Maestro - Be sensible

Maestro - Be sensible

Слова и музыка - Maestro (Сергий Нагорный)
вариант на русском
перевод - Наталия Соллогуб

Be sensible

1. How can you fray my nerves?
Better quiet and comfort preserve.
Think again! You’ve cracked your brains.
I did love you as if crazy.
Stop stop pouting at me, baby.
If it’ s jealousy, believe me, in vain.


You’re neither foe nor friend,
And you are not a dead end.
Lots of fine girls, bear in mind,
And I do not need a chase
To fall in love and embrace.
You can lose all don’t be blind.

2 From folly I shall not keep you
You’re raving about, and look blue.
and look blue.
You are nasty, like to conflict.
Behavior is hard to predict.
It is true. It is true.

2. You don’t love me and tell me
Stop stewing my brains .You see,
It’s a poor idea.
I do not need your beauty
Oh, you are not а fruity.
I′ll go to the Crimea

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