Лжеполковник. Sinful joy


Things you will never forget,
You need to bury in your past.
Is the secret you need to keep,
Like the bird that takes all glittering in nest.

Men you need to defend,
Can′t serve and protect their themselves,
If you want to know what I really can,
You need to ask my enemies and playmates.

Things you will never going try,
Every your step will tell soon,
Fear is a beast that belongs to our past,
Especially when you are doing as well.

Life is a challenge for us,
Duty is a testing for force,
Changes gives us deseases and weakness,
It’s hard to explain sinful joy.

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Рубрика произведения: Поэзия ~ Лирика гражданская
Ключевые слова: Одиночество в современном мире, манипуляция сознанием, информационная война, медиавирус, социальная инженерия,
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