Maestro - My Way

Maestro - My Way

перевод - Наталия Соллогуб
слова и музыка - Maestro
вариант на русском
My Way
My work is unfortunately not easy
and I wanted to put in it my soul
But I’ve failed, my results are so cheesy,-
to the dregs I’ve drunk a bitter bowl .

I have had my bosom friends,
but in hard times they have not supported me,
they offered me the odds and ends.
I sent them with the fleas in their ears.

I can’t fly above the world’s vanity ,
It seems my sins aren’t allowed .
I’ ve got tired of the world’s insanity…
Can I be proud of my songs?!

I failed to find the truth at the church,
The Holy Spirit isn’t there.
The Behests aren’t fully discharged,
To please sponsors is the priests’ affair.

Where is the truly right path?!
The world is the vanity fair!
The priests’ behavior gives me a wrath,
I am praying to God for them.

I ‘d like to live but had to survive,
I need to love and enjoy my life…
Inspite of anything I’m alive,
I’m eager to have kids and a true wife.

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