Siberia 3. Chapter 4.(Англ.)

Siberia 3. Chapter 4.(Англ.)
Siberia 3. Chapter 4. Farewell
Kate looked into the Miro penthouse at the eighth hour on May 25, 2008. Actually, she wanted to have tea with friends, talk to them, wish them good night and go to their "Valley of prestige". But her plans were not destined to come true.
The door was opened by Lesha and smiled radiantly. He was happy, he was elegantly dressed and handsome as ever.
"And Kate," he said cheerfully. "Come on in, go through." That′s what we just were waiting for.
He led her into the hall for a favorite pastime and sat him on one of the sofas. Kate reached out sweetly and said:
- Lesha, I′m here for a couple of hours. Have a cup of tea and wish you a good sleep. And why have not you moved the sofas yet? You already put them at this time?
"Kate-Kate, I′m talking to you about this and want to talk." This is our last night in the penthouse. We are leaving.
Kate was noticeably upset.
"Oh, yes," she said, remembering something. "You said you′d think for a week." And she has already passed?
"Not only four days have passed, but I decided that tomorrow morning we will leave the penthouse, and tomorrow night we will leave New York and this world.
"Lesha, please stay for another three days." Three days later we have a wedding with Phil. You must attend it.
There was a long pause. During the time on the couches to Lesha and Kate sat down the rest of the team. Kate - Max, Eugene and Egor. To Lesha - Olga and Oksana.
"Friends, what do you say?" - Turned to the guys Lesha.
Kate reiterated her request.
Friends thought for a long time, but then only shook their heads.
"Kate, you understand us." We have been preparing for this for a long time. We promised ourselves a promise - when you are all right, we will return to our world. We must be true to our word.
- Olya, Olya, - Kate dropped her tears. "You′re my best friend." Kaaak I′m without you ... Pozhaaaluysta, pozh ... it′s only three days ...
Not having obtained from Olya, she looked at Lesha and began to ask him.
- Lesch ... Leshenka ... do you want me to kneel before you ...
Lesch shook his head.
Kate′s face lit up with deep understanding.
"You′ve saved me for so many years and have been with me for so long ... Lesch you′re very attached to me ... And it′s very sad for you to leave me and give me into the hands of another man ... .so?
Lesch smiled.
"Right, Kate." And I′m very sad and foreboding this moment torments me and tears my heart.
"But he′s good." He is kind, responsible, understanding. He is very much like you in many respects and you would know how proud I am of such a find. I will be really good with him.
"Kate, I know." And so the second part of my soul rejoices. I know that you will be happy with him, you have beautiful sons and daughters. I understand that I and my guys have done a great job and it fills my soul with deep satisfaction.
"Lesha, thank you very much." Kate turned to the boys. - Guys thank you all for being so busy with me and protecting me. You have become a real family to me and this is the most precious thing.
"Please, Kate," said Olga.
"It was not difficult," said Yegor.
"It was nice," Oksana said.
"We are always happy to help," Max said.
Kate looked at Lesha with a gleam in her eyes and great fervor.
- Lesha, what can I do for you and for all your children right now?
"Right now, you can spend this last night with us magnificently." And then tomorrow until the evening.
"Are we not going to sleep at all?"
"Not a minute."
"Do you have a plan for this last day in my world?"
"Of course, Kate, I′ve been making it up all day."
"Tell him to me."
"Now we turn off the lights and turn on the special sanctification." Let′s go to the second floor of our penthouse. There, in a special bowl of the pool, we′ll swim naked and make love, drink champagne "Crystal" and do not get drunk. Until the dawn, we′ll be hawking tales about our lives and remembering old stories. Then when it′s light, we′ll hand over the keys to the administrator and say goodbye to the hotel. And let′s go ....
- Oh, but you can come to me.
"That′s exactly what I wanted to offer."
"And on my Bentley." I want to take you to your house, please, please.
"Well, I think Yegor will manage the management of Nissan."
"And I have souvenir presents for you at home." So the trip is obligatory!
- Good.
- And what will we do next?
"Same as last night." We will drink and rush about life. Only we will drink "Totra".
- About "Totra", I adore! Kate clapped her hands. - And you have a lot of it ?!
"Kate, there′s a time for everything." We must first spend the night. So, are you with us?
- I′m with you? Are we starting right now?
- Of course. Max, turn off the light!
"Well Alexey, wait a minute," Max said, got up from the couch and went to the switch.
He clicked one, the second, the third, and in the penthouse there was a total darkness. But not for long. A minute later a lot of balls were lit up under the ceiling of large and small ones, and different lights were poured from them: blue was replaced by green, green - yellow, yellow - red, red - white, and everything began again.
"Do you see me well?" asked Lesha.
"Yes," said Kate.
And that hour from the multitude of columns that were installed in all places flowed smooth and easy classical music. But she did not interfere, but vice versa. I wanted to speak and speak under it. Now, for example, Mozart sounded. A kind of symphony, which set up a good intimate conversation.
"It′s for mood and communication," explained Lesha.
"Yes, I already understood it myself," Kate said. "Do not be a stupid girl!"
"Well, if you′re not as stupid as you say," Lyosha stood up and handed Kate his hand.
"Follow me," he said when she took it.
They walked into the penthouse. They walked and walked. And then they stood in front of some stairs.
"Take off your shoes," he ordered, and he himself was the first to give an example to get rid of his slippers.
Kate obeying Lesha, unlocked her shoes and left them next to Lesch′s sneakers.
"Okay, now I′m barefooted," she said happily.
"Follow me," said Lyosha and led her along the stairs.
- Brotherhood, Egor, Olga, Zhenya, Oksana and all! he shouted into the penthouse. "Go up to our fountain." And bring boxes of champagne here!
He led Kate to some very round platform on the second floor of the penthouse with handrails and six benches standing near these railing.
"Put your clothes here," said Lesha and pointed to one of the shops. - Take off your goal.
Kate was very embarrassed.
"Lesha, how can you do that?" You would first care for me!
"Kate and I will swim in the fountain and make love." Naked. But if you want, I′ll get you a swimsuit.
"No, no," Kate stopped him. - Naked so naked (and she was already unbuttoning the button on her blouse). And where is the fountain? I do not see any fountain here.
Lesch clicked a button on this round platform and the floor under them began to dissolve. He disappeared and opened a deep well filled to the very top with water. It was just a miracle. The bowl was large and large. It could swim and dive as long as the soul would like. In the very center of this cup was a pillar. He rose to the surface. Above the surface there were several bowls of which water really began to splash. It was a fountain, but what a beautiful one. Yes, as everything was thought out. The water rained the water in the fountain, but did not flood the shops near which Kate stood.
- That′s great! - only she could say what she said.
"Kate, let′s undress," Lyosha said, and coming to his girlfriend began to help pull off her shirt.
He returned with some kind of box and was impatient. While Kate was thinking about why he became so impatient and that in that box, he pulled off her blouse, pulled down the black skirt in which she was dressed and Kate remained in one bra and panties.
"Lesha, I′ll undress, I′ll undress," she assured him. - You′re better yourself .... addition ... .shadow.
Only she turned away and turned again, as she saw that Lesha was completely naked (apparently, throwing clothes for him was a trifle). And he held out a bottle of champagne to Keith. Said, "Wait," unscrew the cork, slapped it and poured some of the foam into the pool and handed Kate a bottle without a cork.
"What kind of champagne is Lesch," Kate asked, flattered that she was finally treated to champagne.
"It′s Kristall," Lesha answered calmly. - You know that?
Kate smiled.
- Is it true "Crystal"? - she asked, and turning the bottle in her hand read the "Crystal".
- Yes, and let′s drink already. Today we have a lot to drink and a lot to remember.
He unscrewed his head at his bottle, poured a foam over the pool and, applying to the neck, took a few good sips. Then he took a few steps on some sort of ladder and found himself in the water on the hip.
- Lesh on what are you standing there? Kate asked with interest.
She looked into the fountain and splashed it immediately. But she saw a small round bezel around the bowl, on which stood Lesha. And a second later it turned out that there were also round seats along the wall, because Lesha sat down and was in the water to the very chest. I took a sip from the bottle and said: "Good!". Then he looked at Kate and exclaimed with irritation:
- Kate, are you going to swim in panties and a bra, or do not you want to celebrate with me this day !!!
"Now, now," Kate hurried.
She briskly unfastened the bra behind her and pulled off her panties. I put my things on a dry seat along the railing, and, having descended the same staircase, approached Lesha. In her hands was a bottle.
"Mister move," she said. "Otherwise, I′ll have to sit right on your lap."
Lesha with great reluctance moved and Kate sat next to him. And found that the sidushka under it from the tile, it′s oval made under the ass and that the most important thing is warm. Not knowing what to do, or to say Kate took a sip from her bottle and suddenly found that the carbonated drink in it was sweet, light and unusually pleasant. Yes, the "Crystal" did not go in any comparison with the usual champagne.
Suddenly, sitting in this font, under the splashing fountain, as if under the warm spring rain, under this light-emitting love pouring from the ceiling Kate felt very good. As if on some extremely pleasant underwater disco, in a major, but far from pretentious club. Everything here was in moderation. Even I did not want to dance for the time being. And there was no need to shout at all.
- Lesha, and we do not get drunk with this "Crystal" and will not drown in the pool later? Kate asked.
"Everything is not calculated," answered Lesha. - We can only feel light hop, but strong alcoholic intoxication - never. Hop and gaiety, for good stories, but so that the head is spinning, or the nausea would not begin this. We must drink and fumble all night and none of us can be cut out. I specially tuned it here so much.
"I see it′s some kind of magic again, right?"
- Quite accurately, you can not say more precisely - magic.
They clinked glasses and drank for magic.
- And how many bottles do you have, Lesch?
- From this we got 2, and there are 8 left. And 5 more boxes we have. So only 60 bottles. I think this will be enough for us to spend this night decently. If anything remains, it will be a gift to the hotel for the patience of such annoying lodgers.
- I think it was an honor for the hotel - guests like you.
- And I have the same opinion. Will we have a drink?
They again clinked glasses and again took a sip.
- How much does this pleasure cost, I wonder?
- 37.000 one bottle.
Kate choked and a foam came from her nose.
- Lesha ...
- Yes, I know, Kate, we are very shikuem. But you understand us, this is our last day in your world and we must celebrate it well. And then I wanted to drink and drink with you naked in this fountain.
- Lesch, I have now become a very rich woman, but I would not venture to such a waste. And by the way, why did not you show me this fountain before? It′s such a chic place.
"That′s why I did not show it." There was no occasion. Coast to the last. So that you and we were more pleasant.
"Well, Lesch, your surprise was a success," Kate said, and again kissed her bottle.
"Katie," Lyosha whispered in his ear and laid his hand on her hip. "Well, let′s recollect some stories from the past." Until the guys came. We came here for these stories.
- Lesch, do not paw me. Do not get excited, "she said coldly and demandingly, and took her hand off her own leg. "You′ll still have time." Keep your strength until I myself ask you about it.
- You will ask ?! greedily flashed Lyosha′s eyes.
- Even as I ask! she gleamed greedily. "I′ll just get rid of you!" I′m jumping on you! I′ll fuck you for life and until I′m full!
"Thank you, Katie," said Lesha, and kissed his darling on the lips.
"Always please," she smiled and kissed him. - I myself was very much waiting for this sex, and I dreamed about it.
"Dreams have a property to come true," said Lesha, and took a sip from his bottle.
"In general, you know, I remembered our acquaintance, so I thought - that they want to rape me," said Kate, noticeably sad. "Do you remember our acquaintance with Lesha?"
"Of course," Lesha laughed with laughter. "You still fought with me there."
"I was ... fighting ..." Kate was even sadder. "I do not really know how to fight, and then I decided ... I′ll stand up for myself until the last ... I′ll be all beaten up, bloodied, tired, but they′ll get my body only through my corpse." Oh my God, Lesha, I′m ashamed, I behaved like a fool ... if I knew that this is the best thing that happened in my life ... I would have thought with my brains ... forgive.
"But it all ended well, after all?" Asked Lesha. "You′re friends with us and now you drink Crystal in our penthouse."
"Yes." Kate nodded.
- And I love you and you love me?
"Yes." Kate nodded again.
- And do I have good guys?
Kate nodded for the third time. Lesha embraced her waist, and when she looked into his eyes, kissed her on the lips.
"I even thought that this World knows women well," Kate said, plunging into memories.
She embraced her Alexei, throwing a second hand over him, and again drank from her bottle.
"You want to do it right here ... on this rim ... under these sprays."
- Why not - nodded Lesha. - I want you Kate Walker.
"Then, my dear man, put the bottle on the dry floor." And I′ll put mine on my own.
They put the bottles together. Next Kate put Lesha on the seat and asked:
"Do you already have it?"
- And how! - Lesha smiled.
"That′s good," Kate smiled. - There will be a rider, okay. And please hold me tightly - because I can jump out of the "saddle" and break my neck.
"I will hold you tight," promised Lesha.
Kate threw a leg over him and took a member in her hand and sent it to her vagina. Strongly squeezed into Lesha and a member entered it at the very bottom.
- Hold on! she ordered. - Now there will be a very steep jump!
And it began. And it would continue. And Lesha would have enjoyed the uplifting breasts of a pretty rider; and Kate would have enjoyed the growing sense of warmth and bliss in her stomach, had they not been interrupted by a mocking cry:
"Just look at them!" They′re already fucking!
Eyewitnessed Zhenya Saurov.
- As it is possible with a live wife!
It was Olga Kulibina.
Immediately, Kate all squeezed into Lesha and trembled with fear:
- Olenka, Olenka, forgive me, I just really wanted to, very much! She said quickly.
"Yes, it′s all right," said Olga, starting to undress. - I Leshe decided this sex. And you are allowed, too.
"You can continue," said Zhenya Saurova, who had already undressed before her cowards.
However, Lesha and Kate did not continue. They dismantled their bottles, sat away from each other and did not even look in the eyes like punished schoolchildren.
Here, the naked guys descended the stairs to the rim of the fountain and began to sit down. Olya, seeing that a place had been formed between Lesha and Kate, he immediately occupied it. Zhenya sat down to the left of Kate, Yegor settled himself next to Zhenya. Near Max and Oksana sat Lesha.
- Well, what do not you continue, - Olga asked, nestling to her bottle. - It looked great too.
- What did the hunt say! Growled Lesha.
- And I understand. A legitimate wife came and spoiled sex with her favorite heroine of a computer toy. So?
Lesha once again grumbled something and this time no one understood him, even probably he himself. And Kate said this:
- Olya, I feel like a thief! I steal your husband from you!
"Look, this is not stealing and no betrayal. Lesha loves me. He loves you too, but I am in his life # 1. It′s clear.
"Forgiven," Kate asked with a smile, and threw back the curl of hair that hung on her face.
Olya nodded, and then suggested:
"Lesha, but you know, do something for me." So that there are no stones of conscience.
- For what do you tolerate all this? Do you continue to love me? And you are not angry at all?
"It′s like taking pictures of this from a language."
"You can," smiled Alexei. - And what do you want? Maybe a bash on the bash. If I′m with Kate, you′re fucking with my guys and no offense.
Olya nodded and the smile on her face became wider.
"Is that what you want right now?"
Olya snorted.
- Well, of course not now. At me not so "scores" as at you. Then when "get drunk" and the mood will be.
"It remains to ask our children," said Lesha. - You guys do not mind?
- Max, you for fucking the wife of our beloved chef Oly Kulibin, or what?
"I am," Max grinned. - I still like "for"! With all your paws!
- Guys only I need a very high-quality sex, - Olga warned. - To work with full dedication and without any shirking.
"Ol, you know me - I will not let you down," Max said, and kissed his bottle.
- We will work as it should be Mrs. Olga Kulibina! Said Yegor.
Olga winced again:
- "Mistress" - it was superfluous!
- Hey guys! She said cheerfully. - You′re here, it seems, baiting etched about what was before. Well, let′s continue!
"I do not know where to start," Yegor admitted honestly.
Max was sitting in his seat, holding a bottle of "Crystal" in his hand and looking with interest at the company. Zhenya and Alexei simply drank from their bottles. Then the theme itself was submitted by Olya:
- Guys, do any of you remember what happened before arriving on the island of Siberia?
- No, very interesting, tell? Kate asked.
"I do not remember," Max shrugged.
"Me too," Egor echoed him.
Zhenya and Oksana simply did not say anything.
- In this then it′s all the matter - no one remembers what happened before arriving in Siberia. And our past lives, if they are remembered in snatches. We all woke up in Leshin′s Nissan-Limousine. All. Who was lying on the floor, who are on the chairs, who are on the couches. We went to the first department and found that the car was on some land. And there was a note on the driver′s seat. I remember her because she was short: "Hi guys. I′m your leader - Lesha Miro. I went to save Kate Walker. Thank you all for coming to my call. Do not go out, because the island can be cold. I will try to return quickly. Lesha. "
All were somewhat dumbfounded by the fact that Olga has such a good memory and the fact that the acquaintance of a small group began in this way.
- And what happened next? Tell me, Olga, "Kate asked.
- And then everyone started to get acquainted with each other, and try to remember how they got here. And all the attention to me. They ask: "Olga Valeryevna, what should we do now?". I say: "Once Lesha writes in a note that he is our leader, we must believe him. Since he writes about Kate Walker, it means that we all came here to help save her. And I think we should listen to his advice - just sit in the car and wait. It can be cold - this time. And the second - Lesha will explain everything to us when he comes back with this Kate. " I say, but I think myself - how everything is smooth and convincing. I′m leaving Leshin′s deputy. The second leader, so to speak. And then somehow I remembered that I was his wife.
Everyone was silent again for an indefinite time. We sat naked with bottles, irrigated by a spray of a fountain in this strange light-music, under Schubert, and then Yegor asked. And he asked how everyone understood about the most painful:
"Lesha, why all this?" We were free spirits, unrelated, and you called us to this life, gave us bodies and made us dance under our tune! Why Lesch?
Lyosha drank gloomily, and then said:
- This is the top of my selfishness guys. I′m a very lonely person in my world, I do not have friends like you. Just waiting, waiting for me to drive me crazy. That′s why I made you the heroes of your work. And I drag you from book to book. I thus hoped that something to learn about you and about yourself. And I am comforted by these stories. But sometimes it hurts so much from them ...
- Stop-stand, - stopped all Eugene Saurov. - All wrong. I think we should not blame Lesha, but thank him. After all, just think - who we were - simple disembodied spirits, to anyone and to anything not tied, we did not have a job about us no one knew ... And this guy he FEEL us. He gave us flesh and life in the pages of his work. Now we have a real job - the rescue of Kate Walker. We have this magnificent penthouse and champagne "Crystal" and it′s all he gave us almost in the kindness of the soul.
- Thanks to him, we saw New York early 21st century and visited the reality in which Kate lives. We visited Siberia and drove in his wonderful Nissan, "Max added.
"And I can hug my husband and say how dear to him," Olga Kulibina said. - And do not suffer in anywhere because we are not around.
"And if in his world I′m just a computer game character," Kate summed it up. - He gave me a real great life with the right to choose what I should be. He told me all these stories and showed his beautiful friends. And besides, you think only how much love, warmth and passion it took to create this "Siberia." Let′s drink to Lesha.
- For Lesha, - said five more sips and then the guys for some reason stood up with their bottles.
Lesch was very confused, blushed, and then he also jumped to his feet.
"Lesch, it does not matter who honors your work," Kate said. - It is important that we are here. We are your first readers, heroes and fans.
- We know this story as nobody better! said Yegor.
- We love you! Said Olga.
"We will always be with you!" - finished Oksana.
Lesha stood with the bottle even when his friends sat down. He was touched:
- Well, guys ... Well, you ... Well, I do not even know ... all these words ... what can I say ... thank you ... what to say ...
"Do not say anything to Leshenka," said Olga. "Just sit down." Sit down and drink. We are for you, and you are for us! Come on!
Her eyes were so radiant with happiness that Lesha immediately resigned himself. And then I took a sip of some champagne.
- Let Lesch tell us where he got such a love for Chrystal "Crystal", - asked Zhenya. - Not after Quentin Tarantino′s movie Four Rooms.
- And what is this story? - Kate immediately revived.
"Considering that in his real world he did not drink a single drop of Kristall," added Yegor.
"Tell me about this episode from the movie," Max said. - Drunk Quentin, his friends and the night porter about sharp as a devil′s cleaver ...
"Tell me, tell me," pushed Olga into the side of Lesha.
Oh, I want to hear this story, too," Kate said, clapping her hands. "Especially since I think I saw this movie!"
"Well, in general there really was such a story," Lyosha began. "I saw Tanantino′s Four Rooms." I looked several times. There was such an episode of "Man from Hollywood". The major and very rich director of whom Quentin played drank champagne "Crystal" and treated his friends. He said: "I hated champagne earlier, but" Crystal "tried it and I do not want anything else!"
"Tell me about the episode," Yegor said and reminded him. - "With a cleaver sharp as the devil himself ..."
"The night porter Teddy, who has all the film stuck in various alterations, but who is very fond of money, this time had to fulfill the role of executioner. He was holding a cleaver over the finger of a black friend, Quentin, because he argued with his friend on a brand-new car. He had to light his lighter ten times in a row, but he tweeted first - she did not light up - bang and his finger out of the way ....
Lesch performed it so theatrically that spectators froze with eager eyes, and when they said "bangs" they cried nervously. And then they laughed.
- And you know, I also watched this movie. He too is in our world, "Kate said, still laughing. - But I did not know ... I was racking my brains ... I did not expect that I would drink Crystal for this story.
- And let′s drink to Quentin Tarantino, - suddenly suggested Oksana. - I wish good health to this director both in this and in Leshin′s world. If this work comes to him, let him be pleased.
"For Quentin," everyone said in a friendly voice and drank.
- Still, explain why you decided to solder us exactly "Crystal" and in such quantity? - Olga asked.
- It was very simple, it was necessary to finish off our last day in the penthouse. I wanted a world booze and you seem to support me. I examined their entire wine card and found in the section expensive and elite champagne "Crystal". And ordered that the booze was really world.
"Ol, did it really cost $ 37,000 a bottle?" Kate asked.
"The truth is true," said Olga, applying her drink. - But the last box we were given for only 26.000 - made a discount for such a large order.
- Oh, my bottle is over! - she stated sadly.
"And I, too," Yegor supported her.
- And from me.

- I u menya.
- Vot i khorosho! – dovol′no skazal Lesha. – V etom i smysl, chtob oni konchalis′. Znachit teper′ slushayem menya: berem novyye butylki iz yashchika, snachala penoy poim nash fontan. Probku vykidyvayem nafig, a pustuyu taru stavim pod lavochki, gde nasha odezhda lezhit.
Chetvero rebyat u kotorykh konchilis′ butylki tak i sdelali. Dlya etogo sukhoy pol prishlos′ nemnogo namochit′, no potom oni snova byli v vode.
- Rebyata znayete, chto blizitsya k kontsu pervyy chas nochi, - soobshchil Lesha. – Nado sdelat′ chto-nibud′ smeshnoye. U kogo kakiye predlozheniya.
- Mozhet byt′, pomochitsya v fontan, - vdrug predlozhil Maks. – Ot samogo ser′yeznogo chlena gruppy. Khuliganstvo, nastoyashcheye khuliganstvo.
Devochki srazu zhe skrivilis′ i stali molotit′ Maksa v spinu i boka loktyami.
- Fu, Maks kak protivno! Kak tebe voobshche na um takoye prishlo?! - vzvizgnula Zhenya.
- My zhe vse sidim v etom fontane! – kriknula na nego Oksana.
- Poprobuy, - ulybnulsya Lesha i uspokoil svoikh devchonok. – Pust′ Maksim poprobuyet.
Maks vstal, napryagsya, no mocha ne polilas′ iz yego chlena.
- Ey….a….chto takoye…Lesha chto takoye?
- Osobaya magicheskaya nastroyka, - s ulybkoy povedal Lesha. – Kak tol′ko komu nibud′ iz nas zakhochetsya pisat′….rovno cherez minutu vse ischezayet iz yego mochevogo puzyrya…tak i khodit′ nikuda ne nado i nam vsem legche.
- Nu spasibo Lesha, - pokhvalila by yego Zhenya. – Obossal by nam seychas vse vesel′ye. Sadis′ uzh Maks.
- YA prosto popytalsya chto to sdelat′, - skazal Maks skonfuzheno i uselsya nazad pod vodu.
- Spasibo Maks, mne kazhetsya eto vpolne zabavnoye khuliganstvo. Pervyy chas zakonchilsya.
Elektronnyye chasy, kotoryye byli vyvesheny nad fontanom, pokazyvali 00:57.
- YA khochu poplavat′, - skazala Keyt i nyrnuv v fontan ushla na glubinu.
Pyat′ minut ona pleskalas′ i Lesha s kompaniyey tol′ko mogli videt′ yeye nagoye smugloye telo, kotoroye kak rybka plavalo sleva napravo, sprava nalevo, na glubinu i vverkh, a potom ona vynyrnula u nog Ol′gi Kulibinoy i poprosila:
- Mozhno ya u tebya Leshu odolzhu?
- Mozhno, no obyazatel′no s vozvratom, - predupredila Ol′ga i povernuvshis′ k Leshe potselovala yego v shcheku. «Idi i udovletvori yeye». – prosheptala ona gubami.
- And from me.
- That′s good! Said Lyosha rather. "That′s the point, too, that they end." So now listen to me: we take the new bottles from the box, first by foam our fountain. We jam the cork, and put empty containers under the benches, where our clothes are.
Four guys who ran out of bottles did so. To do this, the dry floor had to be slightly wet, but then they were again in the water.
"The guys know that the first hour of the night is nearing the end," said Lesha. "We must do something funny." At whom what offers.
"Maybe he′ll piss in the fountain," Max suddenly suggested. - From the most serious member of the group. Hooliganism, present hooliganism.
The girls immediately twisted and began to thresh Max in the back and sides of his elbows.
"Oh, Max, how disgusting!" How do you even come to mind this? - Zhenya yelped.
"We are all sitting in this fountain!" - Oksana shouted at him.
"Try it," smiled Lyosha and reassured his girls. - Let Maxim try.
Max stood up, tensed, but urine did not pour from his penis.
- Hey ... .a ... .chto that ... Lesha what is it?
"A special magical setting," Lyosha said with a smile. - As soon as anyone of us wants to write ... .just in a minute, everything disappears from his bladder ... so we do not need to go anywhere and everything is easier for us.
"Well, thank you, Lesha," Zhenya would have praised him. "I would have slandered all the fun now." Sit down, Max.
"I just tried to do something," Max said, confused and sat back under the water.
"Thanks Max, I think this is quite amusing hooliganism." The first hour is over.
The electronic clock, which was hung over the fountain, showed 00:57.
"I want to swim," Kate said, and plunged into the fountain to the depths.
For five minutes she splashed and Lesha and the company could only see her naked swarthy body, which swam like a fish from left to right, right to left, to the depth and upwards, and then she emerged at Olga Kulibina′s feet and asked:
- Can I borrow from you Lesha?
- It is possible, but it is obligatory with a return, - Olga warned and turned to Lesha and kissed his cheek. "Go and satisfy her." She whispered.

Lesha plunged into the water and floated with Kate for a while. He dived to the very bottom and watched as she splashed on the surface. Saw her whole, then some parts of her body. I saw her beautiful long legs, belly, waist, chest and head. Then Kate dived to the very bottom and kissed Lesha on the lips. And suddenly he pulled her behind him and they went out into a dry place.
They were in some big air bubble, they could freely walk on the bottom of the fountain, breathe air and look from the bottom to the top. Kate just stared for a while. On the walls of the fountain, too, were burned some multicolored light bulbs, so there was enough light and it was easy to see what was happening on top. And at the top sat five young naked people and drank the "Crystal". Kate could see their legs and even tried to hear something from their conversations. But the water muffled speech, so the sounds were muffled.
"What a sight," she gasped. - Lesha this bubble is also your idea. And especially for sex, yes.
Lesch nodded and lay down on the bed that lay on the floor. She was special for lovers in the form of a big red heart.
Kate knelt beside him.
"I want to talk to you a little," she said.
"Let′s get on better with sex, after thirty minutes the bubble will melt and we′ll be under water again - do not waste time!"
- I promise you, first a couple of questions, and then sex. This is our last time, do you understand this?
- I understand.
"And will not you pester me and ask for more?"
- I will not.
"I will not heal from you?" Will you do it without gum?
"No, it′s completely out of the question." Therefore, we do not need condoms.
- Good. Just say something nice to me sometimes. Or bite your ear. It′s so light. I love it.
- Good. Everything will be at its best.
"What do you want, Lesha?" What sex?
- I want the oral. Then vaginal in four poses. And at the end anal.
Kate made a face.
- Fu, Lesch, anal - it′s so dirty and disgusting. And it hurts to the same. Maybe we will not.
"Kate, but it′s such a memory." And from him the pleasure is more than simple sex, I tell you.
- Lesch, just do not want to. Besides, I never had this. And I′m just afraid.
- I know a few techniques that will relax you. Make the penetration less painful, and you will get the most pleasure.
- But I do not know. But you′ll piss me off. And the vagina and anus, is it?
- Coming.
Lesha leaned back against the pillow of his pastel, and Kate leaned over his cock. And then she said:
- And you know what, if you want anal sex, then work on me right now. Heat me up!
And she leaned back against the pillows. "Good," said Lesha, and with a submissive air he ducked under her belly. And licked and so well penetrated his fingers that Kate wound up and had already two times finished. She threw it back to the pastel and sucked a cock, warming up Lesha and winding it to the limit. Then she sat on it and jumped, shaking with her hair and breasts, dropping fresh drops of sweat, moaning and squealing with pleasure. Then she got on all fours and ordered: "Fuck me in the ass!" And purposely spread her buttocks. Lesch tried on and entered her dense ring of anus. He prompted her to lie down, rubbed the ring with her fingers, smeared it with her saliva and entered it completely. Kate really really got it started, and she immediately flowed. She stood on all fours and squealed with delight, and Lesha thrust his piston into it, like a saber sheathing. In the end, he released in the ass Kate as much of his sperm, that her rectum was full and flowed over her buttocks. Kate relaxed and farted, and from her ass, Leshino burst out of her ass with a fountain, like a hot key from the soil. She made stains on pastels, and when she turned over on her back and did just one big spot, but she did not care anymore. There were five minutes left in this bubble, the sex was over and they were just talking.
- You know, anal sex for me was not so painful. I even liked it.
- I told you.
- Thank you. Just let′s agree that this is our last with you sex. I wanted it myself, and you wanted it too, but that′s the point we′re making, okay. You have a wife, and I will have a husband in four days.
- OK, deal. I actually do not want more. Just talk to you.
- Oh, it′s always please. We′ll talk more. And say nice to fuck your favorite computer heroine?
- Oh, how - you have such a strong and beautiful body, every sigh of yours and these squeals (a bit eccentric, but add to your charm). Sex with you is beyond praise! Thank you, Kate!
"Please, Lesch!" I would very much like you to fuck with his wife!
- With Olya? In this bubble?
"Exactly!" It was with Olya and in this bubble! Do it at the end of our night! So I will be calmer. You will return to your wife, and she will not have a stone on me. Still, I promised - I returned her husband!
"All right, Kate, I promise!"
- That′s all right! And I′ll drink to each of you and for your marriage!
"Do not say" marriage "! Thisooooooo-waw-waw-waw
At that moment the air bubble melted around them and they found themselves in the water. And there was nothing else in the water. The air disappeared, the pastel in the form of a heart disappeared and there was only the bottom of the fountain illuminated by colored lights and they. Nothing remained to rise to the surface.
They surfaced and were immediately met with separate applause and a question:
- Well, how good was the time friends - lovers?
The question was superfluous, as the team perfectly saw exactly how Lesha and Kate spent their time. And Lesch and Kate briskly pulled themselves up on their arms and climbed on the rim. And then they took their places - to the left and to the right of Olga Kulibina (no one even thought of taking their places).
"What are we drinking for now?" - Oksana asked, raising her "Crystal".
"Remember a story," Lyosha said indifferently.
Here the whole society rebelled.
- Hey. Why do we have to strain our minds ?! Said Max.
- You drive the story! - demanded Oksana.
"Did I not say anything?" Asked Lesha, embarrassed.
"You are the leader - with you and demand more," Olga retorted.
- Well, I′ll tell you the story of writing Siberia. How do you like that? Suggested Lesha.
Everyone nodded and patted on the bottles (such an attempt of approval), but Lesch understood their gesture.
- First of all, I played enough in "Siberia" and "Siberia 2". I had a desire to continue and logically finish the adventures of Kate. This idea visited me when I went to take out the garbage. The same evening I started my new book - "Foreword" is the introductory scene before the acquaintance and the picture attached to it - this is where Kate weeps says good-bye to friend Ganst Vorarberg before his mammoths carried away. The next day I was sitting on the bench of our handsome man, the district of Star- gorod and thought. It was a quiet, warm autumn evening - there was not even a rain. On the one hand - it′s cool to write a fanfic about Kate, about yourself and about your friends, and on the other hand figs knows how it will look then, whether it will be sold, and whether I will not leave on the road half. It was in 2014.
- Well, how did Lesch fail to leave? Yegor asked.
"I left Siberia 3 for a while, but then I always returned to it," Lesha continued. - Recently, he took the fashion to cook 3 pages a day, or even more.
- When do you plan to finish? Max asked.
"In April 2018, it will definitely be ready," said Lesha. "There′s nothing left."
"Come on, let′s write," said Olya. - Write and do not think about anything. When you write, both we and Kate live thanks to you. And do not worry about the fans. There are those who will appreciate. We have already appreciated your work.
- Autumn 2014 and spring 2018 - it turns out four years, - Max counted. - Probably, worthy work.
"There′s more chatter in it, of my fantasies, but there′s truth, too," Lesha denied.
- What kind of plan do you have for this year? Kate asked.
- Write four books and one publish. I have already written one book, now I am finishing the second one. And the book is now in the process of publication, - Lesha boasted.
"Let′s drink to Aleksei the writer," Kate suggested.
And everyone supported it:
- For Alexei - a writer! said everyone in chorus.
A little pause, and then Yegor drank from his bottle and asked:
"Kate, can I ask you about the last farewell sex?"
"Yegor, you see, what′s the matter," Kate said. - I decided that I will have sex with only one person. With Lesha. And everything has already happened. No repetition and continuation. And this applies to all. I really love and respect you guys, but you also love and respect me. And please do not be angry, I really really love you!
- It′s clear! Sighed Yegor.
- Clear! Agreed Maxim.
"Well then the boss′s wife remains," Yegor suddenly remembered.
- Exactly, - Maxim answered him and the very first turned to Olga. - Olga Valerievna, give us the best and most unforgettable sex in life. Please, eh?
Olga looked at him and at Yegor, and then looked at Lesha and her eyes shone with secret joy.
- Lesha, can I poblyaduyu a little? She asked permission.
- And what is "pob ... pancake ... bli ... nyu", eh? Kate asked immediately.
"Never mind, it′s a Russian swear word," Olga said immediately. - I′m just asking my husband if I can have a little sex. Very much it would be desirable also he promised me!
- Olya, only not more than 30 minutes. An air bubble will be on the bottom for 35 minutes, if you want to chat, but most importantly do not forget that this is all your hobbies, but a real husband - me and I love you very much.
- I love you too much, - Olga answered and passionately kissed Alexei on the lips. "I will always love and never fall out of love!"
"I believe you and I let you!" Do not lose your time, "said Lesha.
Olga immediately dived to the bottom of the fountain, followed by Egor and Maxim.
The electronic clock on the wall showed: 01:56.
Lesha, Kate, Zhenya and Oksana settled comfortably on their underwater seats, drank Kristall and watched the sex between Olga Kulibina, Egor Ptashka and Max Potashev in the air bubble under their feet. They saw what a strong and flexible body in Olga, how it appears in various poses, partly even caught moaning, screaming and groaning for which they were generous. Then they lay and just talked. Unfortunately, the water muffled their speech and it came in an illegible form, but Lesho did not need it - he knew for sure that they were discussing it, Olga and Kate. The guys asked if it would be good to change Lesha, after his fornication with Kate, to which Olga snorted and said that there was no betrayal or fornication.
- Lesch you have a very beautiful wife. Let′s drink to her, "Kate suggested.
"For this please, always," said Lesha, and he tinkled his bottle with Kate. - For my beautiful Olga - his wife, which is no more!
After a while they surfaced. Olga pleased returned to her place and took her pop-open bottle of "Crystal"
- Wow, well, time spent! - smiling and puffing, said Olga.
"I love you, Olga," said Lesha.
- Yes my you good! - Olga exclaimed and with her free hand embraced him. "Here′s a husband, whom I will not exchange for all the treasures of the world!"
- I drink for you Olga Kulibina!
- And I′m for you Alexei Miro!
Everyone kissed the bottle and drank a little from it.
"Wow, that′s good!" - exhaled Lesha.
- That′s for sure, well then how! - Olga breathed out.
Then they kissed. In the lips and with tongues. Then Olga just leaned against Lesha, sipped her "Crystal" and blissfully closed her eyes.
"And by the way, you will still have sex," Kate said. - You and Lesha. He promised. At the end of the night.
- What?! I have sex, with this little man ?! exclaimed Olya. - Yes this is just awesome news! I have not had such a gorgeous night!
About what she thought, she got up from her seat and turned to Lesha:
- Dear husband, I can sit on your knees, it seems to me that I′m a wife and that′s how it should sit!
- Yes please! - Lesha has resolved.
- And hug me with your second hand! She demanded. - And hold tight to yourself, as if I at any time can fall out of the "saddle". And do not forget to drink! For my health!
Having said this, she burst out laughing and giggly. And took a sip from her bottle. Also has complained, that at it all has terminated.
But Lyosha could not bring her a new bottle, because she was crushed by her weight. She herself is not - not a royal matter. Max Potashev climbed up, doused the dry floor and brought four bottles at once (to her, Lesha, Kate and Oksana, who also ended up), she drank the foam with a foam and gave it to her friends.
Kate and Lesha and Olga who sat on it were drinking and listening to Liszt′s charming music, and Maxim and Egor, who still wanted sex, began to persuade Oksana and Zhenya. And then they all coaxed Lesha to create his underwater air bubble. Then they dived and sailed to this bubble.
Lesha looked with pleasure at Zhenya′s lean skinny body and Oksana′s plump body, listened to the four lovers groaning beneath their feet and thought how the boys were doing well there.
"For the team," he said quietly, picked up the bottle and sipped a little.
- What you said? - Olga asked, who sat on her knees for half an hour if not more and stubbornly did not want to get down.
She was busy chattering with Kate Walker, but what she needed to hear.
- I said: "for the team," repeated Lesha. - I′m glad that my boys and girls are now getting sexual satisfaction.
"He′s just happy for them," Kate said.
"And I can satisfy their needs," said Lesha. - Both sexual and physical and emotional - I hope.
For a while the three of the young people were silent, and then Olga said:
- And it is right. The fact that such a company has such a leader. Lesha did not in vain name the leader and he fulfills these duties. He tells us where to go and what to do, he watches so that all of us feel good. I drink to our team and our commander!
And she picked up the bottle.
- For the command and commander! Kate joined in.
They drank. I drank a second time and Lesha.
"And what do you drink," Yegor′s head suddenly asked cheerfully, which emerged from the fountain.
And he, and Max, and the girls finished their "business" much earlier than planned.
Olga and Kate retold their toast and had to drink a third time to Lesha, because the whole team wanted to immediately put on their bottles.
"Olya, be so kind as to see how long," asked Lesha. - I do not see.
- On the clock 03:00, - Olga said indifferently and returned to her trembling with Kate. "So what did you say about him ...?"
"Wait," Kate said. "Lesha, why are you looking at your watch all the time?"
- At five in the morning we rent a penthouse, - said Lesha. "So we′re only two more hours."
"Why five?" - rang the roar of disgruntled voices. "Can not be any longer."
- It′s good at 5:30, but at 6:30 we have to be evicted. And then we′ll go to Kate.
"This is another matter!" So it is necessary! Time will suffice! - There were voices in the answer.
"I like that, too," Kate finished.
At this time, Zhenya and Oksana smiled slyly at each other, whispered and themselves agreed on something with each other. The word was kept by Zhenya:
- Leshenka, sex was excellent, but we are not completely satisfied! We want more!
"Have sex with our commander, with you!" - Oksana picked up. - So let′s dive into our magic air bubble ... And provide us with the best group sex!
- I would be glad of the girls, - said Lesha after a few seconds of meditation. - But they pressed me down.
It was true - Olga Kulibina was still sitting on it and did not want to get down anywhere.
"He will not go anywhere!" Sorry the girls, but now it′s mine! She said, turning to her friends.
Two sighs of disappointment swept over the fountain.
"Girls, he′s accumulating strength," Kate explained. - For the sake of sex with his wife, who will be at the end of this hour. I did the right thing, did not I?
- Correctly! Olga answered with a smile and a gleam in her eyes.
- Still as it is correct! Agreed Lesha and drank from his bottle.
Meanwhile, Olga continued cheerful chatter with Kate. And then suddenly, as if remembering, she turned to Lesha and asked:
- Is everything alright my dear? Is not it hard for you? Do not you put too much weight on yourself - your wife Olga Kulibina?
- No, Olya, this burden is not heavy, but pleasant to me. And I will carry it that would not happen next.
"But this is the right answer," Olga said and flashed her husband gaily on the nose. - Worthy answer. The answer of the real husband. Let′s drink my dear.
They crossed the bottles and drank again. Olga from Leshina, and Lesha from Olga.
Then she turned back to her friend Katie and continued her gay fun with her. And Lesha did not have the opportunity to get up and leave, so as not to listen to this chatter. He was reliably crushed by the weight of Olga and had to endure and listen. When it was especially difficult to drink a little. He ran out of the bottle again, but Zhenya brought the faithful assistant. And at the same time she gave Olga, who also had a drink.
A minute later, Olga shifted to Lesha. Her face twisted with the pain she was experiencing.
"I want to write Lesha," she said nervously.
"My dear, I beg you, have one minute," Lesch asked.
- Yes, indeed, as it became easier. I do not want to go to the toilet. And what have you come up with. It again what is the "setting" of yours?
And no longer thinking about it, she again continued a merry thrill with Kate.
Egor, Maxim and Oksana also talked, only Zhenya was silent. She remembered something. I remembered and remembered. And then her face lit up with a joyful smile. She raised her hand and said: "Gentlemen, I ask for a moment of your attention!" No one heard her. I had to say it again and louder.
Zhenya only went on for the fourth time:
- Gentlemen, guys, my friends, well, hear me at last !!! I have something interesting for you !!!
All voices died down, only the sound of drops falling into the water and the music of Bach remained.
"Well, we listen to you," Max said.
"I have one entertaining story for our society," said Zhenya, very pleased, as if she had already been praised or hung an honorable award on her breast.
"We are listening," said Lesha.
"And get ready to drink." For Olya. Since the story will be about her., - Zhenya began. - You all heard that he wrote fanfic "Siberia 3" about all of us, but there is another fanfic "The Last Journey of the Gliding". There was a series in the world of Lesha "Sliders" and he dedicated it to himself and the heroes of this series.
- "Sliders"? Kate asked and thought. "I remember something." There was a similar series in our world. So what′s next? Tell me, Zhenya do not.
"So this is the most interesting thing," said Zhenya. - The heroes of his fanfic. There were all the sliders, then he wrote there "guests" - I know for sure that I, Max Potashev, Egor Ptashka and my adored Olga Kulibina. You understand what that means. He can not forget her. NATURALLY CAN NOT. She is with him in every work. He loves her so much that ...
Zhenya could not finish the conversation, as the clever society raised her bottles and said in chorus: "For Olga Kulibina!" "Oh, how much has been drunk for me today!" Olga said with a noticeable amount of irony and kissed her drink.
"It′s strange, but how can I not remember this, if the story is about me?" - Olga asked.
- Yes, and I remember the fragments. I remember that this fanfic is already ready and seems to have already been translated into English, "said Zhenya.
"Oh, but you can read to me," Kate said quickly.
"I′ll try for you," promised Lesha.
"You can remember something else," Olga asked.
"I do not need to tell myself," Lesha did not wait until Zhenya remembers. "I had two wives there, you and Wade Wells." I called her Wade Wells-Miro.
- Oh you! Olga boiled up and threw her lightning bolt at Lesha.
"Forgive me," said Lesha, ashamed. - But this is only a fanfic. Literary fantasy. In real life, my wife will be you.
"Can not you see anyone else in this role?" Max asked.
"No one," Lesha confessed.
"Well, I forgive you, my fornicated husband," Olga condescended to her mercy. "And did you say that Wade got on well with you?"
"You were best friends," said Lesha.
"Oh, I really want to read it," Kate said. - Lesha give me the Sliders, please!
"I remembered," I remembered, "Zhenya′s face lit up with joy. - There were two more of his daughters. About Pauline and Zhenya. He described their characters a little, told about their past and so on.
- Oh, I even wanted to read more! - Kate woke up. "Lesha, please!" Do not forget!
The next toast was: "For the daughters of Alexei - Polina and Zhenya!" All amicably drank, and then talked about their again.
The night was over and Olga finally got up from her husband′s knees and said: "Well, my husband, now fulfill the marital duty!" And without adding anything more, she dived into the fountain. Lesha - nothing remained - dived after her.
Kate, Zhenya, Oksana. Egor and Maxim looked at the air bubble pouting at the bottom and at a beautiful couple having sex. Their bodies were beautiful and athletic, and sex is just a feast for the eyes. They looked at the sequence of poses that replaced each other and listened to the sounds that came to the surface. And again they drank for Alexei and Olga. To look at them was nice (especially since they did not repeat), and then it was nice to see this couple lying on the pastel in the form of a heart and trying to guess what they are talking about.
"They say that now it′s all over and it′s sad," Yegor guessed.
"It′s really sad," said Zhenya.
"And most of all," Kate said, and dropped a tear into the water. "I will never have friends like you!"
And she drank it. But this time from grief.

Lesha and Olga climbed to the surface, pulled themselves up on their arms and again climbed on the rim.
- Well, do guys keep drinking and having fun? - he asked.
"The night has already ended," said Yegor. - Soon we will gather and leave this kingdom of luxury and classical music.
"Well, then, drink last, and remember how good it was for us," Olga said.
She sat down in her seat and embraced Lesya by the waist, and did not drink, but just pressed herself against him and closed her eyes in bliss. Lesha did not drink any more. He put the bottle on the dry floor, only occasionally looked at it and did not regret anything. He embraced Olga with both hands and at this moment thought that they are very similar to the old couple - the happiness is not to get drunk, do not fuck. And just be together and appreciate the moment. Zhenya and Maxim also embraced and sat for a while - then Zhenya exclaimed "We′re the youngest Max! We should have fun! "They jumped into the fountain and just swam in it. Apparently decided to swim in it to satiety. Yegor and Oksana whispered about something excitedly and there was no one to whom they did not care. Kate was drinking and the farther she grew depressed. She was pushed into the shoulder by Olga and smiled in a friendly smile and asked: "Hey girlfriend, why do we bury us ahead of time ?!" And Kate felt better.
And the Electronic clock on the wall showed 04:41.

Exactly at 05:10, Lesha built all on the dry floor, put on everyone, turned off the fountain, lit a conventional electric light and ordered the counted bottles to be drunk. Totally, 13 bottles of Chrystal champagne were drunk. Lesha said to start saying goodbye to the penthouse. He put all his belongings and 10 more bottles of "Crystal" in his diminishing briefcase. Then the guys came and brought their own things. They went around the whole huge penthouse and told each corner "bye." They closed the doors and left it forever.
Exactly at 05:30 the whole company was standing at the reception and handed over the keys. They were evicted. Another hour left to check the condition of the penthouse and report it. Lesha paid his last money with his gold card and said that the remaining 37 bottles of Chrystal "Chrystal" they just give the hotel - let them drink to their health. The hotel staff assured that it will be so. Lastly, they brought out a book of complaints and suggestions and asked to write something good about the hotel. Lesha wrote that he has no complaints, everyone is satisfied and signed. So did almost everything. Then they gave the book to Kate (she lived at the hotel for several years) - Kate wrote a whole page. She praised the service, especially noted their botanical garden and garage, wrote that in this hotel she realized her way and then what she should do in life, thanked everyone, put many exclamation marks and gave her sweeping signature. Everything, it remains only to fall into the garage for Nissan and Bentley Kate.

"My friends, we are homeless again," said Lesha to his company.
"Kate wants to take us home," Max said.
"And I′ll do it with great pleasure, only ..." Kate said.
- Just? - Olga asked.
"I want to drive you in my car." In a sign of deepest gratitude to my village "Verh prestige" I want three of my Bentley to go: Lesha you, you are Olga and you are Maxim. How are you guys?
"You just have a nice look, we′re going to have a final drive," said Olga Lesche with a smile and took his hand.
"Max, do you mind driving around with us?" Asked Lesha, looking at his friend.
"Yes, I probably do not mind," he smiled.
"Yes," said Lesha. "Somebody has to drive my car." Eugene, or Egor. Who!
"I′ll lead," Yegor said calmly.
"Excellent," said Lesha and gave his friend the keys.

Fifteen seven from the underground garage of the hotel "Marcel Pust" left two cars at once. "Bentley" dark red, ruby, color and behind it Leshin "Nissan".
Kate sat behind the wheel and was glad that on the streets of morning New York there were so few cars and not a single traffic jam.
"How good, how good," she said. - After your cocktail "Awakening", I do not feel that we spent the whole night without cutting eyes and drinking "Crystal". At me go and alcohol that in a blood now is not present.
This is it to the fact that Lesha immediately after everyone got dressed they collected empty bottles and threw them into the trash, lined up their friends in a row and gave each a glass with lilac liquid viscous viscous and having some kind of acute specific smell. Sam took a glass and said: "So now everyone drinks a cocktail" Awakening ". This so as not to feel tired and sleep! He puts on his feet instantly! "Everyone drank it and really felt much better.
- Lesha and not ashamed to steal your work? - Suddenly asked from the back of the seat Max.
"What work?" - Lesch did not understand (he was sitting next to Kate).
"The Planet of Monsters," Max said, and suddenly showed an amazing erudition. - Al, Jack, Alex and Max woke the entire army of four generals with this wonderful drink after a sleepless night before a decisive battle for the spaceship Alpha-9.
- Right! Exclaimed Kate and slammed the wheel. - I think then where this drink and where else was it ?! Now I have finally grown together! Exactly! Oh, you, Lesha!
"I′ll tell you more." He has a "Totra". And this is exactly from Stendery. He says that today he will water us and his stock is unlimited, "Max added. - Lesha, you may have the same suitcase and you are friends with Alekorsa Skrunt. Because, I think, only she could let go of such an order.
"Well, it can very well be very," said Lesha. He was sitting in front and no one saw him except Kate, but he blushed thickly.
"Well, my friend, I have no complaints against you," Max said, and shook Lesha from the shoulder with his shoulder. "You gave us a wonderful walk." Acquainted with Kate. Showed New York 2003 and 2008. I am very happy. I′m happy for everyone.
And so they went. We drove along the boulevards, intersections, main streets and long bridges. And "Nissan" from them did not lag behind. He stood at the crossroads with the Bentley, dragged along with it through the bridges, but did not overtake, but quietly clung to the tail and lagged behind only one car that did not long accompany this escort. Egor was an experienced driver and knew his business.
Here, New York ended and a dense forest began. Then the forest was over and a beautiful cottage-type settlement began. Kate briefly wandered through the interlacing of streets and high fences and stopped in front of a posh two-story house with a terrace, and when they came in, it turned out that both the pool and the kindergarten and children′s playground (Kate and Phil had already planned offspring).
"So is our village" Verh prestige ", here is my house," she said quite simply, getting out of the car and turning off the engine. - Have friends. Here you will spend your last day.

Four friends immediately took a liking to the pool. They were Max, Egor, Zhenya and Oksana. Azure, clean water in the pool seemed to them very seductive and Eugene already stood on tiptoe "Kate, you can! Katie, please! "
"My pool and chaise longues are at your disposal," Kate smiled and Zhenya screamed happily.
They immediately began to undress (and under the usual clothes were swimsuits), and then bombs with a joyful shriek flopped into the pool.
- Olga, Alexey. I have other plans for you, "Kate said. "Come with me, to my house."

It was still early morning, so the house was still dark in all the rooms, but Kate picked up her guests to the second floor in her bedroom, threw back the curtain and led Alex and Olga to their wide balcony. The view from it was amazing. And in the suns which was just rising from the horizon and the company of Lesha′s friends, who, like fish, splashed in the pool.
- How do you like Olya? Kate asked.
- Simply gorgeous! - Olga has gone. - Neither add nor subtract - beauty and harmony!
"That′s exactly what I thought when I took this house." There are such wonderful sunrises and such amazing sunsets. My whole bedroom seems to be filled with gold. Liquid gold, which flows from the walls. But I invited you and Lesha not because of this. More precisely not only because of this.
At this time behind her, a cell phone Kate was tapping. She was forced to leave.
"I′ll leave you for a while," she said. "Do not be bored."
And disappeared behind the white curtain of her bedroom.
For a while she was talking from her bedroom, then she simply went into another room. It was impossible to eavesdrop more, and it did not make sense - it would still tell everything.
- Have you been here Lesha? Before? Have you been here before? Asked Olya.
"Three or four times," confessed Lesha. - To be honest, I helped her choose this village. And then the furniture was transported.
"It′s strange, but where were we all?" We are here for the first time!
- Maybe in a botanical garden, maybe for a walk, or maybe they slept - but what′s the difference! Actually, Kate did not want you to be here before. She wanted it to be a surprise and on the last day.
"What a surprise she got," said Olga, smiling.
Kate returned to the balcony with the phone in her hands.
- My deputy Yakov Flemming called. You know this. In the publishing house everyone is worried and waiting for my arrival. But I told them that today I will not come - I have an important urgent matter. He got nervous, but I gave him a kick and said a couple of affectionate. He took himself in hand and said - it does not matter, we will manage without you. Lesch, Ol, have I done everything right?
She waited for two nods and finished.
- Thank God, those days passed when I scratched Jacob′s snot. Now he can do everything himself and without prompts. Just something to urge him with a strong obscene word.
- And what kind of mat you got him? - Olga asked.
- No, you do not think English also has good obscene words, secret words that pull the strings in his soul.
"It′s so good, they sorted it out," said Lesha. "Now take this phone and call your Phil." He must come too. The earlier the better.
"All right, I′m dialing," Kate said and dialed the number of her beloved.
Then Olga and Lesha only listened:
"Phil, this is me, my sun!" Well, sorry, that′s early! Well, do not be angry! Today is the last day when Lesha and his team in our world, and in New York ... then they fly away. Come Phil, without you, you can not. No, they can not wait. No, they will not stay at our wedding. I told them that already. You see, parting for them is very difficult and every new day ... yes, yes, Phil, one continuous flour. Lesha looked at me like that when he said that. I realized. Oops, thank you for understanding, too. Yes, Phil for the whole day, we will sit drinking the wine "Totre" (oh, you would know how I love it!) And fly away when the sun begins to roll over the horizon. Please cancel all your business and hurry to us, we are waiting for you. Yes, yes, Phil. "The top of prestige," you know where I live. All. All. We are waiting for you. Till.
"He′ll be at half past ten," Kate said, putting the phone down.
"Well, now," Lyosha smiled slyly. "What did you want to show us?" What brought you to this balcony?
"Oh, now," Kate realized. "Wait a couple more minutes."
Along with the phone she disappeared.
She appeared as she said, after two minutes, carrying something behind her back.
"Lesha," she said, kissing his cheek and saying something.
"Ole," she said, and kissed the girl on the cheek and handed her the second package.
Convictions were opened and on the hands of Olya and Lesha there were two books.
- "Siberia", author Kate Walker, - read Lesha embossed with gold letters on the cover.
"You did write and published it all," Olga said, beaming with happiness.
"A couple of days ago," Kate said proudly. "She has not yet arrived at the shops." I ordered 8 copies from my publisher. For all of us and one for Phil. He already got it. I have one for each of the guys, but I wanted you to be my first gifted readers.
- How cool, how great! - Olga jumped, put the book on a small coffee table and rushed to cuddle with Kate.
And Lesch perched on the railing of the balcony and turned it in his hands. First of all, a photo on the cover. On it was the island of Siberia, Leshin hovering over it, Nissan and the transparent faces of Lesha, Kate and Olga Kulibina.
- Who drew your cover Kate? - he asked.
- To be honest, it′s me. - Kate admitted. - I painted the Island and the Machine. Plus, I have a camera and I photographed all three of us. We have a guy in the publishing house Steve Bulaha - he′s just a master of such drawings. I cooked it in just three days. And I decided that she would remind me of you and you about me. How is she to you Lesch?
- The picture was simply gorgeous, - praised Lesha. "Thank you for such a gift to Kate." And itself, remember us more often.
Then he turned the book over. It was curious to read the annotation.
"Listen, here′s the abstract," he said. - "Do you think that the imaginary island" Siberia "can not be a reality? Then read the first book by author Kate Walker "Siberia" - a story that really happened to her and made you think about many things. In this book there is everything: the history of Kate when she was still a lawyer of the firm "Marson and Larmont", a trip to Siberia with Hans Vorarberg and rescue from her Lesya Miro and his team, as well as one day that completely changed her life. Read and you will not be disappointed. "
- Nothing so abstract, - praised Lesha. - I would read.
"Then read it!" - Both Kate and Olga told him in a chorus.
"And there are memorable signatures on the first page," Kate said. - Open it.
Lesha opened and read into the signature Kate made oblique sweeping underlining:
- "Lesha, I want you to remember the trip to Siberia. Just like me, and maybe even better. Read this book and read your book. Remember the main goals and secondary. The main thing is your friends, your affairs and your Kate. I love you! 21.05.2008 and the signature ".
"However, you have studied my character." Right in my spirit the message is done, "said Lesha. - I like.
"It′s so interesting, and what she wrote to me," Olga said, leaving her friend and picking up her book from the table.
"Olga, dear," she read. - I am so sorry. What you have to say goodbye (in tattoos was drawn a tear). However, you know wherever you are now, you will be with Lesha. He will not leave you. Or you′re already with him. I′m only happy for you, in that case! I love you, Olga Kulibina. Your Kate Walker. 21.05.2008 and the signature ".
"How touching!" said Olga and sobbed. "Kate, thank you!"
She cordially embraced her friend and did not let her go for a long time. And then Lesha and Olga took their books in their hands and for a long time looked at Kate with admiration:
"Kate, will you still write?" Asked Lesha.
"I do not know, maybe I will," Kate replied with a smile.
"Kate, and if Sibiria does not become a pointless," Olga asked. "Then what?"
"Olya does not care," Kate smiled lightly. "I wanted to write this book and I wrote it." I wanted to give it to my friends and I gave it to you. I was very pleased to write and give. And the rest is not important. Maybe in a hundred years or so my "Siberia" will become a classic.
"Kate, I envy your readers sincerely," said Lesha. "And you know, right now I wanted to look at your bookcase."
Putting his book on the table, he took Kate by the hand and wanted to lead him off the balcony, but she resisted:
"Lesh, what′s there to see?" It′s just a simple bookcase. Nothing special!
- And I say I must look! - and led Kate from the balcony.
And in her room said such a thing:
- You know, I started writing my "Siberia 3" when the first two parts of this game came out. I so wanted to finish it before the release of the game called "Siberia 3", but it did not work out. In my world, the creator of these games, Benoit Sokol released the third part of the game, when I just walked to the middle of my work.
Kate sat down on her bed and looked at the floor for a while. And then she looked up at Lesha and asked with a challenge:
"Did you download it again, Lesha?" So in fact!
- Well, of course. You know me, "smiled Alexei and sat down next to each other. - I have a game, but I can not get through it, because my computer does not support it. But I wanted to tell you about something else.
- Well, what is this "Siberia 3" about? Lesch, have you seen the passage?
"Not completely, but I know this in general terms." So there Kate has grown up very much, she is 29 years old, she somehow got out of Siberia herself and helps yukkolam, who must cross a single town of migrating ostriches.
- I suppose I reached my goal there?
- And how. Kate, that is, as always in your own beauty. I forwarded ostriches and yukkols, I solved many problems, and she myself was sent to a psychiatric hospital under the supervision of a severe doctor named Evdokimova.
"Sad," Kate sighed. "I know this very well." You do a good deed, but thanks in the end, no.
- Do not worry. Considering your living mind and ability to get out of trouble, you will leave that hospital and there will be "Siberia 4", or as we call it "Siberia".
"And I think our option is much better," Kate said.
- That′s it, - Lesha′s eyes glowed with joy. "You would know how important it was for me to hear those words!"
He put Kate in embrace and did not let her go.
"Okay, the closet is there," Kate said, and gave direction when the hugs were uncoupled.
Kate′s closet was large carved with glass and eight shelves. But Lesch himself was interested in the regiment on which his books stood. For him, a separate regiment was allocated and there was a "Stendery Trap", "Alien", "Planet of Monsters", "Robotron", "Robotron - 2", "Robotron - 3", "Robotron - 4", "Robotron - 5 "," Robotron - 6 "," Robotron - 7 "
"A complete collection of Stendery′s adventures," he said.
"I like their adventures," she said, coming from behind.
I hugged his back and pressed myself against him.
- How do you want to say "Do not go away!" - she said.
And at that moment Phil entered the room. This made Kate abruptly turn away from Lesha, and then rushed into the arms of her fiancé. And Lesch offered him his hand and said a word of greeting. Then Phil and Kate whispered aside, while Lesha, in the hands of a real magician, had a completely different book.
"Sliders," he said, waving a book in front of Kate′s nose. - In English. And completely yours. This is my farewell gift.
- My God, how great! - Kate whispered and immediately ran to the balcony to show off a gift.
On the balcony, they endlessly discussed and shared their impressions:
"Look, you look at the table of contents, the prologue, and the epilogue, 12 chapters and 400 pages," Kate said.
- Yes, everything is in such good English and there are pictures, - Olga said.
- And where about the daughters - Polina and Zhenya? Kate asked.
- Yes, here, yes, - Olga flipped through the whole book and found it at the very end. "Look at Polina Miro and Zhenya Sunsit-Vasnetsova." There is everything!
"Lesha thank you very much," Kate said enthusiastically, pressing her book to her chest and looking at her hero with joyful eyes.
At that moment she looked like a little girl who received a box of chocolates as a gift.
"Thank you, Lesha," said Phil, who was standing beside him. "You did a very good job!"
"Do not you want to read it yourself?" Asked Lesha.
- Nope, I′ll read later, in a quiet stop.
"When will we all fall down?"
- Exactly.

Down to the pool and sun loungers, a company of four people descended another ten minutes later. And this time with gifts. Both Phil and Keith held two "Siberia" in their hands. And the company from Zhenya, Max, Oksana and Yegor has already begun to lose patience. They had already bathed in the pool and now lay on the deckchairs, tormented by idleness
"Lesha, well, where′s Totre?" Max exclaimed angrily.
- Yes! - Supported Eugene. "You promised us!"
"Guys, it′s a bit later," Kate said. - Now you are waiting for something else.
And he and Phil began to give out "Siberia."
"You are Zhenya," Kate said, and gave her to Genie.
"You′re Max," and she handed the copy to Max.
"Oksana get it," Phil said, and gave the book to Oksana.
- Egor take it, - and gave the book to Egor.
- Oh my God! Cried Zhenya. - This is "Siberia" - the work that Kate wrote for several years. You finished and published. What a fine fellow you are, my God! Yes, for the sake of it it′s worthwhile to postpone the binge!
- And look at the picture! Look at the cover! Painted with feeling! Thank you, Kate! - Max thanked.
"Well, where is this place," Yegor said immediately, starting to flip through the book.
- Egorushka I can, - asked Zhenya. "Already in the penthouse, when she wrote, I was impatient to read her philosophical message to humanity. You can, well.
"Yes, for God′s sake," Yegor agreed.

- Itak filosofskoye poslaniye chelovechestvu ot Ketlin Uolker, - skazala Zhenya i prolistala knigu do kontsa. – A vot ono, tak i nazyvayetsya. Slushayte: «Ne byvayet v zhizni nichego sluchaynogo. Nikakikh del i nikakikh vstrech. Poetomu druz′ya moi, zaklinayu vas, kidaytes′ v neobdumannyye puteshestviya, prinimayte vyzovy sud′by! Chto yesli v dannyy moment vremeni u sud′by na vas kakiye-to osobyye plany! Ta nevinnaya devochka, kotoraya vyyezzhala iz Valadileny na igrushechnom poyezde yeshche ne znala chto ona vstretit Gansa Foral′berga – malen′kogo starogo chelovechka, kotoryy raz i navsegda izmenit yeye zhizn′; okazavshis′ na ostrove Sibiriya i razmazyvayushchaya slezy ona ne znala chto povstrechayet Leshu Miro i yego zamechatel′nuyu komandu – oni yeye spasut i ni raz spasut; i nakonets, beskonechno sebya zhaleyushchaya i ne znayushchaya kuda devat′sya, ona ne znala chto vozglavit uspeshnoye i protsvetayushcheye izdatel′stvo «Miro-Uolker» i povstrechayet tam svoyego budushchego muzha Filliasa Sponzhika. Da sud′ba ispytyvayet i lomayet nas, da ona poroy nespravedliva i dazhe chrezmerno zhestoka, no prosto tak ona nichego ne delayet. Za kazhdym vyzovom budet nagrada, za kazhdym razocharovaniyem i porazheniyem, vzlet i pobeda. Mne potrebovalos′ neskol′ko let, chtob ponyat′ eto. Samoy bol′shoy udachey v moyey zhizni byli Lesha Miro, Ol′ga Kulibina, Zhenya Saurova, Maks Potashev, Yegor, Ptashka i Oksana Ignatova. Eti lyudi goroy stoyali za menya, oni zashchishchali i spasali, i moy skromnyy trud vsego lish′ odna iz nebol′shikh blagodarnostey, kotorykh ya mogu peredat′ im. Druz′ya moi, nachinayte iskat′, nachinayte derzat′, nachinayte bodrstvovat′. Schast′ye ono ni k komu ne prikhodit v dom i ne zhdet nikogo na povorote. Za nim nado begat′, yemu nuzhno ponravitsya, nuzhno sdelat′ mnogo popytok, reshit′ mnogo golovolomok i trudnykh zadachek prezhde chem ono odarit tebya. Druz′ya moi, mozhet byt′ vy smozhete stat′ takimi zhe schastlivymi kak ya, a mozhet i kuda bol′she. Ot vsey dushi vam etogo zhelayu. Vsegda vasha, iskatel′nitsa priklyucheniy i pisatel′nitsa, Keyt Uolker!»
- Slushay Keyt, eto prosto zdorovo! – pokhvalila Olya. – Ty tak trogatel′no i proniknovenno umeyesh′ pisat′, kak okazalos′! YA snimayu shlyapu pered toboy i tvoim trudom! Bravo!
- Spasibo mne ochen′ priyatno slyshat′ TAKUYU pokhvalu ot TAKOGO cheloveka, - skazala Keyt.
- A vot poslushayte, chto yest′ u menya, - skazal Yegor. – Vsya Kniga delitsya na glavy. 1. Ot Valadileny do Barrokshtadta, 2. Aralobad, Gans i moye resheniye, 3. Romanovsk – posledniy oplot tsivilizatsii, 4. Yukkoly i kovcheg, 5 YA na Sibirii i proshchaniye s Gansom. Chast′ vtoraya i tut vsego tri glavy: 1. Lesha Miro i yego komanda, 2. YA vernulas′ domoy, 3. Pentkhaus Miro. Nu s kakoy nachinat′ rebyata?
- Oy, a mozhno ya nachnu, - poprosila Oksana. – YA zachitayu vam kusochek iz pervoy glavy, pervoy chasti, no ya dumayu, on dostoynyy.
"So the philosophical message to mankind from Kathleen Walker," Zhenya said, and flipped through the book to the end. - And here it is, it′s called. Listen: "There is nothing accidental in life. No cases and no meetings. Therefore, my friends, I entreat you, throw yourself into ill-considered travel, accept the challenges of fate! What if at this point in time, fate has any special plans for you! That innocent girl who was leaving Valadilena on a toy train did not yet know that she would meet Hans Vorarberg, a little old man who would change her life once and for all; finding herself on the island of Siberia and spreading tears, she did not know that she would meet Lesia Miro and his wonderful team - they would save her and save her; and finally, infinitely sorry for herself and not knowing where to go, she did not know that she would lead a successful and prosperous publishing house Miro-Walker and meet her future husband, Phillias Sponzhik. Yes, fate tests and breaks us, but it is sometimes unjust and even excessively cruel, but just so it does nothing. Behind every challenge is a reward, for every disappointment and defeat, rise and victory. It took me several years to understand this. The greatest success in my life was Lesha Miro, Olga Kulibina, Zhenya Saurova, Max Potashev, Egor, Bird and Oksana Ignatova. These people stood for me with a mountain, they defended and saved, and my humble work is just one of the little thanks that I can give them. My friends, start looking, start daring, start to stay awake. Happiness it does not come to anyone′s house and does not wait for anyone at the turn. You have to run after him, he needs to be liked, you need to make many attempts, solve many puzzles and difficult problems before he gives you. My friends, maybe you can become as happy as I am, and maybe much more. With all my heart I wish you this. Always yours, adventurer and writer, Kate Walker! "
"Listen to Kate, it′s just great!" - Olya praised. "You are so touching and penetrating to write, as it turned out!" I take off my hat before you and your work! Bravo!
"Thank you very much to hear such praise from such a man," Kate said.
"But listen to what I have," said Yegor. - The whole Book is divided into chapters. 1. From Valadilena to Barrokstadt, 2. Aralobad, Hans and my decision, 3. Romanovsk - the last stronghold of civilization, 4. Jukola and the Ark, 5 I′m in Siberia and parting with Hans. Part two and there are only three chapters: 1. Lesha Miro and his team, 2. I returned home, 3. Miro penthouse. Well with what to start the guys?
- Oh, but can I start, - Oksana asked. "I′ll read you a slice from the first chapter, the first part, but I think it′s decent."

- "I was faced with the first difficulty," Oksana read. "I stopped in Vladilen, but it turned out that the Foralberg factory, there is a legitimate heir - a certain Hans. And I have to find him. I must, because this is my experience and my first legal task. Oh, and the problem - but I can do it, I′m a strong girl. I picked up the machinist Oscar and started a train-toy. What are my feelings when I sat down, in general, quite a nice and comfortable train car? Sweet impatience, slight tingling, and a little bit of fear. In front of me is the road and it is unclear where it could lead me. Was it scary to me? Yes, certainly. But I was more curious. I am a curious and determined woman. I learned decisiveness in my teens, and in recent years my life has become too painful for fresh - I wanted to dilute it. Come on, dear Kate! Good luck and let this road lead you to something good! ... "
"Excellent wishes to yourself," Oksana said. - Not a bad start for the book. A little crumpled, but your road was just beginning - you can forgive! You can forgive everything!
- Thanks guys! Kate thanked her and was slightly embarrassed. - I know that my book is not a masterpiece, but it is written from the heart! Lyosha taught me this - the main thing is that the book should be written with a soul and with all the heart!
- That′s right! - Max picked up.
"But listen to me, from the chapter" I returned, "he said, and began to read. "Now I′m back after my difficult journey and the only thing I can say is that everything that happened did not happen in vain. I have matured very much. I have changed a lot. I do not even know how I will work now at Marson and Larmont, but thank God I have friends. Lesha Miro and his team. They said they would help and take care of me. Thank God, luck really loves me, since I sent such wonderful people. They give me a sense of security and give me strength to respond to the challenges of fate. On such as my Lesha and his people this world keeps ... "Well, how about you? What is it said?
- In my opinion it′s just gorgeous, - said Zhenya. - With a very great feeling. With soul. And Kate vpvvdu strongly matured. Bravo. If I had wine, I would drink it.
"Wait, we′ll have a drink soon," promised Lesha. - Does anyone want to read something last?
"Let me," said Yegor. - The last chapter of the second part of "Penhaus Miro": "Everything in my life is arranged a little. I opened the publishing house Miro-Walker, found very lucrative and good authors, and one of them - Phillias Sponzhik became my boyfriend, and who knows maybe the future husband. Apparently, correctly said Lesha it is enough just to believe in yourself, so that others will believe in you. How did this man believe in me. I want to give birth to a son and to be named in his honor. Guys just think - he spent a few million dollars on me, he sheltered me homeless, healed my mom, gave money to this publishing house and you can say he introduced me to my Phil, that aside from how much energy and energy he spent on me when we got acquainted and he took me away from the island of Siberia. I called the Miro-Walker publishing house because I want him to always be with me, on every book. I want to write this book and draw a picture with it on the cover so that "Siberia" always reminds me of this unforgettable adventure and this extraordinary person ... "Simply cool ending. Kate accept my gratitude, for such work and for the pleasure given.
"I propose to end this whole affair with an ovation for Kate," Olga said. "And please stand."
Everyone put the books, got up and applauded. Long, about five minutes, until tired and forced to sit on their deckchairs. Applauded and Phil, and Lesha, and Olga, and Kate stood among them and was red as boiled cancer. She was embarrassed by such praise and was extraordinarily pleased. It′s nice from a job well done. The work she devoted a few years of her life.
"Now we′re drinking." - said Lesha and in his hands as in the hands of the magician appeared a whole box "Totre".
"Wait, wait," Max said, standing up from his chaise longue. "We′ll take our books to the car."
Four friends: Zhenya, Oksana, Yegor and Max went to the Nissan which stood near the garage and opened the door and climbed into the salon of the "nissan-limo".
Lesha and Olga glowed slightly with shame. They threw their books at him, even without reading them. They did not praise TAK Kate and certainly did not read all those stories. But they could join friends and share the joy with the author.

"Let′s drink to Kate, the writer," said Lyosha, picking up his bottle-everyone had a bottle of "Totre" in their hands. - For that so that her book sold well and she wrote a year later something new.
"For Keith the writer!" - All told in a chorus and drank.
"Look, the wine is really amazing," said Phil, who first tried "Totra."
"Darling should be drunk in small sips and before that you should hold it in your mouth, so you will get more pleasure," Kate taught.
"Thank you," Phil agreed. - So I′ll do it.
And they drank again. For Keith, for Philo, for writers, for the publishing house Miro-Walker, for Lesha Miro, for Olga Kulibina and for each member of Lesha′s team separately. Actually this day, repeated the previous night with the same difference, however, that the wine was nonalcoholic, there were no more fats and classical music, and this clock was much more pleasant (maybe because they were the last in truth).
Lesha put down his empty bottle and took Olga by the hand, which was lying on a nearby deckchair. - All the guys, our last hour has come. I suggest just lie in silence and say nothing more. Let everyone think about something dear for him personally. And I want to lie and hold the hand of my dear wife Olya.
- Lesha will hold my hand! - Olga squealed with joy. "I do not need anything else."
"It seems soon the rain will go," Kate said, dropping a few sunglasses that she had put on her nose. "The clouds are creeping up to the sky."
This was true because the sun that shone and warmed all day, now with a singular zeal now covered a small gray cloud.

"Lesha, I just realized." You have not read any of my books, "Phil suddenly brightened. "Sorry to interrupt your hour." Forgive me please.
- Come on, - said Lesha. "It′s almost expired anyway." It′s true, to my shame, I never got to know you. You have something you want to offer.
"One minute," Phil said, and Kate whispered something. She immediately rushed off into the house.
She returned after three minutes with two books in her hands.
"Hold it," he said, handing them over to Lesha. - This is "Oise Lun Baden" and "The Dark Side of Almida" - both best dealers, they buy well and they are my two best things. You just read it.
The books were in hardcover, on high-quality paper issued by the publishing house Kate.
- Briefly tell about them, - asked Lesha. - With one hand pressing these books to the chest and from the second, still not releasing Olya.
- "Oise" is a story of the same traveler as Kate. She took a male pseudonym, because all her life she was drawn to men and dangerous men including. She gets into various alterations, but comes out of them alive, and then turns out to be the heiress of a huge fortune and ancestral castle in Scotland. At the end of the book, her future bridegroom says "Linda (so her name is) only more in any adventures, I beg you!" Linda-Oise, who added wrinkles, and there was a gray hair in her hair says: "Agreed," and herself crosses the club behind his back. This literature is very popular among young ladies and older ladies. I received a pile of letters with just one phrase: "I want to be like Oise!"
"I see," Lyosha sighed. - Adventurous adventures. And what about Almida?
- This is the story of a provincial writer. When she got into a car accident she went into a coma, and when she awoke she began to see the dark world of ghosts. It took her a long time to go crazy, before she realized that she had to perform some tasks from people who had left the world. And eventually she unearths a bunch of shit on her past life, repents and ghosts leave her forever. Very teary finish.
"It′s clear, mysticism with an admixture of psychology," said Lesha.
- Lesch, you read. My readers find this literature very interesting, and suddenly you will like it.
Phil wrote in different genres, but most of all he managed psychological detectives. In this he was a master. Make the reader feel empathy to his hero, and then with a few clever moves and show that the hero is the main scoundrel. Just like in the story with Almira.
"I respect Phil," he promised. - Later. In car.
"Friends," he announced to everyone. - It′s time to say goodbye.

"The first will be Olya Kulibina," Kate said, demanding. "Lyosh do not take offense, but I′ll save you last." You will not be offended, will you?
"No, say goodbye to Olya," Lyosha said, and moved with a smile and gave his wife a place. He even walked away from the deck chairs. So that God forbid not to overhear.
- Olya, you′re wonderful ... you′re cool! - Kate said and sobbed, and then just grabbed and pressed her to her friend. - And now we say goodbye ... how hard it is! I never had such friends ... and even Olivia ... you give her a hundred points ahead! Olya, I wish you and Alexei many years! I again speak not that! Olenka, it was a wonderful adventure!
- Well, now you say what you need! - said Olga, smiled and hugged Kate.
"Am I bothering you so much?" Olga asked with a smile.
- Yes you that! Kate grinned. "I′m ready to endure you for a hundred years!"
Friends again embraced. Then Kate let her go. Olga embraced and with Phil and he kissed her on the cheek.
"Good luck with Lesha," he wished at last. - Take care of each other and we will never forget you!
Olga moved away from Phil and Kate, took a book from Lesha (he never let them go) and said: "I′ll take them away," went into the car and her role was fulfilled on this.
Next was Maxim.
"Maxim, thank you very much for helping pay the publishers′ bills back then," Kate said. "Thank you for defending me before my boss, Mr. Marson." Thanks for all. Such wonderful and rare friends will not be found again. It′s very hard for me to say goodbye to you.
She pressed against him and for a long time did not let go, as if moored to a large and very reliable rock.
"Max, thank you for everything, and be happy!" Said Phil, and shook hands with the big man.
Without a doubt, he was very attached to Max, and it was hard for him to say goodbye, too.
Then there were Yegor, Zhenya and Oksana. And they, too, went into the car impeccably performing their roles.
There remained Lesha. He stood opposite Kate and smiled. She came into his arms and burst into tears.
"Leshenka, Leshenka, Lesha," she said and sniffed. - Lesha you saw me in so many forms ... .You saw me naked, and again ... Lesha was hard with me?
- I suffered everything. Because you′re my favorite. He said and smiled.
- Lesha, how can I be without you now ... how can I ... how ...? !!! She sobbed naturally on his shoulder.
"I′m only asking you, do not forget about me?" - asked Lesha, when the hysterics stopped.
"No," she laughed. - Lesha, forgetting you is not real. And then "Miro-Walker", my children when they are born. We made some pictures ... Lesha you will forever remain in my memory ...
Lesha let her go and she stood next to Phil. And Phil hugged her. He shook Lesha′s hand with fervor and brilliance in his eyes:
"Lesha, thank you for bringing Kate back from Siberia and taking care of her for so long." I will take care of her further. Okay.
- All right, - said Lesha and smiled, took a couple of steps back.
- When it becomes very sad or lonely, you open your "Siberia 3" and remember how many friends are with you now. That there is a woman who loves you very much. Your Kate Walker.
"So I will," nodded Lyosha and went to his Nissan.
He slammed the door and turned on the engine. The car roared and rose into the air. It was still big. But it grew smaller and smaller, then dived into a thundercloud and disappeared altogether.
- Find your Olga Kulibina! Kate shouted after her.
A young and happy couple stood for another two minutes, and then went to a warm and cozy home. On the street began a serious rain.

The car hung in a gray thundercloud. The storm and rain were just beginning. Outside, a little rain was drizzling, and inside the car it was warm and dry.
All crowded in the first section and there was such a conversation:
"So now it′s all over, we′ve poked enough in this world and now go home," Max said.
"You will return to your world, and we will become disembodied spirits again," Oksana said sadly.
"I will not give up friends like you." I′ll look for you, "said Lesha.
"This is the answer that we wanted to hear!" said Zhenya.
"And your wife, Lesch?" What happened to your wife? Asked Olya.
- I need only you Olya. Nobody else. Only one wife. Olga Kulibina, - answered Lesha.
"I do not need anything else," she said. - I′m completely happy!
"Well, go ahead," said Yegor. - To the exit from the world of Kate.
"And the last question," said Olya. "Was it worth it?" An adventure with the heroine of a computer game, with friends who are not with you yet, on whose machine is also not yet foreseeable. Lesch, did you get what you wanted?
- And how! And how! - said Lesha, switching the buttons, pulling the lever and directing the car to the sky, to where it was obvious and was the very wormhole - the way out of the world of Kate in the everyday world of Lesha. - And how! It was worth it!

The end.

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