Maestro - Secular Lioness

Maestro - Secular Lioness

перевод - Наталия Соллогуб
слова и музыка - Maestro
вариант на русском

Secular Lioness

Chevalier of the Order,
Millionaire for yourself,
Prince, Count, - sleep disorder…
from the morn (ing) in search of a sheikh.


You’re (а) secular lioness, - shoot neatly arrows.
But it’s hard to find a king in the world .
The first in Eden than the last in Harem
T hough out of failure you can be curled.
Flirting, declaration of love and delight
You’re ready to walk somebody around.
You’re crafty, you don’t care darkness or light,
Waiters in the role of kings can be found.
Can you define where a servant and where a knight?!

You don’t care from what country
He can be, - he’d be rich and kind.
You are not behaving humbly,
your manners aren’t refined.

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