Alexis, or The Lost Face. (Англ.) Part 1.

Alexis, or The Lost Face. (Англ.) Part 1.
1 writing: 19.12.1996 - 6.01.1997 years.
Began to rewrite: 11/25/2016
Graduated: 01/02/2018.

Alexis, or The Lost Face.

Horror novel.

Author: Alexei Miro-Kralko.

Dedicated to my mother
Nadezhda Mihailovna Králko
The most courageous woman in the world.

Part 1. Alexis

Chapter 1. Alex Raine
Alex Raine, a 15-year-old schoolboy, the city of New York, went to the kitchen to cook himself an omelet and as he slept slammed into the door. "Oh damn!" He sighed and tears began to flow from his eyes (from offense). And later, when he entered the kitchen, it became clear that his troubles were not over. He stepped on the tail of "Lakki" 4 year old Siamese pet. "Ufffff !!!" - hissed the cat at Alex. "Lakki, I′m sorry," the guy immediately apologized.
Having switched on the gas on the gas stove, Alex broke two eggs into a frying pan and began to stir them with a fork. After that, he ate and drank black tea with sugar.
Mom entered the kitchen and sat opposite Alex.
"Alex, I want to talk to you," she said.
Mom was a beautiful, black-haired woman with large, almond-shaped emerald green eyes, a scattering of small freckles around a small neat spout and full ruby-red lips. Her name was Rebecca Raine.
She was an American Jew. She was born in the States, but had Jewish roots. Grandfather Shah Hagiv was a native Israelite. At the age of 25 he moved to America and met the beautiful Martu King there. He called his son George, but he left his granddaughter be called Rebecca. He saw her during life and even brought up and even taught something. It was not his when the failures in the life of the young Becky began. In 19 years she met her future husband and the only love of the same young Bill Rein - this was the beginning. Alex was born (abbreviated from Alexander). Bill lived in a marriage for only 5 years could not stand it and went away explaining all this to the fact that freedom is dear to him. They were divorced, but Becky left her husband′s surname for both Alex and herself. She thought about this many times, talked a lot with her friends, and came to the conclusion that she was a monogrammer and would not like anyone like the wagging tail of Billy Rein. And the name was a bright memory of the past days, which was not so much.
What to do - it was necessary to support the family. First Becky somehow managed. Relatives helped, and Becky herself worked on four jobs, so that little Alex needed nothing. And then one John King called her and suggested moving to New York. He was a second cousin of his father′s, and of course he really wanted to see his niece and her little son. He was a very rich man and settled them in his chic house. Further using his connections, he did so that Becky took on a prestigious and highly paid job in the Ministry of Finance. So Becky settled in New York in her uncle′s house. And his uncle, in a few years, bought an island in the Pacific Ocean and moved there forever. He and his two mistress friends. Once every two years, he flew to New York on a private plane and took his beloved niece and her son to his island. Uncle was already 75, but life was beating in him with a key. What could not be said about Becky and her son. Yes, Becky earned a lot now, but she did not rest very much, she was rarely at home, and very often she had new business trips. With Alex and even worse. However, this is exactly what the conversation was about.
"Alex, can I talk to you?" Asked my mother.
"Of course," said Alex and suggested. "Sit down."
Becky sat down on a chair next to Alex and began with the most important thing, as always she knew how:
"Alex, I talked to your headmistress, Mrs. Jenkins." She said that your studies have become much worse. You see, not all fours of you. Several items in general "hang" between the triplets and deuces. Fix your studies, please.
"I′ll try," Alex said, and lowered his eyes to his plate with the half-eaten omelet.
"Alex is not the answer," Becky said.
"I′ll try very hard," Alex said again.
"And again, past the goal," Becky said more severely. "Alex, what′s wrong with you, today?" Well, look me in the eyes.
For several minutes she caught his eyes, and then became angry with the present.
"Alex, what′s going on, in the end!" What with you son! Well, tell me what′s going on there.
- Mom, maybe not ...
- Tell me! She barked.
And he could not stand it. It broke.
- Yes, I hate this school and everything connected with it! I′m just sick of it! Mom, I hate-I′m-uuuu !!!
"Come to me," she said, feeling that Alex was just going to melt.
He came into her arms. And he burst into tears.
- Mom, how do I go to school and how to think about studying, when I do not feel drawn at all ... everything that′s there ... just stronger ... presses ... I can not !!!
"Well, it will be," Becky said, patting him on the shoulder.
"Who′s bothering you?" Classmates? Can you name them?
Alex thought about something for a moment, and then shook his head.
- No, Mom, I′m still studying at this school. It will not add to my popularity among them. And then you yourself always taught that I have to cope with my own troubles myself. As a real man.
- This is the case! Becky beamed. - This is the approach! If you say that you will deal with yourself, it′s really better not to interfere!
Two minutes later they were sitting opposite each other and just were silent. Becky was thinking about something. Alex, too, was thinking.
"Look, it can not be that you do not like anything there at all," she said. - After all, there is for sure something. And it is more correct to say someone. Maybe you like some girl?
"Well ... yes ... yes ... there is one," said Alex and, with downcast eyes, smiled in embarrassment.
"Who?" Asked the astute mother.
"Mary is from my class," Alex said quietly.
Becky thought.
- This is what? Is this a redhead? From the Stens. So they live in a couple of houses from us. Hey, do you want to invite Mary to dinner for us in the week? Or something else. Do you want a son?
- No, my mother is not! Alex shook his head. "I do not even know how to talk to her, but here it is!" No!
"All right, your friend, you deal with her," Becky said matter-of-factly. And looking at her watch, she exclaimed. - Oh, she-my, sweating, I′m late for work. Alex, for now.
And grabbed the bag from the chair rushed to the exit. However, stopped for a second and left her last instruction:
- And learn to correct the son. You will like your Mary more if you have good marks. I give you my word.
And shutting the white kitchen door behind her, she went out. And Alex was left alone. Alone with your thoughts.
He ate his omelet and thought. I thought about my mother′s words and my current position. Yes, on the one hand, his classmates spoiled his life and did not want to go to school, but on the other hand, Mary. Mary corrected everything. But what kind of relationship did she have with Alex? Just classmates. Just talked, and he just held it a couple of times to the house. Nothing serious. Could Alex hope for something more. I could not. Mary just did not notice him. He is not even her friend. Just an acquaintance, a neighbor in the neighborhood and a classmate.
Alex finished his omelet and finished his tea. Now he made it all into the sink and washed the dishes. I washed and thought about school. Oh hell, we must go there. And tomorrow and the day after tomorrow, too. He hated every morning because he had to go to school. His classmates did not have anything in common. And besides all there was one bully and a fighter named Bud - he constantly mocked Alex, offended and bantered. Bud himself was a lazy fellow and a slacker of what to look for, but believed that Alex is much lower than his status and simply set a goal to do everything so that his life was impossible. And he succeeded greatly in this.
Sighing again and turning off the water, Alex went to collect his bag in the school he hated so much.

Chapter 2. Nuisance in school.
It so happened that Alex was late for the beginning of the first lesson. The class at his appearance was alert and froze, as when a clown appeared, who now will show something hilarious. The teacher, who was writing something on the board, froze and adjusted his glasses. For ten seconds he chastised Alex and then graciously allowed me to sit down accompanying my guilty student with the phrase: "Rain, you do not need to go to school, you still can never come to it on time!" And the class exploded with a friendly laugh.
Alex was very uncomfortable. And this case would be an isolated one, but the majority began with his coming to school. He always got into some ridiculous situation and always was amused by the class. And this offended him. Very offended. The insult in it was postponed and grew.
And now a new incident happened in the school canteen.
Standing at Alex was standing and secluded. He usually took a place from the edge, chewed and did not touch anyone, but this time he was distracted. Someone poked his shoulder. To Alex′s surprise, it was a girl. Dark-skinned Olivia Felis. She was new in the classroom (she came to the class a month and a half ago), which she mumbled and chewed, could not really say anything:
- Alex ... .Alex-eks, I need your help ... help on a very important issue ... on the question ... on the question ... it′s more of a tip ... .but it′s very important to me ...
Alex could not understand anything from this indiscriminate muttering, but Olivia caught an invisible sign from her bosom friend and all was startled. She very much grew bolder, looked into Alex′s eyes with her impudent eyes and declared:
"You′re the champion, the loser, right now it′s a laughing matter." How can I not become like you?
And she laughed with joy and anticipation of what was going to happen.
Alex already understood everything. The main surprise was waiting for him behind his back. And Olivia, with her incoherent mutterings, was designed to distract his attention.
Alex turned and looked at his tray. The food on it (namely two buns with jam, sausages in the dough and orange juice) was not in sight. Instead, bread crumbs, crumpled napkins and a dead cockroach were lying around. In the sighted, cracked glass on the bottom floated some incomprehensible cloudy consistency nothing on the juice is not like.
"Try it, try Rain!" We all spit on you for taste! - There was a voice of the school zavodila and he was supported by a friendly cackling.
Without a doubt, it was the voice of Bid Stanton′s chief school bully and the constant foe of Alex. He was standing next to his table surrounded by friends, his friends, as he amicably laughing at this cool joke. And why Olivia got to him was becoming clear. She was a new person in the class, and she needed to earn credibility. Someone from her classmates probably podnachil, the first step to make zapodlo the main lohot and ratozeyu class Alex Rijn. And she was standing in front of him and laughing loudly to the colic in her stomach - she could not breathe straight.
Alex turned to the wall and almost sobbed with anger. No, well, what was upsetting, he did not even eat anything. And I wanted to eat. Oh, how I wanted to. Especially now.
The food was with Bid, he probably hid it. It was necessary to go and understand. And this oh, I did not want to. Id was twice as tall as him and twice as wide - he could easily hit. But there was a strong desire.
Turning to Olivia from which she was already nauseous, Alex blurted out the first thing that occurred to her:
- Never get distracted by empty talk!
A little thought and said more:
- Especially on conversations with such black cheapness, as YOU!
And rudely pushed the black student aside. And to myself I was surprised - why such anger. And he was never a racist. But I heard how the white-toothed Olivia stopped laughing behind his back and was apparently very offended. Heard and smiled.
But it was a small thing. The figure was more serious. The Bid.
Alex went to this insolent, tall, chewing sausage to a young man and said sternly:
"Return my answer, Bid!"
Funny classmates immediately shut up realizing that there is something serious. But Bid did not even take his small peepholes, he continued to chew, sedately and importantly.
"Bring back my lunch, Bid!" Said Alex, already angrier.
- Oh, someone says? Bid said, deliberately in a thin voice, and put his hand to his ear. - Or farts? Or it seemed to me?
And he continued to chew.
"On such as you are the Rhine, only the food is in vain to translate," Bid said, chewing. - So say thank you!
And he was rusty. And classmates standing nearby also giggled disgustingly. How did this enrage Alex.
He was standing in front of Bidet, crimson with anger and did not know what to do. His hands were compressed with anger, and tears appeared in his eyes. He almost cried, almost roared with anger.
"Turned around and go away," Bid said. "Do not stop me from eating."
"Give me my food!" - Alex repeated, almost letting smoke out of his nostrils. - I want to eat!
In response, Bid just savagely snorted at him.
"Here′s your food, Rhine!" Eat! He said, and laughed juicy.
And after him, classmates laughed.
This spit and the laughter of classmates who fell apart in his head into a lot of little nasty bells made Alex lose control. He could not remember the next moments. He jumped to Bid and slapped him in the face. This is the best thing that he could come up with in such a short period of time. The slap was not strong and very slashing. From her, Bid stopped chewing and nearly choked. This little brave Raine did not lose time slap him in the second hand. And this time it was stronger. Bidov swayed slightly. Classmates froze and shut up. The silence was alarming and painful. None of them thought that Alex could even slap him.
And Alex was so intoxicating that he wanted to inflict a third. He wanted to, but he was taken to the side. A monstrous force is a blow to the solar plexus, called by professional wrestlers counterstrike. It is applied on the machine and follows the opponent′s attack always, ALWAYS. Bid that did not say was a full member of the junior league in boxing his city.
In general, Alex hungry and offended bent half in pain and sat down on the floor. And Bid grabbed him by the hair and yelled that there was urine:
With a loud cry, Bid was avenging him for a few seconds of shame and fear. Do not say anything, but he was frightened. He realized that he had a new rival and maybe even stronger than himself.
As if that was not enough, he swung and hit Alex in the face, striking his nose, but missed and broke his lip.
And then going a little bit turned around (the good of the place was enough - classmates were at least stupid, but realized that it was better not to stand nearby) and hit Alex with a jerk. I thought he would fall, but Alex resisted, although he received a powerful kick with a heel to his jaw.
He stood up. He looked at Beida with a worn look. Straight into the eyes. And Bidu was even more frightened by his gaze. There was cold fury and hatred in him. With this look, he seemed to have sentenced him. He did not say anything, but as if he already said everything. And Bid knew that he was finished. Now it′s only a matter of time before he dies.
Bidu was even worse, and he yelled:
"You asshole, you bastard, you′re a moron miserable Raine ... you do not live ... I′ll kill you ... .you will wipe you into the powder ... I will destroy you ... and do not you dare to look me IN THE EYES !!!!
Alex was silent, and Bid was breathing heavily. He put forward his big fleshy finger and poked it at his abuser.
"I′ll tell you what," he said angrily. - After school you end! YOU′RE IN DEEP TROUBLE!!! I′ll smash your ass on the school gate and ... just go outside the gate and ... (Bidu just did not have enough eloquence) ... everything for you will start ON REAL ... remember!
He broke up to the present and shouted so loudly (as if on purpose everyone wanted to convene) that suddenly a school floor suddenly gathered at the school table. And everyone was interested and everyone was already discussing this shuffle - they were whispering behind their backs and expressing their opinion.
- IT IS STILL WHAT IS IT ?! !!! - they heard all the loud voice of Miss Parkinson - school directives. - She pushed the gathered disciples and entered the circle.
"Raine, Steyton, please explain to the young people, what′s going on here ?!" - very severely and very severely she cried out at them. - You′re starting a fight ... two penalty cards for breach of discipline for both of you ... .and two if you do not stop NOW !!!
Bid looked up his porky eyes to the dictator and was even more frightened. But he immediately took himself in hand. And I even tried to explain myself.
"Miss Parkinson, we ... we do not have anything here ... we just ... we just ... turned out small ... small ... short ... nedopo ... misunderstanding." We wanted to play with the guys and take his food ...
He looked at Alex Rein very evil.
- You seem to like to eat!
He grabbed the food from the tray and walked over to him. With great pleasure he threw the sausage in the dough directly into the face of Alex, and poured orange juice directly on his head.
- Help yourself, to your health! - Bid shouted to him and threw the empty glass aside.
"Steinton, two more cards about the violation of discipline," roared Miss Parkenson.
"Yes please," Bid said with a deliberate indifference and grabbed his bag and headed for the exit.
"Just step on the threshold of this school and I′ll feed you the main course," he whispered to Alex, and slapped him on the shoulder with his shoulder. "I′ll wipe you into the powder!" You do not live, asshole! You understand me freak!
And on this all ended. Bid went away. Alex stood prishiblenny and with a dirty head, thinking about what had come over him. The directrix went off distracted by some other disgrace. Guys slowly began to diverge. They made a little noise and began to leave. Realizing that he signed a death sentence, Alex sighed in agony and took his bag and how was - hungry, dirty and beaten, he stole from the dining room. The big change was coming to an end and he was afraid to be late for the lesson. However, what was the use of these lessons - to return to the classroom and there again to meet with these monsters.
However, there was another person in the dining room who lingered and almost missed the beginning of the lesson. It was a beautiful red-haired girl named Mary Stance. She was on good terms with her classmates, maybe because she was known as a quiet girl and with whom she was forgiven for everything to agree. Bidet′s act terribly upset her and she even began to hate him. But Alex, she just shook Alex. She did not expect two strong slaps from him. She even thought that she always underestimated this guy. She even wanted to do something for him. Come to him and talk - so she decided at a time when Alex glowered with malice at Bid. But then the situation turned in general in a bad way. She realized, maybe better than the others, that Alex would not have a quiet life now. If it had not been for Miss Parkenson, Bid would have put him right here. Then when he threw a sausage into it and poured the juice, Mary heartily sympathized with Alex. So she sympathized that she almost missed Bid′s farewell phrase. No one in the dining room heard her, and she heard. Bid promised to meet after school and bury him. Mary shuddered. She watched Alex a bit and seems to be against Bid that his chances were very insignificant. Well, it was necessary as something to fit into a fight and try to stop it. Mary was not a desperate girl, she was generally a coward, but then she felt that she had to intervene and do something. And in the last minutes before the call, she spent in thinking about how much strength there was in a man and what exactly such situations revealed his true possibilities.
Was in the class after the call, for which she received a card about the violation of discipline. The first in my life.

Chapter 3. Fighting
Alex was nervous. Alex covered with a cold sweat from fear. He did not want to go home. In his head, Steinton′s words sounded: "Just step on the threshold of this school, and I′ll feed you the main dish." I′ll wipe you into the powder! You do not live, you asshole! "" And he will do as he said, "thought Alex. Bid earned himself a reputation and authority because he did not give unrealizable promises, but here it is - to beat someone who is much weaker than him - would he miss this chance. Bid did not say a word to him again that day, but every time he passed by, he laughed ominously and smilfully, and Alex crawled along the back with that laugh.
And how luckily this day turned out to be so short - a few lessons and now they were let go home. And even the teachers, as if feeling the coming, did not ask for lessons at the last two lessons.
Alex sat in the classroom and pretended to check his bag until all of them came out of the classroom and the cleaner named Jack did not chase him, accompanying his cries with desperate curses. Alex threw his gray canvas bag over his shoulder and staggered as if to the scaffold.

It was quiet in the schoolyard, but as soon as he got down from the porch and went out into the middle of the asphalt pavement, he was surrounded by about a dozen adolescents in whom Bishop Stanton was the leader and instigator. The adolescents immediately took him into the ring and all giggled, rubbed their hands and looked forward to amusement.
"Are you in a hurry to the Rhine?" Asked Bid and put his hand on Alex′s shoulder.
He intended to give him a second hand to breathe, but Alex himself backed awkwardly, stumbled over his feet and fell to the ground. And fell so unsuccessfully that he sat straight in a puddle of mud, which was the usual transition from spring to summer, from April to May.
However, the company just exploded with laughter from such a turn.
"Look, I have not beaten him yet, but he′s already on the ground!" Shouted Bid.
In his hands was Alex′s bag which he tore off his shoulder. He turned it in his hands and said:
"It′s your Raine." So if you want to return, you have to fight!
And he immediately threw it to friends. And they immediately turned out all its contents and scattered around the school yard.
"Give me my things!" Alex cried angrily and offended at the same time.
He began to walk around the yard, collecting his pens, pencils, rulers and notebooks. School bully repaired all kinds of obstacles to him, did not let him through, gave tying, spat and insulted him. And one very brave even gave him a pretty kick on the ass. They were very brave next to Bid. And Bid himself laughed heartily at Alex. What a failure he was. How miserable and weak he was. Twenty minutes of throwing around the yard from one pile of adolescents to another, but he did not pick up and collected nothing.
"You′re nothing but the Rhine!" He said angrily. He was already beginning to annoy everything he saw.
He grabbed Alex and shook him roughly.
- I give you the last chance bastard - fight with me and we will help you to collect all your trash!
And he looked again into Alex′s eyes. I hoped to find there fear and confusion. They were there, but only for one minute. Then they were replaced by a cold calm and fury, like a wolf who had exactly promised to kill. And Bidu again became frightened.
"Why are you looking at me like that, you bastard!" - he shouted, masking a second of fear with his incredible aggression.
Alex′s eyes did not become frightened, but again he was cold and furious. And Bid looked away.
And he decided to deal with the problem on a simple. To beat and destroy the new dangerous rival in the bud. He poked him in the shoulder with his fist and intended to knock him over, but Alex only backed away and painfully grimaced in pain. Hell, he was stoic. Bid swung and intended to inflict a hook on the left, but Alex somehow evaded. Or maybe it was not a miracle, maybe he knew how to evade. Perhaps, it was even worse. The rival was even more dangerous than Bid
But then his guys came to his aid. Someone framed the bandwagon and Alex stretched out on the asphalt. And someone immediately hit with a kick on the ribs, after which Alex groaned painfully.
This groan furious with Bidet - he jumped to him and inflicted several next strokes on the machine. Feet and hands. Yes, he was a boxer, but he used not only his hands but his feet. I did not disdain dirty tricks. And now, in order to beat one lean boy, he was very much hoping for his 11 friends. But what is most surprising, when the mind returned to him, he saw that Адекс sits in a safe pose and desperately closes his head with his hands. This means that he was able to defend himself. And his head was not broken and not bloodied. Bidet is just enraged.
"Raise his guys!" He croaked furiously. "And hold him tight!" Now this scavenger will get everything for me!
More than five minutes Bid beat and beat Alex. He seemed to be beating off meat and sweating all over. He smashed Alex′s nose and lips and every eye beat, almost five times he went on his liver and broke at least three ribs, but he was still not happy. Alex did not whine, did not cry and did not beg him to regret. This guy, in general, disappointed him worse than he is - he was silent. Only sometimes I moaned from a very strong pain, but it was not that. In his eyes there was a cold fury and more patience (which was particularly frightening for Bid) - he promised himself to destroy this bully and was ready to wait any number for the sake of it. That′s why Bidé hit both these eyes, just not to see this expression.
He was held by three, and the others looked at the beating and whispered among themselves. Someone tried to laugh and joke, but they themselves were scared and everyone seemed to feel the inappropriateness of these jokes and this laughter. They saw Alex′s extraordinary stamina and everyone seemed to feel that the payment for the crime committed today will come and affect each of them. And everyone felt fear.
"Let him go!" He croaked heavily.
And at the very sight was such as at the hunted beast. As if it was not he who beat Alex, but that one. He felt even greater fear than at the very beginning. And it intensified when he saw that Alex did not fall when he was released, but sat down on his knees. He was still conscious. Bidu just wanted to cry out of vexation. He was never heavier than an opponent. He lost this battle.
There was a mocking thought. He saw Alex turn off from second to second and wanted to torment him last.
"Pick it up again!" I′ll punch him in the balls! Let him choke on his vomit! He commanded the boys.
Alexa was raised again, although many of the helpers doubted whether such brutal measures were necessary.
Bid aimed and lighted a kick straight at Alex in the groin. Here the whole body of Alex shuddered in a painful spasm. He began to wheeze and gasp for air. He was released and he fell to the ground. He crouched in the embryo′s pose, croaked or rattled something and fell silent.

Here, all the kids were engulfed not by children′s fear. All of them had the same idea in their minds: "And what if they went too far and killed?" Finally, having mastered the fear, one of them (the one that most of all understood in medicine) crouched and felt the pulse around his neck.
"He′s breathing," he said, not without fear.
And the next insight that came to adolescents - "would not see them who′s here." It was almost a criminal offense. Beating up to the death of another teenager - this threatened several years in prison. And least of all, Bidu wanted to.
They began to look anxiously around and look for random witnesses. But the school yard, as if purposely died out at this time of the day. No one was in it and no one was out in the street around the school. The teenagers calmed down a bit, but then they thought how many witnesses could see them from the school window and it got worse.
"Come Bid, let′s go," one of the friends of his leader alarmed.
And Bid sat down with Alex to say the last words to him.
"That′s what I tell you, Raine, you′re a strong rival." But better change your school and leave Los Angeles. Because you will not have a quiet life now. I′ll turn her into Hell. You′ll regret that you did not die today and you will regret your slap. I guarantee this to you.
- Send Bid, faster! Shouted the whole henchman. - Now the police will be here! You want to go to jail, I do not!
And without waiting for the main thing, he broke and already fled. Together with the other teenagers.
"You′ll collect your shit when you come to!" - shouted on the run Bid.
The leader and his band left the courtyard. And the mood of each of them was filthy. As if they did not win, but lost. And from that moment on in their life began, something terrible and sinister.

Chapter 4. Mary Stens.
Mary Stens on this day stayed in school longer than usual. It was necessary to go into the library and write out a note in the notebook. Leaving the school, she threw up her hands and put them to her mouth. At first it was a shock, and then a deep indignation. She saw on the empty school yard beaten Alex already come to himself, sitting on the pope, but unable to rise.
- A-Alex, A-A-Alex, God, what happened? !!! She cried, and flew to her friend with an arrow.
"M-my-sumuka and everything about her was-lo," Alex said wincing in pain. - They all scattered.
"Now, now," said Mary.
And she was already running around the yard, collecting the property of Alex. The bag was found simply and everything else was also found quickly. Mary put everything into it and gave it to Alex.
"So now the most important thing is let′s go up," she said, hugging Alex and supporting him.
Alex with great difficulty and grimacing with pain rose to his feet. And only there Mary examined him carefully. God, how he was mutilated. The nose is broken, one eye has swelled, and the second hardly saw, on the face bruises and grazes. All the rest of the body, of course, was also broken and hurt terribly. Mary felt this by the way Alex winced and moaned. She took him home. Very slowly and carefully, so that the steps are not given too sharp pain.
And Alex is a fine fellow - he did not try to depict the tragedy and did not dress up before a girl who liked him immensely. He stoically suffered pain, did not see in his position any advantages and only dreamed of one thing - to get to the house as soon as possible.
- This is Bid Stenton all, huh? !! Well, he′s a bastard, just a scumbag !!! Do not say anything, just nod! Do not nod, I know everything myself !!! I saw your quarrel in the canteen !!! He went to watch you after school, and instructed his henchmen to clear the yard so that no one saw you !!! Well, the creature, he will wait !!! I will take action !!!
Mary had a good, advanced mind and she immediately guessed that it was Bid and he was not alone. (By the way, it′s unclear how the schoolyard was empty for more than an hour, and there was nobody here - not a single soul).
Alex listened to the boiling Mary, and he became frightened.
"No, please, do nothing!" He wheezed.
And the worst of all was not that the little girl stood up for him, but the fact that Bid would again be otmazhed, and Alex′s life after that would be ten times worse. Alex was so bad.
- How not to do anything, how can you ?! - Mary was boiling. - He must answer, they all have to answer !!! Alex, look at you! They mutilated you !!! They ... they ... these ... bastards ... these nonhumans ... !!!
Mary choked in her anger.
She almost brought him home. There were only a few steps left.
"You know, he advised me to leave town," Alex said.
Although he was beaten, he was conscious then and heard everything.
- Well, what are you going to do? Mary asked anxiously.
"You know, no," Alex said. "I′ll stay, no matter what I′m threatening." This is my city and I love it with all the disadvantages. I like you and I can not bear separation from you. My mother has a good job and she does not need to lose her. And then - it′s cowardly to leave the city because of one bully.
Alex rummaged in the pockets of his jeans and pulled out the key. He got into the keyhole not the first time, opened his house and invited Mary inside.
"You know, I was very happy to hear it," Mary said, taking off her shoes and taking the slippers.
She put their bags on a special shelf, put the slippers on Alex′s feet and led him to his room.
- Alex, for God′s sake, there are less sudden sudden movements - now you lie down, and it will be easier for you.
Alex′s bed was covered with a red blanket, but Mary did not spread it - she just put down the pillows and laid Alex′s body on them.
Then instantly she went to the kitchen and brought ice cubes wrapped in a rag.
"Hold it, it′s a compress," she said. - Apply to your bruises and bruises - cool. But without fanaticism, do not hold it for long. Do not chill wounds. As soon as you feel that they have cooled - take off and put on new ones.
Alex did it all. I felt a great relief in a few minutes.
"What are we going to do with Bid?" She asked after several minutes of painful silence.
"Nothing," Alex answered simply.
- How nothing ?! Flashed Mary. "Do you understand that he will not leave you behind ?!" Do you understand that this is only the beginning? !!!
"I understand," Alex nodded.
- And nothing!!!! Even more furious Mary.
She clenched her fists so hard that they turned white. And it seemed as if now, next to her, Bid Stenton, she would have destroyed him with her bare hands, although she had small fists and not at all an athletic build.
"I mean, we do not have to do anything for this bastard," Alex said. - I have a feeling that something very bad will happen to him very soon. And he will be punished for all his sins.
"Well, if you have a premonition," Mary said, understandingly. And she immediately calmed down. "We will not talk about him again."
- Like Mom? She asked immediately.
"As always," Alex said with a smile. - Now she has a business trip, so she will not be home for a week, and even more.
"Lucky," sighed Mary. "If she saw your broken face, she would have done something."
Mary for a few more minutes she sat at his bed, and then said:
"You know, Alex, I′ll look out for you!" You seem to have trouble and stick and without a clever, understanding girlfriend you just can not do. At school and ... more often to your home to go. After all ... because ... you are very dear to me Alex Raine!
She bent over and kissed him. Truth it was a friendly kiss, on the cheek. And Alex wanted more so. He reached for her, but alas. Mary already had to leave.
- Well, everything, I have business. For a couple of days I would advise you to lie down at home. Do not get up, I′ll close it by myself, "she said from the hallway.

Alex lay in an empty house and thought about her. He liked him, he liked him very much. Mary Stens was Alex′s classmate, his peer, a neighbor along the street and a best friend, almost from an early age. And they always were together, like a brother and sister.
But how he wanted her to be his girlfriend, and not just her friend. And Alec knew that she had no one. Sighing sadly about this, he himself did not notice how he fell asleep. And he dreamed, of course, that they became a real couple.

Chapter 5. Weekends.
The working week is over and the weekend has come. Mom was not at home and Alex did not have any classes either - he was lying on the couch and staring at the TV stupidly. Bruises and bruises passed little by little. Taking advantage of the advice of Mary, he stayed at home for a couple of days, and then remained only for a day to finish his studies. As it was supposed, Alex brought a certificate from the district hospital to the school. In it he pointed out that he was attacked by six drunken teenagers, took away all the money, beaten and humiliated. They remembered their faces vaguely, because several times in this fight he was given on the head. The case was transferred to the police, but there he was immediately closed down, due to insufficient evidence and the absence of suspects (street fights with loss of memory in Los Angeles were commonplace). And although Bid in the shower was worried about the consequences, but soon realized that he would not be punished. The nobility of Alex touched him to some extent, and the ray of all would have left the boy, but the stubborn and quarrelsome scoundrel very much frightened Alex and mentally put a cross on it.
Turning off the annoying TV, Alex thought seriously. And he did not think of the series "Jay and Sullivan", the advertisement of the new popcorn "Bullo and Buffolls", or the forecast for Saturday, May 6, 1996 - he was thinking about the school and the situation there.
Yes, the situation was not easy, and further it could only worsen. Alex was a smart guy and understood that Bid, on that single day after the fight, although he was calm, was already preparing some sort of plan to eliminate it. Alex bitterly grinned at his lost fate and suddenly thought - he alone will be with friends.
Certainly now it is waiting for blows, pokes, ridicule and moral persecution. New fights? Yes, perhaps they will not. Bid was stupid and ignorant, but even he realized that the second time could not ride and he really will go to jail. There was a one hundred percent plan. It was necessary to put pressure on Alex. So that he left himself, so that he could not stand it. So that the thought of escape and of another city seemed to him sweeter than honey. Surely he will succeed in this.
Alex, who once thought about running away. Where he could go San Francisco, Miami, New York. The Ministry where the mother worked had branches throughout the country and there they could easily pick up a place for them. But only it will not be manly. Run away from their problems. And then there, in a new place, some Teddy Drachun could appear and the story could happen again. Why should he run so much all over the country until he grows up. And then it was his city. And then Mary lived. Now when she promised to keep an eye on him, he did not particularly want to leave. Perhaps a spark will skip between them. Perhaps it will grow into true love.
A few minutes Alex anxiously pondered the way out, but did not think anything. He ducked into the soft slippers and rustled in the hallway. There, dressing his shoes more thoroughly and the windbreaker jacket from the winds, he left his house.
At 9 am on the green courtyard of the Rhine was the most it. The sun is not yet hot, and such as it should be sent its rays mildly moderately, and under them it was pleasant to bask. In the courtyard of the Rhine (which they inherited from their uncle) there were several shady trees, several beds, a greenhouse, benches and a small fountain. Uncle was a fan of a healthy lifestyle and grew vegetables and greens for his many salads himself. And the fountain was a luxury item, he set himself the goal to become a billionaire, build a fountain. He became a billionaire in January 1992 and immediately began to erect this marble miracle. The fountain was made in the form of a huge three-meter bowl and contained several bowls in itself. The water poured from the top to the bottom and so on. Total bowls were 5. In the lowest and widest lay beautiful sea pebbles, artificial fish floated and white, red and even blue corals were installed. It was extraordinarily beautiful. Uncle often sat with his nephew on a wide bench near the fountain and said that you can find your inspiration here. He was very sorry to part with him (he wanted to transport him to the island), but then he thought that Becky and Alex would need him more than he did.
And now Alex was sitting in front of the fountain and enjoying the murmur of his water. Water was allowed into it in early May, and fish was launched by corals and pebbles laid out personally by Alex. The fountain was personally run by Becky, since her uncle only entrusted this treasure, but the hours she spent on this bench could be counted on the fingers of one hand.
"What should I do next?", "How to do it right?" "How to make a press?" - thought and thought Alex and could not find an answer. His last question was addressed to the fountain personally: "You are a fountain of inspiration, why do not you help me in any way?" And suddenly his attention turned to a wooden shed near the fence itself. Alex suddenly remembered this place.
It was his workshop. In which he invented and created devices for the improvement of his body, mental and physical abilities. The craving for invention was transferred to him from his uncle. He was the genius of mechanics and some of his inventions, which he did not forget to patent, brought him the first millions. From Uncle Alex received this workshop and several books on physics. He read them from cover to cover, but could only understand half of what was said there (the books were written in a very complex language and the meaning of certain phrases and formulas was explained to him personally by the uncle). Several years ago, Alex wrote down his first formula and armed himself with a soldering iron tried to do something himself. Yes, he began to understand better physics and at school his knowledge on this subject improved (I should say that physics was the only subject by which Alex had a solid A, even A + sometimes!), But he just lost his temper because he did not invent anything yet that is useful, but simply working. He remembered how he burned his eyebrows, how he was beating with current, how it sparkled, so that the barn lighted up and Alex ran after the fire extinguisher. He walked with a sense of easy nostalgia between the tables on which lay idle helmets with light bulbs, metal boots that could theoretically fly, and so on-and sighed bitterly. He desperately lacked knowledge, he lacked experience and skills. Yes, and what could he have in his fifteen years. Here is my uncle. He built his first car at age 44, but he had read so many books, he (then still a young scientist) was helped by the university, the department and a special laboratory and he had a very long way of trial and error (not that of Alex). And then he remembered her. Secret laboratory of my uncle. The laboratory that he built barely bought the house, the laboratory he founded, barely got him kicked out of the university and stripped of an academic degree, where he swore he would create a car - a car that the world had not yet seen.

Chapter 6. The Secret Laboratory.
Not even Becky knew about this secret laboratory. Once Uncle opened it only for Alex (as if he knew that the nephew would continue his business). It opened from the basement and was located deep underground. Alex pushed aside one counterfeit book on the shelf with literature on physics and a secret passage from the floor to the laboratory was opened. Alex switched on the electric flashlight and went down the dark path to a depth of three meters. Then he jerked the necessary switch and the light in the secret uncle′s laboratory lit up.
He examined her. A small room in the center of which stood an uncle′s car, with a control panel, with a conversion capsule and a main switch starting the process itself. Alex went around her and remembered her story.
This car was the crowning of the creation of Uncle Alex. He collected it for more than thirty years. And he began to collect as a young scientist and kept it a secret (of course, then, of course, all the titles and degrees would be taken away then - and that′s even at the best). The machine was called simply the "Transducer" - and its main purpose is to improve the physical, as well as mental, characteristics of living beings.
Alex licked his lips involuntarily. Oh, how nice it would be if on Monday a new Alex entered the class which no one recognized and he would be many times stronger and smarter than Alex of the previous one.
But he remembered something else. Uncle strictly forbade him to touch the car and test it. He said that in the whole history she had 60 mites. And the machine did not carry out any successful experiment. Subjects either changed for the worse, either they were stupid, or they were simply torn to pieces. And all of them perished in contact with the "converter". In the end, his uncle began to fear his invention, but to destroy his hand did not go up (he had invested so much in it).
Reflecting on this more and more, Alex understood his uncle. When he was young and stupid he was probably and wanted to change with her help - to become stronger and smarter, but then abandoned this idea. He realized that the mind comes from books and experience, strength - from overcoming obstacles and visiting the gym. Did his experience not teach Alex anything?
But how the hell was it was tempting. To change. Once - and ready. Alex swallowed again. And then I remembered my mother. She taught him to overcome difficulties and be a man. Alex loved and respected his mother very much. And for her sake left these thoughts.
Throwing a white sheet on the car, he mentally said goodbye to her and left the laboratory.

Chapter 7. Incidents of the week.
Another week passed and was boring and tedious. This week nothing good happened. As before, studies were given to Alex very hard, except for the physics that he understood. Classmates did not sympathize with Alex, but on the contrary avoided it, they whispered behind their backs or laughed in the eyes. The undoubted leader here was Bid Stenton. Yes, Alex correctly figured out the strategy of his behavior. Bid did not arrange new fights, being afraid that fortune might turn away, but he decided to crush the boy morally. He and his gang. They constantly followed him, made fun of him, gave him pokes, and kicked him in the ass. "Do something, do something Raine!" - they shouted fiercely, spat on his face and back, wrote insulting notes and hinted of fleeing to another city. Alex was disgusted, he was disgustingly in the company of these stupid, near-minded people. He was angry and clenched his fists in pain, but he could not do anything. "I knew that he was a freak, he was a freak!" The classmate cried, resentful of his inaction and spit in his face before he left. Alex blanched with anger, he wanted to rush at the offender and hit him hard, but he could not. Not because of the penalty card and not because honest fight will not happen again. Alex felt a huge anger in himself and began to fear her. Something awakened in him. Beast. Alex was afraid of him. He could destroy both the abuser and this school, and then Alex would have to live with it. So all he could do was endure and endure. Like a bad joke and contagious example, many of his peers took an example from Bid and also began to mock Alex. The number of ill-wishers has grown, and not one has been added to friends.
Mary. She still felt sorry for him and said: "Tolerate Alex - be patient." But she did not express any hint of sympathy. No desire to get closer. Alex began to fear that he would lose her. He imagined some muscular and intelligent handsome blond (for some reason, in his fantasies he was blond!) - he will appear in their class, will stand between them and Mary will certainly choose him. As Alex was tormented - do not pass. Of course, Mary will prefer this blonde (Alex already hated him and hated all the blondes in the world) - why should she pull Alex, who does not represent herself and never becomes anyone. The trips to school were all more painful and painful. Alex hated school. Because I had to meet with classmates, with Bid, with Mary, who every day seemed to move away from him.
The house was the only fortress of Alex. Nobody touched him there. No one came to him there. He did not demand impossible from him or go to another city. Mom called from another city and said that she would stay another week. Lucky greeted him with a happy rumbling, ate everything he had put into his bowl and hopped on to the sofa with pleasure, so that he could be held in his arms. The house was so nice that I did not want to leave it at all.
And one thought did not bother him. Did not give so much that he did not sleep for two nights. And he spent all these nights in a secret uncle′s laboratory. His car did not bother him. What if you can really transform yourself to improve yourself. What if on Monday next week a new Alex will enter the classroom, which everyone will like. What if he′s incredibly smart and strong. He will beat Bid and all his accomplices, he will win many friends, and then, and then. Perhaps he will have such abilities that no one on the Earth has. It was very tempting. It was worth dreaming about. And once it took a chance to change everything.
Alex was aware of the risk. And that the experiment can end with his death. And that this would break the heart of his mother and Mary, who perhaps feels something to him. But he was tired of enduring. He just tired of waiting. Every day was unbearable and disgusting the previous one. And he did nothing to change it. So it is no longer possible. You need to try to change something.

Chapter 8. Experiment.
Alex descended into the secret uncle′s laboratory as if he had gone to the scaffold. He knew for sure that either he would leave here for another, or not at all. He thought about it a lot, but came to the conclusion that he should take a chance. The worst thing for him was to stay idle and just wait. And it is not clear what to expect. It was driving him crazy. Only one day passed since his last visit to the laboratory, and he was already giving up. Anyway, what will change? There will be another hard, disgusting week in school, there will be pestering and kicking Bida, there will be regrets of Mary and nothing else. Here Alex had a chance (albeit very small) to change everything. He did not want to wait any longer-he wanted to act.
He pulled the sheet from the car and examined it again. Here it is, a beauty. Remote with a lot of different buttons. Capsule for conversion, electrodes hanging by a spider web, switch start. It seems everything is clear - he will manage. And if nothing happens? Alex did not think about it, and he did not care if it was honest.
Suddenly he jerked his hands away. I remembered how my uncle told me. Of the sixty unsuccessful experiments, he never ventured to test it on a man. This is bad. Suddenly he will become even more ugly and even stupider than he is now? This is good. Suddenly this machine can work successfully only on the person. Suddenly, what the uncle created only works on the DNA of a man, and all other animals he had to tear. Of course the risk was huge, but the prospects were fascinating.
Alex tore his hands from the car a second time. He remembered about my mother. Mom, who loved him so much and sacrificed much for him. He could not just walk away. Obeying the call of his unpaid son′s debt, he got a piece of paper, a pen and sat down at his uncle′s desk to scribble a farewell note.
Words like that came by themselves, and there was not a single blot: "Dear Mom, forgive me! I′m starting an experiment that will probably take away my life. I just can not go on like this. A gang of bullies is living me out of the blue with a light, the girl I love, does not even look at me, in the classroom they mock and ridicule. I′m tired that nothing changes in my life! I want something to change! Uncle′s machine, perhaps, will help me, or maybe not. I′ll leave the capsule with a new Alex, or I′ll die! Ito and then not bad. Forgive me for selfishness! Your son Alexander Rein on May 14, 1996 ". After reading it once, he decided that it was quite good for a farewell letter. Mom will come, see his cooled body, read it. There will be tears, there will be lamentations, but what if not?
It′s time for the most important thing. For the experiment. Alex undressed to the white cotton panties and entered the cell. He believed that clothing would light up on him from the current that she would let him through. "And suddenly the panties will catch fire," he thought. And then he waved his hand - nothing will happen to them. He began to attach electrodes to himself. On the chest, on the temples, on the neck and on the legs are four pieces. He looked through his uncle′s notes - like he did everything right. The last was left. The knife switch was very close. Alex jerked it and went into his glass capsule. She slowly closed.
The car hummed and gained power. It seems that everything went well. Suddenly Alexa was electrocuted. Hit in the temple. Here′s more in the chest. That′s the beginning of the beat so it was no joke. Here he twitched like an eel in a frying pan and how he did not try, could not unhook the electrodes from himself. This was very much like the execution on an electric chair. Alex was so bad that his eyes just crawled out of the orbits and smoke poured from him. Here he received a final electric shock in the heart and fell to the floor of the camera with a crash, cutting off all the electrodes spiders to hell.
Before his eyes was darkness, but not for long. Here before them was blue. And it was very cold. Alex was amazed. If he died, could he feel the cold? And when his eyes got a focus, he saw that he was standing among the ice and snowdrifts. Perhaps he stood somewhere among the ice of Antarctica. He was standing on a huge block of ice, around a huge blue ocean. And then he saw something else. Nearly the same boulder floated, but there were fewer than nine fragile old men in purple robes. Alex looked at himself and found himself standing in the snow in his white shorts. Damn, he thought. "The problem has come out." And shivered from the cold.
In order to do something himself, Alex tried to shout to the old men, but suddenly he heard a voice that sounded very clear and clear:
"We hear you, Alex Raine, and do not shout so loudly."
Alex was slightly surprised.
- Do you know me?
"Of course we know you." And we know what you′ve done to yourself. And the reasons that pushed you to this "experiment" are also known to us.
Alex was very ashamed. To switch from one topic to another, he asked:
"Excuse me, did I die?"
"No, Alex Rein, you are not dead," said one of the old men. "But it was extremely thoughtless and dangerous to create with oneself."
He was very strict. And Alex felt even more guilty.
"Where am I?" - he asked.
"You are in the world between the worlds." And I′m afraid our meetings will be very frequent, "said another old man sadly.
"So I′ll get what I asked for?" Alex asked with a secret joy.
"We can not cancel what will happen," said the third old man. And they all shook their heads together.
"You really upset us that you did not appreciate yourself and you will get everything for it," said the fourth.
"Now the beast has come out of its lair and it will be very difficult to drive it." But there is a chance. You will not be left alone. You will be helped. And together you will manage to drive the beast into its black den, - said the fifth.
- We give you the last of the Lord Meditator - this is to contact us. And the compass of Evil. When you need advice, just open the lid and follow all his instructions, "said the sixth.
Before Alex was some kind of iron casket, or maybe a trunk. And the crystal sphere in which the black metal arrow was enclosed. And while Alex reasoned what kind of strange gifts half-naked man in the middle of a snowy desert, the old men waved their hands and he disappeared from their world.
He lay in his cell without feeling. Nearby lay the Lord Meditator. The experiment did not kill him, but for a long time deprived him of consciousness.

Chapter 9. The New Alex
Alex comes to himself somewhere by seven in the evening and found that he lies in a half-naked kind in the car′s cabin to change living matter. The cowards on it were intact. And next to this strange device lay Lord Meditator. The iron chest is closed on a latch. Alex opened it and found inside a piece of some kind of metal glowing with an uneven violet light. Alex wanted to touch it, but then overcame this desire (and what if it is radioactive!). And then he saw the instruction about which the elders spoke. It was engraved on the inside of the lid. Alex looked closely. It was written in English, as if someone knew who this device would fall into. Simple words formed into four rhymed lines: "If you want to ask for advice from us, Sit down in front of him - make a connection, Hands spread and sit right, Relax, close your eyes, meditate and wait!". "What a very simple verse," thought Alex, although perhaps this was the most accurate instruction for using the device. Alex closed the lid and pushed the latch. I wanted to make sure of something else.
The device served as the most accurate proof that he visited the old men and that his experiment was a success. But Machine, what happened to her? Alex examined the fallen and melted electrodes and caught the smell of burnt wiring. He stepped out of the capsule and looked at the blue screen above the control panel. On it burnt the installed characteristics. It is not clear how he still worked for so long. Here′s what was there:
"External characteristics: the eyes are blue, the height is 178 centimeters, the hair is blond, the nose is beautiful, straight, the lips are thick and red. The body is muscular and well-trained. Particularly: he knows how to fight, he can lift unimaginable loads (up to 6 tons), he is extremely clever and flexible, he can perfectly tumble, sit on a string and fly over 100 meter chasms as if he has wings behind him. Mental characteristics: unusually sustained and calm. It is impossible to anger or embarrass. At all mockery and criticism reacts extremely calmly and with humor. A rich life experience that allows him to react to everything calmly. A rich experience of confrontation, which allows not to be offended and get out of any disputes by the winner. Especially: he is the soul of any company. He is an inexhaustible source of enthusiasm and fun. He is able to turn his enemies into his loyal friends. Incredibly smart, he can speak beautifully. " Reading all this Alex involuntarily smiled. He remembered how he wrote this gag. He did not care what he would do with himself, just to become someone else. He grinned at his naivety and inexperience "... blond ... flies 100 meters abyss ... experience of confrontation ... the soul of any company ... turns enemies into loyal friends ..." Is it all possible. Could he have it!
And then another thing happened. The screen flashed and went out. From the car pulled blown lamps and microcircuits. Alex realized that it was over. It will never work again. Alex had only one chance and he probably missed him ineptly.
He turned off the power of the machine (so that she did not catch fire) and suddenly wanted to look at himself. If he missed how much? Perhaps the machine completely disfigured it and then tomorrow there is no point in going to school.
Going into a small toilet room (my uncle put it here, so as not to leave the laboratory during which it is really important), he switched on the light and measured it. A completely different person was looking at him from the mirror. And he was not like Alex Rein. Blue-eyed. Blond. The nose is beautiful and straight. Lips are full and beautiful. Alex looked enviously at his musculature and was pleased with her. In front of him was a tall, handsome, strong guy, probably very hardy and good in all plans. Alex immediately wanted very much to have a 100 meter abyss next door. "I wonder if I can jump it," he thought immediately. Yes, for sure he could. Then I thought that it was all childishness and things are much more important.
At the top were notebooks and textbooks with homework. Usually, Alex needed a lot of time to solve homework. He did the tasks himself without asking anyone for help and still received low scores for them. "I′m smart," he thought. "I wonder how much?" Rising up like a lightning and wondering in his room as it was quickly he was like a hungry mite clinging to homework. What is there: Physics, Mathematics, Literature, English, Botany. Mathematics. Less than a minute he studied the problem, and then opened the notebook. The decision itself came to his head and he did not even doubt its correctness. He wrote and wrote and wrote. All three tasks were solved. A beautiful calligraphic handwriting. Alex was amazed why he was so beautiful to write. And he was excellent at everything he wrote. The solved task seemed to stand before his eyes. And he could answer her at the blackboard even with blindfolded eyes. It took exactly 7 minutes to solve three problems in mathematics. What′s next? Literature. Excellent. Alex opened the textbook. Poets of the "lake school" William Wordsworth and Samuel Coleridge - a small statement on the years of life and creativity and learn some poems. Alex read from the book very little, but before his eyes immediately began to loom the life of these poets, as if they were his close friends and he worked with them. What′s next, poetry. Alex immediately began to appear in the head of their poems, as if he himself helped them create. He did not teach them anywhere, nor where they did not read them - they lived inside his heart. Alex slammed the book over the literature. He was pleased with himself. Within a few minutes he gained knowledge than the native teacher could give him for half a year. And Alex did not give literature. And now she was a native element for him. The development of this subject took 11 minutes. Outside, it was just beginning to get dark, and he had already learned two subjects perfectly. The next was physics - it′s his own element. What is there - electromagnetism and two problems. Alex decided them in 6 minutes.
In less than an hour, he did everything. Postponing the textbooks and written notebooks aside, he took a breath. The work was done perfectly, the work was done very quickly and his mind went through a check received the highest score. You could still stand in front of the mirror and play with your muscles. Alex did this for a while. And I wonder how many minutes he will now make Bidet. No more Alex is a weakling, now Stanton will get on the nuts. But then I thought that the Transformer awarded him not only a muscular body, but also a mind. It was necessary to take all my things from the laboratory and close it. Alex went down to the car and found there not only the Lord Meditator, but also the Compass of Evil (he rolled into the far corner of the cell). Alex took everything and closed the lab.
"What wonderful objects?" He thought, looking at Lord Meditator and Compass. The chest was closed, but I did not want to disclose it. The crystal ball was clean and transparent, and the arrow hanging in it did not move anywhere. Thinking that he would deal with these objects later, he shoved them under his bed.
When he went to bed, his joy overwhelmed him. He was renewed. Updated. And tomorrow - he represented the wide-open eyes of his classmates tomorrow. Then they will be surprised.

Chapter 10. Alex′s debut
Alex went to his native class, who was not recognized by anyone and sat down at his desk. No one asked him questions, but some began to whisper that this handsome blonde does in their class.
The bell rang and the lesson began. The teacher entered the classroom and the roll call began.
"Alex Rein?" He asked and stared at the class.
"I′m here," Alex answered and held up his hand.
The teacher was embarrassed and did not know what to say. Before him sat the guy he had first seen in his life.
"Do you mean that you will be for him?" Asked the teacher, not knowing how to get out of the situation.
- No, I want to say that from today I am Alex Rein. Mr. Thomas - I′m your Alex, really, maybe a little changed.
"Everything is clear, this is our Alex Raine," the teacher said and noted to himself that Alex Rein was present.
Alex did not understand that he had hypnotized the teacher. But the teacher and class immediately noticed that this young handsome blonde is their Alex Raine. Or maybe he was always like that.
"Well, everything is assembled," the teacher said immediately. - Your homework was to prepare a short report on the poets of the "lake school" and some of their poems. Who will go? But - let our Alex Rain do it. Please, I ask you a young man, you can take a notebook with you. More courageous.
Alex got up and smiled sweetly, said to the teacher:
"Thank you, Mr. Thomas, but I do not need a notebook." I remember the material by heart.
"Very well, go, answer," the teacher said, bewildered.
Alex went out and stood in front of the class. Naughty eyes flashed and he asked:
- About whom do you want to hear the first - William Bodsworth or Samuel Colling? - he asked.
The teacher was even more embarrassed. Apparently he had postponed in his brains that Alex the layman and the loser and in literature always "swims", and this young man behaved so confidently, importantly and artistically (but without replaying).
"Well, I want to hear about Samuel Collyridge," the teacher asked.
- Excellent! - Alex beamed and began the narrative. - Samuel Taylor Colridge was the son of a priest. He was born in the south of England, in the Devonian, on October 21, 1772, the youngest of the ten children in the family, and was educated in London at Cambridge ...
Alex kept telling and telling. No minor facts. A bit of biography (and so well-oriented in the dates and events that the teacher just started to be afraid of him). Then smoothly told about the main years of creativity and the most successful works. Then about the value of the "lake school" for world literature. Then I read the poem for memory. It was not at all short, but Alex conveyed it so expressively and accurately that both the teacher and the students seemed to be transported to that natural environment where this poem was born. It was extremely beautiful. And Alex having finished with one "lake poet" moved to another. To Ulyam Bodsworth. And the experience began with his biography. I followed the same pattern. But that did not mean it was boring. It was simple and very exciting. As for Alex, he seemed to swim in a quiet calm river. He guided the oar and gently rounded the dangerous currents. He knew the river, he was its ruler. and he was the best of those who sailed on it. And the girls and boys looked at him with unconcealed envy. The girls thought only of one thing: "Does he have a girlfriend?", And the guys thought, "I would have such a friend!" As for the teacher, he did not know what to think. His jaw slept simply.
There were different thoughts in his head: from "How does he know so much? The knowledge is just encyclopedic! "To" Does he mark me in my place ?! "In the place where Alex quoted from memory the poem Bodswort, he broke off from his place ran to Alex′s desk and grabbing his notebook began to flinch convulsively. Here it is. The whole lesson. No blots, no mistakes - pure calligraphy. The teacher just admired the underscore of Alex. And everything is told exactly, as it says, as if Alex had memorized this lesson for several hours in a row. And something did not fit. Something did not fit. His brain still remembered Alex, who "swam" in the literature. He could not write it all! He could not learn all this!
"Alex wait," interrupted the teacher reading Bodsworth′s poems. "Tell me, did you write all this yourself?"
"Yes, Mr. Thomas," Alex said, calm and smiling. "This is my notebook." I also wrote. And I know everything about the poets of the "lake school".
And he hypnotized again, which he himself did not suspect.
- But from where ?! Asked the teacher in a weakening and surrendering voice. "You know more about these poets than I said." What is written in our textbooks. You′re a direct encyclopedia, somehow. You know about them EVERYTHING ...
The latter was uttered with an anguish. And Alex continued to look into his gray eyes with his blue eyes and smile.
- Everything is very simple. I have a good library, "Alex said, hinting at his head.
But the teacher did not understand and no one understood.
- It′s simple. There is a good library, "he repeated, finally defeated.
Alex wanted to read on, but the teacher interrupted him.
"Alex, I believe you." You know the lesson perfectly. Even more. I′ve never had such a good student.
He took a notebook and wrote under Alex′s homework, where perhaps the poems were not "A +++". Alex looked at this mark as the first well-deserved medal. And the class realizing that Alex deserved the highest mark broke into friendly and thunderous applause. It was a nice addition to the medal.
Alex shines with her mind at lessons and in the dining room she quickly gathers around the crowd, telling new jokes. Everything from him in admiration: the girls blush at his appearance, and many are perplexed: "How ?! What happened?! And this is Alex Rain !? " Ask Alex himself about what happened, but he just smiles back. And he says: "Believe me, very soon things will change!"
In mathematics, he solved the problems with such ease and speed that the teacher Mr. Simon gave him the highest score - A, and he himself thought: "This is who will go from our class to the mathematical Olympiad! Finally! "At a physics lesson he talked about electromagnetism with such passion and understanding of the process that all the guys in the class were carried away by this subject and also wanted to become physicists. School day flew quickly and imperceptibly. After graduation, the new Alex gathered in the corridor a large number of classmates and told them an anecdote on behalf of a student-loser, who turned into an apprentice student. "How - so little is invented! I did not even suspect that study is so easy! "- he said and the class exploded with laughter. All the boys and girls in this crowd giggled and smiled, as if it were said that something really hilarious. And Alex already flew their questions: "Oh, Alex, what do you do after school ?! Oh, but it is possible with you ?! And my lessons do not work out - can you explain to me ?! And do you have a girl? "" There is one beautiful woman in mind, "Alex said completely ignoring all the other questions and looking at Mary Stens who was also in this crowd.
Mary went with everyone, because by nature she was a team man and used to act with everyone. This new Alex attracted her, although she could not say for sure whether he liked her or not. Most likely, the impression was somehow controversial. Mary herself could not understand her feelings. Something like and had - of course, he was very smart and handsome, but something was rejected. No wonder this new Alex appeared in their class. Oh, not by accident. It was a scarecrow. And honestly old Alex liked her more. Although she did not feel any serious feelings for him.
And there was another person in the class who did not like the new Alex. Bid Stanton. He joined the crowd with everyone, but, of course, his goals were completely different. He was not fascinated by Alex, his magic did not work for him-he envied him terribly and only dreamed of breaking his beautiful blond face.
And when Alex, surrounded by a crowd of his admirers, descended from the school porch, he obviously decided that the right moment had come.

Chapter 11. Disassembly with Bidom
Alex went home from school and told his new friends an anecdote when behind heard:
- Hey, you! Raine! Stand!
He stopped. Slowly looked around. The crowd that surrounded him behind him obediently parted and he saw the source of the noise.
Bid stood in the middle of the school grounds, looked at him frowning and clenched his fists.
"Are you coming to me, Bid?" Alex asked calmly.
- To you to someone else! - Bide shouted, brave himself and humbling himself.
Alex took a few steps and was beside him.
"I′m listening to you," he said quietly.
Bidu felt uneasy. When he stood far from him, he was in danger, and now, when he approached, it became even worse.
A couple of seconds, Bid met with thoughts, and then gave it away. All the same it was the oldest Alex and he was ready to put it right now:
"Listen, you asshole!" I do not know who you turned into and what you did to our class, but these tricks do not work for me. You′re still the same little asshole Raine, who does not represent anything! And now you will receive ... !!!
- Are there enough silenoks ?! Alex asked arrogantly and very mockingly.
For several seconds he thought about how everything turned out. There was a new disassembly with Bid. Oh, how sweet was his revenge. Now he could answer him. And Bid as a puppy will ride in the mud. Now he was really stronger than him. Yes, he would order the class to one of his wishes to tear Steinton to pieces. But he wanted to try his hand himself.
Bid did not know all this. But he was scared. And it became more frightening every minute.
"Where are your henchmen?" Alex was still calmly asked. "Where′s Kurt, and Jack, and Salos, and Crisby, and a bunch of your buddies!" They are not ... it seems like today you have to wave your fists to one ... if only you get!
Alex laughed venomously. And the crowd that surrounded them immediately giggled as a sign of support. And Bid, from these laughs, had a chill. He no longer felt like a winner. The hunter became a victim.
Bid looked convulsively around looking for his assistants. There was very little time and he could not collect all his gang for such a time. Among his classmates he saw only three. The rest either already went home, or studied, or were left after the lessons.
"Bullshit, Simans, Crisby, to me!" He shouted.
But those three guys that stood in the crowd and did not stir. And Bid understood the most terrible thing - they did not recognize him anymore - now they belonged entirely to Alex. And it just enraged him.
- Oh you...!!! He shouted. "He took my friends from me !!!"
He swung his huge fist and intended to hit Alex in the face. But Alex very simply dodged his attack. After almost falling off his feet, Bid immediately straightened, and intended to hit Alex with an uppercut of his left hand. But Alex left this too. He turned into a hare and quickly jumped aside. Bid looked at him with such cruel anger that he could kill with his eyes. But fortunately this way of killing was inaccessible to him. Then he stretched out his arms and yelled that something terrible and fighting rushed to his enemy. Alex was again a bunny and jumped aside. And then he grabbed Bid by the scruff of his neck and tugged it back as he in the fuse could grab and stifle an innocent classmate, Rosa Kingsley. From the jerk back, Bid shook himself and almost lost support, and Alex still added - he closed two powerful slaps, pitted his legs and Bid sat on the asphalt.
Such a powerful shake-up he probably never experienced in his life. I sat on the path under the feet of my classmates and looked around stupidly. He had just been publicly humiliated before the whole class.
"What happened now?" He asked in anger and fright.
"It was a warning," Alex said angrily. "Do not even try to get up!" You can not win!
But Bid was up. Pride and stupidity did not allow him to surrender to Alex.
"Never, Raine, I′ll never give up!" He shouted into Alex′s face.
"That′s understandable," Alex said. "So you want to be beaten up today!" We′ll see! Mary, hold my bag!
He threw off the shoulder bag that hung on it, and gave it to Mary Stens. Mary instinctively took and pressed to her.
"Want to see how I make a fat man!" Want to see how I spread his muzzle over the asphalt! - Alex shouted himself firing.
- Yes! Yes! Cried the crowd. - Dra-ka! Fight!
"Make him Alex!" Rose Rose Kingsley suddenly shouted. "Take revenge on him for your recent offense!"
She screamed as if she was personally present at the same time, and after all she was only told by school gossip. But she longed for the defeat and humiliation of Bid. Alexa was very inspired, which could not be said about Bidet. His exclamations drove into depression. At some point he even wanted to turn around and run home without looking back.
Alex went up to him and looked very calmly into his eyes.
"Please do something," he said. "Bring a blow."
Bid swung his hand not really believing that he would reach the goal. And right. Alex just stepped aside and walked away from the impact. And then ... no one in the class saw such a quick reaction. Slashing hit with the edge of the palm over the ribs - Bid′s face twisted into a grimace of pain. The exact blow to the solar plexus - he began to suffocate. Alex grabbed him by one hand with his neck, and the second behind the loop for the jeans belt and twisting his arms just threw over himself. In this just could not believe - a huge under 85 kilograms Bid was thrown like a kitten. And when he began to climb - Alex with a sharp blow to the toe of a leg pripechatal him in the jaw. From such a powerful blow, Bid was flying along the asphalt rolling somersault and a group of schoolchildren even had to part ways so that he did not take them down like a bowler ball. Three times overturned through himself, he fell his nose directly into the mud. Perhaps the very dirt where Alex himself lay a few days ago.
The class was simply amazed. Such speed, such blows they saw only in the movies. Their eyes all this was instantaneous. Bid began to bend, then flew over himself, and then somersaulted flew to the end of the yard. All they could do was applaud Alex furiously and hoot. "Well done!" "So it!" "Bravo!" - they cried. And even yesterday′s Bidov friends shouted.
Bid also rose again. It was more correct not to get up, but he was very strong and very stubborn. And he did not understand why he was getting up. His head was buzzing and moaning. Nausea came to her throat. Before the eyes stood the figures of classmates and Alex who went to him like an executioner - terrible and inevitable.
"Oh, you′re still alive!" Alex shouted. "So much the worse for you!" He walked over to Bidu with a quick step, went behind his back and clasped his head, under the joyful cries of his peers.
He knew where and with what force to pull at the head so that it would forever separate from the trunk. He knew and he really wanted it. Then one could consider his revenge to be complete.
The class fell silent and froze. Are they now witnessing their first murder? And who will kill. Alex Rein. A man who, as they thought a week ago, would not offend a mosquito.
And Bid Stanton was already raising his hands to Alex and muttering helplessly. He knew that most likely he would die and nothing could be done about it. He was so beat and humiliated that he did not care.
"Let go of him, Alex," Mary Stans suddenly shouted.
She hated senseless cruelty, and Alex in front of her eyes has already overstepped all imaginable sticks.
"Yes, Alex, let me go!" Enough of it! "Rosa Kingsley shouted, maybe at that moment regretting the extravagant cruelty that gave rise to this disassembly.
"Alex, let him go!"
- Let him go!
"Let go, please!"
Now the whole class asked for Bid. As if he was a diamond, and nobody unnecessary dvoeshnikom and loafer pulled everyone back.
Alex took two deep breaths and began to recover. He dismissed Bid and shouted in his ear:
- Okay! Live the shit! Such ladies stood up for you!
He pushed him on the shoulder. Leggedly pushed, but Bid fell to the asphalt with a heavy bag. And I could not rise with all my desire. He lost consciousness.
And Alex and the class carefully walked around the body and continued walking along the street laughing and laughing cheerfully. Alex told a new joke - the class exploded with laughter. As if there was nothing. As if he had not just beaten a living person to death. Let him be his enemy.
Mary Stens was behind them all. She still carried Alex′s bag, which the owner himself apparently forgot. The school was already behind. She was not with everyone. She looked orphaned and lost. She walked and thought how Alex turned into such a monster. Or maybe he was a monster, she just did not see it.
What is noteworthy is that this fight had no witnesses. None of the school during the time of disassembly with Bidom did not come out. The class does not count, as he was drugged by the magic of Alex. All except Mary, who managed to keep her mind. But Bid′s body lay still, but still alive. Nobody paid attention to him. Like a simple garbage underfoot.

Chapter 12. Revelations to Mary.
Three days passed. Alex shone at all lessons. For each subject, he had a solid A +++. He tried to download works and contests for the Olympics, but Alex decided them very quickly. On the most difficult and long it took him an hour and a half. The teachers were proud of him and tried to ask where he knew so much from. He always smiled in embarrassment and said: "I have a very good library at home." And the teachers genuinely envied his library. And when someone else told them what wonderful students they had in their schools - they said: "We have one Alex Rein, who is worth the whole school!" And friends, they now had two hundred of Alex. And they patiently waited for him at the door of the classrooms. If only he coped with his olympiad tasks faster and again was with them. He joked and entertained. They came from other classes - boys and girls - and they all fell under the influence of Alex. They were ready to go into the fire and water for him, although they knew him only a few hours.
Now everyone knew where he lives and several parties have already been held on his house. Some boys and girls even stayed to spend the night in his yard. They were all at all - and darkness, and lack of comfort, and the morning coolness - just to bask in the aura of his hero. And yet they behaved very culturally. They did not break anything, they did not steal it, but in the morning they even cleaned the yard. For them, this was the greatest happiness in life.
Five days passed after the transformation of Alex. Of course, the girls just ran after him in a crowd. They knew his place of residence, they never visited him at home and did not bicker with each other, but how trained dogs stopped, twisted their tails and waited with their hearts waiting for their turn. But Alex needed Mary and only she.
It so happened that Mary did not have these three days at school. She was just unwell. And so she returned. At the break in the dining room, Alex went up to her. Seeing him, Bid immediately immediately retired to another place. I must say that Bid now did not bother him, but he was even afraid and avoided all sorts of meetings.
"Hello, Mary," Alex said.
"Hello, Alex," Mary said, and set aside the cake that was chewing.
"I have a serious talk with you," Alex warned.
"I already understand," said Mary calmly, and shaking her hands calmly folded them on her chest.
Alex gathered his thoughts. To start and finish this conversation, an excerpt, calm and eloquence was required. Fortunately, Alex possessed all these qualities. But how to start the conversation when Mary started it with a closed pose. Alex decided to ignore this gesture.
"Look, Mary, we′ve known each other for years. I do not have a girlfriend better than you. But now I thought - we both need to move to a new level. I always loved Mary, and still love you. I do not need anyone except you. Please, become my girlfriend.
He said it very calmly. He said with feeling. And even he rose on one knee, as if he really asked for her hand and heart.
Mary was touched and unfastened her castle from her hands. And the class behind them furiously applauded.
"Listen to Alex, get up off the knee - that′s the first thing," Mary asked. - Yes, of course you have become beautiful and gallant, but something in you scares me. I can not.
- Why? Alex was amazed.
"How about Bid Steyton?" Did you almost kill a guy?
If no one remembered the fight, Mary would not be held. She perfectly remembered everything and understood everything perfectly.
- Come on! Alex waved his hand. "He deserved it!"
"Alex is not funny!" - Mary interrupted him sharply and became very angry.
- Yes, I am guilty, - Alex immediately skipped. - I admit.
"From you, and so forth, aggression," Mary said and said. - After the transformation, you became completely different. You′re already another Alex. Someone different, not my Alex.
"Mary, I′m still the same Alex," he said, and looked seriously into her eyes. - Remember, we played when we were children. We went to visit each other. We trusted each other with secrets. And that′s when I fell in love with you.
Mary swallowed saliva. Something was very important and important.
- Do you really love me? She asked.
"More than life itself!" - Alex confessed.
"Okay, what are we going to do with your outbursts of anger?"
Alex took her hand, thought for a long time, and then said this:
"Mary, I need a woman." A woman who will be there, and which I can trust. Which will help me overcome this vice and save my soul. Once you promised that you would watch over me. Come on ... this is our chance - you will take care of me "me - to take care of you. Come on, Mary. We will be a wonderful couple.
"We need to think about it," Mary said, and released her hand.
It′s time for her to think. A few disturbing minutes of meditation continued, during which classmates whispered to her: "Come on!" "Come on!" "Decide, you fool!" And then she smiled and nodded:
- OK, let′s try. I agree.
What happened to Alex - do not pass. The boy was in seventh heaven with happiness. He picked her up in his arms, picked it up and circled the dining room. Mary laughed and hugged him. And then Alex just kissed her. And classmates still applauded them.
"Alex, you′ve become very smart." It′s not for the good, "she said, and pressed herself against her beloved.
They left the dining room together. Embracing. After all, they have now become a couple. Classmates walked by and smiled. And none of the girls was going to find out the relationship and claim Mary′s place. They all understood that the girl can only be one, and they were happy just to go near and be friends.

Chapter 13. Couple
Mary and Alex are now a couple. For several days they had been going home together, walking together after school and doing everything together. Hand in hand and happy smiles did not come off their faces. Mary liked Alex′s never discouraged mood, his humor, his beautiful manner of courting - Alex was delighted with this girl. Classmates these days have turned into their faithful and loyal friends. They met them in the courtyard, they met them at school. They all just adored this couple. All except Bid. The Bidder has now become an outcast. He went everywhere alone, he did not talk to anyone and no one wanted to communicate with him. And when he saw Alex and Mary he preferred to huddle into the furthest and darkest corner and do not show the nose from there. Alex liked it very much. The adoration of the class and the cowardice of the former enemy (who was now no one). Mary also liked this a lot. She had a dozen new girlfriends and three girls even voluntarily signed up for her maidens, although Mary fought back from them in every possible way, did not want extra food and always carried her bag herself. Even though she was flattered in many respects when she was called "Miss Mary Stens, the future Mrs. Rein" - she understood that nothing was being given for free and that all these courtships, free friends and other talents would have to be paid soon. And she was very afraid of this moment. Alex was not afraid of anything. He just blossomed and radiated. Many times he burrowed and allowed himself too much, but Mary stopped him and forbade it. He, remembering the agreement, obeyed and thanked.
And on the evening of the fifth day he invited her to his house. My classmates got out of the house in advance, as Alex subtly explained to them that there would be a date with Mary tete-a-tete. Dinner by candlelight was great, teenagers drank wine for the first time (very decent - it was got by a classmate, to whom Alex obtained a few fives and a couple of control), then there were dances for romantic music. Mary was delighted, and she kissed Alex. The first one she wanted to kiss. For Alex this was also the first time. Both were newcomers, so the first kiss is superficial and short-lived. But this moment was remembered by them. For a long time, almost for life.
Here Mary walked away from him and asked a question that had been circulating for a long time on her mind and tormented at the same time: "What exactly happened to you Alex? Why did you change so much? Tell me, please. "
Alex sat on the couch and began his story. Mary was the first person to hear this. Yes, and he himself was pleased to remember this story. And about the uncle′s car, and about his experiment (mentions and about the elders on the ice floe). Mary felt a secret danger in this transformation, and she asked Alex to show her this car. Alex led her to the basement.
Thus, she became the first person after her uncle and Alex, who descended into this laboratory. For a very long time she examined the remote and the screen, which had died out forever, and then went to the machine itself. I examined the wires and melted electrodes, inspected the cabin and asked:
"Alex, I certainly do not understand technique like you, but you′re sure it was the car." In my opinion, she is not able to work at all!
And the last thing that worried Mary was the Evil Compass and Lord Meditator. They came to Alex′s room and Alex pulled out of the bed two living proofs that the car was working and turned him into a completely new personality.
And Mary looked at the crystal clear ball with the fixed arrow in it and on the casket with some strange flickering metal inside, and she had the feeling that she would return to them very soon.

Chapter 14. Mom′s Arrival
Mom returned from her business trip on Saturday evening and at first thought that she had messed up the house. "Oh, I′m sorry, I was wrong at home," she said, and wanted to get out. For a brief fraction of seconds before Alex realized that my mother - the only person who has not seen him in the new appearance and does not know what happened. At the speed of lightning, he jumped to the door and did not let her out anywhere. "Oh, do not hold me, let go, you′re hurting me!" Becky resisted desperately. But in a desperate fight that lasted for half a minute she realized that the blue-eyed blond is stronger than her and she will have to sit down and listen to what he would not say to her.
She sat down. And listened. About the fantastic machines, about the transformation, about the crowds of new friends, the progress in learning and the girl Mary Stens.
"I do not believe it," she said shortly.
- And you look into my eyes mom. Look and trust not logic, but only feelings, - Alex asked and sat at her feet.
Becky looked into his eyes. Long looked. These were the eyes of a stranger, but a LOOK. She saw it somewhere. Painfully and for a long time she thought, and then she asked:
"Alex, is it really you?"
"I′m Mom, I," he said, and hugged her legs.
She put her arms around his shoulders and sobbed heavily.
"What-oh-oh-oh-uh-uh-do-uh-oh-oh-oh-oh, son?" She cried in a sudden fit of anger.
After this first difficult hour, the second hour began. Rabbek Rein went around the house with a glass of tea and listened and listened. Alex again told her this story. For the first time, she was inattentive, and many details escaped her. Now she wanted to know everything.
"Take me to your basement and show me that car!" - she did not ask, she demanded putting an empty tea cup on the chest of drawers.

So the mother of Alex Rabbek Raine became the fourth person who saw this place and the second woman (after Mary). She examined the car and then turned pale, then blushed, then green with anger. To myself (because I did not know about this place), to my uncle (who built it), but most of all to Alex:
- You ... you ... you ... sick on your head moron ... you fucked in it at all useful? !!! She gasped in anger.
Alex standing there and hanging his head, like a five-year-old boy, suddenly raised his head and smiled:
- But it all worked out.
Becky slapped him in the face. Yes, so strong that he hardly stood on his feet. Second, third, fourth. Her red hair was so raspyatilsya and face so bared. That she looked like an evil fury.
Then she sat down on the bandwagon near the car and just cried. Alex sat down beside her and tried to embrace her.
Then she was just sad and silent. To talk about something with her, Alex once again began to brag about his knowledge, friends and the fact that he was with Mary about what he had just dreamed of.
"Yes, you must understand, you blockhead, this rubbish can not improve the parameters of your body, charge with charm and insert new brains !!!" - she cried and burst into tears again.
This time the hysterics was short. She hugged her son and apologized.
"I′m afraid of Alex! - she said. "What happened to you was not accidental!" I feel, something will happen soon, something bad! "

They sat in armchairs, in the house, opposite each other and just talked. Becky is still in bad feelings and no matter how much Alex says that now he is much better than before, she did not feel any better. And for the second time he had thought that she looked so much like Mary. Only these two women, perhaps, in the whole world - only they really loved him.

Chapter 15. Abilities
Alex walked down the dining room. He walked with a tray of food to his table and suddenly heard: "Oh my God! This is Alex Rein! School celebrity! How I′d like to meet him! "At first he thought he heard just the voices of chatting girls, but then he hears something ... that none of them would say aloud. Finally, Alexa accidentally hooked her elbow girl, and they meet with their eyes. Alex heard: "Oh my God, Alex! You are so good! How I long for you! But hell, dammit, I can not, what a fool I am! "At the same time the girl flushed and ran away from the dining room. Alex is beside himself with admiration ... he can read other people′s thoughts.
Alex came home. I closed the door to my room. And he was experimenting. He found that he could move objects with his eyes; Then he moved from one part of the room to the other (eventually he was on the closet); Alex discovered that he could see many miles ahead of himself (after looking at the cloudy autumn sky from his window, he could see a plane flying at a distance of 5000 kilometers) and finally Alex smoothly separated from the floor and soared to the ceiling. His admiration knew no bounds. He got what he did not dream about from his experiment. He became superhuman.

Chapter 16. Care Mary
One of the spring warm days Mary went after Alex and offered to take a walk. But Alex at first did not think about the walk-he was too excited for that. He sat Mary in front of him and demonstrated his capabilities. Mary has long been in serious thoughts. She said that she can not decide anything at home when there is such a beautiful weather outside. And they still went for a walk. In fact, Mary needed more time to think.

On the weekend, Alex and Mary went to the city fair. The annual spring fair passes next to their homes. And Mary considered it her direct duty to visit her. They walked, talked, rested. Rolled on attractions, but meanwhile, Mary did not let go of the main thing - all this and the transformation and ability were forerunners of something bad - something bad had to happen in a very short time. Oh, I would have known Mary how right she was.
Mary came up with the idea to take part in the test for luck. It was a dice game. The old man, dressed in a naval pirate costume, with a cocked hat, a blindfold on his eye and a wooden leg, gushed the people so vigorously and energetically that Mary was involuntarily tempted. She stopped before his attraction. The pirate told her that no one had ever won him, offered to try fortune and said that for such a beautiful girl he would sell four games for the price of two and one special bonus game. Even then, Alex threw him his first unkind look and said that if he were to molest his girlfriend, today he would need two wooden legs and a bandage on both eyes. Mary did not like it very much, and the old pirate markedly peretrusil. He said that they would go their own way and not spoil his attraction. BUT Mary was already burning with excitement. Mary had her a hundred dollars, and she bought two games. She won one game. Second blown. Of the three bonus - won two and the last prize purged. Pirate said that her luck can compete with his own luck and paid the girl her winnings - $ 75.
Alex told her that now she would see real luck. He put his hundred bucks. I sat down at the game. One. Two. Three. He won. Here he already had three hundred in his pocket and four prize games. The pirate gritted his teeth and swore in his pirate dialect. And here Alex lost four games in a row. The pirate squealed with joy and put money into his purse - he was not in the house, that Alex "felt it" in this way and he already knew that there were more than a thousand green in his wallet. And when he played everything, Alex with calmness and indifference took out the second hundred and offered to double the bet. The pirate exulted and said that he would leave Alex without pants, he was even more unlucky than his girlfriend, and with such luck he should not have climbed to his table. In less than five minutes Alex recovered four hundred and took three hundred more. The pirate creaked his teeth and materialized. Now the game went on black - and Alex undressed the poor fellow. Alex already has 700, 800, 900. And surprisingly, Alex always had 12 points on his bones. Less never fell. Even if they threw out 12 and 12, the pirate had less in the next round, and Alex again had 12. Nobody ever saw such luck. And around the attraction was already a huge crowd of onlookers. Everyone looked, admired and envied Alex. A few impudent girls even wanted to push Mary away, but she did not give in and pushed them away. She was still with Alex.
The pirate was already all crimson with anger. He reluctantly admitted that this is the most talented luck he saw and offered to play in the bank. Alex laughed evilly and said that he had already cleared all his money and he had nothing to pay. The pirate began to rummage in pockets and before Alex began to grow a pile of money. And finally at last he found his last hundred in the last sock. Before Alex was 900 dollars. If he wins them, he will have 1,800 dollars, and he could buy a lot for this money, give a lot to Mary, and most will be pleased with them. Alex greedily licked. He said that he accepts the conditions.
All the idlers in the park watched the attraction just as greedily as Alex himself. Never had a pirate such a success. Pirate announced that they play five times and who will have three wins, takes all the money. Behind these times, everyone looked in the park. We watched with bated breath. The unfortunate pirate won only once (Alex was distracted or just wanted to have Grandpa carried). He won three times. The pirate was mad and went mad with anger. He nearly smashed his shop into small chips. He never, never knew the worst day. He was defeated in his own game and took the main prize, leaving no money at all. Alex said - "lucky in love, old hunted!" And this was apparently the last straw. The old pirate importantly took a seat and said that they would not get shit. Then he forgot about them and began zychno to call people to his attraction.
The crowd rang out in displeasure, Mary began to yank Alex by the sleeve, and Alex himself was angry in earnest. He approached the old pirate and for the last time politely asked to return his money. Pirate importantly chewed half-toothless mouth and said that Alex was removed, or he will now call yarmorochnuyu police.
Then Alex slapped him first. Slightly as he thought, but when he picked up the pirate whose fluttered cocked hat the head was shaking and blood was flowing from the broken lip. "Money! Alex bellowed. - My money! You are an old scum! "Even then, Mary shrieked screezily and in the crowd she was caught feeling an early disaster, but Alex did not stop. He sizzled the old pirate with his eyes and he realized that today he could truly die. "Now, now, I′ll give it up, I′ll give it back !!!" - he shook. "Of course, you give, you give everything, you old bitch !!!" - yelled Alex as mad. The pirate gave him crumpled pieces of paper, and Alex did not even wait to grab everything that was out of his hands and roughly pushed him aside.
Recounted. And he was pleased. Together with his win he had exactly 1,800 bucks on his hands, and even 50 bucks from the bottom stuck (but Alex immediately judged that this is compensation for moral damage). There was only one thing left - an old pirate. Alexa simply shook with anger when he saw this old rascal with his attraction. A few strokes with his feet and his shop broke up into a small piece of wood. One short and powerful punch to the temple and the old pirate fell on the green grass. The black hat-tricorn flew off him, his head fell back to the side, and he could no longer raise it, because he was dead.
The crowd began to squeal with fear, Mary covered her mouth with her hands and was numb with horror - was it really her Alex, the man she loved?
To the screams of horror, out of the crowd, the yoke of the police arrived. And Alex solved this situation quite simply. He put the money in his pocket with a smug smile, turned to the astonished people and said: "Probably, this is a faint. Very hot. The guy lost consciousness. You do not touch him two or three hours - let him sleep. " And people, to Mary′s greatest surprise, began to say: "Yes, yes - this is a faint. It happens. Especially when it′s as hot as it is today. We will not touch it. Let him rest. Will sleep an hour or two, then get up full of energy. " And they all began to disperse. And the police, too. They were like trusting children saying: "Yes, it happens. Today it′s very hot. Do not interfere with the guy. " And none of them even went to the dead old man to look at him or feel his pulse. There were only Mary, Alex, the dead old man in the pirate costume. There were also no people who supposedly were supposed to protect the pirate.
Mary simply shook with anger and fear. She had just witnessed mass hypnosis - and there were at least a hundred people in the crowd. Alex was monstrously strong and dangerous. "All! she decided. "It′s enough from me!" She turned and hurried off in a hurry from the fair.
Alex caught up with her and tried to find out the reason for the flight.
- You, you - this reason! - Mary almost cried to him. "What did you do there?" You killed a man. I saw it myself - his teeth fell out of his mouth. And then ... .this lump - it′s just an easy fainting, let him rest for an hour or two ... until we go away !.
"Come on," Alex said. "It worked."
Meanwhile he continued to smile mockingly. Mary come into even greater despair.
"How could you?" What do you think of yourself ?! Are you a murderer and still tell me that it worked?
"He stole my money!" - Alex is angry. "This old scum did not want to give away my money!" He got what he deserved! But (his tone softens) we now have 1800 bucks. Send them to spend.
Mary was seething with rage:
"May you choke on these bucks!" I do not want to have anything more to do with you!
Unfolds and leaves. Alex catches up with her again, but her departure is obvious.
"You are a monster, you are a monster, Alex!" I am afraid of you! I hate you! Never in my life, do you understand ?!
She was about to leave. And suddenly Alex became very angry.
- You want to leave - wali! He shouted. "I do not need you!" I′ll find myself another girl! Who will not command me! I′ll find myself a dozen other girls, and we will organize orgies every day! EVERY DAY, you understand the dumb bitch ?!
Mary grimaced more bitterly than offended:
"My God, Alexander Rein, what have you become?" God help you!
What curled Alex.
And she walked and walked without looking back. The day was ruined to the point of impossibility. Arriving home, she cried for another three hours and did not want to eat at all. She loved Alex, and she lost him that day. Although it may have lost it a lot earlier.

Chapter 17. Alexis
Alex lay in his room, on the couch. I was sad. The doors opened and Rebbek entered. She was very worried about her son′s condition (at breakfast he almost did not eat anything). She asked me to tell her everything. Alex told him that Mary had left him. And when my mother asked why she did this, he himself did not want to lie to her. He said that Mary herself is to blame for everything. Suddenly, for no reason at all, she began to quarrel with him. Then she left in the middle of the holiday and left nothing to explain. And to top it off, she probably does not like him at all, and she has a guy on the side. Alex rolled the tantrum and rushed into the arms of his mother. She pressed him to her chest and calmed him down. Alex, meanwhile, felt her big, hot, elastic breasts with her cheek and an evil smile crept over her.
Alex looked up from his mother and said that he would survive all this. That Mary is not worthy of it. And to top it off, she asks for permission to have a party at home. He now has a lot of friends at school and they will help to forget. Becky says - for God′s sake and she does not mind, if only it would be easier. She gets up from the couch and turns to Alex with her back. And Alex is looking at her slim, strong ass. And the smile is even wider.
"Mom, will you come to the party?" He asked her at the door. She turns to him and smiles in embarrassment. "No, Alex, I′m afraid, will not work, there′s a lot of work," - such was the answer.
She left the room, Alex followed. On the stairs, he held her up: "If you do anything, come, Mom," he says, while he himself looks at her hips, chest, beautiful clean hair. He is all burning with desire. Rabbek turns to him, smiles and says to Alex: "I would be delighted, dear, but, it seems, not this time." She collects her things and leaves the house. Alex comes to, and he′s in shock. "ONLY ONLY WHAT YOUR MOTHER WANTED !!!" For Alex, this is generally unacceptable. After a little reflection on this, he was going to school.
In the school cafeteria, Alex appeared in the company of his new girlfriend. This is the girl of thought he read recently. Her name was Betty Smart. She was pretty, curly, mischievous and just turned 14. Alex went to the table behind which Mary was sitting. Then he addressed all those present in the dining room: "My friends, is not it time for us, everyone, to get a good time ?! I invite you to a gorgeous party at my house! Come will not regret! "Then he looks at Mary:" Come Stans, there will be great! " It will be wonderful, you′ll see! Come on! I′m not your enemy and never were! So come! "Mary looked away from her glance and promised to think. Then he rises from his chair and leaves the dining room. The head was very ill.
Alex′s new friends rush to him with questions: who is he, where is his house, how much to come, although almost all of them knew where he lives and they lived there almost round the clock - just wanted to once again communicate with him. Alex suddenly raises his hand and makes a statement: "Do not call me Alex anymore. I do not want it. Alex Rein? He′s a loser. I do not want to have anything to do with a loser! Now I will have a different name. And you will call me only as I say, and nothing else. From now on my name is Alexis! "

Chapter 18. The party.
The party started at six. Mary moved with pure curiosity entered Alex′s house and saw ...
There was a real mess in the house. In the hallway was full of young, dancing couples. Music came from two columns placed on the stairs. In addition, there were cocktails. Many of the hanging out here were drinking cocktails. Such poisonous-green, sticky fruit drinks in high glasses. At the entrance, Mary received one such. It was handed to one girl, who fell behind her on the floor. Mary pricked up her ears, but she was already occupied by two other guys and raised to her feet.
"What do they drink?" She thought. Mary sniffed at the drink and could not understand anything. The aroma of the drink was stupefying. "Drugs," - immediately came to her mind. She tried, and then she almost turned inside out. The taste was like a rotten egg. But all the same, everyone who drinks this COCKTAIL, and everyone was happy. Smiled, frolicked, behaved as if this was the best thing they had tried in life. Extremely troubled Mary put the glass on the table and decided to find Alex. To learn from him that there is something.
Alex was upstairs. Go with three girls in an embrace. I sat on the couch and told them something. Mary took his hand and led her without explanation. He asked to be called Alexis - that′s the name he loved and did not want to hear anything else. When he asked Mary, he smiled: "Is this shit? And what kind of shit? They all lap this shit and think it′s better, and can not be! They think so! "To bewildered, Mary Alexis explained that these people had mocked him once and now it′s his turn to scoff. Mary openly told Alex: "How did you become shit! So I can not believe it! "Then she saw that her words had not made any impression on him-she stamped her foot angrily and left the room.
But before she could leave his house, Mary encountered the girl with whom Alex appeared a couple of days ago in the dining room. She was all in tears and heartbroken. Mary met her and found out that the girl was one year younger than her and her name was Betty. Alex for no apparent reason threw it and she still could not believe that they were all over. Mary went back to Alex′s room and even more evil demanded an explanation. He could not remember her name for a long time, and then explained: "What is she to me now ?! This whiny girl? What use? "Mary was at a loss:" How did Alex become a monster! She will take care of herself - do not you understand this ?! "she cried to Alex. To which Alex only laughed: "This is her right. Do anything with your life. Personally, I do not care. Let him die! "
Mary was even more angry than before. Returned to Batty, took her hand and led her home. On the way she talked with her and asked not to do anything stupid. Betty said she would think, although Mary did not really believe her. Suddenly she felt responsible and decided to look after Batty.

Chapter 19. Disappearance
Alexa was nowhere to be found. Neither in school nor at home. It has not been several days. Mary is very concerned about this. Becky also. Together they do not find a place for themselves. Several times they met, talked and just waited for the return of the prodigal son. Becky turned to the police and there, too, began to look for the disappeared teenager. It got to the point that all those who used to come to Alex′s patio earlier left. Becky was very pleased, because for the last few days these uninvited visitors did not help, but only exhausted her nerves.
The police said that they were doing everything in their power. Mary interviewed everyone who was at his party. But no one remembered either the party itself or Alex himself. Or rather, Alexis, as he called himself. He was like some kind of narcotic narcotic - he took over the body for a while, but now it was incomprehensible whether he really was, or not. Even Becky who that evening left his house in tears, now looked cheerful and happy (which could not but rejoice Mary).
As for Becky, she simply could not work. I sat in my office half a day, and then put the documents in folders and just left. She only said to all the questions: "My son was gone!" Some people understood and released her, but some tried to object that they say this is not an excuse. Then Becky showed her claws. One stubborn man even cracked his fist on the forehead. Fortunately, she was the boss of a rather high rank and her own boss showed very great understanding.
And her house was waiting for Mary, who now had the key to the house of the Rhine. She said that there were no news in the school and they sat down together thinking about what to do next. Their own house and their own family were obviously Mary′s side. Becky became her mother, and Alex disappeared as his beloved brother. The common misfortune has very rallied two women. And they together searched for an exit. So far, unsuccessfully.

Chapter 20. The Night Guest
Mary could not sleep. She was tormented by nightmares. She heard that at the door of their house they call. They called long and persistently. And no one wanted to come. Parents did not seem to hear these calls. And then when she sank down to open the door - she saw how she burst open with a roar (almost flew off the hinges). On the street a terrible shower was lashed. The lightning flashed. Against this background of bad weather, a healthy, black figure in a raincoat with a hood came into the house. She lowered her hood and Mary saw an ugly black head, absolutely bald, with bloodshot eyes and huge dagger-like teeth. And from the teeth of these dripped blood. Just flowed continuously. The stranger laughed and pulled to it his long, black hands with no less long and sharp claws. They looked like sharp daggers. "Come to me, bitch, now have fun!" - he shouted to Mary and did not stop laughing.
Mary shuddered and opened her eyes. It was night, there was a thunderstorm outside the window, and it seemed to her that a doorbell actually called. The unpleasant feeling grew. Mary knew exactly - IT′S HE. She climbed under the blanket and was worried. She really did not want to meet him. He is bad. And he is capable of the worst things. Mary seemed to hear HIS heavy steps on the stairs. She rushed to the door. Locked her to the castle. With a sinking heart, she looked at the rotary knob. The door trembled, as if someone was tearing it at me. I heard a terrible uterine wheeze on the other side. Mary recoiled from the door; tried to scream, but nothing came of horror-she was so scared.
Suddenly she heard a terrible laugh right next door. She turned and saw the dark figure of the guest behind her. He reached out his hand and moved toward her. Mary leaned against the door. Now really there was nowhere to go - hit. And suddenly he fell.
The picture has changed. At the feet of Mary Alex - deathly pale, exhausted Alex. He plaintively appealed to Mary: "Help me, please, please." Mary fell to her knees and cried. Before her is the very Alex, whom she has not seen for a long time. And Alex spoke to her in a confused and quick way: "Mary, I do not know how ... I do not know what ... but ... oh god ... .y did this ... it grows in me ... .without time I will not have the strength to restrain him ... then ... then ... ... God! "
Mary did not understand anything, and Alex grabbed her shoulder and his face cramps. That hour an evil flame flashed in his eyes and the voice changed: "Did you see me in your dream ?! Do you like this dream ?! Very soon it will become a reality! Remember this, you damn bitch! "Mary crawled away in horror from Alex, and he angrily yelled at her:" You can not be saved! " None of you can be saved !! Soon I will come to your souls and then you all Khan !!! "Again, Alex′s face changes, and he turns from embittered into a completely normal (only more exhausted). "He′s here! It is gaining strength! I′m almost gone! Only he! I′m turning into him! "- He says with special sadness and doom. "Yes, what the hell is going on," Mary shouted at him (this kind of change frightened her) - Explain everything in the end! Who is he ?! "" Alexis, "Alex says, rising from the floor. "It must be stopped." He looked hopefully at the girl: "Help me, Mary. I alone can not. I can not stop him. Stop this monster. Do not let him escape. " "How?! - not understanding anything, exclaimed Mary. - How can I do it?!"
Alex′s face changed. His body cramped, he fell to the floor, shouted in agony: "OS-TA-NOVI ... OS-TA-NOVI ... OS-TA-NOV-VI IT!" He rushed to the window of Mary′s bedroom with all his might. He smashed the window and took down the curtains. Disappeared in the dark night sky. Mary remained amazed in the middle of the room. She was completely confused.

Chapter 21. Return
Becky woke up from some incomprehensible rustle that night. Time: 4 hours and she wanted to sleep. She decided that it was just a wind in the street and went on sleeping. But the rustle was heard again and again. And then the rumbling, the ringing, the crackling and the incredible force of the thrust, which simply dropped it from the pastels. The worried woman went downstairs, and found Alex lying on the floor in the middle of the living room. She approached her son, pulled her hand towards him and at the same time was very afraid to touch him. Something seemed to say to her: "Be careful, be careful with him!" He is very dangerous! To which Alex opens his eyes and whispered: "Mom, how tired I am!" "Thank God!" Says the mother and embracing her son began to cry over him .
They rise from the floor. Rebecca took her son to his room. She put her on the bed and did not bother with questions - she decided that everything would find out in the morning.
In the morning Alex went down to the kitchen and cooked his breakfast. Becky was at a loss. He looked healthy, joked with her, and behaved as if nothing had happened. When she asks where he was and what he did, Alex just dismissed the question - said that all this is nonsense and it′s time to do the real thing. When the troubled mother asked again what kind of thing, he said: "School. Definitely I should be at school. I was already waiting there, probably. " He gets up from his seat and puts his hand on Mom′s shoulder. Said: "Do not worry Mom! It will be interesting for you, and for me! "Finally confused Rebecca stayed in the kitchen, and Alex went out. He said that he needs to collect things and get ready before school.
Becky was going to work and suddenly heard the inhuman cry of her son. Faster than lightning, she flew up the stairs, and saw her son, who rolls on the floor, clenching his teeth in pain and tearing his clothes. The room has changed too. Many objects in it were crushed and broken, the walls had dents and deep cuts, as if from someone′s awful claws. Becky fell to Alex, tried to help, but he did not hear her words. His chest puffed up in a convulsion, all the muscles on his body tensed, his fingers were now spread out, then bent into hooks, as if they were tearing the air. And suddenly she notices that the fingernails on her fingers, as if stretched out and turned into long sharp daggers; Alex′s body darkens, the breast is covered with a huge amount of hair; the head suddenly flattens, the skin turns black and the teeth in the mouth stretch and turn into long sharp needles. In horror, Becky closes his eyes, and when he opens them again, he sees the former Alex - his son. But blood comes from the mouth, nose, ears and even from the eyes. All of Alex′s face is covered in blood. Mother screamed in horror, covered her face with her hands. "A-ALEX !!!" she screamed as insane. "It′s all right, Mom," she heard Alex say quietly.
In perplexity, she looked at her son and saw that he was still bleeding, but ... his eyes were open and he was smiling. "Please do not get scared," he said evenly. "I can not get up, but it will pass." Becky was even more surprised. Just that he was on death, and now he said that everything is in order. And then she heard his voice. The voice in his head, while his lips were motionless. "Do not worry Mom, I′m all right! I can not move, but in five minutes everything will pass. What was it? "Becky said that there was relying on the voice, the old fashioned way, and Alex again replied in her head:" Do not worry. Nothing wrong. It′s all over now. I′m better. "" Well, what about the blood ?! Becky asked. "It continues to flow." "Yes," Alex closes his mouth and blood runs down his chin. "Agree, it′s beautiful." "Yes, yes, it′s beautiful," Becky said and backed toward the door. Her own son frightened her. And was he her son?
She left (practically ran out) from his room and was on the stairs. The voice of sound mind shouted to her: "Run, run, from this house! Run, until he gets up! "And she hears another voice that is much stronger than common sense - he penetrated her brain and instantly took power over her:" Becky, Becky, my kitty, Beck, why are you leaving ?! "The voice is unknown from where it came - penetrated her body and all of it immediately seemed to be dabbling. And she was pleased with these touches (in the end she did not have men for a long time).

As if in delirium, she descended the stairs. And she got up again. She could feel her pulling back. I felt my hands on my skin. They were strong, courageous hands from which she threw them into sweat. A voice whispered: "Becky, my good, well, why should you run away from me. Stay. You in fact so for a long time were not with the man ». She felt his invisible touch, felt her arms drop from her shoulders to her chest, caress her, and then her stomach and below the belly. She understands that there is no one behind and all this is a hallucination, but she is so pleased. She was already practically a slave to this feeling. Fingers meanwhile penetrate into her trousers, slip into panties, caress her there. The voice whispers: "Are you pleased? It′s nice, my girl, huh ?! Go upstairs to my room and I will not do it for you! "Becky was shaking with excitement. She looked at her trousers-they were buttoned and looked okay, but inside everything was burning and shrinking.
Seeing nothing and not understanding, she went out into the street and squatted down. "No, he′s my son, it′s bad. It′s incest, "she whispered to herself. "Yes what the hell int ... !!! a voice yelled at her. "You want, you want, I want !!!" Becky was wet from below and did not even doubt it. She turned and took a step, but then stopped. I struggled with myself. SHE: "I can not! So it is impossible! "VOICE:" But why? You need sex! You have long been without sex! And I′m your best opportunity! "She:" You are my son! How can I do this with my son! "VOICE:" Why not? This is very good! You and me! Me and you! We will keep an eye on each other! We will share our fantasies and dreams! We will fulfill our bold expectations! We do not have any secrets from each other! "She:" Alex, come to your senses, I′m your mother - so you can not! "VOICE:" Why can not this be ?! Who said "can not"! I say: "IT IS POSSIBLE"! And there is nothing wrong in that I will make my mother pleasant! "They argued:" DO NOT "against" IT IS POSSIBLE ". Then the voice just calls: "Come to me" - insistently and cradling. Becky takes the first step to the house, but then she screams, slapped a pair of slaps in her face to wake up and ran into the garage.
In the car she thought about the situation for a long time. I really wanted to spit on everything, throw off all my clothes and jump on his huge, thick cock to give himself up to uncontrollable, uncontrollable sex. But the voice of reason said that she did the right thing, that she left and now she only needs to leave. And sex, no matter how violent and beautiful he was, will end with her death. After all, Alex then called her to first have a good sex, and then kill. And she will be naked, all in the blood roll about dead and just in any way your child will not help. "He′s your son, he will not offend you," - made a last lulling, sweet voice. "You fool! This CREATURE is not your son any more! "- Becky shouted at her, started the car and drove out of the garage.

CHAPTER 22. And back to school.
Alexis got up, stretched his legs, washed away blood, collected things, closed the house with a key and went to school. The first impression of his classmates - of course, a stormy delight. Alexis did not share their joy and sat down at his desk.
The lesson began. The history teacher started the lesson with a homework check - he looked at the class: "Well, who will go?" Then he looked at Alexis: "Maybe you′ll answer Alex?" Alexis got up from his seat and went to the blackboard. Then he said: "I will tell you a story. About how in the depths, in the depths of human essence grew monster. Everyone humiliated him, he was mocked, but meanwhile the big and terrible, ruthless creature grew. It′s fear, it′s anger, it′s all what you fed him for many years. And now you should be pleasantly amazed, because you will see the work of your hands. You must be frightened. Must be petrified with horror. And this should be the last show in your life. He is Alex Rein, and I am the very being that was hiding in the depths of his mind. And since I am the khan for all of you! "
The teacher looked at the pupil in disbelief and wanted to say: "Mr. Raine ...", but his mouth closes by itself, he flew to one side and fell behind his teacher′s place. Alexis smiled, looked at the class and winked at them. The pupils were at a loss. Nobody said anything. "You do not believe me," Alexis asked. "You will not believe anything!" And he turned himself into the present.
Two and a half meters in height, a massive bare chest; strong muscular arms; on the fingers of healthy steel claws, sharp as razor, similar to daggers; head large without hair; a huge mouth with sharp wedge-shaped teeth, from which blood dripped red eyes, deprived of pupils. The monster made several girls scream, and the entire class is even more numb with horror. Alexis smiled in his mouth and went to the teacher′s desk, to the teacher, who was horrified with horror. "Well, you have calmed down," he said to the class. "It′s me, Alexis." The man you greeted. The meeting was rejoiced. " Alexis put a clawed paw on the teacher′s shoulder and holds a clawed knife along his cheek. "Why are not you happy? - hoarse, almost-that metallic voice, he asked. "Today is a great day for you." All the secret becomes apparent. And you (he slaps the teacher on the back of his head) finally see the face of the best student in his class! "He mumbles, something incoherent in return. "You, you, why has calmed down ?! He shouted, turning to the curly blonde sitting behind the first desk. "You usually do not shut up at lessons, but here ... below the grass, quieter than water ... .Why ?!" "Please, please," she babbles. "Do not do anything to us." "You tremble," Alexis laughed. "Are you scared ?!" "Yes, yes," she nods. "Very scary!" "And to everyone else? !!" - Alexis looks at the class with red eye sockets. He is nodded in return. "Well," he said, turning into the good old Alexis, whom everyone knows. "So, will it be better?" They nod and smile. A couple of minutes in general, no one remembers the monster. Alexis smiled at them, waved a friendly gesture, then bowed. He went to the teacher′s desk. "Mr. Finigan," he says politely. "You do not mind if the remaining lesson is led by me." The teacher nods and smiles. He wiped sweat from his forehead and laughed to himself. Many in the class exchange embarrassed smiles. For them and for the teacher, the appearance of the monster - Alexis was something like a short sleep-nightmare. But everything returned to normal and as if it never existed.
Alexis laughed, gave out air kisses to everyone, waved his hand. Then his hands were on the head of the history teacher, a sharp jerk was on top and here it was separated from the torso. Everything happened so quickly that no one had time to think anything. Everyone in the class looked in astonishment at Alexis in the hands, which was the head of the teacher and on his body, from which blood spattered in all directions. The corpse of the teacher fell on the table and filled it with blood. For some time the class remained silent. All as if turned into statues. Then we hear the screams of several girls; an alarming whisper; some tried to say something, but there was no sound; several people right here vomited. Alexis looked at the class with his eyes full of admiration. "Is not it really that great ?! - he says. "Every pupil dreams that something similar will happen to his teacher!" I gave you this! "He lifted one leg and cynically shoved the corpse from the chair and off the table. Sam sits down in the teacher′s chair and said: "How nice it is that now I′m replacing him. I have another method of teaching. You will like this subject, because in my lesson everyone will find an application. " He lifts his torn head above him, looks into the faded eyes and asks: "What, shall we begin our lesson, Mr. Finigan?" Then he throws his head to the floor and smiles at the class: "Of course, we will. And you are an unhappy school, to get out of here. " The head rolls around the class and jumps into the waste bin. Everyone saw this and was afraid to think what awaits them further.
Alexis looked angrily at the class. Said: "What did you think ?! My appearance, manners, intellect, ability to communicate - all just tinsel. GLAZE!!! SHELL !!!! TO CLOSE THE TRUTH !!! And the truth is that I am a monster! A HORRIBLE AND GAZZY MANYAK, ADDICTIVE TO KILL AND DESTROY !!! I AM THE PERFECTION OF YOUR NIGHT NIGHTMASES !!! I′m EVIL !!! Absolute evil! I was at the end of thousands of years! IN MARCH !!! BUT NOW I AGAIN AGAIN !!! I AM FAST AND AS I SAID - YOU ARE TO ALL KHANA !!! "
He opened the teacher′s notebook, looked into it and said to himself: "Whom to start with?" He looked at the class and said: "Yeah, I know!" He went to the penultimate desk and stopped at a blond girl who was neither alive nor dead from fear. He is surprised and disappointed. He asks: "Susan, where′s Mary?" You′re sitting next to her? "The girl babbled in response that she did not know where the girlfriend was. She was very frightened. Meanwhile, a movement began at the back.
Not for nothing - for no reason Bid threw himself on Alexis, with a cry: "Die a bastard!" He had a knife. Soon he was knocked out and fell to the floor in a broken state. After a short hand-to-hand fight, Bid also falls to the floor. Alexis for this took the form of a huge monster. The hands and face of Bid were cut and bloodied. Alexis did not just beat his opponent, he maimed him - this was his style of battle. Alexis looked at him, narrowed his eyes with pleasure, and asked: "What is it that you are quickened by Bid? It′s not your turn, is it? Or are you a hero? "" Go to hell! shouted Bid. "I′m not afraid of you!" "No, well, just a hero," - quite, said Alexis. - The guy without fear and reproach! Well, we will test you. " He dissolves in the air, appears in the middle of the class and with great pleasure looked at Bid, sitting in a corner by the wall. Meanwhile, he begins to yell wildly. From the opposite end of the room comes to him a huge, furry, black spider. Very scary. He looks at him with his eyes and clicks his jaws. Bidus screamed even louder. The spider jumped on him and that instant his huge sting enters Bid′s stomach. He screams terribly and bleeds from his mouth. The spider, meanwhile, wrapped it in cobwebs. Quickly rolled Bida into a cocoon, he did not look at his monstrous size dived into the hole in the vent and hangs a cocoon on the wall.
"That′s the end of everything! - Alexis turned to the amazed class. - Now our Bid is food for little spiders. They will devour it from the inside, and then tear this white cocoon. "
The class has quieted down, everyone is silent and does not dare to move. Alexis jokes about them: "Come on," he says. At last, from this brainless cretin is useful. " The same curly-haired girl is rising from the first desk: "I hope Alex does not have a victory over you! You are a monster, Alexis! You must die!"
Alexis was delighted with her courage, said: "You are a very brave girl, Amanda Richards and you will die first!" Amanda′s body rises above the desks, from the claw of Alexis, an electric discharge breaks out and hits it. The girl wriggled, screamed, her arms and legs cramped, her hair smoked, and then burned. The electrocution lasts for several minutes, then the body of the poor girl is scattered to dust - she was dead. Alexis importantly stepped over a handful of garbage and pleased with the effect produced went to the teacher′s desk.
"As I said," he said to all those present. - You will all die. But since you are Alex Rijn′s favorite class and mine, too, unlike them (nodding at the cocoon and dust of Amanda) you will die by death at your own choice. "

Chapter 23. Sometimes you need to skip school.
Rebecca sat on the stairs and drank the bitter, dark beer Budweiser. Could take a decent German, or Czech, but she wanted it American. I decided, if you live in America, respect American brands. She was finishing the first bottle, but she did not care - there was a whole box of beer in front of her, where there were 15 more bottles.
The reason for this binge was simple and clear - she lost her son and did not know how to save him. She was just in a panic and so got drunk. But she took the beer, taking into account the fact that if the exit is found, that she was not very drunk and could act.
The day that began with the morning harassment of Alex immediately she did not like. She escaped with force, and for several minutes in the car she was proud of her strength. But having turned into a dark dead end she burst into tears from grief, realizing how weak she is, can not resist this monster, and consequently she can not save her son in any way. But she really wanted to. She was a mother, and he was her child. But how. Alex, or whatever this creature has become so strong. It nearly killed her in the morning and would finish off for sure if Becky approached him again.
The work did not go well. And Becky could not work when she had THAT in her head. It was possible to put in order papers, talk with several important people and inform their assistants about the new strategy. But only an hour. Then Becky just burst into tears and roared without stopping. Nobody approached her, and no one could understand what had happened. "Is it because of his son?" Asked the understanding chief. "Yes, John, yes," Becky sobbed. "He disappeared ... was lost ... and I do not know what to do next ..." She could say nothing more. And five minutes later complained of a terrible headache. The chief should scold her, to remind that the work that they are doing is important, but he gave her a pill of aspirin and a glass of water. Then I wrote her 750 dollars for the sick and said: "Becky, I′ll let you go for 5 days. Correct your health, I hope that your son will be - you just can not work in this state. " Becky left, and when she got the money from the accountant, she thought that the boss thought: "I will find myself another deputy - without family problems." She could lose her job. The decision if it was not formed, then certainly began to take shape. It was unfortunate, but Becky no longer worried about the work. Alex - that′s all that took her mind. What happened to her boyfriend, and how could he be helped?
Two blocks away from work she saw this beer shop. Its only requirement is American and fresh. Decided not to waste time on trifles and took a full box. When I went home, I thought that if I did not find a way out, I would at least get drunk in the zyuzya. The clock was not yet 11 o′clock, and the day was just beginning.
The house was closed to the castle, and everything was in order in the house, although Alexa was not there. Naturally, what should he do at home? He now became a villain and rushed off to do something villainous. Even without wanting to think about where the hard took him, Becky opened her first bottle.

The door opened and Mary entered.
"Hello, Mrs. Raine," she said, and smiled in embarrassment. "What are you drinking?" At such a time?
"Mary, how many times do I tell you for me, I′m just Becky, or Beck." I drink because I′m very bad, and I do not see any way out. Please, sit down next my girl.
Rabbek moved on the step and Mary sat next to her. Then she took another sip of beer and asked:
"Explain why you are not at school?"
"I missed it," said Mary, and lowered her eyes in shame.
"Ah, then I understand you," Becky said and took a second.
Mary was very grateful that her new girlfriend did not interrogate and did not chastise her.
- And what do you drink? She asked with interest.
- Budweiser - dark, American beer.
"Do you like it?"
- But not very. I′m not a fan of this beer. If you really get drunk would take some decent German, but today it was American that wanted.
- Ah, got it…
- Want to try?
- Mrs. Rein ... Rabbek ... I′m only 15 ... I′m still small.
- Come on, it′s better with me than with dubious friends-friends in dubious places.
She took a glass bottle from the drawer and put it in Mary′s hand. Then a bottle opener appeared in her hand and she uncorked it.
"Your health," she said, and clinked her bottle with Mary′s bottle.
She took a sip, and Mary also tried. And then she winced.
- Ugh ... God ... what a bitter ... and how do you just drink it? !!!!
"Ah, now you understand," Becky sighed. "So that′s my life." Bitter and disgusting. And the further, the worse.
Becky cried and rejoined the bottle. And then she was taken from her by Mary. And put aside with her bottle. She took the woman′s hands in her hands and gently looked into her eyes:
"Mrs. Rein ... Becky ... do not drink more, and I will not drink more ... you need something else now." Just tell me what happened.
Becky nodded acknowledging that this was indeed a way out. And she told her young girlfriend. And did not skimp on the details. Since the morning, when Alex tried to lure her into his room to rape and kill. Described how she was ill at work and how she went to the beer store.
Mary for a while learned the information, and then she said:
"It′s worse than I thought." He became a thousand times more dangerous. And now he can do anything. I′m even afraid to assume. Now listen to my story. Since the morning I was afraid to go to school. I was simply panic-stricken. Because there HE is. He did not threaten me, but I feel the evil coming from him. It′s like if I went to school it would be my last day. I tried not to give a look and even left home so that my parents could see that I went to study. Itself walked half a block, then went to the supermarket and turned around there at the windows, an hour and a half. Especially, that the parents left and did not return home. At home I cooked myself a sandwich, looked at the TV a little, but I could not find a place, so if he stood under my windows and at any moment was ready to break in to kill. I went to you thinking that I might be lucky and I′ll find you ... you at home. I was lucky.
"Well," Becky sighed. - It can be really necessary sometimes to skip school. And maybe you stayed alive just for that.
"Do you think he′s still at school?"
"I do not know ... probably ... they have not finished their studies yet and he′s going there."
"Then we went to school ..."
- What for?
"We must save him ... Becky must be saved ... how can you not understand this ?!"
"I understand, but how will we save him ... HOW ?!"
"It does not matter," said Mary decisively. "We′ll work something out along the way." There must be a solution. Need to do something!
Becky got up. She was looking at the door, then at her girlfriend. And then she confessed.
- You know, me, it′s scary.
"Yes." Mary nodded. - And me too!
This argument persuaded Becky.
- Well, now we′ll go, just give me a couple of minutes - I want to write.
"Then I′m with you, too." And we′ll start in about four minutes.

They got into the Ford Rabbeki and drove to the school. They were about seven minutes and they were near the main gate. And Becky turned off the engine.
This is an incredibly sullen and desolate place, this time it was especially sullen and empty. Nobody came into it and no one left. As in the days of those two ill-fated fights between Bid and Alex. Only now Alexis has visited there. And maybe it was still there.
"What do we do if we meet Alex?" Asked Becky, wiping sweat on her forehead.
Mary sat next to the driver′s seat and was also pale with fear.
- Back, I just do not know. I do not know, and that′s it. Most likely we will die, but we must try ... and try very hard so that there are no such situations. At least you need to seriously prepare for them. Do you think you need to prepare?
- Absolutely, I support one hundred percent. But the main question is - what are we doing here, two completely unprepared women, in one institution where a dangerous maniac, who knows what God is capable of?
"Pure suicide," Mary confirmed. "But I think we should enter this school." The first is to understand what we are dealing with and the second one - maybe we will be illuminated by the idea of how to start a search and how to neutralize Alexis. And the third - Becky his name is Alexis. So he called himself and he is no longer your son.
"Yes, I already understand," Rabbeka said as she got out of the car.
She looked at the school, shuddered at her sinister look and asked Mary, who also left.
"Mary, are you afraid?"
"Becky, I′m very scared." I have goose bumps and cold on my back.
"Then maybe we′ll go in there hand in hand?"

They entered the school, as the hand in hand said, and the dead silence reigned here immediately alerted them. Here people did not go, schoolchildren did not run, there was no sound of hubbub and voices.
"I think we′re late," said Mary.
- Where are we going? She asked, removing her first fear.
"Let′s start with the first lesson," Becky decided. - If something happened, it happened in the first lesson. Mary, do you know where you should have had your first lesson today?
- Of course I know. Come on.
The first thing that attracted them was the door. She was disfigured. A few dents, some deep cuts, as if someone were sharpening claws here and something else. Big fat bloody cross in the upper left corner.
"Cross, what does this cross mean?" She asked, clinging to Becky′s horror.
"I′m even afraid to think," said Mary, and expecting to see what was worst of all, threw open the door marked with a bloody cross.
Her expectations were fully confirmed. She bent, began to breathe heavily, and she threw her right on the floor.
"What is it?" is it so bad? Asked Becky and flew into the classroom.
She vomited after three minutes, so she still had time to look at the pictures before that.
Everyone in the class was dead. They died at their choice, as Alexis said. Several people were hanged-ropes hung on the desks with the bodies cold. In the eyes of the dead, Mary and Becky did not even want to look. Several people were executed by electricity. Many of them crumbled to dust, but two girls and a guy managed to keep the bodies. Guillotines stood on several desks - they were in the blood and on the floor lay their heads. Two - a guy and a girl were sitting hand in hand and in veins they had a syringe - they died of a drug overdose (the happiest death?) - their faces were blissful. Mary turned away, unable to look at these happy and dead faces. Becky hugged her.
"It′s Ki-i-u-tyi Ri-i-ichards," she said. - My friend, uh-hah. And Se-em, her ...
Unable to pronounce this word, she simply buried herself in Becky and cried.
"Did he really execute his entire class?" Becky asked herself with a shiver in her voice.
Yes it was like that. Becky ransacked the class and ran into only the dead. Then she saw a huge cocoon hanging on the wall. The cocoon was woven of white cobweb, but was already torn. Inside was some kind of bloody mess and something was moving dangerously. Becky again felt a nausea and a terrible danger behind these shifts. What could be there? Spiders. Huge spiders. They get out and see that there is still someone to feast on. It was necessary to leave. And immediately.
"Listen to Mary, get out of here." It′s dangerous here, "she urged her friend.
"Yes, yes," agreed Mary. - Right. Come on. I can not stay here any longer.
They left, and Becky, for complete peace of mind, propped the door with an iron chair that lay not far from the room (Alexis could have fallen into anger, threw it out, or purely see how far he could throw a chair).
"Did he destroy his entire school?" - Mary asked again, paying attention to the sinister silence.
"I do not know, it could very well be," Becky said, and walked over to the new class.
And then she drew attention to a fat bloody cross in the upper left corner.
"It looks like it," she said, trying not to worry. - He marks cross-classes those classes where he "finished work".
She opened it and did not even go in. I barely managed to catch my breath and closed the door.
"Everyone is dead!" She said with some disgust.
And then Mary and Becky only opened the doors of the school and shouted:
"Everyone is dead!"
- Here too!
- Blood!
"One blood!"
- Oh my God!
They opened five doors, and they were all marked with bloody crosses. And, unfortunately, there were crosses on every door in the school. And to open them did not make sense. They already knew what was inside these classrooms. And something else they realized - it seems that Alexis has not been in school for a long time.
"So, he killed the whole school and it′s less than four hours." So he moves at an incredible speed, or has such black magic spells that people in the classrooms died by themselves, Mary argued, standing in the middle of the corridor. "Bad news, Back." He became incredibly dangerous and just so you can not approach him.
At that time, under Becky′s heel, something cracked. She looked at her feet and shuddered with horror. It was a spider. From the palm of an adult. He was still a baby, or born as a gangster and was happy to die under Rabbaki′s foot. Lying in a pool of blood, and jerking his paws, foreseeing death.
With even greater disgust, she pressed the unfortunate insect, and she thought, and her thoughts were disturbing. If it was a small, sick spider, there were spiders and healthy with a sheepdog, and their poison could be successful enough to kill, and then infect it and Mary. Turn into cocoons, which there was a great many.
- That′s bad. The school is infected with spiders, "she said. "We must get out of here quickly." While healthy, adult spiders did not find us.
"We′re running," said Mary, and grabbing her friend′s hand, she ran to the exit from the floor.
"There′s something else," she said on the run. "The police will be here soon." And the main suspects will be us. So it′s faster, Back.
In the car she shared another thought. When I threw the seat belt over myself and Ford started off.
- Alex has a Compass of Evil in the room. Surely it already works. And an interesting thing called the Lord Meditator. I think it will help us understand the essence of what is happening.
Gradually emerged a plan of action.
"So, to our house?" Becky asked, turning into the main street.
- Yes. I think they′re still under his bed.

Chapter 24. Lord Meditator.
Rebecca and Mary went to Alex′s room. Becky was afraid and told Mary that she could not stay here long. Mary forgot her fear, entered the room and went to Alex′s bed. No hidden traps, no "vile bombs" - two strange objects were in her hands. Crystal ball with arrow inside. Yes Mary was right, he was already working, but his color was pale pink, which could mean that Alexis is very far away, or he has just gained strength. And a casket of blue metal.
Finds moved to the living room. There the casket was decided to open. Becky opened and both women saw that there was a stone inside the casket. Oval shape, large, occupying the entire space, blue. Mary tried to pull it out, but was convinced that it was impossible. Becky read the message on the lid of the casket: "Sit down, relax, out of the void - you will see the light - go to him!" It was written only in English, as if someone knew that there will be two American women reading.
Mary said it was some kind of nonsense, but Becky tried to figure it out. She came to the conclusion that you need to immerse yourself in a state of meditative emptiness and see the light follow it. Mary doubted, but after Rabbeka told her: "Do we have any other way out?" - yielded. She sat down and relaxed.
The device, after both women sat down, relaxed and closed their eyes, began to glow with a blue light. Mary and Beck saw the blue light, through closed eyes, pulled away from the couch and flew to it (it was not so difficult)
They were at the North Pole. Or in Antarctica. At least it was very cold and snowy there. For some reason, they felt both snow and cold, although they seemed to be astral bodies and all this should not have touched them. They for a while wandered through the snow, drowned in it and saw nothing, but then ... The weather brightened up sharply, they saw ahead of themselves a dark Arctic Ocean and old people on an iceberg. They stood like a flock of penguins, in different clothes (not at all adapted to cold places), there were exactly nine of them.
Mary tried to scream at them, but a soft voice emerged from nowhere telling her that there was no need to shout. The old men answered all the questions of Rebecca and Mary. With deep sorrow they informed that they know Alexis and his appearance does not bode well for the planet Earth. Alexis is an evil demon. Much older and more powerful than the planet Earth. He was imprisoned in a parallel world, the door to which was almost impossible to open. But Alex using his car could do it. None of the elderly elders did not consider this possible, but young Alex Raine opened the doors to the prison of an ancient monster and pulled it with his car into his body.
- And tell me, this car, she could ever make money and really transform Alex? Becky asked.
"No," answered one elder. - This car never worked and could not earn.
"I knew that," Mary whispered softly.
- And what is this? She shouted.
"It′s a kind of successor," said another elder. - He tuned into the world of Alexis. For several minutes he opened the door to his cage, but that was enough.
"What happened to my Alex?" Becky asked.
- He threw it into the world of the beast. The beast temporarily picked up the parameters and characteristics of his personality, created a new personality about which he so dreamed. But this was only a short oblivion. The more time passed in your world, the stronger Alexis became, and the stronger the real Alex wrenched from his former body. Now he is in his world - a place gloomy and dangerous - completely alone, lost and if you do not help him, he has no hope of salvation.
"We′ll help him, but how?" Becky asked. - Where is he? How to find it? Mary, will you help me?
She looked hopefully at her young girlfriend.
"Yes, I will," Mary nodded. "But where do we begin?"
"A difficult mission awaits you," said another elder, as if he had not heard the question. "To begin with, you will capture the beast, and then the task is even more difficult - a journey into his world and the salvation of your Alex′s soul."
"The Compass of Evil will help you," said the third old man. - When the Beast is close, it will become blood-red and the arrow points exactly in its direction.
"To capture him, you will need special magic shackles," said the fourth.
"What other shackles," Mary said.
At that moment, chains appeared on her hands. Thick, heavy metal similar to gold, but with some sort of colorful veins (they formed some kind of complex beautiful whether patterns, or signs). The chains were very long and very strong. There were four of them and they were fastened to the plate, which in turn fell off two more long chains.
"Remember Alexis must be bound hand and foot," said the fifth elder. "And put two main chains on your hands." The beast will never harm its mistresses. For you, it will be completely safe.
"Then ..." said the sixth elder. - Then again, use the Lord Meditator and the Compass of Evil. We will tell you everything you need to know.
"And a few tips for the road," said the seventh. "For several days the beast will enter its full strength and sharpen its claws." You will easily find its tracks, but it will be almost imperceptible. If you catch it - it will be very big luck, but get ready for the worst. To see many deaths, solve many mysteries and grab many false threads.
- Just in case, chains are on your own and wear them all the time. They are very easy to listen to their mistresses and you will not need the keys, - said the eighth. - Suddenly, all the brutality of the beast will end, but do not relax - he will prepare his main action. He will gain strength. If you survive what will happen next, you will already become two great heroines and your names will adorn the chronicles forever. To learn this action is easy enough: "And the water will become blood, and will hit the inhabitants of the city a hundred times, and it will be dark, as if the sun will never make you happy again; and there will be rats, mice and small insects to flee and in search of fear to look for burrows and in the last hour chaos will reign, anarchy and people will burn alive. " You will find the beast at the highest point of your city.
"And now it′s time to say goodbye," said the ninth elder, who evidently was the oldest and wisest. - We wish you luck in your hard work. We believe that you have the strength to challenge the beast and capture it. We say goodbye to you and wait for you with a victory!
The light in the eyes of Mary and Becky faded, they were again covered with snow, and in the next few seconds they were already falling and flying somewhere.
They opened their eyes and came to themselves at the same time. The device was open, they were sitting on the couch. "This is a dream!" - exclaimed Becky. "It′s not a dream!" Mary told her, lifting the chain from the floor.

Chapter 25. In the footsteps of the beast.
The next few days, Mary and Becky wandered around the city and saw the terrible devastation that Alexis made, coming into force and as the elders called "sharpening claws." On the first day they drove into a dilapidated street, where there were only a few houses in which the windows remained, cars on the road were mostly turned into rubbish and everything was red with blood. The fact that Alexis did with people did not yield to any description (actually they were difficult to call people). Many of the mutilated cars burned. There was also a police station (she suffered first). After briefly examining Becky, she started the engine and started off, especially the Compass of pale pink, again clean and transparent.
I must say that it was easy to find these tracks - Alexis nabedokuril almost in every district. The compass lit up red, immediately became pale pink and instantly "cleaned". As the elders said - the beast was elusive. And all that Mary and Becky saw were pictures of destruction, ashes and dead bodies. We saw many cocoons already torn, or even whole, which allowed them to conclude that Alexis can summon huge spiders and now very quickly and purposefully infected their city. "We need a very high-quality desenfector," Becky sighed sadly about this. "Yes, an army needs them!" Mary responded with sarcasm.
Chains they put on their hands almost immediately. To protect yourself from Alexis. That immediately greatly limited their freedom. So they went to the toilet together and take turns. And they did not react to slanting glances at gas stations and cafes at all. They did not care about the opinion of these people. The main thing is to stay alive and captivate Alexis. However, people about them are not particularly worried. All of them, without exception, were frightened. The TV only screamed about a strange bloody maniac who seemed to kill for his own pleasure and as witnesses left only the dead. One journalist tried to count, and she had more than 10.000 in a short three days. "Aha, you still add our school there!" - Mary chuckled. Strongly struck the appearance of the "bloody reaper" (as Alexis dubbed the press) for trade and economy. Stores now worked only up to four days, no one went into them and did not buy anything. Everyone in the city of New York preferred to quickly come home from work, hide at home and tremble to plead with God that the reaper did not find it. These were very hard days for the residents of the city, and Mary and Becky ransacking the streets of the empty and ruined city could indeed be heroines.
Becky preferred to buy food in the morning and carry her with her in the car throughout the day, arranging snacks right in her. Her money was coming to an end, but it did not frighten her at all. She was already thinking about looting. One day, she and Mary drove up to an empty but full supermarket. Probably Alexis passed by his glass windows, scared everyone to death and made him run away. Mary and Becky took everything they wanted and did not pay anything for it.

On the third day they were sitting in one of the cafes of the city and having breakfast. The latest news was broadcast on TV. There was a report about the atrocities of the "bloody reaper" and all over the world. Alexis did not leave other cities and countries in peace. Special correspondents from Mexico, Paris, England, Italy, Russia, etc., reported on his new adventures and counted their losses. So in Paris, Alexis killed more than 1,000 Frenchmen and destroyed the Louvre to the ground, so he did not only revenge people. He destroyed many attractions. The erasure of monuments of culture, mountains of corpses and threatening inscriptions, this is what he left behind.
- Oh, why do you need a chain? - suddenly asked the approached waitress.
She decided to defuse the situation. The cafe kept an ominous silence, and no one except a working television did not share anything with anyone. And the people were not there - only five people. She herself was worried, so she decided to ask that at least she should occupy herself.
Becky muttered something in response and took up her scrambled eggs and bacon, and Mary wanted to talk:
"She′ll save us from the reaper." As long as he chains us he will not do us any harm.
"Oh, then put it on me, too, please," the waitress asked.
Mary looked at her and smiled. She was the same as Mary, only she could be a year older and she had black hair, and so everything else is almost the same.
- You are serious, you will leave everything and go with us to know where to just be protected. You thought it over?
"Yes, I thought it over!" Said the waitress firmly. "I′m sick here, I′m sick of the premonition that this monster can break in at any moment and ... I have almost no friends."
Mary sipped the orange juice from the glass and said calmly:
- So, calm down. We′ll soon catch him. And he will not cause any of you any more trouble.
- Are you hunters on the "reaper" ?! - the waitress beamed.
"Yes," said Mary importantly. "We are hunters." And this chain that on our hands will captivate and return it to where it came from.
The waitress was shining and radiant with happiness:
- Oh my God, how cool! So cool! How good that you came to us!
She walked away, and then returned and sat down with Mary. They met. It turns out her name was also Mary. Only it was Mary Mills. She told everything. How scared she was. How to find a way out. And how I believed that if there is a beast, that is, those that stop it. And she was glad that they were women. She was talkative, but did not bother with her conversations. She said that they always go to this cafe and that they will have a lifetime discount here, only because they got courage and challenged him. And in the very door she shouted to them goodbye: "You will win, I know for sure! Only such strong women can defeat him! Come and eat with us always! San Ranrarto. Phone: 6255-897. Closed: Sunday. Round the clock »

There were signs with prompts. There were a lot of them. For example, once, once, Alexis laid out the word "National Park" from the bodies. They immediately realized that his next attack would be on the National Park and rushed there. And of course they dreamed of capturing him on the spot. He was there, and it was seen from broken pillars, mutilated and burning trees, funnels and ruts in the earth, dead animals and people. As before, Alexis spared no one. And with this sign he seemed to want to point out to them the futility of Mary and Becky to capture him. The other time, on news, they heard a charade, having guessed which they received: "Oslo". "Is he in Oslo, Norway?" Mary smirked. "Nonsense, we will not go there," Becky retorted. "Why to find his new bloody tracks and new riddles?" There were many other, tricky. And Alexis showed a very great imagination coming up with them. For a while, Mary and Becky were running after these clues, and then just spat on everything. But from one of them they certainly could not brush it off.
Blind girl. She was sitting in the middle of the massacre that Alexis had arranged on Senchoys Avenue 15 and was whining miserably. She could not cry because the terrible monster snatched her eyes. Becky was very surprised that the ruthless maniac finally left someone alive. Mary was frightened. Unlike her adult friend, she watched some fantastic films and horror films and there in such girls there were parasites, spiders and bombs. They could have suffered greatly from her. But the girl seems to be coming, frightened even more. She hid herself in a gap and began to shout: "Do not kill. Please do not kill! "As soon as Becky tried to talk to her. They lost an hour before they explained that they were hunting for a monster and were safe with them. She climbed out of her hiding place, but immediately pulled away, as soon as Becky reached out her hand to her. She somehow felt the touch and was very afraid of him. For another whole hour Becky tried to question her where Alexis had moved on, if he had said anything, and where, after all, her parents. But devochka went into herself and repeated that Alexis is evil-bad, that she was scared and that something fell into her eyes and therefore she can not blink. Becky took responsibility for this grubby little-eyed little girl so much that she wanted to lead her home and God would know where she got her, but Mary did not let her do it. She stood and wondered why she did not believe her. It seems that the girl spoke convincingly, was disfigured and frightened, but Mary continued to doubt. And then I noticed - the baby was all covered in blood, her face and hands were dirty, but the dress and shoes were absolutely clean and whole. This was clearly some sort of deception. Mary tried to touch it and then the girl squealed painfully and recoiled if she had eyes. Then Mary picked up a small pebble and threw it in her face. The baby did not move and the stone flew through it, as if it were not there.
Mary read some fantastic books and knew from there - that such a phenomenon is called a phantom. Alexis created it very skilfully. I did not foresee only a torn dress and shoes all in the dust. In three minutes, Mary explained everything to Becky, and the phantom grimaced with anger and said: "All the damned bastards have understood! Do not be deluded, you also die when my master comes and no chain in your hands will save you! "This girl changed right before her eyes - she ran ahead, although she had no eyes, she insulted them with the most sophisticated abusive words and barked somehow hoarsely, because everyone ignored her now.

"What shall we do now?" Becky asked.
"The main thing is to get away from the zone where the phantom was created," Mary explained. - The phantom will lose its strength and will disappear by itself.
"Come on, come on," barked the phantom (he entered the car through the wall like a ghost and was now sitting in the backseat). - Go. Candles to you both in the ass. And there we can meet the owner. That′s what will be fun. Ha-ha-hee-hee-hee ... when you get to neutralize it with this ... uh-hee-hee ...
"You know, it′s the easiest way to get out of here," Becky said, turned on the car and began taxiing out of the dead end where they had risen.
The phantom insulted them without stopping. He could not do anything to them and crackled like mad. Only an hour and a half later, when they were at the other end of the city, he left their salon.
"You know what, you′re done," Becky said, turning off the engine. - Cleverly realized that she was a fake. She would lead me where we do not need, if not you. Thank you.
"Always," Mary smiled. "We are friends to help each other."

For those terrible five days that Mary and Becky were following the tracks of Alexis, he dropped 30 phantoms on them. They were all scary, very elaborate, each had its own terrible bloody story, everyone tried to knock it off and confuse. The worst thing was with the psychologist. He was a handsome young boy, with no damage to his face and body - he sat in the backseat and just said:
"Just think, just think, why all this?" Still in vain. I′ll disappear, but the truth is - it′s all true. Rebbek, well, where did you get to? Are you able to do this? You′re not a young woman, are you? You will find and captivate Alexis, and then what. Still have to find the gate to his world. How? - Of course you do not know this. And then that - to travel to his world. Do you know him, have you been there? No of course, but I know and I′ve been there. You seem to see horrors now, but you have not seen anything yet. The world of Alexis is inhabited by such monsters and creatures that it′s all ... it′s all just a kindergarten compared to what awaits you.
Becky sharply braked, turned and looked at him angrily:
- Shut up, shut up, shut up immediately !!! She yelled.
Evil breathed and could not calm down.
- Calm-calmer mom, - said the psychologist. - Okochurites right behind the wheel of the car, and who will help your son dear! Your beautiful Alex!
And he laughed. His thin, bell-like voice. And this infuriated even more.
- And you want, I′ll tell you how he is your little son now, - the psychologist promised fervently.
Mary reassured and Becky reassured her strength. And then we took it. The psychologist told me how unhappy and lonely she is, and only this insane campaign with an elderly woman can help her to become established. Then he touched Alex:
"You think he′ll thank you." He will kneel down and say - let′s get married. Never! What for to him such wife ?! Wife, who saw HIS SUCH! It is more likely to be thrown off the cliff! Besides, you tried with Alex. When he was a monster - he scared you when he was real - he did not interest you ... do you think everything will change when you save his soul?
Mary just boiled with anger in the second seat. And she knew that he was right. She did not know how it would be and for what it′s going. It seems that she just wanted to spend more time with a mature woman. She adored Becky and was proud of her. She saw in her the leader and his commander. She knew for sure that she would accomplish any task with her.
- My time is over, alas. Good-bye, "the psychologist said goodbye before dissolving into the air. - And you girls think again why you have taken up this matter and is it worth all of your work?
And he disappeared, as if he never appeared. But what he said left a mark. And what a heavy, devastating trail. After his departure, Becky abruptly struck the brakes, yelled: "Damn, your mother, damn !!!" and began to furiously beat her head against the steering wheel. Mary was able to calm her down. "Becky, Beck, please, well, do not, do not go insane," she begged silently stroking her hand. Alex, and all these people - they are the only one except us will not help. We must continue this business no matter how difficult it is. We must maintain common sense, not to allow even the thought that all is in vain and not to be at enmity with each other. If we start to fight, the end is over and everything ends. So be strong. " After her words, Becky was silent for several minutes and what she was thinking about. "I like you very much," Becky added. - I consider you a very strong, wise and experienced woman. You are the power of this mission. Without you, I will never succeed. I love you Becky. " Becky wiped away the tears from such touching words, started the car and drove off. She did not care where, just to go. "I love you too, my girl," she said with a sad smile. - And of course you′re right - we have hard times now, but we must never give up. Thank you for consoling me. I′m very glad that you became my friend. " Turning to an empty intersection, Becky threw a short glance at her, smiled and asked: "Hey, Mary, when did you get so smart?" She smiled back: "This is all the influence of one remarkable woman. The woman I adore. Which, now at the helm. " It was such a wonderful response that he gave them a lot of strength for confrontation. At least until the night.
At night it was the worst. Sleeping Mary and Becky are now in the car, sitting on chairs, but phantoms came to visit them. Three, or four phantoms necessarily located on the rear seats, and even more rubbed in the street. They spoke without ceasing, or simply drilled them with greedy, evil eyes. There was no salvation from them. Becky and Mary moved from place to place, but the phantoms found them there again. Over the "Ford" as if flashing red flags and all the phantoms of the city of New York rushed to her. They were bothersome, they were silent, they, like a psychologist, tried to get into the soul, or even do something. But since they could not harm a living person, all their attempts were limited to empty waving of hands and feet through the air. Worst of all, when they began to talk at the same time - from this head, two women just bursting. They could not sleep at all. Fortunately, Becky very quickly solved this problem - she bought two black bandages in front of her eyes and plugs in her ears. The bandage was needed so as not to see the evil monsters who danced near the car, made insulting signs, or simply destructively stared. The gags did not completely suppress the noise, but turned it into indistinguishable incoherent chatter. Under her, Mary and Becky fell asleep. Once they fell asleep and slept until day 12, when half of the phantoms had already disappeared safely. And then there was something worse.
A phantom of a long-haired drunk rock musician with an electric guitar on the belly. He constantly drank and threw the bottles into Becky′s car. The bottles disappeared before reaching the glass and did no harm to anyone, but as soon as one disappeared from his hands appeared another and how he behaved ... He cursed the dirtiest obscene words in all the languages of the world (among his motherboards were clearly heard English, Chinese, Japanese, French and Russian words) and he was omnipresent. Wherever Mary and Becky left, he would appear, drink and swear at them again and again. It was impossible to hide. "Alexis probably spent a lot of effort on such a phantom," said Mary. "Well, what a rascal is inventive," Becky snorted. "And I wonder if we leave the city, will he find us there?" But then he cut his electric guitar and started a real nightmare. His guitar was not connected to anything, but produced such loud and murderous rock compositions that from them the women were deaf, even with gags in their ears. He ran around his guitar gyphus with his fingers, raised the guitar above himself and made something with his lips, and from it flowed all the new and new "music." From this "music" the windows of the houses flew out, all the people and animals hid, many residents covered it with a frank mate, and Becky was afraid that her durable windshield would not survive and would crack. And it was impossible to hide. They left to the other end of the city, but still heard this musician, if he stood side by side. Phantom lived 22 hours and thoroughly spoiled the lives of Becky and Mary. The next morning they were sleepy, angry, preferred to get into the car and slept until evening, not disturbed by any phantoms anymore. Becky acknowledged that although she had seen a lot, this "musician" was Alexis′s worst creation. Mary has not previously enjoyed rock music, and now she just hated it. For the previous day she listened to more than 40 rock compositions, the most screechy and screaming and now she thought she would beat anyone who loves IT, face. What is there to say about the inhabitants of New York. They suffered, they writhed in agony, they vomited and they breathed a sigh of relief when the composition of the mountain-musician was cut short.
And suddenly everything stopped. There were no more murders. Three days passed, and no one else heard of the "bloody reaper". The city quietly cleaned the dead bodies and recovered from the experience of the nightmare. Mary and Becky went home, put themselves in order, ate, washed, slept. The compass needle did not spin anymore. He was not blood-red, not pale pink, he was clean and bright. The arrow froze in one place. The compass was dead.
Becky and Mary had dinner at their favorite cafe, where they now had a discount of 40% and watched news on TV. The journalist said that there were no new murders from the reaper in any country in the world and apparently she found the scythe on the stone, but Becky did not calm down.
"I feel that this is a temporary calm," she said. - The calm before a big storm. Mary, do you feel it too?
"Absolutely agree with you, Beck." Something he′s cooking is really bad, "said Mary.
They already removed the chain, but she was lying in the car next to Compass and Lord Mediator and women could return to her at any moment.
The only one who did not lose optimism and cheerful mood was the waitress Mary Mills:
- Oh, do not say stupid things. You overcame him. You coped with it and just modest. How I do not know, and it does not matter. He will not return.
"I′d like to believe it, too," said Mary.
All this adventure has greatly shaken her child′s faith in miracles.

Chapter 26. The End of the World.
Mary and Becky went to the store to shop, as their empty refrigerator had clearly hinted at them. Mary moved to the Rhine definitively, saying that let her parents think her dead at the hands of the "reaper". Becky was only pleased, although this attitude towards her parents was noticeably upsetting. But now there was no time to think about this. It was the fifth day of calm. Everything was fine, the sun was shining, when suddenly ...
The sun was abruptly gone and it became very dark. Then a strong cold wind blew out, and on top of it came a strong and short hail. The city was over, but the sky did not brighten. Becky and Mary got out of the car and looked at the car dump formed at the crossroads. The traffic light went out of order - he blinked all the flowers at once, and then completely died out. Becky returned to the car, tried to turn on the radio, but the radio hissed, cracked, and then completely disconnected. All the equipment seemed to go crazy at this hour. And it was the very beginning.
People got out of cars and panicked. They did not know what was happening and what to do next. The wind became coldly alarming and did not foretell anything good. Suddenly a huge fireball hit the sky - a comet or worse. A nearby car, or maybe a chauffeur, was blown apart and a huge hole formed in the asphalt.
Mary looked up in horror and stared at the sky. It was all covered with black clouds behind which rumbled red flashes. Something seemed to explode in the sky and it was scary. Very scary. Approximately once in fifteen seconds, the sky spit out a new fireball and hit them with some part of New York.
"Bek-ki, Becky, Be ..." Mary babbled, unable to speak.
Becky did not need to explain anything. She already understood everything.
- Quickly into the car! She ordered.
Mary instantly sat down in her seat, slammed the door and threw a belt through her. Becky drove away. At that time a second fireball hit the road, took half of the car′s hood and made a huge new funnel in the asphalt. Becky forcibly dodged the blow and drove off, so as not to roll into the pit.

"Think about it, think," she said, not the same for herself, not for Mary, stopping with a dark alley and turning off the engine. - All these events - the dark sky, a change of weather, a fiery rain - it′s all arranged by Alexis ...
Suddenly Mary squealed painfully and began to poke her finger in the window to the left of Becky. She looked and frightened herself for a joke. A man disgusted looked right behind the glass. His face and body seemed to rot and fall to pieces. He barely stood on his feet, but still resisted the disease, knocked at the window of the car and furiously wheezed: "Po-o-mo-ogi me! On-oomogi ...! "He collapsed to the ground (apparently dead) and in his place immediately became another. And he also demanded to help. Only he also wanted inside the car. This one was more resistant to illness.
Mary squealed because she had to break into her window and ask for something. And she immediately thanked Becky that she closed all the windows. They turned on the headlights and found that the car was covered with all these strange living people like dead people. They furiously buzzed to help them, and then began to rock the car, as Becky decided to turn it over.
- Yes, put the gas on! Cried Mary. "They′re still dead, anyway!"
Becky pushed gas and desperately maneuvered out of the dead end. And rushed from this part of the city in full steam. And only after standing between two houses thought how many people she now crushed and cried.
Mary was rapidly thinking:
"So, the weather changes, the sky has darkened, the rain of fire, many infected ... bad ... very bad ..."
She took a chain from the back seat and immediately put her on her arm and Becky.
"Wait, wait," she said. - I need to check something.
She jumped out of the car and dragged Becky through her seat. Becky obeyed.
Mary stood before the entrance of a house. The door was thwarted from its hinges (it must have been reflected in the recent excesses of Alexis) - all the better. Mary rattled in chains and dragged after herself like Bekka′s prisoner, stood in front of some apartment and began to press the bell button. Then she also violently nailed her. The door was opened by an old woman. She was in night pajamas, a hair net and flip-flops on her bare feet. The man thought that it was night, went to bed, and then some girl with a chain breaks into his apartment and drags another woman - a more absurd duet - and it was impossible to imagine. But Mary did not care. Pushing the old woman away from the door, she rattled the chain in a bath. She turned on the light and opened the tap all over. The water went off in a few minutes. I went, but it was not water. The dark red blood poured into the sink and heavily soiled it.
"That′s what I knew." Said Mary sadly.
"What did you know?" What? Becky did not understand.
The old lady completely fainted when she saw what was flowing from her tap. And then Mary noticed something else. A long line of small insects crawled out of the bathroom. Cockroaches, lice, some other bugs. They fled. They were saved. They no longer believed in the reliability of this home and hastily left it.
"It′s begun," Mary said with conviction.

In the car she gathered the whole picture together.
"This is the end of the world, Becky," she said. "The real end of the world that Alexis arranged for us and the elders warned about." You remember when the sky is dark and like the sun never will be again; when a fiery rain falls from the sky; When people get sick, small creatures will hide in all the cracks and corners. All converges.
"Yes, probably," Becky agreed. - Well, what should we do?
- Remember. Remember word for word, what did the elders say then. And do not miss anything.
For fifteen minutes they only thought, but all the same they remembered everything from beginning to end. To be accurate, Mary even wrote down on a sheet of paper: "And the water will become blood, and will hit the inhabitants of the city a hundred times, and it will be dark, as if the sun will never rejoice you; and there will be rats, mice and small insects to flee and in search of fear to look for burrows and in the last hour chaos will reign, anarchy and people will burn alive. "
"Well, it all converges, the end of the world. That′s just where to look for it?
Burning people they have not seen, and they did not need it.
"I remembered," Becky said happily. "The elders said:" Look for the beast at the highest point of your city. "
"The highest point, the highest point," Mary said to herself and drummed her fingers on her knee.
- You know? She smiled rudely. "I know where to look for Alexis." Take me to the Empire Street Building.

On the road, everyone went insane. Mary and Becky saw a lot of upturned cars, dead people, broken things and infected people, many people threw themselves down from buildings and broke into flat cakes, many simply ran around naked. Anarchy was complete. They saw several burning people, but they were already dead.
"What′s going on, what′s going on," Becky lamented. - I wonder how we still have a car on the run.
"Look at the compass," said Mary.
The compass was dark red, as if it were filled to the top with blood, and the arrow that turned white and shining spun in a random direction. She could not stop even for a second, as if she had gone mad. Evil was everywhere.

The Empire Street Building - twin towers - the two largest buildings in New York, and probably in all of America they stood where they stood, were unharmed and rested their sharp spiers in the sky, covered with black clouds with red gaps. Mary jumped out of the car and pulled out Becky. Oh, how she regretted that she did not have binoculars at hand. I looked at the dead body on the ground. Judging by his clothes, he was a journalist. And in your hand - what you need - binoculars. Mary tore it from her dead hands. One eyepiece was broken. Mary looked in the second. Thank God, binoculars were all right. Which one, left or right? Left or right? Alexis was above the left tower. Soared above the roof. There was no time to look around. Mary slipped the binoculars to Rebecca.
"He′s there, we must take him!" She said noisily. Thought and demanded. "Detach yourself from the chain." I′ll go up there alone and get him. The two of them will not work, we must go alone.
"Mary is very dangerous," Becky said, glancing once through the whole glass. - He hangs very high. You will have only one attempt.
- I know, but I′m small and brisk - I′m sure to get it. And he just does not expect this. He will be taken by surprise. We need to do this quickly while he is hanging in his nirvana.
Becky once again looked at Alexis, unfastened the chain from her hand and wished success.
"Follow us." It will take your help, "said Mary. Taking the chain in his hands, and disappearing in the door of the left tower.

The hotel, the largest network of offices and a shopping center at the same time, the tower was not empty - there were people here. But they all went crazy. Mary thought that someone would surprise the appearance of a girl with a chain in the doorway, but she was not even met by a doorman (apparently went mad and fled the work). There was a mess in the building - the papers were flying, people were rolling on the floor, crushing tables and equipment - nobody paid any attention to it. Mary slipped into the elevator praying only that it worked. There was no elevator operator, but the elevator was working. He could take Mary to a certain part of the tower. She had to go on five elevators and all worked. And in all there was not a single person. Then Mary had to flee. Three attic floors on which there were some warehouses, some garbage and building materials. Only once did Mary wonder, and that if closed doors were to appear before her-but everything seemed to be thought out by somebody-there were no locks and doors at all, as if someone had broken them before her arrival. Where to run Mary did not know - she just ran and that′s it. And then, climbing a thin, iron ladder, she opened the hatch and climbed out onto the roof.
How terrible and disgusting it was on the roof. A cold, piercing wind whistled, a terrible dark sky hung over it, and every second could throw a fireball on its head, but Alexis was also here. He was his back to her and soared in a prayerful attitude, completely oblivious to anything. Surely in his heart he was very happy about this end of the world and anarchy. And it could be captivated, but it was difficult. Before him it was possible to walk on a narrow wooden plank that hung from the roof of the tower and was held incomprehensibly on what, like a peculiar language. The board was medium long, but from her to Alexis′s feet was not less than one and a half meters. It was possible to jump well from this "tongue" and put shackles on Alexis′s feet. By the way his legs for some reason were iron. Mary measured the length, her strength and thought with regret: "Yes, indeed, only one attempt!"

She walked quietly, holding the shackles ready. It seems these were for the feet. Or not - about the devil. She stepped out onto the edge of the roof, and then stepped onto the "tongue" - the board squeaked nastily under her foot. If only not to fall from her. Mary looked down and was stunned with fear. At such a terrible height, she was never in her life. Before the earth was several thousand meters, the buildings seemed dwarfs, and people in general could not be distinguished. Besides, this nasty wind - he seemed to be blowing it off the board. And then another terrible thought came up, and if Alexis turns to the sound of a creaking board, then it surely ends. No, we must do everything quickly. So that he did not hear anything, so that the board is not broken and just do not think how terrible it is. Time. Two. Three. Mary gathered and as a gymnast in the competition, ran on the board. Then she jumped. She flew up to Alexis. She rolled down his legs and, without losing precious seconds, clicked the shackles on his ankles. The beast was captivated. And it was even easier than she thought - if you just wanted to. And now she could not fall to the ground, even if she let Alexis′s legs go. She would have remained hanging on a chain, she would have been terribly hurt, because the chain would tear off her hand, but she would be alive. But Mary still did not let go of his feet.
Alexis immediately set in motion. He was hunted like a fish caught. He saw Mary under his feet and became furious. "What ... what ... YOU ... bitch ... what are you doing here ?! I am you! "And he began to try to throw it off - so shaking his legs, and he was fighting that it was a whole problem to keep. But Mary was holding on. She decided not to let go at any time. Not thinking that Alexis could just collapse and break his jailer.
But Alexis did not think about it either. A few minutes later he found that he was rapidly losing strength and was frightened. "Get off, damn you, take it off," he muttered, picking up speed. He flew away from the Empire Street Building, deciding to deal with Mary outside the city, not realizing that he had already lost his freedom and power over her.

The flight was long and beautiful. Alexis carried Mary over the streets and buildings, sincerely hoping to throw it off and believing that his problems would end there. Mary could have fallen but from this flight and the wind that whistled in her ears she clung so tightly to the monster′s iron legs - you will not tear it off. She did not look down, she only waited for one thing, so that he would rather run out and fall to the ground. And her dream came true little by little. Alexis was weakening by the minute. He sank lower and lower and no longer tried to throw it off - he simply did not have the strength to do it - the chain stole his energy and he already resigned himself to the idea that Mary would not simply untie it.
Meanwhile, Mary saw the familiar gray Ford follow them through the streets of the city. Of course at the wheel sat Becky, who was steering and constantly popped out of the window. She did not release them for a moment. It was very good. So everything will be over soon. And the mad end of the world was canceled and they will soon finally captivate the beast and will be able to arrange a short halt.

Alexis took Mary out of the city. He flew lower and lower, and then just fell on the asphalt, like a wounded bird. Mary finally let go of his feet and swept along the road ripping off the skin on her face and hands. When she got up, Alexis also struggled to get up, and soon was ready to desperately resist and defend himself:
- You′re a bitch! He shouted. "The shackles of the impartial." Where do you find such wealth interesting?
"I′ll bury you in them," Mary promised viciously and was already holding the chains for her hands.
He lifted his long, dagger-like claws and cut the air near the face of the brave girl. She jumped back, but after a few seconds realized that Alexis really could not hurt her. Then she bravely jumped on the monster, and before he could recover, the two shackles snapped on his wrists.
- Everything, now you are mine! Said Mary with confidence.
Now she could rest. Alexis could not hurt her and he could not get away from it either. As soon as Mary sat in a pose in Turkish and the monster tried to leave her, he jerked back, so much that he nearly fell off his feet. There was nothing left for him to do but sit in front of Mary.
"Listen, why do you have iron feet?" - she asked temporarily leaving nirvana rest.
"As a child, I was moved by a tram," Alexis sneered, immediately smiled, why his huge mouth stretched even wider and became even more ugly.
- And yet why? - Mary asked, calming down and releasing everything that she had accumulated to the monster.
"To your knowledge, I am the dead flesh of the African princess Moroak, who lived the devil knows when long ago." When the master found me, I was without legs. He put me prostheses and breathed life through black magic. Make yourself comfortable, baby, I′ll tell you my whole story.
"Thank you, I′ll manage somehow," Mary refused.
"I thought so," Alexis said.
"Tell me, why did you kill everyone at my school?" Asked Mary just to ask something.
"And the school," Alexis smiled, as if to the master they were talking about his favorite painting. - Did you like it? Yes, so! Just was in a good mood!
Mary winced at the pleasure with which he spoke of the murders.
"It makes me sick of you," the girl confessed. "You asshole, you′re just a fucking asshole!"
Alexis was pretty rusty.
At this time, near their "parking lot" stopped the gray Ford. Becky jumped out of it. She was very excited. Without a word, she flew at Alexis and began to thresh his hands and feet.
- You, you, you, it′s all because of you! She screamed.
And Alexis was concentrating, he was going, he did not start up his claws, he just looked.
"Yes, be careful," Mary shouted at her, and fastened the bracelet of the overseer on her left arm.
Blood was already flowing from her right nostril.
"Thank you very much," Becky said, wiping her blood with her hand. "I completely forgot about it."
"Pissed bitch," Alexis croaked. "Now I can not get close to any of you."
"Answer where my son is!" - Becky demanded frankly and without fear looked into the blood-red eyes without pupils.
"I will not tell you," Alexis replied indifferently and turned away.
"No you say, you will," Becky croaked, becoming a real fury, and began to beat him with her hands and feet.
And Alexis did not even close, only occasionally waved his innocence scratching her claws with the arms and legs of the tormentor.
"Please tell me, we did the same thing," Becky said, breathing heavily and resting her hands on her knees. "Only you know ... there′s no one else to ask!"
"You′re wasting your time," said Alexis indifferently. "I will not say anything to you by the Jewess!"
Hearing this Becky boiled:
- LIQUID ... LIQUID ... AX LIQUID !!!! - her eyes sparkled with fury and thundered.
She lifted her fist to mark Alexis in the mouth and intended to knock out three or four teeth at once. But between him and her became Mary.
"Do not, please," she said kindly, and putting a hand on her fist stroked him.
The whole hunt for revenge was gone. Becky only spat contemptuously at him and walked away.
"Antisemitic shit!" she threw in the monster′s face.

"We′ll find another way to find out," Mary assured her.
- But as? - did not understand Becky
Mary sat down again on the road and looked at Alexis directly and proudly:
"Well, you hate us, and we love you - this is a fact that you will not dismiss." But tell us only one thing: Alex is alive?
"Alive," Alexis smiled, and suddenly became very talkative. "Hey, Raine, sit down here." Stop pouting. Your son is now in my world. He is his captive forever. A ghost without a body. How to save him? You will go to my world. Jump into this hellish pit ?! So that he was not bored alone?
"All right," Becky said with a smile. - Here we have already come to something. Now - how to get into your world? Where is the gate?
"I do not know," Alexis said, laughing with his low laugh with a metallic echo. "And even if I knew ... I would rather break this plate." Are you such a fool, and think that I′m thirsty to go back there!

Chapter 27. And again the elders.
Rebecca and Mary walked for the second hour on some field, roared chains and dragged Alexis behind them. One was Lord Meditator, and the second Compass Evil. They lost their cars and it was a remarkable story. After some unsuccessful conversation, Alexis was so furious that he began shredding the car with claws, tearing the doors off the hinges and breaking the glasses. Then he set her on fire and the car flew into the air, it′s good that Mary had managed to pull out of her five minutes earlier Lord Mediator and Compass. Now they walked tired, sweaty and dirty, dragged the miracle of devices and led Alexis behind them. "Rejoice freak," Mary squeaked through her teeth. - Now we walk like ordinary pedestrians, but could go in a typewriter. " "And I′m happy," Alexis said back. - You are very addicted to this typewriter. You thought that capturing a monster and going to the lair of death - a pleasure walk. This is a long, exhausting campaign, you are a fool! "
A small farm shed appeared ahead of us.
"We′re making a break," Becky said.
- The halt is a good idea. Especially the rain begins, "said Mary.
The end of the world passed safely. Black clouds with a red glow dissipated and even the sun came out for a short 15 minutes. But now it was already evening passing into the night. And the sky promised to pour rain on the exhausted land, to at least somehow reassure her. The wind was cold again and howled uneasily. Thunder was already thundering somewhere. But there were no fireballs - this time it was the easiest earth rain.
And hardly Mzhri, Becky and Alexis went into the barn, he poured in full force. On the street, everything was flooded with oblique streams, and then they had a roof over their heads. In the shed there was no living creature, only some food supplies, tools on the shelves and sheaves of hay in the corners.
"Make yourself comfortable," Becky said, laying down on one of the sheaves and throwing Mary a ripe red apple.
Mary caught, immediately bitten, picked herself a couch and settled on it.
"Becky is again looting," she said, eating her apple.
- Just the end of the world was, and we stopped it. We are two heroines and have the right to a simple feeding, - she explained. "But if you′re so calmer, we can leave the owner thirty dollars on a box of apples." My last thirty dollars. I have nothing more.
For a while, she was chewing on her apple, and then remembered that the prisoners had to be fed. I took the third large apple from the box and called out:
"Hey, monster!"
Alexis, who was sitting at the very door and gazing at the rain indifferently, did not even stir:
"Alexis," she called without disdain. "You′ll be an apple." You have not eaten in a day.
Alexis turned to her and made a face. Since his face was terrible, it turned out just to the impossibility of eerie.
"Oh, it′s just that I′ll be depressed from being touched," he barked angrily. "Shove this apple in your ass, Raine!" I do not eat shit anyway!
Becky put the apple aside and turned away.
- Rude boor, and still live a few thousand years! - Only she threw in response.
But Mary was interested:
- And what do you eat?
Alexis ignored her. And he continued to stare at the rain as if suddenly deaf.
"Come on, talk to me." She poked her foot into his iron leg. "All the same, we have several hours ahead of us and we have nothing to do-just talk with each other."
"I′m not a very good conversationalist," Alexis muttered. - And by your standards, it′s so disgusting.
"Is not it obvious Stens," he said after a few minutes. - I eat all the bad feelings that live in a person. Hate, fear, anger. When people next to me go crazy - I "gorge on" a few days in advance. It would be nice if you were afraid of me at least a little. Or took off this chain.
Mary was afraid of Alexis. And not a bit. But she did not want to admit it. And even more so did not want to remove the chain. So she chose not to talk to him anymore.
"You see," the compass is completely transparent and the arrow is standing in one place, "Becky said after ten minutes. - What does it mean.
"Maybe it′s rebooting," Mary decided. - We cleaned the world, and he chooses a new goal.
- But Alexis is close and he is the main evil. The compass should respond to it. What happened? Was he spoiled?
"Becky, I just do not know," the girl shrugged.
"Alexis, can not you explain?"
Alexis did not give them an answer. And moreover, for the whole evening he did not say a word more to them.
"Maybe then we′ll ask the Lord Meditator," Mary suggested. - It′s not for nothing that we dragged him.
"It′s a good idea," Becky agreed. "All the more so, we must report to the elders." IT they told us about the second task, which will begin right after the first one.
"And they can know where the stove is in the world of Alexis."
"It′s settled, we′re flying." Hey, monster, watch out for our bodies, for now.
The monster did not even turn in their direction. It continued to look at the rain indifferently and should be reflecting how everything was fine the day before.

Mary and Becky were again among the ice and snow and again looked at the elders who stood on the iceberg.
"We coped with your task, we captured the beast!" Shouted Becky.
"That′s very good," said one elder. "And you already deserve eternal glory." Your names will be in the annals of Rebbe Rain and Mary Stens, the descendants will learn from you and discuss your feat.
"But it′s too early to relax," the second elder quickly chilled. "Now the task is more difficult and deadly." Journey to the den of the beast and the final victory over him.
"We do not mind," Becky said. "But how to find the gate to his world?" Where is that cooker?
The third elder was disappointed:
- Alas, we do not know this.
But the fourth one reassured.
"But the compass will tell you." We have reconfigured it and now it will be configured to find this plate. The closer it gets, it becomes darker, and the arrow shows you the exact path. And remember your task is when you get to quickly take off the chains and punch Alexis into it. You can not all jump together. He will remain intact, but you will simply be torn to pieces. And manage to do everything for a certain time - the plate when Alexis approaches is activated, but if the monster does not enter it, it will go out and it will not light very soon.
"We′ll try," Mary promised.
"Such slabs are scattered in each of the worlds in a great variety," said the fifth. "And very soon you will learn to find them without a compass." While he will be with you, and in the world of Alexis you will manage without him.
- In this world you will have another guide. He is experienced. He knows a lot. And you will be very happy to meet him, "said the sixth.
"And we also take the Lord Meditator from you." You do not need it anymore. You know everything you need. When you need advice - sit down in a relaxing position, you will see light in the darkness and you will see us immediately.
"All right, thank you," Mary thanked. - And how do we get there. On foot?
"Why on foot," one of the elders smiled. - Go on the road back to the city and exactly after a hundred meters you will find what you need so much. Red open "cadillac". The hosts left it and will not return, so you can borrow the car. You will not find the police either, so no one will check your rights. Forward.
- Good. Thank you, "Becky said with a smile. - But we have one more problem.
"Say what a problem," said another Elder.
"Last time Alexis badly spoiled our car." Can we protect it from him?
All the elders simultaneously waved their arms, as if doing morning exercises and one of them said:
"Okay, now it′s Mary′s job." She is assigned to your team as a sorceress, and only she will be able to cast spells of protection ...
"Why is she a sorceress ?!" - Becky exclaimed hurtly.
And Mary realized that this girl, although she was at an age, believed in miracles and dreamed of creating them.
"Do not take offense at Rebek," another old man said immediately. "It′s just that Mary is still very young and she has not completely lost her magical potential."
Becky immediately wanted to say something about her potential, but I realized that I did not need to argue and did not utter a word.
"You will have a completely different role in this mission," said another sage. - But it is without doubt also important and necessary. You are a warrior.
- So Mary carefully listen and remember, when you need to protect an object or a person from Alexis, you just look at it, waving your hands, as we now say: "Onahou."
"Onahow," Mary repeated and waved her hands.
- Very good. This is an ancient magical spell. It will protect you from the claws of the monster and from its impact. You can use it when you are in his world. Initially, it will protect you for only a couple of hours, but then with the increase in the skill of the sorceress, the duration of protection will also rise. In perspective: for life.
"And now it′s time for you to say goodbye." Look for the plate. Send the monster to his world and proceed to the second part of your assignment. Remember, only in that world will you find Alex, and only when the demon is in your cage - breathe freely. Bye.
- Bye.
- Bye.
- Bye. Remember, we are always at your service.
Again, everything faded in the eyes of Mary and Becky, and they fell into a black, bottomless abyss.

Chapter 28. The road to hell.
Becky and Mary woke up in a shed in the middle of a farmland chained to Alexis. It was already 11 am (on the hand of Becky there were hours that still worked). They had breakfast with apples, and Alexis, as always, did not eat anything. They moved back to the city dragging the prisoner behind him, and he crossed from foot to foot and terribly thundered fetters. A car. Which the elders promised was exactly one hundred meters from their parking lot. There was no one in it, the key was in the ignition lock and there was a full tank of gasoline. They sat down, but first, Mary put a protection spell on the machine. Alexis screeched something - something about the uncleanliness of his jailers and about their debauchery. But he sat quietly in the backseat and Mary and Becky did not distract.
"Oh, how it goes, how it goes," Becky said with pleasure as she drove into the city. Indeed, the "Cadillac" was quick and the motor did not work better. Her "Ford" at the best time could not squeeze such speeds. They flew to New York just on their wings.
As for the police, it was not in sight. It seemed that yesterday she fled from her posts and still could not recover. Becky no one stopped, although she drove under 90, where only 50 were allowed. And there were no cars. The city seemed to have died out. The end of the world was such a powerful shake yesterday that he would still recover and recover from day 3. "The better, the better," Becky laughed (she was happy for the first time in the last two weeks). "We will quickly do our business, and no one will stop us!"
As for Mary - she did not look around and was not happy with the empty streets and the fresh wind. All that she was interested in was the compass and only it. "Left. Right. Once more to the left. Now it′s straight, "she commanded. Meanwhile, he was already pouring blood and the arrow began to shine white light. "Everyone has arrived," she said. "Apparently the stove is in this building," said Mary. They stopped at a large gray building of thirty floors with whole glass, which did not damage either Alexis or the fiery rains. "Wow, this is my job," Becky said with a satisfied air. - Ministry of Finance".
They got out of the car, through the chair Mary and Alexis pulled out and there Becky decided on this question:
"Listen to Mary, why did you decide on this adventure?" It really can cost us our lives?
Mary thought, and then she smiled and shrugged.
- Yes, I do not know what. I′m just pleased to be in the company of such a strong woman, Becky. I admire you and it′s nice to help you. As if I have dreamed of such a leader all my life, I was waiting for when I could join him and now my time has come.
"But you′re also a strong Mary woman." "Becky said with a smile. - Who then stopped the end of the world and captivated Alexis. And about leadership is also for nothing. Sometimes you begin to command and issue decisions that would never come to me. I′m very glad that you are with me.
- And I that you with me. Let′s hug.
- Come on.
Two women came joyfully into each other′s arms and stood for a long time not letting go of each other and closing their eyes in bliss. Until their arms were interrupted by Alexis:
"It′s disgusting to look at you!" Slyuntyayki! Pitfalls are pathetic!
He folded his hands and pointedly spewed them with chains, spat on them.
"Tell me what you want," said Mary proudly. - We do not care.
- You do not understand this, because you yourself do not feel anything and will never feel! Added Becky.

The building of the Ministry of Finance was half empty and it is understandable because they experienced it yesterday. Some little men loitered on the floors with a completely lost sight and stopped, to question them did not lead to anything. Becky stopped one guy and tried to find out what had happened, but he raised such a wild cry and raced off.
At the mirror wall of Mary came up with a great idea. She examined herself from head to foot, waved her hands and shouted: "Onahow" Then she examined Becky and did the same procedure.
"It′s that he can not do anything to us when we take the chains off him," she said to Becky as they entered the elevator. - The elders said that the spell will work for two hours, and we only need two hours.
"What a wonderful girl you are!" What a bright head you have! - Becky sang, clicking on the top floor.
"Everyone has foreseen this," Alexis said, his voice sharp. - And there is not all! I′ll finally make a pod at the end!
But no one listened to him.
Becky decided to stop on each floor, but the arrow in the dark red compass pointed higher and higher. "Higher, higher, higher," commanded Mary, who held the compass and thought only of him.

"Above only the last floor, the department of analytics and strategic planning," Becky said, pressing the last thirtieth floor.
"Here, and now to the left," Mary said as the elevator rose.

They walked along the corridors and were at last close to the glass doors closed to the castle.
"Right," said Mary.
At the door two policemen were on duty. It is unclear how these thick-skinned people did not run away yesterday from their posts and are now very alert when they saw a familiar figure and several strangers.
"Miss Raine can not go there," said one of the policemen, blocking Becky and her company a move.
"On what business, who′s with you?" - immediately fell asleep questions of the second.
Becky was a bit taken aback. These policemen always stood. Everyday. And every day they asked her about the purpose of the parish. And yet there were a lot of valuable securities, including shares and deposits. Becky forgot about the fact that she always reported to them. But now - what to say to them now? Tell that yesterday was the end of the world and they grabbed a dangerous "bloody reaper" which was advertised on TV, and now lead to a plate that returns to his home world? No, they will never believe it. And it was too long.
"Give me the keys to Michael!" - Suddenly she said with a noticeable irritation and tear. "I do not have time to explain everything to you!"
She tore off a bunch of keys that hung around the policeman′s belt and went to open the door.
"I′m saving my son now, that′s all I can tell you," she said, tugging with a bunch.
The policeman was also stunned, with such impudence and impunity - he drew his hand to the gun, but he was distracted. Partner whose name was John trusted Rebbeke, but the youngest girl saw the first time.
- And who is this girl, what′s with you? - he asked.
Mary did not even give him the answer, and went to Becky.
And then it came to both of them that they hooked chains to the hands and led some guy in the shackles. And what a guy he was. Ugly freak. The black. With a terrible head and mouth full of needles of teeth. Huge growth. And his legs were metal. How could they even capture such a thing.
- Hey guy, they′re that ... what ... you′re in their slavery ... why are they like that? !!! Michael asked.
Alexis looked angrily at the policeman and croaked:
"You′re rubbish, but now I can do THAT with you!"
The policeman′s face twisted. The veins swelled and the blood inside his body swelled. And then his head exploded, like a ripened watermelon. Shattered into a thousand fragments.
John, who had never seen such a way of killing, and such a murderer was trembling, but he had enough time to pick up the radio and say: "On duty, on duty! There′s a crisis! Attack on two officers! Help, urgently! "And then he said goodbye to life.

Becky finally coped with the lock and flung open the door. She pulled Mary and Alexis behind her. Mary threw an anxious glance back and saw two decapitated bodies.
- What are you still doing here ?! She shouted to Alexis. "You could not do without it at all!"
"Of course, Stens, of course," Alexis said, smiling. - And I promised you a pod, - here it is!
"Mary lead me," Becky demanded. - Without you, I will not find this stove!
"Next," Mary waved her hand. - Go further.

In the long corridor which turned twice to the left, there was no one this time. Mary, Becky and Alexis ran in chains, and saw only closed rooms in front of them.
"Here in this room," said Mary, pointing to the door numbered 7728.
- Are you sure? Becky asked worriedly.
- I′m sure, confident. The compass says that the stove is in this room. Hold the compass, you have to break the door.
Mary already wanted to give Becky a compass and kick out door 7728, but Beck pushed her away and said:
"Do not break the door." I′ll open it with my key. This is my office.
While Mary was simply perplexed, Alexis pretended that he was not interested, Becky pulled a key from her jeans pocket, inserted it into the keyhole and simply opened it.
Since it was already a day, the office was bright and every corner was visible. A strange company entered and Becky closed the door.
"Well, she′s my job," she said with some kind of pride and sadness. - The Cabinet of the Deputy Chief Minister of Finance.
Her office was large, clean and very expensive. There was a computer, there was a telephone with fax, a wide oval table, high cabinets for clothes and papers, a safe, several paintings on the walls, a wide window with soothing green curtains.
- Well, where are we now? Becky asked.
"Definitely upstairs," said Mary, and showed as evidence a dark red compass with a frozen white arrow pointing upwards. "So think Becky, what′s between your office and the roof."
- Yes there is a small attic, it stretches across the entire floor and two meters probably in height.
"There′s definitely a stove there," Mary said, and for a few seconds thought. - What to do ... break the ceiling, what else?
She stood in the center of the study. "We need to stand up for something," she said, and noticing the table that stood just a meter away began to pull it on itself. He was heavy and unbearable, but he began to succumb. The linoleum screeched, but who cares. "Help," she asked Becky. Becky lay down on the table on the other side, podnatuzhilas, and he went to Mary.
"Aha," she exclaimed triumphantly and jumped to the table.
And all the same did not reach. She was short. She placed an iron chair and could now stand on it to get the ceiling top of her head.
"Excellent, excellent," Mary said triumphantly, without thinking of anything in this rush. - Now you need to punch a hole. I need a crowbar. Becky, do you have any scrap construction anywhere?
"Now, let me remember," Becky recalled. - I share my office with our builder. He pigs sometimes breaks into him and spoils me all the negotiations. He keeps his tools in the closet.
Becky immediately opened her large closet and found in it a small metal locker builder. Her heart sank.
"Mary, his closet is here, but he also has the key." I do not know how to do it. This is his personal safe, he does not trust him.
"Try pulling the closet door," Mary advised.
Becky tried and the door creaked softly. Luck for them clearly favored. And what was even better - heavy, in some places rusty scrap was pressed to the corner.
"You imagine, this drunken animal forgot to close its safe." I always knew that someday he would come in handy.
"That′s good, that′s good," said Mary, swinging her first blow. - Your builder was drunk (Bbbuuch) ... and we will send this bastard to his world today (bbbuuch).
On the elegant oak table Becky flew limestone and pieces of the ceiling. And Mary punched and hollowed. The roar of the whole floor was incredible.
Mary worked for 15 minutes, covered with sweat and mud. She looked like a hammer, or a janitor, who beat the ice off the pavement in the early morning. Only she worked up. And Lom was incredibly heavy and pulled her down.
"Listen to Becky, and you have some kind of overlap - wooden or concrete," she said, and sat down in a chair. "It′s just that if it′s concrete, then we′ll mess around until evening and maybe all night."
- You know all over the building concrete, but some have wooden sticks. You know this because it is still relatively young (9 years old) and did not have much time to remake.
Suddenly, Mary jumped into a chair and began furiously hitting the ceiling. There already and so there was a decent hole, and here ... Extraterrestrial it has crunched, the crowbar has left there almost all. The ceiling was broken. And the next second, Mary wildly squealed and jumped aside. The ceiling began to crumble. Scrap fell and it crumbled right before our eyes. It was very good, but the hole that was formed could be climbed only by a cat.
"You did a great job," Becky said. Now, let me work.
She picked up the scrap and climbed onto a chair, which now seemed to be covered with lime in dandruff.
She self-denied the ceiling for another 20 minutes, and Mary stood nearby and watched. The hole widened and now a large dog could climb through it, but for an adult woman or a young woman it was still narrow.
"Alexis, you would have helped your mother," Mary said suddenly. - For you it′s probably a couple of trifles.
The monster stood in the middle of the office and was clearly bored. Heard her words and immediately lit. His eyes flared, teeth clicked.
"Help, help, but always, please," he rumbled.
At this time, a large piece of the ceiling over Becky′s head collapsed and the hole became simply huge. But with this, the ceiling painfully applied on the head of Becky, and she almost flew off the chair.
"God, Lord," she cried, barely getting down, almost falling from the chair and from the table.
"Becky, Becky, what′s wrong with you, what′s with you," Mary shouted.
"What a freak you are!" She said angrily to Alexis.
- I helped! The monster smiled.
Becky had long been waking up. Concussion was serious.
"I′m fine," she said at last. "Only my head is spinning slightly."
She pulled the last pieces of the ceiling from her black curly hair and said:
- Let′s finish what we started.
And she climbed into the chair first. Mary is following her. And for Mary Alexis - he had nowhere to go - he was like a puppet on these chains.
Becky first climbed into the attic and swallowed the dust that accumulated all 9 years. Mary climbed and coughed. Alexis jumped like a stuntman and did not seem to breathe this air at all.
Women led him through the attic, the good and the news was not far away - the stove was literally a meter from the hole, where the fat woman could now climb. And she already worked. Lit with purple light. But what a nasty was she. It looked like a gravestone, along which small white worms crawled and swarmed.
"Phew," Mary grimaced. "They look similar to maggots."
She went fishing with her father a couple of times, so she saw such worms.
- She works? Asked Mary. - The main thing that she worked.
"Sounds like it," said Mary. - The elders said - will turn on when he appears. And then we must return the monster to his world. Apparently put your face in these worms.
"Let′s go together," Becky suggested.
"I told you that," Mary said.
They put Alexis face to the stove.
"We give you freedom, but do not untangle your lip," said Mary.
Alexis knew that he would have seconds, but how quickly everything would happen could not be supposed. Simultaneously, just synchronously, they removed the chains from their hands, and then they grabbed him by the arms and, with an unusual force for these young women, threw him right into the thick of worms. Alexis very painfully screamed and immediately left in the worm plate to the knee. He tried to get out, but it was tightened to the waist. And all he had to do was cover Mary and Becky with the mat and go off to the stove. Soon on its surface was only his terrible head. And soon there was no her. The cooker worked and worked wonderfully.

"Well, it′s time for us to go," said Mary.
There was no chain at all and she could stretch her arm. She looked at her friend, but she suddenly shook her head.
- What does it mean? She asked worriedly.
"Is not that obvious," Becky smiled wearily. - You should go. You and Alex are your adventure. You do not need any old aunt in him.
Mary was so enraged that she immediately slapped a woman in the face. And the second until the fury has not passed. And she did not even defend herself.
"Becky, how old are you?" She asked sternly, but already regaining consciousness.
- 35.
- And me 15. Between us 20 years. But this is nonsense, we are getting on so well.
Becky shook her head.
- I need you! Without you I can not manage! You′re the best thing in my life!
Becky shook her head again.
- Girl, I just can not stand this adventure. Besides, I have a concussion. I′ll be a burden to you.
"Do you remember what the elders said." You have a special role in this adventure. You are a warrior.
- No, I will stay in my city. I will cure my head and wait for your return. And gladly I will sneak at your wedding.
- Change your mind, please, Mary asked with tears in her eyes. - I need you. Alex needs you.
"Girl, do not waste time." Get up on the stove and move. Soon it will go out and then everything will be in vain.
Mary stood on the stove, directly on the worms and immediately left her knee.
"Please, change your mind," she begged, and left her waist.
But Becky could not change her mind. Here Mary went to the throat. The worms were hammered into her mouth and she croaked: "How does the deviation .. wit ... ... !!!" And fell into the gates of the world of Alexis, as if she had never been in this world. Becky sighed with regret. So she lost her friend. And now wait for their return, the devil knows how much. And she will not embrace her son very soon. But the stove still gleamed with violet light. As if waiting for another guest. It was her.

Becky came down from the littered chair and at that moment new people burst into her office. Approximately six commandos in black body armor, with machine guns ready and in the center of the group, a plump man with gray hair in a blue business suit and a gray long cloak. Specials immediately put on Becky machine guns, and a man in a raincoat (he was here chief) took out a soy certificate and introduced himself:
"I′m Brian Empsher, the captain of the police, and these are my boys." We warn you, the lady will shoot at any movement. Please explain what happened here?
- It happened, but what happened? Becky asked, discouraged.
"There are two decapitated police officers in the foyer." What they did to you, and why they were so cruelly killed. And this is that. "He pointed to the huge hole in the ceiling. - Did the aliens call?
"Yes, you know, no," Becky said, and hesitated. "We′re just saving the world."
"Aha, you save the world," said Empsher and grinned. - In my lady you are in big trouble.
He already pulled the handcuffs, but Becky stopped him.
"Wait," she screamed. "Have you heard of the bloody reaper?" - and waited in the affirmative nod, continued. "We captured him." And sent to his home world ...
Becky hesitated. The farther away her story was like the ravings of a madman. And the policeman did not believe a single word of hers - it was clear.
She looked anxiously upward, a huge black hole from which she could not get out within five minutes. And now she only thought about one thing: she would have worked a stove.
"Your story is very interesting to the lady, but you will tell her about it at the station," Empsher suddenly became agitated. "Where are you looking?" There are your accomplices. Armed accomplices.
Here smacked a reward and a new rank.
And in my head Becky swept a lot of thoughts: "Now they will take you and send to the police. And another psychiatric examination will be appointed. And puff you to the fullest! You′re stupid Beka, then you gave up on the adventure with Mary! If only the cooker still worked! "
"Sorry, I need to give something to the aliens!"
And Becky quickly flew up to the table - she did not expect this from herself. She jumped on a chair and jumped into the hole.
- Do not shoot! I′ll take her alive! - All that she heard at last.
Brian Empsher though was a full-fledged man took off on the table, on a chair and squeezed into the hole with no less agility than Becky. And in the attic, his intentions became obvious.
Near the plate Becky muddied and she vomited to the floor. Empsher did not give a damn. He flung it right there, on vomit and began to pull off the already red enough jeans of Becky.
- It′s a good thing that the little girl has escaped ... nobody will see us ... here we will have fun !!!
He was poisonously sprinkling saliva and unbuttoning the button on his jeans. But seeing on her face disgust with pain interspersed suddenly stopped.
- What′s wrong with you, baby ?!
- Yes, I have a concussion, you idiot idiot! Shouted Becky to his face.
The unfortunate rapist quickly cooled to her. He stood up, recovered and rolled in such a slap in the face of Becky that she vomited again on the floor.
He stepped back a couple of steps and apparently decided that the sick woman did not need anyone else to get the gun. But his hands trembled, and he hit not in the head, but in the side. Becky threw a shot and she fell on the stove immediately began to drown in worms.
"I was shot, they shot me, the pof trif," she cried, and drowned with a full mouthful of worms.
Brian Empsher, who watched the terrible death of this beautiful but sick woman, could not believe what he saw. What is that stove. Some kind of purple flicker. Some white worms, swarming on it.
As enchanted he came closer. And then the stove began to shine so brightly that it hurt her eyes to look at her. Suddenly it flared, and the light for Brian went out.
Bryan Empscher was crawling through an empty dusty attic, a failed abuser, a police captain and just a loser. He called for help. He was scared. He did not see anything. He lost sight forever.

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