Olga Kulibina. 3. Evening after a long day (Англ.)

Evening after a long day
- Farewell to Them-Oh, Farewell in the Suitcases, Our Last Home
- About how we live in Paradise, Our works, We and Stendery, I and Agula
- Lesha Odintsov, Lesha′s Rehabilitation, Talks and plans for the next life.

- Farewell to Nit-Okha, farewell in the Suitcases, Our very last house.
Well, we say goodbye. On the small sandy island of Nit-Oha, we all lined up, our daughters - the current queen of the planet Zirkato, all our numerous friends. Those who did not have enough space on the rocks and protrusions of the island, sit on flying platforms and look down at us. We are 10 people and we stand by the open Case with a ring. Nobody says anything, because the moment is heavy and painful. And suddenly one girl on a flying platform can not stand it and screams:
- Lesha! Lesha Miro, well, say something! It′s your last day! This is your departure! You have to tell us something!
Lesha, who hung his head and how depressed, shudders at this speech. He lifts his head up and tears glisten in his eyes. He gathers with the spirit and says:
"You′re quite right about Omorma." This is my last day and I have been going to it for a long time and I must say something to you in good-bye. Everything will be now.
Red-haired Omorma sits on the platform and smiles. She looks like 10 years old, but in fact she is 59 years old - she was born at the time when her liberators came to Zirkato, saw the collapse of kings, wars for the planet, governors and very well remembered the first years of freedom. Lesha about her said: "The child whose share had very few hard memories." The skin of Omorma is azure and has a lot of brown birthmarks on it. Her ears are long, since she is half elf.
"Dear friends," Lesha began. The zirkato is saved. But not for me. I am very tired. I want peace. So today I go to the "Paradise" of my Suitcase. My wife and my friends are following me. This is only their choice and do not convey how I′m grateful to them. And now you will be governed by two queens - my daughters - Zhenya and Polina. They are good, they are kind and wise. I′m sure. That you will have a golden time here. Polina, Zhenya - take care of this planet, guard it and remember your parents and friends love you!
With this speech, he threw off applause and cried again. After him, I took it as his wife and chief assistant:
- I really love Lesha. I am his wife and therefore I am going with him, "I said. - Zirkato became very dear to me and I put a lot of work into it. I just want to be with Lesha and even in the afterlife. Thank you.
I stepped back and stood next to Lesha.
"And how will you die there ... in your Suitcase ... are you all immortal?" Asked an experienced military commander, a general and just a good friend of Amir-Gamarun. There was a lot in his blood: from giants, from elves, and from centaurs, although this uncle walked on two legs.
I really wanted to explain and Lesha gave me this right.
"That′s how the" Paradise "of Leshin′s Suitcase, Amir, is arranged," I said. "Three hours you can exist there perfectly perfectly." - At the beginning of the fourth hour our flesh will fall apart and decay - only the nucleolus will remain - the soul. This is a very easy and painless death. This is the place of the dead and only the dead can live there.
- And we′ll see you again? - Asked the same Omarma.
- If you choose after the death of "Paradise" of my Suitcase, - with a dull smile answered Lesha. "You are all guests of honor of my estate." You can be there with Zhenya and Polina, but just remember about your three hours.
He stepped back and fell silent. The word took Alice Smithers:
"I′m just very curious," she said. - I′m just very interested in how Lesha will settle down after death. I want to see this. I want to help him settle in a new place. I′m curious to look at Paradise, what he is like. What kind of vacation, what works. Stenderery, of course Leshina Stenderi. I′m very curious to see the family that will live near our house. Yes, I′m just very attached to this person and just can not bear even a month of separation from him.
She paused and walked away. Its place was taken by Max Potashev:
- For many years, decades, centuries, that we spent together we became real friends, a real, united team. Alice said it right. I am also very attached to this person. And I′m also curious: I′m interested to see the last house of Lesha and all those miracles that you can be sure, he whistled our ears. I do not regret anything, and I′m grateful for everything.
We talked a lot, talked for a very long time. Egor Ptashka, Natasha Veselaya, Alexei Proshkin, Olga Simakova, Oksana Ignatova, Zhenya Saurova - everyone had something to say.
Here went the speeches of our friends.
"I respect and love each of you," said Omorma. - I wish you a happy holiday in the suitcase and we will remember each of you for a very long time!
"I also join the wishes of Omorma," said Amira-Gamarun. - And if you decide to reborn - choose Zirkato. Here the place of each of you will be inviolable!
Another three or four wishes we heard, and then our daughter took the floor.
- Dad, thank you so much that you heard me and gave me this place. Agree to become a great heroine and queen Zirkato - this is a good career for a former zechka, bandit and an outcast. Olya, thank you very much for being a real mother. Even now I remember Phalles, but from you, my mother was no worse, and by several parameters, and much better. My faithful loyal friends, thank you for becoming a real family and gang that I did not dare dream about. I take the planet Zirkato from you and promise to honor it with honor and take care of it. And besides, after all, we will visit you in Paradise. We will never leave you. One week in a year will belong to you. This time and potions with resurrecting juice from us - your love, news exchange, orgies, walks and a place to sleep - with you.
Paul took the floor:
- I was exactly the same outcast on my planet. Then I fell into that well of power. Honestly I′ll tell you - this family and this way is the best use of my power. You gave everything I needed - a roof over my head, a loving family, an endless number of riddles and difficulties, so that my mind and body would not rust. There are no words to tell you how grateful I am for all this. As for the promise, I completely join Zhenya and in turn I promise to look after my sister. I know she is very restless, and I′m just the queen of light calm magic. I promise that we will fly to your "Paradise" together and bring your bodies and minds to utter exhaustion. That′s kind of all. And no, many thanks for sex. You showed me its value, allowed to test your body, liberated me. And there in "Paradise" I will never give up the company of such wonderful lovers and lovers.
(Saying this, Pauline made a special emphasis on mistresses, because for many years she became a bisexual, and she could appreciate all the advantages of lesbo sex.) But I did not.
All the words were said:
"How would you like to leave," asked the bearded dwarf Hmur-Sot, who was sitting on the island, on a stone ledge, a little higher than all of us.
"We are waiting for another five minutes," said Lesha. - Watching the sunset, which from this island will look just great. And then just go to the suitcase.
"Remember us sometimes," said Omarma.
"Do not doubt about it," said Yegor. "Your queens will bring us so much news that it will be unrealistic to forget you."
And that′s all. Everyone was silent. And they watched as the golden sun of Zirkato touched the water and slowly sank into it. Flakes of clouds were painted with gold and surrounded the sun like a kind of huge crown. It was very beautiful. In this galaxy, too, there was a planet called the Sun, only it was called something like that in another way (the name popped out of your head!). Then the light began to disappear. The first twilight fell.
On the island, no one said anything - everyone was waiting.
"Well, for now," said Lesha. - - Listen to Zhenya and Polina. For the rest I do not even worry.
And he stepped into the Red Gate of the Case. And disappeared.
- I was very glad to help you and this planet. But now I want to be with my friend and go where he went, "said Maxim and stepped into the red gate.
Everyone said something and left. And I wonder how many Zirkotans were in the suitcase. I thought about it, you fool! So it squeezed only the fifth, and so in general the latest. What could be worse than a queen being the latest.
I began to fall, and Nit-Ohha rushed upward. Can I really see you for the last time?

Alekorsa looked into our eyes and did not want to be left behind for the second hour.
"Are you sure you will not stay?" Right? Think about a wonderful rest here in the suitcase - for at least a year, at least five years, at least ten years old ... think about it.
"Alekersa, I already thought about everything perfectly," Lesha said wearily. - I just want to rest and my guys too.
- And you just talk for yourself. Maybe your guys have a different opinion?
"I′ll go where my husband will go," I said.
Alekorsa snorted.
"Just fairy-tale fidelity!" And the others? Egor, Max, Alisa, Natasha - yes there are so many opportunities and benefits, but you want to die.
"I′ll follow Lyosha and Olga," said Alice.
- I′m with the guys! Said Yegor.
"I will not give up my friends!" Said Natasha.
Everyone spoke and everyone was adamant.
- Well, you know that in order to go to "Paradise" you have to fill a lot of papers.
But she gave in and looked into Lesha′s eyes:
"Although I can fill them myself." I′m not used to it.
She sighed. And she asked:
"Okay, what will you do there?" Here you are Lesha, what are you going to do?
My husband smiled as if in an odd smile:
"I′m going to help Ella Stendery." The work is hard, even sometimes over-heavy, but a bunch of benefits and I will have such a boss. Does he still need an assistant?
- Oh, yes, he needs. Still as it is necessary, - Alekersa sneered. - But I will do without you. You′re my boss, my friend, my lover!
- Nothing will my girls. You know them and they know you. And you want an orgy - come to me at the estate. We will provide you with excellent group sex with the dead. Your limit there as far as I remember is unlimited.
"Well, I see, I can not convince you," Alekorsa sighed. "In particular, you are my impenetrable, stubborn as a ram, a former immortal chief." You must suffer from idleness, suffer from the fact that you will no longer have adventures and then - please be reborn - a new life awaits you. But not you, Lesha! You have no such rights!
"Let′s say goodbye," she said, and rose from her chair.
(We sat in the kitchen of her house, where she tried to convince us.) They drank their last tea, the kitchen was big and everyone went there).
Alekossa embraced Alexei the first and wept on his shoulder.
- Lesha you are the best boss that I had!
"Better than Al Stendery?"
- Best after Ell Stenderery!
She shook hands with me, and then without saying a word, she hugged and burst into tears.
"Olya, take care of this obmo." Keep up there, he will really be really bad when it comes to him that only he can not be reborn.
"I′m going there for that," I smiled. "He will not be lost!"
Everyone hugged and everyone said something pleasant. Then, briefly saying: "We leave, now" brought us out of our house.
We flew on a snow-white, floating boat on the Suitcase on our last journey. The boat was large, bulky - all of us, 11 people, fit into it without any problems and it was so free that six more people would have entered.
"Enjoy this flight," said Alekorsa, she was at the helm. - Try to make out and remember the maximum, because you see the Case for the last time. Despite the absurdity of your common desire, I will satisfy it and now you will have only one address. Not such a bad address, but it will very restrict you. Understand this later.
We were sitting in the boat and doing what. Yegor Ptashka told Gene Saurov funny anecdotes in a low voice, and she giggled a little over them. Max Potashev was sitting, looking somewhere on the floor of our boat and was thoughtful as always. Alexei Proshkin and Alisa Smithers leaned out of the edge of the boat and looked curiously at the suitcase. Every five seconds something was shouted. That′s who impressed this walk. I sat next to Lesha and just enjoyed his company, letting my fingers through his fingers. Lesh had some kind of confused look and he still could not understand whether he was doing right or not. I kissed his ear and whispered: "Calm down you. You do everything right and no one here (including me) blames you. " It worked. Lesha relaxed and began to smile. And then we noticed something else. Olya Simakova. She sat not so far away from us and with such longing looked at me and Lesha. We realized - she wanted to be hugged. Just hugged. She, too, was not sure. And then we beckoned to the girl. She gladly came to us. Lesch put his arm round her shoulders and kissed her cheek. How glorious she was as a girl. Once upon a time she took the trouble and became friends with Lesha; then she remembered for so many years; so many times we helped out in the team and now that′s exchanged their immortality and Zirkato, for heavenly bliss with us. Olya tried to hug the two of us at once and settled on Lesha like a soft pillow fell asleep. I was happy with such a friend. I did not forbid her sex with Lesha, when she undressed and asked me only with her eyes; it was a good lover and a good understanding friend. I always liked that Olya understood me from the floor of the word: she did not need to explain anything about bisexualism - only once having read in my eyes the attitude towards him, she never came up to me with a proposal to piss me off a pussy. Ole herself liked lesbo sex, but she knew where the line was and never went through - that′s why now she was sleeping in our arms and she and we were so happy.
The suitcase was beautiful. All these clouds, the sun that shone because of them; on our way we met a lot of soaring clouds, a lot of gold packages, a few doors on the clouds and scattered like a pox in the sky of magic amulets, flying boards and other magical artifacts. It was interesting to watch all this, only the road turned out to be painfully long. Moreover, the boat was constantly turning off, constantly rising up and down, as if he could not teleport at once to the given place. Okay - no one here condemned Alekors and completely trusted her. I even managed to doze off on this long journey, which seemed endless to me.
The boat bumped into something solid and firmly stood up.
"Everyone has arrived," announced Alekorsa. - The door "Paradise". Please go out to the cloud, but not more than three people. More cloud can not accept.
Left Lesha, I and Alekorsa. How strange it was to stand on the cloud, although I knew it only seemed airy - inside there were solid masses. How strange it was to observe this door - white without a single spot, with a golden pen and a sign with the inscription on Russian "Paradise". She seemed to jump out of some movie: "The Children in the Universe", or the "Monsters Corporation". And why is the inscription interesting in Russian. Maybe the door knew that the Russian-speaking audience would approach it and the inscription would come up like this.
- Well, does anyone want to say something? Asked Alekorsa. "It′s like your funeral."
"I′ll tell you," said Lesha. - This life was beautiful. I can not wait to see what death will look like.
A few minutes remained utter silence. And then Max said:
- No, but what is the use of saying something? Lesha already said everything.
"Then I begin your transfer." The first are Lesha and Olga. Then two more. By "Paradise" we do not disperse - we are where we came. I will assemble the whole group and say what to do next. Everyone went! - and Alekorsa threw open the door of "Paradise".
I and Lesha went there, and then our two kids crossed there two. The terrain was mountainous. A clear field, several huge stones, not far away mountains and a river flowing between them. As Alekorsa said, we did not wander, but simply sat down on the rocks. Waited for when all will be. From here it was very comical to observe how they came in through the doorway behind which there was a bright sky in the clouds and objects floating on it.
"Aleko, why are we in this field?" - asked Lesha after she spent the last couple.
"It′s sort of a collection point," she said simply. - Everyone is here. Let′s think better of you. What do you want for yourself now?

- What do you want for yourself Lesch? Asked Alekorsa. "Where will you live?"
"I want a forest," said Lesha.
And that moment we were in the forest. Gust. With tall, thick trees covered with moss. The crones above us were so noisy that they just wanted to lie on the dry grass and fall asleep. As in Lesha′s song "Les green".
"That′s not all," said Lesha. "I want to have a large one cleared before us, there is not just a huge glade under our estate."
Done - clearing before us cleared. Great. You could safely put on it "Boeing" and still have a place for a small house left.
Alekorsa put in a comment:
- Faster than in that old game "Caesar 3".
Lesha closed his eyes and before the Alekorsa and the team of Lesha′s friends, an estate appeared, surrounded by a red brick fence with trees, fruit trees, beds and a large three-story house.
- And that did not set the tower? And only three floors? Max asked mockingly. "It would have been like Stendery′s mansion!"
"They would have confused him with her when they came to visit us!" - Zhenya Saurova complained.
"Yes, as I did not think," Lesha smiled.
"Lesha wants our estates to be different," said Alekorsa.
"The guys are all garbage," said Lesha Proshkin. "Let′s go and disassemble the room better."
And we all went. The rooms were all empty, but we peppered in my head with all that I wanted to see in them and everything appeared. One large room on the first floor with a wide window Lesha identified under his room. Immediately I built a huge bed and for some reason I wanted to sleep.
"Alice, will you keep me company?" - I invited Alice Smithers.
- To sleep? She smiled. - Olga, no. I also want to go around the house - to see the rooms.
"I′ll draft you company," Zhenya Saurovo immediately volunteered.
And she already jumped on the bed, throwing off her shoes before her. Pretty stretched and said: "This is now my place." Lesch could not nibble for a reason - he drove a tour of his house. I lay down on the bed and gladly noticed that Olya Simakova still wanted to lie down. But she was so interested to take a walk with Lesha that she decided to extend the tour. And I just closed my eyes and did not remember anything more from this day.
The next day I woke up and Lesha arranged a tour for me as I was late (it was all already seen). There were four living rooms, 27 uninhabited and not even furnished rooms, a sports hall (so we did not lose form), a swimming pool in the house, a laundry (although why in Paradise), a kitchen bar (just like Stendery′s), refrigerator (although also to whom he was needed there?) and many, many plants on all floors of the house. He lifted me to the roof and again I discovered that she was very, very like the roof of Stendery: with benches, flower beds. Drains, only now without a tower. Lesha told me about the tower, but I said: "Why, if we all can fly." Lesha agreed with me. He led me through the estate and again I found there a full correspondence to the estate of Stendery. The same sites, the same bushes, the same wide and deep pool with warm azure water. I asked:
- And why it was necessary to parody so on Stenderery. You did not think of anything on your own.
Lesha shrugged guiltily and said:
- It′s my dream, after all.
And a perfectly logical question:
- Where are Stendery himself and when will we get acquainted with them?
"They live very close to us." And he meets with us, they will come tomorrow themselves. Today they can not, because they have important business.
What′s up with it. And this night I preferred to spend on the street, stretching a hammock between two trees. For some reason, she again wanted to feel alone and free Olya. Lesha said: "Please, but in the morning again become my wife, okay." We agreed on this adventure, and I left with a blanket and pillow in the yard.
How cool, how cool. I′m lying in a hammock. The stars shine on me. Night warm air and breeze sometimes. Sometimes some rustles are heard. But I′m not afraid. I′m not afraid of anything. This "Paradise" is the quietest and quietest place.
The next morning, I was taken to choose my future work. As it turned out, everyone had already chosen and only I was late. And it is also needed to stay in the "Paradise".
In front of me sat an archangel with solid white wings behind his back, a beautiful, pleasant face and looked at me attentively.
- Olga, what do you want to do?
- I want to be a pilot, I blurted out. The first thing that occurred to me.
When I was a child, I looked at the flying planes and with envy thought of the pilots that are flying in the sky. Not that I seriously wanted to drive a plane, but again this is the first thing that came to my mind.
"All right," said the archangel. "You′ll be the pilot of the postal plane." My assistant gets an appointment for the pilots′ courses and in three weeks you can start delivering the parcels.
I left the employment center without realizing what had happened. I kind of laughed at myself and thought: - it seems that the dream of my childhood has come true!

- About how we live in Paradise, Our works, We and Stendery, I and Agula
We have been living in Paradise for several years. A few years of calm, quiet peaceful work, no adventures and dangers. Only peace and tranquility. Yes, Alekors′s right, we′re starting to get bored. Rest so much that its number just disgusts us. Although no one of this of course does not say.
In all there are pluses. We have wonderful neighbors. Stendery were in our estate and not once. They are our closest neighbors and probably this is especially pleasing to Lesha. We visited their estate. We got acquainted with all the girls and boys of this family. It′s just amazing. We appeared in the family history, which are written for a couple of Alex and Alekors in the section "New owners of the suitcase." I saw these stories and honestly I will say pages 300 there about us. It′s a little warm our vanity. We have quiet, quiet work and everyone finds them in themselves. Everyone likes what he does - of course, because everyone chose a job for their liking. In the evening we gather for a few bottles of "Totre": we gaily prattle about the old life, about what is happening in our new lives, or just have fun fucking. Several times we were visited by Alekors. She could not neglect Lesya′s advice and wanted sex with the dead. We developed every hole, we did not let her sleep, and she left us very crushed and very pleased. We have daughters. As agreed: exactly one week in a year. And they too tremble, drink wine and fuck. And thanks to we know everything that happens on Zirkato. We steal them right in the room. It is already packed with people, and when they come they turn into a giant barrel with people. It is home to almost all who agreed to live in the estate. One room next to Leshina is used by us as an additional bridgehead. It goes away when people really do not get through and those who fell in the lot. She′s a cool room, but for some reason they all want to be with Lesha. He just as a devil somehow captivated us and we can not break free from his grip. In his room live: he himself, I, Zhenya Saurova, Alisa, Smithers, Olya Simakova (and all in one bed), Oksana Ignatova and Lesha Proshkin, they together divide the chair that turns into a small bed, Maxim Potashev, Natasha Veselaya. Egor Ptashka - they crochet themselves on the floor and do not want to leave it anyway, despite the fact that in the next room a magnificent bed for three. Our evenings are held in long conversations. Sometimes there is sex, sometimes "Totre". Several times Lesha dragged us out into the street and we hung hammocks sleeping between the trees. Many times Lesha cried and thanked us for our choice. We said that it was not difficult at all. Personally, I′m because I′m a faithful, faithful dog. Lesha conquered me, already when I was in the Sarcophagus of the Times, then many times I was proving that I had made the right choice. Maybe I just want to know how much my fidelity is enough.
It′s raining in Paradise and quite often. The roads are soaking everywhere becomes really dirty, a cold wind is blowing and it is necessary to put on something warm. One day the rain poured us all day and night. But then the sun shines, they warm us up the roads under us: the usual temperature is restored - plus 23 degrees Celsius. And once the winter came and the snow fell. In our estate and around there were real snowdrifts - Stenderery came to us. We were happy and we rolled with them along with them. But by the evening all the snow melted, and again the usual summer was established.

Now I will tell you a little about the works. Lesha, as he wanted, became an assistant to Ell Stenderi. He returns to the paradise of the souls not completely lost and hopeless. He is rarely thrown into the challenges, in general, but he leaves for a few days - nothing less. But then more stories. And Al is very pleased with his assistant. Previously, he was alone and for this kind of work, few people at all, and now he has a company with extra hands and an extra head. But honestly, I′m not very happy with this husband′s work. All his special privileges and honor me to the bulb. He always leaves at the most inopportune moment and because of this I seriously dislike his boss. Al always appears suddenly, breaks off all the buzz and after that there will be such an unpleasant residue - just horror!
I′m a pilot. I am quite happy with this work. And let behind me, not living people, but only mail and parcels, I manage a huge cumbersome baggage, I breathe life into it. The flights are not particularly long 2-3 hours and I look at the clouds and just reflect on my past future. Maybe there is a girl on the ground five years old and looking up at the sky thinking about the fearless pilot who sat at the wheel of this machine. Goes and carries plans for the next life. He thinks: "I want to master the flying business and become like that aunt." And I did not fly a plane during my lifetime. It turns out, only death opened my reserve and realized my childhood dream. I love to fly! I just love to fly! Sometimes I take Lyosha and my fellow girls with me, as the only passengers. My superiors do not mind. And they sit quietly, do not talk to me, but only gawk at the window. Maybe they also remember their childhood. And since they have no business in the cities where I bring them, they wait until I sign for the goods and we will all go home together.
Zhenya Saurova is an orchestral conductor. I think she also blurted it out at random, the first thing that came to mind. Well, she got used to it. One month of learning notes and getting to know her future orchestra. Then the tour-tour and tour. Zhenya performed in all corners of Paradise already. Her and her orchestra carry special cargo planes. Zhenya is happy and always stands for free. It is understandable - she does not need money, she needs attention. At its concerts comes from 300 to 700 people. She performs a lot of classics, modern things, jazz, blues, rock compositions. And always bowing at the end of the speech. And her musicians bow. With the musicians, Zhenya′s relations are warm, friendly and professional. They have great respect for their director. She does not seduce them, does not hint at all, and does not give herself any indulgence at all. She says sex in the orchestra would affect the quality of the music, and she has no right to admit it. It seems that the musicians and in fact do not know what a great debaucher, drunkard and materishnitsa. There she is a kind of chaste, light, neat Zhenechka. About the audience. Zhenya loves to give joy and pleasure to her compositions to the people of Paradise, but she loves even more when all of us (and in full composition) come to concerts. As Zhenya says: - on such days, I work at the limit of my strengths and abilities. She loves all of us and knowingly for us she loses the songs of Nadlom in orchestral processing. Everyone is happy: we, and she.
Olya Simakova became a Paradise policeman. Coming out of the distribution of works, she mysteriously giggled and confessed. What always dreamed of being a minister of the law. "Even before I got carried away with journalism," she confessed. Olya has her own office, where she and her friend Malgalash (for simplicity, Masha - and she does not take offense) carries her boring watch watching several regions of Paradise. Olya and Masha have a rubber truncheon, a shocker and a couple of energy bracelets for heavy cases. Bracelets and truncheons girls have never used (and are very proud of this), but the shocker once had to star a single ruffian. And then the standard procedure - they drag the ruffian to the station and give him a lecture on the rules of conduct in Paradise. Several hours in the detention cell (they are almost empty) and released with the first warning. Five such warnings are typed and the soul is sent from Paradise or Purgatory, or to Hell (if anything is bad at all). "I can put you all in jail," Olga admits during the orgies, when three men work with her: a man and two women. "You are very dissolute and honestly would throw you out of Paradise!" And then when it comes time to thank everyone for sex, she cries and confesses: "I will never, never let this happen! I will tear up the protocols, I will persuade the authorities, I will stand by you breastfeed! "And you will stand, because you are so!
Alexei Proshkin became a master of mountain landscapes. He studied for a professional landscape painter for only 5 days. It is understandable with its natural abilities. Every day he takes an easel, paints, a brush, a simple pencil and goes far into the mountains. As he says: "The mountains are my strictest judges. He spends in the mountains from several hours to several days and creates from two to ten works. He hung up all the walls of our room with his best works. He just walks through the villages, knocks on any house and offers his work. Of course it′s free. Who needs money in Paradise? He is accepted as a guest of his own. They call for tea with pies, they ask about the life of the Miro family and about the life of the Stenderi family. He has his regulars who ask for his new works and are impatiently waiting for his knock at the door. In general, then Lesha in Paradise is very happy. He found his place and his field. He spends most of the week communicating with the mountain nature and painting, and the second - with friends. He has a great number of friends here and with each month their number grows.
You can still talk a lot about our guys. There will be no end to history, but let′s talk about our neighbors.

About Stendery. They are certainly cool guys and I like them, but in their own way. Lesch is so dragged from them and is ready to accept them completely with all the shortcomings. From the very first day he announced himself and Stendari was told that they would meet him as an honored guest. Al came out to meet him and held out his hand: "Head of Clan Stenderery, welcomes the head of the clan Miro." And with this all went well. The friendship of Ella and Lesha, his desire to work to save the lost souls, the relationship between Ella and Lesha, as the chief and assistant. Ella of course has knowledge and experience to the fig, but he never boasted of them before Lesha. Lesha also did not ask his experience and former merits. In general, they have almost an ideal team: an intelligent boss and an intelligent subordinate. I was told that they sometimes quarrel among themselves, but these disputes are decided by amicable laughter and embraces. Lesch for the first time in his life is happy to work for such a boss. Al is happy that he has such an assistant. When they go together on assignments, they are an ideal pair and for them there are no unsolvable tasks. With other members of the family, Lesha′s relations are almost ideal. Especially with the women of the Stendery family. I did not mind, because he dreamed about it. Particularly loving were Alex, Belyanochka and Orkara. Alex confessed lying under it: "Lesha let you longed for this for a long time, but just imagine how this was waiting and I dreamed about it!" Orkara said: "Loshshka, mills and kind, such a man was more and more necessary!" She said it mixed with sweet sighs and hiccups. Lesha realized that from this day on, he will be on a special account with Orcara. Of course, he was very proud that he conquered the small former "forest shadow" and told us about it. And Belyanochka just smiled, breathed sweetly and fell asleep in his arms, snoring and smiling in her sleep. Lyosha told me that it was even a pity to wake her up. And these girls wanted sex, they waited for him and absolutely nothing demanded the time for copulation. But not everything was so smooth. Alice Stenderi was tough and often became unpleasant during sex. She shouted something, got used to it, or started fighting with a partner. From the room, all who ran out ran together, El very apologized for his daughter, Lesha was leaving with bruises, and Alice said: "To remember! And I wanted to! "This sex was definitely for sadomasochists. Naolla said: "Let′s try!" But after two positions she refused. And she asked me not to pester her more, until she herself would not want to. Several years have passed, but she did not want to. Relations with Nolloy at Alenksey were just fine, but neither he nor she wanted to pastel. Olga showed herself much better than all the others. She was soft, tender and kind, but there was such sadness and sadness in her eyes. One day she just burst into tears and confessed that Lesha reminded her of the young Erola. Lesha began to talk with her, he began to treat her and sex went on to recover. Sylvia reacted with very great alertness. Said, "I do not share my mother′s fanaticism and I do not know yet whether you can be trusted or not." She spread her legs, but all the time she seemed to be solving something in her head. When Lesch asked directly: "Maybe I should leave, she answered:" Do not continue. Perhaps you will become one of my best friends and lovers. Do not stop, I still decide. " And a few years later she still decided. In conversations, too, was restrained and kept quiet about many things. With men Stenderi at Lesha in general everything was fine. All the long arms to him and all agreed to be his friends. In addition, all our men Stendery met very well. They all agreed to be friends, they slept with everyone. In addition to Alexei Proshkin, Max Potashov, Oksana Ignatov and Natasha Veselaya, they simply took her hand and said: "They are our best friends." Where did they go, what they showed. As Natasha, Lesha, Max and Oksana told us, they received a very special access to all their secrets and trust. Alice Smithers for a long time did not notice, as if she was an empty place. In the end, she was fed up - she pulled Alex Stenderi and asked what the reasons for this behavior. For a very long time the girls talked about something, and then Alice came pleased and said that from now on they are with Alex - the sisters. Alex asked her and Stendery′s relationship to her sister became much better. But not everyone was so lucky. I′ll tell you about it now. No luck to me. Stendery is treated with caution to me. No conversation, no smile, no gesture, no embrace. Behave like I′m a hidden enemy or worse, I can sell them any minute. I asked my husband to talk to them and he spoke. And the attitude towards me has improved for many, but not for everyone. In particular, for example, Orkara and Belyanochka - they treat me well, but they are bisexual mad at various perversions. It always seems to me that they will start licking me, and then they will demand that I do the same thing myself (and in very rough form). I explained to them that I do not have such inclinations, but they only giggled. Olga Stenderi treats me very well, but she′s a kind and cool girl in general - she treats everyone well. Al Stenderer is very tolerant to me and even when I have explosions and I express what kind of bastard he is (in the middle of the night he takes my husband off for some new job!). Al just smiles at me, smoothes out sharp corners and says that Lesha himself asked for this job. And one day he just hugged me and not finding words, just cried. Perhaps this is my best friend, a man from Stendery. Jack treats like his wife, Alex is wary, he gives me a hand for greeting, but his tension and inner expectation of a blow are felt. Once he spoke of the pain that he and I caused to other beings when they were immortal. I retorted and said that we were soldiers in the war and in general they did a good deed. And if he so wishes to push his eyes on Elda-Lokeshko and those planets that we liberated when we were the Keepers of the Universe and will count how many there were satisfied and dissatisfied. Jack was very thoughtful after my words. It seems I gave him food for the mind. But his wife Alex is a real impenetrable wall. She is so reserved and arrogant with me, which is just sickening. I tried to put up with it, but one day I just could not stand it and exploded. Said, "Look, Alexandra McGeefer-Stenderi, I′m tired of enduring this scam. It seems to me that everything in your family is treated better than you. And you just hate me in secret. What have I done to you? Let me find out. And in general, how many I read books about you - it always seemed to me that you should have a character much kinder and softer, and then you are some kind of wicked bitch. What′s with you Alex? "And she answered me quite adequately:" Well, in the first place, books are just books. Lesha conveyed his fantasies and expectations in them. Then I have a really kind and gentle character. And the fact that I′m behaving this way with you is saying that you are a special person. Then you know the trust and friendship - it′s like a tree it can not grow in one fell swoop, but when it grows there will be foliage and fruit on it, and a shadow from it, and its roots will be strong. You′re the main thing, keep on waiting. At the moment you are passing my last checks. Have patience, a little more remains. And then. Perhaps, we will be best friends, which in general are possible here. " She gave me a hearty hug and patted my shoulder. Honestly. I even got a tear in my head. And it so happened that she gave me serious food for the mind.
And of course I want to tell you about the best representative of their family. About Agula.

Me and Agula. This slender, beautiful, red-haired girl immediately won me over. She chooses herself "special" friends and girlfriends - I knew that. But that she chose me so quickly, I did not expect this at all. She just came up to me, took me by the hand and pulled out of the crowd and said: "This girl will be my" special "girlfriend. And it all began. I found out about Elda-Lokeshko (in which Lyosha was right and wrong), I learned about her beautiful death and how often she was looked at by Alekors and buzzed all ears about the Miro family, who would soon get the suitcase № 3. I learned everything from this girl. She is very talkative, but she can also listen amazingly. She does not have her boyfriend and husband, and he does not need her with so many friends and girlfriends. As far as I know, she had 20 of these "special" men. Alex and I were in the same club, and she insisted that our relations improve. And they really improved. Agula is merry and very kind - she just took revenge for all Stendery.
We often play games like chess, checkers or cards, talk about our past lives or just keep silent. With her and keep silent cool. We were in her estate, we were in our estate (Agula said that it reminds her of her own home) and Agula fell asleep on our crib, pushing Lesha (he had to move to the floor). In general, for which I am grateful for this Paradise life, so for such a wonderful girlfriend.
It all began at the moment when Al again called Alexei to work:
"Lesha, it′s time to go to work!" he demanded.
And I and Agula published a deep disappointed sigh (Lesha was also her favorite).
- Al, well, that′s why I do not like you, that you always come and break such moments.
"Olya, I′m sorry," El exclaimed tactfully. - But it really is urgent and Lesha is needed there.
"Uncle, what happened there?" Asked Agula, who got out of her deck chairs.
- Okay, okay, I′ll tell you, just do not scream and do not go insane. Demanded Al. - Found Alexei Odintsov.
Agula and I happily squealed at once filling the living room of Lesya′s house with their exclamations: "Oh, but you can look at it soon!" "Lesha, bring him to our house, immediately!"
"He′s in a terrible state, he′s in great pain," Al explained. - It seems only Lesha will cope with this task. He is the only one Odintsov can learn. And then ... to get him out of his Hell, you need at least five days.
"I wanted to stay home myself." Especially Gloria came back ... and here′s an order, "Al added.
"And do not expect that he will recognize you right away," he said to Lesha in the end.
Lesha was ready to go, but then he came back to me.
"Can I talk with my wife?" he asked.
"Please," Al said.
Agula sat in a pose in Turkish and watched them. Al stood and watched with keen interest. Lyosha was not shy about them. He approached me, took me by the hand and looked into my eyes:
"Olga, has anything happened?"
- Yes, everything is fine, where did you get it from?
"Ol, you want to be reborn." I know, because at night you moan and waving your hands, and when we fly through those who stand in line for a new life, you look at them with such envy. Tell the truth, do you want to?
- Well, maybe sometimes.
- Olya, I can not ask that. I know for sure, I will not be reborn any more. El will not be reborn and a few guys will not leave here, but you can. If you want why not?
"Lesha, how will I leave you all?"
- Olya here earthly life is less than an instant. I know we will see you again very soon, and you will find our home. If you want to…
- Listen to Lesha, there was a time when you sewed my rag doll and stuck a photo on it; and got up and muttered his spells - you really did not want this, but you worked. Remember how many years have passed since that comforting sleep, and you kept and protected me as a treasure. You did not want to part with me. And when I got it, and when I got married, and remember all our adventures - Lesch you mean to me nothing less than I do for you. I was in the Sarcophagus of Time lost and no one needed my soul. I swore that I will be your wife if you release me. I swore that I will be with you to the end. And even now I′m not going to break my word.
- Ol, well, understand all our vows ...
I squeezed his mouth with my palm, and then kissed in that mouth.
- Lesch, I love you very much. I am your wife. Here in Paradise I love everyone. Each and in its own way. Your wrecker Chief Ella, Belyanochka. Orkaru, Agulu ... oh, how I love Agulu. I′m even unbearable even without you.
- Ol is serious. Will you stay with me, though not connected?
- Of course I will. Silly my, - I laughed and just hugged Lyosha. - I′m your wife Olga Kulibina.
It happened in the eyes of Ella and Agula. They smiled, and then applauded unanimously. They looked at us, smiled happily and their eyes glittered enthusiastically.
"I would like so that this moment lasts forever," said Alexei.
"Well, go," Olga said and patted her shoulder. "Take Odintsov for us." Bring him to our friendly home. Then you will wait for a faithful wife and a bag of cheerful, cheerful friends. That′s why he will be surprised!
And Lesha and Ell went away, but Agula and I stayed. We were sitting by the burning fireplace and were just silent. I′m in a pose in Turkish, and Agula again settled on me like a couch. We were silent for a long time.
- What do you expect from this task? She asked finally.
"I′m really interested," I said. - Leshin is a friend. I′ve heard so much about him. I really want to see it.
"That′s just me too," Agula nodded.
We sat in silence for another five minutes. Then I asked:
"Well, shall we prepare for bed?" Agul, are you staying with us today?
She nodded.
I made the bed with our best underwear. And at that very moment Olga Simakov and Zhenya Saurova jumped on her. Already naked. In this house everyone slept naked and about pajamas, or did not think linens at all. They embraced as two sisters (as they actually were) and immediately snored sweetly. I covered them with a blanket. Then undressed herself and looked at Agul. She was already naked. A gorgeous girl. Slender, thin, flexible waist, third-size breasts with large brown nipples, long legs, a bush of red pubic hair, a flat athletic belly and of course a mop of red curly hair from which I simply trudged. I hugged the girl and inhaled the smell of her hair. We lay down together and took cover with the same blanket. It was yellow, big and warm.
"Agula, I love you!" I whispered enthusiastically.
- And I love you! She whispered.
Feeling the heat of her body, I warmed up and fell asleep. And I thought that only for this woman I would kneel and began to lick her pussy. Agula perfectly knew my preferences and would not insist on this. Or maybe she has a plan. The plan of my conquest and transformation into one of my mistresses. And keeping me in Paradise, because she herself from Paradise does not exactly go away. Then it is more insidious and terrible than all Stenderery. Even stronger than Lesha will be. Because she′s a woman.
- Lesha Odintsov, Lesha′s Rehabilitation, Talks and plans for the next life.
Lesha Odintsov. We waited happily all week. And then the second. On the 15th day, we were waiting for a surprise. In the middle of our kitchen bar sat a gray-bearded, long-haired old man, swinging from side to side and muttering something to himself.
"This is Lesha Odintsov," my husband introduced him to us.
"Why is he in this condition?" I asked. "I mean ... can I cut it down like that?"
"I tried it," Zhenya Saurova sighed in contrition. She got up the very first and was able to meet this guy. "His patels are either not given, and I break scissors about them." Or they immediately grow back. Apparently it is necessary that he himself wanted, as that to be transformed.
We sat at the table for breakfast.
- And how are we going to feed Lesha? I asked doubtfully. "Is he in that condition?" How will he eat?
"But look," Lyosha Miro smeared butter on black bread, put cheese there, and put it into the hand that Lesha Odintsov gave him.
We saw how a sandwich with a slight hiss melted on his arm and even left no residue, not even an oil trace.
"He invented this method himself," said my Lesha. "So that he would not get there where we got him from." He just stretched out his hand and he was put there sandwich. Believe me, Olya, he has enough for the whole day.
"Yes, but does he at least understand us?" - Asked with doubt Olya Simakov.
"He understands everything, what′s going on here," said Lesha. - He lives in two worlds: the world of his nightmares and the world where we pulled him. As I was told, our main task is to awaken memories in it. We should tell him about him, about us, about everything that happened after his death, what happened to us. Then the memories in him will be resurrected and the world of his nightmares will shut for ever. We′ll get our guy back.
"You know what," he said. - I have one interesting idea. Take everything you carry in your hands or on trays and go to breakfast on the street. At the same time we will show the guy our estate, he still did not see him. Lesha, follow me.
Very easily this old, dry, old man with a mane of gray hair stood up and went to Alexei. He really understood everything. And we also began to gather.
We were like the estate. We showed Lesha how we live. We led him to the pool and wet his hands a little. We showed him our pine alley and our fountain. This was our last place: we sat on benches around the fountain, talked and chewed our breakfasts. Lesha listened to us with great attention and turned his head around, but also continued to murmur under his breath (many were annoyed, but Lesha told them that they must endure).
- At that time, when I was solving for myself a serious question whether it is worthwhile to engage in network marketing in the company "Avon" a girl named Olesya, who beat me up for this business, suggested simply drinking beer. And there I saw a lop-eared little boy-eyed boy, they were you - Lesha. You took the bottle but did not calculate your strength and I had to finish it ..
- Beer! Suddenly cried our gray-haired friend.
Lesch was very pleased, and he continued:
"You were so drunk that you had to put you on a bus." You also said: - live in the country - respect its traditions! A week later we got to know each other very well. And then I saw that you wrote poetry. You saw my poems, we started a joint project "Nadlom" and I fell in love with your sister ...
- Nastya! He shouted. - "Breakdown" and Nastya
"You see," said Alexei and slapped gently on the knee of Odintsov. - He already remembers. The main thing is that we have time and we need to tell as many stories as possible.
"Lesha, tell me, how did you find him?" And where did you find it? Asked Natasha Veselaya. - We are all very interested.
Yes, and I was also very interesting.
"I will gladly tell you," said Lesha. "They almost destroyed it." His personal Hell was built under a psychiatric hospital. He was fed with tablets, stuffed with injections and suggested that he was a zero without a wand. Lesha was just dying, but the top management decided that he had enough suffering and sent a request to us. I came to him in the form of a voice in my head. For two days he simply denied me. Three days he got used to me. By the end of the first week, I became a ghost that no one else in the hospital saw. Then I told him that I was his friend, that I came to take him and release him. I held out my hand and said: "Come with me!" He took this hand and said: "I want to leave!" So he left his personal Hell and got freedom.
"Lesha, it′s just great," said Alice.
"We′ll put him all together," I said. - We are many and we did not solve such complex problems!
And in the evening I was painting Lesha pastel. In the second room (our additional bridgehead).
"Lie down, Leshenka," I said simply.
He just lay down and fell asleep. And he did not say anything more. I covered him with a blanket and kissed her cheek. Then she looked at him asleep and smiled. Leshin′s friend awakens in me the best maternal feelings. Most likely, we will become very good friends.
I put out the light in his room and went out. The door to his room was not - between our rooms was just a doorway. I wonder how Lesha will react, that we almost every night have sex?

Lesha′s rehabilitation. What we just did not do. We must pay tribute to the fantasy of Lesha, he invented everything new and new and never repeated. He talked a lot, remembered a lot, and we were all at the same time - or they said: "Yes, it was so!" "Of course, of course," or "Yes, well! Is it true? "" Well, you give the guys! "Another time, he took out the guitar (his old Eleanor) and began to play the songs of Nadlom and Lesha Odintsov on her. That he just did not play: "We′ll be in paradise if we′re lucky ..." "Step through the abyss can cost us our lives ..." and Leshkin: "There was a hard worker he was not rich ...", "There′s a knife under the mat in the hut .." "Summer help me live this day, away from home ..." And for each song he inserted a comment. And we just sat with open mouths. No, Lesha played this during his lifetime. And he even tried to collect his "Nadal" then in Stargorod "but we did not catch fire with enthusiasm and we had to stop everything. And then it′s time for "Breakdown". Lesch flinched, more and more often he stopped muttering and was confused, as if smiling, and once he asked for a guitar. Lesha gave and gave him not a yellow Eleanor, but a red guitar with an incorrectly raised neck, rigid strings. We all heard stories that it was on this guitar that Odintsov played and everyone expected a miracle. And he took it as a native, stroked like a beloved woman, and then went on a quick and confident fight. It seems that he played "Biorobots", but he could not stand it too long and gave up. And he gave us the whole phrase:
"Lesch, take it off, please, the strings are too hard!"
We cleaned the guitar and triumphed all day. What is the progress. Already a whole phrase.
Another time was the film "Two Ripped Towers" in a Goblin translation. Lesha said this:
"Lesch, do not strain yourself." It′s a fairy tale. Especially in the translation of the Goblin. We already once saw her with you. I just want to look again.
His face was illuminated by a very large understanding. And when Gandalf and Benderlog ghosted communism fought on a narrow bridge, Odintsov opened his mouth and began poking into the TV screen:
- Wizard ... .wizard ... bright .... Gendalf ... Gandalf ....
When he fell into the abyss, he fought with Banderlog and, under this sound of a dive plane, Leshi already had tears in his eyes:
"Turn it off, please," he whispered weakly. "Gandalf is dying there!"
My spouse was just triumphant. Of course, he turned it off. But it was almost a victory. Odintsov remembered a lot, and now he remembered what happened to Gendalf in the Lord of the Jackson Rings.
Zhenya Saurova could not resist and inserted a comment:
- Lesha, not to part with this topic, invented me. I′m Zhenya Saurov. A piece from the evil Sauron, but in fact I am very kind.
Lesch offered her his hand:
"Very nice to meet you," he said. - Lesha Odintsov.
They embraced cordially. And we all applauded. Progress was on the face. He spoke clearly, the murmur was less, and he got to know us. He became interested.
And then one day I was awakened by a young, black-haired boy, very thin, smiling and wearing glasses:
"Olya get up," he said. - A new day has begun.
I was very surprised. And even thought that an outsider came to us, and then everything fell into place. I got up:
- Lesha? Odintsov? It′s you?
"It′s me," he smiled. - Again took his face. And tell me, do you always sleep naked?
It only dawned on me that there was nothing on me. And this guy, no matter how I treat him, already saw me naked. He himself was dressed in black trousers, a shirt and a knitted vest
"I′m sorry," I said, and ran my hands around my body. I got a black skirt and a white blouse. "Let′s go outside and get some air." Soon all our girls will go up, and they, too, are naked.
We went to the street, sat for a long time at Lesha′s estate and enjoyed the morning, invigorating air. We were sitting in an arbor, which Lesha made in his personal forest closer to the wall and talking, talking, talking, talking. It′s amazing what kind of Lesha was an interesting and pleasant friend. I told him about my Sarcophagus of the Times, and how Lesha found me, how I made a promise to myself to become his wife and what adventures we had on Earth, in space, and on Zirkato. Lesha told me how he became friends with my future husband, he told me how Lesha first told him about Ole Kulibina (he still remembered him and I could not help smiling), and also told about his death and about what happened after his death . He said that he was very grateful to Lesha and told that he was likely to stay with him and live in this house. The same evening I went on a flight. I took Lesha with me. We had to fly for three and a half hours and we talked about everything we wanted. And the reverse night flight way too. Lesha said that he had never had such a companion.
Another time was the film "Two Ripped Towers" in a Goblin translation. Lesha said this:
"Lesch, do not strain yourself." It′s a fairy tale. Especially in the translation of the Goblin. We already once saw her with you. I just want to look again.
His face was illuminated by a very large understanding. And when Gandalf and Benderlog ghosted communism fought on a narrow bridge, Odintsov opened his mouth and began poking into the TV screen:
- Wizard ... .wizard ... bright .... Gendalf ... Gandalf ....
When he fell into the abyss, he fought with Banderlog and, under this sound of a dive plane, Leshi already had tears in his eyes:
"Turn it off, please," he whispered weakly. "Gandalf is dying there!"
My spouse was just triumphant. Of course, he turned it off. But it was almost a victory. Odintsov remembered a lot, and now he remembered what happened to Gendalf in the Lord of the Jackson Rings.
Zhenya Saurova could not resist and inserted a comment:
- Lesha, not to part with this topic, invented me. I′m Zhenya Saurov. A piece from the evil Sauron, but in fact I am very kind.
Lesch offered her his hand:
"Very nice to meet you," he said. - Lesha Odintsov.
They embraced cordially. And we all applauded. Progress was on the face. He spoke clearly, the murmur was less, and he got to know us. He became interested.
And then one day I was awakened by a young, black-haired boy, very thin, smiling and wearing glasses:
"Olya get up," he said. - A new day has begun.
I was very surprised. And even thought that an outsider came to us, and then everything fell into place. I got up:
- Lesha? Odintsov? It′s you?
"It′s me," he smiled. - Again took his face. And tell me, do you always sleep naked?
It only dawned on me that there was nothing on me. And this guy, no matter how I treat him, already saw me naked. He himself was dressed in black trousers, a shirt and a knitted vest
"I′m sorry," I said, and ran my hands around my body. I got a black skirt and a white blouse. "Let′s go outside and get some air." Soon all our girls will go up, and they, too, are naked.
We went to the street, sat for a long time at Lesha′s estate and enjoyed the morning, invigorating air. We were sitting in an arbor, which Lesha made in his personal forest closer to the wall and talking, talking, talking, talking. It′s amazing what kind of Lesha was an interesting and pleasant friend. I told him about my Sarcophagus of the Times, and how Lesha found me, how I made a promise to myself to become his wife and what adventures we had on Earth, in space, and on Zirkato. Lesha told me how he became friends with my future husband, he told me how Lesha first told him about Ole Kulibina (he still remembered him and I could not help smiling), and also told about his death and about what happened after his death . He said that he was very grateful to Lesha and told that he was likely to stay with him and live in this house. The same evening I went on a flight. I took Lesha with me. We had to fly for three and a half hours and we talked about everything we wanted. And the reverse night flight way too. Lesha said that he had never had such a companion.
- I did not really have a girl in my earthly life. I DID NOT KNOW THAT SEX IS SO SO GOOD. OLYA SHE AS BALSAM ON MY ARTISTIC SHOWER AND GAVE ME THIS PLEASURE. And Lesha - He did not only not come to me, I decided his club. I AM VERY GRATEFUL TO YOU.
"I was very pleased, too," I said. "To get such a handsome lover." And I want to say thank you to my Lesha. Thank you for taking this news in the best way possible. And he found the best way for us all.
My Lesha smiled and, with embarrassment, hid his eyes:
- You are welcome! For God′s sake!
"You know," said Odintsov. - I think we will be three very special friends here in Paradise!
Six months passed. He tried all the girls of Lesha Club and experienced his strength. He also tried all Stenderi women. And there he was really met as light. Both Sylvia and Naoll spread their legs in front of him and considered these moments the best in their lives. And even Alisa did not swear and did not fight - she was as silk and said that she had no better lover than Alexei Odintsov. And even Philip′s brother was the second, and the first was Lesha - as if he were a living embodiment of God (I do not understand who came to the idea of putting it in Purgatory). But Leche was bored. Women from him just trudged and everyone (I asked them and I was among them) received an unimaginable pleasure from having sex with Odintsov. But each was a witness, as a glint of sadness and longing appeared in his eyes. And from that moment on Odintsov took the post of observer. He lay naked in our room and watched the sex of his friends. He did not get bored of this spectacle, but he himself refused to participate.
"What′s the matter, Lesch?" - we asked with my Lesha.
During these six months we became real Harry, Ron and Hermione - everywhere three together and more bosom friends here could not be found. Sometimes we even sat out of the night talking. Therefore, I know all the conversations we spoke with Odintsov.
"You have wonderful women in your house." And I like them. God knows, I′m not lying, "Odintsov said. - But I feel that this is not all mine. It is necessary, that that another.
"Then find yourself a girl outside this house," my husband advised. - Here Paradise and for choosing a good candidate will not be long. Especially with your work.
Work at Lesha was unusual. He served as a substitute for Paradise work. He talked a lot with the candidates and chose new classes using their endless connections. This work he received by accident. The fact is that he himself twice changed jobs in Paradise. At first he was a dispatcher, and then a machinist on one of the Paradise branches of the free metro. When he came to the employment center for the third time he was asked there directly: "How do you think you will be most interesting here?" And Lesha honestly replied: "I want to communicate with people a lot." Then he was offered the place of one of the operators of the employment center. He every day took some disgruntled poor fellow and then even walked around their new work - whether everything was in order.
Ilana came to him literally at the end of the day and asked to arrange her to a new job. Lesha for her sake delayed his day for 20 minutes and much has benefited from this. Ilana was a miracle as good, light, interesting and interested in lanshaft design for private houses and courtyards of multi-storey houses. Lesha arranged it for a new place and then often came to the places of her work, admired the creations of Ilana and 2 other assistants (her brothers). A strong friendship was established between them.
But when he brought her to the estate of Miro, everything did not fall apart.
She exclaimed:
- Miro ?! You really live with them ?! They are the most dissolute here ... they are as depraved as ... how ... these ... Stenderery ...
And at that moment Agula took a look at Lesha and his family.
It was beyond her strength. Ilana took Lesha to the room and, without hesitation, expressed strong expressions to Lesha, how he got there; that they are a real shit in Paradise and will only ruin such a beautiful light spirit as Odintsov. And she did not care at all that they were heroes and did a lot for the universe and the fact that there were no doors between the rooms and all Stendery and Miro heard it well. She wondered how such a misunderstanding endures in Paradise. And the people behind the wall were perplexed, how such a wicked creature was let into the Paradise. She slammed the door and went out. Everyone thought that Lesha would now move, but he was going to show her character. And he forbade Miro and Stenderi to interfere in their relationship. He said. That he should explain everything to her.
The explanation lasted five days. And on the sixth Ilana came and publicly apologized:
- I understand, it was unpleasant for you. I said a lot of superfluous things. Sorry.
And then there was a conversation with Lesha Miro:
"There will not be any sex between us, cut it in the nose," she said immediately.
- All right, - Lesha nodded. - I have my own women and they are enough for me.
"Then," she said. - I have seventeen brothers, nine sisters. They never seduced me, they did not force me to do anything - they even do not know the word "INCEST". And I, too, do not offer this. I already want to spit on this word. And do not go and do not offer, do not try to seduce me or show me something. And tell your people so they do not climb. Right now, swear to me that this will not happen and my maiden′s honor will remain intact and there will not even be a hint of it. Swear, otherwise I will break with Lesha, your brother will be the most unhappy man in Paradise and will remember this to you. Swear, I demand it!
"I swear to you - this will not happen," said Lesha in a calm, even voice.
"Well, you can talk about it," smiled Ilana. - I know about you Lesha that you are a great hero and people are your great heroes (that′s why you are tolerated here), but tell me really you can not moderate your appetites?
- To moderate appetites is how?
- Do not have sex while I′m visiting you and generally try to do them less often. And to influence their people so that they are less engaged in it.
- Why should we do it all?
"Because it′s Paradise." This is the abode of light and purity. And your debauchery and filth ... foul abomination ... even to think disgusting!
"Do you hate to think, because you yourself have never dealt with them?" And never been happy ?!
It just exploded:
- Yes you have gone, bastard, shit, fuck!
She really did not have sex, but she knew how to swear.
Ilana left, but returned. She asked forgiveness from Lesha and his friends. She, too, was very much in love with Odintsov and did not want to lose him. She tried to wrest it from this nest of debauchery, but when it dawned on her that Lyosha was here, they were dear to him and he would not go anywhere, Ilana abandoned her attempts.
Lesha talked to her a lot and persuaded her to spend the whole day with a lecherous family. Ilana was interesting and it was easy to communicate with her, but when sex began in our room she looked at him through her fingers. She could not stand this debauchery and just escaped.
She persuaded Lesch that he spent a day in their huge house, obviously hoping to completely drag him to himself. But Lesha could not stand this day and also fled. He said that everyone there walks with gloomy faces, constantly praying and as lifeless (like cars, and not people on vacation). Yes, and standing interlocutors there were only 2-3, despite the huge number of their family. "You are better," Lesha said honestly. - You smile, you laugh, you can start an interesting conversation with each of you. When you have sex - it′s beautiful! "He was still not engaged in sex, and even with Ilana (given her squeeze), he was not never. But he did not get too hung up on this. He was the main thing to liberate the girl. "What strategy do you have?" Asked Natasha Veselaya. "More cheerful conversations and smiles," said Odintsov.
And he achieved success. Ilana smiled more, looked at us more and more with interest, whispered in her ear to her chosen one, something that was secret and giggled. And Lesha was very pleased. He was young, handsome and radiant with light. And no one remembered that confused, long-haired old man he had been before.

Conversations and plans for the next life. We sat in the forest forest, on the arbor and just talked. I, my husband Lesha, Odintsov and Ilan. The boys had light canvas trousers and short-sleeved shirts, on us, on girls - summer dresses:
"Lesh thank you very much for pulling me out of Purgatory, gave me a roof over my head and my love club," Odintsov said. "But I thought I′d leave you." I stood in line for a new life.
- Yes, and I, too, - supported her beloved Ilan.
"God help you," said Lyosha and clinking glasses with which he poured a clear drink refreshing in the hot weather and took a sip.
I also took a sip.
- Have you decided where you want to go? I asked.
They smiled and answered in one voice:
- If we have the opportunity to choose our new home, then we will choose Zirkato, we will be born in different families and find each other.
"I want to be an elf," Ilana squeaked subtly.
"Well, I′m a dwarf," Odintsov said, portraying the bass.
"Family alliances between gnomes and elves are rare, but they do happen," I said with a smile.
"God help you," my husband said again and took a sip.
Odintsov happily smiled and looked at us.
- And when you think to be reborn. Let′s follow us. You have such a love. You will find each other anywhere.
"Lesha, I just can not," said my husband, finished with a drink and sighed heavily.
And then completely lost interest in the conversation and lay down on the pergola, put his head on my feet and just fell asleep. I explained:
- Lesch, you understand, he is the owner of the suitcase. Such people can not be resurrected. Can not El Stenderi his son Phillip and his choice of heart - Orcara. They can not because they are all former owners of the Case. This is a payment. Infinite resources and power in exchange for the inability to reborn in the next lives. This house, this Paradise and this work - it′s forever for Lesha.
Odintsov sat stricken with thunder. He even put his hand to his mouth:
- Why did Lesha choose such a life ?!
I shrugged.
"He wanted to bring a lot of benefits." And then he would be crazy if he did not choose such a life - this is perhaps the best explanation.
"We will not be long," promised Lesha. "We will very quickly live this life and return to your mansion." And we will all live under one roof.
- And Ilana? I asked.
She smiled.
- Why not? I′m not such a prude anymore.
We were silent for a long time. I stroked Lesha and kissed him in the forehead. Sleep well, my only one, my hero.
"The Zirkato is now the Golden Age," I said. - Under the management of Zhenya and Polina.
"Yes, I know that," Odintsov said admiringly. "That′s why it′s interesting." To live under their rule.
- You, please, say hello to them, - I asked and burst into tears. - Their parents love them and always wait! Always!
Ilana took my hand.
- Required! Required! She whispered enthusiastically.

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