK-147 (they were back in Canada) and handed the computer case to Jack and Alex (now they were sitting in the back seats).
"I′m turning on the detonator," he told his friends. The square box was in his hand free from the helm. "Your job is to tell me as soon as all of them fall to one of the towers." There will be red lights, and then the buildings will disappear. Tell me, you are ready to watch and give me a signal.
"Ready," Jack and Alex say in chorus.
"We′ve started," Al said.
He put "SALK-147" on autoparic in the air, pressed all six buttons and lowered the lever. The device of time lay on the next seat.
On the computer screen, all six turrets lit up in red circles and turned into ruins.
"Done, Al," Alex says. - Everything is blown up.
"There are only debris left," Jack said.
"Now the account has gone for a second," Al said. - Only 30 seconds are necessary for the Talas to understand what happened and start to harm us. But they will not have these seconds.
In his hand was a completely ready time device. All the data was entered in advance. Al pressed the button. And this time a miracle happened.

The blue ray spread over the whole planet and untwisted it. All (except "SALK-147") was under his influence. There began to happen amazing changes under Ellom, Jack and Alex.
Large, ugly buildings collapsed and in their place grew accustomed houses and skyscrapers. Instead of bare deserts, roads, squares and parks were again damaged. The streets were filled with people and transport. The sun shone again in the sky and white clouds floated. It was such a wonderful feeling that Jack and Alex just could not resist a happy cry. The world was intact. There were no talas in sight.

However, there was still strangeness. Nothing moved. Neither people on the street, nor transport, nor the wind, nor clouds in the sky. Jack thought that Al again stopped the time with an amulet, but the reason was different.
"It′s the law of time," he explained, unfolding SALK-147 to Jack′s and Alex′s school. - Everything should be in its place, otherwise time will not come to life.
"We should be in the schoolyard now," Alex guessed. - Without this, nothing will come out.
"That′s right," Al agrees. - And I should be on the lawn of our house now.
The schoolyard appeared in their field of vision. They saw the children and Bifa who was already sitting on the Elkon-2.

All the people in the school park looked like wax figures. Biff stood with a menacing look and put his finger forward, his friends giggled from behind, the guys around opened their mouths, bulged their eyes - looked, experienced. And no one moved. And nothing moved. As if one minute had ended and the second could not begin. In any way the wind could not blow, the bird could not fly up, which Biff′s friend frightened and Biff opened his mouth, but could not finish the sentence.
On the playground, everything was in order, except for Jack and Alex. Instead of their wax figures on the ground, only their contours were present. As if there were ghosts of Jack and Alex - just sketches to their figures. Alex is sitting and Jack is a budding ascent.
"Get on your seats, and time will be put off again," Al said. "And remember, when it comes to life, only you will know how this fight will end." Use this new knowledge.
"Personally, I understand everything," Alex said, settling into her circuit. - You do not have to fight Jack with him - do not succumb to the trick. He is not worth it at all.
It merged with its contours and turned into one of the "wax" figures.
- Is the lesson understood by you? Al asked.
"Still, as you understand," Jack replied. - No more fights. I′ll put it in place differently.
"Then see you," Al said and disappeared into the air. Moved to "his" place.

"And the girl will be more brave than you!" Look how she threw herself into a fight, not that you′re a scoundrel! Said Biff Tanen mockingly.
He sat on the "Elkon-2" touching his handles, rather chuckled and tried on a motorcycle for himself.
Jack calmly rose from the ground. He shook himself and looked at Biff with a completely calm and confident look.
- Get off my motorcycle fast! Jack said in a voice that could not stand any objection. "And never approach him again!"
- What ?! - Tanet wailed very weakly and his jaw began to hang over Jack′s confidence.
Jack was not going to waste time on persuasion - he just grabbed Biff in an armful and sat him down on the ground on which he had just sat.
"Have a rest, here!" Jack advised. - Rest in the bosom of Mother Nature will be more useful for your health than my motorcycle!

Everyone in the park was silent. And the children, and Alex, and Biff himself and his assistants. And Jack did not pay much attention to anyone. He walked calmly to his open chest. He picked it up. Has closed. I returned to the motorcycle. He put it in the trunk and closed all the locks. And only then he looked at Alex with a smile.
"Alex, my friend, get up." He held out his hand to her. "There′s nothing so beautiful lady on earth to sit around."
Alex got to her feet and said with admiration:
"Well, you′re a master, Jack!" I did not expect this from you at all!
"I liked it, too," Jack nodded. And immediately suggested. "Let′s go home."
Alex nodded happily, took a place behind Jack′s back, but immediately fell and rushed to her friend, who was standing and flapping her eyes (like everyone else). She hugged the skinny little body of a girl with long black hair and freckles and whispered: I′ll tell you all about it later, Christine., OK? "
Biff Tanen who rose from the ground and had already recovered from the shock, put out a finger and nervously shouted into Jack′s back:
"Do you think that′s just Stenderery?" I have not finished with you yet!
Jack looked the guy straight in the eyes and said very seriously:
"But I′m done with you." You′re a Belf fool, and they′ll always stay if you think with your fists, not your head! Remember my word, someday all this will end in a very big disaster, if it goes on like that. Personally, I do not want anyone to die, so I will not fight with you. And in general, we better not meet again.
Alex jumps into the saddle and Jack leaves
"Good-bye," he shouted to the children on the landing.
"Do not think badly!" Alex shouts.
Biff, who was greatly shocked by Jack′s speech, found strength to shout:
- So that′s great! Leave! Roll where you want! Oh, and a motorcycle can not admire them! You yourself are idiotic, narcissistic!

The road to Beverly Hills was not close, but Alex and Jack were silent the whole way. I did not want to talk. I rather wanted to see Ella. I rather wanted to hug him, thank him, and then sit in the living room and talk.
And dreams began to come true. The gate was open, and Al smiled to meet them. Jack waved to his friend and along with Alex drove down the alley straight to the garage.
"Al, is your power field already hanging over the house?" Alex asked when they met in the garage.
"Not now," Al replied. - And why? There is no threat.
- Set it! "Alex insisted. - God saves man, who save himself! And if something new happens, we will stand up and save the world again!
"All right, I′ll do it."
"And write us down," Jack said. "I do not want to disappear without a trace."
- I will do it first.
- You can set it up so that it devours only aggressive objects, and rejects the positive ones. I do not want my good friend Kristina to disappear because of this stupid defense, or lose her hand.
- Do not worry about that. The defender knows perfectly what people want to go through it. The biggest thing that your Christina feels is a slight electric shock. Yes, you can write it yourself, so that it can pass freely
"Well, at that time, I′m calm," Alex said, smiling broadly. - Calm and happy.
"Al, and how much your car works," Alex asked, already in the house.
- Exactly 2000 years without a respite.
- That′s great! And will not let you down?
- What are you?! Is this the most reliable thing in the universe ?! And the most indestructible!

Al, Jack and Alex were sitting in the hallway, at the twilight hour, in front of a burning fireplace. They sat on a soft leather sofa and talked. Alex and Jack drank a light and very tasty berry wine, El just sat for the company.
"Al, I′ve already decided everything," Jack said. - I will give my "king of rubies" to you for preservation. Forever. How much I felt grief for him.
Jack sighed.
"And I also found happiness." Girlfriend. A friend who is worth all the gold of the world.
Jack hugged and kissed Alex, and with Ellom just hugged.
"My father wanted me to sell this ruby if I was in need." And I can not sell it - it′s dear to me, as a memory of it. Earlier, when I was a vagabond, I could not do it. Now that I am a very rich man, I will not do it any more. At the same time, I can not even see him any more: he just tired me. So I give it to you, Al. Do with this treasure whatever you want. The only thing I′d like is maybe to see him once a year and remember all the mess that he lived through thanks to him.
"All right," Al said. I′ll put this ruby in the museum. It will be a personal museum of the Stendery family in the Suitcases. And the first exhibit in the museum will be your ruby Jack. Come and admire him when you want. He will lie under the glass and there will be written: "Rubin Jack Stenderery, because of which he experienced both grief and joy ... and further - everything that you told us now"
Jack laughed and shook hands with the alien:
"All right, all right," he said. And he promised. "I′ll stop by this museum."
There was a silence. And no one said anything. On the faces of the three young people there were smiles. Jack and Alex were drinking wine - El looked at them. It was so quiet that you could hear slow, sipping throats.

"I suggest we talk about Alex," Al said, resolutely, after a three-minute break. - I think, the most worthy subject now.
Alex shuddered and looked at Ella in surprise. Without a smile. And Jack immediately rose to her defense:
"Al, Al!" Alex is fine! Do you remember how she helped us with the Talas ?! Do you remember how she risked ?! It is perfectly written in our company! You wanted to meet her, remember?
"Jack, it′s quiet!" - Strictly says Al. "I′m not going to drive Alex out of our house!" I really like her!
And when he saw that Jack had calmed down, he added:
- I just want to finally approve Alex for the role of our companion and girlfriend.
The floor was left to Alex herself. She put a glass of wine on the table and started quietly. Without a smile:
- I′m a girl, Al and Jack. I spent most of my life at the orphanage. And I did not have anything. And even the fact that I′m so sociable and open is the achievement of recent years. Once it was different. Once I was all alone and only could take offense at the life that threw me into this orphanage. Then I decided to change my life and ... - bang, I showed so many friends and girlfriends! But there was no main thing. I did not feel reliability, confidence, love. I saw many beautiful faces and felt the need for new friends. I asked my heart: why ?! My heart answered me: they are all beautiful, kind, good, but they are not the people. A few years will be a very good friendship, and then ... BAM ... scatter, who and where do not remember each other′s faces. Then in my life came Jack. My heart starts beating wildly, my head is spinning with excitement. "It′s him," my heart tells me. "Your man." With him you will be happy. He is your man by 100%. As they say, take and safely take care. " How happy I was with him, and how I missed him - who would have known! These 7 months were for me the most real torture. Then, we met again, and I get to know Ell. My heart is beating again in a furious rhythm. I feel love. Same strong as with Jack. I understand intuitively that this is the best of all my friends that have been and will be. I understand that such a friend has come into my life forever and I am very happy about it.
"That′s my story," Alex said, and took another sip of wine. "You can blame me, but I love you equally." The only difference between you is that for one I will marry and give birth to his children when the time comes. The rest is full of trust, stronger than steel friendship and always together. Everyday.
"What do I like about this situation," says Al, with a smile.
- Are you jealous? Alex asks Jack.
- I? Yes, not a drop!
"Jack, Jack, we agreed!" No secrets!
Alex shook her head reprovingly.
- Little bit. I am an owner by nature. But I trust Ella. I also trust you. I think I can handle it.
- Well done! Says Alex and kisses Jack.
"I propose a solemn vow," says Al, and stretches out his hand. - I am an Elixicon, from Soltrex I swear that I will be with you until death puts all my cells into a dream of eternal oblivion. I swear that I will help you, protect you, and most value our friendship - the great gift of the planet Earth. I swear to my friends: Jack Stendery and Alex McGuffer and I will be true to my word.
Jack put his hand on Ell′s hand and said:
"I′m Jack Stenderery, from the Earth, I swear to my friends: Ellom and Alex that I will not leave them, I will help and appreciate our friendship until death releases me from this word."
Everyone was waiting for Alex. She smiled and gave her hand:
"Well, you can swear!" She said solemnly. - I′m Alex McGuire - I swear that I′ll be true to my friends Ella and Jack, I will help them, I will love them and never turn my back on them. And in sorrow and in joy - always - we will be together. I so want and will be so. And let death not become a hindrance. We will meet in another world, and still will be best friends.
Al puts his hand over her arm and says:
"From now on, you′re on our team, Alex McGuire."
- Your duo has now become our trio! - retorts Alex.

Chapter 14. Invitation to the mayor.
August 29 in the mansion of Stenderi there was a phone call. The receiver was picked up by Al. He was the only one who was in the house and then it was not like he was - El sat on the couch and worked with the computer computer, and the dark red phone was right in front of him - on the coffee table. Where were, Jack and Alex was not clear - the last time Al saw them 3 hours ago and they said they would walk in the estate.
- This is the house of Jack and Ell Stenderery? The pipe asked affably.
"Yes," says El Stenderery, "he introduced himself.
- My name is Amanda Parker. I am a personal assistant and secretary of Mr. Hilton - our mayor. Mr. Mayor very much wants to meet you two. We searched your address for a long time and found it just recently. On Saturday August 31, Mr. Hilton will have time. At 7 pm. He is interested, will you come?
"Of course, Amanda," Al says, happily. - We will.
- Excellent! - There was a pleasant, light laugh in the receiver. - Come to Adams - Road 234, at the appointed time, preferably in festive costumes. And do not be late, the mayor does not like to wait. Will not you let me down?
"No, we will not," Al said confidently.
"Then, see you," Amanda said, and hung up.

On the appointed day and hour, two beautiful, young people (one in a white suit, the other in a gray suit and hat) entered a tall house of glass and concrete on Adams Road. We went into the elevator and climbed to the last floor of this huge skyscraper. They found themselves in a huge room, where there were many windows, soft sofas, exotic plants, as well as 3 aquariums with striped colorful fish. Behind a beautiful table of oak sat a young black-haired and very smiling woman. This was Amanda.
"Al, Jack, I′m very happy!" She said with a friendly smile and shaking hands with both. "Mayor Hilton is busy right now." Sorry, the conference dragged on. Can you while you sit down?
Al and Jack sat on the sofa between Amanda′s table and the doors to the mayor′s office.
"Yes, boys, you made a mess here," Amanda said, and smiled and took out a newspaper from the desk drawer.
She handed the newspaper number to Ella and Jack. There was an article on the first page about saving the "king of rubies" and about their heroism.
"The newspapers rustled about you for several weeks," the young woman said. - It seems that you gave hundreds of interviews to journalists. The mayor already hurried me, and after the article appeared: "The common citizens of Al and Jack Stenderer wiped the police′s nose!" Said: "Yes, I′ll arrange them myself in the police! And I′ll pay from my own pocket, if only there were no more such articles! "And he said to me:" Do what you want, Amanda! Though from the ground for them, take for me, but do it! "I contacted all the city′s reference services and a few days I called them. And so, I am informed that, very recently, someone El Stenderi, registered with Beveli Hills. I ask: is there a telephone there. They tell me that they have a number. I dial it and now I find you. A lot of sweat and patience - I achieved the goal!
"You did a great job," Al said and smiled. - It′s admirable!
"Thank you," said Amanda. - I love my job. And I have a very good boss - I do not want to disappoint him.
They spent a few minutes in silence, and then Amanda, said:
- Boys, I really do not know how long this meeting will last. Do you want coffee or tea?
At that moment the door opened. A lot of people came out, and the last one came out young, handsome, and very elegantly dressed, a man.
"And here are my heroes!" He cried joyfully. "The Stendery Brothers!" How can I have been waiting for you! Guys, please go to my office! Amanda, my good, please, tea to us three!

In the huge study, among the soft leather armchairs, sofas, tables and other things, the mayor introduced himself:
"My name is Simon Patrick Hilton. Mayor of Los Angeles, 13 months. Before that, he had been investing in the real estate market for 10 years. He joined the mayors because I love my native Los Angeles and want to do something significant for this city.
Acquaintance is presented as a game. And Al and Jack immediately enter into this game.
"I′m Al Stenderery," says Al. "He lived in Canada and made a fortune of several million dollars." Real estate (as you do), recycling of garbage, investment in various projects (they still feed me). But then it was boring to sit in one place. At first I just traveled, and then I learned that somewhere in America I have a brother, also Stenderery. I went in search of him. With difficulty, but found, at that fan factory. Further you know.
"Excellent, excellent," the mayor smiled. - I′m 38 years old, and how old are you?
"I′m 17," Jack said confidently.
"I′m 27," Al said.
"Such young guys," the mayor admired. - Already rich and famous. Is it true that you live in Beverly Hills?
"Yes, that′s true," Al says.
"Absolutely true," Jack says.
- Are you studying, or are you working now? Asked the mayor. - Personally, I′m working. I like working hard. But I also love to learn. And also very much. And you?
"I like learning too," Al said. - And work hard. This is a great pleasure for me.
"I′ve already learned a lot," Jack said. "But I′m ready to learn more." I also like the work. I worked with 8 years, so I know how much work is important.
"I want to offer you a job," said the mayor.
"A job that seems to please you very much," he said, and glanced at Ella.
"An important job," he said, and looked at Jack.
"I want to offer you a job in the police," he said, finishing the introductory part. - You will be servants of the law and very good servants of the law.
- Why us? Al asked.
"From a distance I feel a good deal," said the mayor. - And this is not just a good, but a super good deal. Come on, guys, settle. You need this city. I need you.
"Tell me about this work," Jack said.
- Oh, it′s not complicated. I can feel it on your shoulder. A couple of months you will spend in the police academy (maybe less), then you will have separate offices, separate police cars, weapons. Then you can even get a few people on the team. Of course, the salary. You will receive a normal bet + my personal allowance. Then, think about the city. We now have a very high crime rate. I think it is in your power to restore order in the streets of this city.
Al and Jack conferred for several minutes, and then unanimously declared:
- We agree!
- Excellent, great! Exclaimed the mayor, smiled and rubbed his hands.
He busily sat down at his wide table of expensive mahogany, took an expensive pen, a piece of paper and told Stenderi:
- For any information about the Joker and the ruby, a reward of 25.000 dollars was due. Since you not only helped us, but helped us VERY, I raise this figure 5 times. Your bonus: 125. 000 dollars.
The mayor wrote out a check and gave it to Ella, with the words:
"Pass this check to my secretary-she will arrange everything." And do not forget the boys - soon school. In the second half of September, the police academy, where I recommend you, will open its doors to new cadets. However, Amanda will tell you everything. She is a real professional.
"Sir, thank you very much, for this good reception and for the money." I was very pleased, "said Al and shook hands with the mayor.
"Sir, I was just as pleased," Jack said, and shook the mayor′s hand. - You are very nice, kind and generous person. Thank you for the money - they will be spent with profit. And for the trust of thanks - we will honestly serve, and you will be proud of us.
"I do not doubt it," said the mayor. - I′m sure, one hundred percent. I believe in you, boys. I believe in this city. Soon there will be a lot of big changes. Useful change.

Al and Jack left the mayor′s office and saw Amanda again. They gave her a check. She led them to the money vault (in the basement of the building). First they walked along the stairs, and then again on the elevator swept. The elevator was nice, roomy, with carpets and sofas. On the way, Amanda and Stenderery talked. She asked about the reception and told about how long ago the first one believed in Simon Hilton and said that he would be with him until the very end - since then their friendship was inseparable. Glancing at the brothers, the girl smiled sweetly at them and asked cunningly: "But we are one field of berries, right? I and Mayor Hilton, we and you? Your friendship is also very strong? Or am I mistaken? "" You can not think of anything stronger? "Jack said. "We are friends do not spill water?" - El confirmed. "For years?" Jack nodded. "And further away," said Al. "Keep each other, boys," Amanda smiled at them. "This is the greatest wealth of life!" She was a very nice and sweet girl, and it was a real pleasure to communicate with her. However, she knew too much about bureaucratic matters. I handed the check to the cashier, quickly filled in all the forms, signed myself, made sure to sign Stendery, gave them a few packs of money and let them go to all four sides.
"And remember the boys," Amanda said to them on the path. "Soon, very soon, I′ll call you and let you know what I need." So we will not say goodbye. Wait.

The same evening, Al and Jack decided what they would do with the bonus. 25 thousand went to the orphanage (where Jack and Alex were brought up), another 25 thousand went to another shelter (chosen accidentally), 35 thousand - to save rare species of plants, animals and fish, 15 thousand El and Jack bequeathed one of the hospitals of Los Angeles, , 5 thousand - for landscaping of his native city, another 5 thousand El and Jack just handed out to passers-by in different parts of the city, 15 thousand were given to Alex and her father.
Before giving this money, Al and Jack decided to watch Mr. McGuffer and his daughter. First they came to his store and together with Alex helped everyone there, than they could help. Then they asked to come to his house (in fact, father and daughter could not not invite them). After a very modest dinner, Al and Jack brought with Martin McGuffer a long conversation for life and ascertained what that goal and aspirations. In one of the breaks, when his father went to the toilet, Alex began to inquire what they wanted, but in response she had only a proud silence.
Finally, El simply said:
"Martin, you are a good man!" You are a very good person! Open, honest heart and clear mind. Besides, you are an excellent father - Alex, will not let you lie! Hold on!
And Jack laid out on the newspaper table 15 thousand American dollars.
Martin and Alex, just stunned by surprise. And for a long time they did not say anything.
- But why? Asked Martin, at last.
"Because you deserve this money," Al said firmly. - You worked hard and hard, and any work should be rewarded.
"Yes, yes, and now you can finally rest," Jack said firmly. - Buy yourself the best fishing rod, and Alex a new elegant dress. Close the store for 3 days and go to the lake. The store will not escape anywhere, and fishing now is something!
Martin told them that he was an avid fisherman, in conversation. I told you about the now favorable time for fishing. He said, with regret, - alas, he could not go - there was not much money, the trading season was in full swing, and the fishing rods were not suitable for him. So that Jack knew this man′s cherished dream. And when he said all this, the eyes of 57-year-old Martin McGuffer just shone with happiness.
And he suddenly became very quick:
"Why am I sitting here!" Where′s the phone? You need to call Kolmen quickly before he leaves!
After Papa ran out of the room with a notebook in his hand, Alex took the arms of Ell and Jack, smiled one, and then the other. Then she just got up and hugged both of them.
- I adore you!!! She whispered, joyfully.

A day later, Alex appeared near Stendery′s house in a red silk dress, turned and laughed:
- Well, how do you like my new thing ?! She asked friends. And with even more enthusiasm reported. - Dad closed his shop and went to the lake, for 3 days.

Chapter 15. Al and Jack are policemen.
On September 23, there was a phone call in Stenderery′s house. Called Amanda. And she invited Ell and Jack to the Police Academy at Nigel Street. This police academy was 10 blocks from the Stenderery′s house. El and Jack packed up.

For the second week they lived and studied at the police academy. We came home for the weekend. Communicated with Alex. They told her about their successes. Alex talked about the events in her and father′s life. She said that Stenderi is very fit. With impatience waited, when the study will end and the real police work will begin. "If anyone can help this city, it′s just you!" She said admiringly.

Ell and Jack had brilliant results in their studies. Honors in physical training, driving and shooting, and also excellent memory, high oratorical skills, understanding of tactics and strategy. All teachers were satisfied with them and even the most demanding instructors put them as an example to other cadets. Of course, few of the cadets could even come close to such indicators.
Ell and Jack had a lot of friends and enemies. And Ella is much more, both first and second.
Beautiful men and women just swarmed around Ella. He is asked for advice, they listen to him. Many of those who did not like Ella after communicating with him, became a completely different opinion and poured into the company of his friends.
Jack was different. He had few friends, but many envious people. He could not dissuade anyone, and he does not strive for it. Jack in general was very difficult to communicate with strangers. Especially, with negative attitudes. Jack had Al. One more female friend appeared, 30 years old, Barbara. Plump, mobile, curly, she was not a beauty, but she knew the price. Few people in this institution she liked, but Jack liked immediately (like El). Jack and Ella also liked it very much. "Jack, I hope we′ll work in one piece later," Barbara said, one day. "I hope that we will remain friends after the academy." There was a boy George, 25 years old. He for no reason asked Jack for help. And Jack often helped him later. In hand-to-hand combat, shooting, etc. And George also hoped that they would work together and continue to be friends. He saw real heroes in Stendery′s brothers and said this: "Here you guys, Al and Jack, real heroes! As you can see! Me not! I′m far from the hero! My maximum is paper work and night shift duty! "And although he was not very sure of himself, one could not help noticing how colossal influence this friendship had on him. By the end of the first month, he was much more confident and set a goal - early, or too late, to become like Al and Jack. The third person was a woman named Gina. Slim and athletic brunette, 27 years old. She was beautiful and sociable and had a lot of friends. Having studied for 9 years at school, she turned into salespeople - actively began to trade and develop as a person. I′ve traveled a lot around the country, and now I do not know why I decided to go to the police. And she could not explain why she did it. She spoke, as a rule, vaguely: "Maybe this is my destiny!" And she spoke the same about her acquaintance with Jack. She saw in all people something beautiful and said: "If the Lord sends me such people, then they must be in my life!" Once Jack said: "You are a wonderful man Jack Stenderi! A great power is hidden in you, which one day will make the whole world happy! And I can learn a lot from you! Honestly, I′m even pleased that I have such a beautiful and intelligent teacher! "

The problem was that Jack was very unpopular among the cadets, and Al was SUPERPOPULAR. One was nicknamed "quiet", and the other - "Mr. Society Soul"
"Al, I just can not, I can not, be different," he admitted. - Apparently, this is my problem. It′s hard for me to communicate with other people.
"You do not need this," Al said. - Be yourself. You′re a fine person, Jack Stenderery. You do not need more friends. You do not need more attention. You have everything. Enjoy it.
"Yes," Jack agreed, after a little thought. - It makes sense. Go your own way and be yourself. But still, I would like to be in the spotlight.
"You have me," Al said.
"And I," said Barbara.
"And I," said Gina.
"And so do I," George echoed.
"And, of course, I," Alex said with a smile.
- Do you have a lot of friends. And you are in the center of our attention. What more do you need? - Seriously asked, Al.
- Do I really have everything? Said Jack, and laughed at himself.
The friends hugged Jack and said in a chorus: "We love you!" Then they discovered that Jack was crying. Then they heard the flow of his gratitude, which he distributed in a circle. Then they began to push him and show him to another. Then they played cards. In checkers. Chess. Even in the games for undress (to cowards) and no one refused.
These games and these conversations took place in one of the cadet rooms, with candles, lowered curtains and closed doors. One of the secret parties "for their own".
Al and Jack graduated from the police academy ahead of time (one and a half months after the admission) and started an internship at the police station. At first they had a few small cases, where they deserved gratitude from citizens, approval of their superiors and promotion. And it was in this way that they turned from simple policemen on foot into policemen on cars. And they began to work in pairs - they used to work separately. The day came when the police chief told them this:
"Senior lieutenants Stenderi - you are my best people!" Honestly, I do not remember any of my other cops who would be as proud as you! And you would have been able to collect your own teams for a long time, but you two are all that is needed! You are an ideal team! And from now on you will lead the most complex and responsible affairs.

Chapter 16. The case of the Joe Montana gang.
Ella and Jack were commissioned the most difficult and difficult thing, past years and now - the case of the Joe Montana gang.
Gang Joe Montana - was the largest and most formidable gang of Los Angeles. She held half of this city in her hands. In addition, there were several other cities (near Los Angeles) that this gang also controlled (San Diego, San Francisco, Detroit, Miami, etc.) The fame was so great that even in New York, York - heard, feared and paid regularly. In other cities, bandits controlled much smaller areas, but THEY CONTROLLED THEM. It was a very unfortunate fact - Joe Montand′s gang, as if a huge octopus covered the whole country with its tentacles.
Its main trump was that all the groups in it acted independently of each other, and the boss - Joe Montana no one in the eye did not see. No one knew who he was. None of the police, or the FBI file, had even a hint of his height, weight, age, sex, appearance, etc. There was such great secrecy above this man that no one knew: the invented name, or the present; there is this person in the world, or he is simply the fruit of someone′s imagination.
A few thick folders lay on the tables of Ell and Jack (they had one common office with two tables). In the afternoon they began to get acquainted with this case, and in the evening they learned everything else on the computer.

Joe Montana - John Montague, was not known to anyone ten years ago. About 15 years ago he was a successful stock broker. But then things went down sharply and he lost everything. I lost money, and my wife left. I tried to blow myself up in my own apartment, but it was thrown out by an explosion. He became a tramp, a thief and a robber. Several years, as he himself expressed himself, "took revenge on the society that had robbed him." Then, in his head, a brilliant plan about how to create a criminal network by means of which it is possible to rob and hold everyone in fear has matured. No sooner said than done. John had like-minded people. In just a few years the criminal network was established. The scope reached a level that John did not even dreamed of. Not only Los Angeles, but also many other large cities of America were captured. John changed his name to the resounding pseudonym of Joe Montana and surrounded himself with the stamp of secrecy. Only three people in the gang knew his real name and past. Everyone else worked on the idea. Full of fanatics and none of them had any idea that they were only pawns. Some were executors, some executives. Many of the bandits considered themselves the most important, but they were ultimately only pawns. It turned out a huge network in the center of which, like a spider in a web, sat Joe Montana. He pulled the strings and through the front men got huge profits (several million a month), reports. He sat deep underground, in an armored lair - eating, sleeping, running his network through a powerful computer. Sometimes he went out to the surface - he walked around the city. For example, he stood in some diner, chewed a sandwich and chuckled at the townsfolk. Or walked along the shore of the ocean and thought about those people who are losing peace and sleep, because they soon pay Joe Montana - thought with great pleasure.

Al, Jack and Alex finished reading the data at 2 o′clock in the morning. They sat in Ell′s room on the couch and worked with the computer case. And finally, they got a chance to tear themselves away from the photos on the blue screen, not to listen more to the voice of the announcer and generally to think about themselves.
They were surprised to realize that it was already late at night. Jack and Alex yawned in a long and tired way and rubbed their eyes, which were already sticking together. Al just smiled. It′s so tired.
"Who thinks?" - he asked. "Only let′s be honest."
"I think it′s got to be taken while it′s" warm, "Jack said, reaching up and pinpointing Joe Montana′s photo on the computer. "This type deserves punishment." He spoiled so much life. He is defenseless there, especially for us. We need to take it there. He does not expect that he will be arrested. I′m sure there is no guard either. Come on, Al, not postponing!
"Wait," Al said. - It′s not as simple as it seems. Alex, what do you think?
"I′m not a policeman, but I sense that this is a very scary person," Alex said and pointed to Joe. And she shivered immediately. "Huge victims are behind him." I have a bad feeling about this case. It can very bad for all of us will end!
"I support," Al nodded. "This is a fatal affair." The police engaged him for 5 years and no success.
"Pick up the data on all the cops who were involved in this case," Alex suddenly asked.
Al clicked the keys of the computer, and 38 photos of police officers appeared on the screen.
"Everyone is dead," Al said. - Oh my God! There are even boys - trainees.
"That′s it," Alex says. "It′s a very bad business." He smells of death. And this guy - Joe Montana - is a real "killer of policemen"!
"A task for particularly diligent agents," said Al, confidently.
"Just to get rid of us," Jack said.
There was a long pause. Everyone was silent and waited for someone else to speak. But really did not want to tell anyone.
Jack spoke. Apparently, from boredom:
"What shall we do now?" Refuse?
- You can not refuse! Said Al. - This is a matter from which almost all policemen have already refused. This case is an ulcer. Give time and it will turn into a tumor. Another 10 years and this city will rule Joe Montana - everywhere gangsterism and violence will thrive. Los Angeles will become a nest of crime, debauchery and chaos!
"It′s just as dangerous to take this business," Alex said. "Just think about those 38 policemen!" Just think about what happened to their families ?! Well, let the three of us do not touch it, but the bandits will try to harm those who are dear to us. Dad! Daddy!!! Al, Jack, I really love my dad (even if he′s an adopted one) and I do not want to lose him because of some Joe Montana !!!
She spoke very excitedly and almost cried at the same time. Jack took her by one hand, and El for another - so it was easier. Alex thanked her friends and felt better.
However, the unpleasant conversation nevertheless continued:
"Then, police," Jack added. I′m sure for 100% - many of the guys there are so scared by this Joe Montana that they deliberately slipped this business for us, to get rid of it and to occupy us for a long time. Yes, we bring this Joe Montana to the station, what awaits him? Will be released as pretty! Who saw the real one then ?! They will not believe it! And if they believe, they will be afraid even more! After all, its soldiers do not need to level our police department to the ground! Yes, and his people there is - sure!
- Friends, friends! - El stopped them. "Do you understand that we will not achieve anything?" Why are we so afraid of ourselves ?!
"I understand," Jack said, and lowered his head.
"I understand," Alex said, and lowered her head.
- Do you understand that we must deal with the problem, and not run away from it? And no one but us can unravel such a big and complex ball ?!
"I understand," Jack said.
"I understand," Alex said.
- Let him be afraid of many people in our city, but we are not afraid! We are policemen! We are ministers of the law! WE ARE THE STANDERS! And it′s our duty to stop Joe Montana′s gang, not to sit idly by! Let him then be released and the bandits then try to take revenge on us, but at least we will do something!
"Al, you′re right!" Said Jack. - WE MUST STOP IT !!!
- Al, we now behaved like the last cowards, and you showed a real character! Said Alex. - I′m proud of you! Forgive us, and let′s work on this case the three of us!
She held out her hand. As on the day when they swore in friendship.
"Do not make a guess," Jack said. What will be and will be. We′ll see everything.
And he put his hand on the hands of his friends (Al outstripped him for a couple of seconds). Then Alex, Jack and Al cheerfully smiled at each other and shouted in chorus: "God help us !!!"

"Alex, apparently you do not need to offer, but I′ll tell you," Al said. "We are now becoming very dangerous friends and if you want ..."
El could not finish the conversation, because Alex put a hand on his mouth and tightly squeezed:
- NO! And I EVEN THINK ABOUT THIS I DO NOT WANT! And MORE ON THIS THEME DO NOT SPEAK - CONTRACTED ?! she said very seriously. And her eyes were very serious, even a little bit evil.
After Al nodded, she continued:
- I′m with you. With you in any case. You are my best friends. I will stay and accept everything that will befall our common fate. We′re a trio of Stendery.
She looked at Jack pleading:
- I already simply can not live without you! Jack, well, understand me!
And looked at Ella with tears:
"Al, please do not erase my memory." I want to stay and help. For me, such a burden again to lose everything and you, I know, without me it will be difficult.
El took her hand and covered her second hand:
"You′re with us," he said shortly. And after waiting, when joyful cries and hugs were left behind, he said. "I knew that you would never agree." Yes, I myself could not imagine it myself. Remain - we are the Stendari trio, as you yourself say. Then you′re a smart girl and you can, we′ll come in handy. But Alex, please, remember - THIS IS A WAR AND IT IS UNAFFECTED!
"All right, we have a deal," he said. I think we can do this, all the same. With the Tallas, after all, we managed, and here not the whole world, but only our native city.
"You have a plan, Al." Tell us what you came up with, "Jack said.
"He looks like your plan," Al confessed. "First, take Joe in his den." Then his gang from different sides will be hooked. But let′s talk about it tomorrow. Now we all need rest.
Jack and Alex did not resist Ella. Moreover, they were immediately seized with heavy fatigue, they fell on the sofa and fell asleep, embracing each other. Al put the pillows under their heads, covered them with a blanket, and, happily, left the room.

Alex woke up in Jack′s arms. And I discovered that her beloved does not sleep. He looked at her and smiled. Alex lifted her head and looked around. She and Jack lay on a soft, long and wide sofa, in a spacious and bright room, covered with a light and very pleasant to the touch, a terry blanket. Alex was wearing a very comfortable white satin pajamas with red, yellow and black roses. Jack was exactly the same pajamas, only the roses on her were different colors.
"I′ve always dreamed of waking up like this," Alex said, finishing the observation and looking in the eyes of her lover. She stretched sweetly, hugged Jack and kissed him on the lips. Then she said dreamily. - All thought, one day will come one day - I′ll open my eyes, and you lie next to me and look at me. As today.
She laughed with happiness. And Jack could not help but smile back at her.
"I′m glad that your dream came true," he said cheerfully. "Especially since this is my dream, too."
For some time they were silent and only with happy eyes shot each other. And then Alex asked:
"However, Jack is our first night together, right?"
- It seems that it is so.
- I hope there was nothing like this between us ... well, I mean ... you know ... I hope I′m still a virgin.
"I honestly do not remember," Jack admitted. - Maybe it was, or maybe not. If…
- There was nothing! You do not have to apologize, "Ella′s resolute voice interrupted. "And you′re both still virgins!"
Alex immediately turned and saw that Al was sitting in a Turkish at the window. He looked at his friends and smiled.
- Oh, where did you come from ?! Exclaimed Alex. "I did not see you here."
"He was in an invisible state," Jack said, embracing Alex under the blanket. - Do not be vigilant watch. He kept our morality.
"Precisely, exactly," Al said with a smile and nodded his head. "I walked around the house first, but then I decided - it′s so boring and not at all to me. Here such an event is the first night of my friends. He made his way to the room and sat all night right here - by the window.
"Well, tell me, tell me," Alex rushed. - What was last night.
"All night we slept and gained strength, after our meeting. You did not even notice how I covered the bed under you and how I dressed you in pajamas. How to fall into the hypnosis, and did not get out of it Less than an hour you slept through, and then crawled to each other, embraced and breathed almost in time. During the night, even a hint was not on sex - just a few times changed their position and hands on the bodies went through - that′s all and limited. I analyzed your condition and realized that such a dream is most useful for you two.
- I really feel very cheerful. We are visible and in truth created for each other, - said, pleased, Alex.
"By the way, about sex," Al said. "Alex, you do not want it yet, do you?"
"Wrong wording," Alex corrected. "I′m not ready yet." I want sex. Sex with this man. Only, I′m not ready for this yet. I′m not ripe. I′m a teenager. I′m only 15 years old. I want to be for my Jack and my mistress and wife, but then. When I′m 18-19 years old, and when I′m ripe physically and mentally.
"Bravo," said Al, after such a speech. "What does Jack think?"
"I support my mate, Alex," Jack said. - Let everything be according to the mind and heart.
"It′s nice to hear," Al said. - You have very strong feelings for each other. You are very lucky. Many of the people living on this planet live their lives and do not feel like it. And you have this energy. You have received an extraordinary gift from the universe. And everything is developing so quickly for you. At the age of 12 they found each other. In 15 years - finally, everything was sorted out and almost an adult couple took place.
"Do not forget about the rich house in Beverly Hills." And the alien who helped us a lot, "Jack reminded him.
"Not without that," Al nodded. "But the main thing is you guys - take care of your feelings. Do not leave anymore.
"Believe me, I′ll never leave her again!" said Jack confidently. "She′s very, very precious to me!"
"And I′m even more so," Alex said. - Near my favorite. Near the best of my friends - you, Al. So that I went somewhere ?! Never! Stupid, am I, or what?
"All right, friends, we talked, and it will be," Al said gravely. = - Get dressed. Have breakfast. And later we are waiting for a lot of different things.

Time rolled by 12 o′clock in the afternoon. Al, Jack and Alex were sitting in the park on the bench and talking:
- I called the work - took 2 days off, on account of our past merits. I called my father Alex and explained that Alex helps us in one very important matter. Mr. McGeefer did not object. He agreed to release his daughter for 2 days, but with the condition that Alex would call him at home and tell her how she was doing, "Al said. Then he got down to the point. "Here′s my plan." Today, by the end of the day, we are making a plan on how to deal with the Joe Montand gang. Tomorrow - we rest. We are engaged only in ourselves and not a word about Joe. But for this we will work all three today. We will analyze. We will argue. We will try to come up with a plan with minimal losses.

Later all three comfortably settled on a forest lawn in the shade of trees, taking a case computer and a basket of food from the house. Made an action plan.
"Joe Montana sits in his lair, read it like a mole," Al said. His secret shelter is stuffed with traps and security cameras. The slightest sound and it gives a signal-alarm from its center to bandits like-minded. They will not manage to have time to help him - it does not matter. The main thing is another - a powerful criminal pyramid will come into motion and then victims will not be avoided. Therefore, it is necessary to act quietly and very carefully.
- What do you suggest? Jack asked.
"Let′s use my old alien ship and travel deep into the earth." Let′s get into Joe′s private office and take the villain. Only we will take it very quickly. There′s a computer there and Joe does not have to press the cherished button.
"What about his accomplices?" Jack asked. "There′s a whole pyramid, but what a pyramid!" If we take Joe, then there are people who will come to liberate him
- And think about innocent people too! said Alex. - About us with your father, at least! What if the bandits want to recoup on your dear people ?!
"For this, Alex, you′ll have a magic amulet right now."
El handed Alex a golden round apparatchik, as if he had specially kept it in his pocket for this conversation. Alex without any words (but not without a smile) took. And since he was on a gold chain, he immediately put it around his neck. Over your pearl beads.
- Right now, establish protection for yourself and your father, from direct attempts for a period of 1 month.
"It′s done," Alex says, pressing the ruby button.
- And more. Establish protection from "accidents", from "contract killings" and protection from all kinds of "destruction" for your home.
- Wow! - says Alex admiringly and three times presses a button. - Maximum protection. Okay, I′m guessing.
- I do not know, I do not know, maybe you need something else, - honestly says Al. "I do not even know what to expect of them." In any case, Jack and I will do our best to make you and your father go through without loss.
"How do you think this case will be stretched?" Alex asks, a little thoughtful. - For a month?
"Yes, and maybe more," Al replied.
"Al, for that matter, how do we prove that Joe Montana is Joe Montana?" Who saw him then this Montana?
"That′s why you need to take him, that′s red-handed," Al said. - For example, when he will receive financial reports. Record on taped his conversations with his assistants. To take pictures.
- It′s all good, but what about his gang? Jack asked. - You yourself said - there are full of leaders. Each participant is independent of the others. We will neutralize Joe, and this will not be reflected in the gang.
"That′s why Jack, we′ll take Joe first, and then the most serious leaders of the gang." I think this move will allow us to somehow slow them down.
With the help of his computer Al computed the most serious leaders of the gang. In addition to Joe there were 7 people. Al, Jack and Alex worked out the plan of the operation until the evening. The point was the following - Al and Jack imperceptibly make their way into the lair of Joe Montana, watch him and his henchmen several weeks. They had to collect the maximum amount of evidence and only then capture all the leaders (preferably all in one place).

The next day the trio of friends rested.
In the morning went to the gym, where Jack arranged for Alex demonstration battle in a video simulator with a white prince. And when he won, he heard the enthusiastic applause of his girlfriend:
- Great, great, great! - enthusiastically, she repeated.
Then she scraped her foot and asked:
"Will you teach me that?"
I tried to be very serious, but it was impossible to hide a smile, a blush on my cheeks and the glitter of my eyes.
"Only if there is a desire, to study," Al said seriously. And asked. "And Alex, are you ready?"
She nodded and looked at Ell without a smile.
"I′m ready."
Al handed Alex a training uniform and asked to change. Alex instantly fulfilled his request.
Then Al turned into Alex (so it was easier for her to remember) and began to learn basic movements with her.
He took a simple position and asked Alex to repeat after him. Alex repeated, but she was very uncertain and awkward. She was terribly upset, and Al (in Alex′s shell) just smiled. He said that Alex would quickly learn everything.
After spending 5 minutes studying the positions, El tackled with Alex the development of combat movements and carrying out strikes. He clasped his hands with her hands, pressed her legs lightly and danced with her around the gym. He kneaded her body in all directions - arched back, bent forward, twisted.
Then came the blows. El-Alex threw forward fist, knee, or foot and explained how to distribute the force and how to turn out to inflict maximum damage to the enemy. Showing the simplest blows, he demanded from Alex the same.
Alex tried. She puffed and smashed the air with her hands-feet, but after 10 of her blow, she just collapsed to the floor, screaming wildly.
El immediately examined her leg (which was the cause of the fall), found an easy dislocation, immediately restored everything and made a relaxing massage for a friend.
Jack was sitting next to him and talking to Alex. His eyes burned with enthusiasm:
"Alex, that′s great!" It′s just awesome! You have real abilities for hand-to-hand fighting! Alex, I′m terribly proud of you!
- Yeah, and after I crumpled ?! Asked Alex, incredulously.
"Yes, you would see how I fell down when the White Prince first fought!" Al, will not let me lie. And how much I studied before that, and you - you all went on improvisation! Alex, you need to continue!
"Our girl is tired!" said Al, an enthusiastic friend.
He again became himself, finished his massage and Alex said:
- In general, I can congratulate you, too! We have been studying with you for 25 minutes, and what base you have now!
He paused.
"Jack′s right, Alex. You have the ability to engage in hand-to-hand fighting, and you can achieve a lot in this field. First as a student, then as a master, then you will teach.
At such speeches Alex just gasps and gasps in amazement.
El asks her seriously:
"Do you want to continue studying martial arts, or not?"
- Want! - Alex admits, honestly. "But come on then." I was so tired for today′s lesson.
"You know, Al," she says, rising. - In principle, I always loved sports. When, at 6 years old, I was told that I have a very weak organism and recorded a sport group then I started. I had a whole gymnastics complex and thanks to him I became one of the most healthy, beautiful and strong girls in the orphanage. But the last 2 years, I did not do anything at all. Now I see that in vain. Maybe you show me exercises from some not too complicated gymnastics. So I will strengthen my body and prepare for hand-to-hand fighting.
- Well, let′s study.
Al with great pleasure showed a few exercises from his arsenal. There were also for the hands, and for the legs, and for the neck, and for the trunk. On bending, on rotation, with jumps and elementary acrobatic elements. Alex did all 17 exercises and was very pleased.
- Good, El! Good morning, Alex! She exclaimed, laughing happily. "That′s how we did it!" That′s gymnastics!
"If you want, I′ll write a special video course for you and hang in your room on a wall." You′ll program it from the evening, and in the morning it will wake you up, and you′ll be engaged together.
"Thank you, Al!"

Further Stendery trio mastered the flying board. Al and Jack show Alex a few pirouettes under the ceiling. A few unpretentious figures, torsion in a dance, flights upside down and twisting. Then making a dead loop, simultaneously doing a back flip and grabbing their boards in flight, they stood in front of Alex on the ruler.
"Do you want to fly?" Jack asks, fun.
"And learn all these tricks," adds Al, even more fun.
- Oh, can I, yes? And you will teach me everything, class! Of course I want! Want Want want! - Zataratorila, Alex joyfully and from the excess of feelings clapped her hands.
Al pulled out of the Case a completely new arbillium board and handed it to Alex:
"Oh, I thought you′d give it to me," Alex said, with a note of fright in her voice.
"Everybody has his own board," Jack said.
"Those are the rules, Alex," El explained in more detail. - The board comes into contact with the owner and no one else she will not carry. Some kind of special affection (to be honest, I do not even know how to explain this). My board and Jack′s board under your feet will be absolutely useless - you need this.
- And she will obey me? Alex asked, treading fearfully on the floating plank. - And maybe not - I′m somehow afraid.
Small tingling of the current for her was a complete surprise. She even wanted to jump off and desperately screamed when nothing came out. I wanted to escape, and almost fell to the floor of the gym (the benefit of the board kept her balance).
"Guys, I do not want flights anymore," Alex said, timidly, squatting down and clasping her knees. "I′m afraid of this board." SHE IS ALIVE. And she KEEP ME. Guys I want to leave. Help me, get free, please.
"You will not get used to it," said Al, and jumped on his board.
"And then you′ll be surprised yourself how you lived without it," Jack said, jumping to his board.
- You will get great pleasure from flying. This is a very pleasant feeling.
"We two, then thank you."
Al and Jack were already dragging Alex, under the elbows, on their boards, to the ceiling of the gym. For a while she squealed with fear and persuaded to let go, but then straightened up on her blackboard, smiled and began to improvise. First with your eyes open, and then generally "blindly." She spread her hand and circled in the air like a ballerina on stage. "Good, good, good, how good I am! She repeated enthusiastically. - How wonderful it is. I′m free, FREE now! I fly like a bird! YES, I′ve dreamed of it all my life! How happy I am, Lord! "
Soon she was so liberated that the gym seemed small to her. She offered to get out on the street, and then friends flew over the estate. Laughing cheerfully, they overtook each other, or led a dance in the sky.
On the roof of the house, they talked. They sat down on the bench and talked, and the boards floated near their feet.
"Well, are you still afraid, Alex?" Jack asked, smiling.
- Yes, no, what are you? It was only three minutes scary, and now I just enjoy!
- So that′s great! said Al. "Take the board forever and treat it well." Now it′s yours, until the end of your days.
"Well, thank you, Al!" Such a gift! And completely without reason! Thank you!
Alex hugged the alien and kissed her cheek.
"However, I still can not understand something," she said later. "What do you mean, a song?"
- A song ?! What a song ?! - Al was very surprised.
- The song that the board sings to me. It is so soft, iridescent, very pleasant. There are no words - only sounds. Like a few ringing streams - quiet, loud, low, high - it′s such a delight! All of them sound simultaneously and each of them, as if waiting for its time to sound. The melody is not disturbing and not calm - just a melody, but such ... super melody! It does not last long, but it repeats itself. I heard it several times already, but I can not understand anything. Explain to El, what does this mean?
For persuasiveness, Alex got up on her board and described in detail all her feelings.
- No, you heard ?! Exclaimed Al, looking cheerfully at Jack.
"Alex, I just congratulate you," he said, looking at his friend. - This is the sign of the highest location. This board will be faster, and stronger, and more active than ours and Jack′s boards. Perhaps it will reveal to you many of its hidden properties (and that′s all). It′s clear that you are a very special person and that′s why you have a special board.

Time is noon. Friends settled down in a shady clearing, with pleasure ate products from a basket for picnics and communicated. We talked about everything in a row topics. Al told Jack and Alex about his adventures in space, about the great immortal heroes (he had a lot of books about them), about Ortrex. Jack described in detail how bad he was when he lived on the street and how the meeting with Ellam changed his whole life; mentioned about that very conversation with Ellom on the tower cap and honestly confessed that he wants Alex McGuire, a few years later became Alex Stenderi. Alex talked about how, while still at the shelter reading fantastic novels, she often imagined herself a princess from a distant star and a heroine who bravely fought against the creatures of evil; told me what shock she experienced when she saw Jack in the schoolyard that day; said she would be pleased to be Mrs Stenderery, although tomorrow she said and laughed loudly.

It was 3 o′clock in the afternoon. El suggested:
- Do you want to swim in our pool?
- Do you have a swimming pool here? exclaimed Alex, and her eyes gleamed joyfully.
A few minutes later they stood in front of the pool and looked at his azure waters. The water was clean and even, but sometimes it was swaying with sudden gusts of wind. And shone in the sun so attractive. For a couple of minutes, Al explained to Alex how his pool was arranged, and then she could not stand it, she took off her shoes, went to the very edge, sat down on the edge and lowered her legs into the entrance.
- Wow, good! - she said
She looked at her friends and smiled.
"Al, can I have a swimsuit?" She asked, cheerfully. - I want to swim a bit.
"Of course," said Al. - Take off your dress - it′s already on you.
Alex without delay (and without the slightest shame) pulled off her green dress and found under it a black swimsuit with red stripes. The swimsuit completely covered her body and at the same time did not sting it anywhere - it was so easy and comfortable to move in him, as if he were not on his body at all.
"El, what, good," Alex said, delighted. She climbed out of the pool and neatly put the dress on a white chaise longue (near the pool of such stood pieces of 6). - And you are so well versed in the style!
Lucky Alex did not say a word more, pushed herself away from the cut and folded her arms together under the water. A few minutes later she sailed, dived, squealed with delight and called Jack to her pool.
El pushed Jack to the pool, and he rested:
- Well, go, go! There your girlfriend is your half! Yes, you yourself have dreamed about it!
- Yes Al, friend! I do not have a bathing suit at all! And naked, as it is indecent! Especially Alex ....!
"Get in the water, swimsuit on you!" Come on, go ahead!
Jack looked at himself and found that he really was wearing black swimwear! By the way, speaking - it was the only clothes that were on it. Jack was very surprised = - where his jacket and trousers and shirt disappeared.
"Well, will you give my clothes later?"
- No, I′ll leave myself! In memory of this day!
Al pushed Jack with his thigh and Jack, unable to restrain himself on the edge of the pool, flew wildly into the water.
Very soon Jack rattled in the center of the pool - he tried to stay on the water, and Alex swam around and dived around him. Jack was still trying to figure out the relationship with Ell, and Alex was already beginning to get bored. She ducked under the water and yanked Jack over her ankle.
"Now you′re driving!" She cried loudly. "Catch me, Mr. Ripped Boot."
Said so and dived into the water.
"What?" Jack exclaimed, boiling. - Who am I ?!
And he also dived under the water.
For a few minutes, Al watched as Jack and Alex screamed, yelped, and an incredible amount of spray, catching each other in the pool. Then how they hugged and conciliatory whispered with each other:
- Well, why are you? For what? Which one of me is a tattered boot?
- It was a joke? Are you really hurt at me?
"No, can you think of some funny name for me?" Do not be offended!
"Are you sure you will not be offended?"
- Right!
- Any name?
- Any!
"It′s good if I′m a leaky boot ... you ... you ... old galosh ... old dirty galosh, here!"
- Well, okay! Well, let! But I′m yours! And everything else does not matter to me!
- Does not?
- No!
- Ooh! Alex, come from now without the nicknames. If this all does not matter!
- Come on, without the nicknames!
- I love you!
- I love you too!
They kissed the lips in the water, and then Alex turned to Jack with her back, still in his arms, looked at Ella. And Jack looked at him, too.
They both looked at the alien and called him to him, to the pool.
"Al, come to us," Alex called.
"Al, my friend, come with us," Jack called.
"No, you guys," El dismisses. - I passed.
- Yes, why not ?! Exclaimed Alex. - It′s so cool! Warm water! The sun is shining! And then your friends! What else is needed then?
"He′s probably afraid to melt like Bastind, touching the water," Jack said. "I′m telling you exactly-El is afraid of water!"
Al rushed along the path and jumped high, went under water almost without splashing and without a splash. Appeared in front of friends naked, like Jack, in black swimsuit only.
"And it was not necessary to compare me to this ugly old witch from Oz," he told Jack very seriously. "And I′m not afraid of water!"
"Al, what happened to your face!" Exclaimed Alex, in horror.
Ell′s face twisted. He lost shape and begins to flow into the water. Very soon, before Jack and Alex was an ugly monster - half a salt, half a man. Human contours melted and mixed more and more with orange mud.
"I′m melting-u-y-u ...," Al whispered very quietly, and his words could no longer be disassembled.
Alex in horror hid behind Jack′s back. Jack himself stood dumbfounded with horror.
Al disappeared over the surface of the water and disappeared. For several seconds this golden layer melted, and then again the azure water. And in the pool there were only Jack and Alex - Ella was not there.
A few terrible minutes passed in utter silence. Jack and Alex stood in the water on the chest and did not know what to do. Did not know what to think and what actually happened. It did not even seem real. As if they saw some terrible dream, where their friend died.
- Al, E-ael! Jack finally called out. Very quiet and very hesitant. - You′re here, my friend! Are you here!
A huge fountain of spray drove him and Alex from head to foot. Underwater, something exploded and El jumped to the surface. He was alive and well and was amused by his friends
"No, I did you all! I did you!
He hit the water with his hands and constantly poured Jack and Alex with water:
- Well, come back already! He demanded from friends. - Too me! Bastind, Oz Country, and as seen in the pants imposed! This is just a joke!
After finally understanding what had happened, Jack clenched his fists and looked at the smiling face of his twin brother:
"Stop standing still!" He shouted, covering himself with a crimson dye of shame. - I will outgat you now for such a joke!
"Keep him dear!" Now we will EXTOLE IT TOGETHER! Alex repeated in a second voice. She also broke away from the place.
- Well, that′s better! Cried Al. - Now cool down! Forward!
And he dived under the water.
- Stooooi! Shouted Jack wildly. He ducked too.
- Dergiyii it !!! Alex screamed and ducked behind Jack.
Alex and Jack caught Ella in the pool for half an hour, but, after all, realized that it was pointless and they themselves surrendered. We decided to make up. They shook hands and as a sign that there are no offenses kissed each other. And then they laughed gaily, remembering this episode.
Dusk was falling. Friends were still sitting in the pool and had no desire to leave. The water was warm, the stars were lit one after another in the sky, and there were no cases, except for conversations. And they had conversations, more than enough.
Alex asked Ella to show herself to the present (only this time not to spread). Al showed himself real for a minute, and then covered himself again with Jack Stendery′s shell.
"Yes, it′s impressive," Alex admitted honestly. "But I′m looking at you and I′m not scared." I know that you are a kind, caring, fair and very charming alien. So, it does not matter what kind of shell you have. The main thing is what′s inside. And inside you are beautiful and everything you do is fine.
"It′s the same," Al said. Compliment from a man! Yes, I am the happiest salt in the universe, after that!

The operation began. Al and Jack sat down on Ella′s old spacecraft "Solso-Nelsa", switched on invisibility and permeability regimes and began descending to the ground.
We started from the building of the mayoralty. As Al said, it was under this building that Joe Montana′s headquarters were located. Jack was terribly interesting. First he saw the mayor, then the people on the lower floors. They went down like an elevator. They saw the basement and the money store. Earth, earth and nothing more. They found themselves in a thick concrete wall. And here it is in Joe Montana′s spacious, cozy office. They landed on the closet, where their journey ended.
"During the Second World War, it was a bunker," Jack explained to Al.
- And our mayor and his assistants, that they do not know about the existence of this bunker? Jack asked.
"It just so happened," Al smiled. "The old mayor knew, but when Joe became interested in this bunker, all the documents about him immediately disappeared; all the people who knew anything were silent.
A small boat Ella settled comfortably on a high wooden cupboard, his back pinched so that he did not enter the wall (however, this did not affect the ship′s interior at all), and before directed solely for observation. At Joe Montana, who was sitting in the corner of the office, at the computer and worked, gaily knocking with the keys of the keyboard. He did not even suspect that a very serious observation had begun.

Al and Jack were in the underground lair of Joe Montana for the second week. During this time nothing interesting happened. The head of organized crime worked hard, spoke several times with his assistants on the phone (very briefly), watched people live upstairs, ate, drank, slept, went to the toilet and never left his comfortable shelter.
Jack watched the Case for many times during the observation period, communicated with Alex, talked with Alekorsa, ate, drank, slept, went to the toilet and even tried to communicate with Ell, but Al patiently remained silent and watched.
The next time Montana was telephoned, and he nodded, rejoiced and said: "Yes, yes, of course!", Al turned to Jack and said: "I do not understand anything! He sits in his bunker without a break, and never went to the surface! Once he must meet with accomplices, but when ?! "
Al turned away for only a minute, and when he turned, Joe Montana was no longer in the office. A small boat broke from the cupboard, ducked under the table and found a round iron hatch beneath it. Still in a permeable mode, he ducked into that hatch and rushed down the tunnel.
And this tunnel was so long that Jack, during their journey, could get hold of the case and calculate on it that Joe Montana on this day met with 8 of his faces - the leaders of the largest, criminal syndicates. It looks like it was exactly the chance that Al and Jack have been waiting for so long.

The meeting took place in a small conspiratorial flat, behind an oval table. Joe began with the way he was proud of his leaders, like-minded people, wrestlers and everyone. But to finish this speech, alas could not ...
A black ball fell on the table and immediately smoked of orange smoke. The whole room was soaked in seconds for 5. It was a complete surprise, for Joe and all his accomplices. Some tried to close, others climbed the door and the window, but the end was inevitable - everyone fell to the floor and fell asleep in different poses.
When Jack and Al descended from the ceiling on their boards, there were nine peacefully sleeping men on the floor:
"At what time did they fall asleep?" Jack asked.
- Hours for 6, but this is not the main thing. Sleep is just the beginning, - Al pulled the bandits into one heap. - The pomegranate, in addition to the sleepy gas, also contained the most powerful serum of truth. It is valid for 16 hours. When our friends wake up, they are waiting for 10 hours of truth.

Joe Montana and his handy confessed everything. They uncovered the secrets of their syndicates, named the names and addresses of big cones and so on. Several policemen worked with bandits, recorded several policemen, and the others observed. Almost all the police department left its affairs and sent attention to one point - on Joe Monstan and his gang. This day was a real surprise for everyone.
"Well, Stendery!" said the chief, Jack and Ella, delighted. - If it′s true: you will get government awards, and I - a smart pension after retirement!

The next day, a phone call came to Stendery′s estate. The chief called and he was very worried. He worried so much that he almost cried for the experience. Something ridiculously explained, about the fact that a horrible mistake was made and took the wrong one, asked immediately to appear in the office and hung up:
At the station, all the policemen crowded around the small TV in the corridor and listened to the news broadcast with bated breath. A spectacle there was all that was needed. Joe Montana was speaking. He cried, he waved his arms, he swore - he portrayed the strongest hysteria:
- My name is Greg Batley. I came from San Diego to my sick mother. She′s in St. Michael′s Hospital now. She′s dying, ohhh god! How did she know that her son was the head of organized crime ?! Where, tell me where? I′m a simple accountant in the San Diego Post-Digest. I was drunk in a bar, I was kidnapped and at some secret apartment "treated"! I was influenced by some potent drugs and hypnosis ... they made me believe ... that I ... Joe Montana ... and I do not even know who Joe Montana is ... who is he? !!!!
Joe Montana depicted the strongest hysterics on television, then pushed aside those who wanted to comfort him and shouted at the camera:
- No, tell me, tell me, what do these Stendery think of themselves ?! What do they think ?! These "policemen" - how many cases they uncovered in this way ?! And if so, why do we need such "servants of the law" ?! Is not it time for you to rest for the kids ?! In that small and cozy camera, where did you want to plant me ?!
Then another man acted on TV - the lawyer of Mr. Batley. Serious man, in a chic business suit, handsome and slim. He delivered a whole speech about how Al and Jack Stenderer violated the civil rights of his client, about how they betrayed the law that they swore to serve. He says that he will demand the highest penalty for them and after that they will at least lose their jobs.
On top of everything, the boss requires both Stenderi to come to his office.

"This Batley was not as simple as it looks," the chief said, excited. I do not know if he′s a simple clerk in San Diego, but his friends are powerful.
"Chief, how can he be Greg Batley!" Exclaims Jack. - He is an actor! Joe Montana is an actor and fools us!
- Jack, I do not know the actor of this Batley, or not, but today they phoned me at the station and I do not forget this call ... damn, I′m still afraid to remember this and certainly do not want it to happen again! says the chief and shakes like a leaf under the pressure of the wind. - Further more. Very serious people from the ministry and from the mayor′s office - yes, I do not even know those people (to be honest, I do not need it!) All the evidence is put on my table that he is he! ALL PROOF, you know! You took the wrong thing! It′s not Joe Montana, it′s Greg Batley! So it was and so it will be! I′m sorry guys! "
Jack wanted to say something to the chief, but Al pulled him by the sleeve and shook his head:
- Chief, have all been released? - he asked.
- EVERYBODY, AL, EVERYBODY! Today at 9 am. A lot of cars came to us. From their lawyers, there was no end. Each of our prisoners had an impenetrable alibi and powerful connections. They are not the leaders of crime, but ... hell, how bad it turned out ... there are bankers and officials and even a cousin of our mayor ... you understand Al, MERA! Do you understand where the thread leads ?!
"I understand," said Al, sighing sadly.
"So, do not think about them now, but about yourself!" - says the chief is very sad and at the same time angry. "We must conduct an official investigation." The press makes a noise and, if all this ends with one big public flogging - it will be just great! Go home, guys and from the city, not a single step. While we will not press charges against you, but in a day or two maybe and need another meeting.

Al, Jack and Alex were at home. Or rather, only Alex was sitting. Jack walked up and down the hallway and was very worried. Al stood very calmly by the window, and without saying a word, he looked out into the yard.
"I told you, I told you!" repeated Jack. - He otmazhetsya, but we will now have trouble!
"We will not have any trouble," Al said, and for the first time in 20 minutes he looked at his friend.
- What′s the matter ?! They are sewing us now, do you remember about this ?!
"There′s no point, Jack," Al said very calmly.
He put his hand under his shirt, produced a kind of squeezing action and smiled. Said to Jack and Alex to relax - no one remembered either Joe Montana or Greg Batley.
Friends clicked from the channel to the channel, but nowhere was anything about Stenderery and Montana. And 15 minutes later the bell rang. The chief called and asked how the investigation was proceeding.
"Nobody remembers anything," Al said. In addition to us and Joe Montana.
"And to him, you, why did you leave your memory?" Do you want to frighten? Suggested Alex.
"More likely to warn." Perhaps he will come to his senses and leave our path.

But no matter how. The next morning (at 8:00) there was a phone call in the Stendery′s house. Jack at this time still slept (he always went up at 8:30), Alex slept at home, and Al who was sitting in the kitchen and rereading a volume of Bulgakov, answered. Reluctantly he put down the book and went to the bar counter and, after the second bell, picked up the device. He already knew who it was and this call was addressed to him. And he was not mistaken.
"Listen to Stendery," Joe Montana said. - I do not know how you managed to hush this matter (so all around you suddenly forgot about it), but I immediately realized you are a real professional. Congratulations.
"Thank you," Al said.
"I′m also a professional," the pipe laughed hoarsely. "I got your home number."
For a few seconds he laughed just to himself.
"Look, I do not want to mess with you, and do not fuck with me." Let′s leave it at that, otherwise Stenderery .... I find out everything about you - address, habits, vulnerable places, dear people. I′ll find a way to hurt you. What do you say? Let′s finish it all right now - give up on this case.
"I have a better offer," Al said. - You give up and tell your boys to go home.
"Do not try my patience, Stendery!" The receiver shouted. "You did not want to play with those people!" You can never win! NEVER!!!
"Let′s see," Al replied coolly and put down the receiver.

In the evening, when this story was retold near the fireplace and in the company of friends, El asked directly:
"What do you guys think?"
"What′s there to think about?" Jack sighed sadly. - I knew it. I knew it. This business will be stretched for a long time and we still have to "enjoy the joy" from the hand of Joe Montana.
However, Alex was optimistic, as always:
- Tremble the villains, as your last days come! We are a trio of Stenderery, uuu, ha ha ha !!!
- No, guys, what are you so sour ?! We are friends! We′re the team! With the Talas we managed, and Joe Montana - a simple terrestrial thug, nothing more!

Chapter 17. Threats and actions.
Jack and Al tried again and again. 3 times they managed to plant Joe Montana behind bars, but each time he was released. He had iron alibis, he had powerful friends and leverage in all spheres of life. The evidence that Stendery collected was, although interesting, but insubstantial. Many of them were inaccurate, incorrectly made and even "blurred" (once, the boss said such a phrase). The last time that Al and Jack filmed almost a documentary about Joe Montana (took photos of all the leaders, took copies of the financial reports, recorded all the conversations), the evidence just disappeared. The next day they just got their hands on it. Either lost, or destroyed, or they never existed at all.
During this time, more than 50 people expressed open aggression against Stenderery, lawyers inflicted at least 100 lawsuits on violation of civil, criminal and moral ethical rights of their clients and the police chief, almost concluded Ell and Jack in custody, right at the police station. Human memory was erased, and the number of stories in the memory of Stendery and Joe Montana was steadily growing. Perhaps this was the only progress: they always managed to get out of the water.

And by phone there was such conversation:
"You′re not an alien by the hour, are you, El Stendery?"
- Interesting! Why do you say that?
- You work very competently. The equipment you look cool. Fuck you would have found me with the equipment in 1975. Then, everyone forgets, but I only remember all our meetings.
- Yes, I′m an alien - you got me through. Only you are silent about this, okay. You do not exist in the world, as well as me.
"Are you here for me?"
- No. I have my own goal, and I solve this problem in passing. I just can not stay away when my beloved city is threatened by such a dirty person like you!
A few seconds in the phone was quiet.
- Well, Montana has crashed ?! Or do not you believe me ?! Already decided to resign ?!
"No, I believe you!" And you know, I always believed that in other worlds there is life! But I′m not going anywhere because of this! I also have a goal, Al and she ... In short, here′s what I tell you Stenderery - do not mess with me! Do not mess with me! I′m a dangerous person! I′m very dangerous, especially when it comes to my dream! This organization - you do not understand - I created it for years. I gathered faithful people to me, I created this myth, I did not sleep at night. I DREAMED ABOUT IT !!!
"Why dream about it?" And what kind of dream is Joe? Just think about the people who are suffering from your gang! Just think of people who are afraid of you!
- And right! And it′s good that they are afraid! Ha-ha-ha! I was not respected in this city - they spat at me and wiped their feet on me! But now I brought them into a real, awesome awe!
- And forced to pay!
- And forced to pay! For everything in life you have to pay! For years of my humiliation and resentment, too, you have to pay!
- And you made the whole city pay: for the fact that you were not lucky at work, your wife left you, your friends turned away, right? All around are to blame, what are you a loser?
- I′m not a failure! And this city is full of stupid, lazy and greasy goats! They went all! I PLEVED THEIR SUFFERING !!!
"Wait, wait, I did not give a damn long time!" I′ll cover your shop and deal with you! Very soon!
- Stendery, do not make me angry! You do not know against whom you go !!!
"You do not know anything!" After all, if I′m an alien, I′ll pinch you like that!
There was a long silence in the receiver:
"Listen, Al, what do you want?"
"I want you to go home and your boys go home." So that tomorrow Joe Montand′s gangs were no more.
Again silence.
"Look, it′s not working out that way." Let′s do it: you do not touch me - I do not touch you. Everything is quiet, peaceful. I still do not intend to destroy this city and I will not touch people - let them live, how they lived. What can you say - let′s live as before! We′ll even help you. Let′s say some Joe Montana with his gang - take it, use it. Everyone will talk about you at once. The press, TV - you are a hero! Raise, at least to the captain of the police! Well, is not it?
"I do not need your handouts, Joe." And I know what you want here. You want to build an Empire here! To 10 years later, Los Angeles became the city of Joe Montana. So know, Joe Montana - not to be you EMPEROR of Los Angeles. As I have taken up this matter, your last days are coming.
The handset was silent for a long time, then she asked:
Is this a war?
"The war," Al agreed. "Although I really do not want this war."
Joe exploded.
- Fuck you, you bastard! He fought, hedgehog! I′ll bury you !!! I′ll bury your jerk Jack! And Alex, too! Nooo, we fuck her all together on your graves, and then bury them side by side ... live !!!
Joe shouted something else, but Al did not listen anymore. He just hung up. And he immediately sat down to set up defenses for Alex and her father.
After 20 minutes finished. Listed all that is possible. From bullets, from cold weapons, from accidents, from beatings, from rape, from the touch of aggressive people, from kidnappings, from hypnosis and theft. Al even included in this list of sound weapons, radiation weapons and natural disasters. More than 20 wishes he made with the help of an amulet, but now was completely calm that Alex and her father did not threaten anything during the next month.

The next day, Al heard Jack′s screaming cry, which before him approached the gate. Immediately ran up to a friend and saw how his deadly pale twin pointed with his finger down. And at the gate stood a square box, tied with a green gift ribbon.
"I′m afraid to even look at her," Jack says, pointing to the puddle of red liquid in which this box stood.
"It′s paint," Al said, calmly. - Inside the box there is a whole bottle of paint.
- Are you sure ... God ...!
"There′s the head of a dummy." HEAD OF MANKEN, HEAR ?! Said Al, seeing the state of his friend.
They went out the gate and opened the box. El was right - there lay the head of the dummy. The head is blond. With blue eyes. One eye was not - in his place a black hole gaped. The bottle with the paint was inserted inside and it turned out, as if the blood flowed from the severed neck. An iron rod was hammered into his head with a note: "Poka-that, only a warning!"
"Inventive parasites," Al said, giving him a faint smile.
"Yeah," Jack said and pressed himself against the brick column of the gate. - Inventive.
He was very pale.
"Jack, calm down," Al said, standing opposite his friend. "Alex is alive." She′s safe. And nothing threatens her. I took care of this.

Al, Jack and Alex have broken into the development of a new plan. On the lawn of the house. It′s Saturday noon. Immediately, as Alex returned from school.
"Since the ground police can not help us, we need to do Joe Montana," Al said. - I suggest that you do not bother with this case. Today we are doing a raid-raid. We grab Joe himself and several of his chapters, take him out of town. At the same winery plant (do you remember it, Jack?) And I just hypnotize them. . Let it take a lot of effort, but tomorrow they will go to the police and themselves admit everything. And this will be the first step towards the collapse of this huge and complex organization.
"That′s fine, Al," Jack said. "But how many more guys will be dangerous in the wild." After all, we can not build that factory
"We can not," Al agreed. "But we will begin to destroy this pyramid." Let′s start with the top.
"Al, you told me about the dangers of hypnosis." And you will not hurt Joe Montana by this influence? Alex asked.
"Alex, we seem to have no choice," Al said. "I can not agree with Joe." He is obsessed. He made his choice long ago and is not going to change it. The police in his pocket (as we have already seen). It remains only hypnosis. And let there is a chance to damage his sanity, but his native city will sleep peacefully.
"That′s exactly what I′m saying." That if you hurt the man′s mind, Alex developed the topic. "And tomorrow a kind of skewed man will appear before journalists and police. He will convince everyone that he Joe Montana and drool at the same time. Who will believe him? He, rather client of the clinic for the mentally ill, than the legend of the underworld.
El thoughtfully. Then he said:
- In fact, it does not matter. The main thing is to start very serious doubts in this organization. Let them see this man, let them hear everything he tells them. Let them start to think. It does not matter what they will shout and do after this message. It is important that they begin to doubt the myth of Joe Montana and generally everything they heard before. These doubts are an acid that will destroy Joe Montana′s gang.
Al, Jack and Alex talked for a long time - weighed everything. We finished at 1 o′clock in the morning. We sat on the same lawn and admired the stars.
"And do not doubt," Al said. After this night, a great fear will come out on the streets of the city. The consequences will be most impressive. Bandits will be afraid, very afraid and do anything to hurt us.
Then he addressed personally to Alex:
"Alex, today you stay with us for the night." It′s no longer safe for you to be on the street (and it′s not just because of Joe Montana). In the morning Jack will take you to his father. Do not remove the amulet from the neck. This is a complete guarantee of your safety.
"Do not worry," Alex said. - I understand.
"Jack, we′ll start right now," Al said, and pulled out the board. "This night is the beginning of the end of Joe Montana." Flew.
"Flew," Al said, and jumped to his board.
They gained height and rushed off, and Alex, yawning tiredly, went into the house. All the same the organism took its own, and wanted to sleep much.

Al and Jack flew to SALK-147 to the old winery, where the whole story began. Together with them came 7 bandits, including Joe Montana. They were all put to sleep by Ella′s light hypnosis. The plant was still empty and nothing changed on it. Even, it seems, there were still traces of a fight with the Joker gang, which occurred almost a year ago.
All this was very much in the hands of Ella and Jack Stenderery. They quickly placed the steeply dressed and bound bandits on an iron bench, at the iron table, and sat down on the other side. Their awakening began.
The bandits screamed, swore and tried to free themselves. Only their leader was silent - Joe Montana. He was silent and frowned at Ella and Jack.
- Stendery! Again we met! he finally said.
"Yes, Joe, we met," Al said. - And this meeting last After it you will sit behind a lattice.
- Why is that?! Joe grinned.
Jack took the word:
- Gentlemen, criminals, we are already tired of your gang. And you are so bored with us that today we just take and close this case .. And tomorrow you will be finished. Tomorrow you will confess everything and go to jail. Do you do it yourself, or ...?!?
- Or what ?! Grins the oldest of the gangsters present. - What are you threatening us, son? What will you do to us ?! Who are you, anyway ?!
"I′ll do it," said Al. "I′ll force you to go to the police and confess everything yourself!" And you will do it! And this time no one will pull you out! This is the last warning! Better take care of your mind - repent yourself!
The bandits laughed at Ellm as one. They began to shout, call themselves, demand freedom.
- PRETTY !!! - Al shouted angrily at them. - ALL BE SILENT !!!
And so he struck the table with his fist, that in it instantly formed huge sizes of pit.
The criminals were silent and looked with caution at the dent.
"Look everyone in my eyes," Al demanded. - Now you will forget your past. You will not be able to commit a crime after that. In you there will be only comprehension of that fault which you have put to a society and to yourselves. And you will do absolutely everything I tell you.
Next Al instigated the bandit that they repented; that the blame for their crimes is enormous; that they must tell everyone and voluntarily network in prison. Bandits repeated word for word, fixing the received program. And then they fell from the bench and slept on the dirty factory floor.
Joe Montana is the only person who was silent on this massive hypnosis. Al, seeing this, began an individual job. However, Joe resisted. He trembled all the time, sweat protruded on his forehead, but he did not want to give up.
"And yet ... I′m right ... .Standery," he muttered, between the case. "You′re ... an alien." Why are you ... climbing into my brain ... kill me ... you can ... Finger in me than ... abruptly ... do not suffer and me ... do not torture.
"It′s superfluous," Al said shortly and finally stopped working.
"What′s the matter, Al?" - Jack asked, when they took a break and surrounded themselves with a dome of soundproofness. - It′s already 10 minutes, but no results!
"It looks like he does not have a weak resistance to hypnosis," Al said. "I do not know how he got it, but she does." I concentrated all my strength on him, but he keeps!
- And what if it continues like that?
"And that′s exactly what Alex was telling us about." He will damage his mind and then drool.
- Yeah, well, that′s the situation!
- Exactly. The situation is most deplorable. He is ready to die, but never give up.
"Wait, wait, can you get around his defense?"
- Probably, it is possible, if it will be possible to relax it. He concentrated all his powers on protecting his mind. Now, if he had lost consciousness, or fell asleep say. In a dream, his defense will drop to 0 and I will be able to put the correct settings in his brain.
"Notice, Al, you suggested it yourself."
- Yes, but I want to warn you - it′s unethical.
- Oh, come on! We have a non-standard situation! And it requires a non-standard solution!
"Okay, how do we proceed?"
"You′re hypnotizing." I go in from behind and cut it down.
"Just be careful, Jack." Do not kill him by accident. We need it.
- Yes, do not worry. I know the system. You yourself taught me everything.
"Then go ahead."
- Forward!
El hypnotized again. Montana frowned and wheezed with tension. In the meantime Al came to the front of the main criminal. He put his hand on his neck and after a few moments Joe Montana′s soft body collapsed into his hands.
"A point of sleep," Jack said, smiling. "One of the secret ways of ninjutsu."
"Great, Jack!" Al smiled. "Help me put it on the table."
Together, Al and Jack put Joe Montana on an iron table with a dent. El touched his temples and began working with the brain.
A few minutes later he said:
- Everything is over. Joe Montana is no more. Before us is another person. The person who took responsibility. The person who repents. A man who goes to jail tomorrow and never again commits a crime. Tomorrow is the day of sensations on TV.

The next day, Al, Jack and Alex watched an entertaining TV report.
In the frame was Joe Montana. His eyes faded and he spoke very slowly. But it was a very sane person, and he was perfectly aware of everything that was happening around. He repented. There was a very great guilt in his voice:
"I created this myth about Joe Montana, with one sole purpose - to scare you all very much," he said. "I wanted power." I wanted a lot of money. I wanted to create my Empire here, so that all other cities of America were afraid. I killed and robbed, I kidnapped people, I raped and tortured. Now I′m very ashamed of the way I lived before. I hope for a fair American court. I hope that all those to whom I have hurt one day will forgive me.
Joe confessed absolutely everything. He opened his secret shelter. He opened the names of all the leaders of clandestine syndicates (which the police have not yet taken). With his help, several large cones were arrested, many clandestine laboratories were taken and caches with loot were found.
Showed several reports from the scene. Al, Jack and Alex saw how these serious, richly dressed gangsters were taken and put in wagons.
"You son of a bitch, you traitor!" - shouted one of the bandits with gold rings on their fingers and gold crowns on their teeth. - How could you ... so ... with us ... !!! What kind of fuck you Joe Montana after that ?!
Joe Montana came with the police to the raid. He described in detail about the drug club in the basement of a nightclub, reported on several important people who should appear today, and led the policemen in a secret underground passage. When all the detainees were put in police transport, he stood on the sidelines and smiled sadly:
"They do not understand," he told the journalists. - But they will understand. God willing, they will see their mistakes!

About Stendery, Joe Montana and his guys (hypnotized), told both the police and journalists a lot of interesting things. On the participation of this duet, they unanimously declared:
- Stendery - great guys! They convinced us that there is another way! They saved us! After what they told us we went and surrendered to the authorities! They are great! They deserve medals!
Al could not even guess that so many would be deposited in the minds of criminals.
Then the friends saw their mansion from the side. And he was approaching. And someone′s voice said: "And now, we′ll see our heroes!" Al, having understood what was happening, immediately left Alex and Jack and was transferred to the gate of his mansion.
Jack and Alex saw on television how Al came out of the gate of the estate, before anyone could ever come to them. And he told reporters:
"Friends, nothing has ended yet!" It just started! Ahead of a lot of work and we have and you! I promise, each of you, I will give an interview, but only after the case is closed! And now, leave!
And in the next few minutes, Alex and Jack saw how the cameras shot completely different landscapes, and the journalists themselves switched to other topics.
And then they left, and Al again appeared next to his friends.
- I turned on the "diverting eyes" for them! Need to work!

"Now," he said. - Especially difficult moment. We razvoroshili this large anthill and many "steep cones" were in prison, but I′m sure they were even more free. I′m also sure Joe left instructions for such an event. So now friends - Stenderi - we are sworn enemies of the mafia. They will avenge us and very cruelly. As you wish. They will not penetrate into our house, but they will watch outside; will provoke us to quit; try to recoup our friends.
El took out a silver round object from his pocket and handed it to Alex.
"Alex, take this is the walkie-talkie." We have very reliably defended you, but we must keep in touch with you. Every hour we will call up. I, or Jack. Please answer us, even if you get very tired. Or call in case of what. We should know that everything is all right with you.
"Do not worry, I understand everything," Alex said, taking the radio. "And I′ll call."

On the night of the same day, Al and Jack began a new stage of the operation. They caught seven of the most cruel and influential bosses from all parts of the city, and brought them to the same winery plant.
"Are we going to surrender them to the police?" Jack asked, after Al had finished working with the restless bandits.
"Better yet," Al said. "They will return to the gang and become new preachers."
- "New preachers" - is it like?
- Just. They are now other people. And they will call others to lay down their arms and end the bandit life. Just imagine what a powerful shake the gang will undergo, when the most formidable of its figures will order you to give up the fight. This is an internal chain reaction that will destroy the gang much earlier than the police will defeat all of its lair.
- It′s ingeniously invented!
- In fact, such "preachers" need more. The work is going to be a big one, Jack, for us two. We will work with big bosses and small bipods. We will work with other cities. We will work 10 hours a day over this gang. And Jack - no fear, no pity, no fatigue. There will be people very different, but I can not be everywhere - I beg you not to let me down.
- I will not fail!
- Well, fine! If we work at this pace - a week 2-3 and the Joe Montand gang disappears from the face of the Earth.

Al and Jack did a great job. They launched "new preachers" in the gang, threw the police into new "hypnotized cones", and themselves penetrated the gang to find out what people were talking about.
In the gang there were still a lot of desperate guys who were eager to take revenge on the police and Stenderery; but there were also those who experienced terrible disappointment in the chosen path. There was a lot of talk among the newcomers about the fact that the gang was not as cool as they thought; about whether they did it right, having decided to tackle banditry? Several large bosses retired and even more thought about the same thing. Everyone was frightened without exception. Sudden fits of repentance, surrender to the authorities, or even worse - preaching inside the gang. They could touch everyone. They were like a contagious disease. Inside the gang, this phenomenon is already dubbed - "Joe Montana′s plague." And the gang itself has become very unpopular. "The cursed gang" - as other bandits called it. Now - at a time of special weakness - she did not even want to fight. Did not want to get infected.
El and Jack were engaged in other cities. And there acted on the same principle. Someone was handed over to the authorities, and someone was recorded in "new preachers." And then there were no interesting stories. And Jack needed all the qualities that Al listed. One head of the syndicate was so tall and scary and so menacingly shouted at Jack that it was worth the trouble not to flutter before this giant. The other head sang so sweet to Jack that he nearly left. The head of one of the secret laboratories - a very beautiful woman with a big and beautiful breasts, fell in front of Jack and seductively shook her naked charms - it was necessary to be really cold-blooded to palm into this beauty from a paralyzing pistol. One of the scientists turned on acid sprinklers when Al and Jack drove him into a sealed room. It did not matter to him that he would die himself - he wanted only one thing - to do much harm to Ella and Jack. Fortunately, there El quickly realized everything and covered Jack with a protective field. And then teleported altogether. Another head of the secret laboratory, when he escaped, climbed into the block of secret developments and closed himself in the far office himself shot himself. He did it on purpose, so that Al and Jack shuddered chasing after him through this zhivodernu. A zhivoternya there was decent - such that the blood was cold in the veins. Something related to gene mutations and viruses on living tissue. Naturally, all this was burnt, after they brought all the people and handed over all the police evidence.
El and Jack were in constant contact with Alex. And their stories were told that she also had adventures. Alex received a lot of letters-threats and letters-insults. By the school, dark rumors were already circulating about her, she received a lot of twos, for no reason (apparently the teachers were also being pressured), she was expelled from school and a few teachers publicly refused such a student. In the schoolyard, she was constantly guarded by some types and one of them, once, for a long time, Alex persuaded him to go with him. One day, near her house, a group of guys surrounded her, pulled her hands, prevented her passing, but they could not stop or stop, Alex passed, but then, strangely enough, stones, spits, garbage from the garbage can and words- insults. Teenagers who stood in the doorway of the entrance did not get to Alex anything, but this return home was extremely unpleasant. As for the house, there in general, the phone did not stop. He poured out curses, insults, threats and promised to find a way, as Stenderer friends would. Alex experienced these gloomy times very staunchly, but her father was discouraged. And he twice complained to his daughter about such "dangerous friends". Naturally, Alex immediately came to the defense of Ell and Jack and even accused Martin McGeeffer of cowardice, but all the same the argument of the bandits was decisive - they said that tomorrow Mr. McGeeffer will find his store in ruins.
El always spoke with Alex very briefly, Jack also chatted with her for hours. He asked about everything: about nature, about the weather, about the father, about the school, about herself, about how she felt and told about herself. Al, just wondered at this guy - how many new topics can be thought of in just 1 hour of separation.

Jack was alone in the house. Alex was still at school, and El flew to a solitary mission. Jack was dozing, or rather speaking, pretending to be dozing. He lay on the couch, stretched to his full height and thought about life. How much everything has changed. Who was he? A poor vagabond, a guy from the street who did not have a future. And what did he become? A rich, strong and absolutely happy person. Now he had a huge rich house on Beverly Hills; a remarkable friend, who was not equal; favorite work; motorcycle; girl; solid experience behind the shoulders. And it′s only for a year (now it was August 1976). ONLY 1 YEAR, passed from the moment he met Ella. And so everything changed. When Jack thought that only one year had passed, he simply did not believe it. It seemed that a lifetime had passed since the appearance of the charming alien-keeper in his life.
From these thoughts, Jack distracted the phone. He rang and instantly aroused Jack.
In the hallway there were three telephone sets. The green apparatus lay on the shelf hanging on the wall; the black apparatus stood on a special column next to the greenhouse (a special mini garden that Al organized in a corner, in a brick earth segment), a white cordless phone was standing on a coffee table, just by the sofa where Jack lay. Jack picked up the phone and began the conversation:
- Hello!
"Do you swim in the rays of glory, Jack Stendery?" What is it, ah, a hero? The angry and completely unfamiliar voice asked venomously.
However, Jack immediately realized who was talking to him. However, something remained completely incomprehensible. Namely, how the bandits figured out that he would take the tube (although this could be a mere coincidence).
"What, have you tortured your conscience, guys?" Jack asked cheerfully. "Are you ready to surrender to the law?"
- What a brilliant humor Stenderi - evil laughed tube. - But no. Surrender, we are not ready yet. But you, Jack Stenderi, now will witness a truly unforgettable spectacle. Raise your ass, from the couch.
Jack, very surprised, stood up.
"You have a cordless phone, right?"
"Yes," Jack agreed.
"Well, now, go to the street," said the voice. "Go out to the gate and you′ll see everything."
"Did you put spy equipment into the house?" Jack asked, opening the front door.
The voice in the receiver laughed:
"Why the hell that′s in your house!" It is so protected that we do not even try! I′m just an intuitive person, Stendery! I can feel you from a distance!

Going out to the gate, Jack witnessed a truly grandiose picture (as promised). The whole Beverly Hills was covered with blood. Near his house was a mountain of corpses. The bandits themselves could not be seen, but there was a lot of blood of dead bodies and ruins (there were once neighboring houses).
There were more than 100 dead bodies. Most of them were policemen, but there were civilians (former neighbors along the street). Some of them were torn apart, some had their arms and legs torn off, some were without heads. As if there was some evil joker among the bandits, and he put the bodies so that Jack could see all the details. And another evil joker took and scattered everywhere where only human remains could be: hands, feet, guts, cut off heads. Near the gate of the house lay a disfigured cut head, belonging to neither that man, nor that woman.
But that was not all. The troupes were stacked neatly, and the height of this terrible construction reached 1 meter, and at the top was the only living person. Female. Jack′s friend, at the Police Academy, Gina Lex.
She was trembling and crying. She was dirty in blood and had her hands over her head. She was naked. Completely open: legs, pubis, stomach, breasts - nothing hid. Of the clothes on it was only a short black waistcoat, unbuttoned and from all sides, stuck with explosives "S-4"
Jack was just shocked by such a picture. And he could not say anything. He froze like a statue, in front of the gate of his house with a white wireless phone by the ear.
Gina saw Jack, smiled sadly and confusedly and waved her hand feebly. And the tears flowed from my eyes.
- Well, what a sight! The pipe asked mockingly. - Do you like?!
- Bastard! Dishonor! Damn you! Jack shouted, then immediately covered with rage.
"Quiet, hot head," his voice reassured him in the receiver. "I have a detonator in my hands from this baby." One more word and you will see fireworks from your dear Gina Lex.
"You do not want to blow it up, but me!" Jack said nervously. The essence of the matter was clear to him at once. "She′s just a bait."
"That′s right," the voice agreed. "She′s a bait." But we will blow it up anyway. Understand, Jack, you have to pay your bills. And we have an account for you HUGE! And to the police, in general! This baby is a cop and the ones at her feet, too. We laid a huge amount of explosives here, so that soon the whole Beverly Hills will turn red from the blood, and the kids will find it at Easter, then there are legs, pens, kidneys, eyes, ears, guts.
"You′re a bastard!" Jack shouted into the phone, disgusted. "And you will receive in full, for all that you have done!"
"In short," said the bandit. - We blow it up. Right at the gate of your house. However, your appearance, Jack Stenderery, is a guarantee that Gina Lex will see at least something in her life. You must come out without weapons. Without weapons, I repeat. You can immediately throw out all your alien problems, because I feel if, something goes wrong. And if I feel it, it′s over! So, get out of your well-protected house Jack Stenderi - help your girlfriend. Do you see how scary she is there alone ?!
"I′ll help," Jack said hurriedly. - But this is not a simple situation, can we first think about it?
"You can not, Jack, you can not!" Said the voice sternly. "You are very cunning guys, Stenderery." Still that good you will deprive us of pleasure. She will die in 1 minute. I turn on the stopwatch. Either we′ll see you here, or salute from her giblets. And without thinking Jack, time has gone!
- Well, you are very generous! Jack exclaimed and tossed the phone away.
The plan-improvisation was already ready. He grabbed a board from under his clothes and jumped on it instantly jumped the fence. Already in the invisible state over Gina Lex, he clicked the button of the amulet and made a wish. All of the explosives on the girl were discharged that instant, but nobody knew that yet. Unseen, Jack flew to Gina and tore her from that mountain of corpses. Quickly began to gain altitude. Gina also turned into an invisible (hitting the board) and disappeared from the field of view of the bandits.
Below was confusion, but not for long. Jack and Gina did not get too high up - just 5 meters, when the first explosions thundered. The saved pair (which was reliably protected from the blast wave) bleed the blood of dead colleagues on all sides.
From below there were cries of curses; Bandits were seen who pushed them out of their cracks; you can hear the crackling of rifles and the firing of guns. They all shot up (as if they knew Jack was hanging over them), but Jack himself did not care. He climbed to a height of 30 meters, and from above looking at the lawn of his house, reflected on how to return home with the rescued girl.
El told him that you can use the amulet to get a temporary registration in the house (1 hour), but warned that this desire will take a lot of energy. Under the mantle of Kulaksis it was very difficult to penetrate, even using the most powerful magic in the world. Jack, very much hoping that he had enough power and everything will turn out, as it should, clicked a magic amulet.
Gold kruglyashok, which already had a few dark spots, blackened completely. However, the desire was fulfilled. Although there were still doubts (Jack did it for the first time). He flew across the fence and sincerely hoped that the naked beauty of Gina would not disappear from his hands. And only then, when he sank to the gate, the manor and Jean was still in his arms, he finally relaxed.
They left the board and were all covered in blood. Jack lowered his friend - a policeman to the ground and ran up to the steel grating separating him from the mountain of dead policemen and criminals. Now he shouted to them, triumphing over his victory:
- Well, they ate, ate us, boobies! I packed in a minute and, or even less, it took me ?!
In response, he flew swearing, rifle shots and calls to get out of his cozy house. However, Jack ignored them - he was already looking at Gina. The girl in front of him was naked, dirty and trembling. She was shaking with her whole body and, it seems, still could not believe that she had escaped.
Gina was crying and repeating through her tears:
"I′m alive ... alive ... am I really ... alive ?!" I do not understand! I do not understand! Bombs ... a blast ... how ?!
"Do not worry," Jack said, smiling. "I′ve harmed you."
Gina lightly touched her waistcoat.
- Like this?! She asked quietly.
"It will never explode now," Jack said confidently. "But if you want, let′s take it off."
He took off his waistcoat, swung it well and threw it across the fence. And even there there was no explosion.
"You see," Jack said. - Bombs are rendered harmless.
"Jack, there′s one more," Gina admitted. And without a shadow of embarrassment, she said. "She′s in the vagina." I was deeply pushed into it. I′m AFRAID, Jack !!!
"I will not help you," Jack said, and sat down, the asphalt of her legs.
A little hesitantly, Jack laid his hands on Gina′s sex organ, spread her outer lips and inserted two fingers into the vagina.
"Deeper, Jack," Gina groaned softly. - She is there. You will soon touch her.
In fact, soon Jack found a round oblong object, firmly seated in its place. Hooking it with two fingers, Jack began to pull it out.
"Only be careful, Jack, be careful," Gina asked, through her tears. "There′s nitroglycerin!" God, I beg of you, save my life!
The edge of the bomb has already appeared. A metal cylinder, covered in blood. He came out of Gina′s body, and blood flowed from the vagina with him. A lot of blood. There were so many of them that Jack sighed sympathetically.
"Does it hurt, Gene?" He asked, looking up at her.
"I endure it," Gina said through clenched teeth. - The main thing - do not stop. Pull it all out. Spare me from this muck. And see that we do not explode with her.
"I′m almost done," Jack said, and stroked Gina′s leg gently. - And do not worry about you. We will not explode.
The last movement and now the metal cylinder all slippery and red from the roof, was in his hands. The cylinder was of medium size, and some liquid was rolling inside it. It seems that there really was liquid nitroglycerin. It′s good that Jack disarmed ALL of the explosives that Gina was stuffed with.
He swung and threw the cylinder over the fence.
"Choke on, you bastards!" He shouted.
There is no explosion. There was only a sonorous sound of the cylinder on the ground. Then he rolled somewhere. And that′s all. Again it was quiet.
"I told you there was no danger," Jack said.
Gina embraced Jack and roared with a sob:
"Jack, they put this cylinder on me specifically so that I could become a living bomb!" One movement is an explosion, any sharp action is an explosion! I was afraid to even move, Jack! I was afraid of an explosion!
"But there was no explosion," Jack said.
"This bomb was a complete guarantee that you will get yours!" Even if you pulled me out of their paws, I would still explode in your arms! But I did not explode!
"And it′s good that it did not explode!" Said Jack. - Live and be happy!
Gina burst into tears again.
"I can not rejoice!" I can not! She yelled. - I have experienced so much! I feel so bad now! Nothing will ever be the same again!
Her mood was very bad. Jack took his naked girlfriend in his arms and entered with her into the house. Near the guard he stopped and registered her name definitively.
"I know how to help you," he said, and again took her in his arms. - Bath. Hot bath. You′re all dirty and tired. It is necessary to wash. And I′m dirty too, by the way. I′ll take a bath, too.
"Shall we take a bath for two?" Gina asked, playfully.
"No, but if you want it, there will be baths that stand side by side." We will bathe and talk at the same time. Do you think this will improve your mood?
"Of course it will, but will you forgive me?"
- All the same, the first time in your house and in this form!

Jack and Gina were in the next bath, washed and talked. There is no embarrassment between them. They were not afraid of their naked bodies, nor of conversations.
"Look, Jack, explain how it works, it turns out," Gina asked.
- It turns out that?
"How do you manage to behave so calmly?" Still, I′m a naked, beautiful girl - do not you arouse a bit of excitement ?!
- How excited? Said Jack, looking at his risen cock.
He has long risen, and did not want to descend into anything. Jack lifted himself up and showed Gina his excitement. At the sight of his flesh, Gina immediately blushed.
"No, well, that′s understandable," she said after a couple of minutes. - It is natural. But you do not even try to express it in any way. Calmly so, then, he climbed into my vagina and now ... again ... lie naked and talk with me, calmly so.
"Honest, word Jack, I do not understand anything." There was a grudge in her voice. - Why? You either know how to hide your feelings very well, or you already know a million women and I can not surprise you.
Jack blushed with a compliment and explained:
- I have great respect for women. I respect you. Therefore, I restrain myself, I also remember that I have Alex. She is my favorite, I hold back for her. And, yes, I already had experience with a naked woman.
There was a brief pause between Jack and Gina.
And Gina honestly confessed to him:
"I want sex, Jack." Sex with you. Lie down in my bathroom.
Jack answered her, just as honestly:
"I can not, Jean." Fair. You are a beautiful, strong and attractive woman ... and I really like you ... .no, I can not. I am connected with another. I already promised Alex.
"But Alex, after all, does not even fiancee you." Just a girlfriend, right.
Gina was desperately looking for a loophole.
- Yes, my friend.
This was an undeniable fact. Neither Jack-Alex nor Alex-promised anything to Jack.
- And I′m your girlfriend too, right? Gina asked.
"And you, too," Jack agreed calmly.
- So why not help your girlfriend relax? Gina asked, with a cunning in her voice.
Jack smiled ingenuously and shrugged.
In the opposite bath sat a naked beautiful girl. And she really liked Jack. And he would not lie, which he did not want - he wanted Gene Lex. That′s just one "but" ... Alex was more precious to him.
- Gene, Alex and I are serious. We have not had sex yet, but have said a solid "yes" to each other. I really care about our relationship and really appreciate what I have. Besides, why should we give false hopes to each other?
Gina thought for a long time. Then she became terribly wicked. Struck her fist on the water. Once again and again. Zarvela, covering her eyes with her hands. Then she tried to calm down.
"You′re right ... right ... there′s no need ... no reason!"
She turned her back to Jack. And, as it seemed to him, he was mortally offended. And he already wanted to get out of his bath and go to her to soothe her, but she suddenly turned to face him. She smiled and suddenly said in a very kind and gentle voice:
"How I envy Alex, Lord!" Such a cool guy! I′ve dreamed of this all my life!
Gina lowered her tone and turned to the mystical whisper:
- I even doubted ... is there such a guy at all! This, you know, as a belief in a prince: in your childhood, it seems to you that everything will be so, but the years go by ... I wanted to refuse ... everything ... basta ... enough ... but I′m a very stubborn princess.
In her eyes flashed an evil light, and the tone became stiffer:
"And I made it my goal!" I decided: I′ll go, I′ll go, swim and fly (if necessary), but I′ll find my boyfriend ... my prince. And here I found it!
Gina became very angry. And this change has so frightened Jack that he already cried out:
- Do not dare! Keep calm!
Gina restrained herself. And nothing out of the ordinary did not throw out. I just sat in my bathtub and silently sobbed. And looked pitifully at Jack.
Jack tried to wind up the phrase he often heard from Ell:
"Gina, everything will be fine!" You will meet your boyfriend!
- WHAT DO YOU UNDERSTAND? - with a crazy tear and insane crying in his voice, shouted Gina. "YOU HAVE EVERYTHING!" And I AM LONELY! SINGLE-Oka! CURING !!! CURING !!!
Gina roared with a sob. In full force.
"Jack, I do not believe it," she admitted, a little calmer. - I despaired. I′ve been looking for so much. I put so much effort into it. In addition, the age. This year I will be 28 ... another 7 years, and then ... who will I need ?!
- Yes, stop you! Jack said to her seriously. - You will be fine - you only believe in yourself. You will meet your boyfriend and you will be happy with him.
Jack got up from his bath. I went to Gina′s bath. It has become wider to accommodate two.
Lying in front of her. I was not shy. I held her hands in my hands. Then he kissed my cheek.
"Well, is it easier for you now?" - he asked. "We′re in the same bathroom." Just come on without sex. It can spoil everything.
Gina smiled and blushed to the tips of her ears.
- Good. Without sex, so without sex. I′ll stand it.
"You′re right - there′s no need to go down to mere satisfaction of your lust." And it does not help me at all in this situation.
One more pause.
- I helped you! It helped me a lot! Gina′s eyes lit up. "And will you help me?" In fact, the truth ?!
"Well, of course," Jack said. "You are my friend."
One more pause. Longer than the previous one.
"Will you leave the police?"
Gina nodded.
"I can not work there anymore, after what happened." After what I saw. Honestly, Jack, I′ve been drinking this police life. Yes, and my dream did not come true: I met a guy, and he already with another.
"Tell me, please, what happened there," Jack asks. - You can?
- Why, I can! Says Gina. - Now that everything is over, you can tell. Listen.
- We participated in the raid. 5 police groups. Among them were your friends, Ella′s friends, many other cool guys and girls. We thought it would be a surprise. We thought - we will crush the bandits by the number. Aha! No matter how! The bandits all knew about our raids, and they were three times as many! As by order - screams, shots, the walls in the dungeon that we stormed are collapsing. Me and several survivors were removed from the wreckage, twisted and dragged to some abandoned metro. There was a man of 150 bandits, if not more. Several men and women. Among them was your friend Barbara, and George, and Ella′s girlfriend from our site, Cynthia, and others. Only 5 girls and 7 men. We were promised unimaginable torment before death, and they joked. The bandits were very angry with the police. Especially at the Stenderery police. And it gave them great pleasure to torment their friends. They beat us, humiliated us, raped us. Divided into groups. In one group 30-35 people for 1 girl. And a few people who photographed and filmed on video. This is to destroy our families. Men were forced to have sex with men. Shoot it and this. Ruthlessly and disgustingly they killed. It was all experienced by the HARMESS, but WE - GIRLS got under the full program. Three of us could not stand beatings and constant intercourse and died right under their lovers. So few of them: the bandits raped their dead bodies, they cut their stomachs and laid bombs there, cut off the heads and body members - they said they would send it to parents in the parcel. Barbara and I were promised the same fate later. We were the strongest of all. So many nauseating scenes, intercourse and morgue, and we continued to endure. Each of us had 70 lovers at the end, and we did not die. All in blood, in shit and semen, but we continued to breathe. Bandits wanted us to die during sex, but it′s not destiny. And Barbara was much stronger than me. They broke me morally, but it′s not there. I was already like a corpse - I did not react to anything, I was indifferent to everything, I did not moan, I did not cry. And Barbara cheerfully made fun of the bandits. She called for work faster, planted deeper, beat more, called them weaklings, and told each lover that he was better than the last. In the end, she just fed them. For a long time they conferred, how to execute it, then took out the axes - their hands and feet were cut off, and a little later their head. It was the most terrible death. I was forced to watch. It was a stump of the body. She was very hurt. She tried to suppress shouts and moaned more and more quietly and quietly. She was kicked - from one to the other - like a soccer ball. There the whole floor was covered in blood. When she was cut off her head, she had already disconnected (at least, I hope so).
I, too, have already bothered them, like a litter. They wanted to kill me, but at the last moment someone came up with a brilliant idea. How to destroy me, once again abuse the cops, and if you′re lucky to bury someone from Stendery. I was immediately hung with explosives, pushed the "guarantee" between my legs and put on the hill dead colleagues. All. The rest you know.
They sat for a while in silence.
"Yes, it was hard for you," Jack said sympathetically. And then. - Gina, these bastards still get their own - do not hesitate. And you live in this house, as much as you want. Recover strength, gain new impressions. You are a welcome guest in this house.
"My dear, Jack." Gina laid her head on his shoulder with a smile. - How lucky I was with you! I had no better friend! You are my greatest good fortune!

In the evening, Gina told everyone without a secret, Ella and Alex. They shared Jack′s opinion (resented the gangster revenge and of course allowed her to stay). Al spent an inspection of her body and just chatted with the girl for a couple of hours. These "procedures" were held in a separate room face to face. And Jack and Alex were sitting on the couch in front of the closed door. And patiently waited (although not simply they were tolerated).
Al left the room alone, without Gina. And as if not noticing anyone went to the exit. However, Jack and Alex were not going to let him go anywhere. Jack caught up with him in a few seconds, and Alex even blocked the road:
"Doctor, is she better?" She asked.
"Do not torment El, eh!" Said Jack from behind. "She′s our friend, after all."
"She physically handled it very physically," Al said with a heavy sigh. - There were injuries to the body, there were illnesses, but I already understood this. With the psyche was much more difficult. She has a long trauma + a mass of complexes + what she went through. We did a great job together. Then she just fell asleep. And I did not help her at all.
Al walked along the corridor, but Jack and Alex did not lag behind.
"How does she feel?"
"What in the end, Al?"
"Do not doubt," Al said. Tomorrow she will feel herself, as if she looked younger by 10 years. But now she needs a dream. And a room for sleep.
Al stopped in the middle of the corridor and looked very carefully at Jack. Then Alex.
- Guys, I′m sorry. I love you very much and respect you, but I myself need rest now. I′m overloaded with information. I spent a lot of energy. At least 1 hour. Stay together while I′m not looking. I′ll come to you later. See you.
El turned his back on them and walked away. Jack and Alex were so surprised that they did not even bother to bother him. Usually in such situations he simply dissolved in the air and teleported himself to the right place. And here he left, as the most ordinary person. To see, indeed, it lost a lot of strength.

At 10am the next day, the phone rang. The voice in the receiver yelped angrily: "Turn on the TV, assholes! Channel 9! "
On Channel 9, just broadcast an emergency news release. They told about the morning storm of the police station in which Al and Jack served. At about 9:35, 30 bandits burst into the site. Hurled bombs, fired from rifles, submachine guns and pistols. As a result: 17 dead policemen and 27 dead bandits. And found a lot of notes: "You die because of Ell and Jack Stenderi! Stop the Stenders! "
Jack turned off the television.
- What do you say? He asked Ell.
Al did not have time to say anything. Jack′s walkie-talkie rang.
"Jack ... Al ... who is there in connection ... Lord!" Alex′s voice was trembling and glowing. - Quickly ... quickly to me ... to our store ... God ... faster !!!

Al, Jack and Alex were standing near the wreckage of Martin McGeeffer′s former store. The sun was coming, a new day was beginning, and a crowd of onlookers stood near the wreckage of the store. The police were already in place and several people in blue uniform, trying to unhook the territory and disperse the onlookers. The noise was unimaginable. They stood in the distance from the crowd (about 2 meters away). And why did they have to come closer - what they did not see and did not hear. There and then - in the distance from the masses (as if they were random passers-by who crossed the street) - they could talk about everything.
Alex hugged Jack, but only talked with Ell. I tried to hold back my tears and kept talking and talking, as if Al had asked for it:
- Dad was taken to the hospital. At once. We went to the store in the morning (as always). And I did not notice anything when we walked (apparently at night our shop was blown up). Dad, as he saw, immediately grabbed his heart. A donkey on the ground. He began to wheeze and gasp. I took out the radiotelephone (I always carry it with me) and called an ambulance right away. Then she tried to bring my father into feelings. Gave him a couple of pills before the ambulance arrives. It seems that it did not help him at all. The doctors told me that he is likely to have a stroke. They took me away and told me to come to the hospital later, to testify. I said that I will go only with you.
"You should have protected your store, too," Al said grimly. - I somehow did not think.
"Do not blame yourself," Alex said, wiping her tears. "You′ve done a lot for us." You tried very hard. But you can not foresee everything.

Chapter 18. The death of Mr. McGuffer and the relocation of Alex.
On the same day (after the hospital), when Alex entered her room on Hyde Road 210, Al said:
- Alex, please, let′s you live now at our house.
"Take whatever you want out of this house for your room," Jack said at once. "And do not worry, when your father gets better, you′ll come back here again." Nothing happens to your house. He will be reliably protected by our protective spells.
"Or there′s another option," Al said. "When your father is discharged from the hospital, we′ll take him to our estate, too." And although Martin does not believe in fairy tales, magic and other realities (and we still think heirs of a huge fortune), I think he will get better with time. How are you and Jack, got comfortable.
"Not like me and Jack," Alex said, suddenly. "It will take him much longer."
These words were spoken decisively and without a smile. But it did not mean failure. It was only said that Alex knew her father better than Jack and Al.
Alex herself agreed. Her eyes sparkled with delight. And Al saw it, and Jack did not.
"What′s the difference, Alex?" Exclaimed Al. "One day, or one month!" He will get used! And everything you have with him will be great, there, in our estate! And we will not worry about you two!
- I agree!!! Alex whispered, enthusiastically.
Quickly pulling herself together, she said in a businesslike way:
- I and my dad are moving to your place of residence. I′m going now, and he will move you when he leaves the hospital.
I went to Ella and Jack. First to Jack. Her eyes sparkled with delight. On the lips a charming smile. She hugged her friend and the man, and without a word, kissed him on the cheek. Then I did the same procedure with Ellom. Then she hugged them and whispered:
- I love, I love, I love you two! Guys, you would know how you are both dear to me! I′m so grateful to you !!! I love you so much !!! Guys!!!
Then she took a step and said very seriously:
"I hope you understand how serious it all is." And that this is forever. And now I will be your constant neighbor and my dad too. Do you understand this?
Al and Jack laughed gaily.
Al disheveled her, wavy and already not always diligent, hair.
Jack said:
"Alex, love, pack up your things." Say goodbye to your old house.
Alex squealed with delight and flew to her room. I found my big bag and started to collect it. Textbooks and notebooks with which she went to school. A few of your favorite books. 2 photo albums, 1 of which she was presented in the orphanage. Several dresses; Jeans, which she rarely, but dressed; sweater for cold weather.
"Do not put it on your clothes," Al said, seeing Alex loading blouses and pantyhose into the bag. "You′ll get any clothes you need."
"I understand everything," Alex said, tearing herself away from her big bag. "It′s just that many memories are connected with these things." They are so precious to me. Here is a dress, for example you gave me. These jeans my father gave me with the words: "Though you do not really like them, but all the time, sometimes. In life there must be a variety of daughter. In addition, it′s fashionable - jeans on a young man or girl. " There are many other things with stories.
"All right, all right," Al agreed. - Take whatever you want. We will help you to bring this all up.
- And here are the figures! Exclaimed Alex, proudly and fervently. "I′ll tell you everything myself!" I′m an independent girl!
Without turning, she answered Ella and Jack and, placing the chair against the wall, climbed on top of him to reach the top shelf. She jumped off of him and very pleased, showed her friends a wooden carved casket. Opened and pulled out of her light green beads on a long string.
"Onyx," she said proudly. - Dad gave me exactly one month after he took me from the shelter. It′s just amazing how he studied me then. He brought it and said: daughter is your talisman stone. A stone for people who are strong in spirit, talented and fortunate. Carry it and let your life be beautiful, long and full. And yet, he is able to fulfill your cherished desire. Believe, guys, for several weeks I walked in these beads and dreamed only of one thing: I would sooner meet Jack, and never again would part.
Alex looked at Jack with a glint in her eyes, and then again on the beads from onyx.
- Apparently, their merit is also there.
She closed her box and put it in her bag to all the other things. Then zipped and cheerfully threw the bag on her shoulder
"I′m all set," she told her friends. "The rest, in your house, in the room where you placed me."
In the living room, she offered to sit down on the path. And the very first sat down on the sofa.
"Well, house," she said. "It′s time for us to say goodbye." I was very happy with you and I hope that you are pleased with me, as a mistress. Honestly, when I first came here - just stunned. Only yesterday I was at the shelter, and now I have a father, a house and my own room. But now I was offered an even better option. And although I′m still your mistress (formally), I just have no right to refuse. Forgive and Farewell, my beloved old house on Hyde Road 210.

Alex entered her room on the 2nd floor of the Stenderery mansion, but did not hurry to unpack. Just got up in the middle of the room and stood there for 15 minutes. Then she sat down very slowly on her disassembled couch and looked around, as if she had seen this room for the first time in her life. Sofa, bedside table, cabinets, carpets, curtains, chandelier. Alex closed her eyes and took a deep breath.
She felt the touch, someone′s hands on her shoulder. And she was not at all afraid. On the contrary, I was very happy. She knew - it was Jack. Came and saw her in this state.
I opened my eyes and saw him. A black-haired, handsome young man in gray trousers and a light green, sports jacket, on top of a white T-shirt (his usual home attire) sat next to him and smiled. And she did not say anything to her (for which Alex was especially grateful to him). No stupid, banal phrases and consolations.
"You know what I was thinking," Alex said. "Do you remember after we overcame the Talas?" Al led me around the house and at random opened this room. I asked if I like it. When I said that I liked, he said that he gave me this room, and I can always use it. As an honorable and welcome guest and as an equal hostess. Do you remember how long ago it was, and Jack?
- I do not know. Months 5-6 years ago. I can not remember exactly. I did not record this date anywhere.
"I did not write, either," Alex said, sighing sadly. "But I was thinking about something else." Jack, you just think, 5-6 months, and how my life has changed. From the honored guest to the full-fledged neighbor.
Jack nodded and smiled knowingly.
This time she was silent - she waited for Jack to start. And Jack did not torment her with a long wait.
"You′re all welcome here, Alex." And I and Al, just delighted with this neighbor. And about your fears - I also went through it. In just one day, imagine. El then even divided the room into two parts: in one is my old poor poor shack, and in another, a rich house and a busy life. And to choose, it was necessary for only 5 minutes. So, Alex, you have a significant advantage.
Alex nodded and giggled.
- Nothing, you will get used to everything! Said Jack confidently. - You′re my half. My little girl.
"Yes, and you are my boy." My dear, my beautiful, Jack Stenderi! I love you!
- And I love you!
They embraced and kissed. A few minutes later, when they lay together on the couch, she asked:
"Jack, what if I suddenly want to live in some other room?" What will you tell me about Ellom?
- For God′s sake! Wherever you like! And in what rooms would you like to live!
"In your rooms!"
"In our rooms?"
- Yes, in yours! In your room and in Ell′s room! And not just a few hours, but a full few days. This means that I can undress to the goal in your presence, and then lie down with you or Ellom, side by side, bainki. What do you think about that, Jack?
- I think this is a very bold statement. But we love you very much and do not mind it. You want to live in our rooms - please. I can easily live in a room of 5 people, and I will be very happy with your company. I think, too, Al. But seriously, could we undress before the goal?
- Probably. What is so difficult about this? And then, you are my favorite people - look, please.

The next day at 8:00, when Jack and Alex entered the hallway, they found Ella sitting on the couch in it. On his knees he had a case computer, and he looked very pleased:
"Well, guys, Banda Joe′s dead," he said. "Just listen: there are only 340 people in Los Angeles who used to belong to this formidable gang." There are only 3 major leaders left and they have no prospects anymore. In San Francisco, San Diego, and other cities combined - no more than 500 people.
- And these leaders, what about them? Jack asked. - Maybe we′ll deal with these guys.
"Do not, Jack," Al said, with the feeling of the matter done and closed his computer. - In 2 days they will end their lives by suicide. And there are so many guys have such thoughts. Some will shoot at each other, some jump from the skyscrapers, some will climb into a loop, or poison poison.
"It′s terrible, Al!" Exclaimed Alex. - You can help these people!
- We just can not help them! And the leaders in particular. They are convinced fanatics and die with their gang for them a matter of honor. However, to you in consolation, Alex, I can say that somebody will still be saved. I have not looked at all the questionnaires, but I know for sure that 20 bandits will be rescued and 50 of them will change their mind at the last moment and simply break with the past. Many of them then generally become good citizens, successful people, their families will lead. Do not worry about them. Who should die - will die, and who should live - will necessarily survive.
- It′s very exciting! Smiled Alex.
- So, that we have finished this business, at last? Jack asked.
"Absolutely," Al replied, happily. - And we finished it neatly, competently, professionally. Work without a hitch. And in just one and a half months.
"Yes, yes, Al!" Exclaimed Jack happily. "So, we can go to the police and demand our well-deserved awards!"
"First we′ll take care of Martin McGuffer," Al said, and Alex winked cheerfully.

Martin McGeeffer was lying under a dropper and was sleeping at the moment. He was so weak that he could not get up, talk, or do anything else. He lay on his bunk and just rested. And Jack and Alex, in white coats, sat side by side and smiled at this calm and proud man, with copious gray hair in black hair and a few wrinkles around his eyes and mouth.
And although the nurse who cared about Martin, strictly forbade talking to the rest, Alex broke this oath. Whispered softly. Not loudly, so as not to disturb, but not quietly, so that the lying father did not hear anything at all:
"And then, you know, they brought me to their house." They said that I was no longer a guest, but an equal living woman. Imagine, Dad - so I moved to Beverly Hills! And that′s not all, my friends, Al and Jack, and for you there is a place prepared! Dad, can you imagine how lucky I was with my friends! Dad, let′s go, and! I honestly do not know what you decide ... you can rest against (we′re not used to it that way) ... dad, you know - I′m your daughter and I can persuade you. You know how difficult it is to argue with me, Dad! I′ll take it for you ... you′ll surrender! We must move there ... we must ...
"Yes, I think he will agree," Jack interjected suddenly. In the same whisper. "There′s no need to get so excited now." And your dad, an intelligent man, he will understand everything, I think. What are you, really? Did not he ever dream of chto-li?
And yet, behind the glazed door to the room of Martin McGeeffer, a completely different conversation took place. They spoke in full voice, and absolutely nothing embarrassed. Al and the Chief Physician.
- The patient suffered a major stroke. Very heavy in shape. His heart is healthy, but here′s the age. In short, I think everything will take about a month.
"Doc, you can somehow speed up his recovery."
- It is possible, but very expensive drugs are needed. At us in hospitals only two names are, more than 10 it is necessary to buy in other countries, and 1 I am afraid at all we will not find (though he and not so is important). And if you buy all of the below listed (here′s the list) and pay for the extra-urgent delivery, I think everything will take about two weeks, no more.
El scampered down the list, which the doctor gave him and nodded in the affirmative:
- Good. I agree. Do it.
"Mr. Stendery, but how can you so easily ... look at the rates ... they do not bother you at all."
- No, do not care.
"But that′s 70 THOUSAND DOLLARS - is this affordable for you?" God, I did not dream of such money!
"You know, Charlie, my friend on the bed is there. He′s the father of my best friend. For his sake, I′m ready for anything!
"But we still considered this without delivery." I think for the overtime, they will take 15 pieces. Total ...
- Let it be 85 pieces! Nothing wrong! I′ll pay it all!
- Well, you are just a MEASON of some kind! With a very big heart! I did not even expect this to happen!
"I′m ready to pay you, too, if everything will be all right!"
- Well, thank you very much! Then, I′m going right now and sending an application for the necessary medications. And you with this list go to the cashier and pay if the money is with you! Or we are ready to wait for you here for 2-3 hours, so you go for money and pay for the treatment! From myself I can only say one thing .... God bless you for your generosity, El Stenderi! I′m so glad that we met! Even as in people now more I believe! Do not worry about Mr. McGeeffer. We will do everything. I ran to call.

After 2 days, Martin McGeeffer felt much better. He sat on his bunk and with pleasure ate a favorite chocolate ice cream with cherry filling from a white high glass. From the corner of his eye he looked at the three visitors, who were sitting on chairs near his hospital bed. Of course, it was Al, Jack and Alex. And they were silent. They waited until Martin spoke first. They were welcome to wait (the visit was limited to the visitors themselves).
"Well, then, guys. I do not have a store anymore - it′s a sad fact, "Martin said, swallowing another portion of food and scooping up another spoonful. - But there is a pleasant side to it.
With pleasure I swallowed a new portion and enjoyed for a few minutes her head and hiding her eyes, stretching and purring, like a happy cat. And Al, Jack and Alex, eagerly awaited the continuation:
"The Lord sent me a wonderful daughter, and the daughters of my wonderful friends, who are now my friends," he said at last, singling out the word "friends" with a special accent and special pleasure.
He put the ice cream aside and held out his hand to Alex, showing how much he wanted to feel her touch. Alex immediately got up and took his hand. Then she hugged and kissed her.
Martin gently pushed his daughter away and made an inviting gesture toward Ell and Jack.
"Have you already forgiven us, Martin?" - El tactfully asked, after embracing with his father Alex.
"Forgive you, but for what ?!" - he was surprised, sincerely and amazed.
"For hurting your business," Al said tactfully. - After all, if you had not had such "dangerous friends" everything would be fine now.
"Oh, this!" Guys, do not take it in your head! Martin waved his hand disgustedly. And he said quite seriously. "We risk constantly while we live in the white world." Dangers there and here, not one thing either ... you know.
And he spoke to them very confidentially. And sad.
- Guys, I think in this situation, I am more guilty than yours. No seriously. I was very attached to this store. I worked, worked, worked, even on weekends (when I should not have) still came to him. I wiped these shelves and thought how I would live if I did not have my store. Probably, it will be difficult to find another such fanatic of groceries. The store was my whole life. And when our common troubles began, I thought, first of all, about you, not about her, but about him-my shop. And he was worried that this disassembly with Joe Montana would not end badly for the store (gangsters would come, and God forbid, they would break the windows). Alex was right - I behaved like the last coward. And in general, the last few weeks, showed their far from the best qualities. So there is nothing to be surprised here - this is my reckoning. For thoughts, feelings, my unworthy behavior. I now understood a lot. And I got freedom - tomorrow I will not have to run to my shop - I′ll rest, better.
"Now let′s talk about business," Al whispered, imperceptibly into Alex′s ear.
Alex immediately understood everything and nodded:
"Dad, I want to talk to you."
- I′m listening to my daughter.
- Very seriously. And it′s about our future. What will we do after the hospital. Are you ready.
"I′m ready, love." And I′ll listen to you carefully.
After 15 minutes of conviction, many reasons for moving and suggestions, than you can occupy yourself in the estate of Stenderi, Martin simply nodded:
- Good. I agree. As soon as I′m discharged, I′ll immediately go to you.
And he immediately threw after him.
"I really enjoyed your offer, Al, about the round-the-world trip. Let′s, really, all the four of us go to see the world. I have long dreamed about it. Although you also made it up to Jack: catch the biggest fish on my hook and become famous all over America. Perhaps, this I will do right after the holiday.
He personally addressed Ell:
"Are you sure you can afford a trip around the world for four?" And you will not lose your work because of this.
- Oh sure. There is enough money - enough for everything. And about the work - they are even happy to give us a long vacation, after such a case. Do you think Jack will let us go?
- Still would! Exclaimed Jack. - Yes, they will be happy to be there! Finally, get rid of such diligent guys! The police probably do not have any serious business because of the two of us!
Martin turned to his daughter, whose eyes glittered and the heart seemed to be ready to jump out of the chest, with joy:
- Daughter, please leave us alone. For a few minutes. I need to talk to your boys. Personal business, you understand?
- I see? Said Alex, a little sad, but still with a secret joy in her voice.
She went out the door, and closed it tightly from the side of the corridor:
"You have to promise me something, guys," said Martin, very seriously. "I see from you that you will do everything exactly, but I still want to hear those words." Do not refuse, old man.
After a moment′s silence, he said:
- Whatever happens to me - I move to that house, or not - do not leave Alex. Be with her always. Take care of her, protect her, love her! She is very strong, my girl (just like me) - everything can survive and sustain, but she must have real friends at her side. Without friends, she will die. Well, you know what I mean. No casual acquaintances, no friends from school and college, but REAL FRIENDS. Such incredibly little life gives us, but it is they who are able to save us, in difficult moments. I looked at you as I looked at you, at once I understood - these are the REAL FRIENDS that are necessary. How I was happy for her. I even arranged a small feast for myself, then. In general, guys, so that no one later changed his mind and did not refuse. I want you to promise this to me. Oh, I hope you understand me!
"I understand you very well, Mr. McGeeffer." - Al said immediately and held out his hand to Martin. - I promise you.
"I promise, too," Jack said. - And be sure Alex will not leave. She′s so precious to me!
"Very well," Martin said, and nodded approvingly.
He shook both hands. Then he looked slyly at both Stenderery and grinned:
- Well, my daughter is lucky! She′s so young and already such friends! Rich, strong, beautiful! And I can feel it, you and your whole life will be together! I even envy her a little! What do the guys say, am I right to envy her a little ?!
They smiled and nodded back.

A further visit (when Alex re-entered the ward) was very short. Martin thanked for the visit, for the care, said that he felt much better, and said goodbye, announcing that now he wants to just sleep.
"Well, what did they talk about?" - Alex asked for several minutes, looking into Jack′s eyes - then Ella. - Tell me, tell me! I′m still going to keep up.
"Your dad took our word of honor that we will always be together," Al said at last. - And we promised him: to cherish, take care, protect and everything else.
Alex snorted.
- He still doubted this ?! I thought he already understood everything ?!
"He understood, Alex," he said quietly, "Jack." - He just really wanted to hear it. HEAR, you know?
"Yes, I understand," said Alex, very pleased. Delicately took Jack′s arm, and then did the same operation with Ella′s hand.
So - the three of them, they left the hospital.

Jack and Alex entered the room and immediately felt something was amiss. Jack caught an unseen danger in the nurse′s gaze. This smiling, kind woman, who was always very happy about the arrival of the children, was now very happy somehow.
Amanda Clarke was a nurse with a very beautiful appearance, a well-behaved figure, a calm, quiet disposition and absolutely no flaws. Perhaps its only flaw is an unfortunate personal life. A terrible car accident took the lives of her husband and two children. She went to the nurses, because she longed for communication. And then she communicated with everyone: both with doctors, and with patients, and with visitors. Rabat became a real outlet for her. She tried very hard for every patient. She brought flowers, read aloud, listened and gave approving advice. And really to communicate with her was a real pleasure. Each of her interlocutors from the very first minutes felt in this girl a person well-read, interesting and very deep. And Al and Jack and Alex - everyone was interested in next to Amanda Clark. And everyone, looking into the black eyes of this beautiful brown-haired woman, saw something of his own.
This time everything was completely different. Amanda stood in the doorway and seemed to be very upset with something. She usually greeted Jack and Alex, but not this time. She smiled (having performed a well-practiced exercise) and gestured for me to enter. Jack did not answer any questions, but merely winked. And there was something strange and inexplicable in the wink. Together with them she did not enter, but stayed in the corridor, as if watching what would happen after Jack and Alex were inside the ward.
"Did you notice, noticed?" Jack asked, when they, together with Alex, stood before Martin′s bed. "Amanda′s kind of weird today."
"Daddy′s asleep," Alex whispered. "Speak quietly."
Jack looked at the lying Martin McGuffer and became even more alert. Something was ominous in his posture (lying on his side, covering himself with a blanket almost to the very nose) and that the nurse had not warned them this time.
"Look, something′s going wrong here," Jack said honestly. "Amanda did not say hello to us today." About the fact that she sleeps, she did not warn us - two. And then why he′s asleep. It′s 11am now. It is high time to wake up.
Jack spoke in a whisper, as Alex asked him, but his voice was agitated. And Alex was already starting to worry.
"Listen to Jack, do not you think it′s very fresh here?" - Alex asked, passing from a whisper to a normal tone.
- It seems, so what.
"It′s like a special room was air-conditioned for our arrival." But by the way, it′s the beginning of October. And you can catch a cold in such a draft.
Jack and Alex both looked at the chamber window. And just stunned by surprise. It was open wide. Only that it was raining outside, and the autumn coolness was the constant guest of this chamber.
"I do not like all this," Alex said, walking to her father′s cot. - Dad get up. Get up, Daddy. Stop sleeping. You will chill if you sleep in such a draft.
She pulled back the blanket, but Martin did not even move. And her toe in the shoulder did not react. He lay as he lay in his gray hospital pajamas, on his side, slipping one arm under his pillow, and seemed not to notice his daughter.
However, Alex was not struck by this. Most of all, she was struck by the expression on her father′s face. There was a kind of detachment on him, like a wax figure. Like the life of this man pumped out like a pump pumping water.
Alex once again shook her father′s shoulder and, without receiving an answer, plaintively called: "Papa, Paapochka, can you hear me?"
Jack, who came from behind and already vaguely suspected what had happened here, pulled Alex back. To the window.
And at that moment they looked at the nurse at once.
And they heard the sound of the key being turned in the keyhole. And then, even steeper ...
Just what a sweet and friendly Amanda shut the door (it is not clear why), and now she looked at them joyfully, smiled in all her mouth and sent them her air kisses.
Here he is. Fanatic shine in the eyes. Jack saw him too often not to know. He had experience, because he had dealt with fanatics of Joe Montana′s gang many times. Such brilliance was found in those who without hesitation decided on suicide and much less often among those who entered into melee.
Amanda Clarke had this shine. And she was no doubt a fanatic of Joe Montana′s gang, if she had just locked it in Jack′s room and Alex′s. But it was not all. A small black oblong object shone in her hand. With one precise finger movement, she was preparing to press a small, "invisible" button to failure.
Jack was thinking instantly. He grabbed his board from under his clothes, deftly jumped on it himself, one sharp jerk picked up Alex and even before they tightly pressed against each other, pressed the button of his amulet.

The flying board with Jack and Alex was thirty meters from the hospital building. Right in the middle of a wide arable field, the air filled with raw materials, and the silence in which even the birds did not sing, realizing that a storm was about to break out. So it happened in the next instant. In the hospital and in the room that was left by them, a monstrous explosion broke out.
The explosion was a tremendous force. The windows and fragments of the wall flew out (Jack even thought that some of them flew to his hands, with which he hugged Alex). But he was not the only one. Following the first in the entire building of the hospital in 7 floors, there was another series of explosions (smaller, but still significant). The building burned. The building was razvorocheno. From the windows, tongues of flame burst out and desperate human cries. Someone inside the hospital desperately tried to put out the fire, someone went crazy and jumped from the windows. To look at it was just scary. And then something else happened that. With a terrible groan and a thunder, the hospital building suddenly collapsed inside. A few horrible moments and it seemed to be three stories lower. Horror, pain and despair - now the three lower floors of the hospital have become a common grave for patients, their relatives and all the medical staff.
Jack knocked, cold sweat and his hands trembled. Alex just could not believe everything that was happening.
- NO, NO, NO, THIS DOES NOT EXIST ANYTHING !!! THIS CAN NOT BE !!! She repeated to herself in a low and furious whisper. - THIS IS NO TRUTH! NO TRUTH !!!
But when she finally was able to realize all that had happened, she was filled with rage that had never before been seen in the village. She began to scream, she began to swing her fists, and her body was so tight that if it were not for Jack′s hands, she would have fallen off the board long ago.
As for Jack himself, he was silent and thoughtful. In fact, was just shocked. He as well as Alex could hardly believe in everything that was happening. Good autumn morning in October - trees in gold, the rain has passed recently and such a turn. It seemed incredible that in the midst of such an inoffensive day - dear Amanda Clark, she left the window in the room wide open; in all probability having killed Martin before that, then locked Jack and Alex in the ward and turned on the explosion button. Jack already thought it was over, thought the gang dead, and she rose from the grave and waved. Through Amanda. Yes, he could not even suspect her. There was so much kindness and tenderness in every gesture of hers-she did not seem to know about any Montana-but now Jack saw the consequences of his carelessness.
I looked again at the dilapidated building. There probably died more than 1000 people, and those that survived were stuck in dead ends, shifted rooms, upper floors. He heaved a deep sigh and unfolded the board toward the house.
"Fly home, Alex," he whispered in his friend′s ear. "We have nothing more to do here."

Al found out everything from the computer. About Amanda. She was actually a nurse and worked in the same hospital where her father Alex was taken. She was unselfishly devoted to Joe Montana′s cause and literally prayed to somehow take revenge on Stendery. The fact that Martin McGeeffer fell precisely in her hands was pure accident, but she made a cunning plan alone. El found out all about this plan. Everything was on Amanda. On her ability to hold on and play a kind, gentle nurses. At the appointed hour, this avenging angelic appearance injected into the vein of Martin instantly the poison that killed him, then laid him on his side, put his hand under the pillow and arranged everything as if he were asleep. By the way, Alex and Jack could no longer help Mr. McGuffer - he died an hour before they appeared. Further, Amanda′s assistants installed explosives in the room - it was only left to wait for Alex and Jack, close them in the ward and press the detonation button. Al learned all about the assistants. There were only five of them. 3 people - hospital workers, 2 - driver and loader, who brought the explosion packages to the hospital. All of them were fanatics, and everyone was buried as one by the building. And no one then stopped them - that late night, when they were carrying boxes of explosives along the corridors of the hospital. They did not stop because - all works were directed by Richard Kolo - the director and the head physician of the hospital. He said that in those boxes medical supplies and several volunteer guards even helped him. Then, when the explosives were placed in their places, the doctor, on whose essence no one even suspected, connected them to one electrical system and spent a hot and very late night with his former apprentice and assistant, Amanda Kirk. He died in his office, closing himself from the whole world, and absorbing the bottle of the most expensive whiskey that was available to him. In his soul was a colossal calm. The assistants died, exploded on their bombs, and there was a thirst for revenge in their souls: "Get everything for everything! Get to the full! "But Amanda died disappointed. She could not understand where Jack and Alex had disappeared from the mousetrap, which she had slammed so cleverly. In her heart settled a wild disappointment. She did not reach her goals, and everything was in vain. She also very much wanted to cancel everything, but it was no longer in her power - the chain reaction was neglected.
After 15 minutes on television said the same thing. A young man with thin black mustaches, in a strict business suit and tie, a well-tuned speaker′s voice, with a note of sorrow, told all viewers of the 7th channel news channel: "A tragic incident happened today at Fox Raspin Hospital, at 10.47. A series of powerful explosions drew this once beautiful building into ruins. The glasses flew out, the fire from the windows, the cries of desperation inside and now ... The 7-story building began to crumble, - he told me in an inspired way, as if he were present at the same time. - No, I can not even imagine it! It′s terrible! "They reported that it was certainly the latest and most daring attack of Joe Montana′s gang. It was reported that in this operation, for sure, involved a small group of people (5-8) and just as surely all the bandits themselves also blew up on their bombs. In general, they talked about what Al, Jack and Alex already knew.

Alex was furious. She screamed at Ella, and Jack and cried, at the same time. She could not restrain herself:
"You bastards!" You reptiles! The cheap ones are smelly, not the cops! How I regret that I contacted you! How I regret it, Lord! If you ... NO YOU they would all now were alive ... LIVING !!!
Al and Jack were silent, realizing that in this situation it was better to let her speak out.
"It′s because of you that he died!" She cried to Ella. - It′s because of you they are all dead there ... UNDER THIS CONCRETE PLATES! You could not ... could not immediately calculate this Amanda ?! You could not reward my father with immunity from poison? You could not ... could not ... but what a fig ... you are an alien moron, you are nobody, you are zero! I HATE YOU!
I went to Jack:
- No, it′s your fault! Why did not you think about it! You ... you are not a cop, but a laughing stock ... what a detective you are if you could not split this bitch Amanda! In general, I regret that I met you at the orphanage! And I fell in love with you! YOU ARE MISTAKE TO ME!
She also did not forget about herself:
- I just hate myself! I′m such a fool! Why did I reach out to you then ?! Why did I fall in love with you? IF YOU ARE MY FATHER WAS LIVING! I AM AN IDIOT! I FEEL BAD!
Seeing nothing from tears, Alex escaped from Ell′s room, away, slamming the door with a loud slam.
Only a few minutes later, Jack asked Ella:
"Do you think we should wait for her in this room, or in half an hour to go upstairs to her?"
"Let′s wait right here," said Al, confidently. "She′s coming back here." He will certainly return. She just now needs to cry and calm down! Then, imagine all her pains, when she realizes all that has been said! I′m just sure - she will come back and return here! You forgave her, right?
- Of course, I′m sorry! Jack was outraged. "Did you think that I do not understand anything, or will I be offended?" I understand her perfectly. Such a catastrophe. So many deaths. I lost my father. This is probably the worst day that was in her life.
- Actually, Jack you′re done! So quickly he realized everything and came up with a plan of salvation in a matter of seconds! I am very pleased with you! This is the highest level of skill!
- Thank you, teacher, I′m very pleased! What do we do while we wait for our Alex?
- Let′s play! Al said cheerfully, and a chess board appeared in his hands.
Figures carved out of marble, stood opposite the figures carved from jasper, and the chess battle began.
At 7 pm the door of the room opened and the twins of Stenderer turned their heads simultaneously. In the doorway, a few steps away from them stood Alex.
"Al, Jack, forgiveness," she tried to say, but her voice drowned in tears.
Alex looked really bad. Clothes, and on it was a white blouse and a black skirt, was all torn; hair was disheveled; eyes blushed with tears; his body trembled with a small tremor. She spoke quickly, abruptly and so tense, as if she could die at any moment:
"Al, Jack, I did not want to ... I could not ... I do not know what it was ... like a veil on my eyes ... I say such a thing ... I′m sorry ... I ... can not ... hurt ... you ... you ... my very ... at I have no other family, only you ... I do not know what to do ... I will die, if ...
She rocked like a thin tree in the wind, ready to crash at any moment. And would collapse if it were not for Al and Jack. They stood side by side and hugged her from two sides. At the same time, they placed their shoulders on her and put their hands on her waist. Alex felt this firm and reliable support; and these touches, in which there was so much love and affection - shuddered. What a sweet start it was, and what a wave of warmth swept the girl in the next instants (and how she wanted to feel it). And it was better than any words. This was the best reconciliation that was possible.
The words that followed were only a confirmation of this reconciliation. In general, they were optional.
"Alex, we love you a lot and have long been forgiven," Al said.
"Darling, I do not even remember what you told us about," Jack said.
"Boys, how I love you both," Alex whispered with ecstasy and sinking heart.
She kissed Ella on the cheek, and then kissed Jack′s cheek. She pressed herself to them denser and whispered, mirning with bliss:
"You are my greatest happiness!"
At 9 o′clock, after the completion of several games (in which Alex took the hottest part), chess was returned to Ella′s night table and all of them were forgotten. We went on to other entertainments. And then leadership took Al, inviting friends to read aloud. From opened Jules Verne: "Around the world in 80 days" and read so infectiously that Alex and Jack simply could not interrupt him.
But then Alex yawned, and Al stopped, throwing Phileas Fogg and Passepartout leaving London. He asked:
"Alex, are you tired?"
"It′s a little bit El, but do not pay attention." Read. You are so good at reading.
"Maybe you′ll be getting ready for bed, but I′ll read it to you until you fall asleep?"
"Oh, Al," she said brightly. - And you can stay the night. I do not want to get up like this. And you have such a nice room. Besides, remember, I already spent the night.
"Yes, no problem," Al smiled. - Sofa behind your back. I do not sleep on it myself, but you - please. Let me make you a bed.
I pressed the button of the amulet and immediately black leather sofa covered with a sheet, a blanket and two pillows.
"There′s still your pajamas," Al said, seeing the pleasure in her friend′s eyes.
Without any restraint, Alex immediately began to change clothes. Jack saw this immediately turned away, and El stared at the book. Alex laughed.
- Boys, that you are shy. I already told you, did not I? You can! YOU MY FAVORITE!
However, for a long time Alex did not become her own naked body. Very quickly she climbed into her pajamas and crept under the blanket. And how the cunning little fox looked from under him.
- Well, why did you stop talking ?! She whispered and demanded. - I want a fairy tale for the night! Tale of the night!
"Go to her," Al whispered to Jack and held out his pajamas. - She is waiting for you.
- Are we sleeping again ?! Jack was surprised.
"What did you think?" - Al was surprised. - I did not post it for anyone, there. Jack, I′m telling you - she′s waiting for you!
Jack took off his clothes (under Alex′s admiring sighs) and remained only in black briefs, quickly put on his pajamas. Alex opened the blanket in front of him and moved with pleasure. And when she lay down beside her, she embraced his body so tightly that Jack had already caught his breath.
El continued reading. Finally the friends lay down and fixed their inquisitive eyes to him.
However, for a long time they were not enough. Half an hour later they sniffed peacefully, embracing and seeing happy dreams. El put a bookmark between the pages, put the book on his desk and patiently waited for the awakening of Jack Stenderery and Alex McGuire. Wait for a new day.

Jack and Alex fell through until 11 am. And Al, seeing such disgrace (after a long walk), immediately put them on their feet.
"And how wonderful it was," Jack said with barely perceptible regret. "And why are you so unhealthy?" Five minutes would not have decided anything.
"That′s it, that′s it!" Exclaimed Al. "Five minutes would not solve anything for you, so let′s get them started."
Alex and Jack pulled off their pajamas and did not attach any importance to their nakedness began the morning exercises under the leadership of Ell. And then the push-ups and the press together did.
"Right, like in the army," Alex said, touching the floor.
"Precisely, exactly," said Jack, who began a new upswing.
"Talkers," Al said sharply.
"You′re just mean, commander," Jack said.
Alex smiled at him friendlyly, and Al ignored him.
Having chased the first sweat from his disciples, Al handed them clothes in their hands and sent them to the shower.
"Soap and towels will be found there," he told them at last. - And that at 11:25 I saw you in our bar-kitchen.
- Chief, and how do we wash. I mean, together or separately, Jack tried to joke.
"Yes, as you wish," Al replied indifferently. - Only so that at 11: 25 were at the table. You′ll be late-blame yourself.
At 11:25 they already had breakfast. They ate mashed potatoes with meat and squinted with pleasure.
"Al, but can I stay with you for another day?" Alex asked, as if by accident. "You know, I think that your drill is what I need right now."
She giggled.
"And me, too," Jack said. - I need it very much.
"Jack, Alex, this house is yours," Al said gravely. "And you can live on any floor, in any room." Live with me for at least a week, or even permanently move.
Alex smiled cheerfully, but did not continue this conversation. Started a new topic.
"Al, you can make sure that you and Jack do not go anywhere today." That no tasks today was not. I so want to spend this day with you two. It is possible to arrange something.
"And here you are late," Al said mockingly. - 2 hours ago I called our boss. He congratulated us on the completion of the case of Joe Montana. Something said about the high rewards that we will probably get. And as soon as I started talking, there was so much joy ... probably the first time he was so happy. Guys, we have a vacation. A month and a half. Or, even more. The boss told me to call him back in November. In the twentieth of the month.
From such amazing news, Jack and Alex nearly jumped in their chairs. They shouted: "Yes !!!" with one voice and happy smiles did not leave their faces for a long time.
"Guys, guys," Al said seriously. - Let′s solve an important issue. You can untwist the planet a day ago and change everything, so that Martin was alive, and so many people did not die. But this can be a difficult task. The main question: will we take up this matter or not?
"No," Alex answered calmly. She understood what was being said and became serious. "I do not want to, Al." And we do not need to take this case. I said a lot of superfluous things yesterday - forgive me. Yesterday I did not understand much, but now much has been cleared up. This happened, because it should have happened, and if we try, something to fix it can lead to trouble. Martin McGuire was a good person, but I do not want to resurrect him, or change the events of the past. I will always bear his name, even when I marry - this will be the best memory of him. Then it is not known how he would react to all this. Then you want to rest.
"Bravo, Alex!" - whispering Al and clapping his hands. - You′re just clever!
"And then," Alex says after a long, smiling silence. "We must live not the past, but the present." We in the present time exist - right? We should appreciate this. It was a hard test, but ... here we are, we sit at the same table. And as the villain did not try, fate, despite all the difficulties - we are together! We went through this and do not regret this! Stendari′s trio is stronger now than before!

Chapter 19. Alex is a historiographer.
October 1976 brought not only rains and morning dampness, but also very frequent gaps. And this was not just about vacation. Sometimes the sun was peeping out from behind the clouds - the ground dried up, the air warmed up and it became so good that it would not have been possible to describe it in any books. Sometimes the sun began to shine right from the morning and the whole day was sunny and warm, and sometimes looked in the middle of the day and only for 2-3 hours - sort of like a short summer. But as if there were no residents of Los Angeles, such "glimpses" very pleased (summer in the middle of the autumn who will not please?). And especially Al, Jack and Alex were happy.
October 10 was just such a day. The friends were finishing their breakfast, the sun shone through the windows of the bar, throwing thick golden rays on tables, on feet, hands and straight into plates - everyone′s mood was wonderful.
"I have a surprise for you two, today," Alex said with a sly smile.
"Very interesting," Jack said.
"What do we need to do?" - asked the more experienced Al, who knew in advance that Alex said about the surprise for a reason.
"First of all, let me into your Case," Alex said with a satisfied smile. - Then you two my favorite boy very clearly follow the instructions. At 11 o′clock you sit on the roof, on the bench. And do not go anywhere. I can be late, so wait until 12. What to do yourself think up (at least a chess game). The surprise is worth it. You will not regret the word of honor.
Alex, as always created an intrigue. But all that was said was exactly fulfilled. Al opened the Case, and at 11 o′clock with Jack came to the roof. And in his hands he had a box of chess.

The clock was 11:50, and Alex did not show up.
- Well, where is this intriguer ?! Jack exclaimed, leaning back on the bench.
He looked around him, but he did not find his girlfriend. There are only empty clean benches around, concrete covered with the roof surface and trees of the native estate. Above his head was a clear, cloudless sky. Everywhere harmony and pacification, and Alex was not as evil. But Jack was not angry at all because of this. I grumbled, only because nothing else could get into my head.
"I do not understand her." I do not understand. Such a day. Yes, she loves these days here. And where is she! Already ten, and she′s gone. And here we sit like two boobies, almost an hour already. What to do?
- Surrender? - Al advised. "You can not win anyway." After 2 moves, mat.
- Oh, well, okay! Tired of these chess! Get them back!
He got up, walked across the roof and looked down at the iron fence. And then he just leaned on that partition and looked at Ella who was collecting chess.
"Tell me, El, how it works," he said. "I have a queen, a horse elephant, two rooks and a pile of pawns." You have very few pawns, a rook, an officer and a horse. And you win. Why?
"Ah, Jack, is it really the case in the figures?" Al smiled at his friend. "I occupy the cells that are tactically important to me and hold them." And when the right moment comes, I′ll put a death blow to you. I have already thoroughly studied the style of your game and think ten steps ahead - a trifling matter.
"Well, El head!" Said Jack, delighted.
He looked down again and noted to himself - how good that he was now not afraid of heights. I went to a friend and asked:
- Listen, can I improve my technique?
Unfortunately, he still did not know how to improve his game - behind him there was a mocking, mischievous voice:
- Well, what chess players ?! Are you not going to run yet ?!

After a brief welcome, where Al just smiled, and Jack just joked in response, something like: "Is it possible to escape from you at all?" There was a few minutes of silence. Nobody said anything. Neither Alex, nor Jack, nor Al.
"And why did we finally meet here?" - Jack breathed out, finally, tired of a long and incomprehensible waiting.
"And what is this book you have, Alex?" - asked Al, drawing attention to the fact that her friend pressed a book in a brown cover to a medium-sized chest. "You want to read it to us, do not you?"
Alex′s eyes were shining, and a smile seemed to stick to his face forever.
- Guys. Children. This is not just a book. It′s SUPERBOOK, "she whispered enthusiastically and gently stroking her companion on the cover. - You now will understand everything yourself.
Taking from the guys the word of honor that they will not open the book, read, or ask about its contents, Alex handed it to Ella. "The questions are all after, good. Just look at its name and give it to me, "she said.
"The story of the Stendery Family," El read, a large, sweeping golden inscription on the cover.
"Under the editorship, Alex McGuffer and Alekors Skrunt," Jack read the gold inscriptions below. They were smaller, arranged in three lines and each was made by its own style.
Then everything cleared up.

Al and Jack at the same time remembered Alex′s first visit to the Case. The way she got to know Alekorsa. The eyes of the second were simply radiant with joy and the smile did not leave her face, but the first could not understand anything. "We will make friends !. Just make friends! "- exclaimed Alekorsa shaking her hand. As then Alex whispered to Ella, the secretary made the most repellent impression on her. "She′s some kind of crazy, your Alekers! - Honestly confessed to Alex. "A real fanatic!"
In less than three days, she regretted her words. So many topics for conversation, so much joint fun, so many inventions were born in these bright heads - do not count. On the second day Alexa led Alex for 3 consecutive festivals, took 7 consecutive breaks for her, provided her with a very rare device from her secret and stayed with her all night without sleep, in the kitchen. I spent a lot of time and energy on her, but then Alex at every corner was ready to scream her name. As for the tiny ice-boat that grew between them, it collapsed on the first day, when Alekorsa wrapped Alex′s beads around the neck of a variety of stones. "Alex, baby, I collected them myself! To the day of our meeting you give! "- she said proudly. Alex watched with the greatest astonishment every bead, which was nothing like the previous one, and then just hugged Alölors.
Recently, Alex very often began to disappear in the suitcase. And it was with Alekorsa. The girls took hold of the pens, laughed gaily and shouted goodbye: "Do not look for us!", Disappeared. These numbers lasted for three weeks already and Al and Jack even started betting on what they were cooking there. Al insisted that it would be a series of some adventures in the suitcase. Jack, on the contrary, was inclined to the fact that this would be a series of adventures on Earth. Nobody guessed right. It was a medium-sized book in a brown cover, titled: The History of the Stendery Family.

- This is the story of our family. From the very first days, on Soltreksa - to the present day, - Alex proudly introduced.
She sat down on the bench opposite the Ella and Jack shops. She opened the book and asked how to clarify. In fact, the question has already been resolved, but the last formalities had to be observed:
- Now, I, I read to you. Are you ready for this, boys?
"I′m ready," Al replied with joy. "I′ll be willing to listen to you."
"Ready," Jack replied with a smile and leaned back in his seat.
In fact, he did not want it as much as Al. I expected that the reading would be incredibly boring. Alex knew this, but then ignored it.
I started reading:
"There was a war on Saltrex." She went for a very long time. Infinite, bloody, senseless - the planet Soltreks did not know a single quiet day since her birth - she did not even expect that the first lines would go so easily. Inspired by herself, Alex continued. - The main goal of bandits of all stripes and local residents was the White Citadel - a stronghold of knowledge and resources of the planet. The citadel was guarded by the best forces of the planet - the Guardian Salt. And in the main hall of the white fortress of the White Citadel sat the chief guardian, Lord Elixicon. He guarded the main treasure of the planet ...

After five hours of reading from which Alex was not at all tired, she finished:
... and on October 10, 1976, Alex asked friends to gather on the roof of the house, introduced the work of several months of her life - the book she began to write with Alekorsa Skrunt "History of the Stendery family. From 12 o′clock and up to 5 yesterday, until the very first twilight, she read-read and read, to her friends sitting on the opposite bench. I read until I heard the applause.
Alex stopped, but did not hear any applause. She looked up and saw the enthusiastic faces of Jack and Ella. They were so shocked by the readings that they did not notice how Alex put the finishing touches.
"Applause," Alex repeated the last sentence, quietly and very embarrassed. I hoped that the friends themselves will guess.
But the applause still took place. Like two living figures, Al and Jack threw up their hands and began to clap their hands. Louder and louder. And smiles glittered on their faces. Soon they already applauded as insane. Forgetting everything in the world. Rejoicing like children. Alex was instantly warmed by this. She bowed and thanked. She blushed deeply. She asked the guys to stop. But Stendery did not hear her. There were so many feelings that it was just necessary to put them somewhere. And applause lasted for five minutes.
Al and Jack received a brown book from the writer′s hands with permission to flip through and ask about anything that interests them.
Jack did not particularly go into this book, and immediately returned to Alex. He gently placed her near him, took her by the hand and kept asking why she had decided on such a grandiose work - this is because the work is unthinkable. On which Alex blushed, looked away, answered something like: "Yes, I just wanted to" and sincerely wished that Jack stopped asking these stupid questions.
But El paid much attention to the book. And his questions were, all on business. First of all, he drew attention to the fact that the book was written in a very refined literary language and, at once, it is evident - with great love. Al praised Alex with all his heart and waited until the blush of embarrassment fell from her cheeks, asked:
- And who of you works on the style of this book?
"Yes, to be honest, we work together," Alex answered, and was embarrassed again. But then she took herself in hand and informed me with pride. "Sometimes she, sometimes me." You know, Alekersa has read a lot of books and I thought she would edit and correct and instruct me, and then how she took it ... she did not even believe that she could do it. Alekorsa told me that I am very gifted.
"That′s right," Al nodded and smiled and held out his hand to shake.
After the handshake took place, Al for some reason asked about the error:
"You do not make mistakes either, do you?" Grammar, spelling, or any other. You′re an excellent student at school, yes Alex! Everything is perfect here!
"Alas, no," Alex sighed sadly. - Al, I have a spelling in school with a minus sign. I sometimes make mistakes. Sometimes teachers simply do not notice them, but here is Alekors ... uh, we would have such a teacher in school. You just do not believe how much she clings to them. Find, laugh at you straggly and then lecture for half an hour reads about how to properly write and how unpardonable blot in our important business. But its very, very difficult to catch on the error. I just climbed out of the skin, 4 days in a row. I found a small inaccuracy in describing the events, and she - you imagine, sniffed tiredly and asked: "Oh, so what. I was not there, after all. This is your adventure. " And all the conversation is over. Imagine this!
"Do not be angry with her," El comforted. "She was alone for a long time." Besides, you understand how enviable she is there in the Suitcases - she′s just watching.
"Nooo, I′m not angry," Alex said, with a smile. - Alekorsa Skrunt - my best friend! I love her! I′m proud of it! But he gets angry - never! Even on trifles!
Alex laughed loudly, heartily glad that she had spent her best friend.

Jack joined Ella and they both listened with rapture to the "Stendery Family Story". And praised her. Jack found that the handwriting to which the book is written is very beautiful, legible and with all sorts of scribbles. Then you want to know whose it is Alex, or Alekorsy (he did not know how to write his girlfriend to his shame). Alex, laughing cheerfully, confessed that they have a very similar handwriting with Alekorsa, but she does not know how to make such beautiful pretzels. Alekorsa herself paints them over each letter.
Al found from the third to the tenth page, the biography of two of its creators. There were photographs and basic dates and paintings - everything was done in two columns. Al carefully read about Sartaras, and Jack at the same time about the shelter. But the biography is over. The columns are united in one common paragraph: "And so the decision was made. Alekors and Alex united. They observed and celebrated the most interesting events of the Stendery family, consulted and wrote together. Alekersa watched and recorded - Alex evaluated her work and made adjustments. Sometimes it was the other way around, in the interests of truth, of course. Two young, beautiful, fair-haired women worked on this book with excitement, inspiration, love .... And work to this day. " Next came the general line: "For all our readers!" From Alekorsy: "Be lucky! Love and be loved! "From Alex:" I wish you happiness, work for the soul and success in all endeavors! ".
The Stendery brothers looked inquiringly at Alex.
"Is this the end?" Al asked.
"Is there nothing else to write here?" Jack asked more specifically.
- No, guys, do you need anything else? Alex asked, smiling. - It seems that everything is clear. No, of course you can add something, but why? In my opinion, this is just an unnecessary work. I′m in the book. Alekors too. There′s a lot more about us told. And we will appear again ... in the course of the action ... I think so.

Not only was the book insanely fascinating, it contained a lot of facts that neither Jack nor El knew.
From the first to the third page there was a table of contents. And there were already 20 chapters written. The story itself began with 11 pages, and on 1005 the dictionary was noted. Al and Jack opened it and there was an accessible language explained everything about the salt, about the suitcase, arbillium boards, amulets, laser swords and stuff. Yes, and in alphabetical order.
- And how many pages in this book? Jack asked.
"Honestly, I do not know," Alex answered. - Now it turned out 2000. But you can not tell by the way, yes. This is something like an accounting notebook Alekorsy. They give such things to their service. And these are generally rare. Not only are they endless, they are also communicating. There are only two of them: one for Alekors, another for you.
- Infinite? Al asked, tearing himself away from reading.
"I do not know." Alex shrugged. "And Alekors too." And she doubts this very much. But she said that 1 million pages she can easily accommodate.
"It means writing together," Jack said, feeling. "One writes, another writes it down?" Corrects errors? Dorisovyvaet zakoryuchki?
"Aha," she nodded happily. "You know how convenient it is." I′m lazy, for example, and I do not write anything, but Alekersa is on the watch and sees everything. Or I have some fresh adventure - I′ll write it down once. Or I remember one interesting fact, I take a special pen, the lines move apart and ... it′s already in its place. Jack, that′s very interesting and I ... I just ... I feel right in my place. It′s just awesome! I like it so much that I will never give it up!
I thought that Jack was going to make a dispute and prepared to defend himself:
"Jack, think for yourself!" - she exclaimed. - With us there is so much interesting. Such adventures. Our children are born - they will read what parents were like when they were young. Yes, we ourselves will be pleased in 10 years to remember everything.
However, Jack did not argue with her. He got up from the bench and embraced his girlfriend, gently caressed the head. "Writer you are mine!" - he said, delighted.
"You are now our historian, are not you?" Al asked.
Alex, who in the arms of Jack smiled very embarrassed (still did not expect this), only she found the answer:
- Yes. And it′s very nice.

Chapter 20. Decision of Jack and Alex.
Despite the words that once spoke, Jack was not a particularly successful student and did not stay long in the library. Once a month, sometimes more, he appeared there, opened some scientific books, encyclopedias and dictionaries, but after about two hours he gave up exactly and chose a book, simpler, disappeared until his next arrival. He was not very interested in galaxies, parallel worlds, aliens and magical artifacts, but very much liked Isaac Aizimov, Stephen King, Mikhail Bulgakov, Joan Rowling and Nick Pirumov. Jack was simply delighted that through Ell′s library he could read those books that had not yet been written.
But Alex took the matter very seriously. And in her face, Al received a very diligent and grateful student. She was a regular at his library. And of course she also loved the schoolboy, science fiction, detective stories, fantasy and so on, but she took the lion′s share of her time precisely in the study of various sciences. She was interested in aliens from other worlds; she was interested in ancient and very few known artifacts; she was interested in parallel worlds and how many of them, as well as the total number of planets in the universe, how they come into the world, how to explain the fact that some people have life, but others do not, how many planets in the solar system and stuff. She swallowed these books with booze and sometimes fell asleep in the library with books in an embrace. Her thirst for knowledge was inexhaustible. She asked Ella a thousand questions and did not have time to answer them, as she asked him a thousand questions. Several times she missed the school because of this and Ella had to settle with the school. Several times Ella had to pull her out of the library by force, or to put trays of food in front of her and feed her with a spoon to eat and read at the same time. Several times he used her biotocs and plunged into sleep, so that the brain could rest from the information storm. 7 times so El carried the sleeping Alex to the suitcase, so that she could sleep there by nobody and not disturbed for several days in a row.
Alex also studied earth science. She was interested in a lot and even a lot to express in words. She studied chemistry, she studied physics, geography and botany. I seriously took three foreign languages (German, Russian, French) and in 3 days I could say a few broken phrases in each of the languages. She refused fundamentally from hypnosis. El could not get enough of her, and Alex came in utter despondency, the more she recognized.

On the one hand, it was certainly fascinating to sit in Ella′s spacious light library and study the sciences that developed her brain, gave great food for the mind and could really come in handy in life, but on the other hand, in her native (and once-beloved) school they spoke quite the opposite . There, for example, it was said that the Soviet Union would sooner or later attack the United States and each of the Americans should prepare for a possible nuclear attack that the 2nd World War was won only thanks to the Americans and the Russians in general are all the uncouth boobs and only envy them can. From reliable sources, Alex knew that the USSR had never intended to attack the US and now they were not interested in them at all - the country was closed to everything and was only engaged in its own life; 2 World War was won solely because of the fearlessness and courage of Russian soldiers; the Russians themselves were a great and invincible nation that did not want to quarrel with anyone. Teachers′ speeches disheartened her and even made her angry at times. And a couple of times she could not resist, jumped up and climbed into the argument. For which she paid quite cruelly. Teachers wrote plaintive notes addressed to her current guardian Ell Stenderery (what he laughed at, sent them to trash, or to his collection, and generally allowed Alex not to bring him anything), put Alex deuces, and students rovestniki awarded her a series of nicknames from "Outcasts-upstarts" to "The Professor herself". Friends and good acquaintances after that significantly decreased, and not in them actually was the case. Above her laughed, poked at her with fingers, she began to shy away like she was leper. Nobody believed that a girl who had just turned 17 could have such tremendous knowledge. Alex McGuire either moved with the mind; or was a victim of a religious sect, where she was told that she was the best; or she began to take drugs from which she was so "carried"; or she hated all her life all her life, but now she was overwhelmed and she began to move on to those who were nearby, striking the latter with an abundance of unknown, as well as unprovable, facts. All this was extremely unpleasant and who wanted to be friends with such a girl?
Alex deliberately closed herself in her room and buried her nose in the pillow, roaring with grief. Or flew to the suitcase, told everything to Alakrorse, cried on her shoulder and asked for advice. There was only one advice: "Be patient and do not become depressed. Everything will be alright". With friends, Alex tried to be smiling and cheerful, but every day it got worse and worse.
And then one day she confessed everything:
"Al, I can not do this anymore!" I′m sick of!
- Tired - rest. Why suffer.
This statement was addressed to a huge illustrated book, which Alex studied for 3 hours in a row. It was a geographical atlas of settlements of ancient people for 10 thousand years before our era.
Alex immediately listened to the advice and closed the atlas. And pushed her away from me.
"Actually, I think to take a break," she said, looking at the book. - It′s all certainly interesting, but I can not even share my knowledge with anyone. I understand that here in your library I can learn something that our teachers did not even dream about, but what I will do with this knowledge is incomprehensible. Al, honestly, I do not know. I′m tired. Can I rest until I learn anything new?
"I think it′s high time you took a break," Al said with a calm smile.
They were sitting side by side, and between them there was a confidential conversation:
"Al, I do not want to go to school anymore."
- Do not want to, so do not go. Leave one day, or a few days. I will cast a spell on your teachers, if necessary. If you want to….
- Yes, they will be glad to get rid of me. Al, I′m not talking about that. I do not want to go there any more. Take me away from school, ah. I do not want to run away from them, like some desperate, or ungrateful. Al, you can come there and say that you′re taking me to your private school ... or transferring to another place ... whatever, you can think of, I know. And to all of us from this the uttermost benefit. Just imagine. I will live and study right here; you will be firmly sure that nothing will happen to me; in my heart there will be utter tranquility; Jack will no longer say goodbye to me at 7 am and go to meet at 2 pm; teachers will be happy that they have got rid of me - all around the benefit. Come on, Al, please. I suffocate in that school, I′m cramped there, like in a shirt 10 sizes smaller. I want to be with you and only with you.
She asked for the first time. She looked pleadingly at Ella, her blue eyes. And even on his knees before him he wanted to get up, but he pulled her away:
"My little girl," he said softly. "I′ll figure out how to help you."
From his lips it sounded like "Yes, I have already decided everything. You will live and study here. I′m taking you out of school in the coming days. " Alex was very happy to hear such words.

Al appeared in school Alex on December 10th. Frosty and snowy day, counted 1 month and 15 days from the moment of their conversation. As always he was superfluous.
Alex hurried to a new lesson in the crowd of other schoolchildren, like on any other day. Behind her shoulders hung her backpack, she wore a strict school uniform (a checkered knee-length skirt and a white lace blouse), there was an onyx lump on her neck, and there were a lot of different thoughts in my head. In particular, she thought that she had two more lessons, and she wanted to go home. But suddenly everything changed. Someone′s hand grabbed her hand and dragged her into an empty classroom. It was so fast that Alex did not have time to get scared. She did not scream, she did not. Only a string of very different thoughts: from the maniac raping schoolgirls - to the enemies who wanted to beat her. But then she saw His gentle, smiling brown eyes and warmth immediately on the soul. He took her hand, gently stroked her hair and kissed her cheek. It became even better. Fatigue as a hand took off. She was smiling, too. Before her stood Al Stenderery.
"Do not worry about anything," he said. - Nobody will enter here. And you will have time for your lesson. We can speak freely.
- Uuuffff! Said Alex. "It′s good that you came to Al." You are my salvation.
- Are you very tired?
- And how. I′m like a fish in a frying pan. Still alive fish, which is torn into the water, and she was thrown on hot metal and still angry why she does not fry along with the rest.
- An interesting metaphor.
"We just had a home economics lesson." A special lesson for girls, you know. It seems like a preparatory course for future housewives. It was necessary to cook mashed potatoes with fish. So little that I managed the fastest of all and did not listen to anyone′s advice, I′m more appetizing and beautiful than the others left. Everyone wanted to try (I saw), but no one dared. They said, God knows what she did not do - we′ll poison ourselves. The teacher generally looked at me like a mentally ill person. By the way, I advised you to go to the doctors. Said, check the head. Either I′m a phenomenon, or I′m crazy. She does not know - let the doctors sort it out. She wants this paper. Probably next time, really make you be surveyed.
"Do not worry, he will not." And you will not need any doctors. Today all your suffering will end. I came for you.
Alex′s eyes widened, a smile shone on his face, and a gleeful cry came out of his throat. At that moment she really looked like a crazy woman: she jumped on Ella, nearly knocked him on the floor, threw her legs on her back, clasped her neck and kissed her, kissed him in the face like an obsessive. Repeated only two words, between kisses:
- Take it! True? However, will you take it? Will you take it? True!
"Dear, beloved, calm down, please," said Al, carefully uncoupling her legs and arms and dropping her friend to the floor. - Let′s talk.
"In principle, I′m ready now," he said, seating Alex in a chair and sitting himself opposite. "But I really want to look at one such lesson." Please, Alex.
Her face became sour:
"Al, why do you need this?" It′s terribly boring!
"Alex, I′ve heard so much, but I′ve never seen one." I′m interested.
"Al, yes, I′ll write about it in our history." So many stories will be: funny, touching, sad. And there will be the most joyful story - about how you came for me and finally took from this captivity. You will read about everything.
"Alex, you understand me." To read the story is one thing, to see it with your own eyes is quite another. I want to see it with my own eyes. And then we′ll leave, as agreed. And you will go to Ella Stenderery′s private school, which is in our house.
Alex was silent. It was clear how she did not want it.
"Alex, this is just curiosity." Nothing more. I′m not deprived of it, remember.
Alex was silent. But now she had already removed her leg from her leg, the lock from her hands had opened and her lips were touched by a slight smile.
"Alex, you do not owe me anything." Say: yes or no. Go to the lesson, or go to the director for your documents. I′ll survive if I do not see your performance.
Alex put a hand on his shoulder, the second - ran into his hair, gently touched his lips and gave an easy kiss. Her eyes were shining
- I say yes. There will be a speech. In the end, it can be fun. And my story will only benefit from this. Let′s go to the lesson.
At the door she turned and said:
"Only for your sake, Al!" I love you! And I now have such a good mood!

Alex took her place at the school desk, and Al turned into an invisible and stood near the wall. A minute after their appearance, the noise in the classroom was silent, and the children settled in their seats. The bell rang, the teacher entered the classroom and the lesson began.
It was a history lesson where an important stern woman in a business skirt, jacket and glasses, guided the map and explained how scanty and miserable these barbarian Indian tribes lived here (in what was then America′s territory), which destroyed each other in constant inter-war wars. She told how the colonizers and the first preachers came to these lands like a torrential rain on a hot desert. But the rude barbarians did not want to listen to them - they did not listen to anyone except their own pagan gods. A war broke out and the teacher said that this war can be called another war for faith. Then she explained how the captured Indians, noble white people tried to "domesticate" and convert to civilized people, but they all died out because they were too stubborn, proud and barbarian can not become a cultural person at all.
The teacher explained the material easily and fervently. It was felt how proud she was of her civilization and that she was a "white man." The children listened to her opening their mouths and only on the face of Alex McGuffer was anguish. At first she did not pay attention. Then it started to annoy. Then she was angry.
"Miss McGuffer," she said sternly. - Am I saying something wrong ?!
"No, no, please continue," Alex said from the spot, as if she′d given permission.
"Miss McGuffer, get up, now!" - the teacher screamed, and looking at her disciple, she sank back into the chair.
Alex jumped up as if scalded, and lowered her eyes guiltily, as if she immediately pleaded guilty. All the students in the classroom were already looking at her, and she just did not want to look anywhere. An old song started, which Alex could not stand.
"Kindly look straight!" - the teacher once again shouted. "Look at me, at least!" I′m your teacher, I demand respect from you!
Having established visual contact with the student, she asked more peacefully and mockingly.
- Do you have any other point of view, and Alex ?! Can you tell us something new about the development of America, or about the life of the indigenous inhabitants of this continent, eh?
"No," Alex shook her head. "I did not want anything." Sorry. I did not mean to ruin your lesson. Sorry again.
Alex wanted to sit down, but she was pulled out to speak:
"Come on, Alex, come on!" - smiling, the teacher teased. "Defeat us with your knowledge!" Surprise us!
And behind her they shouted: "Znayka-zaznayka!", "To myself a professor!"
"Do not," Alex asked the teacher. - Do not.
"Alex, I insist," the teacher said. "I really want to hear your witty answers."
She held out a pointer.
Alex took it and went to the map. She gathered all her courage and smiled. And the ancient sites of the Indigenous people of the Continent began to be called. She told me about the gods. She told me about the rituals. She told about the amazing achievements of the civilization that no one has ever learned, because they were destroyed by "noble white people". Alex did not say a word about how the white people of the barbarians were guided to the true path, but she talked about the ancient wedding ceremony that existed among the Indians for hundreds of years and was passed from mouth to mouth as an invaluable relic.
The pupils, as well as the teacher herself, listened to Alex, opening her mouth. Nobody said anything. No one laughed. It seemed that no one was breathing, so bright and exciting was the story of Alex. They seemed to have been transported for a few minutes in that era.
She told Alex about ten minutes, and then remained silent for another three minutes. The teacher could not come to her senses. In my head there were countless questions: from "How does she know all this?" To "This bastard, what is tearing at my place?". The disciples were worse. Besides their open mouths, they also had square eyes. Their ancestors are barbarians? They could not do anything? Did they fight? Yes, after the lecture Alex, they need to put monuments here!
Hardly resisting their excitement, the teacher took off her glasses, rubbed them and again dressed. She went to Alex, put her arms around her shoulders, and loudly said to the whole class:
- Girl-dreamer! Imagination played out! Nothing will pass! But my advice to you is Alex, start living in a real world already - you are already 17 years old!
There was a deafening burst of laughter. And he was the best confirmation of the words of the teacher. And the best way out of the situation. Alex was pointing with his fingers, laughing and shouting "Upstart!", "Itself is a professor!" This could not but upset Alex, and she lowered her head.
"Go to your place, McGuffer," the teacher said, peace-loving and still chuckling. - I like your story, I′ll tell you truth, but it′s all your fantasies. This was not and could not be.
"You will not get marks for your report, Alex," she said, as the girl sat down at her desk. - Neither bad nor good. Let this be your lesson. Alex, please, please, that no one likes upstarts and zaznak. It′s very bad when you put yourself above everyone else. Learn how everything, answer like everyone else and do not try to show everyone that you are better than others - we will both love and respect you, but no ... (bitterly grinned) ... Alex, why do you need all this ?! School, we are all - why? Probably, terribly annoying! You, Alex need the same as you search, but you will remain alone, because there are no more such impossible zaznak, how do you put yourself trying ....
She could have talked for a long time, but her call was interrupted by a call from the lesson. The disciples began to gather joyfully.
"Miss Alex McGuffer," she said in an important business tone. "Please stay." There is a conversation for you.
But she could not begin her conversation either. As soon as they were left alone, the door flew open, and on the threshold appeared joyful El Stenderi:
- Hello! Alex, I can take it! I have an important conversation for her!

The teacher was very surprised to see a young man in front of him, who, if not fit for her sons, was certainly qualified for the role of younger brother. He was practically a one-year-old Alex McGuffer:
"Excuse me, but with whom do I have the honor ?!" The teacher asked. "And on what right ...?"
"El Stenderery," the young man introduced himself, bowed gracefully and immediately shook her hand. "I′m the guardian of Alex McGuffer and ... her family." Yes, right?
El looked at Alex, interrogatively. Alex smiled and immediately left the teacher, went to her guardian, took his hand and looked at the teacher, nodded.
- Yes! Al is my family! My best family! And I love him very much!
The teacher seriously thought. She saw that her student was not lying, and the more doubts were there of who this young, uninhibited and contented youth was. What did he do? Like in memory, something popped up. The rich man with Beverly Hills, the heir of a huge fortune, the cousin of Jack Stenderery, who became famous after the ruby story, are both policemen. This liked to gossip about, the whole school, but since she did not particularly like to gossip, she always heard scraps of conversation. But now I saw him alive. And very confused.
"Well, I understand ... I understand." She hesitated. "I believe ... of course, you are a guardian ... I understand this .... El Stenderery ... that very ... of course."
"Well, we′ll go," Al said, and smiled at the teacher. - We still have business today, together with Alex.
"Please stay," the teacher asked. "I wanted to take it out to the teacher′s council after the lesson today, but ... you′re the guardian, here ... it′s better."
She pulled out a chair and put it in front of her desk. She asked Ella to sit down. Then she went to the door and took out a key, intending to close it, but remembered Alex.
"Alex, you can wait outside if you want."
"Maybe I′m here," Alex asked.
- As you wish, - the teacher answered and turned the key in the lock.
"Mr. Stenderery," she said, turning to Ella. - I just had a last lesson and no one will bother us. Let′s do something like a class meeting. Do you mind? About your girl. I really need your advice about it. Help me, okay?
Al nodded. The teacher went to the far end of the class, opened a small locker and took out an electric coffee maker.
"Would you like some coffee, Mr. Al?" She asked, playfully, pouring the ground black coffee into the water. - I just have a second cup,
"Thank you, but no," Al replied. "You drink, but I do not want to."
The teacher turned on the coffee machine and went to her desk. I sat down next to Ell and smiled wearily.
"Let′s get acquainted, Al," she said in a friendly tone. "My name is Martha Debrush, History Teacher." I have been working in this school for 16 years. In the past she graduated from Los Angeles University, History Department. I have a graduation diploma with distinction, three gold medals and a doctoral work - alas, never finished. No, of course, I could go and teach there, but pedagogy took over me. And here, besides teaching, I also deal with issues of education.
"About Alex, my question is very serious," she said. - And just about her behavior.
Slightly weakened the tone and said to Ella in confidence:
"Mr. Stendery, I do not want to offend your Alex." She is a very capable girl. Very talented. Very gifted girl, But what she says recently ... this ... this ... as if she was replaced.
And she began to complain:
"It gives out so much new information that it′s incredible!" She points out to us (teachers) the supposed "gaps" in our education and the "gaps" in the entire education system. As if she had already obtained a professorship somewhere, and we are like clowns in front of her, not teachers with solid pedagogical experience (she heavily sobbed).
She got up from her chair and went to turn off her coffee pot before she went a long way (to the other end of the class) and whispered to Ella in her ear: "Teachers are afraid of her!"
"She was so unruly ... your girl ...", the teacher said, sobbing and pouring herself a cup of coffee. - She suggests changing both teaching methods and the education system itself.
"I never said that!" Alex shouted, in her own defense, angrily.
"I did not say," the teacher nodded, returning with a cup of hot drink at her desk. "But you always thought so." And do not argue with me, young miss. I have many times more experience than you and I′ve seen people ... all sorts of things.
She took a sip and smiled.
"Girl, my, you are so proud!" You have a terrible pride! You become simply impossible sometimes and nobody ... ANYBODY, next to you it will not be good.
Alex immediately became pink with shame, then red with anger, then crimson with rage and throttling words. Al looked at her affectionately, smiled, sent some invisible sign, and Alex instantly cooled down. And all those unpleasant words that she was ready to throw in the face of Martha Debrush, never broke off her tongue.
The teacher, who perfectly well felt, looked at Ell with sincere respect (which man - she did not dare open in his presence!) And sipped her new portion of her coffee.
Deliviously, she pulled four folded papers from the inside pocket of her jacket, turned it in her hands and gave it to Ella.
"Pay attention, Mr. Al," she said, putting the cup on the table and folding her hands, as if for prayer. - There′s not only my signature, 5 more teachers besides me. And you understand correctly ... she′s good, and we all love her very much ... but what happened to her suddenly ?! ... what happened?! ... she had many friends and excellent grades ... she was respected by the teacher ... and now ?! ....
She looked at Alex, in person:
"Alex, do you like that yourself?" You used to have friends with a whole car, but now who has stayed ?! You used to wear everything here before, but now there are fans ?! Teachers put you as an example to other students, and now - "the professor herself is a bad example for everyone!" Alex, why did you choose such a life for yourself ?!
Alex was very pouted after such questions, Then she muttered:
- I like my life! Few fans - what of it ?! I appreciate those that have stayed!
- Oh my God! - groaned Marta. "I do not know how to help her!" She′s my student and I do not know how to help her!
She covered her face with her hands and quietly cried, And her head was so low over the table that she almost buried herself in a cup of coffee, which immediately stood there. About the drink, she seems to have completely forgotten.
"I do not think you should worry," Al said with a friendly smile. "And your committee does not have to worry either." Alex will no longer study at this school. And all problems will disappear by themselves.
Martha looked at Ella in surprise.
"It′s simple, I′m taking it," Al explained. - She goes to another school, and will study there.
- And where, can I find out?
"This is a private school." Just for such talented kids as Alex. She will have very good conditions there, believe me. There they encourage freedom of judgment, and Alex will be comfortable there. Live, too, will be at school and will live perfectly.
"All the same," the teacher said in the tone of the interested student. - Where is this school, how is it called and who is its director? Is she in Los Angeles, or not? Maybe we′ll want to visit Alex, or write a letter to her, but we will not know the addresses - tell us.
"Martha, this is none of your business," El replied with friendliness, but at the same time, strictly. - The information is secret and there is nothing for you to be interested in. Do other questions.
"Doing other things," Marta repeated slowly and clearly. - Good. This is your business, not mine. I′m not into other people′s business.
On Martha′s face it was evident that she spoke against her will and as if she had entered the trance when El forbade her to ask. Alex immediately made a note in her mind to talk with Ell about hypnosis.
The teacher, as if she had forgotten about the new school and about a serious conversation - she began to talk to herself and began to complain to herself:
- Yes, I just do not understand ... I do not understand ... .gospodi ... .buzhe ... .what with this McGuffer ... I do not know ... .y worked as a schoolteacher for 16 years, but here it is powerless ... she ... she ... .when she knows it all ?! ... I do not understand .... I′m a bad teacher ... Lord, yes ... Martha - you behaved badly and here′s a gift for you on the occasion of your 40th birthday!
Very seriously looked at Ella and asked him directly on the forehead:
"Al, tell me, please, how does she know so much?" Why is she so clever? You helped her with that, right? Thanks to you, she now knows, what I do not know?
Alex was frightened. She realized that the teacher was still conscious and perfectly aware of all that was happening around her. Immediately remembered a few stories about how people became crazy after hypnosis. Then, Alex introduced Martha Debrush, who after such a "meeting" will forever remain a round little fool, and she felt inexpressibly ashamed.
Martha continued:
"You gave her books to read it, did not you?" Those books that not everyone can take in their hands? I feel, it is! You taught her everything! And this school belongs to you! Lord, who are you guys?
Alex was really scared. She took Ella by the sleeve and looked seriously into his eyes. "No," she said to him only with her eyes. - Do not do anything. Now, stop it. " Al smiled at Alex and shrugged. "I can not help it," he said, very quietly. - She has a good intuition. And now the moment of revelation for her. "
The revelation of Martha reached its peak, and she said neither Ella nor Alex, but simply thinking out loud:
"We′ll send you both for the examination!" So it will be more true! If you need to be isolated, let them isolate you! Stenderi and McGuffer ... but I already had such an idea ... suddenly they are dangerous crazy, and we do not know anything about it ...
Al took the teacher Alex by the arm and looked seriously into her eyes:
"Martha, you are crossing the limits of what is permissible!" Stop it, immediately!
Marta immediately froze in place, her gaze became empty and detached. Like a wax statue, or a mannequin in a shop:
- In your class and at your school there is no student Alex McGuffer. Once upon a time there was such, but now - no. Alex McGuffer was a very gifted girl and liked everything here, but she died. She died 2 years ago, and she is still remembered in these walls. And now you are overwhelmed by memories. Martha Debrush you remember this girl and long for that she is no longer with you. A tragic accident that you remember very well, like it was yesterday. Now you are closed in your office and do not hesitate to express your feelings. Another 10 minutes you will miss, nothing around you without noticing. Then it will become easier. In 15 minutes you will leave this office and after leaving all affairs will leave home. You will sleep until evening, but then the mood will be excellent. The next day everything will turn out, and it will be one of your best days.
El rose from his chair with the air of a man who had finished the job. Alex stood with him. And she looked at her friend very severely.
"Al, what are you doing?" How can you ... such ... ?! She′s ... !!!
- Quiet! Al snapped at her and put a finger to his lips. - A man′s grief!
And as if at the command of Marta, Debrush burst into flammable tears and burst out into a roar:
Alex, who was still alive, but who had just been literally buried in front of her, twisted with disgust:
"Al, how disgusting!" How disgusting! You are my friend, but ... sometimes ... .so! Al sometimes you are very cruel ... .well, very much !!! Just look ... this ... it′s ... so humiliating !!!
"Believe me, it was not possible in another way!" After we talk and you will understand, I think so!
Martha Debrush roared with might and main, hiccupping every minute, praising Alex in every way and blaming the villain-death for her unexpected blows. Apparently, Alex in her memory died of some sudden illness, for example, from a hemorrhage to the brain.
She did not see or hear anything, before she was heartbroken. She could not even rest for a short time and realize that Alex McGuffer is the cause of her tears, very close - she is alive and she is very angry at her friend Ella and on the cry-tutor.
Al - the main instigator of all this disgrace was very calm.
"Alex, if you want, take a look around, because you will not see more of this class," he said. "If you want, let′s go to school." Do you want it?
- I do not want! Alex answered angrily. - Everything here is disgusting!
"In that case," Al said with a smile on his face. "Get out of school!"
He gently took Alex′s arm, and the next moment everything turned in her eyes, the light faded. For a brief moment, Alex thought she was fainting, but she did not even have time to get scared - the light again filled her eyes, and everything was in order. However, no - Alex was in her warm green coat, boots, on her head was a beloved white beret, and the school was ten meters away from her. Al stood beside him and smiled.
"Let′s go for a walk," he said, and held out his hand.

Alex was silent and frowned, and Al smiled and said:
- First of all, let′s start with the simplest and most understandable things. We did not go to the director because the conversation there would have been exactly the same (or worse). At the moment, you are excluded from the lists of the school, as well as from the memory of all teachers and students. You died 2 years ago. You are still remembered in this school and remembered with great love. As for the formalities - all the documents are in your backpack in a blue folder. Now let′s deal with people. Alex do you have any friends and friends in this school with whom you would like to maintain friendly relations?
Alex frowned and was silent.
"Alex, please, the question is serious." Are there people who still remained your friends and with whom you would like to be friends outside these walls?
- Yes there is! Cried Alex. - Five! Two boys and three girls! They then stayed with me! And I will miss them very much!
"Alex, we are obligatory for them, we′ll think of something." Get me a list today.
Alex pouted even more. She and Ellm walked along the snow-covered street and seemed to shun him. We walked along the brick high-rise buildings. But then they turned the corner and were at the bus stop. It was absolutely deserted. Bus stop and snow-covered shop.
"Let′s sit down," Al suggested. - It is necessary to talk seriously.
- Yes, I will not, I sit down with you! Exclaimed Alex. "All the more so!"
"All right, you can stand!" - retorted Al.
The shop was immediately cleaned of snow, and Al sat down on its edge. Alex also sat down, but on the other side - demonstratively.
"Alex let′s clean," Al said. - This was the best way out of the situation.
Alex instantly jumped to him, destroying the distance, and angrily whispered in the face:
- The best?! The best?! What are you talking about, El Stenderi ?! What did you do with my teacher ?! He buried me in her eyes ?! Brains her zadur! Weep March, rev in full throat, and live Alex will be next to watch and listen ?! Do you think I was pleased? Are you out of your mind, or what? You could not think of anything better! You could not talk to her, like a man with a man ?!
"Alex, SHUT UP immediately - one time!" - Al demanded and coldly ordered. - Press your ass to the bench - two! Listen to what the elders say-three!
Alex this rudeness instantly besieged. She sat down on the bench, even the knob on her knees folded like an exemplary schoolgirl and did not say anything else. She was ready to be torn, from such mockery on the part of her beloved, but she could not. Exactly, she listened intently.
"I do not like being rude," Al admitted, sadly. "But you have to - you can not help it." As with Martha, so with you, now. She was ready to give me a real interrogation with a passion, and you now - to blot out your angry speeches. I understand that you people sometimes become uncontrollable. I understand the reasons for this. But agree, Alex - you′re an intelligent girl - you need someone like you and she′s on time to stop. Otherwise be a trouble.
Delovito pulls from the inside pocket of the jacket the sheet that Martha gave him and asks:
"Do you want to read what she wrote here?"
Alex found the strength to nod and the sheet came to her in his hands:
She read it over and over again. I tried to understand every word there. First, from anger - to prove to Ell that she is well versed in the situation, and then simply from impotence and despair. The sheet was indeed written in a dry official tone, there were a lot of obscure words, and the meaning came to nothing. Alex read it the first time and did not understand anything at all. But she realized that she personally did not foretell that good piece of paper.
After the fifth time, Alex finally realized what was wrong and she sobbed from grief. And then she dropped the piece of paper on her knee and covered her face with her hands and wept bitterly. A lousy story came out, judging by this document, and Al, although he showed rudeness, did everything right. Alex was very ashamed and she was shedding grief. Fortunately, Al did not let her deoxidize. I embraced, pressed to my place and began to calm. He said he was not angry and very much understood his girl.
In Martha′s note, if translated into more or less accessible language, the following was said: "Dear school principal Larnis Royle, I Marta Debrush and six other teachers (signatures below) have long received alarming signals from a student named Alex McGuffer and came to that conclusion , that this student needs immediate help. Alex McGuffer is a wonderful student - open-hearted, charming, has a cheerful character and strong leadership qualities, but with her something disturbing is happening. She does not listen to what the teachers tell her, noticeably reduces her communication with her peers, comes to the lesson with some of her books (which then do not understand where to go), and when she is asked to tell a lesson, she does not answer without any preparation and also falls asleep to his teachers with an abundance of unknown and unprovable facts. From the first glance it was clear that Alex is a very gifted girl, but it goes beyond all boundaries. She may be a child prodigy, but her self-conceit passes all conceivable boundaries. She seems to laugh at her teachers, through her answers. From this it follows that Alex McGuffer probably uses narcotic substances, possibly became a victim of some religious sect (got under the black influence), maybe she just has a nervous breakdown. Teachers are afraid of this student. Dear Larnis Royle, please put an end to this matter. We demand an immediate medical examination for Alex McGuffer with a mandatory visit to a psychiatrist (underlined by two lines). None of us seeks to denigrate this possibly not entirely guilty girl and we agree to continue her education, but let us have medical proofs of her health. "At the bottom of the document there were all six signatures along with the (seventh) signature of Martha.
Al explained this document much easier:
- The question with you was almost solved. Tomorrow or the day after tomorrow the school would have people in white coats. Would call you to honey. Room, for "conversation", or even easier - in the car and straight to the clinic. And I, for some reason, think, they did not even bother with the director because of this paper. Director, I think, was aware of, and gritting his teeth, was ready to send the document where it should. In fact, I stopped them. After the death of Martin McGuffer, you have a new guardian, and all the documents confirming this have appeared. The school knew that I was a rich man from Beverly Hills, I certainly possess authority, besides, a policeman. Your removal from school was illegal and without my knowledge, they had no right to do it. They did not even have the right to inspect you, without my consent. Such an initiative was threatened by God knows what "joys", so my arrival was very useful. The message that I take you from this school forever, in fact, was the best solution to the problem. If your Martha just smiled at me, shook hands with us and wished you happiness and success in a new place, there would be no hypnosis - honestly. If your headmistress afterwards silently handed over the documents to us and did not say anything superfluous-we would leave this school freely and easily, without leaving anything to worry about. But I doubt it, Alex. If Martha had not climbed to the trouble, she probably would have climbed it. Do you know that every person sometimes wants to play detective? Well, to dig yourself to the truth, to expose the villain and then to snatch all the honors and rewards? This is exactly the case and was. Martha did not want to let me go from her office. She had her own, terribly interesting task: to find out from me everything, about your new school and how quickly you are cleverer. In general, it was her mistake. Do you remember how it ended? She saw both of us in straitjackets. I told her that you died and that you remember her brightest. And everyone at school forgot about you. And there are no traces. Only your friends ... nothing, we′ll think up something for them. Alex, you in fact understand that a bright memory and ... you are now a kind of ideal for them ... it′s better than a hospital and a straitjacket?
Alex after these words had to thank Ella, but she behaved inexpressibly rude. Simply disgusting:
- Maybe, you now want me to pass this examination? !!!
- Wow! - Sincerely surprised El. - Yes, I see, you really need it!
Alex immediately clung to his chest and bellowed more than ever:
- Prooestia, forgiveness meenyaaaa, prooostiii Eel, Ellllochkaaaa! I did not want to ... I do not know ... I′m to blame ... I′m so sad now!
"Well, please, do not give me to the hospital!" She asked, calmed down a little. "You know very well that I′m not crazy!"
"You′re not crazy!" Al replied, with a smile. - And if so, then you are among your own! In its place!
Smiled and Alex.
She got up from the bench, and Al also got up.
"It remains to decide what to do with this," he said, picking up a piece of paper that almost fell to the ground. - Or…
- What is there to think about ?! Exclaimed Alex.
She pulled it out of Ell′s hands with the utmost care and tenderness, although with a very great look in her eyes. Then she went to the garbage can (just a couple of steps away) and began to ponder how best it was to tear it up, or what else to think of.
"Fire, please," she said.
That hour the left bottom corner of the document flashed. A small flame grew and filled the entire leaf. Alex was very patient and even cheerful - she shifted a burning piece of paper from one hand to another, raised it both higher and lower, so that the flame spread evenly. Only when the whole leaf blazed in her hand, and not touched the corner where she held, she dropped the burning document into an iron trash can. I watched as he blackened and skukozhivaetsya. And then when the flame went out and went a thin smoke, clapped her hands and said cheerfully: "It′s done! The school is over! "
I noticed that the first snow flakes fell from the sky. Then again and again. Soon there were so many that it was impossible to count. And it was so beautiful that I could not tell.
"Al, this is snowfall!" - Alex happily reported and smiled to the ears. - So great!
She even danced at the place of the beginning, why Al also smiled happily.
"Nothing surprising!" - he said. - Winter! December! Soon Christmas! I hope you managed to make a wish!
- It has already come true! Alex exclaimed joyfully. - It happened!
"And you one more thing," Al said and took her hand. - Time that is.
"Will it come true, too?"
- Of course. Santa gives gifts to all good children, and you are worthy of this gift.
- Oh really?! And you will give a gift, and Santa, and the school is already over! Al, this will be my best Christmas! Christmas is with you!
Al figured something out in his mind:
"It′s your first Christmas in our house, right?"
- Yes! And, I hope, all the following - only with you and only in this house!
"Well, my little girl, let′s go home, or the snow gets worse."
"Daddy, let′s walk, straight to the house."
Al was not at all embarrassed by "Daddy", only a little surprised at this desire:
"On foot, to the house?" Are you sure?
- Yes! What′s wrong with that! Think 15 quarters! Think about an hour or so walking! Al, I already went that way, and now you look around! Winter, beauty, snow falls! We will go and communicate! Out in the open air! Uhuh ... let′s go soon!
"All right, daughter," said Al, with a gay voice. - Forward!
They walked along the street, and the snow still fell from the sky. He did not become less, but on the contrary - it seemed he had no end. They were not embarrassed. They were not embarrassed by the fact that there were very few passers around. They were good and fun. It′s fun and good.

The school was finished and Alex too slowed down. I took myself 4 scientific books for a month and 5 entertaining books, and then, in the last two days of the month, she closed with Ellom in the library, and discussed the reading. Alex was very pleased with this program and Al too - he believed that Alex already did the maximum training program. Naturally continued and flight training Alex, and her adventures in the suitcase, and writing family history Stenderi, and aerobics. She worked in the sweat of the breeze for the sake of money Alex was not required (she had a magic amulet, she had access to the suitcase, she could for her pleasure go to expensive shops, salons and restaurants, and spend there as much as you want, even every day) her weekly "pocket" money - from 10 thousand dollars) - Alex decided to work for another. She needed new acquaintances and impressions. Carefully searching through the Case for the best opportunity in the labor market. And most of all she liked the advertisements of network marketing firms specializing in direct sales. Together with Alekorsa, she reviewed many vacancies and then read many books, on her recommendation. The best company was found in the third week, and Alex immediately applied for participation, especially in Los Angeles, there were three branches of this company. Alex came for an interview, but at first everything went not very smoothly. Adult distributors did not care about it at all, young people (from 25 years old) pointed out to her a code of ethics, and there it was said that partners began to work in the company from 21 years of age. She was only 17 years old, and she did not interest anyone there. At first, Alex was almost disillusioned with the network business (she waited several hours in a row and received 25 fakes), but at the end of the day she still found what she was looking for. An unshaven, middle-aged man with a slightly drunk man with a box in his hands entered the empty office. It was Bill Sankers - the one who gave Alex this opportunity. At first he did not want to listen to Alex, but for some reason began to complain about his lost life. He said that his wife would leave him, that he had no friends now, that he was full of debts, he wanted to earn money here, but now he must return all the goods, since no one buys it. And only after Alex slapped him in two with a slap in the face, he looked at her seriously for the first time. And he said that he would like to have such a mentor. He said that his mentor is now basking in Hawaii and generally spitting on Billy′s loser. Alex began to pour out his soul. She said she really wants to work here, but, probably, not destiny - she is only 17 years old. And after this information, Bill immediately sobered up. Told Alex that you can cooperate with her. It turns out that this nondescript, puny-looking, goggle-eyed man, overgrown with bristles and in a crumpled suit, was aware of the company′s latest news. He outstripped his sponsor in this, "the adult and more experienced distributors and all the youngsters who treated Alex as a bad student. He knew that a distributor of a company of any rank could take a student, or a student, if he or she was 17 years old. All the relevant documents were found, and Alex became a student on the same day, and Bill Sankers as a teacher. He did not give anything up that evening - the box returned to the car and even more complete than it was (Alex bought the goods for herself). Bill had a hard day - it was necessary to give creditors a car for debts. Alex found out the amount of the debt, and since all the cash was at her fingertips, she bought out the teacher′s freedom. Bill was simply shocked - did not expect that at the thin 17-year-old blonde Alex McGuffer in his purse kept 70 thousand dollars. He asked her for a long time, where did such money come from and whether she stole them. Learning that she is a millionaire from Beverly Hills fell into utter despair. He was deadly drunk when Alex brought him to his house. He slept soundly when she went to write down his name and rolled the car into the garage. Bill was sleeping on the third floor in Alex′s room, and she herself was in Jack′s room. But in the morning she cheated - lay down next to Bill, as if they were sleeping at night together. Bill was very frightened when he opened his eyes. He did not go to Alex, he just collapsed from the bed. And then for a long time he asked what was between them yesterday. He passed the test and turned out to be a very good and reliable person, but only a little faithful. From the very beginning, he established friendly relations with Alex and this bar never lifted. He was terribly nervous, presenting the product to Alex, and felt himself as if he had been shot; he was shaking with fear when he got acquainted with strangers, worked on the phone and phoned the doors of houses, but he did it, RETURNED through himself, FALLING fear for the sake of his beloved apprentice. At first Alex was terribly persistent, but then she grew cold. Bill came to her house, took out calls and dragged him out into the street saying: "You′re a millionaire, and others are not!" He was awakened by a real leader, and Alex loved it immensely. Bill became her first and real friend in this business. He met Ell and Jack and got along well with both, and she - with the teacher′s wife and very influenced her. Bill′s wife, Sabrina Sankers finally made peace with her husband and became his 2nd line. Alex liked this work more and more, and especially that she so effectively and variously helps people. She had a lot of new acquaintances - distributors alone, more than 60 people, and there were also quite unfamiliar people who called home and thanked her for being there. She fulfilled the marketing plan of the company very quickly. At first there was a plan for the student, and she went through three months. Alex was congratulated personally by the president of the company and included in adult marketing. Exactly a year and Alex figured out with him. She received the title of platinum business lioness in a diamond crown, received a super prize from the president - a certificate of honor, a medal for product promotion and a check for $ 15 million, as well as the opportunity to take an unlimited vacation. Indefinite holidays were provided only for distributors of this category - they went on vacation for any time, could not use the products and they continued to deduct money. But there was a limited amount of money - on vacation she received only $ 6 million, and when she was working she earned 10 and 15 and raised to 20 with her mesh; there were no more benefits in the company, and gradually everyone forgot it. Alex was satisfied with her vacation and she rarely thought about returning to the world of network business. Money was enough and even without such a unique opportunity - really valuable was another. A year passed with a little (and she was already 18), and she acquired a unique experience, had many photos and pleasant memories; there were really true friends who once or twice a month, and even called - they asked how things were, they invited you to visit them, or they asked for another party in the house of Ella, Jack and Alex. And with the money she acted amazingly simple. Since she herself did not need these millions, she divided everything equally and wrote off to orphanages, charitable organizations and improvements to her native city. The orphanage where Alex was brought up received a little more than all other organizations and Alex visited the institution on several occasions. With pleasure she noted what changes there were, blushed terribly when she was praised and hastened to retire quickly when she was shown a memorial plaque: "Alex McGuffer started her life here - the best pupil, benefactor and hope !!!"
Life was beautiful, life was wonderful. The house was crowded with a wide variety of people (who did not even suspect Kulaxis′s robes), Al, Jack and Alex had fun and remembered with laughter those days when he was empty.

In the courtyard was the summer of 1978. Jack and Alex were already 18 years old, and in this regard, one day they invited Ell to the pool.
"Al, we decided to get married," Jack said. "We want to share this news with you."
- Congratulations! said Al, sincerely and joyfully. - Can not wait. I hope they invite me.
He laughed merrily, and Jack and Alex laughed behind him. The joke was good. However, quickly stopping laughing, El froze and waited for what would happen next. I perfectly understood that this was not the only news that they wanted to share with him.
"Not now, Al," Alex said, becoming serious the fastest. - The wedding will take place in 2 years, and maybe earlier. First we want to make an engagement. Since Jack and I did not give each other any oaths, we want to give them.
- Why You Need It?! - Sincerely surprised El. - Everything is very clear! You′re already ready to pair! Without any oaths!
Alex quickly stepped out and did not find anything to say. She froze in one place and would have stood so long if Jack had not helped:
- We want a holiday, Al. Pre-wedding. To have more memories.
Al smiled knowingly and nodded.
Alex said:
"Engagement in a week, Al." We want you there. Moreover, we want you to lead this engagement. Will you help us, please? It will be the best gift before the wedding for both of us!
Al smiled and nodded to them again:
- I′ll be honored! - he said.
Alex and Jack were very happy to hear such a response.

"Next," Alex said. - Since we are already 18 years old, we are of age, and we are ripe - we decided on our first sex! And it will take place right now - right in this pool!
"Well, congratulations!" said Al. - Very happy for you, two! This is a serious step for your relationship!
He shook hands with Alex and Jack and was ready to leave. Already took a step to the side, but ...
He was stopped by the angry exclamation of both young people. Alex and Jack were confused and even frightened. And did not even know what to say.
Between them there was a silence, which could drag on indefinitely, but, fortunately, Al perfectly understood everything and first violated it:
- No, guys, seriously, why do you need me ?! He asked, in surprise. - This is your relationship - your feelings - your sex.
- Al, and it always seemed to me that you always wanted to see the sex of your best friend? said Jack.
"It does not matter if I see it or not." I still know that you are with your girlfriend - and happy! And I, too, will rejoice for you! Al replied simply. Then he whispered in confidence. - Besides, as far as I understand, this is your personal, intimate business and you do not need a third one, who will watch and spoil everything.
- YOU ARE NOT THE THIRD SAMPLE !!! Exclaimed Jack and Alex at the same time.
"Will you watch and spoil everything?" YOU! Al, you listen to yourself, what are you saying! Exclaimed Alex.
"Al, stay, please," Jack said. "You will not spoil anything, but on the contrary, everything will be better if we all are together!"
"Stay, Al," Alex asked. - We are calmer with you. As a moral support. This is still our first time.
Al perfectly understood everything and stayed. He sat down on a chaise longue in front of the pool and said: "Guys, the main thing - relax. Do not worry about the fact that you do not have experience. Just trust your feelings. You in fact love each other. So express your love boldly. "
He sat in his box and watched with a smile, and the couple in love stood by the pool, hesitantly looked at each other and could not begin. Al got patience, hoping that they were about to emerge and begin to express their feelings.
Five minutes passed, and no results. They still stood facing each other, holding hands, smiling, but doing nothing.
- Lord! he sighed. - Yes, undress! What do you look at each other, like the first time ?! Do you want each other, or not ?!
Both Jack and Alex nodded unanimously and began to undress. Jack neatly, but still worried removed his T-shirt and put it on the adjacent chaise lounge with Ellom. In the same manner, he got rid of jeans and panties. Alex saw his chosen one completely naked, at first almost screamed with pleasure. Then she was terribly embarrassed (she had never seen naked boys). And she was embarrassed even more, realizing that now she would be bare before him.
Alex saw her naked body many times. She liked her own naked body, and she even tried to play with herself (although she did not achieve success in this). Sometimes she found a secluded place and took off her clothes. Could half an hour spinning in front of a mirror and touching myself, but then ... before Jack and Ell ... then the sex was coming - the real one ... in general she was very scared. But there was no turning back - she decided to do it herself.
She shivered as she took off her t-shirt and bra. Having opened a beautiful high, well-formed breast of 2.5 size, she tried not to look at the faces of Jack and Ell, added her things to Jack′s things. I lowered my white panties from under my skirt, and, after a moment′s thought, the skirt too. She put it all back on the chaise longue and stood straight in front of Jack at attention.
They stood opposite each other completely naked. Jack with his beautiful athletic body, with almost no hair and a medium-sized member; Alex with beautiful, in shape, and medium, in size, breasts, sports waist and pubis overgrown with blond hair. Looking at her naked and beautiful girlfriend, Jack began to get excited. His cock began to rise. Jack saw this and saw Alex shudder at this "attention" - he became terribly shy and tried to cover it with his hand. He looked away from his friend. Then began to hesitate and Alex. She covered her chest and pubis - she blushed terribly.
Al, from his seat, shook his head and smiled bitterly:
"Well, you guys are afraid of each other!" So after all, we will not succeed!
He approached them, gently took his hands off their bodies and connected Jack and Alex.
"Jack, Alex, you must be braver." Feel free to touch each other′s bodies, have fun, forget fear - liberate yourself. This is the basis - do not be shy of the naked body - your and your partner / partner.
The embarrassment passed quickly. Both Jack and Alex a little bit bolder and stroked each other: Jack gently touched Alex′s chest, and that (just as carefully) - his penis,
El asked:
- Will you do it in the pool?
"Yes, we want the first sex to be in the water," Jack replied. - I read a few books on this topic, and it was said there that the most pleasant way to lose virginity is in the water.
"Just make a smaller depth, Al," Alex asked. - Waist-high. We do not need it above. So that we can stand on the bottom, but not drown.
"As you wish," Al said, and looked at the water.
Jack and Alex also looked there and saw that the bottom, which was at a meter depth, rose exactly half a meter. Alex jumped the first, and Jack also asked: "Only then everything is as it was, okay."
Slopping a little, they began to invite Ella.
"Show us everything!" Support! Come on, Al!
- Well, think yourself, if not you!
"Al, you′ve taken this job, so bring it to the end!"
"We are like children to you, right?" Why do you leave your children at such an important moment ?!
"Only get undressed by Al!" Required! Not a theory, but practice, you understand?
Ella was very easy to undress. Just imagined and already changed. Disappeared and the jacket, and trousers - there was a naked guy, exactly like Jack and with the same member. Leap - he is in the water, next to his friends.
- Do we practice? He said cheerfully.
Alex compared the members of the two boys and found that they were completely identical. In all but one. Jack already stood, and Ella hung limply between his legs.
"I copied Jack in all the details," Al said, guessing Alex′s thoughts. "And even his penis." He′s the same size, color and hair on it as much. "You did not copy it all," Alex said, a little annoyed. "Jack has a long time standing, and you have a sleepy kingdom!"
"Alex, seriously, I′m not excited by your naked body," Al said. - I do not have reflexes. And he does not rise by himself. But if I want, he′ll get up and be like a rock!
Alex looked pleadingly into Ell′s eyes, and at that moment his cock straightened to its full height, becoming thicker and longer than Jack′s.
"This is Jack′s greatest potential," Al said. "He will become like that when he enters your vagina." When he warms up to the real thing.
"It excites me!" Alex said, and laid her hand on Ell′s penis. The other - to a member of Jack. I pulled the peel on them, and looked with pleasure at the two pink heads. I gladly began to crouch on them with my hands. Jack closed his eyes, and published his first sweet moans, having received the first pleasure. Alex herself was enjoying herself, from the process. I drove my hands on the members very energetically and very boldly, now.
Al took her hand off his penis and returned it to Jack. "Press him all over with your body! Kiss him on the lips! "He whispered into Alex′s ear. Alex nestled and Jack smacked, but then confused and very quickly died out.
"Al, I do not know how!" I do not know what to do! "She almost roared with resentment. Al took her hand and drew her to him. "Look and remember," he said.
Kissed her on the lips, sucked them, caressed her tongue. "A deep kiss with a game of language. Playful, "he said.
Kissed only her lips, sucked them and gently touched the tongue. "Caress your lips. Prelude, "he explained.
He made a vast mouth-swallowing kiss and for a while stayed in Alex′s mouth. "Deep and protracted. French pleasure. At the right time, such kisses are very exciting "
Just touched her lips lightly. I wiped them off, and then licked them with my tongue like a joke. "A gentle touch of the lips and tongue. Very spicy. Very exciting »
Then El stood at the edge of the pool and asked Alex to repeat it with Jack. And Alex just could not recover from such experienced and varied kisses.
"Anything," Jack said. - Did you like something? And do not be afraid to make mistakes - everything will turn out, eventually.
"Al!" Friend! Did not expect! How can you! - Alex′s eyes on the forehead crawled with delight, and she could not translate the spirit.
Ella again had to push her to Jack. Only there she was able to apply the acquired knowledge, again to fade away, and then, after forgetting the teacher to calmly engage only in Jack. It turned out disgustingly, but every time the confidence came to her. And Jack is also strong in his powers.
We sucked at each other, smacked and smeared, and drooling, and then looked at Ella and immediately blushed.
- Is something already working out? They asked at the same time.
Al winced, but then he smiled and hugged them both. "You are my children, children! He whispered. "You do not know anything!" We need to explain everything! And so much more you are learning. Well, nothing - learn! "
"All right, now Jack," he said. "Kiss Alex." In the neck.
Jack did not know where to start. He was frightened. With him was the same story as with Alex. El showed an example. He kissed Alex on the neck, then began to explain the importance of foreplay. Kissed her breasts and fell lower.
Jack diligently repeated everything. And Alex enjoyed such double caresses.
"Now pat her between your legs. Fingers. "
This is in Jack′s way. Alex groaned as Jack′s finger went into the vagina and started moving there. She was very pleased with his fingers, but she knew that he could give her something more. And she patiently waited for this. At the end of the day, she could satisfy herself with her fingers!
Jack felt his friend′s thoughts, picked her up in his arms and planted it on the edge of the pool. He spread his legs and just did not know what to do next. Ella had to come into the business again.
"Look and learn. This is oral sex, "he said. Diluted her brown (almost black) sex sponges and penetrated into the vagina, tongue. Showed Jack in all its glory clitoris girlfriend and explained the importance of orgasm. Alex sat with her legs wide apart, like at a gynecologist′s appointment. In her younger years she already visited this doctor. In the orphanage, and then in school. Alex almost fell into the memories, but no ... nothing happened.
Al began to lick her tongue, and with Alex something unthinkable was happening. From the first seconds. She moaned softly, gasped heavily, and then moaned more and more, gasped and groaned in every way, even cried sometimes (Alex had never imagined that he could do so). Her body trembled, she pressed Ella to her, everything inside of her shrank and then it became unimaginably good. The feeling was amazing, so magical that no words can convey. It was her first orgasm and so powerful orgasm that Alex′s eyes darkened for a few seconds and she thought she might lose consciousness.
After recovering a little, Alex smiled gratefully at her friend, and then told everything in the spirit. "It′s all right, girl, honey! - reassured Al, Alex. "You′ve been waiting for this for a very long time." Come on, let′s try it again. Next will be better. "
Alex smiled again and nodded. She was ready to go further.
Only Jack worked further. Al did not touch the clitoris Alex, but mostly gave advice. Alex moaned for the second time, screamed, trembled, pressed her lover′s head to herself. Then she finished and calmed down. This orgasm is also very strong, but not like the first one. Alex′s eyes did not darken and it did not seem that she was about to lose consciousness. She experienced an unimaginable wave of pleasure and relaxation. It was just good and very long.
She jumped to the bottom and said she was ready to accept Jack′s cock. El stopped her: "Do not you want, that Jack was just as good as you! Do not you caress him? "
Jack sat back in Alex′s place. His cock stood and was open to caress, but Alex did not know what to do with him. All stiffened, shrank and looked very frightened at Ella. "Do it with your mouth," Al said. She was even more confused: "Al, I can not! I dont know! It is possible without it, but ?! "
Al sighed. "You are still studying and studying - two! - he says. "Look and remember how it′s done!" He turned into Alex. The second naked Alex. And she took Jack with no hesitation.
But then Jack began to protest:
"Al, do not, do not do it, you can not do it!"
"Jack, I told you, I can be both a boy and a girl."
- But I already perceive you as a boy. It is very difficult to know how to change priorities.
"Jack - I′m a training mannequin," Al said seriously. - I give you my body for training and please do not disdain them. I′m helping you, I′m teaching you.
Jack had something else to say, but El-Alex looked him very strictly in the eye and demanded:
"Shut up now!" Senior orders!
Very gently touched the tongue of a member, kissed him, swallowed, looked again into Jack′s eyes and smiled:
"I can be a very good girl." You will see. You will be pleased with me.
Jack touched the blond head of his friend, who was now his girlfriend and threw:
"My darling, go on." I will obey you.
El-Alex worked diligently between Jack′s legs: licked, sucked, swallowed and drove the guy to loud groans. But he did not let me finish. Gently stroked Jack and walked away. He asked Alex to repeat everything. He said this: "This is your boyfriend! You and bring it to orgasm! "
Alex repeated, but so uncertain and awkward that El-Alex just laughed at her. He corrected her, gave good advice and urged to be more confident. He stroked Alex on the head, and then instructed it to Jack. He called Alex and Jack to kiss each other. He put his friend′s hands on Alex′s chest, and suggests how to caress, so that Alex got excited and emboldened. Thanks to this advice, Alex′s first blowjob, went so well that she moaned herself, and Jack moaned. Sosala vigorously and very skillfully, but at the same time very affectionately, lovingly. Rudeness and fanaticism was not at all - it just did very well (with grace) to do its work. When sperm flooded into her mouth, Alex was very frightened and immediately recoiled. As a result, her face was all dressed in white liquid, and most of it was spit in the pool.
"By the way, some girls drink their boyfriend′s sperm and get extra pleasure from it," Al said, turning into Jack again. "Did you try a little?"
"I nearly choked," Alex said, breathing heavily. - In my stomach, she swims - I feel! Bey!
She did not like it at all. She bent in half, as if she should now be sick of pissing in the pool. Then she washed her face for a long time.
"Did you like it?" He asked his twin brother Jack, giving him his hand.
- I liked it very much! He answered. - Thank you.
He went to Alex. Sincerely thanked her and kissed her.
"It will not turn out to be a good blowjob," she told him honestly. - I have a true premonition.
"Yes, and all right," said Jack and smiled. "It′s enough for me that I have."
El went to his naked friends and said that an important moment was coming. The most important. He asked them to relax and do not fear anything, because next to him. Jack pressed Alex to the edge of the pool, and for the first time tried to enter between his legs. The first time did not work. The naked head, uncontrollable, stuck dully into her hairy pubis and went up the stomach. Jack guided her, and even managed to get in a little, but then everything broke. I tried it several times, and nothing happened. Jack was ready to cry from offense. He was ready to roar in the throat and rush away from the pool, But, fortunately, Al was near.
He inserted his penis into Vagina Alex under the water and lightly pressed the guy on the thighs, so that the member would get deeper. Then he instructed and carefully monitored that the sexual intercourse did not go wrong.
Jack moved his hips and the member entered just fine, but he was very afraid, just wildly afraid that he could spoil everything at any moment.
- Al, please be further from my sex instructor, I can not do it without you! I′m afraid!
"There′s nothing to be afraid of!" El replied to him. - At you all turns out. Just look: what an amazing woman and you are on top! Stop doubting yourself! Believe in yourself! Work!
Alex had the same problem, and she just cried:
"Al, I feel how he enters me!" I feel - now it will be very painful! Al, I′m afraid of pain!
"Relax, my dear!" At you all will turn out! It will only hurt for a few seconds, then there will be a lot of good! Look, what a man is in front of you! Remember how much you want it!
He massaged her shoulders, her temples and points behind her ears. When her virgin film was torn, she just yelped and hugged Jack harder. She was so relaxed that she did not feel at all how Jack had entered it all.
She kissed Jack passionately on the lips, and he kissed her back. Al stood by, smiling. He told Jack what to do next. What should be the exciting movements and how to stretch the orgasm for a few minutes. With pleasure he noted that his students quickly got used to and had sex very decently. And again their movements were smooth, clear and without fanaticism. Alex cried out when she felt her orgasm and a tight stream that was pouring straight into the uterus. Jack also screamed. They became limp, but they did not let each other go.
- You are my man! whispered Alex. - Favorite!
"And you are my woman," whispered Jack. - Beloved!
They disconnected and began to swim in the pool to refresh themselves. Then they sailed to Ella.
"You have surprisingly harmonious sex," Al said. "You are not tired yet." Both Jack and Alex were surprised. They shrugged their shoulders with amazed smiles. And his eyes were shining.
"Al, make it so that I can not get pregnant, no matter how much I do it," Alex asked.
- For how long? Al asked, putting his hand on her belly.
- For a year!
After the miracle happened, Jack and Alex were asked:
"Al, how do you know so much about sex?"
Al told them, with a smile:
- When I flew to the ground and was not yet acquainted with you, I met many people. Solts know how to read a person′s aura and view all of his previous experience. And he learns from this experience too. From my first teachers I learned a lot about sex and about how people with him rush - I already was amazing. Of course, I remembered, but did not think that it would come in handy. As it turned out - it came in handy.

"Al, you′ve been very helpful," Alex said. "Jack and I are feeling much better now." You′re an excellent teacher! Please continue training.
"Show us some positions and train us," Jack said. - Oh please!
El agreed. He showed several positions. He threw Alex′s legs on his shoulders and planted it on his cock. I entered it standing up. He took her from behind, caressing her breasts and crotch. I was doing this with Alex near the pool. He lay down on it, between his legs. He lay down on it, throwing one leg over his shoulder. He threw both his legs on his shoulders and lifted his girlfriend on his back.
Turned into Alex. He sat down at Jack, facing him. He sat down on Jack, his back to him. Seated Jack and lay down at his feet, passing his limbs under his arms. Finally, he sat down on Jack′s face with the vagina, and took his cock in his mouth.
Each posture he asked to repeat after him. Did, unlimited in time, breaks, between lessons. Attentively followed the students. He corrected the technique and gave good advice. Jack and Alex got a lot of fun, experienced many orgasms. And not a bit tired. The last position is called 69 - Alex finished on Jack′s face, and he directly into her mouth. Sperm flowed on her chin, but still she was pleased. "You know, Al," she said honestly. - There′s something about it. Probably, you can sometimes do this, but not very often. All the same, my mouth is given to me by nature for another. "

For seekers of acute sexual adventures, Al offered to try anal sex.
Alex stood in the water, pressed against the wall, and Jack, slowly, introduced his instrument into her intestines. At first Alex just roared with grief and wanted to break free. "Why did I agree to this ?! Fool, damn! "- she repeated to herself again and again. But Al began to calm her down. Did a relaxing massage, said a lot of sweet words and even caressed his chest, vagina and kissed her mouth. In the end, Alex was so relaxed that her hole opened to full. And Jack put his rod into the very eggs. Alex was not at all hurt - she just gasped with pleasure. And all the further movements of Jack - smooth and precise - gave her incredible pleasure. It was very frustrating. And she was very upset by the fact that she kissed both guys at the same time. Al kissed her on the lips and played with her tongue. Then she turned her head and kissed Jack. Al and Jack, Jack and Al. She was so good that her head was just spinning from these sensations. She moaned and screamed, and when the orgasm came, she just grabbed Ella, so that he would hold her if she lost consciousness. And lost. For a few seconds. Al and Jack later brought her to life together, and Alex looked at the waterfall of the sperm that was pouring out of her puzzle. "The guys were very nice to me," she said, when the anus was closed, the water in the pool cleared, and everyone rested for a bit. "But I will never do it again." There is something wrong with this and I do not like it. Maybe I′m old-fashioned, but I prefer to croak out of this hole. There will be no more. For a member there is a vagina. Well, in the mouth I can take, if only not too often do it. "

It′s time to thank Ella.
- El it was a wonderful sex. It did not hurt at all. And I could not imagine better deprivation of virginity, - Alex said sincerely.
"I′m happy for you, my sweet girl." Al smiled. - Be happy!
"Al, I′m very grateful to you, and that day you seemed 100 times more expensive for me," Jack said. - You were a great sex teacher and I just can not describe how ... how ... I′m proud of you, friend!
They embraced, and Al whispered:
"Be happy, Jack!" I really want that!

"I finished 19 times, or more," Alex said proudly.
"17 times, or more," Jack said, and smiled.
Everyone looked at Ella.
"0 times and no more," he said, and also smiled.
The faces of friends were amazed.
"Why are you surprised?" Al asks. - Sex, orgasms, masturbation and the like - it′s all the privilege of people. Solts are not capable of this.
Alex looked at Ella′s protruding member and whispered with something to Jack. After a moment′s thought, Jack nodded.
Alex hugged Ella, threw a leg over him and easily put the sticking thing into her warm mink.
"Do you need your training mannequin again?" Asked Al smiling.
"I need you, Al." Al Stenderery, you know. No, to hell with the mannequin, but my friend from Soltrex!
She began to make her first movements with her hips and said excitedly:
"You think you can not feel it, Al, but I think otherwise." All you can do. Feelings are deep in you. They are sleeping. But I′ll wake them up. I am an earthly woman Alex McGuire.
She gently pushed herself onto Ella′s penis and moaned with pleasure.
"Alex, it′s pointless!" said Al. - I can not!
"You can, you can," Alex whispered. "You just wish for it, Al."
He wanted to say something else, but she closed his mouth and called for work.
El raised it in his arms, then pressed it against the wall and began to move. They were smooth and accurate like Jack′s, only his smile and the charm of his eyes were mixed with them. A few minutes later Alex finished.
She encouraged Ella to honestly describe all her feelings. El said that he felt the walls of her vagina and felt how excited she was, but he himself did not get excited. Has not experienced orgasm.
Alex swore to wake Ella′s orgasm and started again.

She tried 3 more times, and her perseverance just fascinated Ella. But the results were not there.
Alex was furious. She was flushed with grief. Beat on the water and screamed: "Well, what am I doing wrong? !!!! What?!!!! Why does nothing come out? !!! "
"Alex," said Al, calmly. - I can emit an orgasm. I can put a whole bucket of sperm in you. But this, everything will be fake. Understand, I′ll never know. I′m a salt. It′s just not given to me. "
Tears streamed down Alex′s cheeks in two streams. She clung to his cock like a straw and repeated: "There is a way. I believe he is. Al, you just have to believe in what he is. "
But then she looked into the eyes of the salt, saw in them all the void and despair and realized that there is no way. Alex closed her eyes and sobbed sobs. "Why?!!! Why? !! "she cried and began to punch her fists on the water. She went to Jack, and he hugged and stroked the blond head with understanding.

We talked after Alex had calmed down. Near the pool. Sitting in a straw pavilion. Dressed in their familiar clothes:
. "Oh, how unfair is it, Al," Alex said, putting her foot back and gently rocking the gazebo. "You can not feel what I feel." But I love you. As strong as Jack. If it was possible, I would marry two at once. I love you very much!
"There is little justice in life, as I see it," El replied with a smile. - Why the richest and most developed planet of the universe should fight against itself; why the wisest of her representatives should run like the last coward; why a boy who has a huge fortune must drag out the life of a tramp; or, for example, why such a sweet and kind girl like you is a round orphan.
"But this girl has a beloved one." She is happy with him. And at you who is, my lonely, unfortunate, but very kind and gentle Keeper Elixikon?
"Do you have both of you?" And I′m happy too, Alex! Let me not so much given to you, but I feel something and I′m very proud of it! I′m very proud of you and Jack.
He embraced both friends and said how they were dear to him.
"Alex, today you really wanted to bring me to orgasm." I really wanted that I became happier. I am very grateful to you for this. And that means a lot to me. You are more to me than a friend. And Jack is more than a friend. You are my family. Let′s appreciate and rejoice, yes?
"Yes," Alex said, and smiled.

"Al, and if you had become a man, would you want a lover like me?" Alex asked, very seriously.
"I would very much like to," Al said. "Of course, if you and Jack do not mind."
- I am for! Said Alex.
- I also! Said Jack.
- It′s just fine! - Al summed up.

Chapter 21. Engagement.
"Al, we′re ready!" - said Jack and Alex, almost in chorus, entering, in the morning, in Ell′s room.
They found their friend at work. I leaned over the case with a computer and clicked buttons. I was studying something on the screen, typing something on the keyboard. He obviously did not expect to see his friends right now, but their arrival was not unexpected.
Al put his glasses on his nose for solidity. Now he took them off and smiled.
"Ready for what?" He asked, not understanding.
Jack and Alex were taken aback at the same time:
- What is it for? Jack asked again. "Today is our engagement." Have you forgotten?
"He could not forget!" Alex interrupted her boyfriend. "He must be joking." Al you′re kidding the truth?
Alex giggled, but did it timidly, as if she was ready to believe that Al could have forgotten.
Alas, Ell′s face was perplexed and he did not seem to be joking.
"She′s appointed for today," he said, confused. A brown notebook jumped from his table and fingers began to flip through pages. - Aha! Here! Engagement of Jack and Alex! TODAY!!! OH MY GOD!! Guys, forgive me!
Between the friends there was a silence, which in books was usually called awkward. Such a calm, when you have to say something, and no one has any ideas. Jack was silent. Alex was silent. El himself was silent. Finally Jack took the floor.
- Forgot? Well, what of it. Do not be scared, Al. We do not need something special. I, Alex, You, a few sincere words, our vows, a banquet. It′s simple. I think you can do it very well.
"It′s easy," Jack repeated, El. - Okay.
I nodded to my friends. Then he turned off the computer. I got up from the carpet on which I sat. He looked at the smiling faces of Jack and Alex and nodded once more:
- Okay. Everything is simple - so simple. Have you already charted a place where we will go?
"A suitcase," Jack and Alex said in one voice.
"The location is not important," Jack said. "It could be anything."
"We totally rely on your taste," Alex said.
El looked at his friends for a couple of seconds, then nodded again.
- Well, let it be a suitcase.
He stretched his arm toward the table, took the Suitcase, which stood in the lower compartment and pulled him toward him.
Alex gave Jack a winking smile and squeezed her narrowed arm lightly.

"Let′s go to some church," Jack suggested. "There is a church here."
"Only nicer," Alex put in.
- Instead of a priest, you. And you will conduct the ceremony yourself, - Jack developed his idea. "We do not need anything else." What do you say to El-buddy?
"It′s full of pretty churches," Al replied. - To conduct a ceremony is easy. Only I suggest, do not worry, and rent for the whole castle.
- Castle?!
- Castle?!
- Yes, and I know one nearby. Have departed - I will show.

The sensations were just fabulous. Stone walls, medieval knight armor standing at the walls, carpets on the floor and on the walls, and besides two high marble staircases that led to the upper floors. Al, Jack and Alex stood right in the middle of the main hall of the castle and could only admire the setting of this ancient building. However, only Jack and Alex admired, El behaved much more habitually. Once he waved his hand and opened the doors of all the windows in the castle. He was immediately filled with light. And in the center, and on the stairs, and under the stairs and even in every dark corner. Two, waved - all the dust, all the dirt and all the cobwebs from the corners of the castle disappeared. Three - all the carpets, sabers and shields on the walls were decorated with magnificent paper roses. Finally, a four-long narrow table near the wall was transformed into a nice brown wooden platform for performing the leading engagement.
- He cooked it - a fact! said Jack with conviction.
"That′s it," Alex said. "He makes us fools." I forgot, they say.
Ella was not up to the showdown.
- Who are you going to invite?
- Like what ?! You and Alekors, what′s not clear? Who else do we need ?!
"But Alekors is at work right now," Al said, glancing at his watch. - Will have to wait.
"Well, we′ll wait," Jack nodded.

El flew to Alekers, and Jack and Alex sat on a soft light sofa, standing between two stairs.
- Do you think there will be any surprises? Alex asked.
- And then! Exclaimed Jack. "What do you think I do not know Ella?" We will definitely be prepared for something.
"I wonder what awaits us," Alex said, smiling and stretching sweetly. - I′m sure that there would not be something like that for sure.
"I′m of the same opinion," Jack said, smiling and hugging his beloved girl around the waist.

"Who will be engaged to this day?" - exclaimed Alekorsa, smiling to the ears, as soon as she crossed the threshold of the castle.
She was dressed in a brilliant white suit: a white skirt, a white jacket and a white lace blouse underneath. Her hair was beautifully combed back, and her eyes glittered with delight. In her hands she carried a bouquet of roses. I hugged Jack first, then Alex and handed those flowers.

"So, my dear friends, we are here for a joyful occasion," Al announced, standing up for his rostrum and smiling happily. - Today we have an engagement of our friends Jack Stenderi and Alex McGuire. Today they will finally become a bride and groom, and we will witness that. Jack Stenderi, are you ready to be a suitor? I am ready to pronounce my pre-wedding vow before this woman and marry only her and no one else.
"Ready," Jack nodded and smiled.
- Then swear, looking into the eyes of your future wife, and let heaven be a witness to this oath.
Jack looked at Alex and smiled. Words came very easily from his mouth:
"Darling, Alex," he said. "You are the joy of my life." You are a precious pearl, you are the best gift that fate has ever given me. I am very glad that I met you at the orphanage and immediately fell in love with you with all my heart. I swear to take you to wife (very soon) and - I myself want it - to go on the roads of life only with you.
"Accepted," Al said. Turned to Alex, - Alex McGuffer, are you ready to become a bride? Are you ready to utter your pre-wedding vows before this man and marry only him?
Alex looked at her friend very confidently, and nodded to him:
"I′m ready, Al!"
"Then utter your oath."
"My dear man, my Jack, I am very glad that I met you and I consider our meeting as the greatest success in my life," Alex said, easily and singing. "You are a bright sun, you are my priceless diamond." I swear to take you as a husband and be with you both in joy and in sorrow.
"Accepted," El announced for the second time and ordered. - Exchange rings.
Jack and Alex took the rings out of their pockets and put them on each other′s fingers. These were simple silver rings. Simple, but beautiful.
"So it′s done," Al summed up. - The engagement of our friends took place, they are almost married, but ...
Having said "but" Al broke off and remained silent until friends fixed their joyful faces on him.
"What" but "? Jack asked. "It′s all very well gone!"
"Yes, Al," Alex confirmed. - The engagement was just super!
"And I think we have too few witnesses."

"Drop it, Al," Jack insisted. - Who else do we need? Only you and your secretary.
Al gestured for his hand to keep silent. Then he pointed to the marble staircase with the same hand.
On the stairs of the castle, from the side of Jack, two people came down. Slender and handsome man, black-haired and lean, 39 years old - Jeff Stenderery. Next to him was a beautiful woman with chestnut curly hair, a slender body and a charming smile on her lips, 29 years old - Kate Stenderery.
From such a surprise, Jack was just stunned. He stood with his mouth open and did not know what to say. He did not believe that his parents were in front of him. Meanwhile, a beautiful and well-dressed couple (Jeff had a black frock coat, Kate - a long, brown, evening dress) descended the stairs and stood in front of Jack and Alex.
"Jack, my boy," Jeff said with love and pride. "You have such an important and wonderful day today." Congratulations!
Kate hugged her son without words and dropped two tears on his shoulder: "Jack, my love, how I missed you!" She whispered.
Jack hugged both parents and just shone with happiness. Alex had never seen him so happy.
"Mom, Dad, meet my fiancé, Alex," he said, turning. "Alex is my parents."
Alex smiled happily and held out her hand. First she shook hands with Jeff and Kate, then hugged them with pleasure.
- What a beautiful girl. Your son has great taste, "said Jeff.
"Yes, look at her." She′s a real angel, "Kate said admiringly and stroked Alex′s head softly, like her own daughter.
Both parents - young, beautiful, smiling - liked Alex very much and she considered it her duty to make a compliment:
- And you know - you are excellent parents. Only two such beautiful people could bring up such a beautiful son!
Both Jeff and Keith were very pleased with the praise.
"Well, we′re glad we′re passing it into such good hands," Jeff said. - There is no better candidate for the role of wife for him.
"Yes, yes," Kate nodded. "We, Alex, have been watching you for a long time."
- Watching ?! Alex was surprised. - How?!
"Well ... well ... how ..." Jeff hesitated. - So.
He was very embarrassed and blushed.
"How the dead spend their time." Watching you live, "Kate said, unhindered. She blushed, as did her husband. - It′s certainly not very fair. Alex, do not be angry with us. For the sake of the holiday.
She looked at her guiltily. Alex quickly found a way out of the situation. Humor helped.
"Yes, there." She clasped her hands and laughed. "Look, please." I do not mind.
Alex, Jack′s parents and Jack himself laughed.

They cute talked, joked and exchanged news, but only 5 minutes. Then they were interrupted by Al.
"Gentlemen, just a moment′s attention." Let me introduce you to another guest.
And he pointed to the stairs again. This time from Alex.
And another man descended the stairs. He was gray-haired, plump in his favorite gray sweater and glasses.
The smile on Alex′s face was even wider:
- Paaa-pok-ka-aaaaa !!! She screamed like mad and rushed to meet him.
She nearly knocked the new guest off her feet and kissed and kissed and kissed him in the face. Martin McGuffer, who of course expected something similar from his beloved daughter, laughed merrily, kissed back and warmly embraced her. "Oh, my dear, how glad I am to see you again," he said sincerely.
They looked at each other. Martin was smiling, and Alex for some reason was crying (happiness overflowed her and she could not help it)
"Daddy, I′m so ... so ... I missed you ... dad ... beloved," she said between sobs.
"I know, my girl," he said. "I′ve missed you, too." Oh, dear, how quickly you grow up.
Here Alex managed to calm down, and she asked timidly:
- Did you meet your mother?
Martin was very surprised, but answered:
- Of course I met. Why ... why did you ask?
"I just asked." I just ... just want to know how you live ... whether you are doing well.
"Do not worry, honey, I′m fine." And now it′s getting better.
Martin and Alex embraced each other again.
- And I, you know, today became engaged to my beloved person. With Jack. Do you remember Jack?
- Yes? Said Martin in that tone, as if he did not know. "Jack?" Of course, I remember him! And I′m glad that you got engaged to him! I could not imagine a better candidate for you!
"Come, I′ll introduce you to the other guests."
- Of course, let′s go.

Martin went to Jack and his parents. Smiled. And all the members of the Stendery family immediately smiled at him.
"Hello, Jack, I congratulate you and bless you at the same time," Martin said, holding out his hand for a handshake.
After the ritual of greeting and thanks to Jack, Martin drew attention to the older Stendery:
- Martin McGuffer, very nice.
- Jeff Stenderery. To me that′s how nice. I′ve long wanted to meet you.
The men smiled at each other, and the ladies came:
"I′m Kate Stenderery," the woman in the brown evening dress said, smiling, and bowed slightly. - Nice to meet.
"I′m just as pleased with you, Kate," said Martin McGeefer, kissing her hand.
After the exchange of courtesies was over, Jack′s parents and foster father Alex congratulated each other on the engagement of the children, embraced-kissed and the conversation went into the usual course. They talked mainly about who does what after death. Martin admitted that he was fishing recently, caught a catfish weighing 5 kilos and let go back into the water. And he always did that when he fished
"I find this an inexhaustible source of pleasure," he said. "First you capture the fish, and then you give her freedom."
Everyone laughed amicably:
"My passion has been airplanes since childhood," Kate admitted. "You can imagine." And not toy, but real, healthy, which fly through the sky. During my lifetime, I did not become a pilot, but here in just 2 weeks I mastered the car and sat at the wheel. Now I′m chasing the sky and enjoying it.
"Yeah, she′s a real Ace," Jeff said without false modesty and hugged his wife around the waist. "Try it, she′ll ride with her."
"What does that mean, dear," she said seriously. - Normally, I drive. And you yourself have cried. We did not even enter the peak - you escaped from the cab.
Jack and Alex listened enthusiastically to their parents, not saying anything. They were happy. What could be better than meeting with loved ones and loved ones? It turned out that it could be better - they were interrupted again by Al.

"Friends," he said. "The surprises are not over yet." I want to introduce you another pair. We with Alekorsa have been looking for them for a long time, but we found them. And they are among other things worth all our searches. "El again pointed to the stairs.
Everyone looked where El pointed, and everyone was shocked by what they saw, but most of all was shocked by Alex

Two figures smoothly descended downward. One of them was high and the other small. So they went down and all the gathered could see them well.
A gray-haired man in green army uniform with shoulder straps and a young blond teenage girl about once every 3 years younger. They looked around shyly, did not go anywhere and as if they were waiting for something. The girl held the man′s hand and did not leave him. And he did not leave it. And none of them uttered a single sound, as if they could not speak at all.
Alex, Jack, Keith, Jeff and Martin decided that it was the father and daughter - some new friends Ella. He invited them to the engagement, obviously it was more fun (although the faces of these two did not show that they came here to have fun). First Alex asked:
"It′s a father and a daughter, is not it?" Your new friends, Al? Have you invited them to our holiday?
"Yes," Al nodded. "These are my new acquaintances." And I invited them to the party, although they did not want to go first. In this you are right, in the rest - no. None of this is a father and daughter.
"Well, who are they then?" And for what did you call them?
"Now you′ll understand everything, Alex, or not ... it′s more correct to say Alexander ... because that′s your name."
- Alexandra?! Why do you say that?! And where ... where are you from ...?
Alex hesitated and did not know what to say next. And Al again pointed out to her friends. He said very softly and kindly:
"It′s your parents, Alexandra." Your real dad and mom.
Alex was just shocked by what she heard:
- I do not believe! She said decisively. "It can not be!"
In this case, the hands of the aliens, somehow painfully squeezed each other.
Al just smiled.
- Well, why can not it? He asked, still in the same gentle voice. "Just look at them." Especially my mom. She does not remind you of anyone?
And he gently nudged Alex toward the people who had descended the stairs. She took a few steps and stood beside the teenage girl. Very carefully she examined it.
Beautiful, but very skinny (and from this she seemed very fragile). The same blonde, only her hair is a little longer. The same blue eyes. There was no dimple on the cheeks, but there was a mole above the upper lip. And the face oval was the same as that of Alex.
But age. She looked 15-16 years old. It was a very young girl and even Alex was 2 or 3 years older. Why talk about her "husband"? He was 50-55, no less.
Alex examined the man carefully. He did not look like an aging seducer of young girls. It looks very serious, sedate, in military uniform. In the eyes was the firmness, determination and ability to bear the burden of responsibility.
But Alex could not decide. She turned to Ella and with tears in her eyes cried:
"Al, I can not decide!" It′s difficult! I do not know ... maybe parents, maybe not!
She gave up.
"Solve your heart," Al advised.
"Tell me, are you really my mommy?" - She turned to the teenage girl, sternly looking at her with her tear-stained eyes.
She blushed slightly and smiled in embarrassment. ALL!!! She gave herself away !!! THIS WAS THE SMILE ALEX !!! ONLY SHE SO SMILED WHEN HAS BEEN SMILED !!! AND THIS WAS THE BEST EVIDENCE OF THEIR MOTHERLAND !!!
- MAAAAMOCHKAAAA !!!! - as mad cried Alex and leaned on a teenage girl in an armful grabbed her cadaverous body. She cried and pressed her to her, whispering. - It′s you! It′s you! I know - it′s you!
Mom Alex - a girl who was younger than her daughter for several years - just grabbed her body. And she also burst into tears, hugging her. NOT saying a word, crying silently. Together they were a very happy couple, but Father Alex came up to them and hugged two people at once - happy people became one more.

They stood and talked to each other. It turned out that Alex′s parents were not at all dumb, they were just too shy to start a conversation. But here it began, and it turned out that they are wonderful interlocutors.
"My daughter, Alex, my dear girl, I do not even know how it happened ... I just flew out of my head ... today we are at your betrothal and the first time we see you, and completely without a present," a young blond woman told us with embarrassed smile.
"We have a present for you, Sasha," said the man, and whispered something quickly to her in his ear, embracing his wife.
Hearing her husband′s offer, she smiled.
"Well, let′s get acquainted," she immediately took the initiative in her hands. And the first to reach out her hand to her daughter. - Janice Mitchell. Sometimes they call me GG, and you too can call me that, but I warn you, I do not really like that name.
"She does not like him because that name reminds her of the past," the man said, taking Alex′s hand after she had freed herself. - My name is Alexander Gromov. It′s in my honor you called Alexander.
- Beautiful name! said Alex with a smile. - I like it!
"I liked it, too," Janice said in a tone that seemed to shred an important secret. "I saw him, I thought about my daughter." About blond, blue-eyed and that character all in my Alexander.
Janice proudly and with a smile looked at her husband.
"Dad, are you a military man, yes?" Alex asked, shifting her attention to Gromov.
"Yes," he smiled. - Captain of the Soviet Army. You see four stars. True, I think the houses have already demoted me, For a long time I was not at home, eh.
Alexander sighed sadly, and Alex realized that there was a topic for a separate story.
"Tell me later, all right," she said to him, and slapping him on the shoulder again turned her attention to Janice.
- Mom, and who were you in a previous life? Tell me how you met Dad?
Janice hesitated.
- Well, I ... I ... .you understand ... I was .... was ...
Her shoulders were embraced by Alexander and took the initiative in his own hands:
"Alexandra, my dear," he said, smiling broadly. "Today we′ll tell you everything."
"That′s all," Janice said immediately.
"Without concealment."
- All the truth.
- All without deception.
"Everything from beginning to end."
"Only today and right now."
The eyes of both parents glistened with delight and impatience.
"This is our gift for your engagement, daughter," Alexander said.
"Sashenka, do you like it?" Asked Janice. - I understand, it′s not much, but from the heart
- THIS IS THE BEST !!! Alex cried out joyfully and locked both of her parents in her arms.
"All right, all right," said Alexander after a while, and stroked his daughter′s golden hair. "Honey, let me go." We still have a lot to talk about.
"And it′s not good to leave the guests of others," Janice said from under Alex. - Daughter, let′s go to them. We will still have time.

A few minutes later the newly arrived couple Janis and Alexander got acquainted with Stenderi and McGuffer and easily communicated with them on a variety of topics:
"So what do you do?" Kate asked, cheerful and smiled. - Everyone in Paradise has his own work. I for example the pilot. I drive every day excursions and sometimes parcels from one side to the other.
"I′m a gardener," Jeff said. - My task is to create original gardens and monitor them.
"Fisherman," said Martin. - I catch fish, take pictures of it and release it. And then I give the pictures to everyone.
"I′m an architect," she told me, smiling, Janice. - I am developing house designs for our cities. It′s my childhood dream - to create homes for other people. Here I embody it in life.
"And I′m a policeman," Alexander confessed. "The military here, thank God, no. But the police exist, because we must observe order in our common world. True, there is very little work. I, and the same guy like me, we sit in the office and rarely go to the challenge. Our task is to capture the offender, read to him a set of rules about behavior in Paradise and isolate him for a few days in solitary confinement where he could think about his behavior. Actually, I′m even bored there sometimes, but I do not regret choosing a profession. The minister of law is the second thing I wanted to do after the army.

"Friends, friends, listen to me," El interrupted their conversation again. - Alex, Jack - talk with your parents, but only three hours yet. Then they just evaporate. They are dead and can not be in the world of the living long. Say what you want, but remember - only three hours. Then do not blame me. "
And having said this, Al left his tribune, went up to Alekors, who stood in the corner and looked after everything, took her by the hand. "My dear, Aleko," he said, smiling as usual. - Come on out. They will have something to talk about and this information is not for our ears. " "Yes, but, I thought ..." - protested was Alekors. "We′ll be waiting outside!" - El said unshakably. And to argue with him was not washed away - he was already dragging her to the exit.

Alekors and Al played chess.
"I′m coming here," Al said, and moved the pawn to the cage forward
"I′m here," said Alekorsa, and made a move with her horse.
"Give me the horse," Al said. - What for?
"Take it, take it, the horses are not lying on the road."
Al wrinkled his forehead and repeated for a minute: "Why?" Why? "Then he took the horse and put in his place a pawn
- I took it.
- Did you?
"But get the rook on this cage."
"It′s stupid, after two moves you′ll lose it."
"I will not lose it, go."
- Well, she asked for it. It is for you.
- And here you are. Shah.
- Yes? ... How is it ?!
And Al wrinkled his forehead again and thought. And Alekersa laughed.
- Do not work, do not think. You only have one move. Here. And here I am. Checkmate, El Stenderery. The game is done.
"What an interesting gambit," Al said, distracted from the finished game. - I wonder where?
"I deducted one in the book," said Alekors, pleased with herself, smiling. - It described how one young fellow from Altrud won the grandmaster with this gambit. The boy was only 15 years old, the grandmaster 130.
- Interesting. Will you give me this book to read?
"Certainly, Boss, by all means!"

At that very moment, the castle doors opened and Jack and Alex stepped out onto the landing:
"Al, my parents want to talk to you," Jack said. - Right now.
"Only with Ell," Alex Alexerse said. - You understand private conversation. Yes, and you do not have any sense in it - you′ll still know everything.
Al nodded, smiled at Alekors and said goodbye to her:
"There′s a party for me, Aleko." I will definitely take your revenge.

Al stood in the huge hallway of the castle and smiled, and his parents (5 people) looked at him and also smiled. For a couple of minutes everyone was silent, and then Alexander took the floor:
- Al, I′ll tell you about the army, how I′m used to it. Briefly and on business. In 15 minutes we all melt and disappear from our eyes, since we are all dead and belong to the world of the dead. And you need to say a lot. I will begin. First of all, thank you very much for inviting me to this engagement and with all my heart ... Al let me shake your hand.
He stepped forward and held out his hand to Ella. And he smiled. Of course, Al immediately approached him and took this hand. Alexander smiled even wider and the next second he took the alien into his arms.
- I did not know you during my lifetime, but I′m very glad that now I′ve met you! I am very glad that you are the best friend of my daughter and her future husband! I′m proud of you Al and the only thing I can say ... AND NEXT IN THE SAME SPIRIT !!! Take care of Alex and Jack, keep them, protect them ... and let ... let ... everything will be just fine for you! Good luck to all of you!
Al smiled:
- Thank you, Alexander Yuryevich Gromov, I assure Alex and Jack will not leave!
Alexander felt so much that he saluted. Ella liked it and he also saluted ..
Then Jeff said:
"Al, I, too, did not know you during my lifetime, but I′m grateful to you ... you hear VERY GRATEFUL for the fact that you turned up on our planet in that mess, saved Jack." Thank you.
He reached out his hand for a handshake. Al also reached out his hand. Then they embraced.
"Thank you for what you′ve already done for my son." And for what else will you do. And you do, you still have a lot of things, I know.
Then he just looked admiringly into his eyes and smiled.
"How about Alex?" - Al asked, to interrupt a long pause. "What do you think of her?"
Jeff held out his fist with his thumb pointed out.
- Vooot! That′s what I think! He will never find a better bride than Alex and a better friend than you, Al!
"Well, fine, fine," Al replied with a smile, and embraced Kate, who had approached him, she spread her arms in advance.
"Men, men, you always talk," she purred to Ella gently in her ear. "I do not want to be quiet sometimes."
And they were silent for a minute, only embraced. Then Kate pulled away, laughed gaily, patted Ell on the shoulder and said this:
- You′re Al - the very charm! You just a miracle and the best happiness for their children, I could not wish! Be happy, be together, and how Sasha said ... in a good way! In addition, if you again want to call us all, we will be happy to meet. I do not know for others, but we will leave Jeff and all our business and ... - just call.
Martin was standing before Ellom. And he did not say a word of it into his arms:
"I was so lucky that I knew you during my lifetime!" He began.
Embraced, and Martin continued:
"I′m glad you took Alex to your house." She′s really IN THE SAFETY. I′m glad, Al, I′m glad!
- Do not you regret that then we did not save you? Al asked, smiling embarrassed.
"No, I′m not sorry," said Martin very seriously. - My time has come. Nothing could be done. I HAD TO LEAVE this story. And I left easily and beautifully. Alex handed over to reliable hands, I did not have a store anymore ... .And here are some pluses, after death.
"Did you meet your wife?" Al asked.
"And then," smiled Martin. "And not only her." Many more ....
"Time-time, miss," Janice said, pulling the old man away. - Now it′s my turn.
And without a word, she hugged Ella and kissed him with all sincerity and passion on the lips.
"This is my gift to you, Al," she whispered. "The kiss of the ghostly woman Janice Mitchell, who is about to disappear."
Al smiled at this present, and a young blond woman looked at him with deep appreciation:
"Al, I′m glad that my husband and I gave Sasha to the orphanage." And life brought her first with Jack afterwards with you. This is a huge success. And for parents there is no happiness anymore - to see how happy their children are. Thank you.
The next moment it was smoke and melted in the air.
- Thank you.
- Thank you.
- Thank you.
Parents lost their form and evaporated. But everyone smiled. And Martin McGuffer also waved his hand.
There was already no one in the ancient knight′s castle. El once again examined its walls and shields on them, the stairs and the altar behind which he himself was crowned. He sighed, said to himself: "Gloriously, take a walk!" And went to the exit. The gate did not even touch, just passed through the walls and was again among friends, on a light stone platform.

- Did anyone take a photo? - the first thing that El asked, back to his friends ..
- Why did you ask about the photo? Jack asked.
- Oh, El, we need those photos! Exclaimed Alex. "Then we′ll do it." At the wedding a lot of pictures will be done.
"The photo is here," said Alekorsa, and immediately slipped a paper envelope into Ella′s hands.
Inside there were 6 photos. Al leads the guard, Alex and Jack listen, Alekorsa watches with emotion. Alex puts the ring on Jack. Jack is putting Alex on the ring. Alex and Jack are beautiful and happy. In the center are Alex and Jack, El and Alekorsa, and around them are Kate, Jeff, Martin, Alexander and Janis. And the same company against the backdrop of an old castle, everyone is smiling and waving their hands.
- As always, you are at the height of Alekors! says Al. - Great shots!
"They will stand in your rooms and you will be touched every time, looking at them," he explained to Jack and Alex.
"Well, it′s all quite simple now," Al told his friends. - Looking for a restaurant and celebrating.
- Wait, wait, what a restaurant! Exclaimed Alekorsa, wounded. "And for whom I cooked all day yesterday!" Think forget about the restaurant! All to me! TO ME!
To the island just docked a flying boat. Yellow. Comfortable. And just for four people.

The whole company sat in the kitchen with Alekorsa and communicated:
"You want to know my story," Alex asked, after all the topics for conversation had been exhausted, several anecdotes were told, Alyorza′s supplies were eaten and several glasses of her lemonade were drained.
This story she took care of at the finals of the meeting, and it was clear to everyone. And everyone was looking forward, especially Jack.
"Come quickly," he said. "I′ve already been waiting."
- So, it all began in July 1945 in Poland. American troops "cleaned" Poland from the fascists who occupied it. One of the units captured my grandfather Hans Clirchen. Since the grandfather was in an unimportant condition, he was sent to a hospital for prisoners of war. Amanda Mitchell, who was 18 years old, served with that hospital as a nurse. What was born between them was not love, but it was a real passion. They sinned right in the night hospital, completely forgetting that someone could come in and catch them and that they were enemies. Amanda was attracted to Hans′ brown eyes, and Hans liked Amanda′s kindness and her white-toothed smile.
- After some time, Hans was shot, and Amanda realized that she was pregnant. And since she was a senior nurse and part-time daughter of a military general, she decided that she would not bear shame - and fled in the second month of pregnancy. Next were the wanderings with the wandering circus, where Amanda and gave birth to a girl. She wanted her to get an American name and nobody knew about her German roots - Janice called her. Janice - how she believed the truly American name. Amanda herself played a modest role as a juggler in a circus. She could not juggle, but she was taught. All taught. And they took her daughter Janis, as her own. But 55 was for 28-year-old Amanda and her 9-year-old Janice is really unsuccessful. The fever knocked over Amanda and in the same year Janice was left without a mother. And in the same year without a circus. Matters did not matter for the second year, and then a barrage of bureaucratic checks came upon him. The circus was closed and all the artists were dissolute. Janice without a livelihood was on the street. She lived on the street with some kind of tramp. I was fed, than God will send, sometimes I did not eat anything at all. I decided to go for good luck and reached Los Angeles. There she teamed up with local hooligans and vagabonds, and became a thief. True thief turned out to be bad. 1956-57 passed for her in unsuccessful attempts of theft, "imprisonment" in the prison cell, trips to shelters and shoots from them. Janice had already become accustomed to being a free bird and how she thought she would change late. And in one of the regular gatherings in the common cell she came across him. A large, shaven-headed man is often in a bad mood and without any moral values. Santa Joe. Santa Joe was a pimp, a stolen merchant, a moneylender, but mostly a pimp. He was friends with the chief of the local police and was looking for a brand new face. Janice liked him and he bought it for $ 250.
Alex sighed heavily.
"In general, he was that Santa Joey!" She suddenly declared with fervor.
Al and Jack were surprised. For Alex, this was not typical. She did not even use such words.
But Alex continued:
"As I said, he was a shit, but at first he seemed like my pretty uncle to my mother. For the first time she was taken from the street, for the first time she was cared for, and she believed that it could only be better. But for all you have to pay and my mother realized this fact on her 13th birthday. In 1959, Santa Joe joined the ranks of her young prostitutes.
"Then follows the hopeless darkness, which, as she thought, will never end," Alex said with a shudder.
Then she got ready with the spirit and began to tell the story of her father:
- Alexander Gromov was 52 years old grated kalach and saw the kinds of a soldier. Participated in the liberation battles for Poland, Czechoslovakia, Romania and other countries. Yes, I stayed longer in a foreign country. I wanted to see the world. I sailed with merchant ships and worked where and how I would (and sometimes simply due to the fact that he is a liberation warrior). His last visit to America, after which he expected to return to the Soviet Union. How he would do it, he honestly did not suspect, but hoped that his homeland would accept. So he went to Los Angeles. Here he calls his friend Peter Petrov to find out when the flight to the USSR will be. What Petrov said did not inspire optimism: "Sasha, do not come back, do not come back, in any case! You will be judged as a traitor! You will be sent to camps, for 20 years! Try to get a job in America somehow, but do not come back again! "And the next day my dad is robbed, taken away all things and money and badly beaten.
She sighed again and finally united them:
- In this form my mother found my father, in one of the dark, dirty ... practically she got it out of the trash. And then she brought Gromov in order. Came and cured (not in vain because the daughter of a nurse). In one of his secret, conspiratorial apartments. It was a flat not from the paid-up Santa Joe, but the other - about which he did not know anything. It seems that it was something like an abandoned room to be demolished (in that you once lived, remember, no, Jack?)
- In general, everything happened there. A great and real feeling, which people call love. Janice fell in love, although she did not know why. And Alexander was simply fascinated by the care of this little girl and of course also could not help falling in love with her. And this is despite the fact that Alexander hardly spoke in English (I completely do not understand how he spent so many years among foreigners that he did not learn English!), And my mother certainly did not know Russian. But they did not need it. There was love. Dad knew a few simple words. Mom explained in gestures. And she really wanted a child from him. And it should be, this will happen, 15-year-old Janis became pregnant. And in 1961 I was born. It was a difficult year for them both. They huddled around in doss houses. Alexander was busy in temporary jobs, to somehow feed his mother and me. Janice was all focused on how to feed me and warm me. Fortunately, there were good people who helped. But one day Alexander just did not return. He was stabbed in a port, and the body was thrown into the water, just because of 20 dollars. Mom′s sensation was not right. A few months later, realizing that she would not pull one out, she threw me into the shelter. She prayed that I had life there, though she really could not pray. It was in 1962. For 18 years, Janis, or GG, as Santa called her, was fulfilled in a filthy beggarly shelter. She was dying. She was shaking and feverish. That same evening Santa Joe came in. Without any regret, he cut my mom′s throat with a rusty kitchen knife and buried her in a dirty manure pit. All this shit he is this Sana Joe, is not it? At me all has developed, simply fine. At 73 I met Jack, and at 75 with Ell. What happened next, you know. But my mother and father are mine ...
Alex sobbed hard. And she smiled:
- Okay, guys, that was something that passed. I am glad that now they are in Paradise and are happy. I am happy too. And by the way, Al, thank you very much, for such a wonderful gift. I′m touched, really.
"And I, too, Al," Jack immediately joined him. - Thank you.
"Why, you guys are nothing. You′re welcome.

Part 2.


Chapter 1. Through the Universe and Time.
A huge black body flew through space. As a meteor in the molten form. Like a huge black puddle with splashes of spray that did not leave her anywhere. With a constant temperature, which allowed not to freeze this substance in space. But meanwhile he had a mind. It flew selectively, winding down on some trails and ignoring others. Of course, it was Ortrex. Another extraterrestrial from Saltrex. Like Elixicon, he left his home and set off on a chase. He pursued Elixicon. Many months without rest, without the slightest thought, to turn back. Orrexx did not know where Elixicon still felt him. Throughout the cosmos, it seemed as though his golden trace was scattered. Ortrex selected the golden grains of this trail and confidently continued the pursuit.
He lost his way many times, but always returned to his track. Once he was distracted by space bandits, another time by the space police. In both cases, two battles took place in space. Ortrex won them. It can not be said that they were so easy, but it was impossible to name them through the chur. In any case, Ortreks was pleased that he had gotten involved in them - he had warmed up - this time, bought valuable things that could be useful in further adventures - these are two.
Absolutely without expecting it, he suddenly began to glide along the edge of the universe, then it was raked into a heap and sucked into some kind of yamishcha. Then he swam in some viscous, black substance, which very slowly passed through him, and on the screen of the scanner (Ortreks captured such a useful thing) was designated as "the waste of the Black Hole." Such were the first impressions of Ortrex from the Black Hole. These observations he made, piloting his own spaceship, collected in a black, dense mud body, only for the time being without appearance.
And then everything went much easier. When Ortreks got out into the cave, filled with space ships and dangerous creatures, he realized - you need to rob loot and preferably not to get caught. With his instinct, he determined that on these ships many useful things lay unguarded, and dangerous creatures-he judged that it was necessary to try hard to kill him. He decided to fight to death, even with the "masters" themselves. For the sake of treasures and incredible artifacts you could, and take a chance.
And the risk justified itself. Indeed, many significant things have been added to Ortrex′s treasury. But the battles were significant. For example, on one of the ships, he was surrounded at the moment when he filled the shrinking suitcase (he was used instead of the bag) with new valuable items. A flock of controlled monster-mutants and humans, Ortrex noticed too late. Everyone on the back sat an eight-fingered crustacean essence and ordered to infect Ortreks with parasitic worms. It was necessary to deftly adroitly to avoid touching anyone (one touch of these ugly creatures and you are already infected). And then run around the ship and shoot back (laser beams almost did not stop them). Another time, Ortrex was found when he left: he collected all the artifacts and moved to the exit, but three giant lamprey half a dozen petty footsteps crept along the ceiling. As if that was not enough, a scaly, snake-like creature flew into the ship, and then a solid two-meter creature crawled in with a lot of tentacles, two pairs of massive legs and two terribly ugly heads. The first were "lamprey-skarlapendry" and nothing serious they did not represent. They could bite, could stain their nasty mucus, and this took a certain amount of strength. The second "dragon Arlomarin". This enemy was more serious. It is very difficult to destroy. He emitted ultrasonic waves from the pharynx that deprived him of his strength for a certain time, he ate the energy that his enemies produced, and the blood of the dragon mingling with the structure of the salt caused the wrong work of the latter. If a drop of blood had gotten into Ortrex′s body, it would have become sticky mud and would never have gathered into a sturdy figure. The last was the "centaur Kyle Bigger" - he devoured the mud from which Ortrex consisted, it was incredibly difficult to destroy and escape from his nimble sip was not easy. Ortrex escaped around the ship, especially avoiding the centaur and the dragon. It was especially difficult to leave the dragon. The accursed beast seemed to see him wherever he went, opened his big, ugly mouth and began to squeak with his ultrasound, knocking them all sorts of barricades and hiding places. When it got dark, he turned on his inner green glow, and sailed through the ship, lighting everything around. He found Ortrex and drove him further. And behind the dragon the centipedes and centaurs crawled, as if his entourage - it′s strange, but these beings who once were enemies united to catch this salt. And they almost achieved success together. Ortrex really destroyed two lampreys, but he himself was irradiated with ultrasound. And when he became sluggish and pliable, the dragon began to drink it on one side, and the greedy centaur took a bite off the shoulder. It would go so further and Ortreks would have been destroyed, but fortunately he pressed the detonation button. Bombs that he mined this ship worked and most of it was blown into a spray, and Ortreksa was thrown on his own ship.
Then it was even steeper. Ortrex met the ghost mage vampires, fought with them and even killed one of them. In fact, he was just lucky: the "master" obviously relaxed and did not make his body transparent - Ortreks entered it and exploded. After such a terrible injustice, all the "owners" took up arms against him. With noise, they drove along the black hole. There was only one thing: never to look them in the eye, and drive at all times, forgetting about useful artifacts. Fortunately, lucky again - Ortreks flew into the portal-exit and again found himself in outer space.
He was in the galaxy solar system, and of all the planets it attracted the Earth. Ortrex had a strange feeling that he had already found what he was looking for. He felt that the Elixicon was on Earth. He approached the blue planet and entered her atmosphere.

Chapter 2. Ortreks learns.
Los Angeles National Park 0:40 Nights.
The park was big and noisy. A lot of trees and bushes, flowers, asphalted paths and benches, as well as attractions. What kind of attractions there were! To the envy of all. People from all over Los Angeles gathered in this park to have fun and relax. Uncle and aunts, boys and girls. Especially children. These brave, skillful and incorruptible amateurs of entertainment brought their parents here and rode, frolicked, and had fun. The park was full of noisy, childish voices, but this is during the day. And now it was night. Nothing worked - everything was asleep (including watchmen).
The attraction "Merry American Ponies" was located in the southeast of the park and was a roundabout with horses. It was surrounded by high seven-year elms, young poplars and elder bushes. And Charles Schwibba also slept there. At 10 o′clock when the park was empty and the twilight was gathering in it, he came here, climbed into the hole under the attraction and settled on a bed of rough linen bags and sawdust. This little couch he built himself, as well as a hole and broke off a merry merry-go-round two or three boards. No one in the park seemed to notice this loss, that Schwibbe was on hand. Every evening he came here with a bottle of alcohol and found in a garbage edible and arranged. Then I turned it off. And as a rule I slept without dreams. And woke up only when the merry merry-go-round over his head did its morning first, trial circles. He silently washed the tear from his face and chose the moment again to leave. A new day and new wanderings. And in the evening I came here again, because he did not have his own house and could not appear. Again, alcohol and food from the dumps. And again, sleep until the first booming circles and the first children′s voices. So it turned out that for someone a childhood, but for someone the only shelter.

Charles Schwibbe was 43 years old. In the very recent past (some 2 years ago) he was a successful engineer, in one large industrial firm. Then the collapse of 1977, the dismissal from the firm, the care of his wife, the casino, and a series of black, unlucky days as a result of which Shvibba became addicted to alcohol and found himself in the street in a literal and figurative sense.
Now he was asleep and that the most strange dream was. He saw his ex-wife Juliette Schwibb. She came right here in the park, and looked at him from above - down, from the whirling American horses. She was in what she was, but she was wearing a black, long dress, which could not be better emphasized by her stout, strong figure. Furies, not women. Charles was afraid of her and in marriage, and now, when after these two years, she found him here, generally stiffened with fear. He lay under an attraction, on the grass and could not move. And Juliet looked at him and her eyes filled with anger. "What are you, a miserable, worthless worm, I thought you could get away from me! From me, ah-ha-ha-ha! "At the same time, clouds of smoke burst from the mouth of the former wife. She soared into the sky and temporarily disappeared. "Witch! thought Shvibba at the same moment. "And all that is not human with it is witchcraft!" And here something happened about cleaner. The carousel exploded. As it was, I suddenly began to buzz, rang, and then burst into a thousand fire fragments. And Shvibba, from head to foot, threw this burning and hot junk. He jumped to his feet, he began furiously shaking himself and screaming like a victim in a fire. Yes indeed the fire was there: the remains of the carousel were burning, several trees nearby burned and he was a rushing little man in the midst of this infernal flame. But no, she was still - Juliet stood in the center of the conflagration and smiled. "You will not leave me a miserable human-aaa !!!" she howled angrily and exposed the white witches of her fangs. Charles realized that he had to run away. That only a run will escape from this ill-fated place. And the next instant I realized that there was no power to escape, alas. He tried, but his legs were as if wadded and, refusing to obey his master, suddenly threw him on the ground for no reason. Shvibba tried to run away from the demoness on the tufts, but this was also tight. And the next moment he felt someone pull him by the left ear. It twitched and burned, as if someone was breathing it from behind with someone′s hot breath. «EARS !!! SHE GIVES MY EARS !!! "- only and had time to think Shvibba. And woke up.

Alas, but it was not a dream. Something was really wrong. Hardly had Shvibba opened his eyes, he saw around him a fire, the remains of a carousel and a huge black pit. What was inside this funnel, it was difficult to understand - it went about 10 meters underground, but something was burning, gurgling and exploding. Charles had his ear burned and only that. He got off lightly, considering how much destruction there was around. The carousel was no longer subject to restoration, the manager′s booth burned, trees and benches were burning nearby. The park was already beginning to come alive: distant voices and footsteps could be heard, but there was still no one nearby, only Shvibba and the destruction itself.
He himself would have made his feet, but curiosity overcame. I really wanted to look into the pit and call my wife by name - and then, in fact, she did it all to bedlam.
"Juliet, Juliet!"
Hoarse few times, Charles stepped back. I did not particularly hope for success. It was foolish to imagine the wife in the place of all this destruction. Yes, she was a bitch and a quarrelsome, arrogant, cunning asshole, but not a devil. They lived in marriage for a good 18 years, and one could say that he had studied it well during that time. Most likely this dream was the result of a good "sleeping pill" and nothing else, so it was necessary to make the legs while it was possible. And Shvibba wanted to run, but then this came up from the bowels of the pit ... which immediately made him stop.

Ortrex broke his spaceship barely entered the field of the Earth. Did not calculate the speed. As a comet broke through all layers of the atmosphere and rushed to some park, to some attractions. He smashed the attraction and drilled a huge 10-meter funnel. He was terribly sorry for the ship (now he was a mountain of garbage), but there was the Decreasing Case with all its artifacts. He reduced the Case, reliably hid it inside his body and slid-slid outward. And up there, some idiot was shouting something, calling someone. Well, let it be. Now he finds out ...
Shvibba was numb and could not move. Something looked at him from the pit. Similar to a huge mud pillar, constantly flowing and not having any specific shape. The eye and mouth were not at the post, but Shvibba knew that IT was following him and did not doubt that if he could speak, he would. No, Charles Schwibba never believed in aliens from space. But now, it seems he began to believe. The aliens did exist. Or how else to explain the razvorochennoe attraction, this hole in the ground and a mud pillar. I had to believe.
And the pillar, meanwhile, took shape of the figure of a man. Then the face and clothes. Turned into a real person and stopped spreading in all directions. And this man was suspiciously like him. To Charles Schwibb. The same height of 1 meter 65 centimeters, the same long ruffled hair, bags under the eyes, dirty mustache and beard and crumpled, dirty, tattered clothes.
- Who are you? Shvibba asked, frightened.
The second Shvibba opened his mouth and repeated the question:
- Who are you?
But he spoke without fear. Rather curiously. With the pleasure that a person experiences after a long illness, again rejoicing in his health. He raised his hand and laid it on Charles′s shoulder. The second hand was placed on the second shoulder. At the same time, Charles really shook with fear (he knew that something bad was going to happen after that).
Ortrex with the cruelty of the executioner, as if he had done it thousands of times first squeezed a tramp, and then just tore it up. The blood of poor Shvibba flew in all directions. She fell on the trees, on the asphalt, on the fire and on the assassin himself. And he threw away the now unnecessary hands and caught his head and happily kissed her. Only there, inside, and had everything he needed. Brain. The gray human brain. The source of knowledge and the repository of all collected information. Ortreks began to absorb without delay.

Alas, but Schwibby′s brain could not please him. Once Shvibba was a talented engineer, read smart books, talked with clever people, but now all he could afford was vagrancy from one corner to another, communicating with the same vagabonds as himself and alcohol. Information was scarce. Catastrophically little. Because of drinking alcohol, more than half of the brain cells were dead. And from the living he managed to suck some information about the city, some about buddies, something about his ex-wife and a bunch of dead hopes and plans.
"It′s not enough," shouted Ortrex. - Few! Few! Few! I need more! "He learned English through the head of Shvibba, but unfortunately, the vocabulary of the latter was extremely small. Ortrex needed more knowledge. And he swept across the park, with a black whirlwind, searching for his new victims.

On this night, several other homeless people and hippies got caught in his network. And he drank their brains to the bottom. Some of the new information he learned from these goals, but they could not satisfy his thirst for knowledge.

His training lasted several days. He spied on various people on the planet and then abducted them. Anyway, who did not take, very carefully looked at his subjects (there was among them killed one guy who was fond of spy craft - he taught him that). He kidnapped 7 men and 9 women from different parts of the planet. Including the popular Los Angeles television presenter Clara Burckest. Ortreks spied on her for two days: he studied the circle of her acquaintances, hobbies, even watched the transfer. And after all this, he realized that Clara was his best candidate.
To begin with, he tore off all his clothes from his subjects and studied the difference in bodies for a long time. One man and one woman just cut into two honor to see what they are inside. Two others forced to have sex in front of everyone. The bodies of these people were absolutely weak-willed, that is, they could not obey their masters. But Ortreks could do anything with them - that′s what he used. The woman became pregnant, as her belly grew by leaps and bounds, then she gave birth. Nobody knew how Ortreks did it, but all before the eyes of the child quickly learned to crawl, then walk, mature, grow old and fall apart. The people were all conscious (they simply could not control their bodies) and they trembled with fear and cried watching this monstrous metamorphosis. As for the young mother (the woman was only 19 years old), she lamented and in every way begged the executioner to spare her child. But Ortrex was deaf to all the requests of people. He deprived this pair of reason and forced them to fight to death until they destroyed each other. A girl from France had long been tormented by studying the painful points on her body and in the end she - all in blood - begged for her death. He infected another man with all the diseases known to him and looked at their effects. In the end, the body of a man could not stand it and he died of a heart rupture. Two men and three women fell to his knees in front of him and begged him to be their assistants. Ortreks agreed to take 2 women and 1 man. 1 He killed a man and 1 woman instantly, saying that they would betray him. Ortreks improved his assistants-through the bones he missed the metal alloy, expanded the tissues and gave them immunity to poison, heat, cold and fiz. pain. Over the bare bodies he put a powerful energy armor. His assistants howled in pain, wriggled in convulsions and regretted that they went for it, but when everything was finished before Ortreksom stood three 256 cm giant in armor and ready for any orders. The last was a journalist. She was the most tasty morsel for Ortrex. She knew a lot, had talents and abilities, developed imagination. Ortrex sucked knowledge from her brain 2, 5 weeks. But she still held on. And when she had only to die, her dried little body continued to breathe. Quietly snuffled until her heart froze and she herself did not turn to dust.
He was squatting in one of the dungeons of Paris in the ashes of Clara Burckest and smiled rather "I pay tribute," he said to himself. "People are a very strong race!"

Chapter 3. First steps.
In the police reports of the city there was a lot of information about the mysterious murders and disappearances. Almost every police station received an orientation to an unknown maniac killer and Ripper. The motives were incomprehensible, there were no witnesses to his monstrous crimes, but there were enough tracks. Here and there were torn to shreds of bodies and heads devoid of brains, if they were at all. Many bodies were not found at all. How did the TV hostess Clara Burkest disappear. Disappeared like her and never existed in the world. But calls to the police of relatives and numerous friends of Clara talked about the opposite.
The police station of Jack and Ella also did not ignore the news about the mysterious murderer. And of course this case was handed to Ella and Jack. After all, they were listed there as specialists in complex and complicated cases.
"This maniac only manages for a week, but already instilled fear in our whole city," the chief told them. - To think, I have never seen so many statements from frightened citizens with requests to protect their lives. Uncover this case, my boys. Deactivate the villain. And find out what with this ... this ... Clara Burckest ... did not she become a victim of our killer.
"We will do our best," Jack said.
"And do not doubt, we′ll find a maniac and neutralize him," Al added.

Home first of all, El took out the case computer and began to enter information. First of all asked what connection between the disappearance of Clara Burckest and the unknown maniac. But there was no answer. The computer gave out a window with one single line "No data". Al was puzzled. His smart machine was not able to give out information. It meant that you should try to ask otherwise. Al asked to reveal to him an unknown killer maniac and give him detailed reports on the murders - again, "No data". In the end, Al asked if Clara Burckest was alive or not at the moment - the computer showed a window with all the same annoying two words.
"It looks like information is protected," Al said. - Who would our opponent was not like he carefully sweeps the tracks.
"Or opponents," Jack interjected.
"Again the Thallases?" Alex asked warily.
They sat in the living room on the couch, and waited for El to give them something comforting. But comforting news did not seem to have been foreseen.
"Yes," agreed Alex Al. "Or worse."
"Is it really that bad?" Jack asked after a moment′s pause. - And nothing can be done.
"Not really." And there′s something else you can do, "Al said.
And froze waiting for the reaction of friends.
- Well, - Alex hurried.
"Come on," Jack urged.
"We′re flying to Alekers." She has the most perfect spy equipment, "Al said and winked at his friends cheerfully.

"I′m glad that you appreciate my espionage equipment and me personally," said Alekorsa. "But give me ten minutes." My cars should warm up, process all the information, and only then will the result.
The conversation took place at the house of Alekorsa. In her personal observation post. Alekorsa was sitting in a comfortable computer chair. Her powerful computer, all of his monitors, antennas and other parts were already warming up and getting ready for work. Alex and Jack, heard about 10 minutes, immediately sat down on a soft leather sofa standing right there in the room, Al same restlessly walked back and forth and sentenced: "Faster, faster!"
"Boss, calm down!" Said Alekorsa. "This is the first time I′ve seen you like this!"
"And you′re not alone," Alex called from the sofa.
"This is the first time I′ve been in this condition," El said on the move. "Please, please, Aleko find for me this maniac, or a group of thugs, for that matter."
"I′ll do everything I can, master," said Alekorsa and stared at her computer.

She very quickly clicked the keys and entered questions into the computer. Then she waited for the answers. But alas, as in the case of Ella′s computer, there was only one answer: "Information is not available." Alelors did not despair, she turned on her spy monitors and asked the computer the name and parameters of Clara Burckest. I found Clara alive. Here it is 4 days ago. Here she went after filming the transfer home, and then she sat down in her "Tyot". Then the picture disappeared and the monitor was interfered. Then the monitor completely disconnected.
"Apparently she was killed anyway," Jack said.
Al, Jack, Alex and Alekorsa checked another 28 people (10 dead and 18 missing) on the computer, and the same answer was in 20 cases. Here′s a man alive and healthy, but the interference on the monitor and again everything is black. 5 people were killed, but they saw their killers. They were bandits who obviously decided to blame their blame on the Ripper that had appeared in the city. One person died of a drug overdose. Three people were still alive. The two were held by their kidnappers in some basement. One escaped from home himself. But still the fact remained: an unknown stranger was unavailable and this all spoiled.
"Yes," said Al, puzzled. - My worst forecast began to come true. There is a dangerous thug in the city.
"Or an army of thugs." Do not forget, "Jack interjected.
"An army of high-tech, notorious thugs," Al said to himself. - No, it′s not all thallas. This is much more serious.
"But if our enemy is a loner," he said after reflection. - This is a real stumbling block for all of us! And it′s more serious than anything we′ve seen before!

Chapter 4. The Band of St. Orthy.
Warehouses are different. Some are big, others are small, some have a lot of things, others have a bit of it. This warehouse was something average between big and small, empty and not very much. This warehouse used to belong to a company selling canned tuna. In 1978, the company went wrong and it closed. And the warehouse remained. Remained unchanged square, iron cabinets, and even canned food lying in freezers.
The Tukon gang unauthorizedly settled in this warehouse and for almost a year now lived here. We went through the underground passage, then the lock on the doors was broken, we brought here a sofa, a table, chairs and even an old TV. We played cards here, drank beer, watched TV, shared profits from business (things were mostly small: from street to apartment thefts) or fucked their girls. The girls in the gang were 3: Patty, Bledis and Moria - the other guys. In the gang there were only 12 people: the average age of bandits from 18 to 27 years. The gang was terribly unpopular and among the rest of the gangs of Los Angeles took almost the very last place. She constantly fought against other gangs for her right to exist and constantly went bruises and abrasions. She had to patch up some wounds, others appeared in their place. Nobody wanted to support this gang and no one went into its ranks. She herself was not clear on what. Here it was to fall apart.
And once everything was completely different. This gang was one part of Joe Montana′s huge gang, and all she had was a top type. Each member of the gang was in its place and invested in one big common cause. Then Joe Montana′s band fell apart and Tucon appeared. This name is the surname of the leader of Philippe Jay Tucon, although he called himself Spyder and demanded everyone call him so. At first, the new gang was something special and steep, but then everything quickly went into the ass. It was quickly crushed by other gangs and bandits - more abruptly and later. So she had to live in some kind of abandoned warehouse, to feed on what God would send and arrange rare, sometimes successful, sometimes not, forays into the city. The gang existed for 3 years and now in fact it was dying.

Late at night, when Spider himself sat on the couch and thought about the future anxiously, Patty and Moria snuggled next to each other, Bledis and Punk Flick sat on the floor and sulked, two more parks sat in a chair and waited until the third set up a television for them, and the rest knew where he was, he appeared. He was tall, tall, gray-haired in short-cropped hair, black cassock, and with a bible in his hand.
"My children, I have brought you the word of God!" He shouted loudly, so that his words filled the entire warehouse.
The Spider, who was looking at the back of the snoring Moria and was thinking about something of his own, was interrupted in an instant and stared at the priest who appeared before him with nothing to understand. "What the fuck, right now!" - Then he thought. Bladis and Flick flinched and stopped throwing cards at each other. The three punks-TV viewers also tore themselves away from their affairs and stared at the newcomer with nothing understanding eyes. And the rest of the gang members also started to move. And if they did not become active, then they were definitely peering at the poor fellow in black who came to his trouble on the old abandoned warehouse, 1 against 12.
A strange type, as if unaware of the tragedy of his situation, continued to preach:
"My sons and daughters, for a long time you lived in mud, in the trash of life, like cockroaches feeding on someone′s undernutrition, but ... But it all ends, my lost souls, and your suffering has ended. Now I′m with you. Your Shepherd.
"Who the hell are you?" And how did you find out about our secret lair! And what a devil you need here! - screamed Spider already starting to get angry at the priest.
Now he was not sitting, but was standing in front of his opponent. He clenched his hands in fists.
"I′m here to guide you to the Word of God, the True Path." The Lord led me here, "the priest continued to bend his line. - And who am I, I do not understand. I am the Light of God, I am your good shepherd, I am the defender of all desperate and oppressed bandits of this city, I am Saint Orthy.
"He said his name." We′ll know how to bury you, "Spider squeaked with his teeth. And shouted to his. "Hey guys, an uninvited guest came to us to find his own death!" Let′s pour in a properly uninvited guest! St. Orthi, as he himself just said!
And the bandits chuckled to get hold of the brass knuckles, stilettos, baseball bats, chains. Armed with everything, even the girls (they have long woke up and took up fighting stances), took St. Orthy to the ring, but no one climbed forward. The first move was for the leader. The first blow was behind him.
And now Spider lunged forward throwing out his hand with the flip knife, hoping to hit, the unknown, spoiled the entire priest, in the neck.

Ortrex was very pleased. After several trial murders and many destruction, he saw his assistants in the case, dismantled them into pieces and folded them into a black diminishing Suitcases (taken from pirates during his space journey). With him was only a red-haired assistant named Orta. She was the cleverest of the three, so Ortrex held it to him and listened to her advice. She was an unrivaled cruelty killer, destroyer and executioner who would unleash the language to anyone. Ortrex told her who he was looking for and why. Horta gave him advice - to find the one he is looking for you need to have a lot of eyes, ears and hands. She found this gang for Ortrex. Accidentally she noticed it when she dodged in the state of invisibility (she had such a function) around the city. Ortrex said to Orte: "I do not care what they are not - losers, or mothers, if only they were." Horta saw a street brawl and then went to the warehouse together with the beaten Tucons. I heard the thoughts aloud from one of the skinhead guys: "We would be a steeper gang if we had another leader!" She spoke these words word for word and said: "I think this is what you are looking for."
Ortreks believed his Destroyer, but to be faithful, the day itself watched the gang. Snezing from corner to corner, becoming transparent for this, he listened, marked in memory and rejoiced. It seems that the gang was really what it takes. Only one fact did not suit him: his new gang was too small. But he overheard the drunken revelations of some and noticed that the gang had not had good standing for a long time; got into the thoughts of one more and found out that the gang is terribly unpopular and there are no new fighters - but I would like to; finally followed the guy and the girl who climbed into the booth of the warehouse guard, in order to plenty of fucking and realized that they are with each other only because of the habit. "How I want new women. We only have three. And everything has already been tried, "he thought. "How do you want a new member," she thought. "Our guys are all studied along and across, but there would be a new little man ...". "Nothing, there will be new faces for you. And new things. And glory with money, "Ortreks promised mentally. In general, he waited until night, and at night, at 2:45, entered into their lair in the cloak of the priest and from the main entrance - the iron gate, which was closed on the double bolt for more than a year (the main castle was ruthlessly cut off)
Why Ortreks dressed as a priest? Maybe because the last person he killed was a priest. Or maybe he really wanted to instruct someone and preach something. But more likely that he just wanted to mock. To mock everyone: over the gang, over the priests and over the very fact of the coming of the Light of God into such a dark and godforsaken place. However, this parish was held: because Ortreks was going to modernize the gang.

The first blow was missed. The priest cleverly dodged and the knife blade only scratched the air where his neck used to be.
"My son is so unkind to treat a priest like that!" Shouted Ortrex cheerfully. - To people who are rude and evil-hearted people there is no entrance to the Kingdom of Heaven.
- DO NOT PUBLISH, SHOKIN SON! - evil screamed Spider. "I′ll get you anyway."
Tried to cut two more times, but all is vain. At last the knife was knocked out of his hands and Ortreks went to thresh his hand-to-hand. Very soon it turned out that Spider no fighter and all his tricks against the stranger in black cassock - NOTHING. The priest so wisely waved his arms and legs that Spider only received: on the head, on the neck, on the stomach, on one leg, on the other.
- WHAT DO YOU LIKE HOW THE STOCKED, THE WRONGS ARE SACRED !!! - he shouted to his gang, when everything in the blood was thrown to the floor at the feet of his assistants. - BECOME IT !!! FAST!!!
Spider was beaten and very scared. I got both eyes, broke my nose, lost a few teeth, had a lot of bruises and bruises. He was frightened because he had a premonition: this is only the beginning - it will be even steeper and bigger. He yelled at his bandits as angrily as he could-he tried to be as cool as possible, but he was beaten and frightened-it was passed with his cry and everyone in this warehouse understood this.
And so no one moved. Everyone stood as before, and then looked uncertainly at Orty on Spider.
And Ortreks, having felt this moment, said this speech:
"You′ve been the leader of Spider for quite some time." Head of the incompetent and stupid. Under your rule, the gang did not develop at all and only rolled into the abyss. Is not it time you conceded your place to another leader. And this gang will be the most powerful in all of Los Angeles, if you recognize me as your new leader. And I will give you everything that this moron did not give.
11 people with knives, chains and bats as enchanted listened to Ortrex′s speech and did not dare to move. Even breathing did not dare. And Spider, who was lying on the floor was angry, realizing that he was being deprived of power. And when he could not stand it already, he screamed as if he had been cut:
This "Beat him - because he is one" acted on the young bandits as "Fas" on the dog. They immediately rushed into battle. And they did not think about anything else. And they did not listen to any speeches.

But alas their attempts were also vain. They Ortreksa could not even be hooked. None of them.
Cleverly dodging the bat, he hit the attacker under the kidney and snatched his weapon. Immediately punk with green hair got his own bat in the ass. A handsome Negro with a steel chain, however hard he tried, could not get hold of her to St. Orthy, but then he killed two of his friends: Asian Lin and the girl Patty, who came to him with a knife from behind. At the end of the end, the Negro also got his: lost his remarkable tenacious, got a blow to the knee and a blow to the nose. With the chain Ortreks was practically unattainable: so cleverly and so painfully thrashed it with bandits that they kept away from it at a distance of 5 meters. Front, back, left, right - it was impossible to approach it. In the end, everyone got either in person, or over the head, or around the neck, or along the ribs. No one wanted to crawl into trouble and compete with saint Orthy. Who was lying on the floor (like Spider), who sat, who moaned, and someone cursed himself about today′s midnight guest.
And the guest did not think to finish the fun. It has just begun. He went to Spider, still lying on the ground, made a loop out of the chain, threw a bandit around her neck and forced him to stand up in one jerk.
"My children are drugged!" He shouted to the gang. - And all the fault of your leader Spider! Here it is - look at it!
Ortrex slightly raised the chain with Spider, why the captive bandit began to wheeze and gasp. His eyes were already beginning to darken and his hands were desperately hammering on the chain, but the hangman who was holding him apparently decided to have mercy on him and weakened his hammer. But his speech did not weaken.
"He′s to blame for everything and only him!" He shouted again. "He′s got a fool in my head and I have to clear this head!" Now ... you will all be witnesses ...
The spider fell with a heavy bag under the feet of his tormentor. And the chain fell behind him. And all in order that ...
- ORTA !!! - that was wet, shouted the black priest.
And Orta appeared before the astonished bandits. As if from the air she had been molded. A huge, beautiful woman, chained in a shiny, silvery armor. Her long, curly, red hair fell from her head to her metal shoulders, her hands completely encased in armor were waiting for commands, her legs (also in armor) were standing in a bar, and her beautiful face showed utter indifference.
- Orta! Hand saw! Now! Ordered Ortrex.
A large toothed disk jumped out of the wrist in his hand and swung around with a menacing buzz. In a matter of seconds, it untwisted to such speed that the denticles were not visible at all.
- To nag! This! In two parts! Now!
Orta crouched, grabbed Spidder′s unaware of her left leg and lifted her high above the floor.
- LOOKS !!!! Pozhaaaluustaaa !! LOOKS !!!! The poor man yelled at the top of his lungs.
He choked on his blood, because Orta began to nag him in the groin area.
The spider screamed at the entire warehouse and twitched as the fish caught on the hook. From this, the blood flew in all directions and flooded everything around.
The saw growled and growled and sawed the ribs of the gangster loser, the blood still flew in all directions, and the living bandits with a sinking heart for this nauseating heart-rending spectacle. Did not even dare to breathe.
Ortrex spoke. His voice was so loud that it blocked the whirring of the saw and the groaning of the poor Spider.
- Yes! Some diseases can be cured only surgically! That′s the ailment that struck our Spider can be cured only by the electric saw of my assistant Horta! But I hope we will cleanse the body and the main soul of our good friend!
Zhzhzhuuuuhh-hr-hrrrrrrrrr. The saw was already sawing the head. The spider died and now Orta was dopping up his unhappy body. There was a lot of blood, as before. She flew in all directions and poured everything around.
Zzhzhzhzh. Saw finished her work and stopped. Horta caught Spider′s limp leg hanging limply and with a dead thud finally ripped his body apart. In two parts. As the master demanded.
"Orta, do not clean the saw," Orty ordered.
And he again turned to the bandits:
- Hallelujah my children. The spider has cleared and now it′s in the best of the worlds. But maybe, my sons and daughters, one of you is sick like your leader. Please tell me about this or my Horta.
The bandits pondered for a few seconds. They looked at the bloodstained face of the giant on her bloody hand saw, Spider both halves of which now lay on the bloody floor (his body now resembled a meat cut) and Orty, who was smiling benevolently at the moment.
They ran to him and to Orte (all 11 people) and collapsed to their knees. They stretched out their hands, as if he really were their father, and began to beg:
"Please, stop it!"
"Do not harm us!"
"Better be the new leader of our gang!" You and your Horta!
"Together we will be an invincible gang!"
- Orty and Orta !!!
- Orty and Orta !!!
- Orty and Orta !!!
- Hooray!!! Hooray!!!
They were so dirty, so beaten up and so sincere. How could they not believe it. Orty even patted someone on the head. He ordered Orte to hide her saw, picked up her children from her knees and ordered them to celebrate the birth of a new gang.

"From now on, this is the" gang of St. Orthy, "he said toast. "And now she will have a completely different life."
- Hooray!!! Hooray!!! Hooray!!! Cried the bandits. - Glory to our leaders - Orty and Orte !!!

Chapter 5. Search.
Several days passed and the new gang of St. Orthy a little spirited up. These few days the bandits raped, robbed and even wanted to be killed. Ortrex gave them invulnerability and absolute luck in all matters. So the bandits and bandits performed their cherished and accumulated wishes for many years. All this was done with several purposes. 1. Raise their fighting and morale, let them turn around, 2. Assure them of their own strength and steepness, and 3 (the most important) to strengthen the authority of Ortrex as their leader, leader, make them dependent on him and earn their full attention. All these days he was sitting at his headquarters with grim satisfaction watching his children having fun and listening to the reports of John Obo, whom he named the chief among them. And he waited. And then he again collected them. He addressed the following speech: "My dear bandits, you had a good time. You plundered, raped and rejoiced with all your heart. And it′s good, because the gang should develop. You beat and mocked several gangs that beat and humiliated you. And so it will be. I give the floor that soon there will be no gangs competing with us. We will be the coolest gang of this city. We will have a lot of fighters and people will look for us. We′ll crush all our enemies, and after ... afterwards we′ll swing the whole country, but ... but it′s all afterwards. Now I need your help. "
Now he was no longer the black priest who had come to them. Now he was an important, forty-year-old man, clean-shaven in an impeccable white suit (well, pure, godfather) and in his hand he had a cane with a heavy silver knob. For an hour he told his accomplices that he was an alien and was looking for the same alien. He neither told them a word about his goal, but said that his aliens were called Elixicon; that he is sure that he is on Earth; he should be well taken refuge and if he is really here, he is very intelligent, uses unearthly technology and knows everything a few steps ahead. "Think of my dear children, how can I find Elixicon. Help me. Come on, come on, "said Ortrex, stroking his cane.
"Chief, what will we have with this?" Asked the punk flick.
Orty gently ran his fingers over the knob and thought that if there were not so few people in his gang, he would have smashed Flick′s skull with pleasure with this "tool." But he did not say out loud, but said:
"My dear Flick, do not think about it." Think about how to find this asshole. The fee will be dignified, I promise you. If you help me, I′ll see that each of you receives your reward. Work, but I will not forget you.
- The boss. Orty. Mr. Orty, I can tell you, "Moria Sarks turned to him awkwardly. "You′re sure he′s here." That is, I want to say, you are not mistaken. If he is on Earth, is he really in America, in Los Angeles?
"No, Moriya, I′m not mistaken." He′s here. I feel this guy. And I only need helpers to find him, "said Ortreks tiredly.
And he thought: "How did you get me!" And immediately wanted to disperse his meeting. Kick them out of their "office" and again stay with Horta. But Moria gave him a sound idea: "Now if I had the ability," she said dreamily. - Well, let′s say understand rats, birds and some insects (cockroaches). I could ask them if something unusual happened in the city. After all, if he is an alien of such great power, he will definitely prove himself. And small animals they always see and know everything. This is a typical misconception that they are just stupid creatures - they crawl and do not understand anything. " "With your permission, I could slide among the living with invisible people and overhear their conversations," White said. He was inspired by the speech of Moriah and he also received an independent idea. - In this city, people talk about things differently, boss. Perhaps, about your aliens, too. Give me a chance". "Well, let me penetrate into the minds of people and read their thoughts," asked the stout Negro Dasmas. "I know some people who definitely can know something."
Orty beamed.
- Excellent!!! Excellent!!! Excellent!!! Now you three are my horses! Come to me - I will teach you. And from now on we will begin our search.

Moria, White and Dasmas received their super abilities and the search began. But the first week was very quiet and boring. There were no news. Not from anyone. They spied, they penetrated the thoughts of other people and consulted with small creatures. People did not know anything and they did not talk about anything like that. As far as rats, birds and cockroaches.
And then on another empty day, when 3 horses were on their missions, the gang of St. Orti arranged another drinking party, and Orty himself was in his "study" and thought there would be more help to him and better quality, there was a noise:
"Flick, calm down!"
"Patty, you went in the ass!" Do not stand in my way!
"Flick, calm down, I beg of you!"
- Patty, get the hell out of ... .make yours so .... !!!!
The doors of Ortreksov′s den opened and these two broke in. The couple was the most suitable for each other. He is a punk in leather rags and in iron chains, with a green comb of hair on his shaved head; she is a punk diva as dirty and in the same clothes, with iron earrings in her ears, a ring in her nose and a purple crest of hair on her shaved head. Only he, unlike her, was unshaven, and drank alcohol sharply from him.
"Flick, calm down please!" You′ll only anger him! I ask you!
"Patty, shut up, you nasty, cheap whore," Montari Flick squeaked with his teeth. "I′ll tell him anyway!"
Ortrex, who at that moment was talking with Horta, broke off, painted a very sour disappointment on his face and asked with a lilac velvet voice:
"Yes, my dear Flick, I hope you had a reason to burst into me like this?" Did you remember something?
- Remembered, the boss, still remembered! Cried Flick, spraying saliva into Ortrex′s stance.
And Ortreks already remembered how Orta sawed their former leader Spawn and thought he could also execute Flick. But what he heard in the next few minutes coordinated his decision.
- Stendery! That′s who you need! Yes, yes they are! - Flick broke into a joke. - We had a big and powerful gang! The Joe Montana gang and I were in this gang! But then it collapsed: we were seized by cops, our leaders themselves handed over us and went to jail, these nasty preachers came to us and said that banditry was bad, that we should live honestly! Several months and the most progressive gang of the city did not become! I and a few other guys harbored a terrible anger at the one who broke our gang - deprived us of everything. We lived in garbage as rats because of him. The fact that it was someone alone and he was devilishly clever, we did not doubt. We listened. We were waiting. Bribed one cop and he said that the case of the gang was entrusted to two policemen - the brothers Stenderi. He told me that they finished this business and were very proud of it! And we heard it, swore to revenge them! As you wish! And now from all our gang there was only me!
Suddenly sighing, Flick finished and immediately wanted to drink. And Ortrex folded his fingers in the castle and pondered. That′s how it turned out. And the most useless person in the gang has brought the most valuable information so far. Could this be Stendery? Yes of course.
"All right, all right," he smiled affectionately. "Soon you will receive your revenge." In the meantime ... what else did your friend from the police tell you? They′re brothers, right? What are their names? Where do they live? How to look at them close?

Much punk Flick did not say, but he accurately named their names and indicated where their police station is located. Ortreks went alone. He ordered Orte to monitor the bandits and prevent them from reveling in death, he became invisible and sniffed into the street. In Los Angeles it was already night, which means that there was no one in the precinct except policemen on duty. But it was not important. Ortrex recognized Stendery′s home address, looked at their personal files and photographs. "El - this is possible and is an Elixicon," he reasoned. - Well, it′s not bad not bad. Work in the police. If I were a bright Keeper and I would have chosen something like that. To look at him near, that′s what I would like to "

- All the lying sons of bitches! Shut up and fulfill my requirements !!! Otherwise, I′ll shoot all of you to hell! Shouted the tall, bearded man, snatching from his coat two pistols of the Magnum system.
Visitors to a small cafe "Begonia" on Sanchiuti Rose were caught in different poses and numb with surprise. It seems that this bearded type did not stand out with anything special (except that he entered a long raincoat on a warm, sunny day), and now he jumped on one of the sofas, snatched two pistols from behind his belt that he yelled and began to poke them into one then in another visitor.
"I′m not clear, mother!" - shouted the man, seeing that from what he had said, all simply were dumbfounded. - Everything on the floor, alive! Your mother!
And for persuasiveness he shot at the ceiling. Immediately overhead, one of the bulbs exploded and its fragments flew all over the cafe. One of the visitors broke the first sweat, several girls squealed with fear, and one of the teenagers immediately rushed to the door (he was closest to her).
- Stand! - shouted the bearded man and pointed a gun at the 13-year-old boy. "Hey, you little zamer, or else your ass can get a lead right there!"
He pointed a gun at him and the boy stopped at the door. It remains only to reach and push.
The bandit held the Magnum in each hand. He deftly jumped on the table, with him jumped off on a white floor with green cells and a few huge steps passed all the cafes.
- Are you a deaf son of a bitch, or are you stupid from birth ?! He shouted to the boy.
The boy did not answer, but only trembled with fear.
- Answer my question!!! The bandit barked. Are you dumb, or deaf? !!! Now!!!
The boy was silent and trembling. He raised his hands over his head, but in this situation it did little to help.
"No, I′ll shoot you right now, you bastard, you stupid creature!" - angrily said the bandit and put a gun to his head.
He squealed even more and tears flowed from his eyes:
"The page-a-alu-u-usa-aa, sir, not na-a-adaaaa," he whispered.
- What are you stabling, and then turn around! Cried the bandit.
The boy turned slowly. Tears streamed from his eyes, the whole small body trembled, as under the gusts of a strong wind.
- Page-a-alu-u-usa-aa! He repeated.
"Die as a man!" - gaily shouted the bandit and put the gun to a small sweating forehead.
But he immediately removed it.
- Have you already pissed ?! Oversized ?! He asked gloating.
I looked at his feet and ... well ... guess was 100% true ... under the small legs in the sandals, a yellow puddle of urine flowed.
- Zassanets! - He blurted into his face and again pointed the gun. You already have to kill for this!
- Oh no, no! Cried the boy and closed his eyes in fear. - Do not shoot!!! Do not shoot!!! I ask you to!!! I beg!!!
"No, I thought of something else," the bandit said, stepping back a few paces.
He reached the first busy table. There was a couple. A well-dressed young man and a black-haired girl in short denim shorts, a white T-shirt and a denim jacket. They were very pale and frightened.
"You," he pointed at the girl. - What′s your name?
"You bastards," he said, pointing his pistol at the visitors. - To stand, where stood. The first one to jerk - I′ll pile on hell!
- You zasanets, - he said, addressing a new poke of the gun to the boy. - Stand where you are, otherwise a direct hit in your head is guaranteed!
- Well, how to call ?! He shouted to the girl.
"K-k-ket-tlyn, that is, Kathy Brown, sir," said the girl, also shaking with fear.
"Well, that already looks like something," said the mad bearded man with satisfaction. "Stand up to Cathy Brown!" You will be my punishing hand!
The girl stood very trembling and trying not to look at this terrible man armed with two barrels.
"Marsh, to this Sassan!" And do not try to piss herself - I′ll kill without hesitation!
Kathy walked on her padded legs, and one gun was looking at her in the back. The other hand of this madman was stretched back and he kept glancing at the rest of the cafe where at least a dozen people gathered.
- I see everything! - shouted the bearded man catching in that part some stirring. - Someone wants to play ?! Someone to decorate a hole ?!
A solid businessman, who was already lying on the floor (as ordered) for some reason reached out to his diplomat. Apparently, he remembered about some important papers that he did not want to get this crazy bandit. The diplomat was lying on a wooden sofa with a red leatherette. The businessman reached out and almost lost his hand. The next moment a shot rang out and a burst bullet left a large hole in the diplomat.
- Another stupid, or deaf? !!! Exclaimed the bandit. - Are you going to argue with me? !!!
"No, no, sir, I understand everything!" - the businessman shouted, covering himself with sweat. "I′ll lie quietly, I promise !!"
- This is for you all! The bearded man shouted. - I shoot very aptly and any movement you hear - do not try!
The diplomat stood five meters away from him and this small demonstration of accuracy could explain something to people in the cafe. But then Kitty was on the other side and she had already reached the boy.
"What shall I do, sir?" she asked.
"Put it on your head," the bandit demanded.
- Still, yes it is stronger !!! Shouted the bearded man angry.
The cuff that Kathy gave him seemed very weak to him, almost loving.
"Put him on all fours!" Get your pants down! Hit the ass! Harder and stronger beat! You will not shoot badly - I′ll shoot!
For a few seconds he listened with pleasure to the hand of Kathy, who hit the naked ass of the boy hard and sweepingly. And the boy howled and tears streamed down his face into four streams. He was not only frightened and humiliated, but now he also felt pain.
- Be a peasant boy! The bearded man laughed. - I was beaten very often when I was a child, probably never! Tolerate!
- Aaaaaaaaaaaiiiaaaayayayayaya !!!! shouted the boy.
"And repeat after me," ordered the bandit. "I will never again dare to get up and go to the door ..."
- Niiikoogdaaa ... niii paaaasmeyuyayaya idiii to dveryayam, - the boy croaked
"Until they let me go ...."
- Pokaaa ... .not releasing ... - repeated the boy, choking with tears.
"I promise and swear ..."
"Promise ... klyayanuu ..." the boy sang.
"Kathy, stop it!" Cried the bandit. "Put your pants on him!"
Catti dressed.
"Now calm him down." Stroke the head.
Katie stroked the boy on the head and whispered something, as if the unfamiliar boy was her own younger brother. Although she was pale and trembling, she even tried to smile.
- Good! Now lead this Zassan in the center! And lie down on the floor with him! And without jokes!
Kathy and the boy went to the center of the cafe and obediently lay down on the floor. And they were still trembling.
- So good! The bearded bandit barked. Now Kathy and the boy-zasanets were in the zone of his vision. He turned his attention to the rest of the visitors. Nobody except the businessman and a couple of people went to the floor. - What are you waiting for assholes ?! On the floor! On the floor alive! The bastards will be subordinated to fucking, or I′ll pierce them! Quickly!
People who squeal, who with a cry, who with tears, who with plaintive: "Please do not! Do not! "Lay down on the floor.
The bandit walked contentedly between the lying people and poked a gun at one or the other.
"Please do not harm us!" Please take the money in the checkout and ... "the thick visitor called to him lying under his feet.
- WHAT ?! - the bearded man was furious and hit his heavy boot in the face of this man with all his might.
The blow was the same as a soccer ball on the field. Like a bearded man scored a goal in the opponent′s goal. The man rolled away and his nose cracked dangerously.
- Are you going to teach me, you son of a bitch? !!!! Will you teach me? !!! The bearded man yelled angrily. He pointed the gun and shouted: "You only give me an excuse!" I′ll shoot! Silence, bitch! Lie down and be silent!
And the man was no longer up to it. He wheezed and gurgled. He stood on all fours and instantly pinched the whole floor with his blood. He was breathing and could not breathe. He was dying.
- You two! - the bearded man has shouted to two girls on a floor (red and русая). - Get up quickly and help this fat freak! Take the napkins off the table, all you need is - do not let him die.
The girls immediately rose from the floor and hurried to the aid of a fat guy. The bandit reached the wall, looked at his hostages. I recounted (there were exactly 14 of them). Pulled into the air for the warning.
"Listen to everyone!" He shouted sternly.
And at that moment it happened. A heavy dry cough strangled him. At that moment he shrank all the way, the pistols almost fell out of his hands - he choked for several seconds. His face became pale, droplets of perspiration appeared on his forehead, and just about it seemed he would fall unconscious. At this point, some people in the cafe became very sorry for him.
"Sir, you have a cough ... probably something serious ... you would be in the hospital, and not a cafe to rob," one of the women said from the floor.
"Shut up, you stupid bitch!" - cried the bandit immediately furious. "You are all mine!" MY!!! And none of you stupid sons of bitches, I′m not going to let go! I will not leave here until I get what I came for!
He went behind the window and yelled:
- Well, where the police, her mother!
And he pointed a pistol at the seller girl who was squeezed into a small lump at the cash register. It was a pale, little blonde with long hair, lean, in a green apron.
- You bitch, where is the police? !!!! - The bandit yelled and threateningly clicked the bolt.
"Sir, I do not know, I really do not ...."
The bandit put one of the pistols on the bar and, with his left hand free, grabbed the girl by the hair. Maybe that′s why he wanted to show that his left hand works just as good as the right one, or just wanted to show his strength. Only the girl had tears in her eyes.
- You already pressed the alarm button, bitch ?! - Evil asked the bandit by dragging the girl to her. - If not, then press quickly!
And he roughly pushed the saleswoman away from himself.
The girl was all pale, disheveled and trembling:
"Sir, we do not have a disturbing button," she said, almost crying. - It happens only in banks and pawnshops.
- Do not be angry with me bitch! - shouted the bandit, clutching his left hand for his gun.
But then he took himself in hand and began to rummage through the eyes of her domain. There were bottles, sandwiches, a coffee machine and plastic cups. Red phone on a stand on the wall. Exactly what is needed.
- There′s a phone! Red! Take the phone and quickly call the police! Do you remember the number? I can tell you - 911! Quickly, bitch, quickly!
The saleswoman took off the phone and quickly pressed the treasured 3 buttons.
- Police, help !!! Us robbing! She chirped, just a connection. - Our address is Sentyuriti Rose cafe "Begonia"! Come faster! We are all very scared! The robber gave me a few minutes ...
The tube exploded in her arms and the saleswoman girl with a terrible scream threw her away.
- They will come! Said the bearded man with conviction.
He again put the gun on the window, again grabbed the girl by the hair and pulled it from behind the counter to hurl to all the other hostages.
"I went to the others," he said.
The girl took a couple of steps, but he again barked:
- To stand, I have another idea. Come back.
The girl was coming back. He grabbed her by the hair and threw her into the far corner of her holdings (straight to the broken phone).
"Sit here, do not stick your head out!" And without jokes! He shouted. "You are my trump card!"
People who now concentrated in the center of the cafe in one big heap, groaned and cried. The fat man was still bleeding with his nose, although the girls were rubbing his nose with napkins.
"Let′s wait," said the bandit and sat down in the window.

Near the cafe "Begonia" lined up 3 police cars, and scattered 15 armed police. Everyone was at the ready, everyone had a gun, or a gun, but only Captain Michael Hadida had the floor.
"You wanted the police, we′re here!" He shouted at the mat. "Do not kill anyone!" Tell me your requirements!
"I want AlStenderi to come to my talks!" I will only talk to him! - heard the voice of a bandit from a cafe.
The captain put aside the intercom and whispered: "El Stenderi." But the next moment he already spoke with his people.
"Captain Hadida, the sniper can not find this asshole." It looks like he′s sitting somewhere where he can not be seen from the windows. You can try another assault.
"And do not try to storm me!" Cried the bandit, as if he heard their conversation. - I have 14 hostages here at the counter! I′ll have time to shoot 5-6 before you come in here, plus a saleswoman - she′s on her outstretched hand from me - to get her quite simply! Shoot me, and another surprise awaits you - I have an explosive - I′ll collapse the building and bury you with pleasure! Just try it!
"No assault," Hadida said immediately, and taking the dummy shouted. "We will not storm you, I promise!" Do not kill any of the hostages!
"Where′s El Stenderi ?!" Cried the bandit. "He′s already coming here ?!"
"Listen," said Hadida. - I do not know where is El Stenderi! He is not at all from our site! Listen, maybe ...
"I want Ell Stenderery and only him!" If you go to the assault, if I see here at least some other cop ... I′ll kill ... .no you can imagine!
"Do not kill anyone!" - Once again shouted Khadida and felt his back become wet with sweat.
- Understand that I need time! You only have half an hour! Cried the bandit. "If in a half-hour these doors are not opened by a policeman named El Stenderi, I′ll kill the first hostage!" Work!
Michael Hadida already took the phone and called the central reference. Sweat broke out on his forehead and fingers, and they trembled slightly.

Half an hour later, a policeman named El Stenderi in jeans, wearing a red baseball cap, took a mat and said:
- I′m El Stenderi! You wanted to see me - I showed up! Do not kill anyone and we can start our fellowship!
"Come into the Stendery Cafe," came a few seconds later. "And you′re the only one!" If someone else comes to me, I′ll start killing the hostages!
Al moved with a firm, confident step. He pushed the door and entered the cafe. Immediately I saw people lying on the floor of the cafeteria lying on the floor, a bearded man standing behind a bar with pistols fixed on people. Instantly assessing the situation, El raised his hands over his head.
"That′s it," the bearded bandit laughed. - Handles up and do not you dare to lower them. Catty ... Catty, get up. Go to Ella Stenderi. Quickly go, otherwise I′ll shoot.
Kathy jumped to Ella in a few jumps and froze in anticipation of the next.
"Search him!" Ordered the bandit. - Faster Faster! Pockets, look under the arms, behind your back, what′s this guy behind?
Katie was fumbling with one trembling hand over his body, and she whispered:
- Help ... ..please, Al ... save us all ... please !!!
"I′ll save," he whispered back.
A couple of tears rolled out of Cathy′s eyes, but then she smiled. She turned to the bandit and said:
"Sir, no weapons were found."
- I do not believe! The bandit barked. "Al Stenderery, but let′s turn your back to me quickly." Maybe you have a gun stuck to your back, and this bitch just pretended! By the way, you bitch back to the floor to your heap! She went!
Kathy left, and Al turned his back to the bandit.
- There is nothing and there is no hump like that either, but that′s not all! Said the bandit. "Well, take off your jeans jacket!" Fast!
El obediently pulled off his outer clothes and remained in one white T-shirt.
- Also like nothing! Throw this shit on the floor! And do not think about it! The main thing for you - it′s people and the most alive to get out of here!
El did not even think about the jacket.
- Can I undress before cowards? Al asked with a slight grin.
"No, you seem to be without weapons." Now go to the hostages, kneel before them and wait for my other orders.
Al approached the people and knelt in front of them. He looked at the bandit carefully, but he did not seem to know what to do next.
Then he was shaken by a second strong chest cough. All was squalled and pistols trembled in his hands. For several seconds only coughed, and there was no one to whom he did not care.
"Listen," said Al, turning to the bearded man. "You seem to have severe bronchitis." Let′s do it: let all the hostages go and go to the hospital ...
"Come on, you′re not going to tell me what to do!" - angrily shouted Ella bandit and poked him in the head with a pistol. "I′ll figure it out myself somehow!" But thanks for the trouble!
"As you wish," Al shrugged. And took up hostages.
The fat man who was lying on his back next to the tables was still bleeding. Two girls that were close to her as they could have tried to stop her, covering his face with napkins and kerchiefs, but not much happened. The blood ran both nose and throat and the man already seemed on the verge of fainting.
"We tried, we tried very hard!" - reported the red-haired.
- But nothing comes out! Lord! At it, it all goes and goes! Where did he get so much blood ?! - Rasovolosaya spoke excitedly.
It was clear that the girl before the nurse still studying and studying, but Al understood. He sat down with a fat guy, put one hand on his face and crunched under it. Then El took out a clean handkerchief and wiped out all the blood. In this operation, little magic was laid, but no one in the cafe paid any attention to this.
- Do you feel better? He asked the man.
"Yes, thank you," he said, and it seemed to Ella that something was bubbling inside him.
- What is your name? Al asked, affectionately.
"Joe Jonas," the man said and coughed. - Matthew Jonas.
"It will be all right, Mr. Jonas," Al promised.
- And how are you? He asked the girls.
"Laura," the redhead said.
"Samantha," said the light-haired woman.
El looked up and looked at the bandit. But he looked so gently and kindly.
"Let′s just let Mr. Jonas go, Laura and Samantha," he suggested.
"Why do not you shut up now!" The bandit snapped at him. - I′m not going to let anyone go!
- Come on! Al let him down. - You yourself broke the face of this man, and now do something good for him. This will be your first step.
"All right," he said after a moment′s thought. "And these two women, why should I let them go?"
"You look at Jonas - he′s not feeling well, he will not come by himself." And Laura and Samantha were with him from the very beginning - they will help him to reach.
The bandit reflected for 2 minutes, and then barked resolutely:
- So, so, you three - got up and went out of my sight. Get out! So I did not see you again!
Laura and Samantha helped rise to Jonas and took him under both hands led to the exit. He really did not go well.
"There were 15 left 12" - calculated El. He examined and counted the hostages. There were 6 teenagers from 12 to 17 years old, one fellow businessman, an old man with an old woman, one pregnant, judging by everything, a girl, one black man - a hard worker and a young guy with round glasses. And there was a saleswoman. Yes, he completely forgot about it. She was behind the window, beside a bearded bandit. "Nothing, I′ll free her, too," Al promised. The rescue strategy for the remaining hostages has already been developed. He decided to start with teenagers. He saw in his attention 3 girls and 3 boys, pale, trembling, frightened.
"Listen," he said to the bandit in a kind voice. - Let′s free the kids. These six.
"And you would not go in the ass, Al Stenderery," the thug bellowed angrily. - What a stupid request, damn you! I just freed the three. This is not enough ?!
- It does not matter, little, or much. They are children. Look into their eyes. They are frightened by them badly ...
The bandit turned away from the children′s eyes who stared at him with entreaty and fear.
"They all want to go home." To mothers and fathers. Well, let them go - be a man.
- You are welcome.
"Please, mister."
- I want to go home.
- I also.
- I also.
Children as one began to beg, and some even whimpered.
- Shut up all! Bystraaaa !! - roared them bearded bandit and once again blurted into the ceiling.
Whitewash fell from the ceiling.
"Quiet, children, quietly," Al said, and as the conductor made several signs with his hands, so that they would stop pressing on pity.
And he immediately tried to go on the other side:
- Well, be you the person. They are children. Did not you have a childhood?
- It was! Still as it was! Exclaimed the bandit. "I had the most difficult and disgusting childhood I could wish for a child!" Dad was drunk after he received a higher and prestigious position. Mom got three lovers at once and fucked with them while he slept drunk! Every day I saw their ugliness, their lies, their hatred for each other! Then they started beating me mercilessly - both father and mother! I was beaten so I did not know where to hide from them. Beat, mothers and sentenced that I will never achieve anything in life, and try not even worth it. I no longer went to school, wandered around the city, alone or with friends, and home it was not at all worth returning to.
He heaved a deep sigh and finished his story:
"My father was fired, he became a total nonentity and died from another drinking." Mother was stabbed by one of her lovers. Nasrat. They were disgusting parents. They are both. And I was glad that I was free of them.
Al looked at him without a smile this time. In the eyes there was a great understanding.
"All right," he said. "You had a difficult childhood, they treated you unfairly, but these children ..."
- Yes, shit! Roared the bandit. - Let them get used !!! This is an adult life! Earlier, or later, it does not matter !!!
The attempt was tragically failed.
But El did not despair.
"And think about what they think about you, if you let these kids out," he said. . "You are simply hated there now." At this cafe looks three sniper rifles and snipers just waiting for you to get out of your shadow. And when you get out they′ll slap you - be sure. And they will see that six teenagers leave the cafe alive and healthy, they will think that the bandit is going to contact and that everything can be solved by peace - they will not shoot. And you will be blamed for this.
Al smiled in a friendly way, and the bandit thought about it.
- Do you think ... will be cut ....?!?
- Yes. The most important thing is to take the first step.
"And these bastards, whom I let go, which does not count," the bearded man grunted. "Fat jerk and two cuties with him." Do not count?
"In the count, in the bill," Al nodded. "You′ve already done a good deed." Come on now, do more.
The bandit thought again.
- So. - he said. "Get up and get out of here!" So that my eyes no longer see you!
Six teenagers rose from the floor and hurried to the door. Among them was that deceased boy and Kathy.
"There were 12 left 6" - El thought.
"Kathy, stop!" Ordered the bandit.
"What did I tell you, a small, dirty, cheap bitch, stand!" - barked the bandit and pointed the gun at her on the back. "You′ll make another step and you′ll have a hole in your back."
Kathy froze in place, not reaching the door of any one and a half meters. The other teenagers had already left the cafe, leaving her with the bandit, police officer Ell Stenderi and the rest of the hostages.
"Not 6, but 7", - Al corrected himself.
Kathy stood in one place like a pillar and trembled with fear. She was about to lose consciousness, but somehow she was holding on.
- And do not you dare to piss about! Cried the bandit. "Otherwise, I′ll shoot you right away!" Without any talk!
His voice flew to her from a distance, but he quailed like a whip. Kathy trembled all over and almost fell. But I stood on my feet.
El came to her, took his hand in his hands and looked her gently into her eyes.
Tears streamed down her cheeks:
"Os-free, I implore you," she whispered softly. "I′ll do anything for you ... anything ... I′ll do it!"
"Calm down, sweetheart," Al whispered. "I′ll free you."
If he were a man, he would feel her hands wet with sweat.
"Listen," Al said to the bandit. "Look at it all with the eyes of Kathy. She′s scared, she′s alone ... Catty, baby, please turn to our friend′s face ...
Catti slowly turned around, holding her hands over her head.
"Please do not fire, please," she said quietly.
"She came to this cafe and did not expect that this ... such an event would happen to her." She′s working ... Catty, and by the way, who are you working for?
"I′m the waitress of this cafe," Kathy said, almost crying.
- Why are you without uniforms? - asked the bandit, spitefully chuckling.
- I took it off. She took off the uniform, "Kathy babbled. "So ... my girlfriend ... did not want to ..."
Kathy had black jeans and a white T-shirt.
"Well, why do not I finish this lying scum ?!" - roared the bandit by casting a gun on Cathy′s head.
- Calm down, you! Al shouted at him.
He turned his attention to the girl, who screamed frantically and began to stamp her foot on the spot as if she really wanted to go to the toilet.
He took Kathy′s hand, looked into her eyes, smiled.
"Calm down, my dear, he will not fire," Al promised.
- Waitress, or not; lied or not - it does not matter, "Al said again looking at the bandit. "Look at this girl." She was suffering. She is tired. She sat down to rest, and then you broke in ... And now ... with trunks in it ... Think about for a second what kind of stress it is. Let go of Catty. She deserved it.
"Nope," the bandit smiled. - I will not let go.
- Why?
"She′s my favorite ..."
He almost said "mistress," but he corrected himself in time.
"She′s my right hand," he continued. "She′s my punisher." And suddenly I want to punish someone else. Although after what I heard ...
"Listen," Al said, after a moment′s reflection. - I do not know what you were doing here before I came ... I do not know what your plans are for it, but you have to forget about all this. Look at her. It′s enough. If Kathy really liked you, release her. Give her freedom - this will be the best thing you will do for her. And how to know, maybe she′ll visit you in prison.
"Visiting in prison is a vryat," the bandit said seriously. "So, you, Kathy, turned around and walked away from here." Went, went, while I′m kind.
And Cathy, not believing her happiness, flew out of the café "Begonia".
"There are six left" - calculated El.
"Listen, while you′re so kind, you can let this pregnant girl and these two old men go," Al said with a smile on his face.
-? !!!
- Well, you understand pregnant women ... with pregnant women is always difficult. She has a period of 8-9 months. She would be uncomfortable lying on the floor. Very soon she will ask for some special conditions. Or will give birth directly in the middle of this cafe. Tell me, do you need this, huh? It is better to release it and let experts from outside do it. And the old people ... do you understand ... ?!
"Okay, I understand," interrupted the bearded bandit. - So you three - got up and went from here. You are pregnant and these two are black old men. Get out of here. You are free.
The girl who really had a big belly plummeted past Ella, and behind her two dark-skinned old men - a dry, white-bearded grandfather and a fat grandmother in a cotton dress and huge glasses on her nose.
"Thank you, thank you," she sang enthusiastically and shook Ella′s hand (her hand was also wet). "You saved us!" You saved us all! Thank you! Thank you!
She slammed the door and went out.
"There are three left," Al reckoned.
Al examined the hostages. Dark-skinned hard worker in blue overalls. A guy in round glasses and a yellow T-shirt and shorts. A businessman in an expensive gray suit with a black tie. They lay in the center of the cafe on the floor and trembled. The bandit with pistols looked at them from the shadow corner and was also tense.
El decided to slightly defuse the situation.
- Let′s get acquainted at last? Well, who is the first? You know me. I′m Al Stenderery, a policeman. Who will tell what, let′s give. We′ll digress for a few minutes, let′s talk.
"All right, let me be first," said the guy in the round glasses. My name is Albert Stockmor. I′m a musician in the third generation. He came from England to perform at the "Los Angeles Street Gard Park" with a symphony orchestra, the day after tomorrow. All income from our concert will go to children′s orphanages. Today I had a free day and I was resting in this cafe. God, I just wanted to rest and eat a burger ... I do not want to die! Gentlemen!
El crouched, took his hand and looked into his eyes with a smile, but at the same time very seriously.
"Albert, do not worry and do not be afraid. You will not die, and the day after tomorrow you will perform with the symphony orchestra for orphanages. Everything will be fine. By the way, what is your instrument?
"Violin," the guy answered and answered quite calmly.
It was clear that these few minutes of communication helped him a lot.
- So, we have a classical musician here. Fiddler, "said Al rising. - Who will be next?
"Let me," said the black hard worker. "My name is Andrew Bradley Simans. I′m a building foreman. We are working for HajesSyunaite. We have an order for one high-rise building three blocks from here. Here I came to my lunch break. And although this situation is not new to me, I try to avoid them. And although I was late for work, I would very much like to leave this place alive.
"You will leave Mr. Symans alive from here," Al promised. "I guarantee this to you."
There was a businessman. Rather, it is Al who mentally dubbed him a "businessman" because of an expensive suit, also a very expensive and black shoes shiny to shine.
"Mister, what′s your name?" Al asked, approaching the business man.
But the businessman seems to have fallen into a stupor and did not react to his words.
"Mister, can you hear me?" Repeated Al.
"Do not waste your time on this nerd," advised the bearded criminal.
El ignored this advice.
He sat opposite the lying businessman, took his hands and looked into his eyes:
"Mister, can you hear me?" - Al asked, having established eye contact.
The businessman was shaking with fear and his eyes were wild. It looks like he did not hear anything of what was a few minutes earlier in the cafe. It is unclear what scared him more - or his shot diplomat (he was lying on the couch), or the realization that this formidable man with pistols is standing over him and at any moment can plant a bullet in his head.
"Name, mister, give me your name," Al said patiently and affectionately. - What is your name?
The businessman opened his mouth and an incoherent speech poured out of him:
"David Smithy ... Lord, Lord." I′m a broker ... I trade in securities, frozen semi-finished products and spices ... .you work on me, my God, what will happen now .... I did not want to go to this cafe, but I had a meeting ... damn, my supplier did not come, and I′m in this shit instead of him ... God, Mommy ... I do not want to die-ah ...
He clutched Ella in a dead grip and began muttering something incoherent. Tears flowed from his eyes into two streams and he began to snort so nastily in addition.
"Oh, my God," said the bearded bandit to himself.
"It′s all right," Al said. "He′s just hysterical." And he is very afraid.
Something whispered Al freed his hands and handed David his riddled case. He clung to him like a child in a nipple. And something began to moo.
The bearded criminal was already twisted.
"Listen, maybe you′ll let go," Al said.
- Yes, he irritates me! The bearded man cried angrily. "Come on, get up and go!" I got up and went-I tell you!
And in fact, the pissed-off boy caused him more sympathy than this mountain broker.
Al tried to pick it up, and David, as if to spite, got on all fours, began to mumble like a stupid cow, retreating back and forth.
- GO AWAY!!!! - shouted the bandit and twice blared up from the pistols.
The businessman jumped to his feet and practically squeaked something, still pressing his case to him jumped to the exit. Nearly not shmyaknuvshis head on the floor, when he almost turned his foot, he enraged the bandit finally. He pointed a gun at him and would shoot him if the poor guy flung open the doors and disappeared, apparently tumbling out onto the street.
"There are two left," Al said to himself.
"Let′s get acquainted, at last," he told the bandit. - What′s your name?
"What do you mean ... why the hell do you want my name," said the bearded man, clearly starting to get nervous.
At the same time, both pistols were aimed at the remaining hostages and were so badly shaken that Al immediately changed tactics.
"Okay, okay, do not want to tell us your real name, fine." Think of a pseudonym, But how we should address you.
"Call me ... Pete," the bandit said after a moment′s thought.
He put the gun on the window, hurriedly wiped the sweat from his face, and then coughed again. This time longer and heavier than usual. Then he grabbed the gun and threatened three men:
"Do not even think about throwing anything away!" You are under my sights!
"All right, well, Pete, we′re not moving," Al said. - Only you seem to have started an exacerbation. You will not last long here. Very soon, your head will spin and your throat go. My advice to you…
"No one will leave here!" Nobody Will not go away! Is that clear! Cried Pete, and his face was deadly pale.
"Alright, well, El agreed immediately with him." "You convinced us." We believe you. We believe, only please do not point charged pistols at unarmed people - they will not shoot the same hour.
"I′ll shoot any of you as soon as you stir!" So do not move! Pete screamed angrily.
"We′re not moving," Al said. - We are very well on the floor. But to you, Pete, not really. You are pale, the sweat on you flows, just about ...
It was a mistake. And even though the bandit himself felt bad in the truth, he was pale and the sweat ran down his face, this message furiously provoked him.
"Oh, shut up ... you bitch, Al Stenderery, shut up, or I′ll fuck you with fucking brains," and he pointed the trunk over his head. "... not a word more about my health, or ... or I′ll kill you!" You′re such a stupid asshole that you do not understand that it′s better not to touch on some of the topics! He did not understand me, did not understand, but tell me, you are a piece of shit!
El raised his hands over his head and smiled apologetically:
"Sorry, this is all my fault." I promise you, more of these will not be. Sorry.
"That′s the same!" - the bandit smirked, and this victory seemed to give him an extra charge of cheerfulness. He freshened his face and smiled.
"However, we do not know anything about you at all." What do you want, Pete? Tell me, huh?
- A? Pete asked, not understanding.
"What do you want, Pete?" What do you want for yourself? Why all this hostage taking? What are you trying to achieve here?
"What am I trying to achieve?" Pete asked, as if he had thought about it for the first time in his life.
"Yes," Al said, and smiled in confusion. "You have not put forward any demands yet." So say now: what do you want?
"What do I want?" Pete asked, and laughed hoarsely. - I need to make a rustle! I need everyone to run around! And I need you, El Stenderi! All to talk to you!
"Congratulations," Al said, and then smiled in confusion. "You′ve made it!" What′s next?
- What′s next? Pete thought seriously. - Yes, I do not.
"Well, then you can release innocent people," Al suggested. "They′re not giving you anything ..."
"Well, be silent!" Cried bandit Pete. "I will not let anyone go!" No one, you understand!
There was a long pause. And no one said anything. Al thoughtfully, the hostages trembled with fear and mentally prayed to stay alive, and Pete from his dark place just watched what would end.
"All right," Al said, interrupting the pause. - Come on serious. As a man with a man. He wanted me - here I am, all yours. Release the hostages and do whatever you want with me. You can shoot me in the head, but do not touch them. They have nothing to do with it. Think about it, they are nobody. You wanted me. Let′s deal with men and without witnesses. Let them go.
Bandit Pete thought from the minute 2, and then said:
- So, you two, the violinist and this ... got up and walked away!
They got up. But the guy who called himself the violinist looked for a long time under the table behind which he was sitting. There was his violin and he wanted to take it.
- Get it out! Pete snapped and shot again at the ceiling. "Get out before I change my mind!"
The guy decided to spit on the violin. Then they embraced with the black foreman, apparently rejoicing that the nightmare was behind and immediately hurried to the exit. They slammed the door, and now Al was alone with the criminal.
"Everything," Al said to himself. "There are no more hostages."
"Listen, since you and I were alone now ..." El wanted to suggest.
Pete chewed his mouth in which not all the teeth were healthy and whole and laughed out loud. For a minute he only laughed at Ell, and then climbed into the depths of the window. There was a screech and "No, no, do not!" And he pulled out a saleswoman who was just squatting and hiding from everyone.
- And you forgot that bitch ?! Has forgotten yes ?! - The criminal cried angrily and pressed the blond girl to himself.
"Exactly, there was still a saleswoman," Al said to himself.
"Well, will you release her, and Al?" - Pete shouted excitedly, pressed the girl to him and put a gun to her head.
"I′m saving you, I′m begging you to save me," cried the girl. - I do not want to die! "
I′ll save you. - Al promised himself.
"Well, start El," Pett snapped. "Begin to persuade me." Begin to save this young, blond, frightened slut!
"Pete, look, I′m sure you do not want to kill this pretty young girl ... put the gun ... let her go ..."
- Are you sure?! I′m sure ?! - The criminal was laughing at him. Or maybe I′ll knock her brains out!
"Flick," he said loudly.
The girl closed her eyes and screamed with fear. She was all wrapped up in a ball and probably would have rolled under the window, if Pete had not held her tightly around her neck.
"Do not kill me, Pozhaluystaaa!" She asked.
But Pete did not listen to her. All her attention was drawn to Ella.
And El led the dialogue:
"Listen, because if you kill a girl, you will lose the only trump card." And if you let go of it, I will say that you cooperated with me, did no harm to anyone, and generally it was very easy and comfortable with you. Think about it, this is another charge and a term. You will sit in better conditions and much less. Just let the girl go. Do not shoot, for God′s sake!
But the criminal seemed not to hear anything of what they said.
He put the girl in front of her, shutting it to her like a shield and continued his disgusting questioning:
"I′m surrendering, you really want to live, cutie," he said for a moment, removing the gun from her head and pointing it at the girl′s chest.
"Yes-ah," she whispered, and very agitated.
- What ?! Cried Pete in her ear. - What are you whispering there ?! Speak clearly and clearly: Yes, I really want to live! You do not fucking hear!
- Yes, I really want to live! Cried the girl, almost yelling. "Do not shoot!" Do not shoot, I beg of you!
- And you suck, how do you suck? Asked Pete.
- What? - the girl did not understand.
- SESH, how do you suck members ?! Cried the bearded criminal. - It seems to me you are doing it just superb! Young, blond, all so slender and beautiful! Tell me, how do you suck the members?
- I suck perfectly! Just do not shoot, I beg you! Said the girl with tears in her eyes.
The criminal burst out laughing:
"So you can suck me!" Suck it and go home - I give you my word. Sit down on your knees. Unbutton your pants.
The girl was already kneeling before him, but he stopped her:
"Wait, wait, what about our valiant El Stenderi?" Suck it off at first. Suck, I command you.
"That′s right," Al said, smiling. "Let him suck me first."
- Come on, go, bitch! Pete shouted at her. - Suck at Ell′s good! Suck, and I′ll watch you do it!
The girl was walking on stumbling legs to Ella. I walked and almost fell. She wanted to fall to her knees before him, but Al grabbed her hands and looked into her tear-stained, blue eyes.
"What′s your name, sweetheart?" - he asked.
- A-Anna. Anna Smith, "she whispered and asked. - I ask you to. I ask you ... anything, but get me out of here alive, I beg you ...
"I give you the floor to Anna Smith, and you and I will remain alive." And today we will celebrate this.
And he hid Anna behind her back.
"That′s all," he said firmly. "She′s no more." Now only we. We′re two. Me and you. Let′s talk like two grown men. What do you really need? Because of what all the cheese is taking with the hostages and capturing the cafe?
"Very heroically, El Stenderery." Hide the girl behind her back. Do you want to save her? Only a fig does not come out. I′ll shoot you in the head, and she will get it, too.
- What does this girl have to do with it? !!! Cried Al. - Why are you so up on her? !!!
- What are you up to? Pete asked with a grin. "Maybe she′s my ex-girlfriend." You think about it. I met a couple of years, fucked with me and lied, how everything is fine, and then the grub - and everything broke! Parted and she did not even give a reason! Have you ever had such an El Stenderi! And now she fucks with this fat pig, sucks his cock, and even trades in this damn cafe with his damn smile?
"You want to take revenge on her?" Al guessed.
- Even as I want to! Cried Pete. - For this I let everyone go! For this, here you are! You are the witness of our disassembly! And she still dies! Hear me, Anna, you′re already dead! You will leave this cafe only in the form of a corpse!
At the same time, the girl behind Ella whimpered and stamped her feet. She was very scared. But El could not comfort her now. He needed to urgently reassure the other person.
"Listen, Pete, let′s talk calmly!" Yes, she′s your ex-girlfriend, yes she broke up with you, causing a wild pain, but ... Pete will not be too. She′s so scared, and be sure - got her lesson. Yes, and be sure - all the cafes received their lesson. You have proved to all of us that you are steep, proud, you shoot well and will not give up on your own. Maybe it′s time to stop this performance. Put your guns on and let′s ...
Pete coughed again and so he did not hear Ell.
"You sound like a real smart-ass politician, Al Stenderery," he said, wiping the sweat off his forehead and still aiming at him in the head. And he laughed. "But no one will leave this cafe alive." Neither I, nor you, nor this blond whore. You understood me?
"I understand, I understand," Al said.
And the girl imperceptibly whispered over her shoulder almost without moving her lips:
"Anna, as soon as I give the signal, run to the door with all my might." I′ll give up. Run with all your might. But only at the signal. Do you understand?
Anna touched his shoulder and whispered softly:
- I got it.
"Listen, you can do anything with me." But do not touch her. Let go of the girl, and you can kill me.
"And why is it so interesting, and Al?" the bandit grinned. "Ready to say goodbye to life!" For the sake of a bitch you do not even know!
- Yes, I′m just a policeman. And she - got in a difficult situation. And does not matter. That I know nothing about her at all-my duty is to give her a helping hand.
"It′s understandable," said Pete, gritting his teeth. "So this is your destiny." Now I will kill you, and in a couple of seconds - her. Get ready.
El raised his hand and waved to her, as if invoking that his song was sung.
"Come on," he gave the start.
Anna broke off and flew to the door like a bullet. Three big leaps and now she was almost there, just pushing, but ...
- Come on! Cried Pete.
Anna heard a suspicious click from behind and instantly stuck to the floor. She broke the sweat from one conjecture.
- Turn around! - Pete commanded.
Anna turned around. On the abdomen, the criminal had a belt with some complicated explosive, and in his hands a detonator. He had already thrown out the pistols, realizing that they no longer needed him.
"Do you know what that is?" He asked in the most velvety voice he was capable of.
"Explosion-explosives," Anna said with a stammer.
"That′s right, baby, explosives," Pete said. Here are two lights (he pointed to the indicators in his belt). Now it′s green, but as soon as I press this button it turns red. Less than one second and an explosion. He will have such power that you will not have time to push the door of the cafe "Begonia" will address our common grave. Will disperse all within a radius of 150 meters. Do you think you can get away so far in less than 1 second?
"No, not by her," Anna said weeping.
"Then go back to Ella Stenderery." And above the nose baby. You′re still going to die today. Death can not be avoided.
Anna went to Ella. Her lips quivered, and tears flowed from her eyes without stopping.
"Uh-er ... priashuu waas, I do not want to die!" She whispered with one lips.
And she buried herself on his shoulder and burst into tears.
Al quickly thought: "Explosive. Very bad. What I can. Persuasion? Looks like no. This type wants to bury us here. It looks like he is crazy and he has nothing to lose. Rush at him and cover himself, so that only he explodes - to keep the explosion himself, but then Anna will see that I′m an alien - she will have to change her memory. And he explodes - you can cover it with yourself. Then I′ll get up from the wreckage with her and the whole street will see that I′m an alien. Change the memory of all citizens is much more difficult. And so and so it is bad. Better that she did not have this explosive. And I can, interestingly, defuse the bomb directly on it? "
"Look, she just fell in love with you - this little lascivious bitch," Pete shouted enthusiastically. - What would we do in the end? Do not know? And I know.
He made a pause.
- We′re going to lose it. Come on, let′s. You fuck each other, but I′ll look. Come on, Al Stenderery, start undressing her. Quickly!
El looked at Anna swallowing her tears, brushed the tears with her fingers and tried to cheer her.
"Anna, Anna, smile, please," he asked.
He smiled. And Anna also gave a faint smile.
He kissed her on the lips, then on the cheek, then on the ear.
"Do not worry, I′ll think of something," he whispered to her ear.
- What should we do now? Asked Anna.
"Undress me," Al said. - And I′ll undress you. Something we will think up on the go.
And he began to unbutton the buttons on her white blouse. She did not hesitate to throw off the red baseball cap from his head and forcing her to raise her hands pulled the T-shirt up.
The perpetrator looked with pleasure at the hairless chest of Ell and on Anna who remained in a blue bra. And then he reached for her black skirt, and she - to his blue jeans, the bearded Pete had a new idea.
- Stop it! He suddenly barked.
"I do not understand," Al said.
Both he and Anna stared at the gangster in amazement.
"You do not need to do this," Pete said cheerfully. - This is all a theatrical scene. Production.
And he took off his beard with the same gaiety. She appeared surprisingly easy and simple. And under it was a pretty handsome guy of 27 years.
"So we can go?" Al asked.
And he and Anna got up.
"Yes, of course, go," Pete said cheerfully. "This explosive is not real." It will never explode. One guy gave it to me ...
A sudden squeak interrupted him.
Everyone looked at the suicide bomber belt. And there a red light came on. An alarming red light.
"Mammy, what is this?" Said Pete. In his voice, despair mixed with wild fear.

After 17 seconds, a powerful explosion occurred and the café "Begonia" flew into the air. The wall of fire escaped from its doors, which ripped to the devil. The ceiling and walls collapsed and the pretty place became a mass grave, as the bandit Pete had predicted. Ruins. Burning ruins. But even after dismantling them, there was no point in searching for anything - the bodies were swept away by a terrible explosion.

And Al escaped from the fire. Swallow flew out. Rushing ahead of the fire. With Anna saved in her arms.
Fortunately, all the spectators moved away from the cafe for a decent distance, and nobody was affected either by the explosion or debris.
El put Anna on the ground and for a long time could not come to her senses. He portrayed a strong fatigue. Yes, no one also began to question him. Nobody worried. The main thing - the hostages were alive and no one was injured except the terrorist.
Live and very happy people looked at him with approval and applauded him. Anna also clapped, forgetting that she had lost her job and her blouse.
Colleagues-policemen threw on his bare shoulders plaid (although the day was warm), clapped on the shoulder and said: "Ah, yes Al Stenderi! Aye yes a hero! "Journalists were preparing microphones, cameras and questions - a series of hot interviews was planned. And no one noticed an easy, transparent shadow. She broke away from the remnants of the cafe and disappeared into the labyrinth of the streets of the big city.

This guy was called Benjamin Slavinsky. He was a student at the Los Angeles Dramatic Circle. He was good at shooting (and with both hands, too). He was born in a family of actors and parents gave his son a brilliant upbringing. They never raised a hand on him and did not even raise their voice. Benjamin was both lucky and unsuccessful in love. Sometimes girls were attracted to him, and sometimes weeks passed with empty hands. However, he was not a failure. On the 2nd course (and now he studied at 4) he got himself two mistresses, which neither his parents, friends, nor the girls themselves knew about. He also had a lot of friends by the way. Easy on the rise, an avid joker (for which he even got the nickname Ben-merry fellow), generous with money (when this money was), caring and simple (which was especially liked by his girlfriends). Now these girlfriends, by the way, declared him a simultaneous and unreasonable boycott. Friends, too, began to shun him, as if waving a magic wand. Ben told himself that it was again the "black streak" of his life. This happened already, and his consolation was only in the fact that sooner or later it ended. Probably, the appearance in the life of Ben Ortrex, he considered a successful completion of his "black period".
Ben′s greatest passion was the game. And he considered himself an unsurpassed actor. And he always dreamed of playing some big role. Especially if the villain. He had everything he needed for this. Appearance, voice, image, ability to shoot professionally. But the trouble is - he was never given a lot of serious roles, especially villains. Always something happened and the role went to another. Luck seemed to laugh at him, and meanwhile the study was over and there were no serious prospects for the future either.
Ortrex got into the studio late at night, where the unfortunate Ben was left to clean up the audience. He was standing invisible by the wall and reading his thoughts. So much pain, self-pity and unrealized ambitions - is it really so lucky for him to just come in here. He spied on the guy for another 4 days, snatched information from his head, collected data. Yes, he was the one whom Ortrex was looking for. He had the potential, he had a mind and skill, he could cope with the role that Ortreks was going to offer him.
Further it was quite simple - to get acquainted. Ortrex met him after class, when Ben alone, this time, was drunk home. For the sake of representativeness, he assumed the appearance of a fat, forty-year-old man with a beard straight from Hollywood. He took the guy to a cafe and paid for his lunch (since Ben did not have any money). He said that he chose him from many contenders; said that he really liked him and he would be ideal for the role he had planned. The role of the villain. The attack on such a cafe. Taking of hostages. First the pistols. Then the explosive. A prerequisite: that in their film involved a policeman named El Stenderi. All cafes will be stuck with hidden surveillance cameras. The script is almost not there - everything is built on the skill of the actor. And for that matter, it′s going to be trials. The actor (that is, Ben) will have to show all he is capable of, and he′s the director and producer Bill Bucks (for some reason Ortreksu wanted to get called like this), he will be judged by the cameras on his skills. But then he will take him to Hollywood to star in a serial about a policeman and a maniac. Ben′s initial fee will be: $ 800 a month, and then ... what′s next imagine it. So he told him. Probably in vain, because Ben did not listen to him anymore. His imagination was already played out. The villain. Attack on the cafe. Police. Yes, he dreamed of it.
"Will my pistols be real?" he asked nervously, swallowing his saliva.
"Yes, the real ones," said Ortreks smiling. - Here is an explosive - a props. Even if you accidentally press the button on the detonator - there will not be an explosion. And pistols are real. And they have real live ammunition. Shoot there, make noise, put a few bullets into the ceiling, just do not kill anyone. We will reimburse the cafe for all the damage - I give the floor. Yes, how do you agree?
No, Ben would not agree. He was already jumping up and down with happiness and impatience. He was at Ortreks in his pocket.

On the appointed day, Ortrex met with Ben, gave him explosives, two pistols, a false beard and pointed to a café that had to be terrorized. He repeated his indispensable conditions, said that the main thing is to get as dense as possible in the image of the villain and that he will follow him constantly.
"The better you play this role, the more chances you have that I′ll take you to Hollywood and offer many roles in the future."
"Do not worry, Chief," Ben said, feverishly stitching his beard. - This will be my main role. My biggest role. I went to her for many years. I will play as if this is my last role in life.
"That′s it," said Ortreks quietly to himself. "This will be your last role."

Ortrex watched him constantly. He liked the image of the villain that Ben created. He really liked Ella′s eloquence when he persuaded to release almost all the hostages. He stood by the wall in an invisible state. He did not inspire his boyfriend - Ben did everything himself. And he shot first-class and invented too. Well, what parents who beat him; Well, what a slut Anna. He did not even know Anna, and his parents loved his son - Ortrex knew everything about this guy, but about how he invented lies, he did not know anything. Ben was very resourceful. When he tossed the pistols, picked up the detonator and said that Al and Anna would die here, he once again realized that he was not mistaken in the guy. But whatever would have happened next, Ortrex blew up Ben. He wanted to blow it up. Everything was arranged just for the sake of this explosion. It was very important to Ortrex to see if El could escape from the cafe. And he not only escaped, but also pulled Anna. He ran so fast that he overtook the fire. This was beyond the power of any mortal. This could only be done by an alien.

Ortrex was pleased. Very satisfied. He conducted the test and his results were positive. Al was an extraterrestrial. Could it be that he was some other extraterrestrial? No, he was exactly the one whom Ortrex was looking for. His intuition told him about it. The search was finished.

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