Siberia 3. Chapter 3. (Англ.)

Siberia 3. Chapter 3. (Англ.)
Siberia 3. Chapter 3. Rehabilitation Kate Walker.
September 22, 2003, the office of "Marson and Larmont" - 9:20 am.
The chief had already shouted at Kate for half an hour, and Kate could not object to him. He remembered everything: and then how unexpectedly she disappeared without telling anyone, and the detective Kanten, who followed her footsteps and the contract that she had lost. Kate just nearly cried and could not breathe from the heartbreak of her grief. It turned out that she was no lawyer; she did not need to dream about it, and at best shepherd sheep, or guard some warehouses:
- Your behavior is reckless, reckless and once again reckless! Repeated Mr. Marson. "Well, where have you climbed, Kate?" From you it was required - to prepare documents for the sale of the old toy factory - only that ...
Then the door of his office opened and several well-dressed guys and girls entered. Behind them ran the secretary Susan Bons and babbled something like "I tried to stop them!"
The difference in the boss′s office lasted 20 minutes and Lesha, Olga, Zhenya and Max (who appeared as moral support) were tired of listening to this. They realized that they should take matters into their own hands.
At the signal of Lesha and at the signal of Mr. Marson, the secretary, who was still making excuses, fell silent, and then left, closing the door.
"I′m listening," Marson said.
He was a handsome business man, clean-shaven, in a suit and with a tie. He was not used to wasting his time. Lesch and his team understood this and Mr. Marson′s time was not just taken away.
"I′m Alexei Miro, and this is my team," Lesha introduced himself and introduced his companions. - July 21, 2002, in the town of Barrokstadt, we met Kate Walker, and she asked us to accompany her for the complexity of the case. Here is our contract (Alexei put on the table Marson contract with all signatures and seals).
For a few seconds Marson studied all this, and then Alexei introduced himself and introduced his entire team.
- I am a graduate of Barrokstadt specialist in various antiquities and curator Kate. Please, my diploma and personal request of university professors to look after Kate (two more documents lay on the table).
Lesch continued:
"I have an organized team that looked after Kate all the time." Olga Kulibina is a personal psychotherapist and my wife. Maxim Potashev is a lawyer for Kate and he followed the legality of the deal. And Zhenya Saurova is Kate′s personal lawyer, she will see to it that her client is not offended and if she sends the case to court. So, Dr. Kulibina, what can you say about the patient′s health?
Olga stepped forward and cleared her throat.
- I conducted more than 30 tests and observations on health. My patient Kate Walker showed herself to be a cold-blooded, quick-witted person, with the ability to quickly solve the most difficult problems and find non-standard solutions seemingly from the most neglected situations.
Documents and medical statements were placed on Marson′s desk. All of them were with signatures and seals and it was immediately evident that they were real.
- My verdict: the girl is healthy and is in excellent shape. It deserves a one-week vacation.
"Our remarkable lawyer is Maxim Potashev," said Lesha. "You have the floor."
Max stepped forward. He laid on the boss′s table the most expensive and desired for that paper - the contract for the sale of the factory.
- The contract for the sale of the Vorarlberg factory was concluded on December 26, 2002. I kept the paper and carried it everywhere with me. The contract is clean - there are all signatures and seals.
Chef rejoiced like a child. "Finally, at last," he whispered.
Finally, Zhenya Saurova entered the case:
"You do not have the right to fire Kate Walker!" She went through the trials that none of your lawyers dreamed of! She did not spare herself for the fulfillment of YOUR task! It is worthy of a major award and a two-week vacation! If this does not happen - we will sue you Mr. Marson and be sure, win!
- Yes, quietly, quietly, - reassured Zhenya Marson. "I did not plan to fire her." And the prize will be to her. You can go out gentlemen, I want to speak with my employee face to face.
Lesha and his team left. And Kate, who was shot a few minutes ago, now felt a sense of unbelievable relief. She was rescued. Once for it stood up such specialists, since it was so defended. Not everything was lost. Now it will be her praise. Marson actually praised Kate, and it was audible through the door. Then Kate came out and there was a bewildered smile on her face.
- Guys, thank you very much! Without you, I could not handle it!
"How much did he give you leave?" - Olga asked.
"Two weeks," Kate sighed. - What now?
- How many bonus? Asked Zhenya.
- 870 dollars, - Kate has shown the check.
- Could have been more!
- Here′s the hubbub! - was heard among Lesya′s friends.
They received money at the cash register, Kate put on her autumn coat - everyone went out into the street.

We drove on the "Nissan - limousine" in New York. Lesha stopped near the cinema "Sinchez Site Billding." On the poster was - "The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King."
"The guys went to the movies," he said. "It′s the Lord of the Rings." It′s the same year 2003. Kate raskoshelsya - do not regret five bucks for this wonderful movie!
- I′m with you! Said Kate shortly.
Everyone left the Nissan Limousine and went to the cinema.

Near the house of Kate, in the same "Nissan-limousine", the guys having discussed the film from different angles were preparing for the night.
"Guys, are you going to be under my windows every night?" Kate asked.
- Yes, but what′s wrong with that. We are comfortable and spacious in our car, "answered Lesha.
"And you′re under supervision again," Max added.
"Unless, of course, you do not want to invite us to spend the night in your house," Olga said. - That would be very nice by the way.
"Or for tea," Zhenya interjected.
"I have a small apartment," Kate says shyly. - If you invite, then not all, but say four.
- Excellent! - Lapped Slapping Lesha. - Those whom I choose come with me. The others are waiting for us to appear in the car. Do not open doors to others. I have my own key. Is everyone clear?

Six months passed. Kate could not resist the firm Marson and Larmont. She was fired. The journey to the island of Siberia has changed her so much that she began to think more and more about fate, her dream and her own destiny. Hence - she began to lose business acumen, release more details, conclude ridiculous contracts and be late for meetings with clients. For a time, Mr. Marson suffered this, and then he got sick of it, and he fired Kate without severance pay. She was tired of idleness and sat without money for exactly a week - then again she began to look for her place and her way in life. Especially since she was evicted from a rented apartment. The search for new housing and new work began. Again, Lesha helped. He gave money, and Kate rented an apartment even more than she had, but the entire team of Lesha could stay there. But see the work was really bad. Kate did not like anything. She was a courier, she was a saleswoman in a store, she tried to be a sales representative, she tried to become a designer (having studied for him for two months) and always left, shrugging her shoulders and declaring "not mine!" Her last job was a dispatcher for one of the branches of New -Yorsk metro station. Lesha put in her head all the necessary knowledge under hypnosis. I arranged it for this work, using my magic. And in general, the amount of strength and money that Lesha spent on Kate was like the sea. But Kate did not like this work either. She received $ 900 a month + special increases, but was about to drop everything. Lesha was at her house and talked with her. Kate complained that she did not have a boyfriend (Dan was done, and there was not a new guy). She complained that the work is not clear to her and that she "does not have a soul". At work, they complained that although Kate Walker is a good performer, she is sluggish, slowed down and they would gladly put someone else in her place faster.
And now Lesha received another alarm signal. Kate did not go to work for 3 days, her friend Olivia had not seen Kate for a week, the landlady said that Kate closed in her apartment - did not go anywhere and did not accept anyone. Lesha again had to go to her apartment.
"Our guy fell in love," said Max Potashev. - Such care for an American.
"We are responsible for those whom we tamed," said Zhenya Saurova.
"Lesha, I′m beginning to be jealous of you," Olga Kulibina said.
"Go already," she said, feeling her husband′s gaze. "Come and bring us fresh news." We are also very worried about her.

Lesch was in front of Kate′s apartment door. He called the first time, the second, the third. He knocked on the door, but all to no avail. The housekeeper passed by the door grumbling that she had not had a worse guest than Kate Walker, and tomorrow she would evict her. Convinced that the landlady had left, Lesch went through the door and was in the apartment.
There was a terrible mess in the apartment, and such a feeling developed that nobody was cleaning it in a month, or even more. Kate′s little kitchen was filled up with empty vodka bottles, on the stove there was a sour soup, in breadbox - bread with mildew. Lesha, of course, threw the bread into the trash can, and poured the soup into the toilet.
Kate was sleeping right at the table with a glass in her hand. Lesha tried to bring her to life, but in response he heard only drunken abuse. Then he took Kate in an armful and carried it in his arms to the bathroom. In the bath section of it is not without resistance, put him in a trough and poured from the shower to bring to life.
Kate came to herself. At first she was terribly shy, and then spitting on everything opened. And she told me everything. She was already drunk for 4 days in a row. She did not see the way out. In addition to the feeling that she again does not do her own thing, my mother got very sick (she was put in a hospital and an expensive operation was needed) - Kate was very afraid of losing her. Plus, she was very unbearable about her loneliness and the fact that she did not have a boyfriend. Lesha said that it is necessary to find ways out of these dead ends. That she has friends who will always help her. Kate with tears in her eyes said that she had nothing to pay for an apartment and she would be driven because of this and because the landlady was tired of enduring her drinking. When Lesha said that she did not need to look for anything more, she would now live in the penthouse of the Marseille Pust Royal hotel, Kate said that she was uncomfortable and she had brought so much trouble to them. Lesha shut her mouth with her hand, and then with a kiss.
"You will live with us and a point," he said, "this is not discussed."
Kate smiled slyly and spread her legs.
"Leshenka, my dear, come to me," she invited. - And this, by the way, is not discussed. I′ve been waiting for this sex for so long.
Lesha undressed completely and climbed into her bathroom, which was already filled with water. Kate embraced his body and kissed her with admiration. And then he lay down on her and pushed his cock into the vagina. Oh how wonderful it was. How wonderful it was. Kate moaned and squealed with pleasure. And then relaxed and finished just three times. Then he embraced her, and they turned. All repeated, only in the position of a rider. It was beautiful, stormy and terrific sex. Kate got everything she had been dreaming about for so long. And then they just talked. Kate did not want to become pregnant with Lesha. She was not against children, but not now. Lesha said that his sperm is completely safe for her eggs. That was good news. Kate leaned against his chest and slept in that warm bath, in the water, with her loved one for a long time. Then they lowered the water, stood in the shower, dried dry and went to Kate′s room.
Lesha was going to stay with her all night. It was very good. Kate purred, like a happy cat and pressed herself to him under the blanket. She did not need anything else. "Kate does not drink more, okay?" - asked Lesha. Between them was a short razgovorr about alcohol and agreed that Kate can have non-alcoholic beer on holidays and champagne for the new year. Then they talked about the causes of depression. "Kate, you understand, you have lived for some time another′s dream. You caught fire with her, and when she was full of your heart it was exultant. But now it′s all over and you need to create your own dream! "Then for almost the whole hour they were silent. Then they talked and talked. They were engaged in the analysis of life situations Kate. And Lesha always turned his analysis so that she could think of her own mind to the correct answer. Kate Walker fell asleep in bliss. She firmly believed that traveling to Siberia was the best in her life. After all, there would be no it, she would never have met Lesha Miro and his team.
The next morning at 7:45 Kate gave the landlady the keys to the apartment, and next to it was Lesha. In his hands was a reducing white suitcase, where all the girl′s things fit easily.
Then they drove on the "Nissan Limousine" and Kate this time sat in second place, near the driver, and dozed. Lesha made a circle around the city, so she slept. Kate went and sometimes remembered the conversation with the hostess - her full anger and vulgarity eyes and the question: "And you are a darling, it turns out, you know how to choose?" And how she answered this "darling" wherever she went. She also dreamed about Lesha′s children and sometimes her mother.
Lesha put the car in an underground garage (very steep, guarded and there were only four cars in it). Then he took me around the hotel. He explained to her that the garage services are included in the cost of living. One night in the penthouse - 1.320 dollars, the day - 1.890 dollars. Day and night - more than 3,000. He told me that he found this hotel and this penthouse 2 months ago and since then he and his team have settled here. The hotel was very steep clean, bright and tidy. The elevator was great with mirrors, a sofa and a lift attendant. He recognized Lesha and greeted him, but seeing that the lady did not distract him with conversations. Kate was terribly worried about whether her stay would cost a lot of money, but Lesha said that it′s important for the hotel to pay money, and how many people there are - it does not matter - the basketball team can be successfully located there. He did not exaggerate, but rather played down - 20 people could live there for sure. The penthouse was huge and it stretched across the entire hotel. A lot of rooms: small and large, some wardrobes and warehouses were pieces 6. Several kitchens, several pools and a Jacuzzi, about a dozen showers and toilets, a huge hall where the guys said they are furious and resting. A lot of flat-screen TVs and computers. Divans and armchairs were simply not counted. Friends took Kate to the largest and brightest kitchen and she saw with her own eyes a large oval table behind which could sit 15 people and a few smaller tables.
"We all eat at this table," Olga explained.
Kate saw at once three large refrigerators and two electric stoves.
- It′s too much. They would have made them out of gold, "said Yegor. "We are fed here every day." Breakfast at 7:00 (you can choose the time individually, but we chose 7 am), lunch - 14:00, dinner - 18:30. Can bring whatever you want. There is a wonderful restaurant downstairs. This is the privilege of VIP clients such. And for all dishes we have a discount of 85%. For the whole day with the six of us it turns out that something has turned out 400 dollars. Terribly profitable.
"Will they feed me?" Kate asked.
"They will, where they will go," Lesch laughed. "By the way, they′ll just be delighted." Another person - they will get more money!
"But the horror begins when they come to get out," Max told in secret. From 15:00 to 17:30. Approximately 50 cleaners come in, no less, put us out and start cleaning everything here, wipe it, and put it up. We try to go somewhere further.
"But when we come here clean, and we are waiting for large baskets of fruit and drinks - awards for patience and use of hotel services," said Zhenya.
Kate was circled around the penthouse and she looked in all corners. Then Lesha opened a door and he and Kate found himself on a small iron balcony that ran all around the penthouse.

- Skazhi, chto zdorovo! – skazal Lesha.
- Zdorovo! – povtorila Keyt.
Vysota byla strashnovataya. Metrov 100, nikak ne men′she. Nachalsya dozhd′, i kapli zabarabanili po malen′komu balkonchiku. Keyt s Leshey vernulis′. Lesha ob"yasnil yey, chto dveri germetichnyye i oni uzhe mnogo dozhdey tak perezhili.
Kapli barabanili v steklyannuyu kryshu pentkhausa i dozhd′ ne prekrashchalsya ves′ ostatok dnya. A Keyt vse govorila i govorila. Ona raspolozhilas′ na shirokom chernom kozhanom divane ryadom s druz′yami, slushala dozhd′ i prosto obshchalas′. I ona ponimala, chto imenno etogo yey tak ne khvatalo.
Nastupil vecher i vremya uzhinat′. Lesha vpisal Keyt v pentkhaus i prinesli yedu i dlya neye. Uzhin byl roskoshnyy i posle nego yavilis′ semero ofitsiantov, chtob sobrat′ tarelki i musor.
Posle uzhina interesy razdelilis′. Zhenya rasstavila na doske krasivyye, reznyye shakhmaty i priglasila lyubogo zhelayushchego sygrat′ s ney. Keyt robko podsela i predupredila. Chto v shakhmaty ona igrayet ves′ma parshivo. «Davay, srazis′. Zhenya u nas luchshaya po shakhmatam. Ty u neye mnogomu mozhesh′ nauchit′sya», - skazal Lesha, a zatem ushel s Maksom i zhenoy v protivopolozhnoye krylo smotret′ televizor . Keyt sygrala dve partii i s pozorom ikh proigrala. Yegor i Oksana zhadno nablyudali. Potom igrali i oni i tozhe proigrali. Zhenya byla deystvitel′no sil′na v shakhmatakh. Potom dostali karty i igrali v nikh. Dvoye na dvoye. V perevodnogo durachka. Potom v poker. Vyyasnilos′, chto Keyt ne umeyet igrat′ v poker i rebyata s radost′yu yeye uchili.
Nastupil chas podgotovki ko snu. Vse rebyata skhodili v tualety, prinyali dush i pochistili zuby. Sdvinuli dva bol′shikh divana, chtob spat′ vsem vmeste i stali zastilat′ ikh prostynyami. Kak ob"yasnila Olya, oni prodelyvali takuyu protseduru kazhdyy vecher. Na divany moglo voyti 6 chelovek. Prinesli yeshche odin malen′kiy divanchik i postavili yego v izgolov′ye, dlya Keyt. Polozhili podushki, dostali odeyala. Razdelis′ i uleglis′, golovami v storonu Keyt. Keyt legla na svoy divanchik v gordom odinochestve.
Vprochem s ney razgovarivali i dovol′no dolgo. Potom son smoril vsekh. I Keyt snova uslyshala. To khrap, to sopeniye, to prisvist. I ona ponyala, kak yey etogo ne khvatalo. Nakhodyas′ vdaleke ot druzey ona videla ikh neskol′ko raz v nedelyu, no vse ravno eto bylo ne to. Myslenno ona vozvrashchalas′ v «Nissan», kogda oni vse vmeste nochevali na odnoy, bol′shoy lunnoy polyane. Tut vozle neye lezhalo 6 golov, i bol′shego schast′ya yey bylo ne nado. Postepenno eti zvuki nastraivali i yeye na son. T′ma kotoraya tsarila v pentkhause. Zvuk dozhdya kotoryy barabanil po steklyannoy kryshe i k nochi kazhetsya tol′ko stal sil′neye. Teplo i nega kotoryye okhvatyvali yeye so vsekh storon. Keyt povernulas′ spinoy k rebyatam, sunula ruku pod podushku i provalilas′ v glubokiy, sladkiy son.
- Tell me what′s great! Said Lesha.
- That′s great! Kate repeated.
The height was scary. Meters of 100, no less. It began to rain, and the drops drummed over the small balcony. Kate and Lesha returned. Lesha explained to her that the doors were airtight and they had already experienced so much rain.
The drops dribbled into the penthouse′s glass roof and rain continued for the rest of the day. And Kate kept talking and talking. She settled on a wide black leather sofa next to her friends, listened to the rain and just talked. And she knew that this was what she lacked.
It was evening and time for dinner. Lesha inscribed Kate into the penthouse and brought food for her. The dinner was luxurious and after it seven waiters came to collect plates and garbage.
After dinner, the interests were divided. Zhenya arranged beautiful, carved chess on the board and invited anyone who wanted to play with her. Kate timidly sat down and warned. That she plays chess very lousy. "Come on, fight. Zhenya is the best chess player in our country. You can learn a lot from her, "said Lesha, and then left with Max and his wife in the opposite wing to watch TV. Kate played two games and lost them in disgrace. Yegor and Oksana greedily watched. Then they played and they also lost. Zhenya was really strong in chess. Then they took out the cards and played them.Two in two. In the translated fool. Then in poker. It turned out that Kate does not know how to play poker and the guys gladly taught her.
It′s time for bedtime. All the guys went to the toilets, took a shower and brushed their teeth. They moved two large sofas to sleep together and began to cover them with sheets. As explained by Olga, they did such a procedure every evening. 6 couches could enter the sofas. They brought another small sofa and put it on the headboard, for Kate. They put down the pillows, took out the blankets. They parted and lay down, heads to Kate′s side. Kate lay down on her sofa in proud solitude.
However, they talked with her for a long time. Then the dream smothered everyone.And Kate heard again. That snoring, then sniff, then whistle. And she realized how much she needed it. Being away from friends, she saw them several times a week, but still it was not that. Mentally, she returned to the Nissan, when they all slept on a single, large moonlit glade. There were 6 heads near her, and she did not need more happiness. Gradually, these sounds tuned and her to sleep. The darkness that prevailed in the penthouse. The sound of rain that drumming on the glass roof and to the night seems only to become stronger. Heat and negativity that covered it from all sides. Kate turned her back to the guys, put her hand under the pillow and fell into a deep, sweet sleep.

The morning in the penthouse began at 6:30. Kate did not want to get up, but she was exhaled and at 6:45 she was already on her feet. Everybody did gymnastics, and Kate did the same. At 7:00, breakfast was brought. A large cart on wheels, and on it there are dishes, fruits and drinks. Friends sat in the dining room, which at that hour was still dark and only a lamp under the ceiling gave light.
Up to 11 hours each was engaged, than wanted. Lesha, Olga and Oksana went to the gym. Egor, Max and Zhenya sat down for some kind of computer toy on a wide screen. Kate preferred to read. I got the "Alien" - I looked at the pictures and studied with interest this still new book for her. Then Lesha announced that it was time to walk and Egor, Max, and Zhenya obeying him left the game; Kate put the book in the closet that they had placed yesterday at the wall of the room where everyone was raving and sleeping. They left, closed the penthouse and went to the hotel. Lesha announced that it was time to feed the gluttonous American mouth.
He went down to the administrator′s room. The administrator was a plump, middle-aged man with glasses, with antennae and a beard, in a red business suit and shiny shoes, with gold buttons on his waistcoat. Knowing the character of his guest, he immediately asked:
- Will you renew it?
"Yes," answered Alexei.
The administrator filled in the papers, Lesha signed them, then he counted everything on his computer and gave out:
- For a week, food, cleaning and garage, taking into account your discount, 21% comes out to $ 57,300. Please give your Golden Imperial Card.
Lesch handed the card. The machine for withdrawing money was right there. The administrator held a card on it and gave it to Alexei.
- Come back in a week if you are going to live with us further. The administrator said. - I remind you that your discount will amount to 21, 5%, and all it can rise to 73% is its maximum.
He gave Leche a check on payment and an electronic key with a new code.
"It′s from a few places where only VIP clients can reach," said Lesha.
"Now we are going to the botanical garden," said the experienced Olga. - Resting among trees and bushes, listening to the singing of birds and thinking about the innermost.
The Botanical Garden looked like a huge greenhouse, where trees, shrubs, birds sang and servants walked looking after the order. Here came the spring sun, its upper windows were open to fresh air. Here grew a lot of beautiful and large trees with lush deciduous crowns, or small trees whose foliage was much more modest. There were shrubs: decorative, or fruit - with red large berries, or berries of other colors. But the most magnificent in the botanical garden were the birds. They shouted and sang, they tweeted and whistled or gave out such unimaginable and complex trills - you will hear.
Lesch and his company walked along the path between the trees and admired the tits and jays, waxwings, pigeons and larks. Two peacocks crossed their path. They absolutely did not ask themselves who these people were and considered themselves full owners of the botanical garden.
"We′ll stay there until 13:00," said Lesha. "Then we′ll have dinner in our room."
"Then our strict cleaners will drive us out again," Olga said. - And we will go to the city - either to the cinema, or to the museum, or to the shops again.
Yegor returned (he was running away somewhere) and poured a mixture of berries in the palms of Kate: raspberries, blackberries and honeysuckle.
"Help yourself bravely," he said. - All this grows especially for VIP clients, that is for us.
Kate tried the first berry and found it very sweet. Wow, what excellent berries were grown there. People were constantly looking after this huge botanical garden and Kate even saw two of them. They passed by and greeted each other with friendly smiles. When they returned, and Lesha and his team had 40 minutes of silence, they did not even open their mouths, but only smiled knowingly.
Then Lesha and his friends returned to the penthouse and had dinner. There were no frills - just soup. Then really there was a team of cleaners, and they kicked the friends out. Kate thought that her friends exaggerated, but they really were 50-60 people, no less.
- What now to do the whole two and a half hours? Kate asked.
"Do not worry, everything is thoughtful," said Lesha. - We will go to the play based on George Ordnuel′s novel "1984".
- But how? Kate asked.
"Olya, tickets," Lesch asked.
In the hands of Kulibina, the magician had 7 glossy gray tickets with the numbers of a number and places written on them, bright red.
"I do not understand," Kate said again. "Did I just come to you yesterday?"
- Lesha took tickets a week before today, - Yegor boasted.
"As always, he counted something in his mind and without asking us went to the cashier," Oksana added.
- And remember, how many rocks it is. THIS SPECTACLE, - Max contributed his contribution.
"As I say, everything is thoughtful here," said Lesha, smiling cunningly. - I hope you like the 5th row.
All the way to the theater, Kate thought about how this Lesha calculated this moment. In the theater she was given a red, long, silk dress. All the girls dressed in dresses, boys - in tuxedos.
The hall was large, bright and clean. Kate liked everything: both the red velvet chairs, the stage, and the company (the main thing is the company!) And its place (between Kulibina and Oksana Ignatova), but the light went out and the theatrical action began.
Kate did not like the performance. She read "1984" and Ordnuel was too heavy for her and terrible. The play was a mixture of psychosis and bullying of the main characters. Kate wanted to just stand up and leave several times, but she was smiling and clapping. And on the way home and said that such things are hard for her and make her shudder.
- This is normal, - said Lesha. Anti-utopia - she is like that. The main thing is that they do not make you fall asleep. Next time, let′s go to the comedy.
At home they had supper (supper consisted of orders made at dinner) and another 40 minutes discussed the play. Having sat down with a neat circle on the floor (well done guys cleaned the couches again, and they did so every day), they shared their impressions. Kate supported Oksana saying that the anti-utopia is terribly boring. There were two team-mates (Max and Zhenya) who said that it does not matter what they go for just to be together. Olga Kulibina said that the play is rather weak and always a better book. And Yegor praised - the play, the idea, the authors - he liked everything. Lesch was pleased - he entertained his team and visited the play, which he wanted to see for a long time.
After the discussions, there was an hour and a half to get pissed off. Zhenya and Max connected a game console to a huge TV set and were cut into Mortal Kombat 3 - all the others were sick for them. Then Oksana and Egor began to play. Then Lesha and Kate. Kate took her favorite character Sab-Zero, and Lesha - Chance-Tsung. Lesha won this match. But when Kate took Kano, for whom she always played disgustingly, she beat Lesha who had Kung-Lao. The whole evening, she did not leave the feeling that he just sold herself to her. When the "MK3" was over, divided into several groups. Kate, Zhenya and Maxim - they had a poetic duel. Read in English and in Russian - all the authors that they could remember. Lesha and Olga just played chess. Egor and Oksana were making guesses.
Lesha announced: "Time for meditation and relaxation before going to bed." There were rugs for yoga, music began to sound, and some fragrance smelled. Everyone was lying and thinking about something of his own, intimate.
Then again they brushed their teeth, washed and dragged the sofas. This time, an outsider, who was supposed to get a small sofa, was chosen by Eugene.
Kate was put between Egor and Olga. Wished each other good night. They began to fall asleep. Kate lay under a soft and warm blanket, under her head was a feather pillow, she lay and looked at the ceiling. Through the glass ceiling of the penthouse, you could see the night sky, the starry sky. Kate thought about what it was incredibly reassuring.

Another six months passed. First of all, Kate′s mother was cured. She saw Lesha and his team and several times was in the penthouse. She really liked Lesha and she was already beginning to woo him for her daughter, but found out that the guy has a wife and dropped her arms. "And I′m sorry!" - said to her mother Kate.
Her boyfriend and work she still did not have, and she suffered greatly (although she did not tell her friends). Once they found her drunk. I closed the keys to the bar and blew out about half of it. Lesha said: "Keep this drunkard under surveillance. From now on, no one will forget the keys and no one will pour down below. " For Kate took up and took a thorough. She worked with two psychologists - Lesha and his wife Olya (she was almost a doctor of psychology). They dug up the cause and found that part of the problems in her childhood (when her real father threw them with her mother), part of a low self-esteem and the last part from the fact that Kate herself was holding back, and this created anger and hatred for the world around him. Kate and the pillow beat and screamed at the whole penthouse (and the people running to her screams, Lesha and the team explained that they were going to psychological lesson lessons). She was taken to one of New York′s shooting galleries, where she took a real gun and vented anger on the targets. Next to her, two people were constantly on duty with headphones, but when Oksana sensed Kate′s desire to shoot herself, she took the pistol from her and read it for a long time. Kate burst into tears and Oksana was forced to comfort her.
Not that she did not appreciate what the guys did for her (she appreciated it!), But she felt that this was not it. Zhenya came up with another way for her. She searched through the Internet to her boyfriend. I posted on her quite decent site her profile and photo, pulled Kate from the couch, where she was very fond of lying around and drove her by the computer so she would answer the letters of the guys. Excuses did not work. Some stopped writing, feeling some kind of trap, and with some there were dates. In total there were three such guys: Steve, Jerry and Michael.
To the places of visits, she was brought to Nissan and watched her too (Kate wondered how? - as if she was all covered with bugs). On the first date she was still twitching, on the second she took it for granted. Steve was handsome and neat, but inside he had some sort of rottenness. Kate barely stayed until the end of the meeting and when this man, whom Kate apparently did not like, offered to pay his bills for the restaurant himself, laid out 350 dollars on the table and did not say goodbye. In "Nissan" she said that the man was simply disgusting and she will get carried away if she comes for even one meeting with him. Much more attractive, inventive, and simply funnier was Jerry. He told her such compliments that she just melted from them; so jokingly joked and knew so many anecdotes that Kate did not miss a moment with him; helped her to get dressed and he also paid the bill, that Kate simply could not help but like his generosity and generosity. He was sweet, like honey this Jerry and Kate wanted more. But Lesch was alarmed. He got hold of the dossier on this guy and realized that he had not lost it. Jerry was a professional rascal, a liar and a Lovelace. With a sixth sense, he realized that Kate had rich patrons, and he was putting his plan into practice. His calculation was simple: a few impeccable dates and his rich "bride" would pull out for him any amount of money - and he could plug all his "financial holes", and he had a lot of those.
When this dossier Kate was shown, she cried without stopping for two hours. I cried and kept repeating that she was very unlucky with men, that only she attracts and so on. She was reassured and put to bed. The next day, Jerry was interviewed by Lesha personally, after which the guy with a changed consciousness went to another city. There he tried to lead an honest life, but after a year and a half he became Philippe Noah and sucked on another rich, lonely woman. Leopard change his spots.
The third guy was much worse than the first two. Michael was smart, businesslike, neat and spoke beautifully. He did not have much money, but Kate said she did not care. They met in parks, in small cafes, and everything seemed normal, but then it just disappeared. There was no rumor or spirit about him. Kate came to his apartment, but none was opened to her. Then she desperately asked Lesha. Michael was dead. He owed money to serious people and he would have to pay the debt, but he met a good girl and fell in love. He was shot with three shots in the chest, taken to a forest in the city and buried (where no one knew). After that, Kate was in hysterics, she was just going crazy. Her shock was so strong that she was reassured by the whole team. She was undressed, and had sex with her all night long. And the next day they canceled the cleaning of the penthouse, so that Kate could sleep.
But it did not help - Kate turned into a plant. For a few days. She did not get up from the couch, almost did not eat anything, she did not talk to anyone. Someone from the team took her in his arms, carried her to the toilet, there she tried hard, and did her own business, and then silently lay again, and only the chest that was uplifted and lowered was proof that she was still alive. Or so it was washed. We undressed it, undressed ourselves, and washed it in the shower, and foamed the intractable, swarthy girl. The easiest way would be to wave at her hand, but Lesha and his whole team talked with her every day and told her something funny and interesting.
And on the fifth day Lesha just got mad. When he put Kate to his feet, and she nearly fell to the floor, he yelled: "So, either you go to the gym now and you′ll be there, or I′ll kick your lazy ass there!" She went, and well! "And Kate had to go. And twist the pedals of a cycling simulator, swing the biceps and triceps, do stretching exercises and exercise with dumbbells. Lesch, as a fascist, constantly increased the load, gave very little food and drove it, drove.
Kate did it all and was silent. The seventh sweat descended from her, but she was silent. She understood that this man saved her and was grateful for it, but there was nothing to talk about.
Lesha sat her down on the table and forcibly fed her. Only the most useful. Some buckwheat, milk and vegetable salad. Kate ate everything and wanted to go back to her sofa, but he dragged her to walk. No friends, no car. He led her very far from the hotel and then they walked back on foot. Kate felt better, and she kissed her tormentor on the cheek - simply and sincerely, but did not say a word.
And Lesha felt that this day brought fruit began to repeat it. He had long been engaged with Kate, fed her healthy and healthy food and took her as far away from the hotel. Kate never complained, she endured all the suffering stoically - she kissed him on the cheek every time and went to bed with him and his children in one pastel, but did not talk. It was as though during these five days she had run out of topics for conversation and she did not know how to talk at all. Lesha waited. He just waited. He did not say anything to her-he waited for her to break through. And on the third day of these silent walks, it naturally burst. At the corner of Island and Avenue, she got up and complained of pain in her legs. From that moment her mouth did not close. She told Lyosha about everything: about the scoundrel-father who had shamelessly left them with his mother, about his first girlfriends, about Olivia, about the fact that Hans Vorarberg had never said "thank you" to her and so on. Basically, these were complaints. She complained that she did not have a boyfriend, and it was a complaint mixed with sobbing. And Lesha listened and listened. He did not say anything. Kate shared all that was in her heart, and Lesha only smiled, sometimes nodded or shook his head. She did not speak only when she ate, brushed her teeth or went to bed exhausted.
The days passed as before: exhausting workouts, useful food and walks for many kilometers to the city without a team and without a car. Kate admitted that thanks to these trainings, food and march-throws for long distances, she now felt much better. And finally she asked about Lesha and his family. She stood in the middle of the street and asked: "Olya, and how is Olya, Zhenya and everything else? What are you doing now? "Lesha said that his guys are very worried about Kate′s condition; he said that for several years they have been watching these walks and are hoping that they are bringing relief to her. And he asked what Kate felt. Kate burst into tears, then embraced Lesha. "I′m better, I′m better!" She whispered through her tears. In fact, she was much better. And then Lesha asked a counter-question:
- Do you now write your own Siberia?
Kate was sad. She started and started well (wrote several pages in the computer), but then lost her inspiration and stopped. Walking with her around the city, Lesha gave her some tips on how to write. Kate felt inspired again.
Before going to bed she sat near the computer, clicked the buttons on the keyboard and wrote. The next few days she only worked distracted only by food, training and walks that lasted more than two hours. Kate became a very zealous writer. Its Siberia was divided into three parts. The first one began with the sale of the factory of Foralbergs, described her adventures and ended up on the island of Siberia. The second: the rescue of Kate from the island by the team of Lesha Miro, the return home and accommodation in New York, the penthouse of a magnificent hotel. And the third part of Kate planned for a philosophical message for all of humanity.
Lesha and his team knew the approximate layout of "Siberia" (because Kate could not resist and told something), but when they asked to read, she screamed: "Nooooooo !!!" And the next day her computer was password-protected. She has almost finished the first part, but she was very shy about her work. She said: "When I finish, I′ll print out a copy for each of you, but not before!"

Kate went on independent walks leaving Lesha to his wife and friends. On the sixth day she returned tired, but extremely pleased with herself. Immediately I wanted to talk with Lesha.
- Lesha, I found a publishing house. It′s six blocks from the hotel. Naperton Avenue 17. Imagine it is empty and the previous owner has not been able to sell it for a year. He asks for him only $ 50,000. I walked through his empty halls and offices, workshops, where there are dust-covered machines; I touched on all this and felt that I could give all this a second life. I think I understood what I want to do in this life. I want to publish books.
- You want 50.000? he asked bluntly.
- Yes! Help me please! I′ll never forget it!
"Let′s all see this publisher tomorrow, and then we′ll decide whether you need it or not," suggested Lesha.
The next day, the whole Lesha team, Lesha and Kate go to the publisher and look around. The publishing house is really empty, dirty and there is very dull. But Kate does not lose courage, she walks and tells everyone everything: where her managers will work, her artists, how her text-makers will process the text and at the end-ends, how the printing presses will produce ready-made books.
"Kate, it′s all good, but you understand that you will lead people," says Lesha. - A lot of different specialists and you should know a lot about yourself as a leader. Are you ready for this?
"I do not know, I′ve never led anyone," Kate said. "But I′m ready to try." And I want it!
- And in this case you are ready to start a part of your income for self-education? Asked Zhenya. - Go to the education courses for young leaders, who will be there?
"Yes, probably," Kate agreed wearily.
- Pay taxes and bills for this enterprise. Not to mention the fact that to pay their employees′ salaries accurately and every month. Not to mention premiums and holidays, "Max recalled.
"And you also have to write a lot of ads, and send them over the network," Oksana said. "Of course, if you want to recruit your new headquarters."
"And the most important title for your publishing house," Olga added, fueling the fire. - It should not be very long, not too pretentious, memorable.
Kate, in confusion, dropped to the steps of her publishing house. She was embarrassed. Iridescent prospects of the publisher immediately turned black. Lesha sat down next to Kate. He put his hand on her shoulder, and then hugged. "Well, if you want, it′s good. You can try yourself in publishing, I′ll give you $ 50,000. "
And the publishing house was bought, and Kate received all the documents. As an address she left the address of the penthouse. And over the name did not think long - "Miro-Walker" - she wanted that the name was the surname of her dear man. "Miro-Walker Publishing House invites young authors to cooperate," Lesha recited. - Print in "Miro-Walker" - we have the best conditions. Guys, I think there′s something in this! "
However, in 2 days they were seriously damaged. As soon as they returned to the penthouse after another walk, they found their place for sleeping and their favorite entertainments all packed with boxes. There were so many boxes that they rose in all human growth, occupied the whole area and even some stood on the sofas. Neither immediately they realized that these were bills and taxes that they got with the publisher.

"For the light, for the water, for the heating, again for the light and again for the water," Max said, handing over the receipts. - For light, for light, again for light, for water, heating, heating, here singing for fines, singing, singing, singing again. Light, water, water, water, water, light, light.
"Oh, God, how can you figure this out?" Kate sighed and sat on the couch.
"We′ll figure it out," said Lesha. "If we do not lose a minute." There are seven of us here. Everyone takes a box, pen and paper. And writes down all the debts on her. Let′s do the guys, huh? Let′s help Kate?
"Yes, you know, I was going to the botanical garden," said Zhenya.
- I have things to do! Yegor said shortly.
And then they all laughed heartily at the way Kate had a confused and hurt face. As if the child was deceived.
"We′ll help, help, do not doubt," Max said.
"Why do not we leave you ?!" In this difficult moment ?! Yegor laughed gaily. - Never!
Someone patted her on the shoulder, and someone already took the boxes. And they lit the light, so it was more convenient to count. Quickly supped, drank tea and again counted. So carried away by counting that did not sleep all night and emptied the last box only at 8 am.
"Now," said Lesha, seeing that a heap of papers with numbers had grown in his hands. "I need a verdict." How much does Kate need for her publishing? Who thinks best of all? Of course Max. Give all the papers to Max.
Max sat down at the table and in front of him an A4 sheet of A4 sheets grew. He massaged his whiskey, blinked carefully and began to disassemble them quickly. He worked like a machine. He took the sheet, ran his eyes and laid it on the other side of the table. He looked through all the leaves in less than 15 minutes. I must say that Max was amazingly gifted in mathematics. He understood it like no other. He instantly memorized the numbers. Folded, subtracted, multiplied or divided them. And he always gave the most accurate answers. Several times it was checked with a calculator, but it was never possible to convict inaccuracies.
"Do you want to know the verdict?" He asked in a calm voice. "Are you sure you want to know this?"
- Yes, Max, do not talk! Here is the flour! demanded Lesha.
"Seven hundred and fifty thousand eight hundred and thirty dollars and thirty-three cents," Max said.
This news was like a thunder in the middle of a white day. That is, of course everyone knew that there were a lot of debts, but that there were so many! Someone began to whistle in surprise, someone sincerely admire, and Kate just sat on the couch and cried with tears of burning. Resentment and anger at herself choked her. She believed, she dreamed, in now all her plans were covered with a copper basin. And how could she even think that a good publishing house costs only 50,000? He had debts of one million here and it was sold so cheaply. They were looking for a fool who could throw all their problems. And they found it safely.
But suddenly a hand fell on her shoulder. As then, three years ago in Siberia. There was a man who did not leave her in trouble. And they were Lesha.
"Let′s go and have breakfast, Kate," he suggested.
"Lesha, will you help me with money?" Kate asked, and real tears came to her eyes.
"Kate, I understand everything, but let′s have breakfast." About the case we speak later.
Kate went to the table, knowing in her heart that Lyosha would most likely help and very much hoping for it, but on the other hand realizing that she was already so insolent to the limit and no one owed her anything.
She ate pancakes with wedge syrup, then she had delicious coffee, and Lesha meanwhile said:
"Guys, let′s sleep naked now." We worked like this all night. We will not go to the botanical garden, but we′ll sleep a few hours.
"The idea, I like it," Max said.
"It′s for me," said Zhenya.
"So we will," said Olga.
The girls removed the boxes, and the boys forced the couches in their place. And then they laid them with linen. And I took off my clothes.
- Guys and I have an idea, - said Lesha removing his trousers. "Kate needs money very much, so we′ll shake out of it all we need." So Kate - also undress - you′ll lie with us.
"I agree," Kate agreed easily and unbuttoned her shirt.
Almost all the guys grinned when she threw off her shirt and bared her magnificent breasts on which there was no bra. And although many boys and girls were already naked, they blushed.
"Kate, we joked," Lyosha said calmly and handed her the pajamas. - Sleep as you like. You can even take a separate sofa.
Kate was confused and did not know how to react.
"And you do not want sex with me?"
Lesha looked at the cunning faces of friends and concluded:
"We want, but we do not want to put pressure on you."
"But I owe you!"
"You do not owe us anything!"
"Well, you do not owe me anything!" You do not have to pay for this million and do not have to pay all the money that you have already paid. But you pay. I do not understand. Why, Lesha, explain.
"We are your friends, Kate." We took responsibility for you. And we will carry her as much as needed, "Lesha explained simply.
"But it′s almost MIL-LEE-O-HE, Lesha!" Is it not a pity?
- No, there is no such friend. And you are worth much more.
Kate screamed happily, took Lesha in her arms and kissed him with a long kiss.
"Quietly," Lyosha said. "I′m naked, after all." Already excited.
"And I do not care," Kate whispered with fervor. - And you know that - I, too, will sleep naked! On the couch between you and Olga! Prepare a place!
- Okay, okay, - said Lesha, capitulating and seeing how violently Kate began to throw clothes.
He picked up her clothes and put them in a chair standing nearby. Kate was already lying beside the naked Kulibina. They were talking. But when Lesha lay down beside him, they fell silent.
- Yes, do not care at all! - said Kate and taking in the hand Leshin member began to play with him.
Then she took off the blanket and sucked it. Then she climbed on him and wild races began, Kate sweated, wheezed and squealed with delight, but she reached her - she led Lesha to orgasm and finished herself three times already.
"Thanks, Kate, it was great sex," said Lesha and kissed her on the lips. And Kate sweaty, tired and unusually pleased fell off and suddenly Olga caught her eye. Kate was unusually ashamed and disgusted with herself.
- Olga forgive me, - she said and painfully squeezed the girl′s arm under the blanket.
"Yes, Kate, forgive-forgive," said Olga, wincing painfully. "Just let go of my hand!"
- Sorry! "Kate said, let go of her hand and realized that she was far away from real forgiveness.
"Katie, honey, can I ask you for sex?" Max asked from the other couch.
"Then Max, then," Kate told him.
She no longer worried about sex with the team - only Olga and she alone. Kate hugged the red-haired woman tightly and reliably and looked into her eyes.
- Olya, well, do not be angry. I understand how it was brazen and unceremonious to climb onto your husband and have sex with him ... Olya, I′m very sorry that I lost control. Well, Olya, tell me, what can I do to make you forgive me?
Olga hid her eyes from her for a long time, finally she got tired of it and she looked straight into Kate′s eyes. They were tired and melancholy. And more understanding.
"Hey, are not you angry with me ?!"
"And I told you what, Kate."
- Why?
And Olga again told her about the fact that Lesha loves only her and will always be devoted to her, so that there was no sign of betrayal. And Kate realized this time.
"My God, how I envy your marriage, it seems I will never have anything like it!"
Olga wrinkled her nose.
"That′s what Kate is, do not say this word again," marriage. " I do not know how you are, but in Russia this word is not very good. Second - stop envying. Envy is a bad feeling and leads only to bad consequences. And the third, how do you know what life has prepared for you? You have a great life ahead of you and who knows, maybe there will be more love than ours.
"You′re right," Kate agreed after a few minutes.
She was filled with a feeling of gratitude and respect for Olga and asked her:
- Olya, what can I do for you?
- Maybe a kiss on the lips.
Then came the turn of the wrinkle of Kate′s nose.
- Olya, you know, I′m not a lesbian.
"I know, but I do not need a lesbian kiss." You need sincere and kind, as you know how. I′m just very ...
Olga did not have time to finish the conversation. Because Kate pressed her lips to hers and fondled them with her lips for a few seconds. Then she let go.
- Well, how about you? She looked into Kate′s eyes and her eyes glowed.
- Just great! - Olga breathed out.
Kate and Olya lay naked, happy, covered with a blanket and talked.
"Tell me, do you love, so you′re lying naked?"
"As much as I love, Kate."
- Olya, and sing me a song before going to bed. Sing a lullaby.
- And you what in Russian, or in English?
- Come on in English.
"Listen well," and Olga sang a tender lullaby in pure English. - "Sleep my girl, sleep my beautiful, sleep tight - sleep my tender ..."
She sang and sang, Kate fell asleep, but then she had a question:
- Olya, do you have any children? I think you would be a lovely mom.
Olga blushed deeply and confessed:
- Well, in general, that is. Two girls. Zhenya and Pauline.
Kate looked at her in surprise.
"Why are not they with us?"
- I also asked Lesha this question. He said that our team is manned. No, you do not think, he loves them, too, and they are great. Maybe next time, when we meet (some Siberia 4), they will definitely be there. You will get acquainted, do not worry.
"Tell me something about them."
- About whom: about Zhenya or about Polina?
"Let′s talk about Pauline," Kate said, feeling a sleepy haze piling on her.
- Pauline is very neat and executive. She has a soft and very kind nature. She is an interesting interlocutor. But do not think that she is always like that. Sometimes she has a really black day. She walks beech with beech and does not try to communicate with anyone. Everything falls from her hands and every failure hits her self-esteem. It takes a long time to recover and may even break out and smash something. But as it flares up and goes out, but for the broken then it will apologize. It′s another matter, Zhenya - she rarely apologizes, she has more "black days" and on such days her arm is better not to come across. Even to me. But Lesha with it as it gets along. And she obeys him. Although he also left her with bruises. She is absolutely not feminine girl, rough and straightforward, but very faithful and reliable friend, never lies and if goes that goes to the very end. Girls are both worlds and both are good wizards ...
"Yes, yes, Olya," said Kate in a sleepy voice. "I want to meet them."
Meanwhile, Yegor and Maxim tried to persuade Zhenya and Oksana to have sex. Girls broke for decency, and then gave the guys. Zhenya sat down on the member of Egor and began to jump on it, Max lay down on the plump Oksana and began to push into it, leading both herself and her to orgasm. Then they slept hugging each other and saw happy dreams. Lesch was more pleased with everyone in this company. He got sexual pleasure first, and now his team relaxed too - everything was just better than you could imagine!

Payment of bills and taxes began immediately after awakening and soul. This involved Max. In the penthouse there were two automatic machines just for these cases. Big green, huge machines with lots of buttons and functions. They stood in some komorka, curtained curtains - the room was small and there was only one chair.
"You see Kate, in our penthouse everything can be found, if only to look," said Lesha, dragging the boxes at Max′s request.
And Max has already switched on the light in the cabinet and set up his first car under his first account. Boxes dragged and lined up in front of this little pantry and only dragged bills at the request of Max. They were divided into several groups (who were responsible for the light, for water, heating and singing). Worked in a friendly and orderly manner. They laughed and laughed. As payment, Leshina used gold cards. When the machine said that on one card the balance was zero, Lesha gave that other hour.
They put several chairs in front of the ballot and sat down to rest, when they were very tired, and Max sat down and got up every 15 minutes. He worked without stopping. I inserted a receipt in the car, it printed on it "paid for" and put a number. Gradually, the boxes with the invoices were emptied and the boxes with paid invoices were full.
For the sake of this case, even the daily cleaning was canceled and Zhenya explained everything to the brigade, which was to expel them and clean them in the room.
We finished only two nights. Max triumphantly brought the last bill out of the komorki to the water and announced:
"All Kate, this is your last bill for water." From 12.11.2001 year. Put them in boxes to the rest and let them stay with you for a while, if they suddenly tell you to check.
Kate concluded Max without embarrassment and kissed him passionately on the lips. Only then embracing himself with his hands, she said to the guys:
"You do not mind if I′m having sex with Max right now." No, and with you, too, but Max is the coolest today. He′s my hero.
"Of course," Lesha smiled. - I recommend you a sofa in the opposite wing. But not for long. We still have to sleep. Kate go for Max - he′ll show you everything. And pleasant sex.
Max led Kate, although he was already tired and slightly inhibited, and Kate was also tired, but the reward was to be handed to the winner, and a successful day for the successful to be completed.
Two days later, Kate received a letter of gratitude from the tax. She read it for everyone. It read:
"Dear Miss Walker, accept our gratitude for the paid bills. The previous owners of the Publishing House on Naperton - Avenue 17, did not pay us 3 years. We already wanted to sell this publishing house in parts at auction, but, thank God, you appeared! We know that you are opening a new publishing house and whole-heartedly wish you good luck in publishing. "
"Thank God that you guys have appeared in my life," Kate said, smiling and pressing the letter to her chest.

Kate wrote ads and recruited a new headquarters. Guys helped her who than they could. Eugene, who was very well-oriented on the Internet, helped her compose these ads and suggested a few sites about work. Olga was very helpful to her mood before the first working day, told me how to dress and how to behave with the team. Egor went to the publishing house with Kate and helped to select people to the posts of leaders and deputies. Oksana composed a dozen dozens of ads for young authors and placed on a dozen literary sites. Lesha gave money and ensured that Kate was trained. She attended courses for young leaders, but they gave crumbs, and she was taught mostly by Lesha and his team. Kate appeared and faith and confidence and knowledge of the case for which she undertook.
But the affairs of the publisher "Miro-Walker" first went not so well as we would like. They did not go at all. The authors changed their minds and terminated the contracts; zamy, leaders and simple hard workers constantly demanded higher salaries, or greyhounds from greed, or started to steal - they had to fire and recruit new ones. There were only three or four successful books in six months and success quickly ended. The authors broke the contracts and went to other publishing houses. Like the seal of failure lay on the Miro-Walker, no one wanted to go into it and the evil tongues already talked that it was a bunch of losers and bezdarey.
Kate did not want to close her case. She worked and worked. Many times I went to the publishing house by bus, many times forgot to dine conferring with my leaders, wrote and invented a lot myself. She was persistent, she felt that it was her business and continued to deal with it.
She did not have such a breakdown of the money that the publishing house devoured. Lesha paid and nothing said Kate. He knew how important it was for her and gave money. Kate did not have her own transport, she did not have her own home - she slept with Lesha and his friends. Once she said: "If you need to sleep with me for this money, I′ll fuck and I′ll work every cent!" Lesha kissed her on the cheek and stroked her head gently. "Do not!" He said. "Do not!" - said five more sips.
And yet Kate wrote her Siberia. Not giving up and not letting out a single day. I did one page per day, or read what was written for a long time and thought about what else to write. To her creation, she still did not let anyone in, and realizing that she would not solve the password of her problem, she talked with each of the guys and took their word of honor not to read her work now, but to wait until the end and then to rest all together. The work was boiling and as Leche already seemed to go to its finale. He did not drive Kate, he did not say "come on," "faster," but he recognized that the work of the young writer in his penthouse every evening sparked a strong curiosity in him and wanted to touch her work. Why talk about his guys?

Phillias Sponzhik - became the first serious success of the young publishing house. This young author signed a contract and did not want to leave anywhere. And his books were elegant, light, not detective twisted, not without humor and good. He published two books and they immediately became impersonators. A circulation of 100,000 copies was sold in the first six weeks and bookstores requested new books from Miro-Walker. There were so many orders that they could only print. Of course, all employees received good salary bonuses. Kate as the head is the highest bid, and Mr. Sponzhik has very solid fees. So the story of success began. As a failure goes loose, so success came to Kate in the form of a golden rain. The authors hurried to conclude contracts with Miro-Walker. Among them there were not many of the same lucky and literate writers, like Sponzhik, but there were 10 of them. The publishing house flourished. Huge orders, big profits, the best conditions, artists, make-up artists, paper and royalties. Kate not only paid generously to all of her employees and authors, she now borrowed a car and a magnificent house with a terrace, in the village of "Upper prestige" outside the city. She was free, she was rich and she finally had a boyfriend. This was the same Phillias Sponzhik. The guy who came to her first. He and Kate met their eyes, a spark jumped between them, and they fell in love. They met. We went on dates, and Phillias did not intend to deceive or die. The guy did not have a girlfriend, and he liked Kate (and it was not that she was his publisher). Lesch did not even recognize him about him. He just nodded happily to Kate and said "You can." Heart felt that Kate met her future husband.
Lesha woke up the phone calls at the door. Long and uninterrupted. He could not believe the clock on the table was showing 05:50. Who has come to them so early. Administration of the hotel. But why? And they never went up to the penthouse themselves. We brought breakfast at 7:00, but no one dared to disturb them before.
"Ding-don-ding-don-ding-dong" - he sang a doorbell.
"Lesha, maybe you′ll go, you′ll open it," Yegor said sleepily and unhappily.
- I′ll open? - Lazha asked, not understanding and wiping his eyes after sleep.
"Lesha, really, open up and stop all this disgrace," Olga said, and nudged him with her elbow in the side, so that he would move.
Lesha got up, put on his panties and put on a bathrobe that lay next to him on the armchair (before he went to bed) and shouted at the incessant calls: "I′m coming, I′m coming!" He shouted loudly so that the calls would stop. And they really stopped.
On the threshold stood a man soaked to the skin and it was not surprising, because it was raining heavily on the street. He wore a gray windbreaker, a light shirt and light pants - all light and wet. The man was confused and his problem had obviously brought him here. Having painted a kind of smile on his face, he said in a rather pleasant, but still trembling voice:
- Good morning. Because-sorry that it′s early, but otherwise I just could not. I…
- I know you. You - Phillias Spongek - Kate′s boyfriend and her best author. I saw your photo on the cover of the book and remembered it.
"In that case, you must be Alexei Miro," he said, holding out his hand. "Kate told me a lot about you." And it′s you that I need.
- Come on, without further ado, said Lesha and closed the door behind the guest.
He led the guest through the entire penthouse. Wel-led and now led to a deserted wing where there was a pair of armchairs, a hanger, a sideboard, a picture on the wall and a fireplace built into the wall.
"You′re sorry, but the fireplace is electric," said Lesha. - The administration prohibits a natural fireplace in the penthouse. You know, the rules of fire safety. They are afraid that their expensive penthouse will break out, and even though this electric heater warms you like a powerful battery, you will dry up near it very quickly, and there will be no fire.
"Sit down in the armchair," said Lesha, placing one of the armchairs two meters from the fireplace. - Remove your clothes and hang on this hanger - let it dry, too.
Lesha went somewhere, and when he came back in his hands was a green woolen blanket. Filias already took off his jacket and shirt, took off his trousers.
"It′s for you," said Lesha, and laid the rug on the armchair. - To quickly get warm.
"Thank you," said Filias, wrapping himself in a blanket. - You are very kind. That′s exactly how I imagined you.
"You′d better tell me how you were admitted to the hotel and our penthouse." And at such a time, "said Lesha, pushing another chair and sitting next to him.
- Oh, it was very difficult! He smiled. - I rolled a real hysterics. He came to the hotel at 4:30, explained to the night porter that I was the guy Kate Walker, that I want to go to the penthouse to Lesha Miro. I listed all who live in the penthouse, told that they had moved in there almost five years ago, told that Keith is the head of the publishing house Miro-Walker, and I′m Phillias Sponzhik her first and best author. The receptionist said he believed me, but he would not let me in that form at such an hour. He already wanted to call for security, but I was so mad at him. I cried outright with rage - yelled that if they pushed me out of the hotel it would all come back to them. For almost an hour he was hammering with me and yet realized that it was easier to start. But he warned me that he would raise the security just in case, and they would escort me out on any request from their VIP guests. You just do not believe how the elevator operator looked at me. Do you have such tales in the tales that live under the water?
- Water, - suggested Lesha.
"That′s exactly this" wolf-no-ooy ". He looked at me that way and felt great relief when I left.
"Why did you achieve your goal," said Lesha. "You′re a stubborn fellow." Now can you tell, why did you deprive yourself today of sleep and us at the same time?
- I thought for a long time. I really could not sleep. I analyzed all the information that I have and realized that only you can help me. I need an advice. And for his sake I came to this hotel so early.
"I′m listening very carefully," said Lesha.
Phillias had a lot to do with the spirit, then exhaled and said:
"I′m breaking up with Kate." And I need to know how best to present it to her. So as not to injure her. Help me.
- Here′s your time! said Lyosha and got up from his chair.
He realized that one can not do without a bottle. And he went to the sideboard where there was a small bar.
"Are you drinking wine, Phillias?" - he asked.
- Yes, you know, I′m not drinking enough. Only on holidays, - he said embarrassedly.
"Is not this a holiday - a meeting and acquaintance of two writers," said Lesha, pouring some wine into the glasses.
He returned and gave his glass to Phillias.
"Malvasia Bianca, Italian, white," he said. - Help yourself.
Phillias, he tried to say something, but he could not. Then he just took a sip from his glass and blessedly smacked.
- Good? Asked Lesha with a smile. "Do you like Italian wines at six in the morning?"
"I′ve never drunk these wines," admitted Mrs. Phillias. "But it′s just amazing!"
- And then! Said Lyosha and drank enough from his glass.
"You know what," said Phillias. "Call me Phil." My real name is Felix Bruna. Phillias Spongek is the name of my distant ancestor who was a migrant from Norway. He was a real adventurer and adventurer. He was not afraid of anything and tried his hand at various pursuits. We have a lot of stories in the family and my favorites are about him. My pseudonym is a memory of this great man and a tribute to traditions, which we have at a very high esteem.
- And I understand. In this case, we are like you. Me too, my grandfather inspired writing.
They were silent together, apparently reflecting on their great ancestors. And then Lesha laughed:
"What I do not understand is that Keith will be Kate Bruna after the wedding."
- Alexey. Kate will remain Kate Walker, but there will be no wedding. I came to you about this. I do not want to marry her. I want to part with it.
"I understand this," said Lesha, and took a sip from his glass. - But here′s what to begin with, just call me Lesha, if you want me to call you Phil.
"It′s nothing," Phil whistled and interrupted. "How can I say such a thing - Llo-Le-o-osh."
"It′s okay to learn." Kate says it easily. Second, you needed advice. You came for him so early. My advice is - do not part with Kate.
After that, Phil was very confused. And Lesha watched his reaction.
"And third, and most importantly, do you love Kate?"
Phil looked down, paused and confessed like a girl on the first date:
- I love.
"Then why all the fuss?" Asked Lesha. "What does not suit you in your bride?"
"She earns more than I do!" Said Phil immediately.
This answer was prepared by him in advance and for many hours tormented him. And one could say the most important conversation (for which there was such an early awakening) began only now.
Lesch laughed and laughed without stopping for five minutes. And Phil was terribly offended.
- What′s so funny?! He asked angrily.
"Phil, she′ll always earn more than you." She is the head of the publishing house. She is constantly improving as a leader, she is more than any other responsibility, besides, you simply can not imagine. how long she went to this.
- Lesha, but it′s wrong (Phil uttered the name without hesitation). A woman earns more than a man. I know that you do not do it in Russia and we have it in America too. What should I do?
"Phil, what does your heart feel?" Is this the woman you′ve been looking for so long?
- Yes, that′s it. I fell in love with her at first sight and I realized that I want to spend all my life with her.
- Excellent! Do you understand what a long road she went through? How many unsuccessful attempts was it? And how did she want it? She loves you, too. Loves for real!
- True?
"Really, Phil?" And you just think how small it is - who has a cashier′s check. Next to you is a chic woman who is crazy about you. You′re crazy about her. The main thing is not to make mistakes and not to miss your happiness. Think, because you can be happy - once and for life!
- Thank you, I did not think about this point of view. I really could make a mistake.
Saying this, Phil blissfully stretched out in his chair and closed his eyes.
"I′ll snooze a little from you, Lesha, I′m very tired." I just realized how tired I am now.
Lesch rose from his chair, realizing that Phil was going to fall asleep.
"Thank you," Phil whispered.
"Yes, always, please," smiled Lyosha and went to breakfast with his friends.
Phil was already asleep in the armchair in front of a working electric fireplace.
Another time the conversation took place at 5:49 am and Phil just yelled at him:
"Stop talking to Kate!" Stop immediately! Not a word more to her! No glance in her direction!
"Phil, you′re jealous of your bride," Lesha asked calmly. - And you are afraid that you will lose it?
- Very scary! Phil sighed. "I′m very afraid of losing her!" I do not know what to do! I know that you had sex with Kate! And she had sex with your whole team! I′m afraid that she will stop loving me!
"So I understood," said Lyosha and got up from his chair. "Wait for me here."
He ran away and came back with a red-haired girl in his arms. The girl fought him off and grumbled in a sleepy voice: "Lesha, I do not want ... I want to help ... put me ... put me changing !!!"
Lesch put it in a chair. He ran and got himself a chair.
"Phil, let me introduce my wife Olga Kulibina to you." Olya is Phil - Kate′s boyfriend. Phil is Olya.
Olga reluctantly gave him his hand and dreamily greeted him. And then she looked at her husband angrily:
- Lesha, why did you bring me here ?!
"So that you help solve one misunderstanding." Phil thinks I′ll take Kate from him. Or take someone from our team. He is afraid.
Olga burst out laughing.
"Do not be afraid of Phil," she said. "There′s no reason for panic."
And she and Lyosha began to tell me that they love each other and will never betray each other. It was very difficult to explain this to a young impulsive guy, but Olga and Alexey coped.
"Okay, what about sex?" Asked Phil, worried even more. "You′ve been with her." And maybe more? Can not it?
"Listen, Phil, Kate will not stop loving you - that′s for sure. Sex can be with us - yes, but it′s not treason.
Lesha and Olga again explained to Phil their understanding of adultery and the fact that such friendly sex does not harm anything. It was difficult, but they coped with it. I had to postpone breakfast for a few minutes, but after that, Phil shook hands with Lesha and said:
"That′s what, I let you have friendly sex with Kate, just do not get carried away with fornication - that′s my special condition."
"Very well," Lyosha smiled. "There will not be fornication, if you can not."
And the second handshake he had with Olga.
- Olga is a wonderful husband for you - take care of him. I am very glad that I met you both. You are smart, experienced and your words to me like balm.
After that they had breakfast with Phil together. Food was shared and no one suffered from it.
And it did not mean that this conversation with Phil, or Kate was single. They came to consult them more than once. They came to ask for advice together. Lesha and Olga they called their best advisers and psychologists. Sometimes they found the way out of the situation with the whole team. All woke up and sorted out various options until they found a way out. Both Phil and Kate were very impressed by Lesha, his wife, and their team. And they did not need the best friends.
Kate and Phil came to the penthouse to Lesha and to his team. And neither in the morning, as it was customary, but after 17:00.
"It is very good that you have come," said Lesha. "Sit down on the couch." I must tell you the news.
Kate and Phil sat on one of the sofas and looked closely at their friend.
"We′re leaving," said Lesha. "We consulted with the guys and decided that we had already nudged in New York above the roof and you have Kate doing well.
In the eyes of Keith and Phil, there was great disappointment.
"Nuuu," said Kate, sadly. - Why now?
"Can you stay a little longer?" Phil asked.
"Guys, you knew it was not forever," Lesha smiled. "We have one week left." During this week I will set the day when we leave, and we will begin our farewell.
"I support you," said Olga with a smile.
"And I support," Max said.
"And we are all," answered Zhenya, Oksana, and Yegor.
to be continued

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