Maestro - The yellow leaf

Maestro - The yellow leaf

перевод - Наталия Соллогуб
слова и музыка - Maestro
вариант на русском
The yellow leaf

The yellow leaf is on the tree
Trembling, beaten by an icy rain.
You are n’t waiting for me.
My love to you , alas, is vain.
I’ve a new favourite,
And you’ve another also man.
Love is n’t in my memory
Seeing you isn’t in my plan.
All and all - into ice,
by all means soon will die.
We didn′t think of loss′s price.
The heart isn′t water, by the byel
Here the frost is helpless,
Reminding us of our past,
of our bright happiness.

2. Each of us has a family,
our cares and deeds.
We are very busy daily
to meet our needs.
When meeting you my heart aches…
After all, has long passed…
But my soul suddenly breaks…
There is something like a blast.

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