Olga Kulibina. 2. Great sorceress, mother and support. (Англ.)

Olga Kulibina. 2. Great sorceress, mother and support. (Англ.)
Great sorceress, mother and support.
- Acquaintance (On the bench, With daughters, Wedding, Controller, Suitcases are open - Alekorsa)
Hello Everyone, my name is Olya Kulibina. I′m sitting on the bench of Stargorod and I′ve been sitting here for two hours. I was in the Sarcophagus of the Times (Brr, even to recall unpleasantly), and then ... then ... as Lyoshka pulled me ... I do not understand.
I′m a beautiful, long-legged brunette woman with a sweet face, green eyes and freckles on her nose. My God, but I turned out to be a beauty. The truth is dressed like a whore: a black mini skirt is black pantyhose, but no one in Stargorod is paying attention to this. Everyone simply passes by and no one has crouched down to the whore on the bench. In addition, I am a very strong sorceress: first I conjured myself 5,000 rubles, then a small mirror. And then I realized that I still had a great sense of humor. An hour passed and I began to see many amusing moments in my position. And I′m not going anywhere. I will become wife of Lesha and I will go with him to the end.
Here he goes past my shop: "Oh, you fool, you stupid fool! He′s waiting for the redhead! And in general he is so tortured - he is not up to street acquaintances! I must speak with him! "
"Alexei, stop it!" There is a talk to you! - I say in a soft chest voice.
He stands up and looks in amazement. Then he goes and sits down on the bench. That′s all. Now the whore is busy. She found her husband.
I throw everything at Lesha. I talk about my crimes, about the Sarcophagus of the Times, as I first saw him and fell in love. Lesha does not interrupt - he listens attentively and as if by a fool he smiles.
- Well, what has your great dreamer and writer achieved? - I ask.
- And what′s next Olya? He asks.
"I would like to get married," I say.
- Do you have someone in mind? He asks.
- Yes you club! - I beat him with vexation on the shoulder.
And when I see how he laughs, I also start to laugh. It′s just a joke. He is also not without a sense of humor.
- Olya, can I hug you? He asks and gets even closer.
"Permission," I say graciously.
He puts his arms around my waist and I put my head on his shoulder. First conjugal embrace. How pleasant, my God! So glad!
- Lesch, you will not refuse from me? - I ask the most important question.
He shakes his head.
- I love you Olya. And I really need a wife. Such as you.
I get up from the bench, I stretch out quite like a full-grown cat and say:
"Lesch, let′s go home." I want to see him. I just want to take a break from the road. My God, you would know how this Sarcophagus exhausted me.
He gets up and gives me his hand. I take it under it. And we go home like a real married couple.
"Prepare my dear," I say. - Today you will fall asleep next to the girl. With his wife. With the pile Olya. And yet - I will be completely naked and after a shower.
"You know," he reveals. - Once I was very afraid that I would lose my parents and stay without a family. BUT then the girls and you began to appear. Now you are my new family, right?
I′m smiling.
"How many girls have arrived?"
"You′re the last." You should have seen what they staged from my room. But today they all disappeared somewhere. And we′ll sleep in a really empty room. But they will return. I know it.

I wake up and feel that I′m really naked under the blanket. Oh my God, I did what I promised yesterday. I hope at least for Lesha, did not climb. I′m getting dressed. Not my mini skirt and pantyhose. I conjured a dress, panties and slippers. Lesha fed me. Some rice with butter and tea. I chewed - delicious. Then he asked if I could conjure anything out of food. I got a can of canned pineapple. Lesha opened it and spread pineapple in cups. I ate nothing, it′s delicious. Then I went to the toilet, the first time in my life. A tremendous relief. I washed the water, washed my hands and went to Leshin′s room.
Straight out of the wall emerged some beautiful slender girl, very smiling. She sat down on the sofa and held out her hand. She said:
- Hello mother!
I felt such an unpleasant shade in this word "mom" and instantly realized that to become a mother for this girl I still have to go as far as China from Omsk on foot.
"Tell me about your real mother." About Phallys. You′re Sunsit-Vasnetsova, right?
The girl nodded, smiled sadly and started a long story for two hours. It was so long that Lesha managed to make us tea. I conjured an apple charlotte and we dragged a round Leshin table so it was more convenient to eat. Zhenya drank black tea with sugar, and I decided to start getting used to the green, like my adored husband. And I liked it.
We did not distract Zhenya, did not bother with questions, did not champ, did not squish. She just had to speak and we listened patiently. And at the end of the story, tears glistened in her eyes. It was obvious that she loved Falles and her betrayal still wounded her daughter. I gently asked to hug the girl. I remembered yesterday′s lesson of Lesha. And it turned out to be not in vain. Zhenya embraced and shed a second sob. Oh, God, how she wanted to find a family! Both father and mother!
"You have a good chance Olya," she whispered softly. - I like you. Do not remind me of my past. And keep trying.
I realized that I would become a friend of my adopted daughter. We shook hands, laughed merrily, and then embraced each other again. It became very easy after this communication.
And in the evening my second daughter, Polina Miro, appeared. She was much more cautious and mean to emotion. She sat down on the sofa across from me and this time nobody was watching us. Lesha left with Sunsit-Vasnetsova to her room in the wall-maybe they had their own tete-a-tete there, and maybe sex (and let him not be her own father, she will not give birth to him and then my daughter will not be steal from me my husband). Polina Miro looked me in the eye, studied something and said calmly:
- I also have another mother, Olga Kulibina.
"I know." I smiled. "And they called you before Guness and your planet is called Ferratranian."
"Something Lesha guessed, and something only his imagination," she answered vaguely. "Come on, I′ll tell you my story in brief." So that you understand where the truth is, and where the fiction. At the same time get acquainted.
For two and a half hours she told her story. And it ended in the deep night, in Polina′s room, behind a soundproof barrier. When Lesch was already quietly sleeping on his couch. I must say something in which Lesch accurately guessed, but somehow where her story had such twists and turns - on purpose you can not imagine.
- That′s how I became Polina Miro. I decided - there I will be a loner and an outcast, but here I have a good option - the family and in the future the bright Queen Zirkato. You Ol understand I′m still eyeing, I′m still getting used to this house. And I′ll get used to you, too. As I think for a very long time.
"Can Pauline embrace you?" I asked cautiously.
"I do not think so," she said honestly. "Let′s shake hands." Let′s begin with this our acquaintance.
And we started. They burned each other′s palms. And then they smiled. Or rather, I smiled. Pauline painted a semblance of a smile - it was evident that she was a very serious figure and her smiles were her weak point. Then she just pushed out of her room, saying that she should think about a lot.
"Yes, well, my daughter," I thought as I climbed under the blanket. "She′s a very heavy figure." No less than a rook. In vain did her call Lesha the horse. And how do I look for an approach to such a daughter. But I have to. I′m a mother now. Okay, I think we′ll get in touch and be able to love each other. In any case, I′m better now than in Sarcophagus. Previously, I was a lost soul and no one except Lesha I was not interested. Now I′m an interesting woman. Young and healthy. A strong sorceress who can do many things. Very soon, I will become a legitimate wife. And I already have two grown-up, intelligent daughters, also sorceresses. I can do everything, I can manage. I was offered this job and I do not regret anything. "
There was also Zhenya Kuriersha and Zhenya Saurova. Zhenya Couriersha shook hands with me and asked: "Ol will you help me?" Immediately acquainted with the task. The Golden Suitcase, which Lesha had to open. Yes, I already knew everything about it. She nodded and said happily: "Yes. Now Lesha can not escape. I will control it. " She warmly embraced me and said: "Welcome to the ranks of the controller." And she laughed. My God, what a lovely aliens. Zhenya Saurova loitered about her townhouse with a lost view. But she liked me, she smiled at me and held out her hand. "Will you be my girlfriend?" She asked bluntly. We were already embracing. Of course I will. The more girlfriends, the better.
What a happiness that Zhenya Couriersha was still a cosmic priest. So she can register marriages of space and terrestrial. We ourselves wanted a wedding on a faster basis and did not want to go to the civil registry office. We stand in the middle of Leshina′s room and hold hands. My God, how stupid. Zhenya Couriersha stands above us. From the couch and armchairs, Zhenya Saurova and her daughters are watching us.
"You are ready," Couriersha asks.
"Lesha, I′m afraid of something," I say and shift from foot to foot.
"Stop it," says Lesha. - We wanted a wedding. We all decided. And even if such a wedding, than nothing at all. We will go to the end, as always.
"I agree," I nod and my heart is filled with ecstasy.
"Bring your wedding vows," says Zhenya.
"You know," Lesha looks into my eyes. - In 2004, you came to me at the right time. You came and lit my heart. I fell ill with you and could not abandon you. Now I take you to wife officially. I swear that I will not have another wife. I will keep and protect you. Do not expect an easy family life, but I will always be with you, I will always support you. I will never give up on you and fall out of love with you. I′m your husband - Alexei Miro.
My heart is filled with joy and delight. I look into his eyes, and words like themselves come:
- I know that I came to the place of many Ol Kulibins. I am Olga the sorceress, the former prisoner of the Sarcophagus of the Times. Such you made me. When you found me and began to call, my heart has already filled with gratitude and respect for you. Now will I turn back. No, I will go to the end. Here I had a chance to become a wife, mother and a great heroine. Lesch, I swear I′ll be your helper and support. Wherever you go I will follow, help and support. I′m on your team. I′m your wife - Olga Kulibina.
"That′s all," Zhenya says with a smile. - By the authority of my native planet Gorta Sakos and the galaxy Amidus 70, I declare you my husband and wife. You can kiss.
We kissed under the deafening applause of Saurova, Sansit-Vasnetsova, Polina Miro and the Courier.
"These are your first family documents," Couriersha said and handed us our passports.
I opened it and read it. There it was written that I was registered in Omsk and stood a stamp about marriage. Lyosha certainly had the same thing, only the stamp about marriage. I kissed my husband again. A legitimate wife, God, how wonderful it is!
"That′s all, now, in our canteen, eat all kinds of things," said Sansit-Vasnetsova, and already opened the secret door of Lesya′s room. "You′ll excuse the young, but the guests want to eat."
I ate fish with potatoes, drank champagne and thought how well it all went. Quiet wedding in a family circle. No noisy and drunken guests, no annoying toastmaster, no stupid competitions, even Leshin′s parents did not know anything (they slept soundly in their room). Now we just eat, Polina and Zhenya will make some of our photos and there will be a wedding night. Oh God, how long have I been waiting for her!
I lay stretched out my legs, Lyosha puffed at me and tried to break through my virgin film. Of course I was a virgin. I was born a clean and not a shelf girl, and I did not yet have a man. My first man is my husband, how good it is! Here he struck a film, moved a little in my vagina and suddenly burst into tears. He said that he was hampered by the debris that his head was hammered in, he said that he was a porn student and he was not worthy of me, and some kind of nonsense in the same way. I consoled. I said that I love him; that you need more practice and everything will turn out, stroked him on the head and kissed him. Lesch crawled off of me pleased. He embraced me, kissed me, and fell asleep blissfully. And I still thought for a long time. That′s all come true. I got everything I wanted. Now I′m free, now I′m a sorceress, a wife and a mother. And I will not abandon my Lesya. He is mine. Mine with giblets. I promised that I would be with him and go to the end. And Lesha? Of course, we need to work hard on it. With him you have to make a lot of love to sweep all the garbage from his head and he believed in himself. But he has me. He has and will have many other mistresses, and I will allow him. I am a good wife, ha ha. He will be healed. He also received today what he was dreaming about. Now he is the official husband. He′s beautiful. A good, faithful wife is real wealth.
I cast a curse on the sheets so that they would be cleaned of my blood. I cast the spell on the wound, so that by morning it would heal. And once again congratulated himself in the kingdom of Morpheus.

Controllers. Lesch stands in the middle of the room and he tries to open the suitcase. What kind of attempts he did not portray, and the seventh sweat came off him, and he did not achieve a shisha. I sit on the couch and watch him. The courier went off to walk around Stargorod and left me behind the main and I will be honored with this post.
- Olya, well, maybe enough. Well, I can at least rest, - he whines.
"No, no," I say. - You got down to business, so be kind to bring it to the end. Try to open. Or at least tune in to open it. Think properly.
"What should I think about?"
- How do I know? This is your suitcase. You must find an approach to it! And in general - chatted, come on - again for the cause!
Zhenya Sansit-Vasnetsova came. With it, it became easier to shovel Lesha. She, as it turned out, was also an imperious nature. Then we put chess on the chessboard and played. I played for the first time. I thought I would, but Zhenya gave herself up. She admitted that chess is her weak point. Only here, Lesha began to teach her and now she played as a beginner. Fervently she smiled and turned chess into drafts. And then I blew it. Zhenya played checkers perfectly.
And in the evening there was magic. I and my daughter (this time Polya) controlled Lesha, so that he would do his practices, gestures, spells and did not forget to count. We did not deliberately lay out the sofa and coped with our task. Lesha was weak, barely standing on his feet, his tongue listened poorly, but he uttered his last incantation and moved the coin into a cup. We were both happy as his coach. Pauline kissed him on the cheek, saying: "Grow up, Daddy!", And then went to sleep. I helped to make the pastel, and since Lesha was tired brutally, she did not demand from him sex. I decided that I would demand it as soon as my faithful woke up.
The suitcase is open - Alekors. Here is the Case opened. Here we all jumped. Here we stand on the soaring island of Alekorsy. I first see Alekors. Beautiful young, blond girl. Slender, sweet, it′s probably spoiled only by tattoos. She′s all in them. On Alekors a black skirt, a white blouse (there are no shoes on his legs - Lesch was right about this). I look at her legs along which stretch long green stems with beautiful bright red roses. I look and think about what to me with her now to talk.
The courier reported, shook hands with us all for goodbye and flew away somewhere. Alekorsa said that she flew home. And then she chose me. Strange, but she wanted to start acquaintance with our group just from me.
We walked away and sat down on the bench. And on the other side of the island a few meters from Lesha and my friends. I realized that there will be some important conversation.
"First, so that you do not have to break your tongue, just call me Aleko, like your husband," this nice girl told me straight away.
"It′s not such a difficult name, Alekorsa," I said, with a smile. - But it′s good Aleko. But you call me Olya.
We both laughed, got up and embraced each other.
- Second, I congratulate you. With the fact that you came out of Sarcophagus, you became a wife officially and now you are sitting in front of me. Olya you′re just a lucky girl!
And she was so kind, smiling at me kindly - I just fell in love with this girl.
- Third, place me as you like. You are the wife of the owner of the suitcase and therefore you are right at least as good as Lesha. You can take anything you like, but just ask me first. I manage to record all materials and resources. We agreed with you, my girl?
"Aleko, we have agreed," the pioneer I answered cheerfully.
"Well, I already like you, baby." Forgive my familiarity, but you understand how old I am. Fourth, do you understand what responsibility you now have? All these battles and feats ahead?
- I understand, however ... - I immediately recovered. "I probably do not understand." And probably a little bit of a coward. But I, after all, have Lesha, my daughters, Saurova and you - how can we sway this way. And now, that now - you just have to train and watch that Lesha did not start himself. We are in Omsk, and here apparently nothing big is foreseen.
- Well, here you have to train yourself, so make sure that Lyosha trained and do not neglect the suitcase. Do not despise me. I ask. If any difficulty contact me. I will be your best adviser. I know a lot of things and not only about the Case. When you need to train your magic boldly go here - the best halls than here you will not find anywhere. And the port can get enough sleep, clean up and fly home. And do not run your magic Olga. You must train. Lesha created you a great sorceress, but if you do not train your magic, very soon you will become the weakest of sorceresses. You understand this. This, by the way, is the fifth.
"I understand this perfectly," I smiled. - And tell the Leshny Books publishing house you can also help?
"And then," Alekersa winked gaily. "Five of our best publishers are already fighting for it." The best paper, the best binding and layout, the best artists and all for free. And we′ll print his book exactly in two weeks, or that Peter′s red tape from "Written with a Pen." Okay I will not judge them. Lesha chose them, which means something good is in them.
Alekora was about to leave, but Olya stopped her:
"And tell Sanitsit-Vasnetsova and the truth was kept here in Hanavrica?"
- We ourselves were stunned when once Leschino spell worked and she disappeared from her cell. It was just incredible, but then I convinced them that Sunsit-Vasnetsova had ceased to be our problem and everyone had calmed down.
- And Lesha could get into serious trouble. After all, is he a thief?
"I could, but I sorted it out." I said that they did not touch Lyosha and Zhenya, otherwise they lose their heads and amnestied them. Already four years. Well, Ol, I′m very pleased with you, but we must also pay attention to others. Will you solve it?
And she left, and I was just pleased. I had a girlfriend and not any, but the very Alekorsa Skrunt.

- 9 years in Stargorod (new friends, trainings, walks, training in the suitcase, we leave and collect things)
New friends. I want to talk about my new friends. Like that about Max Potashev, Egor Ptashka, Alice Smithers. We all constantly watched so that Lyosha continued to train in magic and in particular to call. As he himself originally wrote: "I am the barrel of a gun - I shot one bullet, and I will shoot another" - that′s all of us and arranged this joy for him. When I, when Sansit Vasnetsova, Polina, Saurova, and when we all at once. In that old apartment where Lyosha had only one room we did not live anymore - now we had a new big apartment and none of his parents came by at night and asked: "Why are not you sleeping? Is it time to go to the pastel? "Now all the nights and days were ours, but Lesha (here′s the son) ran to his parents (a couple of houses from us) to help peel potatoes, clean up the apartment, and so on - all the same it was very ingrained. And we demanded that the magic was every day. And then we finished. They appeared in a large room embracing like a brother and sister. Maxim Potashev and Alisa Smithers. For a long time they explained everything, introduced the case, and Lesha was already working on new appeals - Natasha Veselaya, Oksana Ignatova and someone else. The bird appeared just the day after Max and Alice. However, they were normal. They quickly understood everything, thanked us and even bought an apartment for themselves on our landing (we gave them a little money, but they themselves knew how to create cash that would be enviable for any ATM). Anyway, we are neighbors. We have been in their apartment, they are in ours, although they hang out for most of our time and only spend the night going to their homes. I like these friends, it′s interesting with them, it′s easy with them. They are also cool wizards and can do many things. And they were also in the suitcase, and talked with them to Alekors.
I will not tell you how Max and Alice have a relationship with my husband, or my daughters - I′ll tell you what my relationship with them is. Maxim Potashev - this handsome tall man, is not very talkative, but with him you feel such reliability and strength - just some kind of animal magnetism and there is no better word. I wanted to have sex with him and asked Lesha for permission. He hesitated for a while (apparently also feeling like I′m drooling at Max), but he gave permission. First of all, Max is a very strong lover, he has a large unit and he knows how to satisfy a woman. In principle, Lesha already has a lot of things, so I did not think to leave him to Max. And God grant that I have no such thoughts. Max can really throw a lot of sticks, but his powers are not eternal. After me, he climbed onto Alice and got a little embarrassment - he just fell asleep on it. Others get along very well with Potashev, but with me he prefers to remain silent and even chess (he is a very strong player and pulls me up) plays silently. And one day he just started talking. He was so calm and well told, and so skillfully he listened to me, that my eyes were simply radiant with happiness when I got up and shook his hand. "Max - you are a terrific conversationalist!" - only I could say something. Alice Smithers is just an amazing person. Kind, sociable, cheerful. She from the first minutes has become attached to me, and I to her, as if we are twin sisters. Only later it became clear that we both served their terms in completely different Sarcophagi of the Times. The truth is that Alisa had a trivial time (she just wanted to scare her well). She was so faithful to my husband and so able to look into my eyes that I did not say a word, but only smiled when they first fucked. And again, there is no jealousy in me. I understood that Alice was a man from my tribe from my family. After the fuck (and it was already night), I just led Alice to walk and shuffled around the night Starhorod, we whispered their women′s secrets. I′m very easy with Alice. It combines the mischief of my Sansit-Vasnetsova, the seriousness and solid experience of Alekorsa and sometimes the confusion and the ability to laugh at herself by Saurova. That′s all. I was very lucky with my friends!
Training. As predicted by Alekors, we practiced a lot. I trained, Sansit-Vasnetsova, Polina, Max Potashev, Alisa Smithers, Saurova and Lesha trained. Most of all he trained Lesha. Lesha was the weakest wizard of us, and he had to become the strongest. Alekersa was right - here in the Suitcase were stunning training halls, rooms where you could meditate, swimming pools where we could all wash and hotels where we could sleep.
I created money and it was easy. I did various other things and it was easy too. I tried the teleporter - moved from one skyscraper to another and it worked. Only once did I fall in the middle of the road and with a savage screech flew down. They picked me up and saved me. And then the teleporter worked without failures. Zhenya Sansit-Vasnetsova tried earthy spells. She stood in the middle of an empty plateau and skeletons with long spears emerged from the ground and walked on it. Then she called for stone peaks, they climbed out of the ground and smashed the skeletons into pieces. She lifted a rock out of the ground and carried it very high. She turned into invisibility and none of us could find her. She tried the flight and behind her back grew small wings. They lifted her into the air, only for 15 minutes, but still - Zhenya flew. Polina created a protective dome over us, we were attacked by 30 evil dwarfs at once, that something was thrown at us, beat us with axes and could not be damaged. It passed through the walls and was very successful. She turned into a bird, a beast, or changed her appearance as she pleased. Max Potashev attacked with water spells. HE struck with ice our enemies and that we understood how it was on his own skin he froze Alice Smithers. She was in the ice for a long time, but she managed to melt it. As it turned out, she is a good fiery magician. After that, she tossed fireballs at Max for a long time, and he poured ice on it.
But most of all, Leshe did not get well. We clicked on it as best we could. We trained him up to the seventh sweat. One day Maxim simply shouted: "Fight!" And was the first to attack Lesha. Lesha that day received on nuts seriously. His lip was broken, his eyes were broken, ribs were broken and several teeth were beaten. At first no one wanted to treat him and Lesha himself tried to repair himself with his spells. When after the 15th failure he looked at us and wept, we all began to treat him with our magic. And they repaired our leader - he became even better than he was, and at the same time we all practiced healing. And malicious Max said that now every day will beat my husband. He was much stronger and much more skilful in fights than Alexei, but he only bowed, smiled and said that his dream of a school of hand-to-hand fighting was coming true. He tried to read his mind and practiced in oblivion. With us, he could not do these things - we all had immunity. Then he went out into the streets like Jessica Stenderi and got a lot of people in the face. I went with him, my daughter, or somebody from friends. Lesha turned everything into a joke and he said that this is also an excellent training. With him it was fun and interesting and everyone liked him, but most of all to me. BUT, at the lessons of his protective magic, Lesha simply surpassed himself. I remember he first shouted "Around Me Around!" And took us into his Cube. I was just amazed. It was the first Leshin Cube and he fulfilled it perfectly. We trained on a special soaring island, in the woods and we were attacked by hordes of horned demons that generated fire. We heard them howling and scratching the invisible walls with claws. And then (it was just a shock!) One of them began to produce mini nuclear fireballs. The cube did not even shake. There was already no one. No other demons, no forests, only this horned red giant, our Cube and we are in it. He roared and let out his volleys. They rumbled, and the Cube did not even shake.
Is this a simple, or magical Cube? - I asked Lesha.
"Magical," my husband replied.
Oh sorry that there were no demons to check his spells. No one else ever came to the island. Only we and this idiot. I beckoned to Lesha on the pastel on the floor and persuaded me to have sex. And we did not care about the demon and our friends. Our friends are a family and we do not hesitate, and the horned loser is just a pathetic pervert - he looked at our naked bodies, listened to our moans and greedily licked. Then we with Lesha just slept in an embrace. While our friends were studying the convenience of Lesbian Cube. My respect for this man at that time increased by several dozen times. He created such a powerful defense, saved all of us and (thanks to the demon!), We immediately checked this protection. And then Alekorsa came to the island, removed her mouth (this time she just sat and waited patiently), she waited an hour and flew with us to her home.
Another time Lesha took in the Cube. We ended up with him in Cuba together. He whispered his incantations, sharply ran his hand through the clear glass and snatched away some of his friend. Demons outside was dark and friends had to create a protective corridor to stay alive. Lesha took them to the Cube all in three and a half minutes. He was so clever and quick that I was simply amazed. All our friends without exception were beaten, dirty, in soot, bruises and ragged clothes. Lesha began to say something, that now they are safe, but he was pressed to the wall of Alice and immediately demanded a fuck. I had to satisfy a woman who needed a good discharge. After her, Zhenya Saurova came to Lesha, who needed the same thing. Then Sunset-Vasnetsova dived into his pastel, which had already dropped scraps of clothes and asked ingratiatingly: "Dad, will not leave your beloved daughter ?!" Lesha fucked her too. And they fell asleep in each other′s arms, and Zhenya managed to throw her foot at him. I looked at this cute latest incest and was just happy with my soul. As for Lesha, sexual powers increased! And how he became a wizard! It was an honor for us, as for his coaches. Definitely training was worth continuing.

Walking. We really enjoyed walking. To walk around Stargorod with a big noisy crowd. Especially at night. We all went shy away. "These are strange people, our neighbors thought. - At night, their lights are lit and we can not sleep at night, everywhere they hear their noisy hubbub and laughter. " However, before the police, these lovely people would still not get through - for the next day the night of our debauchery was replaced by the conviction that next to them there live lovely and conscientious people who do not interfere with anyone and go to bed on time. This acted our massive spells "False memory". We aimed it at each passer-by, at every window to which we could reach a glance. We had fun for so many years.
However, we did not really suffer poverty - only behaved very noisily. And did not sleep at night. We were just curious about climbing all of Stargorod, visiting every corner of it. Sometimes we even left for many kilometers from Stargorod and roamed in some Amur village, or on the Left Bank. We were all interested.
It′s been a year and a half since the appearance of Max and Alice and now our company was diluted by Oksana Ignatova and Natasha Veselaya. They were interesting, cheerful, sociable, but each of them had shortcomings. So, for example, Natasha began to cry for nothing. She simply stood and smeared tears and explained to no one else. To understand this problem, she went to the psychologists of the Case and found this cause in a guilt complex and a low self-esteem. Natasha fought as best she could and her attacks decreased, but all the same they periodically and strongly interfered. Oksana Ignatova was sometimes just furious: in conversation, in gestures, in sex. And she also worked and learned to slow down, but sometimes everything was something with something.
I remember one walk. We went to the garbage dumps all the way, where Lesha was waiting for the Courier.
"Lesch, show us your ritual," I said.
Lesha counted the mouth of the dumps with ten steps, looked up into the sky and made the eleventh.
"Dear Zhenya Couriersha, I′m waiting for you." When you decide - come - leave everything and I will only deal with the suitcase.
- No, no, you all say - completely. - Sonsite-Vasnetsova demanded.
And Lesha said. He thanked himself, and then called three girls out of five possible.
"Imagine, and he so was soaped every day, or almost every day," said Saurova.
"And how many attempts failed," said Max Potashev, smiling.
"And what would Zhenya Couriersha say now?" And by the way, how exactly did Lesha come? Polina asked.
"I do not remember anymore," Lesha smiled.
- Let′s entertain Lesha. It was exactly how he dreamed - we′ll throw it up 100 meters and roll there, "Alice suggested.
The call was accepted. I grabbed Leshka and, under a desperate mate, lifted him 100 meters into the sky. The native husband was not at all difficult for me and despite my natural harmony I was a strong girl. And then we rolled Lesbos on the arbillium boards from one to the other. They took him in a ring and led a dance around Lyosha at a dizzy height.
Then we stood in the light of the night lamps on the site, which Lesha called the "holy land". We stood on this platform all vdevyaterom. We were cramped, but no one was falling out of the land.
"You know, I feel something," said Natasha.
"For some reason I like it here and there is not any fatigue," Max said.
- Lesch, what did you feel when you stood here and called your aliens? Asked Sansit-Vasnetsova.
"First of all, lightness and inspiration," Lyosha began to explain. - And then I was just interested. As a child. This impatience from the steps behind him. And a sense of ownership. The fact that this land is only mine - for me and for you it′s holy, but for the rest it′s just cobbles.
- Yes, and what did you then run away as someone went to you or came from behind? Asked Zhenya Saurova.
"I was just afraid." How the stranger comes and breaks everything. That′s why I loved to be here in the morning.
- Well, why do not you go to this "holy land" now? I asked.
"I′m just forgetting." And as I already called everyone. I feel there′s nothing more to catch.
We sat down on a bench under a tree. To fit next to us, we created the second shop opposite it, right in the middle of the road (still no one walked along it). And it was so good. A fresh night wind blew us, night lights burned, we talked.
"Dad, why did you feel very unhappy here?" Polina asked, embracing Lesya′s hand and pressing harder against him.
- Yes, there were hard times, - Lesha confessed with a sigh.
"And now they are over," said Potashev with a smile. - Now friends are near you and it all began. It began on the present!
Training in the suitcase. We learned a lot from the Suitcases. And this was not just magic. We trained, fought with each other. Who would look at it. What kind of fierce battles we had between girls, and then we smiled and restored each other with spells of healing. As it turned out, I am very tolerably hands with my feet and in general my body listened to me perfectly. We arranged long runs, like some team of athletes from the movie "Peaceful Warrior." For all this stood Alekorsa - she gave tasks. "Come on," she said. "Do not sweat fat!" We were grateful to her. And resting under what shady tree after their crosses talked about her. And always positive. I think she saw it and was happy. Alexei learned how to fight and already gave Potashev calmly on nuts. Potashev was very pleased, because he was also Leshin′s coach. He honed his hand on him and said: "Only if you surpass yourself," just like in some game. Lesha had a pupil. Yegor Ptashka - he fought much worse than him and Lesha happily gave him his time.
Of course, we read a lot. Alekosa pinned us these books. Basically they were about biographies of famous people: cosmic heroes, earth heroes and ordinary entrepreneurs such as Thomas Edison, Henry Ford and others. I do not know why, maybe Alekorsa thought that we would build a business, or maybe she thought that their skills would be useful to us in managing people. In any case, about 25 percent of our free time was devoted to reading. So not only that we read, Alekorsa made a library of readers and called us to share our observations and discuss. And there was an exam for each book. She asked questions and demanded that we answer and give a thought for a moment. And everyone passed these exams. In addition to these books, there were instruction books and stories on magic amulets, laser swords, arbillium boards, and others. Among them were several books (one of which was the author of my husband) about Alekse Skrunt and about the Suitcases. They were filled with all kinds of delirium, but they were read easily and fascinatingly.
We leave and collect things. We are leaving for Moscow. Our link in Omsk is over. A few days ago, Lesha and I had a serious conversation and explained everything to us. He explained that we must move to the capital, because only there we will have real serious tasks; he said that Omsk had already given him everything he could give and it was a great success that there appeared 9 wizards and sorceresses and passed several quiet, quiet years in training and rest. In general, we all supported Lesha and decided how to be with our real estate. Zhenya Saurova decided to rewrite her townhouse to a neighbor-lesbian Veronica. She already prepared the papers and assured them at the notary. We also prepared papers and selected candidates for our apartments. We: Lesha, I, Sansit-Vasnetsova, Polina spent almost a day looking for and found a nice trio of homeless people: Olya, Vadik and Svetlana. What we particularly liked about this trio is that they have not yet fully lowered, they have not lost their optimistic mood, they believed that fortune can turn to face them again and with other homeless people did not come together. That′s fortune to them and turned. Olya and Vadik were sales representatives, but because of debts to their superiors and the bank, they lost everything they had and were thrown out into the street. They were stripped to the goal and for the last six months they were dressed in rags and fed from garbage. With Svetlana everything was much more interesting. She is a former volunteer and a student of a prestigious university. Trauma to her head turned her into a stuttering, forgetful and terribly fearful young twenty-five-year-old girl. Relatives who felt that such a daughter was a burden simply led her to "walk" and forgot to park away from her house. Svetlana could not return home because she did not know where to return and then local homeless people took care of her. They walked with her, they communicated with her and fed her best finds. Svetlana had nowhere to go and she stayed in some kind of collector as she thought for good. I also liked this story because I realized that even among Omsk homeless people there are caring and kind people. Svetlana most of the time just was afraid and crying, but when she came to consciousness she had such thoughts and findings. As Olga and Vadik, she believed that she could be cured (and most of all she dreamed of health), to find her relatives and ask why they did this to her and maybe see some other countries and cities except Omsk. I saw her and we immediately took patronage over Svetlana. Worked together and healed her from trauma. The Svetlana has ceased to forget, to stammer and be afraid. How she cried and thanked. Then we introduced her to Olya and Vadik (they were found in different districts). Then we brought them to the old town and told them our proposal. Made this trinity of passports and almost wrote them into all the documents. Now they went about their future possessions and got acquainted with their future neighbors. Max, Alisa, Oksana, Natasha and Egor found an elderly couple. The old woman and the old man - they both were under 70 and their own grandchildren evicted them from the apartments. They were kind and good, and even evil did not conceal their grandsons and granddaughters who simply waited with a sinking heart for their death. Max was talking to them. He offered them Stargorod and a separate apartment with good neighbors. Pelagia and Paul agreed without hesitation. They were sorry for their foolish offspring, but Max convinced them that they might come to their senses and apologize for themselves. Now the old people also studied the new area and enjoyed the views and fresh air.
I reduced the Leshin cabinet with all the books and put it in the Case.
- Lesha in Moscow, we will have another apartment, and there you can buy a new bookcase for books. Or even a few, "I told my husband.
- Yes, - nodded Lesha. - And something new to buy. But Ol, I think we will have very little time there for reading. We will work.
- And what about your writing? I asked.
"I′ll fly to the suitcase and take you and friends with me," said Lesha, thinking. "Ol - you′re my muse." And our girls. And I looked there such a wonderful writer′s place.
Can not even imagine how it was pleasant for me as a wife to hear that I am a mousse!

That′s all. At night we took the train. Kupeyny. I climbed on the bottom shelf, shelf above me was snoring with Sanz-Vasnetsov, in front of me was lying asleep Lesha, and above it turned to the wall snoring Pauline. I lay in the night compartment of the train and just thought at the sound of the wheels. Now it all starts. We left the quiet Omsk, and that was waiting for us ahead - nobody knew this. Well, okay, well, let. We must experience ourselves, we must do what we came to the world for. Goodbye Omsk and thank you for giving us so much, but now Moscow is waiting for us and real adventures!
- Moscow (apartment, business, Aleshko, oligarch, metro, etc.)
Apartment. Here we went for the first time to our apartment. Seven bedroom. In the center of Moscow. And it cost several million dollars. But we did not stint. Each of us knew how to create dollars (except for Leshy to which dollars were not given), we devastated our bank accounts and all plastic cards. At this apartment there were no buyers at all, because no one could afford it. Only some Oligarch could afford this apartment, but it was very far from Rublyovskoye highway. And so the area was clean and decent. Not Stargorod of course, but also quite tolerable. We were 9 people and we went around the apartment all. In every corner they looked. And already planned. It′s huge. Simply oooogromnenaya. A common kitchen, a large room for our gatherings, games and other things, a large library where you could shove all Lesya′s cabinets, the host′s office (of course he will receive Lesha) and three living rooms. We gave one to Alice and Max. They immediately put the bed and fell asleep on them. Another Oksana, Natasha and Egor. We put only two beds. Oksana fell asleep alone, and Yegor in embrace with Natasha. I wonder who they thought of themselves this month? Husband and wife? And the largest room was reserved for us. The Miro family. We put three beds at once. They offered Polina and Sansit-Vasnetsova to live with their parents, which they gladly agreed to. And then they fell asleep in their beds, wrapped in blankets. I fell asleep on the biggest bed lying with Lesha in an embrace under the blanket with him and on my pillow. It was very strange to fall asleep in this empty still essentially apartment for snoring and sniffing your friends. In our room there were even no wallpapers on the walls, but still some kind of coziness. This apartment is elite and it costs several million dollars. In our entrance it is generally the most expensive. Surely there are directors and actors living next door to us - they will meet us and ask: "Hello, did you buy this apartment? And who are you? "It is interesting to invent a legend, or the amulet will suffice. And still I′m glad and my heart is full of celebration. We moved to Moscow, and even grabbed such an apartment. As Uncle Berlioz Poplavsky said, "The apartment in Moscow is serious!" I look at Lesha and I think he will have enough strength on the Path of Miro. Yes, probably enough. He became very strong. He got what he wanted. Now he has a real family. Magical. His wife, daughters and friends are like-minded people. He will stand it. I did not lose my fortune when I married him.
How has this apartment changed in just six months. There were wallpapers, furniture with appliances, laughter and fun appeared, seriousness appeared and thought over our operations. It turned into our headquarters, we drew real maps and stayed up all night when it was needed. We loved to rest in it - oh, how we loved to rest in it. They drank and had sex. If you did not want to be divided into interest groups and who played chess, who played cards, who drafted the puzzle, who collected the puzzle, who painted the coloring (we all bought my huge games). During this time we experienced a rainy autumn and winter was already running out. We went on two tasks and noted their completion so well. And again - no one was lost, practiced in magic, ingenuity and reaction and Moscow, which has now become our family, has become somewhat kind and purer.

Cases. We have been in the Suitcase several times in one week and we have always been instructed by Alekors about new assignments. She told us "Wait", "Endure", or "Get Ready". At first we were simply bored with boredom. Four months in Moscow in the blank, we came to fight with Evil, and we were not given any assignments. Then we made sure that Alekorsa is a wise aunt and she just does not say anything. If you said wait, you should wait. If you prepare, you had to prepare. She gave us tasks and they were different: from unpretentious to complex and super complicated. Usually she said: "Listen to your commander. Listen to Lesha. In a few days he will feel everything and give it to you. " Usually Lesha sat one long, sleepless night. He painted and wrote. By morning we already knew everything: both our purpose and address and how best to proceed and how many opponents we will face. As Lesch, I did not feel all this feeling. We checked it on the case-computer, we went to the orders personally, and all converged one into one. And there we got involved in such trouble - none of us was not enough. And about the expectation - this delay could have two reasons: either Alekorsa waited for us to ripen for such a task, or until that time it was still possible to correct, the mages and bandits could still change their position and save their souls. We were like the last resort. They left to cut off the decayed limb. It was a job mostly dirty, difficult and very ungrateful. But we learned a lot.
Alyosha. Oh how much we chased this dark magician and his retinue. From his apartment he dived into a kind of underground labyrinth and drove on some terrible, dark underground passages. Only then I realized that his goal was to take us to this underground abandoned station to bury us in this sarcophagus. The station, which had only one entrance and exit was simply huge. What we just did not survive on it. Dark magicians emerged from all the cracks and holes and put into play the most sophisticated spells. There were about 30 of them, and maybe even more. They wanted to crush us, destroy us. We stayed together - went as a group of tourists, fought off the guide. And they constantly defended each other. None of us died, but Aleshko suffered losses - it seems that his three magicians died. I already did not understand anything and did not understand. I just wanted to rest. Aleshko exhausted us for two hours. And now he prepared to smear us with one blow. In the course went all his strength. It seemed to me that more than a hundred magicians had come out against us. It seemed to me that for this every mage in his team cloned himself, at least five times. And then Lesha concluded us in his Cube.
- Lesha, and the Cube is magical, or simple? - The first thing I asked.
"Magical," said Lesha, and I immediately felt relieved from my heart.
I remembered the horned demon who attacked us with mini nuclear volleys. I felt very calm. We were attacked by the most motley crowd. Different spells, different weapons - they scratched and fought in invisible walls, but could not get through to us. I was very pleased that my husband came up with this Cube and that he saved us all again. One of his friends went upstairs to wash and take a toilet, someone sat down to read, and someone fell asleep. I, too, preferred to go to bed. I sat down on the pastel right next to a girl with a short haircut hedgehog, who was screaming frantically and hitting her invisible wall with her daggers. I made her face up. And since I was tired, my erypsipelas turned very sour and dull. But the girl just got mad. She hammered even harder and in a couple of minutes broke one of her daggers.
"Here, wait for the bitch!" She screamed. "I′ll get you!" I′ll get it!
"She will not do anything to us," said Lesha (he was sitting in a Turkish pose) and watched both this girl and me. "There′s only one way to get here." If I invite him myself.
"Breaking the Cube!" Break from all sides! - Alyosha screeched outside. - Where that is a weak spot - I′m sure! We′ll find a hole and bury all these bastards!
"Lesch, can I just sleep?" I asked.
- Of course, of course, Olga, - Alexei nodded to me. "The cube exists to protect all of us and give us time to rest." Rest and do not worry about anything.
I threw off my boots and just lay down in the pastel. She knocked down a pillow under her head, and then covered herself with a blanket. For some time I was terribly annoyed by the noise that stood outside, and then began to lull. I fell asleep.
Lesha picked me up and said that the Cube had been flooded with earth. I opened my eyes and realized that Cuba was very light, but it was lit by its internal lamps. I looked through the transparent walls and saw the earth, sand and clay from all sides. Apparently the underground station collapsed. Lesha briefly told me what was happening here:
"Aleshko, he decided to bury us." He slipped into his secret bunker. He does not know that we can move and we have a Case. I already found the coordinates of this place. Come on, I′ll raise everyone up and we′ll discuss the plan.
- Lesh, how much longer will your Cube be? - I asked, bypassing its walls and examining the tons of land that pressed on us.
- Hours 49, Olya. You all slept well, and I took a nap too. But it is not important. We must follow the trail now, while Aleshko is still in Moscow. He can decide that there is nothing to catch him and to leave Russia forever, but we have no right to let him go.
Lesha already woke Zhenya Saurov, who fell asleep at the opposite wall. And I sat down by the wall and thought that Lesha picked me up first and for some reason I was very pleased because of this. And I thought how nice and easy it was to breathe. Obviously, Aleshko thought that we were just going to suffocate, and the devices that produced oxygen in Cuba worked and worked just fine. I put on my boots and prepared to listen to Leshin′s plan. He wanted us to all jump into the suitcase, and he himself would move to one of the storage bins of the bunker Aleshko. And there you have to be ready for anything.
What was the battle. Just massacre. Against us out the best forces Alyosha and we just above the head jumped to kill them. Then the battle of Lesha with this magister of magic and a crime napoleon, which by the way and 16 was not yet. Oh how I was happy when Lesha drove his emerald sphere into him and Aleshko died. Just sat down to rest, as he shouted: "In the suitcase quickly! Here everything is mined! "- and opened the Case in front of us. We jumped. And they drank tea on the island of Alekorsy. Then Lesha sank behind us and said that the suitcase was already in our apartment. We, like the restless children, flew to Alekers and asked only for one night′s lodging. Alekersa understood everything and led us to her bedroom. We fell asleep on the sofas, on her floors and in the armchairs. When we woke up, she said that we rested for 16 hours with copecks.
Oligarch. We chased him to the underground garage and there the oligarch′s aides opened fire on us from submachine guns and shotguns. There were only three of us: Lesha, I and Sunsit-Vasnetsova. Lesha put the others in the suitcase and said: "The three of us will cope!" So they coped. Zhenya embraced her parents and spread the power dome over us. For some time in the garage, only the rumble was heard, and nothing could be seen from the powder gases. And when the roar stopped and the smoke dissipated, the oligarch was surprised to find that we were unharmed, and the cars around us turned into colander (it was understandable that the bullets flew from our shell and ricocheted all that was around).
"Run away!" Save! The oligarch yelped. - Throw them goodbye a couple of grenades!
They threw it. The effect was so powerful that part of the underground garage collapsed and a small barrier formed. But I grabbed my husband and daughter and made them translucent walked with them together through this barrier. The oligarch was already landing in his Land Cruiser and his assistants were shooting us with pistols. He was washed off, and to detain us more severely, he sacrificed a couple of his thugs. Lesha threw his ENIIS in them and judging by the fact that they did not decay, but just fell it was paralyzing balls.
"In the car," cried Lyosha.
- In which…? - I wanted to scream, but then I saw his gray "Nissan-Almer" standing next to the oligarch′s helpers. Me and Zhenya did not have to ask twice - we jumped into the car and the pursuit continued.
"Nissan-Almera" was collected for Lesha in the suitcase exactly one year ago. And just like he wanted: three magical interior, armor from all kinds of attacks, the ability to fly at any height and withstand any pressure. And so on and so forth - as Lesch described in "Siberia 3". We went to the Nissan Limousine, but nobody cared. I was sitting in front of Lesha. Zhenya - in the second section and passionately ill for us. We were catching up with the oligarch. From the hatches of cars (and there were exactly 3 of them) his guys protruded and our "Nissan" showered with rain from bullets. It′s good that we were under such reliable armor. Bullets just flew away from us like seeds.
"Girls, we need ideas," Lyosha said through clenched teeth, covering himself with sweat and squeezing the wheel. Now he was not a magician, but a simple driver and thought only of speed. We drove at 210 kilometers per hour.
"Dad, everything is ready," Sansyt-Vasnetsova said enthusiastically, twisting her fingers in a magical gesture and preparing to throw the spell. "They′ll get the wheels right now and they′ll turn over." In one fell swoop and all at once. I would just take aim.
- To leave! ordered Lesha. - You will arrange an accident and many innocent people will die, you have to remove it like that in another way!
"I′ve thought of something," I said. "You just have to be in front of this car."
"What did you come up with?" Asked Lyosha, gathering speed and bursting forward.
"I′ll go through your car and be in their car." Then I teleport the car to the bottom of a quiet ocean. Let them drown there.
- Olya, the teleportation of the car with people is a very big load. You can not stand it and just die. Or you can not get out of the car.
"Lesha, I will not perish!" I will not perish!
I found the time and looked into his eyes. Lesha believed me and nodded. He emerged from the stream of the car and stood in front of the oligarch′s car.
"We meet in our apartment, exactly three minutes later," I said, becoming transparent and flying out of the car like a ghost in the movie "The Matrix: Reloading."
Then everything was easy. I was in a car where there was an oligarch and two of his assistants. I clutched the chair and clenched my teeth. The next moment, everything in our heads was confused and I almost got vomited on the floor of this car. Then the machine shook, she fell into something and started to fill with water. I realized that I had accomplished my task and moved to our apartment. The last thing I remember is a car half full of water, an oligarch and helpers who furiously swore and drowned.
I was in an empty apartment and waited 5 more minutes for Lesha and the company. And then she said:
- I threw the car into a Pacific hollow 2 and a half thousand meters deep.
"Ol, they certainly will not float out?" Asked Lesha.
"Even if they come out, they′ll smash their heads with such monstrous pressure." And even if they come out, it′s a special place, there′s a shark fig, "I explained.
- Well, - Lesha nodded. - The oligarch is destroyed. Let′s just pray.
He knelt down and we all knelt down. The prayer was simple:
"Lord, take the soul of the oligarch." Where to you it is more visible. And give us the strength to continue our work further. Amen.
"Amen," we all said.

Metro and more. I′m in the driver′s cab. The Negro had just shot himself in the head and died, and before that he had damaged the controls. I look around for help - "Oh my God! God, what to do! "- I′m the only living person in this fucking booth, and I have to do something. The subway train will go all the way and cut into the wall. A huge crash and hundreds of dead. Behind me, there were 300 people and they began to scream, realizing that they were rushing to meet their deaths.
What would Lesha do? He would cheer me up, he would inspire me with faith and give me a kick kick in the ass, so I started acting. He would say: "I did not raise my girlfriend so that she let me die by the subway passenger, or what was better from this perishing train herself." Instant release of adrenaline put me on my feet. I have to do something!
I looked at the complicated mechanics. A lot of flashing lights and levers. It′s a pity that I did not study as a typist in the Suitcases. Okay, that is in my magic arsenal. Something like it is remembered. The spell "Matroha" (I invented it myself) turns off the electronics and stops the moving mechanisms. That′s what you need. What a gesture, what a formula. Oh my God, Olya, what a fool you were, that you could not think of a formula and gestures for simpler. I twisted my fingers and pronounced the spell "Matroha". Nothing happened. I tried again and again. Now it was the only chance to survive. And suddenly the light started to go out in the cars of the train. People without that frightened began to yelp hysterically. And the train seemed to slow down. I trebled my efforts. My fingers ached and sweat ran down my face, but I did not even wash it-all that worried me was the people and the damned train. He rode slower and slower. A negative squeal of the brakes, something that burned beneath us, there was no light, but the train braked. I felt like a miserable Peter Parker, who braked the train with his cobwebs. And finally at the station "Novoslobodskaya" he stood up. In the loud "Ufff" the doors of the train opened and as I thought this train will not go anywhere else.
I got out of the driver′s cab and just sat on the floor. And at that moment the light turned on. People stood in front of me a solid wall. They did not even think differently. They looked at me and no one said anything. And I was sitting in front of them and hung my head - I was just dead tired and did not want to talk. The train was saved, people were saved, but it seemed to me that even before I got home I would not get so tired - I would fall asleep right here on the dirty floor of the Moscow metro.
A five-year-old girl came out of the crowd and turned to me:
"Aunt, aunt did you save us all?" I know it′s you! Thank you!
She touched my shoulder and forced me to look at myself. She was plump, beautiful. In a summer sarafan and with a teddy bear in his hand. The people began to applaud me. This woke me up a little. But it also made him sad. This is now the heroine for this girl. And it will grow for example a murderer and a new tyrant - it will be necessary to kill her and I will kill. And no one will remember this unhappy train and the episode that occurred about 20 years ago.
But as Lesha says: "The time will come for each of them." I got to my feet and smiled. Weighed a light half-cock and said: "Thank you!"
"Thank you, Aunt," the girl said happily. - What is your name?
"My name is the quirk of your subconscious mind!" - why then remembered this vulgar frazochka from "Men in Black". I have become very tense and have caused a memory erasure on all people. Instantly their eyes glazed and they froze on the ground like statues. They no longer remembered me. The train just got in one place, now they wake up and will go out. And none of them will think what happened to the train. I gathered all my strength and jumped into our apartment.
Fall asleep, I thought that everything was right and Lesha would praise me. I and we are all like the same "People in Black". We can not be revealed. This will make us vulnerable and weaker. We have yet to help a lot. Such as we do not give interviews. I had a presentiment of how I would tell this story, I will be praised - called "clever" and under these thoughts I fell asleep.
There were many more cases in Moscow. They are all so big and interesting that you could write several books - but alas I only have 1 page. I will say only one thing: we grew and developed and these cases exhausted us so much that we slept after them. In the house of Alekors, or in our apartment. Lesch got hold of the mantle of Kulaksis, so we did not worry for our sleep. No, he tried to take it out with his spell, but then spat on everything and pulled it out of the Case. Alekorsa said that this is an excellent choice. We had business in other cities, regions and even villages. There were few real cases there, but they were. Some jacks tagging kings and aces, some powerful and real criminal gangs, or the real evil spirits. Witches, wizards, vampires and werewolves. Yes, yes, they destroyed those too. One vampire from Tobolsk was remembered especially to me. It was easy to take it, but what pitfalls he had set up for us. In one of them I almost lost my head, but the team interfered, and I was rescued. Lesha tuned us in such a way that we stood up for each other and certainly helped out. Glory to our team! Glory to Leshe!

- Russian evil genius.
Russian evil genius. We faced a new challenge. Someone spoiled all our honey. The peace and order that we have imposed and so many forces have been dashed for this, now someone has diligently darkened. Just a few years of relative peace and order and then again explosions, looting and terrorist attacks. And the cities: Berlin, Sydney, Moscow, Novosibirsk, Rio de Janeiro, Cairo - these cities seemed to go crazy in a few days and all the others began to imitate them. The scope was impressive. The whole planet was covered with the nets of this new spider.
And two days later Oksana Ignatova told us such an unusual story:
- I stood at the Kursk railway station. Accompanied a friend. Suddenly a girl approaches me: such a low, nice, pleasant features. He says: "You are Ignat, yes? Oh, that is Oksana Ignatova? I know for sure you are! "I say," You are made up "and I want to leave. And the girl behind me like a ponytail. Then I jump 200 meters from the Kursk railway station. A girl jumps for me. Then I jump on the highway. I think that you crushed a truck. And I find that she clung to me like a tick. I try to shake it off, but it was not there. And then I notice that this truck is driving at us and is buzzing. Then I teleport to one of Moscow′s underground garages and try to finish it off. I take out my "Dezart Eagle", she - her gun (and it is her red color). For a while we jump, we evade, and I try to hurt her in the leg or in my hand, she also - to kill me - marks me in the head, liver, or heart. She really exhausted me. I made myself a chair and sat down to rest. She also made herself a chair and sat opposite me. "Are you ready for a dialogue?" - Asks. "Who are you? And what do you want? "She replies:" I′m Lina Manis. Norwegian. And here I am because my host is looking for a meeting with your master. " I say that I do not have a master and then she laughs deafeningly. He says: "Your master is Alexei Miro. Created his team in the early 21st century. First I wanted through network marketing, then through magic. In the end, you are all powerful sorcerers. You are exactly 21 people with him. We are a little less. Here, take the card. There is recorded the exact city and address of our residence. We need to go to the elevator, put it in the hands of the elevator operator and then he will tell what to do. Come in full force - we will have something to talk about. " And while she clapped her eyes, she thrust me this piece of cardboard, bowed and jumped to wherever. That′s the whole story. " Oksana gave us this business card in the hands and then we decided on common minds what to do with this gift.

The business card was made of black cardboard, and gold was cut out on it: "Alexei Mero, Germany, Leibzig, Garuhen-banhall 212/13". We tried to install through the case computer who this Alexei Mero was, but the information was coded, and he could not decipher it. Data was scarce. We all moved to Alekers.
She looked for a long time through her channels, and then gave Alexei five sheets of text and asked to look to her after work. Lesha read it, and then retold us. Here′s what he said:
- Up to 8 years, Alexei had a completely different surname, ordinary parents and ordinary life. Then (as a birthday present) he began to see wonderful images about Alexei Miro and his team. Lesha did not know why he was given such a gift and did not tell anyone about these visions, but his life changed completely after that, as well as the name and surname. He began to write down all the interesting things in the notebook, began to invent images of his future team, although this it was hard he found the film Matrix and looked it up. Although more than 250 years have passed since its release, the brothers Wachowski and Lambert Wilson and Keanu Reeves died, he still looked and dragged himself. He, too, was impressed by Merovingin, also went into the tattoo salon and pinned his neck, but only he did it right. He chose the nicknames: Merovingin, Moriarty, Spider-King. He appeared to the world as a real napoleon of the underworld. It took him 25 years to build his team and organize many criminal networks around the world. To ensure his financial independence (since Lesha′s parents were far from rich), he decided to get Case No. 4. Quite quickly realizing that God will not give him, he began to pray at the devil. It was a real curse and he blackened his soul as much as he could. But he received Case No. 4. The devil created it. I created with all the bells and whistles, with resources and a secretary, in exchange for the soul of Lesha. He had Case No. 4, loyal friends, a devoted African wife (it was one very interesting story that Alekorsa could not help but note with her laughter) and a huge field for activity. The soul of Lesha reached out to evil, or he really wanted to attract attention to himself and offer something in exchange for his cherished desire. Alexei Miro and his team already guessed this, and Alekorsa only confirmed their opinion.
- Is there any possibility that this is a trap for Alekors? Asked Lesha. "Can we all be killed there?"
"A trap is one hundred percent," Alekorsa confirmed. "But nobody will touch you there." You are very important to the people of A. Miro. There will be only conversations.
"But you know what these conversations will be about?" Asked Lesha Proshkin.
"Lesch, I know that," Alekorsa smiled. "But I will not tell you." You just will not be interested, and you will not come to this meeting. You perceive it as a new stage of your growth. You can understand a lot for yourself if you come.
"We should not take weapons." Do not resort to magic? I asked.
- No. Olya, no. And they too will be all unarmed. They just want to talk.
"I have a bad feeling about these negotiations," Oksana Ignatova said.

Here we are near Garukhen-banhall 212/13. At the entrance, the porter was shown this business card and he did not say a word without indicating it inside the building. We went to a large freight elevator and handed the card to the elevator operator. Lesha said in pure German:
- Good afternoon. This business card was handed to my man by Lina Manis. She said that Merovingen is looking for a meeting with me. Where should we go.
The elevator operator was pompous and important. He took a card and did not hurry to answer. As in that movie "The Matrix: Reloading" he had short mustaches and a glossy look. I just spoke German.
- Of course. Merovingin has been waiting for you for a long time. Hey guys. Nothing can be helped. You will have to blindfold.
And one by one to him rushed to the guys with black bandages. They blindfolded us, and then led us. I held Lyosha by the hand, but no one separated us. I got the impression that we were driven by a couple and for this purpose 11 people were singled out. We were driven for a long time. Then they put in a freight elevator. I thought: six of us entered the elevator and a lift attendant. He drove us very long down. Then we unloaded and the elevator left back, apparently for a new party of our friends. We took off the bandages and looked around. We stood in some wide, richly crowded room. There were sofas and armchairs. There was also food on the trays on the wide tables. At me already salivating flowed - there were pieces of pineapples, dates, watermelons, grapes, mangoes, many other beautiful exotic fruits. I really wanted to eat, especially since I love scary watermelons! But Lesha forbade touching the food (suddenly it is poisoned).
The elevator opened and spit out a new batch of our guys in black armbands. Zhenya Saurova, who stood before him and believed, said that he was going 27 minutes. He drove three more times, brought our whole team and rushed up. He did not open it again, and it was impossible to get into it.
Timur Kizashvilli drummed against the wall with his fists and desperately swore in Georgian. Lesch just stood there waiting for something. Sansit-Vasnetsova sat on the sofa and did not even think that she might fail. But she did not fail. Then next to her sat Natasha Veselaya and tearing the grapes from the green bunch, sent her to her mouth without even thinking.
Lesha saw this and was very angry:
"Natasha, your mother is like that!" You′re like a little child! Who allowed you to touch this food ?!
Natasha only shrugged her shoulders. We waited ten minutes, and everything was in order. She is not dead. The food was safe. Then everyone attacked her. All ate, and I got my slices of watermelon.
Only Lesha did not eat. He said:
"Merovingin, obviously he wants to bribe us just what he needs?"
Meals were enough for everyone. Soon we found two thermos - with tea and coffee and small plastic mugs. We drank, and then the happy ones lay on the sofas and rested.
And then I really wanted to write. I made a face and complained. And that instant one secret door was opened in the wall. There was a white toilet bowl and a sink was. It was possible to pee, but I would have to do it with the guys. Nothing - that only these guys on my part did not see. I pulled up my skirt, lowered my panties and dropped onto a snow-white toilet seat. After me, there was Alice Smithers. She stood before me in already unbuttoned and half-flattened jeans. Then our guys went. Then again the girls.

"Make the master honor, show yourself what you are." It did not stop as a guest alone to drink and eat, - Lesha recited a famous fairy tale and thus clearly hinted Merovingina that he wanted to see it.
The light turned off and exactly five minutes in the room was so dark that at least an eye was pierced. Then he turned on again and we saw that Alexei Merovingin and his whole team were sitting on the unoccupied couch. There were about 13 of them. Napoleon himself was a man of medium height (not much taller than my Lesha and not below). He was a nice-looking man, well-groomed, handsome, and everything would have been nothing if not the angularity and sharpness of his features, which were distinguished in him by something animal and evil. He stood up, bowed and said with sarcastic: "Hello Lesha, you and I - we are now one family!" This he said that is perfectly familiar with the work of Leonid Filatov and understands what will be discussed.
Then something impossible began. He began to praise his team in every way, calling everyone by name, and invited us to have sex with them. For persuasiveness, Cassandra (a young Englishwoman with slightly sharp facial features and short purple hair) suggested that she show what is under her skirt. She got up and pulled up her denim skirt. On the pubic, a short strip of purple hair was intriguing. I do not know how she painted them, but at some point this comic book, which Cassandra herself called the "love runway," for some reason even pleased me. Do not think I′m not a lesbian and I was offered to engage in bisexual sex - it′s not mine at all. Our team remained unperturbed: someone turned away, and someone just smiled faintly. This had the strongest effect on Lesch Proshkin: he jerked in his place and it was clear that he had risen.
"Proshkin is a scoundrel, his eyes are down!" Think of Cassandra′s cap forget! My husband shouted at him. - You can only fuck in the club! And she is not at the club! Forget!
Lesch with a heavy heart sighed and resigned himself to the will of our leader.
"Your business," Mero said. - This girl is very gentle and affectionate! She does not know herself in the royal position, the position of a rider and a priest, she′s just fabulous. Just sit down, girl. We were not able to seduce Lesha Miro!
"Lesha, let′s talk seriously," my husband suggested. "You′re an intelligent man, are not you?" What do you want? To begin with, just say so.
Merovingin sighed heavily.
- I lived a rather big life. And these boys and girls that I′ve gathered around me will go anywhere beyond me. Even in Hell. And I know what hell awaits me.
He sighed again.
"You probably know." that I persuaded the devil to make me Case No. 4. You said this your Alekorsa (see how I feel it!). The Priestess of Hell walks in my Suitcases. Her name is: Priestess of Hell. She has a red, hot skin, horns on her head and a tail that grows out of priests. Honestly, I′m just afraid of her. She can do a lot for me and in that Case there is a door with the name "Hell".
- Could you be closer to the case? my husband asked, losing patience.
- And this is the closest. It can not be closer, "he said. "There′s everything in my Case, except the door with the name" Paradise. " As if by this the devil decided to emphasize that I belong to him with giblets, and there is no hope for a bright Paradise.
"No, no," Lyosha said immediately.
- Listen, Lesha, I do not need much. I and my guys will settle in one quiet village and you will not even remember about us. We will be engaged in a quiet trade. I′m going to raise horses. I always loved horses. Cassandra, who are you?
- The fisherman. I love catching fish on the hook? Said the girl and stretched.
He asked two more:
- Farmer. I want to work with the land.
- A trader in the market. I will trade and communicate with people. And what is not important.
Lesch hesitated and very much hesitated.
"Listen, Alexei, I give you all my reticulums." The keys to everything. All organizations, all addresses, all the leaders. And you get it right now, just for what you think about my offer.
In the hands of Merovingin, a 250 Gigabyte flash drive appeared (Omala Otrukh, his black wife, handed over). He handed the flash drive from hand to hand. Alexei dropped his eyes on her and painfully understood how he should be.
"You prepared very seriously," he could only say what he said.
"I′m very seriously prepared," he said. "I do not want to go to hell." What if I am on the premises of my priestess and meet her mocking gaze all my life. This punishment is the worst.
- I thought to deceive the devil. And you think you will get away with it! - Zhenya Saurova shouted.
He nodded and said:
"You are my last hope!"
- And what will happen to your suitcase number 4? I asked.
"It will simply disappear, as if it never existed," Merovingin said. - Again there will be only three of them. One - you, the second - Max Stenderi, the third - in the warehouse of Soltrex. A suitcase number 4 - I honestly do not know, maybe the devil will destroy it, but maybe ... will leave and there will be a new fool waiting. It′s such a temptation: money and power, immortality, and everything you want on a silver platter. Not many people will think about the price of which the devil will have to pay.
"Lesha let me know that everything will be so," said my husband looking at the flash drive. - You will be quieter than the water below the grass and never overshadow a bright paradise.
"I promise," Merovingin said, and rose to his knees.
Promised and his people and all as one knelt.
- We can consult with friends. Asked Lesha.
"You can," Merovingin agreed. - But let′s do it. Today we will solve this problem and will come to something already? Promise that this will happen.
- I give the floor, - promised Lesha and threw us a dome of soundproofing.

And why only Lesha did not hear about himself in this dome from his friends. Everyone has already realized that maybe he will go to a deal with this devil and shouting-they said what they wanted. Silent only Krasnoshey, who somehow silly smiled and waited (as however and always) when his friends make a decision. And what a sin to conceal, I also screamed at Lesha saying that they bought it with a cheap promise and getting up on their knees. And Lesha smiled confusedly and all that he said in the end: "I understand that you guys do not agree, but I have already made a decision". We removed the dome and none of us worried that Merovingin and his henchmen could read on the lips, as we several times suggested to take the flash drive, and send them to Hanavric.

We drove them on a large floating boat designed for 50 people and were silent. We did not want to talk with them, nor with our leader. One thing I will say is his authority for the heavily swayed.
- Keep your promises! - Only and could tell us Lesha.
"You did not promise them anything!" You owe them nothing! You you you….!!! Max Potashev roared violently, and it seemed to me that he would spit in Lesya′s face. But as it passed.
Here we stood in front of a door standing on a cloud with the inscription "Paradise".
"Lesha, will you accompany us, please?" To our village, "Merovingin suddenly asked.
- Is not that enough for you! Timur yelled at him. "Do you want to mock us again on the path?"
He looked at him and said with murderous frankness:
"You do not understand anything, Timur." I prepared for this campaign all my life. As well as all my guys.
Nothing can be helped. Lesch took the hand of his main enemy and how the child led to "Paradise". And behind them a string of all his people entered the door.
For Lesha I went and a few more guys. But many remained. It was clear that they were very unhappy with him.
A very strange convoy was moving along the "Paradise". Lesha, Merovinguin, Omala and all their guys holding each other by the handles. I looked at their faces. Everyone had a happy expression, as if he had really been waiting for his whole life. I, Zhenya Saurova, Max Potashev, Egor Ptashka, Oksana, Natasha Veselaya and Polina Miro surrounded this strange chain. I went ahead to look in the face of Lesha. His face was bewildered. He did not know whether he was doing right or not. Was the respect of his team worth the happiness of these few spoiled people. I touched Leshka′s hand and whispered softly: "I′m with you." I want to think after that he felt better.
Well, that′s their village. Sunny, quiet, at the foot of the mountains, meadows around, a kilometer away from it is a clean mountain lake.
"We say goodbye," said Lesha with a sour expression.
He stretched out his hand by inertia, and Merovingin greedily grabbed her and shook him:
"Lesha, you are a great man and a great magician!" You saved me and all of us! You gave us freedom! He said enthusiastically.
"If I find out that you′re ruining Paradise, if you′re in trouble here ... if you even think about it," promised Potashov sternly. - Beware of me!
"It will not happen!" - promised Merovingin. - I and all my guys know perfectly well that we must learn how to behave!
The team Merovingina said goodbye to us.
"Ah, it′s a pity you did not try me," Cassandra said with a wicked smile, shaking Lesha′s hand. - I′m really gentle and affectionate, but my ass is just super!
And they all disappeared. Evaporated. Cassandra was the last.

Alekors explained everything to us. I understand it perfectly. Lesha is not just a boss, she is almost like a son to her. He speaks of her "like a mother", and Alekorsa shows her motherly feelings for him. This pair of each other stands: Alekorsa who never had children, and now received a boy who listens to her with her advice and sometimes fucks her and Lesha, who lost his own mother who was strongly attached to her, and then found her continuation with the opportunity do something that before could not. Alekorsa very carefully defended Lesha telling us that the decision was right, that they really would not become poor, and we will one day understand the wisdom of our leader. Some of us softened to Lesha after her speeches.
I asked him in pastels:
- Lesch, and they can be thrown out of "Paradise" if they behave badly?
"Of course," he said. - For this, there is the Paradise Police. First, warnings and oral conversations. Then, if they do not understand - they throw out "Paradise" from there and there either "Purgatory" or a new life, although no, they do not give such new lives.
"That′s good," I smiled. "It′s worth it to start all for this." Try the boys and girls this paradise life. In which case, you will be vividly squeezed.
With these thoughts, I fell asleep.

- Orgy in space and Olga′s reflections in the rest cabin among naked bodies
After the orgy. I lie naked after the grandiose orgy that Lesha arranged in the spaceship Nestor Carb 0 NELL, which rushes to the planet Halo Eksta 60 Luck - Horseshoe, where another star ship will be built for us. This is extremely interesting, especially since we are rushing in space for the fourth week. Our Nestor has everything we need. We now have a small team: only 13 people. We eat, train, watch films, read books, often visit the suitcase, and in the evenings we fuck before going to bed (to sleep soundly).
I fell in love like that to lull myself. Usually five of my memories are successfully interspersed with my observations. We could say that every evening for us ends monotonously: but there is always always differently. These memories speak much about me. I look around and celebrate our guys. And I can say a lot about them. And about my attitude towards them. Peculiar tablet before bedtime.
Memoirs number 1. I remember myself on that first day in Omsk, in Stargorod. I called myself a whore for a short mini skirt and kolgotochki. What has changed since then? I′m a whore? Yes, I guess I′m a whore. But I am a very happy whore. I have a husband, I have friends and girlfriends, I have two daughters. I′ve seen and learned a lot since that time. I experienced my magical abilities, I was several times behind the stove and can even cook something unpretentious. I like to get food with the help of magic. Like Max Fry - The gap between the worlds. How many years have passed, how far behind the Earth has remained and where now this Max Fry, and his case lives. Lesha is also actively using the gap between the worlds. He borrowed almost everything from somewhere. By the way, where did he get his Cube from? Here′s a pancake, I can not remember, but it′s definitely not a movie Cube, Cube: hypercube and Cube zero. I watched these films - an abomination and longing for them. What a pleasure to climb into a cube, that you were killed there. Our Cube protects. There is everything to hide and spend time with good reason. Read, take a shower. Sleep, go to the toilet. Yes, Lesha made a very good thing that he came up with this Cube. I look at my daughter Sansit-Vasnetsova. Blissfully asleep, cutie. The body shines with sweat, and between the legs on her slit like a white snot hangs someone′s sperm. I wonder who she had sex with last time? And she, too, can not get pregnant. Or maybe? It seems, maybe? It seems that they only bear a month and then give birth. Interestingly, it is very painful and healthy whether the child. And on the other hand, and Falles was pregnant with Zhenya for exactly a month, and she′s what turned out to be a healthy one. Does Zhenya want children? Probably, very not soon, but wants. All girls want to become mothers. I wish you a good, kind, clever guy Zhenya and beautiful children in you and him. She touched her daughter′s hand, and then kissed her on the cheek (she was next to me). Zhenya slept and in a dream smiled.
Next, the memory number 2, I remember Moscow. As Lesha called his first Moscow wizards, how he got his magic and how the second apartment (next to our apartment) was bought for the rest of his team. How happy they lived it. And Leshiny′s nieces. I know all about them, and he, the beast, never visited them, although he lived in the same city. If you think about Lesha you can understand - this is such a pain. They are the most ordinary and they are already under 30 years old, they have their own families, in their childhood they dreamed of being princesses and sorceresses, and he is a real magician, he has real strength and he did not get old even though he is already under 70. Besides, if he gets acquainted , then we all need to get acquainted with them. What they are now. Surely they are already old and they have their own granddaughters, It′s good that they did not meet. Firstly it hurts, the second wave is simply unnecessary. Lesha seems to have died for them all. And they will never know that he became a magician, and then he became immortal and dashed off to save the cosmos. Lesch did the right thing, although he himself probably hurts from his choice.
I look at Alexei sleeping. What do you think about my husband? Maybe you think (as well as I did) about the path that was passed - remember some of its fragments and analyze. Maybe you are full of plans for your great future. You think: "I started well" and think about how to go this way to the end with a minimum of losses. Ah, Lesha, Lesha, so that this does not happen without losses, but you have already proved by your example that you are a very lucky person. Both you and your team. Or maybe you just are sleeping now and you do not see dreams. This is the best. A hero or a heroine - yes, such a dream is just a medicine. Losses and deprivations, pain and suffering, those we lost, those we let go - yes, we all so want to just forget yourself and as if plunging into the source will be cleaned from unnecessary information. I know this very well - I already asked for a large enough earthly life, and I also lost, and also lost, and my heart ached, as well as everyone in this team.
I look at Alexis′s body. His slender, beautiful body. His slender, beautiful tummy. Now this is not the pooh that we met in Stargorod. Lesha drove off all the fat he barely met us and began to study. He needed a good shake-up and we provided this shake. His head. Now hair does not get out of it - now they are strong and shine with light. The color of Lesha as he was - dark fair and everyone likes it - and boys and girls. Now on his face a relaxed measured expression. But on the cheeks two folds appeared - Lesha now smiles and laughs much more often. He has many reasons for this. The teeth of Lesha are healthy and strong and beautiful and white, as he dreamed. Seals, crowns, and even two implants - all this has gone down in history. Some of Lesch′s teeth were raised by his own magic, and the second part was built up by all of us together. Only a week was needed - and Lesha has new healthy teeth. Each of us is a professional dentist and we have no problems with our teeth. Lesha will not have any problems now either. His teeth are not afraid of tooth decay, the blow of a baseball bat is not terrible, they can drag trams and they can be pulled up. Lesha in us invests a lot and we also invest a lot in him. Pauline says that this is courtesy for courtesy. Timur Kizashvili says - a mutually beneficial exchange. I like it that way. I look at his tattoos. They still retained their form, they blossom and smell, although Alexei Sheremetyev has long been out of the world. Manticore on the Left Hand. That′s exactly the childhood. Besides, how many Lesha did not already play Heroes of Mach and Magic 5. Two dozen years, more? Will he ever sit down? If I sit down then I want with him. I′ve never played, but I′ve heard a lot. Frida, Zehir, this mischievous Manticore. I most likely will have to take turns, but I′m the queen - I′ll beat my benefits. I will fight against Lesha, I will be his ally, or I myself will sit down to go through the company. Farther. Zhenya Couriersha. Lesha slipped this arm under the pillow, but I perfectly remember this tattoo and its meaning. Probably it has already worked its way and it′s time to part with it, but Lesha will not bring it down, because this is part of its history and a special magic talisman for luck. How old she is, and she did not even turn dark. Lesha found a spell that prolongs their life and gives a shine exactly for 25 years. Well, Lyosha is well done. A tattoo on his bare chest (now there′s no hair at all) - "I love the Stendery family." Every time I meet with her, I smile. Leshin simplicity and naivety. Well, who told you, my beloved husband that they will let you into "Paradise" with her? In "Paradise" all enter pure and light and without any marks. Although I do not know. Maybe Leszek will manage this adventure. But my dear, who told you that this Stendery (for many years of persuading Lesha and the stories of Alekorsy, I was convinced that they are REAL - we really have never been to them on a visit!) Like these horrors. Maybe someone tolerates, someone smiles, but Jessica will definitely go into the snout. I know something about Jessica Stenderi. Leshe hundreds of times offered free to tinker his tattoos in the centers of the classic drawing and the best masters, but he for some reason was silent. Maybe she is dear to him as a story. And the last Leshin member. This handsome man is hanging between his legs and also sleeping. It is not at all what it was when we met with Lesha. He is bigger and thicker and stronger and the juice in the testicles is much greater and the stamina of Leshin is raised and used by him he knows how and uses more often and porn now does not look. Each girl worked on this member with her magic and her female science. We call it "a pleasant woman′s treasure", or "a special female hero". In this there is a note of female egoism, since it belongs to Lesha and he pisses from it. But we are just hiding out, when this thing is in us, it works and fills our bodies with sperm. Lesha grew up very much and became a true master of sex. All the girls are happy with it, without exception. I lean towards his cock and whisper words of gratitude. I open it and gently kiss the red head. Lyosha did not even move - he was so used to such caresses. I turned to Lesha booty with the thought and desire that when he woke up he inserted me "a special female hero" into the anal hole and to the very bottom.
Recollection No. 3. I remembered my work in America. And why then it surfaced in the head of the notorious fortune-teller - the queen of all fortune-tellers of the California coast. How she begged me and asked me not to throw her into this well with acid. And that the most difficult she after all was very pleasant woman on a kind. And those big, touching eyes. It was the eyes of that young dwarf girl who stumbled a lot of tape back and went on the wrong road. As it all had to one - first, Miro! You′ll get up from that shop in Stargorod and just leave! You will have a perfectly normal, no-man′s life! "And I very often woke up at night and thought about this phrase. Why did I then deny the fortune-teller? Why did not I want to? And why can not I let this conversation go, but I continue to scroll it in my head? Here and now a new occasion to reflect on this. I think I′m just an honest girl. This created me Lesha. And more curious, like all women. I want to know what will happen at the end of this path. So no turning back. I will not get up from that shop and do not run from Stargorod to live an ordinary life. I took responsibility and will go to the end of the path, which now has become my path. That′s all. Still it can be explained by the fact that I′m a woman in love. I was very yearning for attention in my Sarcophagus of the Times, and now when I got it all just laziness and just stupid to change to something else. I look at Polina, who is lying and quietly snoring beside Zhenya Sunsit-Vasnetsova. Rather I look at her back, her bare ass and listen to rhythmic sniffs. My second daughter is also not my own. Although all this nonsense - it took so many years and it became my own. For the first ten years I was just afraid of Pauline. And then I got used to it and calmed down. And Pauline began to respect me. And one day she told me about it herself. She retired to me in one secret room and said: "Mom I love you!" She told me that she respected me and was proud of me, told me that for so many years I, Lesha and our whole team became a real family for her and called me no longer to be afraid, because she would never think anything bad against me and my team. We embraced sincerely, like the real mother and daughter and wept. And then Polina invited me to learn one culinary spell, which she came up with, but improved Alekors. The spell was used to make one very rare cake, which gave pleasure and a muse to all creative people. Lesha tried it and said that he did not eat anything, invented a dozen new spells and in a short time wrote a story that his whole team, Alekors, praised, and at the Contest of the Suitcase Writers he even grabbed some cool prize. It was on the eve of the birthday of Lesha and Pauline and this time she wanted to please her man. But for the manufacture of the cake, two wizards were needed, and necessarily women and not newcomers, and hardworking professionals. We cooked the cake all day, and then he still had to brew in a special magical sphere. So much joy and pleasure I have not received for many years. We joked, we laughed and when we put the cake in the sphere I called Polina one of the best that happened in my life. It′s amazing how frank talk changes us. It turns out all these years I was tested. And I successfully passed it. Well, there is reason to be proud of ourselves, our team and the fact that Polya is my daughter. I look at her legs and her ass. How much this slender, round, good priest knew lask and anal sex. I can not reach her, so I give her an air kiss. Let it lie on the left buttock. Polina did not change her position and did not move, but I was warmer, which means she smiled in her dream.
Memoirs number 4. My immortality. What a nasty day it was. It began as an amusing experiment and the farther away it is. I can not come up from the bottom of the pool, because Alekorsa has covered the pool with some impenetrable film; my body tears and cramps and I know for sure that every member of my team feels the same way. All 13. Then I just turn off and lose consciousness. Apparently the whole point was that I swallowed this water from the pool and choked on it. I think it′s death, but it′s not death at all. I wake up in some ward and lie for the first two days - I can not move anything and everything is trying to understand who I am and what has happened to me. Only then I see on the bunks next to me what kind of people, what a blond woman and robots visit me and drive on some wheelchair chair, because I myself can not move. My body did not seem to work at all. For a couple of days I missed everything that a blond woman told me, but then I began to listen to her words. Later, I remembered everything and could walk by myself, eat and go to the toilet. Much has begun to clear up. What anger I took on Lesha, the entire collective, which persuaded me to become immortal. From anger and cold rage, I even felt nauseous and put a basin in front of my bed. And then everything went away. I remembered that my choice was conscious that I decided to take responsibility and go to the end, besides I remembered how much I love my husband and the team. At the end of the third month I was able to hug my husband, cry on his shoulder and say how I missed. My gaze was directed to Maxim Potashev. He sat naked in an armchair and drank the wine "Totre". So I fell asleep with a bottle in my hands. Usually he is all puffed up and seeks to show his sex-daring, but recently he often just runs away. I and other dzhevochki suspect that this is a matter of banal laziness. Or Max was just tired of our bodies. But Lesch put a strict condition: sex only with girls from the club. And Max grinding his teeth obeys this rule. But he is an intelligent man and he understands perfectly well that communication outside the circle of trustees threatens him with troubles. That′s why today he climbed into his chair, quietly drank "Totre" and watched from behind for our group sex. He got from somewhere two boxes (was not it his special stock!), But mastered only three bottles. Max, Max, sleep tightly my darling and do not think about the women on the side. This will not bring you to good, and then where else will you find such friends, such like-minded people like us. If we compare it with our other boys, my husband, for example, feels himself among us as in his super-reliable and sheltered house from the winds - he will not go to the side and will not even think about it, there is everything he was looking for. Egor Ptashka - he is a boy, the sun is with him and to communicate and have sex is pleasant. He will not betray us and change us for some other women. Most likely it will just be to fool them, and then come to their house and cast a curse of oblivion. Alexei Proshkin - he appreciates our club very much and loves it. He as my husband found everything he was looking for in him. Most likely there can be a short oblivion, but Lesha will return to us, because here his house and his family.
And the memory of number 5 is the orgy itself. Lesha shouted something trivial like "Everybody in the bunk!" Or simply "Orgy!" And it all began. The girls sucked the members of the boys, and the boys licked the pussy girls. And I sucked, a member of my lawful husband, by the way. Then the royal poses, then the riders, then the cancer, then the ass and so on. In general, we have a very large bed, but some people were doing it on the floor. I saw above myself a massive ass of Oksana Ignatova galloping on the member of Yegor Ptashka, I saw how Maxim Potashev lying on the barrel holding in his hand Sansit Vasnetsova′s leg and pushing a member into her vagina - I mocked 15 pictures of such. At first I was with my husband. The royal pose, the rider and 69. We both relaxed and finished. Then Max Potashev asked me simply: "Olya can have sex with you" I just looked at her husband once and got a nod of approval. He fucked me by lifting my legs above my head and putting them on my shoulders and somehow managed to finish in this pose. I, too, relaxed, but I knew that this sex is my last. And that′s why when I asked Egor Bird I refused. I′m not a forty-crow (I gave it, gave it, I did not give it), I just did not have the mood. I asked for a two-minute break and explained everything to the guys. They understood everything. They have studied me pretty well and never take offense at such moments. I and Max Potashev (he too soon found himself on the bench) were inspecting the orgy. We even drank wine with him for a couple, and then I went to the pastel. Lesha invented that all the orgies last exactly 2 hours 35 minutes and no one is offended. Then we talked. Talking after sex is a common thing and relaxes better than nicotine (which for so many years the Americans have very silly touted!). Then all began to peck their noses and only I could not fall asleep.
All of us: Miro, Birdies, Kulibins, Saurovs, Sansyt-Vasnetsovs, we are all like a single cog in the machine called the Path of Miro. What a scoundrel all of us subordinated to his idea! But that′s not the point. Who we were: former criminals, cursed and lost souls, single wizards whom no one loved. Now we have a real business and a real family. We all live for each other. After all, if one of us gets into trouble, everyone will stand up for him and stretch out. We are invincible because we are one. And Lyosha, what did he feel? He was the hardest of all. He felt this way, he wrote about it, but the path did not begin and did not begin. He just went crazy with loneliness and impotence. And there was none of us to comfort him. And he kept coming and going to his goal. No matter how difficult it was. This is exactly how our leader was forged. And for the sake of what Lesha did it all. Because of his petty selfishness, because of the mantle of greatness, or the simple desire to fuck every day with beautiful women? No, I think everything is much deeper here. Lesha, likes to help others and so he knew that his work would be in demand; he could not live an ordinary life and for this he chose another magical world full of incredible dangers, but not the probable same bonuses. As Harry Potter once went after Hagrid, he went after Zhenya Couriers. But most of all Leshe simply wanted a family, a club of friends, a company of like-minded people. Well, Lesha now you have it all. And the first who will support is me, your wife and assistant - Olga Kulibina.
At that moment the door of our cabins of the company (it′s also a room for fucking) opened and Oksana Ignatova appeared. She went to sleep somewhere in another cabin, so now she was wearing a blue overall, boots and she looked fresh and vigorous. She saw me and smiled fervently:
"You have not slept all night." What congratulations! This night is over! It′s morning!
That′s how quickly the night flew by. Kulibina you went into philosophy and completely forgot that sleep is also necessary. But I was not upset. If necessary, I can stay awake for four days. The night was pleasant for me. And then I can always sleep off during the day. I′ll settle on the bed, ask Lyusha to hug me and fall asleep to the happiest woman in the world!

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