The Star of East

The Star of East

перевод - Наталия Соллогуб
слова и музыка - Maestro
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The Star of East

You are beautiful. I’m so charmed
You are worthy of being painted
I′m not in your destiny. I am harmed.
We are hardly, dear, acquainted

You are as my two wings of ( a ) bird,
like the sail of ship given by my fate.
Oh, darling, I would like to be heard,
not to be forgotten, at any rate.

You are the dearest of the dear
And the finest star of the east shining for me.
I’m ready to take… you’ll disappear,
You prefer only the warm sea.

You want the prince with the castle to the skies,
I am just an ordinary singer,
He gives you a car, a garden of huge size,
I have got nothing, but I am swinger.

Though I am crazy without you,
I know your love is a game.
I am not your idol from your point of view
Your prince will make you a true dame.

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